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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 12:00 PM CDT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! We will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Please feel free to begin submitting questions.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions about the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs at Chicago Booth.
George -> Everyone Looking forward to today; we are testing a new system so I hope all goes well. I am the associate dean of the program, we also have individuals from marketing and admissions here to answer all your questions.
Humberto -> Everyone Happy Thursday and welcome to our chat! My name's Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I'm looking forward to answering all of your questions today!
Katie -> Everyone Welcome to our live chat! This is Katie and I work with Chicago Business Fellow applicants who have 0-3 years of full-time work experience. This is your chance to ask questions about our community, curriculum, or anything else.
Gretchen -> Everyone This is Gretchen and I am happy you joined the Live Chat! This is your time to learn more about Booth and to put together an application timeline for yourself.
Anup -> George What is the average experience of the accepted applicants in the weekend program at Booth?
George -> Anup Average work is 7 years. But we have a broad range.
Anup -> Gretchen Typically what the average GMAT score of accepted applicants for the weekend program at Booth
Gretchen -> Anup Anup: the 80% of the students who are admitted have a GMAT score between 620-740. The average GMAT for the Weekend MBA Program is 700.
Ro -> George 2) How would a Booth MBA help me transition my careeer from IT/Process consulting to Management Consulting
George -> Ro That is one of the biggest transitions we see. Having an MBA is one of the best ways to make a career transition. You will be able to do two things in the program. First, you will be taking experiential classes that use real companies solving real problems that you can then talk about in the interview. Second, we have all kinds of opportunities for you to engage with consulting companies through our largest student group, Chicago Business Consulting Club. They bring in over 30 companies a year to meet with students to learn about job opportunities. Finally, consulting is one of the largest recruiters of students in the program.
Ro -> Humberto 1) Is there any kind of financial aid available for evening and weekend program?
Humberto -> Ro Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible for loan-based financial aid through Chicago Booth, both federal and private. We have a financial aid office dedicated to working with our students to make sure that they have the resources to finance the program.
Ro -> Humberto 4) Are the classes avaialble online? How is this different than online MBA?
Humberto -> Ro Unfortunately, we do not offer classes online in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. All classes meet in-person here at the Gleacher Center, Booth's downtown Chicago campus.
bogdan -> Gretchen if I submit the application for spring start but I cannot gather all the requirement documentation by the dead line will I need another application for the summer start will I can 'port' the current one to that other semester?
Gretchen -> bogdan bogdan: Thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. We do need the complete application including all of the material by the day of the deadline. If you have already started the spring application, we can move your application to the summer quarter so you can continue to work on the summer application. Please let us know what you prefer.
Ro -> George 3) Evening MBA are not as recognized as full time MBA. How would I give myself a value proposition for not going for full time MBA, but still getting the guts of learning, adn networking...kind of meats and potato if u will
George -> Ro Don't! The only reason to choose a part-time over full-time program is: 1. If you like where you work and you want to work there. 2. If you want to stay in the industry you are in and another two year of experience will help you when you recruit. 3. You need to stay employed because of financial commitments. Other than that, if you choose PT, make sure you choose a school that the PT program gives you the same education, services and experience as the FT, which is what we do here at Booth, as do most top tier programs.
Sara -> Katie I had previously submitted these questions: 1. Eligibility - If I have been working for 3 years as of July 2012 will I be eligible to apply for the Fall 2012 term under the Business Fellows Program? 2.Advantages of early decision? 3. Opportuunities to speak with current students in the program?
Katie -> Sara Sara - Thank you for the questions about Chicago Business Fellows. You will be just beyond the 3 year mark of experience by the time our Fall quarter starts in September 2012. Therefore, you are eligible to apply to any of the Evening deadlines (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). I can connect you with a current student based on your interests. Please send me a note at Katie.coogan@chicagobooth.edu.
PU -> Gretchen Hi, everyone. Thanks for the opportunity to find out more about MBA programs in Chicago Booth. I am working in an international FMCG company (in Russia) and now I am toying with the idea to apply for part-time MBA. I do not want to exit the company and I consider the idea of relocation to its central office in Chicago if admitted to the school. The question is: whether is it better, firstly, to be admitted to the school and, secondly, deal with the company on the relocation topic (which may fail) or vice versa - to guarantee a working place in the U.S. and only after that to try applying?
Gretchen -> PU PU: It is great you are exploring all of your options. If you would like to keep working for FMCG in the States it would be best to secure a work visa from the company and then you can apply to Booth for the Evening MBA Program.
Ro -> Humberto I have my own enterprise. If I pay through that, can I deduct tuition as business expense
Humberto -> Ro That would depend on your company and specific tax regulations. You would need to consult with a tax professional to confirm what costs associated with the MBA programs at Booth might be tax deductible (tuition, books, fees, etc.).
Ro -> George 6) I have done my masters from florida. I had full sholarship. Had given my GRE and TOEFL more than 5 yr back. they are not valid now. Do I have to take GMAT?, or is old GRE still valid? I think I know the answer, but still thought of asking
George -> Ro Unfortunately, they are only good for 5 years. We honor both GRE or GMAT, but prefer GMAT.
Raj -> George How important is it to already be a manager? I am a senior consultant in the IT Field. 8 yrs work experience. On track to be a manager in a year, (fall 2012) when I expect to start evening mba at booth
George -> Raj Raj, most of our students are just at that same cusp. Ready to become managers and looking for the MBA to help them either make the transition, or help them be successful when they make it. Sounds like you are well positioned.
