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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Considering a Booth MBA? Join us for a Live Chat with the Admissions Team from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!
George: Welcome to the most amazing chat we have had this year (I am prognosticating that it will be). I am the associate dean here at Booth and we are ready to take on all your questions. We have admissions, student services and marketing on hand. We are also trying to get the Jimmy Johns delivery man to stay, but he seems to think that he needs to get back to the store, so that may not work out. We will start answering your questions promptly at 12:00CST, so gather the co-workers around the screen and get ready for a raucous time.
Gretchen: Welcome to the chat. Thank you for giving us this time in your day. I am the Director of Admissions and am happy to answer your quetions about Chicago Booth. Booth is a great place to be, so ask away!
Humberto: Welcome to our live chat and thanks for spending some time with us today! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director for Admissions in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I am looking forward to answering your questions and helping you learn more about Booth!
Katie: Welcome to the March Live Chat! My name is Katie Coogan and I am here to answer your questions about admissions or anything else you want to know about Chicago Booth.
Raj: I live and work in BAY Area, Will I be at disadvantage if I apply for Weekend program, if yes I accepted I can move my work to Chicago? Please advice.
George: No disadvantage at all, that is exactly what the weekend program is built for. In fact, 86% of our weekend program come from outside of Illinois. If you are accepted and end up moving to Chicago you can then transfer to the Evening program, so it sounds like you have a great plan!
Excenture: Can PT students attend meet & greet events that companies have on campus during daytime at Harper?
George: It is very dependent on the event. If it is an event that is for full-time recruiting and you are participating in on campus recruiting, then yes. If it is for internship recruiting then the answer is no.
Raj: For interview, do we need to visit Chicago campus or can be done virutally?
Katie: Raj - All admissions interviews are held here at the Gleacher Center in person. After you submit your application, we will schedule your interview. If you are living outside Chicago, we have several Saturday interview days (May 14th and June 4th).
Alex: Good morning. Thank you for taking your time and helping us with the admissions process. When I look up ratings for International MBA programs I find Thunderbird to be on top of the list. How does the International Major at Booth compare to the program at Thunderbird? Does Booth offer advantages over Thunderbird or other International MBAs? Thank you!
George: Alex, I do not know enough about the Thunderbird program to adequately answer your question. However, if you will write me an email at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and ask that very question I will get our director of the IMBA program to give us both the answer. She is very familiar the different programs.
Excenture: Other than internship not being offered, what other recruiting events are restricted for the PT students?
Humberto: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are allowed to participate in On Campus Recruiting for full-time jobs. The Career Services office also provides a myriad of programming designed for part-time students. The internship recruiting process is the only Career Services component in which Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are not allowed to participate.
EA: I'm considering atttending school for an MBA; however, cost is a major consideration in my decision to attend Booth. Can you talk about the financial assistance that is available to MBA students?
George: It is a expensive proposition and you are smart to consider the cost and associated payback to ascertain if it is right for you. All US students, taking two classes a quarter, are able to get loans through the US government. Also, we provide some third party banks that you can seek loans through. The rates there are dependent on your credit score and if you have a co-signer. We do not offer scholarships in the part-time program.
Raj: Hi, Thank you for the opportunity. I have caught in between EX MBA or Part Time MBA, Can you advice if I fit in to the program ( 38 years, 15 years experience with 8 Year Manament exp)
Gretchen: Raj, it is worth your time to explore and research both the XP Program and the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program. The degree is the same between the programs; however the choice you have in choosing your classes is one of the largest differences between the programs. Would you like a set curriculum of the XP Program or would you like to choose the classes in the Evening or Weekend Program? Would you prefer to take your classes every other Friday and Saturday or one to two days a week or on Saturday? Hope this helps in your thought process.
Alex_1: Hello I am an international student and my official transcripts are in English but the degree certificates are not. Do I need to submit notarized translation of the certificates or the originals are enough.Thanks!Alex
Katie: Alex - You will need to have the degree certificate translated. We can make notarized copies in our office of your official transcripts and return the originals to you.
