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Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 and 2011 year? Do you want to learn more about Chicago Booth? We invite you to hear first hand from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Associate Dean as well as the Admissions Directors at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday August 24, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

Gretchen: Welcome to the chat today! As we approach the fall season, this is a great time to plan your steps to apply for a MBA. We are thrilled you are considering Chicago Booth. Ask all of your questions!

Moderator: Welcome! The chat has now begun. Our admissions team is standing by to answer your questions. Please submit your questions by clicking the "Ask" button below.

Ellie: Hi everyone, welcome to the chat! My name is Ellie McDonald. I am Associate Director of Admissions and a current Evening MBA student at Chicago Booth. I look forward to speaking with all of you.

Humberto: Welcome to our live chat! My name is Humberto Freda and I am Assistant Director of Faculty Services in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I look forward to answering your questions about Chicago Booth!

George: Looking forward to your questions. Glad to be here and glad you are here!

Luis: Good Afternoon. What percentage of your graduates get employed within 3 months and in which industry area?

Gretchen: Luis,

Gretchen: Great question. These statistics are available for our full time students as full time students are seeking jobs post graduation. As our part time students are working full time, our students's post graduation plans can be very different. You will have ample amount of Career Service resources for you to seek out!

Rob: is it too late to apply for fall 2010 weekend MBA?

Gretchen: Hello Rob,

Gretchen: Our 2010 Weekend begins this weekend with Orienation; however you can now apply for the 2011 Weekend MBA Program. Let us know where you are living and we can share more about our Weekend MBA Program.

Rob: Do you help weekend MBA candidates with career services?

Ellie: Rob, we absolutely help Weekend MBA students with Career Services. Career Services presents many different seminars that are open for all Chicago Booth students. The majority of these offerings are on Saturdays so Weekend MBA students can participate. This seminars include resume building, how to build your story, negotiation tactics, etc.

Charlie: I am interested in attending this year are there positions still available?

Ellie: Charlie, if you are interested in the Evening MBA Program, we admit four times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). If you are interested in the Weekend MBA Program, we only admit once a year (Fall Quarter). To view our application due dates, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/index.aspx.

Charlie: I have some classes but would like to know about life experience credits for business experience to qualify for the MBA program

George: Whether you are speaking about work experience or if you are talking about life experiences we take these heavily into account. Because it is a pat-time program and the average student has 6 years of work experience and is 28 years old, we expect that you are going to have some interesting and diverse experiences. What is important is not that you have had an interesting background, but rather that you are able to communicate it to us. To the extent you do, it will count heavily in your favor.

Balal: Hi, Can you please explain how I can arrange a class audit? I am applying for the Winte 2011 semester

Humberto: Thanks for your post, Balal. As a prospective student, you are able to visit a class in the Evening MBA Program at Chicago Booth to get a feel for the classroom environment. Our class visit program will resume after the summer break on Thursday, September 30th. Click on the "Visit a Class" link on the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs website to get started. Classes for the Autumn 2010 quarter should be posted in the next few weeks.

Charlie: I am a veteran. Do you accept the VEAP Veterans Educational Assistance Program through Illinois?

George: Charlie, you win the prize for the day, I am stumped. I have not heard of this program, but will do so once this is over. I will have to get back to you on this. Will you please give me a day or two and then contact our office at 312-464-8700. I will find out about the program and contact the university about its acceptance.

Jenny: Hi, do I need to submit multiple transcripts if I transferred school during my undergrad and one of the school transcript includes all credits and grades transferred from the other school?

Ellie: Jenny, you should submit all transcripts at the time you submit your application. These transcripts, however, do not need to be official at the time you apply. Once admitted, you will need to submit official transcripts from every institution you attended in undergrad.

KGMadison: Hello all. I am only just beginning to look at the Weekend program (had been considering Full time), and am curious about a few items: why does it seem the average age of the weekend/evening program is higher than the full-time? What are the main omissions from the full time program that come with only taking the degree part time? (other than campus/college experience from undergrad)

Gretchen: KGMadison,

Gretchen: We are thrilled you are interested in the Weekend MBA Program. The students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs have been working on average of 5-6 years and therefore are a bit older than Full Time students. The Part Time MBA and Full Time MBA Programs are more similar than different. The faculty, the curriculum and the degree are the exact same. It is a different experience overall to be working full time and going to school part time. There are great beneifts here!

KGMadison: What opportunities does a student of the part time program have to feel like part of the "Chicago" experience?

Humberto: Students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs have access to over 30 registered student groups, ranging from purely social groups to groups with a specific professional interest. Our programs office also offers a number of social and networking events throughout the year, including an annual Family Picnic and our Deans' Awards Celebration.

Prashant: Hello to both of you. As I currently live on the east coast, I believe the only viable option at this time is the weekend mba. Do you only allow once a year admission to your weekend program?

Gretchen: Prashant,

Gretchen: The application is available for the 2011 Weekend MBA Program which starts in the fall. You can apply at this time. Depending on where you live in the East Coast, we hope you can visit us at one of our US Receptions: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/receptions.aspx

G-438055059: Good afternoon. Do you have statistics regarding what percentage of part time students change career/industries

George: We are in the process of collecting that data. In the not so distant past this was not a question we ever received, but now we get it frequently, so we started collecting the data with last year’s fall class. Unfortunately we won’t know the results until they start graduating. I can tell you that 60% of graduating students report that they received a promotion or got a new job while in the program. I just don’t know yet if it was to a new industry.