Jignesh -> Humberto Can you comment on the career services available to full time students vs. the weekend MBA students. Are the same opportunities available to all?
Humberto -> Jignesh Great question, Jignesh. Weekend MBA students have access to Career Services offerings for part-time students at the Gleacher Center. Weekend MBA students may also participate in the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) process for full-time employment that Full-Time MBA students go through. The only component not available to part-time students is the OCR process for internships.
Goutham -> Gretchen I am 31 and will be 32 next year. Is that too old for a weekend MBA program. Is there any limitation on age?
Gretchen -> Goutham Goutham: You are not too old at all and you are in fact at a great age to pursue the MBA degree. The average age of our students is close to 29 years old, with a wide range from 22 years old to 60 years old. I encourage you to begin the application process.
Anup -> George Usually what percent of your applicants are research oriented- say sort of "lab-rats" for a lack of a better word.
George -> Anup Anup, we don't keep that kind of information, it is not captured in our records. However, not many. Most "lab-rats", to use your term, do not need an MBA, many of them look to get a PhD. Our students are more interested in being practitioners.
Goutham -> Katie How many courses are required to complete a weekend MBA and are there people travelling from around the country for this program. If so, what %.
Katie -> Goutham Goutham - The Booth MBA requires 20 courses, plus the Effective Leadership component (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/experiential/leadership.aspx). Each Weekend class has 60-80% of the students traveling in from outside of Illinois.
Ethan_Wren -> George How many part time students change companies or work locations after graduation?
George -> Ethan_Wren 53% changed employers. 55% stay at employer and get promoted.
Goutham -> Humberto Could you please share the phone number for the financial aid office?
Humberto -> Goutham Sure thing, Goutham! The Financial Aid office can be contacted at 773-702-3964 or financial.aid@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Erik -> Gretchen Can you explain the application and acceptance process?
Gretchen -> Erik Erik: Sure, 1. you begin the application online for the program and quarter you intend to start, 2. complete and include all of the required material for the application (essays, GMAT test, 2 letters of recommendation, college transcripts) and 3. interview at Gleacher once the application has been submitted.
bogdan -> Katie as an international student will a copy of the notarized translation of the transcripts and the diploma be enough. I can present the original but I cannot submit them (the university will not release another ones)
Katie -> bogdan Bogdan - Yes, a notarized copy of the transcript will work just fine. If you want to bring the original version to the Gleacher Center, we also have several notaries in our office. Remember to include your degree certificate too.
RJD -> Humberto What is the parking situation for students who are driving down to school? I know some schools include a parking fee, within the total cost of tuition, for a parking garage pass.
Humberto -> RJD There is no private parking available inside the Gleacher Center for students, so we do not include a parking fee in your tuition and fees. However, there are a number of public parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the Gleacher Center that offer discounted rates for students between $6-$10 for weekday evenings and all-day on Saturday and Sunday.
Lalit -> George I was wondering what are the typical career related services at Booth given that the weekend/evening MBA students options can be complicated due to Employer sponsorship
George -> Lalit our part-time students get the same career offerings with two exceptions. We do not allow PT students to go through on campus recruiting for internships. All PT students are able to go through on campus recruiting for full-time jobs with one caveat. If you get tuition reimbursement form your employer we ask that you get permission to participate in the on campus interviews, you can go through all other aspects of the process, but we don't want you to get seen on campus interviewing at the same time someone from your company is there.
April_Mendez -> Gretchen Any recommendations for scholarships for part-time MBA program? Especially women in business or non-profit/social enterprise-focused students?
Gretchen -> April_Mendez April_Mendez: great question. I would suggest to looking into the Forte Foundation, fortefoundation.org. This is a valuable organization who supports women in business. Please also know that the majority of our students go through the financial aid process and secure loans. If you are in the non-profit/social entrepenuership space, I commend you.
Raj -> Katie Hi - How soon do you schedule interviews after application is received? Do I get a choice, or is it anyday that the committee chooses?
Katie -> Raj Raj - Interviews are scheduled within the week following your application submission. Our operations team works with you to find a date. Interviews occur on weekday evenings and about one Saturday a month.
Jignesh -> George What kind of management background you expect from incoming students
George -> Jignesh None, there is no expectation that you are a manager. If you are, all the better, but it is not required. We do look for leadership skills and some people find it easier to demonstrate that as a manager, but there are many other ways that it can be demonstrated.
Goutham -> Gretchen I have a PhD in engineering and work for industry right now. Do MBA candiates usually have a PhD, or is PhD frowned upon by the admissions committee
Gretchen -> Goutham Goutham: close to 30% of our applicants have a higher degree, i.e. a masters or a PhD. Your PhD degree will be a positive asset to your application as we will ask to review your PhD transcripts and grades. The goal will be to explain why a MBA degree would be valuable to you.
Ro -> Humberto How flexible is the evening program, considering that I will be working. For eg, are there make-up sessions etc
Humberto -> Ro The Evening MBA program is flexible in a number of ways. Faculty do not offer specific make-up sessions for students who miss class; however, since most faculty teach multiple sections of the same class across programs in the same quarter, students often have the opportunity to attend a different section and get the same information that they missed that week. We encourage our students to work with their faculty when they are going to miss class to see what opportunities are available to make up the work.
MattBrown -> Katie What is the total tuition for the Evening & Weekend MBA program?
