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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for an engaging chat with the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Admissions staff at Chicago Booth. They will be available to answer all your questions about the Booth admissions process, tips for application and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: Thank you for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 10 minutes.
Moderator: If you have any questions, feel free to start submitting them now!
George: We are so excited to be hosting this event. Our next deadline is June 30th so this is a well timed event for those of you who are looking to apply for the fall quarter.
Gretchen: Welcome to the Live Chat! I hope you have a good lunch in front of you and that you have good questions for us! It is time to focus on your MBA goals and timeline. Make it your goal it apply to Chicago Booth.
George: I am the associated dean of the program. we have representatives from marketing, admissions and alumna here to answer questions.
Ellie: Hi everyone and welcome to Booth's Online Chat. My name is Ellie McDonald and I am an Associate Director of Admissions and an alumna of Chicago Booth's Evening MBA Program. I look forward to answering your questions.
Humberto: Welcome to the chat! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I'm looking forward to answering your questions and engaging with you all!
Katie: Welcome to the Live Chat! This is Katie Coogan and I am here to answer your questions about Chicago Business Fellows or anything else.
Aggie: Testing...
Gretchen: Aggie, hello! Feel free to ask a question.
Evan: Hello all. I am a University of Chicago Laboratory Schools graduate of 2006, thank you for offering this great resource. I am almost done with the online application and am wondering if it necessary to print out the transcript and letter of recommendation forms and submit a hard copy? I know when I signed up my recommenders in the database it said they will be receiving an email.
George: No need to print out letters of recommendations. We will get them from them directly.
George: Transcripts can be sent directly to us or brought in by you. To be official they have to be in a envelop sealed by the school, so it is better to have them sent directly to us.
G-333972830: My question is regarding the Concentrations. I will be applying for the weekend MBA and my question is:It seems there are 14 concentrations available for the PT program. Can the students of the weekend MBA choose any concentration out of the 14 offered? The reason I am asking this question is because other schools does not offer any concentration for their Weekend program. I Would like to know is Booth different as far as this approach is concerned?
Humberto: Yes, Weekend MBA students are eligible to pursue any of the fourteen concentrations offered at Chicago Booth. That's one of the keys to the level of choice offered in the Booth MBA programs!
Billy: Hello, How are you all. I want to know what type of qualities in applicant you are looking for such as type of work experience, GPA, and GMAT?
Ellie: Billy, we don't have a typical professional or academic background. We look for the best and the brightest and try to create an environment that encourages the diversity of thought in the classroom. As for work experience, we look for continued progression and evidence of leadership in the workplace. As for academics, our averages are as follows: 3.3 GPA and 680 GMAT.
Moderator: Hello everyone! We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now!
Maddie: Hello! What would you say sets booth apart from other top MBA programs?
George: Flexibility, Choice and Quality! We are the most flexible program in the galaxy. You can take classes whenever you want, you get to pick the classes you want from the time you enter. You get the same faculty, teaching the same material, it is the exact same degree as our full-time program. We built everything about the program to facilitate the learning for working individuals. We staff the program office when you are in school, until 9:30pm at night. We have career services right here in the building, and they are here at night when you are here. Other programs make you come to campus during the day if you have problems or questions. I could go on, but for the sake of brevity, I will stop. Feel free to contact us directly and we will give you more.
G-333895171: How easy is it to “make-up” a class/lecture if I miss a certain evening lecture due to work or personal reasons ?
Ellie: On many occasions, the professor will be teaching other sections during that given quarter. Many times the professor will teach a full-time section and a weekend section as well. The professors are pretty flexible in allowing students to sit in a different section on the one off case that the student cannot make your registered class.
G-333895171: Hi. I have 3 years of work-ex out of college right now plus 1.5 years of internships at GE. For admission evaluation, how many years of work experience are considered ?
Katie: Hello G-333895171, count your full time work experience since college when filling out that field on the application. If your internships were during college, then do not include those in your years of work experience. However, any stories or experiences from your GE internships can be worked into essays.
G-333895171: Why is there an explicit differentiation between the Evening and Weekend Programs if students can take classes in either of the two time slots in a given quarter?
Humberto: Good question! We require that students apply to a specific MBA program at Booth, which becomes their program of matriculation, or "home" program, once they are admitted. This only impacts the order in which you register for courses. However, as you mention, Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time MBA students at Booth all have the opportunity to enroll in classes across the three programs!