Excenture: Are PT students restricted to PT student clubs only?
Humberto: Part-time MBA students are invited to join any registered student groups in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. There is also a subset of registered Full-Time MBA program student groups that allow Part-time MBA students to join. However, some of the career-focused and social clubs in the Full-Time MBA program do not allow Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student to participate.
Raj: Is it possible to have interaction out side the class with fulltime students as well as Professors
George: Raj, most certainly. Because the flexibility of our programs part-time students take full-time classes and full-time students take part-time classes. In fact, 16% of all seats in the part-time classes, on average, are full-time students. Professors who teach the part-time classes are the same who teach full-time and are available before and after class as well as during their office hours.
JD: I am extremely interested in the evening/weekend classes, however, I plan to continue working at the same time. My current job requires some travel and weekend work due to client demands. Are the teachers flexible if certain weeks I would have to miss a class, or would there be serious consequences by doing so?
Gretchen: JD, if you are a full time working professional, the evening mba or weekend mba is a great option for you. Classes meet for only 11 weeks and therefore it is ideal not to miss a class. However, given Booth is the most flexible program on the planet, many of the professors teach more than one class per week and therefore you could sit on the class a different night. Other professors may allow you to make up the class content another way.
AMoorman: Thank you for holding this info session! I have a question on the interview portion of the admission process. May I contact Booth to set up an interview before I have all application materials sent in? As long as I have all essays, letters, etc. in before my actual interview date? Or do I have to wait for someone to contact me once my entire application is received?
Katie: AMoorman - Interviews are scheduled after you have submitted your application. We have plenty of interview slots on weekday evenings at 4, 5, and 6pm as well as Saturday interview days to accommodate different schedules. If you have a special circumstance, give me a call at 312-464-8705.
JD: Is it realistic to think that I would be able to find loans for 100% of the costs? Or is this generally not the case?
George: JD, not only can you get loans for 100% of the tuition, you can also get loans for living expenses, books etc.
mba2011: Are there people in the Career Service Office who work with employers? Are the employers all over the country?
George: We believe that we have the largest employer development group in the country. We have individuals all over the world and in every continent whose sole jobs are to develop relationships with companies with the sole goal of having them post jobs and hire students. Last year we had over 1500 jobs posted for international opportunities.
JD: Is it possible to take 2 classes during a quarter and have one be a weeknight class, and one be on a Saturday? Additionally, would I be able to choose when I take classes from quarter to quarter? (ie, take evening classes one quarter, take all weekend classes a different quarter, one of each, etc..)
Gretchen: JD, yes! The evening and weekend mba program is designed for you to 1) choose the classes that you want to take 2) choose when you take them (eve or weekend-if space is available) and 3) the timeline to finish the degree-you have up to 5 years to complete the degree.
rickg: I have two questions 1: I am interested in attending the evening program, but if I want to start in the fall and my schedule only allows for me to take class on the weekend my first quarter, is it possible to do this? Will it be difficult to sign up for classes considering the point system? 2: If I am interested in taking part in on campus recruiting at the end of my MBA, are there any restrictions?
Humberto: Good questions, Rick. 1) Given that a new group of Weekend MBA students will be starting their program that same quarter, it might be a bit difficult to register for classes in the Weekend MBA program in your first quarter. However, that is not to say it will be impossible, you just will not have class priority when bidding that first weekend. 2) Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are permitted to participate in the On Campus Recruiting process for full-time jobs. There are certain criteria that students need to meet before participating, including attending other Career Services events, completing a specific number of classes, and having permission from your employer if they provide any financial support for your MBA program.
Mikhail: Hello, would it be seen as a plus if on my essay I list all the couses that I want to take at booth?
George: You want to show that you have done your research and understand the strength of the Booth classes, but you don't want to just list a bunch of classes. It would be better to work a couple of the classes that interest you into your essays.
Chris: Is it possible to mix the weekend and evening programs, taking one class during the week and one class on Saturday?
Humberto: Students can take classes across programs within the Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and Full-Time MBA programs at Chicago Booth. Priority in registering for courses is given within a student's home population.