Katie -> MattBrown MattBrown - 20 courses plus Effective Leadership are required to graduate. Each course costs $5,266. The details on tuition and fees are located here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/costs.aspx
Raj -> George I am in the IT field, and want to continue in the same field (not moving to finance/marketing) Do you have many students with a similar career goal? Or are most students looks for a career transition?
George -> Raj Most students are looking to stay at current company or in current industry, they just want to beef up their skills. However, when they get into the program and experience other jobs and industries they sometimes decide to make a major change.
MattBrown -> Katie Is the GMAT required of all applicants?
Katie -> MattBrown The GMAT is preferred, but we accept the GRE as well.
Raj -> Humberto I work in DC. WRT work schedule, based on your past experience, is it foreseeable that I would have to stay back on a Sunday, or would I get to come back on Saturday itself?
Humberto -> Raj For the Weekend MBA program, all classes take place on Saturdays, so there is no need to remain in Chicago on Sundays. The only programming that happens on Sundays is Re-LAUNCH, which is a one-time session that is the follow-up to (and conclusion of) students’ leadership requirement in their first quarter of class, the majority of which takes place at LAUNCH, our three-day orientation and leadership training session.
Goutham -> George Is there a a requirement for evening MBA that the person has to have a minimum work experience?
George -> Goutham No, we have no minimum. Without much experience we will want to make sure you are bringing something else to the party, intellect, leadership, etc. If you have little experience and don't demonstrate a strong skill in another area it is more difficult to be accepted.
Nicole_Ghafari -> Gretchen How does the curriculum in the evening MBA program differ from the full-time program curriculum? Is there the same flexibility?
Gretchen -> Nicole_Ghafari Nicole_Ghafari: Yes, there is the same flexibility for the Evening MBA and the Full Time MBA Program and the curriculum offerings are the same. Booth is the most flexible MBA Program in the world! Booth faculty teach in all of the programs. The difference is what time of the day the classes are held. You can view more about the classes and the areas of concentration: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx
Ethan_Wren -> Katie What does the workload look like during a single academic year? And what's the average years part time students take to complete the degree at Booth?
Katie -> Ethan_Wren The workload varies per course. In order to guide students in course selection, we provide access to detailed course evaluations that include data on number of hours of work outside the classroom. On average, part-time students graduate in 2.5 to 3 years.
bogdan -> Humberto what is the date for the December super Saturday interviews?
Humberto -> bogdan Bogdan - we are currently planning on holding a Super Saturday interview day on Saturday, December 3rd. Applicants are required to submit their application first before coming to the Gleacher Center for their interview.
Goutham -> Katie Does the final MBA degree mention that i have received this through part-time. (or) is the degree exactly the same as a full time student?
Katie -> Goutham Good question. No. A Booth MBA is a Booth MBA. Your degree does not mention the program attended.
Joline -> George Hello. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions about the Booth program. Do you except other exams/certification scores in place of the GMAT? One example of this would be the IBHRE (International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners). I'm guessing the answer is no but I wanted to double check.
George -> Joline Joline, we only accept GRE and GMAT, but prefer GMAT. I have not seen enough applicants with the IBHRE to know how well it signals preparedness for the MBA.
Anup -> Katie I am looking to get in touch with someone who shares my background but is currently enrolled in the part time program- Could you direct me to that!
Katie -> Anup We frequently connect prospective students with current students. Send me an email with your interests and I will make it happen. Katie.coogan@chicagobooth.edu
Erik -> Humberto How does the acceptance interview go? Is it more behavioral or job skill related?
Humberto -> Erik Good question, Erik. The Admissions Interview - a required component of the application for all Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants - is 45-60 minute behavioral interview. You will be interviewed by one member of our Admissions Committee, which is made-up of current students and alumni from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
FUN FACT -> Moderator Last weekend we hosted our first inaugural Booth Women Connect Conference, celebrating our strong Booth female community of alumni and current students. For details, please visit www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc
Mary_Parkhill -> Gretchen Besides the basic structure of the curriculum, could you please try to describe the differences between the full-time and part-time program at Booth. Specifically, could you plesae touch on the culture of the two programs.
Gretchen -> Mary_Parkhill Mary_Parkhill: Hello from across the pond! With the curriculum offerings, the faculty and the academic experience being the same between the programs, the difference is in the student body as full time students are not working while in the program and part time students are working. Hence, FT students can meet during the day for study groups and student groups, whereas our PT students meet most likely in the evening and on weekends! FT students are also focused on finding an internships and full time jobs.
John_Sweezy -> George Hi, I'm a geophysicist in the oil business, and am interested in understanding the ideal or proper capital structure for a corporation to have in relation to the projects it undertakes. Does Booth offer a program that will allow me to explore these topics within the context of changing macroeconomic circumstances?
George -> John_Sweezy John, it is our sweetspot. Corporate Finance is a strength at Booth. Also, because of our flexibility you will be able to pick all the classes that relate to your goal.
Shannon_Francis -> Humberto I do not live in the Chicago area. Would I be able to complete the interview portion of the application by phone?
Humberto -> Shannon_Francis All interviews for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA must be conducted in-person at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. We offer weekday evening and Saturday interviews, in order to accommodate the schedules of our out-of-town applicants.
Anup -> Gretchen I am considering B school for fall 2012 in the Chicago area..and so was wondering about if open enrollment!
Gretchen -> Anup Anup: Rolling admissions is the key! The evening and the weekend applications for the 2012 year are available on the website you and can submit the application at any time. It is our suggestion to not wait until the day of the deadline.