G-333972830: My second question is regarding the Career Services? After graduation, how long we can access the tools and assistance of the Career Services? Is there a time period or a limit?
George: Our career services are for life. Not only can you use them anytime, but we also proactively reach out to alumni. As an example, when Lehman went under, we called all our alumni and asked if they wanted to be connected with other institutions. We then connected them with investment firms to secure jobs.
Maddie: A friend told me there is some sort of power point involved in the admissions process...is this true? I didn't see that on the list.
Ellie: Maddie, the powerpoint component is required for the full-time program. It is not part of the part-time admissions process.
Julia: Hi, I was wondering what the upcoming deadlines were.
Humberto: Thanks, Julia! The deadline for the Evening MBA Program beginning in the Autumn 2011 quarter is June 30th (including the CBF Program). For the Winter 2012 quarter, the deadline is October 7th.
pchacewilcoxson: It is my understanding that as an evening MBA student one can take classes both in the weekend program and the full-time program during the daytime. Is this true and what restrictions are there?
Gretchen: pchacewilcoxson-great question. Flexibility. That is Chicago Booth! Yes, as an evening student you can take classes on a Saturday and/or during the day with our Full Time students. The restrictions would be due to space--although the majority of the classes never close. The faculty teach in all of the MBA Programs, which is of great benefit to you.
swilhelm: Should I get any letters of rec from university professors or would you rather see them all be from professional sources?
George: We prefer to understand your professional experience. If you want to get a faculty member, make it a third letter.
G-333907593: This question relates to the application process. Can I submit an application now even though I am not due to take the GMAT till June?
Katie: Hello G-333907593- You are more than welcome to submit but we will not review your application until we have the GMAT score. We do take your highest score if you take the exam multiple times.
G-333895171: I have heard of student doing internships during a Part-Time MBA. Are these students typically offered a full time position once the internship is done or are they simply left to find another job for the remaining duration of their MBA ?
Gretchen: G-333895171-part time students can find an internship through their own resources and network and/or the hundreds of internship postings on line. The transition from an internship to a full time job is not tracked in the part time program.
Mohit: How many concentrations do students typically have? How many courses are required to complete a concentration?
Humberto: Good questions, Mohit! The average student will achieve three to four concentrations by graduation, but some have as many as six! A typical concentration requires three to four courses in a given academic area, but many courses count towards more than one concentration. Some, like Analytic Finance and General Management, require more courses.
pchacewilcoxson: What opportunities and resources do students forego if they choose a part-time MBA versus a full-time program at Booth?
George: Three things of which to be aware. We do not allow part-time students to go through internship on-campus recruiting. You can go through on-campus recruiting for full-time positions, but not for internships. The other things to be aware of are; part-time students do not have access to health coverage through the university, they also are not allowed to secure student visas.
G-333895171: I currently stay in Connecticut and would like to move to Chicago for a new job and for a Part-Time MBA at Booth. Will my application be looked upon negatively if I apply for the Evening program, but am currently residing in CT ?
Katie: G-33895171 - You are welcome to apply to the Evening MBA Program while living in Connecticut. If an applicant is living outside of Chicago, we ask that you explain your plan for relocating to Chicago. For example, if you are working on a transfer with your company, tell us that.
G-333895171: If I join the Part-Time MBA, do a few classes and then want to go to Full-Time MBA, I know I cannot transfer, but can I re-apply to the Full-Time program and get in that way. Also if I do that, will the courses I have already taken count ?
Gretchen: G-3333895171-Yes, you could reapply to the Full Time Program if that is the route you want to take. Only 3 of the classes would count. However, we are happy to talk to you on the frontend of the admissions process to help you decide which program is right for you. You can reach me at 312 464 8703.
mba123: Thanks for taking the time out of your schedules to answer our questions. What are some unique aspects of essays that stand out from the crowd and leave an impression?
Ellie: mba123, being genuine and honest in why an mba and why Booth are components that stand out. Writing information that is not true, yet you think it is information we want to hear, will not be beneficial to your application. Doing your due diligence about Booth and showing that you have done your research is something we like to see in your essays.
G-333895171: How many concentrations can we pursue? Are these the same as Majors or not?
Humberto: Students can achieve as many concentrations as they wish, but the average student will achieve three to four. I've seen students graduate with as many as six! They're different from a traditional college major in the sense that they don't define your entire curriculum, but are rather smaller components of your degree. They do show a breadth and depth of study in a particular area, like marketing, for example.
