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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Considering a Booth MBA? Join us for a Live Chat with the Admissions Team from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: We will begin the chat promptly in 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and submit them now!
George: Hello all. Can't wait for a jammin' session. We are here to answer all your questions about Chicago Booth; the program, the students or admissions. We will start answering questions at 12:00CST.
Humberto: Welcome to our live chat! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I'm here to answer all of your questions about the Booth MBA Programs!
Ellie: Hello everyone, welcome to the chat! My name is Ellie McDonald and I am Associate Director of Admissions and a current Evening MBA student at Chicago Booth. We look forward to answering your questions.
Gretchen: We are thrilled you are interested in Chicago Booth. I look forward to the conversation.
TK: Hello. If a gmat is take twice do you average the score or take the highest score
Ellie: Hi TK, we only take the highest score when evaluating the GMAT.
Hira: 1. How long is the Evening program? 2. Is an MBA in Economics or Finance offered? 3. Can I get some credits transferred from my current MBA program? 4. If a blood relative is employed at U of C, can I get a tuition concession?
George: 1. You have up to five years to complete the program. Most individuals complete it in three years.
George: 2. Yes, you can concentrate in Economics and/or Finance.
George: 3. OK, that is where the good news ends. No, we do not transfer any credits from other programs. We tell all our students that they can feel good about the fact that all graduates must take 20 classes at Booth to graduate, so they can feel good about the fact that anyone with a Booth degree has had the same level of rigor as they have had.
George: 4. No. The university only reimburses for the individuals themselves.
bc1: Hi, thanks a lot for organizing the chat! Should I expect to receive the decision in 6 weeks after application submission even though I schedule an interview in 5 weeks after the submission?
Humberto: Yes, applicants should expect a decision within 4-6 weeks after submitting their application. However, since the interview is a required component, a decision cannot be reached without one.
TK: Can an application be turned in prior to taking the gmat
Ellie: TK, we recommend that you have your GMAT completed by the time you submit your application.
rj: what is the average time of completion of a weekend MBA?
George: you get five years to complete the degree, however, most students do so in two and a half years.
G-256502254: Hi, I am planning to apply for the weekend program at booth. Is there any place that i can find placement statistics for weekend program
Gretchen: G-256502254, we are happy you are applying to Chicago Booth. I can speak with you about where our graduates go to after graduation. The data is not as readily available as the full time program because our part time students are working full time throughout the program. The Career Service team works with all full time and part time students at Booth. If you have any additional questions, you can reach me at 312 464 8703.
Al: I am currently unemployed, can I still apply for a Weekend/Evening MBA?
Ellie: Al, yes you can still apply, however, the part-time programs are geared to full-time working professionals, therefore, we take this into consideration when making our decision.
Asif: Just to confirm, what is the application deadline for the Weekend 2011 Program? Evening 2011 Program?
Gretchen: Asif, hello. I am glad you joined the chat. The final application deadline for the 2011 Weekend MBA Program is May 13, 2011. The admissions process is rolling, which means you can submit your application any time from today until May 13.
amallav: Hi, I have a question on the resume referral service. How does this work and is there an eligibility criteria to participate?
Ellie: Amallav, can you please elaborate on what you are referring to with the resume referral service?
Angela: Hello! Do many Evening students take part in the Study Abroad program?
George: Everyone who applies gets into a program. However only 10% of the students typically apply. We are looking to expand the number of programs offered to include opportunities to travel during the fall break as well as the summer quarter.
Asif: Is there any difference between the first and second application deadline?
Humberto: Great question! There is no significant difference between the two deadlines. We instituted an Early Decision deadline for the Weekend MBA Program so that applicants could have an earlier deadline to aim for. This will allow Weekend MBA applicants to get a decision earlier and start planning to begin their studies in the Autumn quarter sooner.
G-256330844: Hello! Are prospective students able to visit more than one class to experience the variety of subjects offered?
Ellie: Absolutely, attending 2 or 3 classes is definitely acceptable.
Hira: Is there a minimum GMAT score requirement?
Ellie: Hira, we do not have a minimum GMAT score requirement. However, our admitted student range is typically between upper 500s and 800.
Asif: Is it possible to provide some color on the actual interview? Length, topics?
Gretchen: Asif, the interview is conducted by a member of our Admissions Committee, who is a current student or an alum. The interviewer will have your resume before the interview. The interview is a great time to learn more about Booth, our courses, our community and our career service opportunities. The interview is conducted after you have submitted the application.