Moderator -> Everyone We are halfway through the chat and have received lots of interesting and unique questions! Please continue to submit them. Please note that we try to address general questions during the chat. For specific questions, please feel free to contact one of our admissions directors directly.
Ope -> Katie What is the average GMAT score and GPA average to be accepted into Booth MBA? I have a work experience to 10 years and graduated school in 2002 with a GPA of 2.9. What are my chances?
Katie -> Ope Ope - We use a holistic admissions process which means each application in its entirety is evaluated by multiple people. Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss your credentials, 312-464-8705.
Lalit -> George George, I will like to extends Anup's question about research-oriented people for MBA. I am primarily in the research field but without MBA. I am what I personally consider the cross between research and practice. I am at "one of the best places to work for" and would like to continue in similar places
George -> Lalit The best thing to do is to look at those in your organization in potions to which you aspire. If they have an MBA or suggest to you that getting one would help, then by all means pursue one. I personally think the general nature of the MBA is something that adds value because you never know what you will be doing 10 years from now, and the information you will get in the MBA if highly fungible and can be used in almost any endovor.
MattBrown -> Humberto Can you tell us the approximate percentage of applicants who are accepted each semester?
Humberto -> MattBrown Thanks, Matt. Unfortunately, we do not release the acceptance rates for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. I can tell you that we matriculate approximately 80 Evening MBA students for the Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters; approximately 175 Evening MBA students for the Fall quarter; and approximately 100 Weekend MBA students for the Fall quarter each year.
PU -> Gretchen where are the students based mostly? do they work in Chicago or other cities?
Gretchen -> PU PU: the majority of the evening students are living and working in Chicago or the Chicago-land area, as the evening classes meet from 6-9pm Monday-Friday. 83% of the weekend students are travelling in from outside of Illinois! We have many weekend warriors who fly in from Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, New York and drive in from Detroit and Minneapolis. Chicago Booth is worth the travel.
Goutham -> George How is chicago booth ranked for Part time MBA
George -> Goutham it depends on the ranking. In some, like US News we are #1, in others, like Business Week, we are #7 and anywhere in-between. But in all rankings we are always in top.
Erik -> Katie How often are candidates accepted that recently graduated from undergrad and may not have that much work experience? What would this type of candidate need to exhibit in order to be accepted?
Katie -> Erik Erik - Chicago Business Fellows sounds like the best fit for you. CBF is our early entry program for applicants with 0-3 years of full-time work experience. You can learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/cbf.aspx
Ethan_Wren -> Humberto If I submit my application way earlier than the early decision deadline, will that boost my chances? In other words, do you start reveiw applications prior to application deadlines?
Humberto -> Ethan_Wren Ethan - we do operate on a "rolling" admissions basis. This means that we will provide a decision within 4-6 weeks on every application, regardless of when in the application cycle it is submitted. Since we do not have a specific number of applicants we need to admit each quarter - and since a majority of our applicants submit within two weeks of the deadline - there is no distinct advantage to applying very early in the process. We simply encourage our applicants to submit once they feel they have the most competitive application they can put together.
Satish -> Gretchen I have recently changed jobs. My new manager barely know me enough to recommend my application. Is it required to get recommendation from him or can I get recos from my old boss.
Gretchen -> Satish Satish, congratulations at the job change. I hope you are enjoying it. We do suggest that your current manager does write a letter on your behalf (even if it is brief) and then include two letters from your previous managers. It is acceptable to have 3 letters of recommendation in your case.
Ethan_Wren -> George I'm 25 and working at Dimensional Fund Advisors as an Investment Data Analyst. I'm looking to get a part-time MBA to transition into a Portfolio Management position. However by the time of admission, I will only have 2 years of full time working experience. Will that put me at a severe disadvantage?
George -> Ethan_Wren I suggest applying through the Chicago Business Fellows program. It is tailored to admit individuals with three years or less of work experience, you can find it on our website. But even if not, there are so many things we look at outside experience that you should make sure you focus on those aspects of your application. Ace the interview, your goal is obviously something we cna help you with, and do your best to turn in your best GMAT score.
Amir -> Gretchen Is there someone in the admissions office that an applicant to the Weekend program can consult with about the admissions application before final submission?
Gretchen -> Amir Amir, absolutely! You can call me directly at 312 464 8703.
Andy -> Humberto Who typically does the interviews?
Humberto -> Andy Andy - admissions interviews are conducted by members of our Admissions Committee. The committee is composed primarily of current students and alumni from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
Zekai_He -> George Hi, Is there any advantage for a person with PhD to apply your MBA degree?
George -> Zekai_He Yes, we take into account all your advanced degrees. It shows you were able to set a goal and achieve it as well as handle the rigors of the program.
Malhar -> Katie I intend to apply for the Chicago business fellows program. My question is two part. How is the admission decision based on candidates that none or limited work experience? Also how are the job opportunities with people graduating with an MBA but limited experience?
Katie -> Malhar Malhar - I find it is beneficial for applicants to have a year of work experience before applying to Booth. It gives you context for your business education.
Raj -> Katie WRT transcripts - I did my undergrad in India. Getting transcripts from my school is a tedious process. However, I have sealed transcripts that I got from the school when I first came to the USA with me. Would those suffice?
Katie -> Raj Raj - For international applicants, you can bring in the original copy of the transcripts and we will notarize them in our office. Then, return the original to you. Remember to include your degree certificate too.
PU -> George I am thinking about transition from IT (consultant position) to business-IT interlayer inside my FMCG company. The business management fundamentals provided by Booth will definitely be of great help on the road. The question is: whether do you think it is better to get business man-t experience before going to MBA?