Evan: Good Afternoon Katie. I also have a question specifically regarding the CBF program: I currently work as a Real Estate Broker out of one of our offices on Michigan Ave, but I am a Hyde Park native and am curious if along the line I could take classes closer to home. Are all of the evening classes scheduled at the Gleacher center or do CBF students have the option to take some courses at the Hyde Park campus?
Katie: Hi Evan - Happy to hear you are interested in CBF. CBF is a subset of our Evening MBA Program. Evening MBA students are welcome to take courses during the day at the Hyde Park campus if your schedule allows. The required Professional Development Seminar is every Friday evening of the Fall quarter and takes place at Gleacher Center.
pchacewilcoxson: Is the International MBA available part-time or weekend? If so, can part-time or weekend students take advantage of the IBEP if they can arrange with work?
Humberto: Yes, the International MBA (or IMBA) is available to both Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. A required component of the IMBA is a full-term International Business Exchange Program (IBEP), for which we have 33 partner schools in 21 countries around the world! E/W students also have six short-term IBEP programs available only to them, which are only two to three weeks in length.
Julia: In terms of the courses, is there a great deal of group work involved? I know other programs have a considerable amount. I wondered what the "group" experience is at Chicago Booth.
Gretchen: Julia-there is a great deal of groupwork at Chicago Booth. If you are one who prefers groupwork, you can utilize the data that is collected after each course, to choose classes that are heavy in group work. Also, even if a class does not require groupwork, our students choose to meet at the Gleacher Center often! We are open 7 days a week and 12 hours a day.
pchacewilcoxson: What differences are there (if any) between diplomas awarded to part-time students versus full-time students? How would you say a PT vs FT MBA is viewed by potential employers?
George: There are no differences in the diplomas you would not be able to tell them apart.
George: Because many part-time programs are not as rigorous as full-time, not all recruiters understand that Booth part-time students have go through the same program, material and faculty that the full-time do, so at times, I feel that students have to overcome the marketplace. Recruiters that are familiar with Booth understand this and ask us to have both full and part-time students available for them to interview. lastly, I feel that I should point out that, because we do not facilitate internships, jobs that require internships to get hired are very difficult to get through the part-time program. Investment banking being the worst. Also, if you want to get into consulting at the big three, you either need previous consulting experience or and internship, usually, to get in.
Evan: Also I will be done with my application in the next few days but am scheduled to take the GMAT for the first time during the second week of June. Must I wait to submit my application until I receive my scores?
Ellie: Evan, you can submit your application, however, we will not review your application until your GMAT is submitting. There is not a benefit for you to submit before your GMAT because you will not be able to make any changes after submission.
G-333895171: Any data on what percentage of Part-Time MBA’s at Booth are planning for a Career Change? If on data is available, would you be able to share a rough guess (25%, 50% ?)
Gretchen: G-333895171-Chicago Booth is a place for both career changers and career enhancers. We have seen that a smaller number of incoming students plan for a career change that actually do change careers during the program. Once our students in the program and are taking classes from our quality faculty, a career change plan is put in place.
G-333895171: I have heard of student doing internships during a Part-Time MBA. Are these students typically offered a full time position once the internship is done or are they simply left to find another job for the remaining duration of their MBA ?
Ellie: There are not many individuals in the part-time program that participate in internships. Students gain their internships on their own. Unfortunately, I do not have the stats on this information. I do know some one off cases in which our students have been successful gaining full time employment post their internship.
Julie: Hello, I'm very interested in the Chicago Business Fellows Program. I know the number admitted to the program varies, but how many typically apply? Also, how important is an applicant's post-graduate community involvement versus their undergraduate community involvement?
Katie: Hi Julie, There is no set number of seats that we need to fill for CBF. We can admit as many qualified applicants as apply. Typically, there are 25-35 students in a class and we do not release the number of total applicants.
G-333907593: Can I submit an application online now even though I am scheduled to take the GMAT in June?
Humberto: Yes, you are welcome to submit the application now before taking the GMAT in June. However, please note that the GMAT must be completed prior to the application deadline for the program/quarter you are applying to. Also, your application will not be reviewed until a valid GMAT score is submitted.
Moderator: We are halfway through the chat and have had lots of great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions!