Charlie_1: If I have the GI Bill, what do you recommend as steps I need to do with Booth?
George: It would not change anything as far as the admissions process. However, once admitted, most of the cost of your education would be covered. There would be about $1,900 per class that you would need to cover from outside sources. Next steps would be to complete the application process and interview. Hope that helps.
ray: What kind of financial assistance (grants/scholarships) is available for part-time students?
Humberto: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible to apply for federal and private loan-based financial aid. There are not any grants or scholarships available to part-time students.
mba2011: Can you tell me about the Booth community, specifically the student groups?
Gretchen: mba2011, the Booth community is alive, vibrant and open to you! We have 30+ student groups that range from our professional groups--i.e. consulting and banking club, to social clubs--i.e. our Graduate Women in Business and our Student Advisory Council and our athletic group--i.e. of flag football, tennis, golf and running. In fact, I have seen many marathon runners and tri-athletes join Booth lately. Get involved while you are earning your MBA!
G-283616393: What is the 20-80% for GMAT for Weekend MBA and Evening MBA? It seems Weekend average is higher than evening. Does this make it more difficult?
Humberto: The average GMAT score for the Weekend MBA program is 700. The average GMAT score for the Evening MBA program is 680. Although the Weekend MBA average GMAT score is higher, admission to these programs is equally as competitive.
Mikhail: If my company would partually cover MBA cost in excess of $5,250 a year, should I report it as taxable income?
George: Mikhail, good question. I am not up to date on the tax code; but it really depends on how your company reimburses you (separate check or rolled into your salary) and also on who they report it (education or salary). You should check with an accountant as continuing education is a tax deduction.
Ameya: As an evening MBA student, what disdvantages would I face as compared to the full-time student? Specifically for campus recruiting. Is it correct that the part-time student attend separate campus recruiting fairs as compared to the full-time students?
Gretchen: Ameya, I am glad you asked us to clarify the information you have received. There are many more similarities between the career service opportunities for full time and part time students than there are differences. If you are part of the On Campus Recruiting, you will be with full time students and with the same recruiters. Booth has a dedicated Career Service Team at the Gleacher Center to assist all part time students and alumni. There are also over 5,000 job postings a year that our part time students can review.
Jon: I am from Saint Louis and was wondering if you have other students for the weekend program based in Saint Louis
Humberto: Thanks, Jon. Yes, we do have some current students and alumni from the Weekend MBA program based in Saint Louis. If you reach out to our admissions hotline (eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu), we would be happy to connect you with one of them!
Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. Continue submitting those questions!
maxx_1: This question is regarding the GMAT. I understand your avg GMAT is about 680, while the mid 80 range is between upper 500 and 800. If someone with a 3.8 GPA from a top 25 undergraduate bus school but only 650 on the GMAT, is there still a fair chance for this individual to receive admission?
Katie: Maxx - We use a holistic admissions process. Every application is reviewed cover to cover. Your undergraduate GPA is very competitive as our average is 3.3. Your GMAT is well within our admitted range. I definitely recommend that you apply. Feel free to give me a call at 312-464-8705 if you want to discuss.
ray: I have an international undergrad degree and a masters from a US college. Do I still need to take the TOEFL exam?
Humberto: No, Ray, you would not need to take the TOEFL exam, since you have a masters degree from an institution in the United States.
Ohi: Hi all I just relocated to the US a month ago and I am considering enrolling in the evening MBA. I currently am unemployed but I intend to look for a full time job hence why I am considering the PT option. My question therefore is would my unemployment be taking into consideration by the admission committee when evaluating my application.Thanks
George: Ohi, you may want to wait until you have secured a job before applying. Looking for employment can be a full-time job in-and-of itself and putting together an application while employing. More to your point, as long as you intend to get a job, we would let you apply, but it would be considered in the application process.
Vibha: I estimated about 85-90K to be the cost of the entire program. Am I in a near accurate ballpark?
George: We don't hide the cost so I am willing to share.
George: Each class costs $5,045 and there are 20 classes so the total cost is just over 100K.