George -> PU Recent studies done by University of Rochester and Harvard show that students who return to get an MBA earlier in their career end up making more money over their employment than those who come back later. The sooner you get the MBA the sooner you can start to apply that knowledge. I suggest coming back now and keep gathering your on the job training while you attend.
Mary_Parkhill -> Humberto Booth has a fantastic reputation for quantitative-focused curriculum. Could you please describe Booth's management-oriented attributes?
Humberto -> Mary_Parkhill Great question, Mary. This is probably a longer answer than can be adequately given via the chat. I would encourage you to check out our curriculum website (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx) or come visit us at an event (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/) to learn more about the non-quantitative aspects of the Booth MBA program - which are very robust! I'd also be happy to chat with you in person or over the phone, so feel free to connect with me after the chat (Humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu).
Erik -> Gretchen In your opinion, what sets Booth apart from other schools such as Loyola, Depaul, UIC, Northwestern, etc
Gretchen -> Erik Erik: Great question and my comments are as follows: 1. Booth is the most flexible MBA Program that you will find. You will be able to choose the classes you take, when you take them (evenings or on Saturdays) and how many classes you take per quarter. 2. Booth's reputation around the globe is unparalleled and you will find alumni in over 96 countries. 3. The career service events and engagement opportunities are open to you from day one!
Ben -> George When evaluating candidate's work experience, is there a preference given to employment at either a small business or a large business.
George -> Ben No, the quality of work is more important. Some people at small companies are doing amazing things. We have Google applicants long before it was a "large" company and those students were doing some very cool stuff. Likewise, due to the size and scope of projects, students are large companies get to work on some neat stuff.
Odubock -> George what is the average age of entrants??
George -> Odubock 29 years old
Mark -> George Some MBA schools have different courses or concentrations available when comparing their full-time and evening programs. From a course offering standpoint, is there any differences between the two?
George -> Mark What we think is so great about Booth is that our PT students get all the same classes and concentrations as the FT students. The same teachers teach the same material to all students.
Odubock -> Gretchen Hi, what is the American Latin GMAT minimum score??
Gretchen -> Odubock Odubock: there is not a minimum GMAT score. The range that we typically see is upper 500s to 800. 80% of the admitted students report a score between 620-740. The highest GMAT score is always considered and many of the applicants take the score more than once.
Nicole_Ghafari -> Katie You mentioned that the average student age is 29 - is there such a thing as being "too young" to apply, i.e. is it viewed as a disadvantage if you're younger than the average student
Katie -> Nicole_Ghafari Nicole - No, it is not a disadvantage to apply if you are younger than 29. Remember, an average is an average so we have many students younger than 29. I can connect you with a younger current student if you wish. Email me - Katie.coogan@chicagobooth.edu
Raj -> Katie I asked a question similar to bogdan's - Its a very tedious process to get transcript from my undergrad school in India. Will a sealed transcript that I have with me suffice?
Katie -> Raj Raj - yes, a transcript in a sealed envelope will be considered official.
Goutham -> Katie Can we send a notarized copy to Chicago booth or do i need to physical bring it to your office?
Katie -> Goutham Yes, a copy that is notarized outside our office is acceptable.
Jignesh -> Humberto How many days of classes get affected due to inclement weather annually! Travel woes keep coming to my mind, specially in the winter. I would be flying from South East.
Humberto -> Jignesh Jignesh - it's difficult to estimate how inclement weather impacts classes. Classes at the University in general are very rarely cancelled - expect when we get 20 inches of snow, like we did this past February! For students traveling in to Chicago, weather can impact their travel plans, whether they fly or drive. However, faculty are typically very understanding of these uncontrollable circumstances and will work with students to make up any missed work.
Jignesh -> Gretchen Can you describe if there is any priority order in looking at an application! What part do you give the most weightage to? Previous education experience, work employment accomplishments, GMAT, essays or the likes!
Gretchen -> Jignesh Jignesh-hello. All parts of the application are considered equally. To help you bucket the areas of application that are reviewed, you can think of the application in three parts: academic, work experience, and reason for wanting to pursue the MBA at Booth and what Booth can offer to you!
Ryanwc -> Katie What is the acceptance rate for the CBF program? How many apply?
Katie -> Ryanwc Ryanwc- We admit between 25 and 35 CBF students each year. It is a competitive program, but we do not publish acceptance rates.
Malhar -> George I am looking to switch industries. Would a Full time or Partime MBA be helpful. Ideally I would still like to continue working, while i study but I would lose the internships available to full time students. What would be the best approach?
George -> Malhar Go full-time. FT is built for career changers. You can change in our program (over 50% do) but it requires more work on your part. You are working full-time, studying at night and now you are also going on a job search. All else held equal I would go full-time, but if you choose to go PT we can help you be successful in your transition. One more aside, if you are wanting to go into investment banking, I highly suggest you go FT. Investment banks almost exclusively hire from their internship base.
Tony -> Humberto If you are enrolled in the Evening MBA Program, could you still take weekend classes?
Humberto -> Tony Tony - yes, students in the Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and Full-Time MBA classes can take classes across all three programs!
Goutham -> Katie Do you have accomodation at chicago booth for travellers? If i join the weekend program i need to travel every weekend.
Katie -> Goutham Goutham - We have discounted hotel rates and our students also use hotel deal sites.
Moderator -> Everyone The chat will end in approximately 10 minutes. We have had great questions so far and are trying to answer as many as we can.