Billy: Do most of the professors have their experience in the professional or academic arena?
George: It is a split. Entrepreneurship and marketing are two with many "practitioners". I will say, due to the caliber of our faculty, that even our "academic" faculty are widely sought after for consulting etc. As an example, Raghu Rajan was the head economist for the IMF and now consults with the Indian government. Austin Goolsbee is the head economist for Obama. That is just to name a few.
Billy: Hi, Also do you look at the writing score of the GMAT test as well on the admissions process?
Humberto: While the writing score does not significantly impact your total GMAT score, all portions of the GMAT score are evaluated in an application to Booth.
pchacewilcoxson: I am currently enrolled in the Financial Decision Making certificate program at the Graham School. Are any of these classes accepted for credit in the MBA program?
Ellie: pchacewilcoxson, the FDM certificate program does not count for credit in the MBA Program. I would, however, encourage you to include this certificate program information somewhere within your application. It will enhance your academic portion of your application.
G-333907593: Who should provide professional references if I run my own business?
Gretchen: G-333907593-We ask that you first explain that you own your own business and then ask your clients and/or a colleague to write a letter on your behalf. What is your business?
Maddie: Is there a certain GMAT score that sets the minimum? and say anything below that you wouldn't even consider?
Gretchen: Maddie, we do not have a cut off or a minimum for the GMAT score. However, as we want our applicants to be successful in the application process, it would be best to submit the application with a score that is in mid 500s to 800. Note, we always take the highest score! Many of our applicants take the test more than one time. You are you likely to increase your score the second time taking the test.
Aggie: Hello All! This question may be more geared toward a current student, but about how many hours are spent outside of class per course? (I'm just trying to determine the course load and also make sure that there are enough hours in a day)
Ellie: Aggie, it all depends on the course you are taking. As a student you have access to previous course information polled from students that includes average number of hours spent outside of the classroom. I would estimate the range is 3-25 hours outside the classroom per course.
Julia: What is the student community like at Booth? Are there student groups or are the part-time student only able to participate in groups organized by full-time students?
Humberto: Thanks, Julia! The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs have a very robust community, with over 35 registered student groups created and led by our students! We also have program office-sponsored events every quarter, as well as events from other offices at Booth designed for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students.
Evan: Lastly, is there any inherent difference between the CBF program and the regular evening program besides the fact that the CBF is provided for young scholars with 0 to 3 years of work experience?
Katie: Evan, CBF is a subset of the Evening MBA Program. CBF students are not cohorted so they take courses with the regular Evening MBA students. There are additional support mechanisms for CBF students. These include a Professional Development Seminar and CBF mentor. There are also social outings both formal and informal.
JT: Are there any exceptions to taking the GMAT? I have two graduate degrees that each required their own standardized admissions exams. Is there any way that scores from previous admissions exams for other programs could replace the GMAT, or is the GMAT absolutely required?
George: No. We require the GMAT. However, from what you have told me, we would certainly put much weight on your other certifications and achievements. Not having the GMAT required affects ones AACSB accreditation, so most accredited programs will require it for the Full and Part-time programs. Some executive programs do not however.
Gretchen: I have a suggestion for you: if you have not visited a Chicago Booth class at the Gleacher Center, mark your calendar for the week of June 27th and prepare to visit a class that week! The visit can be in line with submitting your Evening MBA Fall application by June 30th.
G-333895171: Where can we find information regarding what courses would be needed for each concentration ?
Ellie: We have a student services website that you have access to when you are are a Booth student. This will help you plan your schedule and help you make sure you fulfill your intended concentrations. We also have academic advisors that are here to always help our students with any academic-related questions.
JT: Are all classes for the Evening MBA Program held at the Gleacher Center downtown? Are there ever any classes for the evening program that would be held on the main University Campus in Hyde Park?
Humberto: Good question, JT. All Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program classes are held at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. E/W students are also eligible to take classes in the Full-Time MBA program at the Harper Center and other University courses on campus in Hyde Park (Law School, Harris School, the College, etc.)!
Julia: If I am applying to multiple schools, should I apply at the same time? Or wait to hear from one?
Gretchen: Julia-great question! If you are applying to multiple MBA programs, apply at the exact same time. You will want to know all of your options when you are making your decision. Remember that you will get to know a school even better when you go through the application process and have your admissions interview.