G-283616393: Do Weekend or Evening MBA students have access to Entrepreneurship competitions and China Lab?
Humberto: Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have access to taking lab and competition-based courses in the entrepreneurship area. Currently, we are not offering the China Lab course.
Raj: Thank you Gretchen on the Ex MBA and EWMBA, however with 14 years exp will I be an odd student in the class
Gretchen: Raj, with 14 years of experiences you would have more experience than the majority of our students; however this does not preclude you from applying to the evening or weekend program. My suggestion to you is to have you come to a xp event and to an evening and weekend event if you have not already done so. These events should help you tremendously in your decision.
Kevin: So part-time MBA students are exposed to the same exact resources that the Career Center provides as full-time students except for getting set up with an internship?
George: Kevin, yes exactly! Outside of internship recruiting you get the exact same training and workshops. If you participate in on-campus recruiting you are able to go to company meet and greats etc.
mab2011: If I have been to an Open House event, can I still attend a Booth Women Connect event?
Katie: mba2011 - Yes! Booth Women Connect is open to all prospective students. I especially recommend it for those that have been to an Open House as it is focused on networking. Our female current students love this event so you will have a chance to hear their stories as well.
ray: I am considering a career change and cannot decide between a full time opr part time mba. What percentage of students in the last 3 years have changed careers following the part-time mba?
Gretchen: ray, we are gathering this data at this time and by this summer look forward to sharing the data. There are career changers in the part time programs for sure. However, if you are thinking you need or want an internship and want the help of Career Services to find one, the full time option is great. What industry are you in now and what industry do you want to move to post an MBA?
JJ: Hi all - thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us today. Quick question regarding timelines. Would you say it's too late to apply for the fall program? Obviously the technical deadline date is still out there, but have the majority of people who would be starting in the fall already applied, therefore putting people applying around now or in the next month or so at a disadvantage?
George: No, you have plenty of time. We get 80% of our applications the week of deadline. So, if you turn your in two weeks before you will beat most of everyone. The deadline for evening fall is June 30th.
sk: I applied in 2008 for the art time MBA. I did not get the admission. Is it possible to reapply with new gmat score?
Gretchen: sk, yes for sure. Booth has a high number of reapplicants each year. However, as you applied over 2 years ago, you will be considered a first time applicant. A new gmat score is certainly welcomed. We look forward to you applying to Booth.
jason: hi, i am interested in the combined mba/ma int'l relations program. does that application process differ from the evening mba program in any way? if so, how? thanks.
Humberto: Jason, I would encourage you to reach out to our office via E-mail (eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu) or phone (312-464-8700) to discuss this process further. There are some details about the process and the program that would be best discussed via E-mail or over the phone.
AMoorman: You've indicated that it is possible to take 2 class per quarter- one on Saturday and one on a weeknight. It is possible to take 3? 2 on Saturday and 1 on a weeknight? Also, are courses offered Friday evenings?
Humberto: Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are able to take more than two classes per quarter. And, yes, classes are offered on Friday evenings.
Ameya: Thanks for the previous answer. From the past statistics, do you think recruiters prefer hiring full-time students as compared to part-time students? In other words, does the full-time degree hold more value when talking to a recruiter? Thanks.
George: It depends. Most school's part-time programs are not as robust as their full-time program (Booth is one of the few that has the same faculty and same material taught at the same pace), so many recruiters DO prefer full-time students. If the recruiter is familiar with Booth however, they want Booth talent and don't care where they get it. In fact, the reason we started allowing part-time students to go through recruiting is because companies said they wanted to be able to recruit from the best talent no matter what program they were in.
mab2011: What is the Kilts Center and the Polsky Center? Can I have interaction with them as a part time student?
Gretchen: The Kilts Center and the Polsky Center are valuable for you to know about! The Kilts Center for Marketing is the center which supports the marketing activities and research for our Booth students. View: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx. If you have an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation, The Polksy Center is for you. View: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/
ray: Do I have to maintain my employment status throughout the PT program? What happens if a PT student loses their job during the program?