Ro -> Gretchen What are nice to have things, or must have in a profile that makes/breaks a persons chances of entering Booth
Gretchen -> Ro Ro-each applicant is unique and you will bring aspects to Booth that other students may not. I would encourage applicants to visit Gleacher Center for an Information Session and/or a Booth Lunch and Learn or Breakfast. I would also suggest a Class Visit. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/
Andy -> Katie I am looking to get in touch with some currently enrolled students, who share my background but live in Minneapolis- who among you should I get in touch with?
Katie -> Andy Andy - send me a note and I will connect you with a current student from Minneapolis. We have many Booth students and alumni from there. Katie.coogan@chicagobooth.edu
Ben -> George Are candidates with an engineering background looked on favorably, or is admissions already saturated with candidates from that background. Furthermore, does a candidate's known interest in changing fields after receiving a Booth degree further cripple his/her chances of getting accepted.
George -> Ben Ben, engineers are some of the best students. Engineers know how to evaluate and solve problems. Interestingly enough, MD's do well for the same reason. They have to see patients evaluate the data presented them and make a determination between symptoms and the true ailment, anyway I digress. As far as your goals after graduating, the only reason we look at that is to make sure that your goal is something we think we can help you with. For instance, if you said you wanted to be president of the US. I might suggest you go to the Harris School of Public Policy instead of Booth. As long as it is a goal that an MBA can help you achieve we are happy to do so.
Sara -> Katie Are the admission criteria for the Chicago Business Fellows the same as other applicants with the exception of the work experience of 0-3 years and continued employment through the program? I assume from your earlier response that I am NOT eligible to be in this applicant pool (having worked 3 years July 2012).
Katie -> Sara Sara - Overall the admissions criteria are the same. We do place a larger emphasis on your academic background given that you have less work experience.
Lalit -> Humberto As far as Booth life is concerned, I know you have different student clubs for people with varied interest and that is great. As a PT student how much access do we have to that group and how much participation do you guys see from PT in these clubs
Humberto -> Lalit Lalit - at Booth, we have 36 registered student groups in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. These groups are professional, social, athletic, and special interest in nature. Participation is dictated by the individual student, as well at the program offerings of the clubs. Since they are student created, student organized, and student run, the events are designed with full-time working professionals in mind. Our most robust day with student events is actually Saturday!
cr -> Gretchen good afternoon from the east coast. first off thanks to all you for taking time to respond to all our questions. my question is the following. do you know approx how many students from the east coast are enrolled in the weekend program?
Gretchen -> cr cr: with 83% of the 2011 Weekend MBA class coming in from outside of Illinois, 27% are coming in from the East Coast. As a reminder, Chicago Booth has a great shuttle service that you will pick you up at either O'Hare or Midway on Saturday morning before class and will bring you back to the airport in the afternoon after class. Free coffee at Gleacher Center as well.
Raj -> Humberto How long is a typical interview?
Humberto -> Raj Raj - our admissions interviews are typically 45-60 minutes.
Pedro_Diaz_de_Leon -> George Hi everyone! Thank you for taking our questions today. You mentioned that 80% of the students who are admitted have a GMAT score between 620-740, and that the average GMAT for the Weekend MBA Program is 700. Would you please be able to also provide the average GPA and GPA range of students that are admitted?
George -> Pedro_Diaz_de_Leon 3.3 is the average GPA. I don't have the range with me, but if you follow up with us at 312-464-8700 I can get that for you.
Odubock -> Katie Do you have tweeter from your Chicago departament admission?
Katie -> Odubock Odubock - Yes! Here is a link to see our social media outlets - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/engage/index.aspx. Also, you can follow Associate Dean, George Andrews, on Twitter - gandrews9779.
Joline -> Gretchen If once the application is received and you need to postpone the quarter you start (due to job requirements, having a baby etc) is that possible? Can you take a quarter off if needed during the course of the program?
Gretchen -> Joline Joline, yes to both of your questions. If you are admitted to the Evening MBA Program at Booth you can defer for one quarter (one year deferral for the Weekend MBA Program) and yes, you can choose to take a quarter or two or more off from taking classes. We are not lock-step MBA program and this is a benefit to you.
Amir -> Humberto Following up to Ethan_Wren's question, are the course evalution details available to prospective students or only admitted students?
Humberto -> Amir Amir - course evaluation details and course syllabi are available to current Booth students only. However, course descriptions are accessible via our class visit website to all prospective students http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx.
April_Mendez -> Katie Can PT students attend any of the FT program classes? How much interaction is there between FT and PT students?
Katie -> April_Mendez April - Yes, students can take classes across the programs. If you have availability to take a daytime class, it is open to you. Also, full-time students commonly take classes in the evening and on weekends.
Anon -> George Hi. Quick question - is there any sense that the value of the Chicago MBA is being diluted with the large number of students both in the part time and evening programs?
George -> Anon No, in fact because recruiters are seeing that the PT students are as well prepared as the FT students they are asking to have more PT students participate in recruiting. Also, while many companies are cutting back recruiting at many schools due to the economy, our companies are up 6%!
Goutham -> Humberto Are interviews conducted for all candidates submitting applications (or) is it selective?
Humberto -> Goutham Goutham - all prospective students who submit an application are required to come to the Gleacher Center for an admissions interview.
Vijay -> George Will there be any assistance provided by school in finding jobs after the program
George -> Vijay Yes, our career services is for lifetime. in fact, when Lehman whent under we proactively called all our alumni and helped place them with other firms.