Angela: Is the interview for the Evening program similar to the FT program and by invitation only?
Humberto: The interview is a required component of the application to the Evening MBA program, and is not "invite only." Everyone that applies to the Evening MBA program will come in for an interview after submitting their application.
AviK: Can you talk on the difference between the summer and Fall program. I was thinking of Summer application but I might change it to fall due to time issues. Are the two admission timelines separate and are the actual programs different?
Ellie: The Summer and Fall Evening MBA Programs are the same. The only differences are the admissions deadlines and start times.
Randeep: Hi! I am looking for a part-time MBA program that wouldn't interrupt with my full-time job. Sometimes I am required to travel out of the country for 2-3 weeks at a time. If I miss my classes, then I can review the content on internet?
George: our faculty teach the same class in the evening, weekend and full-time. When students miss a class they typically talk to the faculty member about sitting in another section that week. However, if you cannot do this, or one is not available, the only thing you can do is have another student share their notes with you. We do not tape classes. I will be honest, if you are gone three weeks straight, it is going to be hard to make up that work. If this happens just in some quarters, you may want to lay out that quarter (we allow this).
Z: Is it possible to multiple concentrations?
Humberto: Yes, it is possible to achieve multiple concentrations at Booth. In fact, the average Booth student will graduate with three concentrations achieved.
Murari: My supervisor will be out on sabbatical for a month or so. So I'm not sure if she'll have time to complete my recommendation or if she'll be available for contact during the admission process. Is it ok to get letters of recommendation from a team-mate who I've worked with for many years and has also supervised some of my projects?
Gretchen: Murari, hello. If possible, it would ideal to have your supervisor write the letter before she leaves for the sabbatical, or is it possible for her to submit the letter through our on-line application system, while she is out? If this not possible, you will have a space in your application to explain your reasoning for choosing two teammates. It is valuable that your teammate has supervised some of your projects.
G-256505233: I assume the typical progression of the application process is to first submit the application itself, then schedule an interview?
Humberto: Yes, applicants are scheduled for an interview after they submit a completed application for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
Nicole: What is the average GMAT score for evening/weekend MBA students?
George: Evening is 680 and weekend is 720.
George: I think a more important stat is the quartiles.
George: 80% of our applications fall between 620 and 760.
Jatin: I have post graduate diploma in Business management from India (they consider equivalent to MBA) few year back but I have done Masters in US after that and working in IT industry, can I do part time MBA? if I can, does it have positive or negative impact on my admission
Ellie: Jatin, you absolutely qualify to apply to a part-time MBA program here at Chicago Booth. We have many students currently in the program that have an additional MBA from another institution. Any additional education is viewed favorably in our eyes.
gmac: Hello all! I am an out of state applicant. I plan to move to Chicago, if I am selected for this program. If for some reason, my job transfer/switch is delayed, can I defer my admission by a quarter? I read about this in an earlier chat session, but wasn't sure. Thanks!
George: Yes, for you we will allow it :)
George: Really, we allow anyone to defer admissions for a quarter. We require a deferral fee to hold the seat for you. That fee is applied to your tuition when you begin, so you get it back.
HLockhart: What advantages do full-time students have over Evening and Weekend Students in terms of scheduling courses and recruiting?
Ellie: In terms of scheduling, there are no advantages. In terms of recruiting, the only difference is full-time summer internships. Part-time students do not have access to use Career Services to gain a full-time summer internship.
rj: What networking opportunities are available for weekend students, and how do they compare to the evening and full-time networking opportunities?
Humberto: Weekend MBA students are certainly encouraged to participate in extracurricular events and programs at Booth. In fact, a majority of the events and programs available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students at Booth are offered on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. Full-Time MBA students have access to more daytime events, given that their schedules permit them to be on campus and not at work during the day.
Boris: Are you available to critique our essays prior to filing the application? :)
Ellie: Boris, unfortunately we do not provide this service. We see this being a disadvantage for other MBA applicants that are applying to our programs.
Asif: Do all applicants receive an interview?
Gretchen: Asif, yes, all evening and weekend applicants have an interview that is held at the Gleacher Center. This is an important piece of the process where we get to know you more.
Trader4Life: is there a statistic or a employment report for part-timers?
George: We do have data for those part-timers who go through OCR. We do not collect data for the part-time population as a whole as students do it on their own and we only know if they change when they tell us, so it is not dependable enough to release (we don't know what the denominate is)
G-256551559: Once applications are submitted are interviews typically scheduled on the Super Saturday dates? It looks like there are three dates remaining.