George: This program is built for working individuals. Everything about it is structured for people working during the day and wanting to come to class at night and weekend. With that said, we understand that life happens and people lose their jobs, therefor, we do not require individuals to be employed during their time here as a student.
Vibha: Are part time/weekend students allowed to participate in some of the international events and educational trips organized by Booth provided we are able to take time off from work etc?
Humberto: Good question, Vibha. Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are encouraged to participate in any trips or events that are available to them. From a curriculum perspective, we offer both full-term and short-term International Business Exchange Programs for part-time students. Also, some student groups offer trips and treks to international locations in which part-time students may be able to participate.
Moderator: The chat will be closing in 15 minutes. Please continue to submit your questions!
Mikhail: My manager is writing a recommendation latter. With online submission I may not have a chance to look at it. It is standard practice, or should I ask him for a copy?
Beth: Mikhail - Letters of recommendation are generally kept confidential. The recommender submits directly to us via the online system. In some cases the recommender shares a copy of the letter with the applicant, but that is up to him/her.
Jon: Is there any way to get connected with people from my city who are attending or have completed the weekend program at Booth?
Gretchen: Jon, yes for sure. Email me with where you are currently living and working and I will connect with our Booth community. Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu
randy: my name is randy. have an undergraduate degree in bsc .admin -marketing major. have only 2 years of working experience, i would like to know if i have changes to opt for postgraduate degree in any marketing or international business field
George: Yes, we have concentrations in Marketing and international business concentration. We also have a specific international Business MBA (IMBA) program.
ShawnT: Is there any minimum number of classes required each quarter to get financial aid?
Katie: ShawnT - If you have federal financial aid, then you need to be enrolled in 2 courses per quarter.
Megan: When is the best time to apply for financial aid? Does anything have to be done during the application process or is it done once you are accepted into the program?
Humberto: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are encouraged to apply for financial aid in any academic quarter for which they will need loan-based aid. There is a loan application process, as well as certain policies, that our Financial Aid Office can walk students through, once they are admitted to the program.
JD: What is the current acceptance rate for the evening/weekend program? Is there an average GMAT score for students accepted?
Gretchen: JD, the acceptance rate is not provided; however we can tell you that we bring in close to 110 students for the Weekend Program each fall, 175 students for the Evening Program each fall and closet to 80 students for the Evening Program in the winter, spring and summer. The average gmat score for the Evening Program hovers around a 680 and the average gmat score for the Weekend MBA Program is 700.
AMoorman: I briefly lost my connection so apologize if this has been addressed, but I am wondering if weekend students can take 3 courses per term? 2 on Sat and 1 on a weeknight? Also, are courses offered Friday evenings? Thanks for all the insight!
Humberto: Sorry that you lost your internet connection! To answer your question, yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are able to take more than two classes per quarter. And, yes, classes are offered on Friday evenings.
maxx: Is there any advantage to apply early in a giving application round? Are you filling a limited no. of seats for the weekend program?
George: It is a marginal benefit, but yes. Since there are limited seats, even if we accept 1 person before you, you are at a disadvantage. With that said, 80% of our applications come in the week of the deadline, so there are always plenty of seats up to that time. So applying two weeks before the deadline, or earlier, means that you really wont be at a disadvantage.
AB: Can Weekend students Utilize the career services and interview on campus,even if the current employer is partly paying for the MBA ?
George: If your employer is proving you with tuition reimbursement you must get their approval to go through the on campus recruiting process. We do post 5000 jobs online however that are open to everyone.
maxx: Hello, this question is regarding the GMAT score. I understanding you have an avg. GMAT score about 680, while the mid 80 percent scored between upper 500 and 800. For someone with a 3.8 GPA from a top 25 undergraduate bus school in the US but only a 650 GMAT, does this individual still has a fair chance to receive admission? Thank you!
Gretchen: maxx, yes you do. However, if you do choose to take the GMAT test again, Booth will always take the highest score and it is not a negative to take the test again. Your application will be strengthened with a GMAT score closer to the average, however it is not required that you take it again.