Tiffany_Reynolds -> Katie How long does the Business Fellows Program last for?
Katie -> Tiffany_Reynolds Tiffany - You have the flexibility to go fast or slow with your MBA. Generally, students take 2 classes per quarter and graduate in 2.5-3 years.
Ryanwc -> Gretchen Can extra curricular activities, outside of work, such as starting a non-profit organization, help to offset a sub-650 GMAT score?
Gretchen -> Ryanwc Ryanwc: a 650 is a solid GMAT score and is within our 80% admitted student range. Yes, your extra-curricular activities will be viewed highly in the admissions process. We have a very well-rounded student body! Also, if you would like to submit the application with a higher score you can take the GMAT test again and we will always take the highest score.
Moderator -> Everyone We still have a number of unanswered questions and are going to extend the chat until 1:15 p.m. to try to get to all of them. Thank you for staying with us! If you can not stay past 1:00 p.m., the chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours are http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/
Goutham -> George How many reference letters are required? Can i get all of these from the same firm for e.g. VP and President of company?
George -> Goutham Two required and you can get them all from the same company.
Raj -> Katie will we have an opportunity to sit in on any classes after an interview?
Katie -> Raj Raj - You can do a class visit before or after the interview. View the options and dates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx
cr -> Humberto Would somebody be able to connect me with a student who lives in the east coast (NY & NJ)?
Humberto -> cr Yes, I'd be happy to! Please reach out to me after the chat via email and I'll find someone to connect you with Humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu. It's also helpful if you give me a brief background about you and some more details about who you might want to connect with (educational background, career progression, etc.).
PU -> George what is the percent of non-US residents attending the PT program? how do you provide the international and multicultural diversity?
George -> PU 30% are non US residents. We have a whole division of the school that is there just for them!
MattBrown -> Gretchen Can you identify the most important components of a successful applicant? Is it test scores? College transcript? Essays? Interview?
Gretchen -> MattBrown MattBrown: the application can be viewed in three areas: academic, work experience, and your reasons for pursuing a MBA degree at Booth. All parts are viewed equally. If you are concerned with one part of your application, you can ensure that the other parts of the application are strong.
Geoff_Boltach -> Humberto Who is the contact person for scheduling a classroom visit?
Humberto -> Geoff_Boltach Geoff - You can check out our class visit website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx and email our class visit hotline EveningWeekend-ClassVisit@ChicagoBooth.edu to schedule a visit.
Vijay -> George Does booth school provide any placement assistance. If so what was the placement rate in past couple years
George -> Vijay For full-time is is close to 100%. In part-time 53% of PT students change careers and 55% get promoted in their company.
Goutham -> Katie when does a class usually start and end at booth for weekend program
Katie -> Goutham Goutham - Weekend classes are 9am - noon and 1:30-4:30pm on Saturdays. All Weekend students start in the Fall quarter.
Ethan_Wren -> Gretchen I expect to be certified as a CPA next year prior to fall admission. May I put that on my application with an expected completion date? Will the admission committee consider to-be-CPA as a factor during the application process? Or must I be certified in order for it to be taken into account?
Gretchen -> Ethan_Wren Ethan-Wren: good luck on the rest of the CPA certification process. Yes, please include this in your application.
Goutham -> George Is postdoctoral fellowship (post PhD) considered work experience?
George -> Goutham No, but we understand why you don't have work experience. For those with PhD's we understand that you will not have been working and it is not counted against you.
Matt -> Katie Will there be an opportunity to live chat with current Booth students coming up soon?
Katie -> Matt Matt - we are considering inviting students to a chat, but nothing is on the calendar right now. It is a little tricky because the vast majority of our students work full-time.
Govind -> George MY GRE score in 1310. Do I need to appear for GMAT as well? I am planning for weekend MBA. Work Ex- 3 years & Masters degree in engineering . will start work next year in automobile company
George -> Govind No, feel free to use your GRE score.
Raj -> Humberto Should I have all my recommendations also in before I can schedule an interview? Or can those come later/
Humberto -> Raj Raj - we encourage all applicants to submit only their completed application, including both letters of recommendation. Once that's done, we will contact you to come in for an admissions interview. If you need special accommodations (due to travel or work schedules, etc.), we can work with you one-off to schedule your interview in advance.
Shannon_Francis -> George I understand that taking the GMAT too many times is frowned upon. What is the maximum amount of times that an applicant can take the GMAT before a negative connotation is associated with that applicant?
George -> Shannon_Francis Shannon, don't know were you heard that. We don't frown upon multiple GMAT scores, in fact, I appreciate the fact that you have invested so much time and effort into getting the best score. It shows commitment and stick-to-it-ness. I don't think I have seen many with more than 6 times, but most of our applicants have taken it at least twice and many three times.
Vijay -> Humberto Is there any max cutoff age for admission to weekend program
Humberto -> Vijay Vijay - no, we do not have a minimum or maximum age for either the Weekend MBA or Evening MBA programs.
PU -> George have you had the cases when admitted to FT a person re-decided to go into PT under circumstances? what happened then?
George -> PU yes. Because we bring in a class a quarter, they left the full-time program and applied for the PT program to start the following quarter.
Raj -> Gretchen for weekend mba, is there a real project component(s) that would require us to take time off work? If so, how far in advance would we know the schedule? Also, would we get a choice of assignments so that we get something in the field we desire?
Gretchen -> Raj Raj: The Weekend MBA Program is designed for full time working professionals and therefore there is only one time that you will need to miss one day of work for the Booth experience. That is on Friday of LAUNCH, the start of the program. The academic calendar and curriculum is published months and months ahead so you can plan. You can choose your classes and areas of study!