Humberto: Once their completed application is submitted, applicants are scheduled for their interview. These can take place on weekday evenings or on Saturdays. We work with applicants to find a mutually convenient date and time for their interview.
G-256168862: Hi, thanks for organizing the chat. In regards to the GMAT, I know a lot of programs consider the GMAT as a good indicator of the students quantitative ability, but do you consider it be “the end all be all”, or do you go beyond the score and consider the applicant from a more holistic point of view?
Ellie: We do not see the GMAT to be "the end all be all". We take a holistic view in reviewing the application. Under the academic piece, we evaluate the GMAT, undergrad transcripts, certificates, certifications, etc.
Randeep: If admitted, can someone get deferral?
Gretchen: Randeep, yes, there is the defer option to for one quarter in the Evening MBA Program and for one full year in the Weekend MBA Program. The deferral fee is applied directly toward your first quarter's tuition bill.
abhi: Good afternoon. Does the Weekend program offers any accommodation assistance to out of state students?
George: We have discounted hotel rates at all of the properties near the building. Most of our students fly in and out the same day. We pick them up from the airport and return them. In between we provide coffee to keep them awake!
AviK: Some universities have application fee waivers based on GMAT scores. Is there something similar at Booth?
Gretchen: AviK, Booth does not have an application fee waiver based on the GMAT score. Thanks for asking however.
matt: I am going to apply for the Evening program. I have been at my current job for only 3 months, and am not sure I feel comfortable asking my current boss for a letter of recommendation (given my short duration in my job). Should I ask my former employer?
Gretchen: matt, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. I hope you are enjoying your new job. We would like a letter of recommendation from your current supervisor, however if this is not possible, there will a space in the application to explain who your two letters of recommendation are from. Asking your former employer is a good idea.
AviK: Continuing on Al's question, then does it matter if I am not working in Chicago. Is location a factor?
Ellie: Location is not a factor. However, if you are applying to the Evening MBA Program you want to mention somewhere in your application how you are going to attend classes in Chicago M-F. If you are applying to the Weekend Program, we assume you will be able to travel to Chicago for classes on Saturday.
ChitownConsultant: Does the committee begin reading the essays once the interview feedback has been submitted? Or do the essays get read before the interview is conducted?
Gretchen: ChitownConsultant, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. Your application is reviewed by members of the Admissions Committee who will not be conducting your interview. Your interview will be conducted by an Admissions Committee member who will only see your resume beforehand. The Deans then review all of the evaluations in making the decisions.
Tim: I am a software engineer and my current role is purely technical. Is there scope to make a career switch post-MBA? Does Chicago Booth help in this transition? I plan to apply to the Weekend MBA program.
George: Yes, many of our students make a career change. There are formal ways to do so, such as on campus recruiting, and informal ways to do so, such as networking with students and alumni. The best jobs are secured through the informal channels, as the OCR has jobs for newly minted MBA's and part-time students typically have more experience and can get higher level jobs. If you are making a really big jump, you may find that a full-time program gives you more options.
G-256350224: I understand that students are able to major in a particular area interest. Is a students major noted on the MBA degree received?
Humberto: Booth students can achieve concentrations by taking courses in specific academic areas. Yes, the concentrations that a student achieves will be posted on their official University of Chicago transcript.
Murari: What is the process for visiting classes to experience the various subjects? Can anyone sit in?
Humberto: Good question, Murari. Prospective students are encouraged to visit a class or two during their application process. You can find more information on visiting a Booth class under the "Visit a Class" link on the Chicago Booth website.
Z: I travel for my work for few weeks at a time. Is there a way to make up the missing classes?
Ellie: Z, if you are traveling for an entire week, there is no alternative to make up classes. If you are traveling for a couple of days in a row, typically the professor will be teaching another section that you could potentially sit in on to make up the class you missed.
rj: What are the advantages of Booth's weekend format vs. a cohort-based weekend format some other schools employ?
Gretchen: rj, great question. Flexibility! As a weekend student you choose 1) what 20 courses you want to take 2) when you would like to take them (evening, daytime or Saturdays) and 3) the number of quarters you take per quarter. This allows you to obtain the results of the MBA that you are wanting. In the Weekend MBA Program, you are still put into a cohort during Orientation and have opportunities to create a smaller community while you are here. If you would like to talk more, you can reach me at 312 464 8703.
Asif: Can the letters of recommendation be submitted in sealed, signed envelopes?