Vibha_1: For those of us attending from out of state, does Booth provide any subsidised accomodations?
Katie: Vibha - Great question. For any students traveling in on Saturday, we provide a free shuttle service to and from O'Hare and Midway airports. There are discounted hotel rates as well. We even have free coffee service on Saturdays.
Ohi: what is the minimum length to finish the PT MBA particularly if a student takes more courses per semester?
Katie: Ohi - Most Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students take two courses per quarter. If you take two courses every quarter straight through, then you will graduate in 2.5 years. There are 20 courses required to graduate so you can calculate how fast you could finish if you took 3 or 4 courses.
Kevin: I guess this is more for Katie, but are most business fellows applicants employed by the time of their interview? I know the requirement is only by the time classes start in the fall. I am about to start a 3 month internship at a sports marketing company, which has promise of developing into a job. If I get offered a job, it wouldn't be until after the interview but before classes start in the fall.
Katie: Kevin - You must have done your research. I work with all of the Chicago Business Fellows applicants. You are correct, you must have a full time job by the time classes start in the Fall. Since your internship is likely to turn into a full time job, you are welcome to interview at one of the CBF Days. Then, I will be in contact with you as we are evaluating your application.
AB: If a certain class was not offered in the weekend program, and a student wishes to take it, is there any flexibility in taking courses in the evening program or the full time program.
Humberto: Yes, Weekend MBA students are allowed to take classes in both the Evening MBA and Full-Time MBA programs at Chicago Booth. Priority is given to students taking classes in their home population first.
G-283852384: I currently hold a juris Doctroate and am doing contract work in Chicago. I know that the admissions process is a wholistic one, but is extra weight applied to those who hold upper level degrees?
George: Most certainly. It shows you can set goals and apply yourself toward the completion thereof. It is strongly weighed in your favor.
Samuel_1: I am currently heading the Technology Area for a Non Profit Organization. Will that give me some edge in my Application or you want to see other leadership roles? I believe technology is not considered as leadership by Admission Committe. Please respond?
George: If you have lead individuals towards the completion of a worthwhile goal then it seems to me you have worked in a leadership role. What is important in the admission process is to be able to adequately explain and show how you acted as a leader and show specific examples of your leadership in action in the technology area.
Eban: I'm interested in the weekend MBA and have read about the road warriors. Can you comment on what students typically do for lodging/parking and if there is an organized way to get people from similar areas in touch?
Gretchen: Eban, our Road Warriors are to be commended! We are happy to put you in touch with our weekend students. Email me with where you are living and working: Gretchen.Cooper@ChciagoBooth.edu. We have great parking and hotel discounts in the near vicinity to the Gleacher Center. Our Road Warriors from Ohio are smart in the way they divvy up who busy the donuts and the gas!
Eban: How long does it take to get the interview scheduled once the application is submitted (and do both have to be completed by the deadline or just the later?)
Katie: Eban - We get your interview scheduled shortly after you submit. You can call our hotline (312-464-8700) right after you submit if you need to get scheduled quickly.
AB: Gretchen - This is a follow-up question t what Ameya asked.. With utilizing the career services and interviewing on campus, for part time students are there any limitations if the currently employer is partly paying for the MBA .
Gretchen: AB, if you employer is paying any amount of tuition reimbursement, you will need a letter of permission from them to participate in On Campus Recruiting.
Alex: If my addmission request is denied, how soon can I re-apply with a new GMAT score? Can I still get into the program in the fall?
Humberto: Students are allowed to reapply after 6 months and to a subsequent quarter. So, you would not be permitted to apply to the same program and quarter twice.
Eban: Is a laptop required for the program?
Katie: Eban - No, a laptop is not required for class.
Ameya: I was initially thinking of part-time MBA while working, but having done some research, it look like full-time MBA with part-time work would be the way to go. I am a little late to apply for the full-time program since I plan to give my GMAT in the last week of May. How STRICT are the deadlines for the full-time MBA program at Booth?