Raj -> Katie Katie, Is it 9-noon and 1:30 to 4:30 (or) is it either 9-noon Or 1:30-4:30?
Katie -> Raj There are two class sessions on Saturdays. Most Weekend students choose to take both an am and pm class, but you do not have to.
Prathamesh_M -> Gretchen I have 3 years of work ex in engineering field & masters from University of Texas .I am going to Join Cummins Inc.next year. I plan to apply to weekend MBA in finance in 2012. Your student statistic indicate avg. work ex is 5 years. Will this affect my application. Also what is average GMAT score for weekend MBA?
Gretchen -> Prathamesh_M Prathamesh_M: you are a great time in your career to apply. The average GMAT score for the Weekend MBA Program is 700 with the 80% admitted student range being 620-740.
Katie -> Everyone Now that you got some of your questions answered, I invite you to Gleacher Center for an Information Session on Friday, November 4th at 6:30pm, register here - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx. You will meet current students and alumni as well as admissions officers.
Lalit -> Gretchen If I am interested in some certificate courses do I have to express the interest right during admission or can I choose my certifcate at a later stage
Gretchen -> Lalit Lalit: If you know of your interest in a particular joint degree or certificate program, yes, please share in the application. If your interest develops later, share with admission team when you know this. You can view more about the degrees and certificates: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/jointdual/index.aspx
Zekai_He -> George Hi, I want to know what is the major difference on our degree between part-time students and full time students. Thanks.
George -> Zekai_He None. The in class room experience is the exact same. The teachers teach the same material at the same pace. When you get your diploma it does not say PT or FT, it just says Booth. Lastly, recruiters ask to see all Booth students for the very same reason, unlike some schools, our students get the same education so they want to see all of them and pick the best ones. The only difference is the out of class experience. Full-time students are studying and looking for jobs. PT students are working and studying and some are also looking for jobs, which is harder. We also don't provide internships for PT students because we expect that you are working and could not take off for an internship.
Eddie -> Gretchen Do you have any current part-time students who are also active duty military?
Gretchen -> Eddie Eddie: yes, we have military applicants for sure, who are both active duty and vets. We have an active Armed Forces Group: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx
Mark -> Gretchen I currently work in North Carolina, but would transfer to my companies headquarters in downtown Chicago if I attended Booth's evening MBA program. Do I need to clarify this in my application? If so, where?
Gretchen -> Mark Mark: yes, in the optional essay please be clear about your intention to move from North Carolina to Chicago.
Katie -> Everyone Ben, in response to your question about your candidacy. You sound like a wonderful candidate. If you want to discuss further, give me a call at 31-464-8705.
George -> Everyone someone asked if having a recommendation from a university teacher is important, in fact no. What we are most interested in is your work experience. We can see your grades and GMAT score to judge intellect, what is harder to judge without recommendations from those who know you at work is your ability to handle the environment that comes from the daily grind at work.
Goutham -> Gretchen What is the deadline for Fall 2012 weekend admissions?
Gretchen -> Goutham Gouthan: we are rolling admissions which means you can apply any time between now and the final deadline, which is May 4th, 2012. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/index.aspx
Tiffany_Reynolds -> Gretchen I understand that the average years of work experience upon matriculation is 5 years. How strongly is work experience weighted?
Gretchen -> Tiffany_Reynolds Tiffany_Reynolds: 5 years is only the average, as we have the range of work experience from 0 years to 10 years. We encourage applicants to apply when he/she is ready!
George -> Everyone Tony, the analytic writing score in GMAT is not heavily weighted. We look more at your application essays to judge that. It is rare that I use that in the decision process. The only time I do is if the essays are poorly written I will go back to see what the AW score was.
Katie -> Everyone Odubock - The TOEFL is required for some candidates, but not most. Send me an email with your years of work experience and the language of instruction from your degree and I will get you an answer. Katie.coogan@chicagobooth.edu
Humberto -> Everyone April_Mendez - this answer is for you! At Booth, we teach the fundamentals of business that will allow you to succeed in any industry or function, including social entrepreneurship and nonprofit! We have a social entrepreneurship lab course, as well as a social new venture challenge business plan competition that's also a course. If you'd like to connect with a student or alum in these areas, please reach out to me and I will make a connection for you to explore these opportunities at Booth Humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu
Ben -> Gretchen If a candidate is rejected after applying for one term, assuming that GPA is,the GMAT score is over 700, and work experience is 7 years, what can a candidate do to improve his chances of being accepted for a later term?
Gretchen -> Ben Ben: we are happy to talk about the re-application process if necessary. You can reach me at 312 464 8703.
Humberto -> Everyone Thanks for all of the great questions! A couple of ways to learn more about the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Booth is to follow our blog http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/ewadmissions or come visit a class http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx. We look forward to engaging with you all again soon!
Gretchen -> Everyone We will look for your applications in the coming year! If you goal is to earn you MBA, apply to Booth. Stick with your goal.
George -> Everyone Wow, you guys were rapid fire on the questions. I have lunch sitting here that I never got to touch! The system seemed to work well we only had one hiccup. Stay connected with us as you progress through the process. We are here to help! Our next application deadline for Spring is January 13th. We are on rolling admissions so feel free to apply anytime!
Katie -> Everyone Thanks for joining! I hope to see you at the Information Session on November 4th.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today and staying through the end! The chat has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/