Humberto: Yes, "hard copy" letters of recommendation can be submitted in sealed envelopes to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office. Also, applicants are required to list their recommenders in their application, at which time the recommender will receive an E-mail with instructions on how to submit their recommendation electronically, if they prefer that method.
Trader4Life: can you describe briefly where do graduates of the part-time program go, if they take advantage of the on-campus recruiting
George: No...really, they go so many places and in so many jobs. We post jobs in HR, sales, marketing, finance; both corporate and other. However, if you want the largest segment it would be; sales and trading, banking, finance and consulting.
stella: What was the recent acceptance rate on weekend programs?
George: Stella, I don't have that number here. However, it is very competitive. We recruit from all over country. 86% of the students come from outside IL.
Hira: What is the process for applying for graduate assistance?
Ellie: Once you are admitted, you can begin to work with the Financial Aid Office to learn what options are available based on your personal situation.
abhi: Is the MBA degree you receive upon completion of the Weekend program considered same as the FT program?
George: abhi, yes! Chicago Booth has four MBA Programs and all four programs award the same degree. This is possible because the Chicago Booth faculty teach in all of the programs at Chicago Booth. This is a big advantage of Booth. The specific program is not written on your degree.
G-256502254: I already have an MBA, but want to go for booth because of further career advance ment, and a concentration which was not avalible in my previous school. Do you think that the fact I have a second MBA is a negative for my application
Ellie: Any additional education is viewed favorably for you.
Richa: Hi, What if I work in a different state right now. Can I still apply for a Part time or weekend program.
George: 86% of our weekend students come from outside Illinois. We encourage you to apply to whichever program works best for your schedule.
Trader4Life: how do part-timers find jobs, aside from utilizing the on-campus recruiting events
Gretchen: Trader4Life, beyond the 150+ career service related events per year, our students find jobs via the on-line resume database, the 30+ Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student groups and through one's network. To view more about our student groups, please view: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx
Z: What are the most important attributes for a candidate? I understand good GMAT score and GPA is required but beyond that what is a must have?
Humberto: Good question! We evaluate applications in a holistic manner, including GMAT score, GPA, letters of recommendation, essays, interview feedback, and other points. There is not one aspect of an application that is more important than the others, and we encourage applicants to submit their best application on all of these dimensions.
Jatin: If my company is paying 7000 per year, does it affect the way I can participate in career services, specifically in area of changing field
George: If you get tuition reimbursement from your company, they have to approve you going through on campus recruiting. Some of our students actually don't take the reimbursement if it is small enough so they don't have to ask for permission. However, that is totally up to you. If you choose to take the reimbursement, we will help you learn how to ask your company to go through OCR in a way that works best.
AviK: Booth has a great reputation in the Finance industry. I know Booth has Polsky center. How is the Entrepreneurship track rated locally and nationally for Part time MBA class(Evening/Weekend) ?
George: Avik, Booth is considered one of the best schools for entrepreneurship. We are ranked #2 behind Babson. The classes in entrepreneurship are amazing. In many of them you are working directly with companies on real life problems and in others you are actually launching a company and you present it to actual VC. We have launched many companies from Booth such as Bump, Grub Hub and Bobtail just to name a few.
Asif: How much emphasis is placed on the GMAT score? Is there a certain weight applied to it?
George: No. We weigh all aspects equally. One area we do look at is academic preparedness. GMAT is one way to show that, others are your undergraduate GPA or any advanced degrees or certificates you may have.
bc1: Do you see the number of applicant goes up this year relative to previous year? How many students are you expecting to admit for the weekend program?
Humberto: The application process for the Weekend MBA program is consistently competitive year after year. We expect to bring in a class of approximately 100 students to the Weekend MBA program for the Autumn 2011 quarter.
Maven: Hi There. Booth's curriculum is know for it's flexibility. Can you elaborate on this? Also are the Evening and Weekend classes video taped, so that folks when cannot make it due to bad weather can sill get the course content?
Ellie: Maven, our curriculum is considered flexible because there is a lot of discretion for the student to pick and choose the classes they see best fit for them. We also have 14 concentrations students can pick from.
Ellie: We do not video tape classes. Luckily, being in downtown Chicago there are multiple public transportation options to get to the Gleacher Center.
Trader4Life: Thanks, George. Can you share some stats for those part-timers who have gone through OCR?
George: I don't have it with me, but it is available on the career services website. If you cant find it, write us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and I will send you a link.
Kristina: How many Chicago Business Fellowships are awarded and what is the typical award amount?