G-333972830: Thanks a lot for replying back to my earlier questions. I know I have missed the timeline for the weekend program for this year. Based on the rolling admission format can I apply within the next few months for the weekend program starting next year i.e 2012? Please let me know when can I apply for that?
Ellie: The Weekend 2012 application should be live sometime in September.
JT: I currently have a full-time job in the Chicago area. If my job took me away from the Chicago area mid-way through the MBA program are there opportunities for distance learning to complete the program?
George: Yes. You could transfer to the weekend program and finish without any hiccups or degradation of degree or experience.
Aarthi: Can I join as a part-time student and become a full-time student later ?
Gretchen: Aarthi-you can increase the number of classes you take in a given quarter, similar to the number of classes a full time students take. You are not able to transfer however to the full time program. We are happy to talk to you about which Chicago Booth MBA Program fits best with you before you apply. Feel free to call me at 312 464 8703.
G-333907601: Hello, thank you very much for taking the time for the chat. My question is specifically about the Fellows Program. For the application there is a sponsor required. Does the sponsor need to be connected to the Booth? Like a current student or an alumni?
Katie: G-333907601 - Your nominator does not need to be affiliated with Chicago Booth. He/she just needs to know you in a professional capacity. We highly recommend your nominator be your current supervisor.
pchacewilcoxson: Would you suggest waiting to complete the FDM certificate program before applying or could I apply before its completion?
Ellie: pchacewilcoxson, you can apply before its complete.
Julia: Are there a lot of events available to part-time students? What types of events are held?
George: Glad you asked. We have more student groups than any other program. We have 35 groups, some of which are professional and some of which are social. To name a few: Golf, running, banking, poker, marketing, culinary, consulting, book club and not-for-profit.
George: We have over 360 programs a year. You can find an event almost every night, including Saturdays. The events range from speakers, such as Bill Gates and the founders of Groupon (who also teach in the entrepreneurship program), to winter formals (Booth Prom :)) There are pub crawls, and volunteer actives at food shelters, we sponsor an MBA cup (MBA Olympics)...
ASJ: I work in mechanical engineering company (maufacturing work machines, earth moving equipment). I dont see much of these types of companies hiring at Booth. Is that typical for any business school?
George: So there are companies that hire very large groups of students every year such as banks, consulting firms and large corporations. These are those that you are most familiar with, however, we have another group of companies that only hire one a year or on occasions, we have 500 of these available at any given time. Mechanical Engineering Companies would fall into this second category. They don't hire large classes of MBA students, they reach out to us when one is needed and we post the opening.
mba123: Would you please describe a typical Booth Lunch and Learn, and highlight the aspects that are different from an open house?
Humberto: At a Lunch and Learn, we take a deeper dive into the curriculum, community, and career services for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students at Chicago Booth. It also affords the opportunity to ask more specific questions of admissions directors with a smaller and more intimate group of prospective students. And, you get a free lunch! Our next Lunch and Learn will be held at Gleacher on June 22nd!
Mohit: Are more extracurricular activities planned on the weekend or weekdays? Do you notice a different level of involvement in extracurriculars between the weekend and evening programs?
Katie: Mohit - Great question. Most of our extra-curricular activities are on Saturdays in order to accommodate both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. Saturday is the most exciting day to be at Gleacher Center. In general, our Evening students are in Chicago more days out of the week so they have more time to spend doing activities outside of class.
Vijayandar: hi
Humberto: Hello and welcome to the chat! Feel free to ask a question!
pchacewilcoxson: Humberto, as a followup regarding the IMBA, for clarification, as an E/W student would I be required to do the full-term IBEP? Or does the short-term IBEP count?
Humberto: For the IMBA degree for all students (Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time), a full-term IBEP is required. For E/W students that do not pursue the IMBA and cannot take advantage of a full-term IBEP, short-term options are available.
Evan: Could someone briefly elaborate on the details regarding the peer mentoring, required Professional Development Seminar, and unique cohort programming that the CBF students receive?
Katie: Evan - Let's set up a time to discuss the details of CBF. You can call me at 312-464-8705.
ASJ: Do p/t program students have similar opportunities like Marketing Fellows (such as working with a mentor in a similar industry of your work)?
Gretchen: ASJ-The Kilts Center Marketing Mentors Program
Gretchen: began during the 2008-09 academic year and is open to evening and weekend students!
Gretchen: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/mentoring.aspx
Gretchen: The Kilts Center for Marketing if a fantastic resource for all Booth students.