George: Very strict. If you miss the last day of a round you will be put into the next round. April 13th is the last day of round three.
earnest: Is it a fact that Booth accepts GRE and what is the range
Gretchen: Hello earnest, the evening mba and the weekend mba program does not accept the GRE. May I ask where you heard this information? You can email me at Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Mikhail: Would taking Graham school couses increase the chances to get admitted to Booth?
Humberto: Since we evaluate applications in a holistic manner, it's always beneficial to have additional positive information in your application, like a good grade in a Booth class though the Graham School. However, there is not one specific item that we evaluate more heavily than others in an application.
Raj: I am living and working in BAY Area, can I apply for evening program as I have option to move to Chicago
George: Yes. 86% of our weekend students fly in from outside of Illinois. You can transfer to evening when you move.
Jay: Are any courses offered online?
George: No. All classes are either at Gleacher downtown or can be taken at Harper on campus
ray: Responding to the career change question, I am currently a civil engineering and considering a change to operations or finance. Age = 39 years.
Gretchen: ray, feel free to call me to continue the conversation. 312 464 8703
Moderator: The chat will be closing in 5 minutes. We will answer as many remaining questions as possible.
jamesn: Just to confirm from the website, if enrolled in the part time program, is there no possibility of transferring to the full time program later?
Katie: jamesn - You are correct. Students are unable to transfer from Evening or Weekend to full-time. However, you can transfer between Evening and Weekend once.
G-283616393: Can you elaborate what an International Business MBA is? How does International MBA differ from MBA with International Business concentration? Thanks
Humberto: Feel free to give me a call (312-464-8765) or send me an E-mail (Humberto.Freda@ChicagoBooth.edu), and I would be happy to discuss the IMBA program further with you!
Samuel_1: How many year old GMAT Score is accepted? I gave the GMAT in year 2009 and got 680, would that score be accepted now?
George: They are valid for 5 years!
randy: i need the deadline for summer and fall intake.
Gretchen: randy, feel free to review the website for the deadlines that are relevant to you: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/index.aspx We look forward to seeing your application by either April 8th or June 30th.
JJ: Thanks George - is that the same for the Chicago Business Fellows program too? Or do applicants to that program typically apply earlier?
Katie: JJ - Sorry for the confusion. CBF is not on rolling admissions. All remaining decisions will be made after the June 30th deadline for CBF. Feel free to give me a call with questions, 312-464-8705.
randy: hats great news, what would be the next step then if you have intake for summer or fall,but preferably the summer, do i fall within the summer deadline
Humberto: Randy, the application deadline for the Evening MBA program to the Summer 2011 quarter is April 8th, 2011. You're more than welcome to submit your completed application by that date!
G-283616393: I scanned my unofficial transcripts from my schools' website. Can I send in my official transcripts after a decision or do I need to submit my official transcript before I submit my completed application?
Gretchen: G-283616393, hello. We only need the official transcripts after one is addmited. The scanned unofficial copies are just fine for now. Thanks.
Samuel_1: I have Seven years of work experience and currently working as IT Analyst. To develop leadership role, I have joined a NPO to head the Technology Area. Would that help?
George: Leadership is where you find it. Put yourself into a position where you can lead individuals towards the completing of a worthwhile goal and then be prepared to speak to all the problems and dilemmas you had to work through during that time.
Humberto: Thanks again for joining us today! We hope that we answered all of your questions. Feel free to connect with us again at an event here at the Gleacher Center. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Gretchen: If you have an interest in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Change, please join us for our April 1st Open House, with Professor Darragh. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx.
Gretchen: **If an MBA in your future, create a timeline for yourself and apply!**
Katie: I invite all of you to join us at the April 1st Open House at 6:30pm. This is a special event as Professor Linda Darragh will be joining us for a presentation on social entrepreneurship. You can sign up here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx
George: Thank you so much for the great questions and your interest in Booth. We have finished all the Jimmy Johns and the delivery man ran screaming from the room so I guess it is time to set you all free as well. If you have any questions that did not get answered please call us or write. Also feel free to come by Gleacher and visit us in person! You all rock!
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Moderator: Thanks again for joining us!