Ellie: Kristina, we do not have a certain number of seats we fill every year for the CBF Program. We admit based on the strength of the applicant pool. The CBF Program is not a fellowship or scholarship program. We do not award any monetary value to the students who are admitted.
G-256330844: How many students are typically accepted during the Summer quarter versus the Fall quarter? Is there an advantage to applying to one term over the other?
Humberto: The application process for the Evening MBA program is competitive every quarter of the year. We typically bring in classes of around 80 students for the Summer quarter and around 175 students for the Autumn quarter annually.
HLockhart: How does the accepted pool of the weekend/evening program compare to that of the full-time program in terms of GMAT, GPA, and Work Experience?
Gretchen: HLockhart, I can share with you the averages for the programs. However there is range for both programs. Weekend/Evening accepted students on average have a GMAT score of 680 (range being 550+ - 800) and Full Time students have an average of 714. EW students have an average of 3.2 - 3.3 GPA, which is similar to FT. Both programs have an average of 5 years of work experience. If you are deciding between the two programs, feel free to contact me to discuss your options: 312 464 8703.
Asif: Can the transcripts from undergrad be sent straight to Chicago Booth, or do they have to accompany the rest of the application?
Ellie: Asif, you can have your transcripts sent directly to Chicago Booth. You can even send these before you submit your application.
Trader4Life: is it possible for an applicant to apply full-time first, and then if denied, to apply part-time program?
George: Yes. You would fill out a re-application with the part-time program. You would be required to provide us with one more letter of reference. We will use your others.
amallav: Can weekend students take more than 2 courses in a quarter?
Humberto: Yes, Weekend MBA students are permitted to enroll in more than two courses per quarter. However, there are only two course sessions on Saturday (9am-12pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm). Therefore, some Weekend MBA students have been able to take a third course on Friday evenings (6pm-9pm) or on other days in the Evening MBA or Full-Time MBA program.
Hira: What sets stellar candidates apart from regular ones?
Ellie: Stellar candidates are extremely strong in every category (academics, work experience, and community involvement).
Murari: For the weekend program, are classes offered only on Saturdays, or do have the option of attending classes on Friday evenings too?
Humberto: Weekend MBA students are eligible to enroll in courses in both the Evening MBA and Full-Time MBA programs, in addition to Saturday courses in the Weekend MBA program.
stella: Do you know how many years of working experience that students in the weekend/evening MBA programs have in average?
George: Yes, they have, on average 7 years of experience. We have students with less than three (our Chicago Business Fellows) and we have students who are on their second careers with over 20 years.
Tim: What is the total cost of the Weekend MBA program assuming I complete it in 2.5 years ?
Humberto: Tuition is charged per course at Chicago Booth, and the current tuition rate is approximately $5000/course. Students are required to take 20 courses to graduate. This does not include costs associated with books, materials, and transportation.
Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. We will try to answer as many remaining questions as possible.
G-256168862: Hi, I have some additional questions. 1. Are the interviews conducted only in Chicago, or does I have the option of choosing to interview locally? 2. I’m currently a contract employee and the opportunity to convert over to a more permanent position might be in jeopardy if my employer finds out I’m applying. Is it possible to solicit recommendations outside of my current employer?
Gretchen: G-256168862, the interview is typically conducted in Chicago at the Gleacher Center. If this is not an option for you, you can let us know. Re: letters of recommendation, we ideally would like one from your current supervisor; however, if this is not possible, you will have space in your application to explain why you chose two recommenders outside of your employer. As a contract employee you could have a client submit a letter.
Trader4Life: do to investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, and top consulting firms, such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, all recruit part-timers via OCR or other methods?
George: Yes to all the consulting firms you listed. The investment banks typically hire from their internship pool. To get an internship it is better to be in the full-time program. It can be done through the part-time process, but requires much, MUCH more work on your part. If you are considering investment banking, I highly recommend you strongly consider the full-time program. They hire many more full-time students than part.
G-256502254: I have done my undergrad from India. I have the original transcript here. Can I get it notarized it here and send it along with the application, or will i have to get it from India
George: Our office can notarize your official mark sheets and degree certificate. You are fine.
Lina: Hi, thanks for organizing this chat, lots of great information! Can I change the enrollment application for the evening program from Summer to Fall if I have one started already? This is due to GMAT scheduling.
Ellie: Lina, the essay questions for Summer and Fall are different. However, we can transfer over other information if need be. Please email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can help you with your request.