G-333907593: Are there any merit based scholarships available for prospective students?
George: Scholarships are available through the full-time program. We have none available through the part-time program.
Mohit: Does tuition typically increase every quarter or every year? Also what percentage does the cost typically increase each time? Is this trend expected to continue?
George: It increases once a year. You will see that the increase will stay just under inflation. But the rate is set every year by the Board of Regents so it can change every year.
Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.
G-333895171: If I get admitted, can I defer joining for a few quarters (while I find a job in Chicago if I havent already) ?
George: We only recommend deferring one quarter, but we would work with you if more were needed. To hold a seat requires a deposit of $1,000 each deferral. That money is then applied to your tuition once you join, so assuming you join, there is no cost for deferring.
ASJ: I work in IL and can attend the part time program. What are my options, if I have to leave US (due to VISA situation) after lets say 2 years?
Humberto: With the part-time programs at Booth (Evening and Weekend, specifically), we do not support student Visas. Therefore, our students need to be in the US legally by other means (citizen, permanent resident, work visa) in order to study. However, E/W students can finish their program in two years or less by increasing the speed at which they take classes (i.e. more than two classes per quarter). The average E/W student will take 2.5-3 years to complete the degree.
ASJ: Even though I live 3 hrs away from Booth, I have a anpproval from my employer to leave early to take classes in Chicago. Can I apply for the evening program?
Katie: ASJ - Yes, you are welcome to apply to the Evening MBA program. As an example, we have students who drive from Milwaukee for Evening courses.
G-333895171: What is the typical work load for the 2 courses per quarter? For a given course, how many hours a week should be dedicated to studying (outside of the 3 hour lectures per week) ?
Gretchen: G-333895171-There is a range of hours spent on the classwork outside of class, anywhere from 3 to 20+. Our on line portal captures information about these averages per class that you can view before signing up for each class.
mba123: Two logistical questions related to the application: (1) Are there any differences between the upcoming Winter and Spring applications? (2) Is the application allowed to be saved in a draft form so that you can work on it over the course of a month or two?
George: No differences. Start the one you think you will apply to and then we will roll over to the next if you don't submit. You can work on a saved draft version until you want to submit it. There are buttons for both.
G-333907593: Thanks for the response to the owning my business question, Gretchen. My business is not service related. It is a retail business.
Gretchen: G-333907593-Retail! Great. Our employer development team at Booth focuses on many industries, one being retail.
G-333895171: Gretchen: you said:"Once our students in the program and are taking classes from our quality faculty, a career change plan is put in place." ... Could you please elaborate on the career change plan that could be put in place ?
Gretchen: G-333895171-sure. The career change process will be different for each student. With the variety of industries and job functions being represented at Booth, our students have many options. Happy to talk to you more about your specific situation.
G-333895171: If I get admitted, how much time do I have to confirm ?
Gretchen: G-333895171-the average time is a few weeks.
prosp-2012: Hello Booth Team, Thanks so much for dedicating your time to answer our questions. I am going to be applying in the next 2 weeks however my recommender will not be able to wrote my recommendation for 4 weeks, will this affect my interview date being pushed out by 4 weeks?
Humberto: Good question! In order to review your application, we will need both letters of recommendation submitted. Once you submit your completed application, we will work with you to schedule an interview. You will have a decision on your application within 4-6 weeks of submitting it!
nihal: Hello, I am new to this website! I am a dentist and I own a dental practice. I am interested in doing part-time eveneing MBA program.
George: That is great! We like dentists!
JT: One's resume is listed as an application requirement. Is a curriculum vitae an appropriate subsititute for a resume.
Humberto: Yes, curriculum vitae are acceptable substitutes for resumes in the application. For your admissions interview, however, you will need to bring in an abbreviated 1-page resume for your interviewer to review prior to the interview.
Moderator: The chat will be closing in a few minutes. We will answer as many remaining questions as possible.
prosp-2012: Will I be invitedfor an interview without a recommendation letter. I am ready to submit my app in 1 week but my recommender will not be able to finish his letter until 3 weeks from now?
Katie: props-2012 - Interviews take place after the application is submitted. Once you submit your application, whether we have your recommendations or not, you can schedule your interview. If you have questions, give Beth Daily a call at 312-464-8702.
G-333895171: Would it be safe to assume that if i wanted a career change (engineering / sales TO Consulting / Banking), then the PT MBA is NOT the way to go ?
George: Better said, it can be done in the part-time program but it puts more work on you. So, it is EASIER, in the full-time program. If you can full-time do it, if you cant then this program is a great way to go.
nihal: I would like to expand my knowledge on management and marketing, and I am planning to expand the number of pratices I have, do you think I can benefit a lot from the MBA program.
Gretchen: nihal-management and marketing, two great areas of Booth's curriculum. You will benefit from the Booth MBA.
Gretchen: Please view the websites:
Gretchen: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/index.aspx
Gretchen: The Kilts Marketing Center: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx
G-333907593: IS it possible to cover tuition expenses through financial aid only without the need for private loans?
Ellie: Yes, you can cover tuition expenses through financial aid only.
G-333895171: What is the typical work load for the 2 courses per quarter? For a given course, how many hours a week should be dedicated to studying (outside of the 3 hour lectures per week) ?
Humberto: Hours of work per week outside of class varies greatly depending on the classes you take. On the low end, three hours per week; on the high end, 25 hours per week. All of this information is available for students via course evaluations before they enroll in classes.
Maddie: Is there a certain GMAT score that sets the minimum? and anything below that you wouldn't even consider?
Katie: Maddie - Our admitted GMAT range is upper 500s to 800. Our average for the Evening MBA Program is 680 and 700 for Weekend.
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nihal: Hello, I am new to this website! I am a dentist and I own a dental practice. I am interested in doing part-time eveneing MBA program. I would like to expand my knowledge on management and marketing, and I am planning to expand the number of pratices I have, do you think I can benefit a lot from the MBA program. or should I start may be taking couple of courses on management/marketing and then evaluate my knowledge and interest and goals more specifically and decide if I should do MBA.
George: The latter. You should take classes through the Executive Education at Booth. If you do that and think that you want more, then join the MBA program. Also, you could take specific Both classes through the Graham School, which allows you to take Booth classes while not enrolled in a degree seeking program!
Moiz: Thank you very much for taking our questions. I understand that the interview is conducted by a current student or an alumnus. What are the aspects that you are looking at while conducting the interview
Ellie: Moiz, we look for strong applicants who have great work experience, academic background, and have the passion to attend Booth.
ASJ: Is it possible to meet admission officers while I visit Chicago Booth
Katie: ASJ - Yes, we are happy to set up individual phone conversations or in person meetings. Feel free to call us at 312.464.8700.
nihal: or should I start may be taking couple of courses on management/marketing and then evaluate my knowledge and interest and goals more specifically and decide if I should do MBA.
Gretchen: nihal-The Booth curriculum is designed to let you choose what 20 courses you want to take. You will take the foundation classes in the area of financial accounting, business statistics and microeconomics in addition to more of the breadth classes. You do not have to decide now which classes you will take. We will help you choose them once you are here.
Aggie: Does the interview have to be completed before the application deadline date?
George: No. You can do it in the weeks after the deadline.
Vijayandar: Do I need to stay all the time in Job duration of Evening or Weekend MBA course?
George: no. we built this program for working individuals, but we understand that things happen. If you get laid-off you can continue in the program!
Maddie: is the CBF application the same as the regular evening MBA application?
Humberto: An applicant to the CBF program would submit the Evening MBA application for the Autumn quarter. You would indicate that you are a CBF applicant in the application itself. You would also need to participate in a CBF Day (Saturday, June 18th) and have your direct supervisor submit a nomination for you to the program (in addition to the two letters of recommendation from other individuals).
G-333972830: Is there a course bidding system for PT MBA like there is for the FT program?
George: Yes. We do have a bidding system that allows you to bid on the classes that interest you most.
Ellie: Thank you all for your questions. It was a pleasure answering them. Please keep in touch and we look forward to seeing your applications come through.
Gretchen: Set your goals high. Apply to Chicago Booth.
Katie: It was great chatting with all of you today! Our next Open House is Friday, June 3rd at 6:30pm. You can sign-up here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx
George: What questions! We were abuzz in here with conversation over them. Thanks for spending time with us. Call us or come by if you have more. The next open house is June 3rd
Humberto: Thanks for chatting with us today! Please continue to engage with us by attending an Open House (June 3rd), Lunch and Learn (June 22nd) and Class Visit (Spring Quarter options through May 28th and Summer quarter options beginning June 27th)!
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