Randeep: So I have two Masters in Engineering. Is that good or bad for applying to part-time MBA at Booth?
Gretchen: Randeep, having two masters is great. The courses taken will show your academic aptitude. Close to 30% of our applicants have a master’s degree.
Hira: How many recommendations are required and by whom?
Humberto: We require two letters of recommendation for the application to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. We encourage these recommendations to come from an applications current supervisor and another individual that can speak to their academic, professional, and personal attributes.
abhi: I know it was mentioned that you take a holistic look at each applicant, but what are some of the key attributes you look for in an application?
Ellie: The three categories we evaluate are previous academic success, professional work experience, and community involvement.
Kristina: How strict is the undergrad GPA requirement if you are a new grad working full time?
Ellie: Kristina, there is no minimum undergrad GPA requirement.
Angela: Does Booth offer a shuttle bus from Union Station to the downtown campus for those traveling to class via Metra?
Humberto: Unfortunately, Booth does not currently offer any shuttle services from the downtown Chicago Metra stations to the Gleacher Center. However, getting to Gleacher is relatively easy from other areas of Chicago via public transportation.
PDX: Is there a limit to how many courses an evening student can take in a term?
George: technically no, but if you are going to take more than 5 classes per quarter, you will be required to come in an speak with me so I can do a sanity check with you.
Randeep: So I have two Masters in engineering. Does that make my application any stronger than someone's who only has an undergraduate degree?
George: Most certainly. It shows you can handle a rigorous program and manage your time well.
Malik: I am on h4 visa. Since I do not have a work permit, I am working as a non-paid volunteer full time. Can that be counted as employment or simply as volunteer work?
Gretchen: Malik, having a h4 visa does not preclude you from applying. If the number of your hours from volunteering are consistent, full time or close to full time, this is what we could be looking for in a part time applicant. We look forward to hearing more from you about your volunteering.
AviK: I noticed in one of the answers that the Weekend MBA seems to be more competitive than the Evening just purely based on Avg GMAT score. Can you comment if this is true and if yes how. I am leaning more towards Weekend as I am out of IL.
Ellie: Avik, the Weekend MBA Program only admits once a year, therefore, the GMAT has traditionally been slightly higher for the Weekend MBA Program than the Evening MBA Program. The range for both MBA Programs is the same. The range is upper 500s - 800.
th: Historically is there a large discrepancy between the Weekend and Evening MBA acceptance rate?
Humberto: The application process for both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are equally competitive. Unfortunately, we do not publish the acceptance rates for these programs.
Richa: Does admission committee provide any kind of help finding a job in Chicago area if I don't get a transfer in my current company?
Gretchen: Richa, yes, Chicago Booth has a fabulous Career Service Team who hosts 150+ career related events per year. There is also an on-line data resume data base. You will also create your own network at Booth which will be helpful in your job search.
Rajesh: Regarding the GMAT - let's say a candidate has GPA of 3.8 or above in undergrad and a Graduate Degree from a TOP US university with GPA of 3.8 or above, but the GMAT is in upper 400s - can there be any chance for this candidate to get in?
George: Have you taken it more than once, if not, you should take it again; we take the highest score. On average individuals increase their score 40 points the second time. Beyond that you should consider taking Booth classes through the Graham School of continuing education. It will show your ability to compete in the classroom. All of these things will help you have a stronger application, coupled with your other comments above.
Tim: Is there a preferred template for the resume ?
Ellie: Tim, there is no preferred template for the resume.
Moderator: The chat has now ended. You can remain in the chat room as we post the last few answers, or you can review the transcripts at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/
Moderator: Transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Moderator: Thanks again for joining us!
Gretchen: As we are entering into the month of March, please look at your calendars and find a day to visit us at Chicago Booth! We have an Open House on Friday, March 4th, 6:30-8:30pm, at the Gleacher Center. Sign up today: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx
G-256502254: I understand that you look at the application after the final submition. Is it possible that I can have a discussion about my profile with one of the members in the admissions committee.
George: We would love to do that. Call us at 312-464-8700 to set up an appointment.
Ellie: Thanks everyone for your great questions. It was a pleasure answering them. We hope to see your applications in the future.
George: Wow, you guys were awesome. We think you guys were the most prolific group of question askers we have ever had. You kept us on our toes the whole hour. Thank you so much for your participation and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Humberto: Thanks for joining us today! We look forward to seeing you at an Open House or Class Visit and speaking with you about Booth again!
Moderator: Thanks again for joining us!