Rob: Hello Gretchen, I'm in Rochester, Minnesota

Gretchen: Rob,Great. We will be in Minneapolis on November 17th for a Chicago Booth Reception. If the drive is not too far, we hope you can join us: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/receptions.aspx

Jon: Once you start the admissions process can you change your entry date into the program.

Ellie: Jon, if you apply to the Evening MBA Program, you can defer up to one quarter. If you apply to the Weekend MBA Program, you can defer up to one year. Each deferral requires a $1000 deposit that will be applied to your first quarter's tuition.

Prashant: Follow up to Luis' question. For part time mba students, do they have the option to avail of career services, and those that have availed of these services, how many (%age, #) have been successful in finding jobs?

Gretchen: Prashant, yes, there is an entire Career Services team dedicated and reserved for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. With an office at the Gleacher Center, with evening and weekend hours, our part time students are continuously working with Career Services on resume reviews, industry immersion events and on campus recruiting if you choose. The number of job seekers depends on how many part time students are seeking a new job.

SK: Are candidates allowed only two recommendations for application? I may have misheard, but I thought there are instances in which you could have a 3rd recommendation from a former Booth grad?

Gretchen: Hello SK, you can have three letters of recommendation. If you do know a Booth alum, feel free to have him/her write on your behalf. We value the input of our 43,000+ alumni around the world.

Rob: how much does it cost to complete the weekend MBA - including tuition, books, transportation etc

Humberto: Thanks for your post, Rob. Currently, tuition is set at $5,045 per course, with a required 20 courses for graduation. There are also one-time-only fees for Effective Leadership, Student Activity, and Lifetime Transcripts, currently totaling $1,545. The cost of books and tuition will vary depending on the classes you take and the type of travel required for participation in the Weekend MBA Program (flying, driving, etc.).

mp: for part time evening students, is it possible to schedule classes for only mon - thurs

Humberto: Classes in the Evening MBA Program meet once per week from 6PM-9PM. Students have the option to choose on which evenings they take classes. Many of our students travel for work or have other obligations that limit when they can take classes.

Jon: Also, can the evening program be joined midyear, begining of spring term

Ellie: Yes, the Spring Quarter's application is due January 14, 2011, with a start date of March 28, 2011. The Summer Quarter's application is due April 8, 2011, with a start date of June 20, 2011.

G-438045731: Of all the parts of an application, essay, GMAT, interview, undgraduate transcript, letters of recommendations, etc, which is most important in making an admissions decision?

George: Which do you value more in a spouse--attraction, humor, honesty…? It is trite to say, but we look at each with equal importance. Not everyone posses all qualities, but we look for the best balance we can achieve. If you are in the bottom quartile on one aspect, you need to be in the top quartile in another to balance it out. In the end, we look at every aspect of the candidate and weigh their strengths and weaknesses.

G-438055059: Can you describe what career services are available to FT students but not PT students

Ellie: The only service that is available to Full-Time students, that is not offered to Part-Time students, is the summer internship. Career Services will help facilitate a relationship with companies to help FT students land a summer internship, but because of the conflict of interest involved with PT students (full-time working professionals), Career Services does not want to burn any bridges with companies and therefore does not offer this service to PT students.

KGMadison: What are the main differences (additions/omissions) between the full & part time programs? It seems that there must be something missing in the same time frame.

George: There are no differences in the “in-classroom” experience. The same faculty teach the same classes and material at the same pace. In fact, part-time and full-time students sit in the same sections. The differences lie in external programming. Full-Time students spend all their time outside of class preparing for internships and interviewing for full-time jobs, while part-time students may do this AND maintain a job! Also, we do not provide internship interviews for part-time students as it is expected that you are working and are unable to take 3 months off. For students with Visa issues, part-time students are ineligible for student visa’s, thus they must maintain their H1B visa’s. Lastly, part-time programs do not provide healthcare for students, as most students have this through their employers.

SamCopeland: Does the Booth school have a recommendation on level of professional experience beyond the number of years? Also, are there particular areas of business it is suggested that one be more familiar with to increase chances of admittance?

Gretchen: SamCopeland, in the essay responses and the interview you can share more about what duties, responsibilities and tasks that you have done professionally. Booth is not seeking any one particular background and experience. Booth values the diversity of industries!

G-82797370: Hello - thank you for the live chat session. Any words of wisdom when filling out the application on how to stand out? Also, if we're only applying to Chicago Booth and not applying to other top 5 programs, is the application looked at any differently?

Ellie: My advice is to be honest and be yourself. Write what you mean, not what you think Admissions Directors want to see. The application is not viewed any differently whether you are applying to only Booth or you are applying to five other schools succinctly.

Prashant: which of the two programs is more competitive in terms of gaining an admit?

George: Full-time is more competitive. Within the evening and weekend they are the same.

prakashp: does a preference is given to applicant submitting much before deadline vs someone submitting on the last day..

George: No. You get the same treatment and consideration no matter when you apply.

Balal: What financial aid (non-loan) options are available for the part-time MBA program? If I get sponsored by my employer does that automatically rule me out of fin aid?

Humberto: Unfortunately, there are not any non-loan based options for financial aid for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. Different loan options and rules apply for U.S. students versus international students. Being sponsored by your employer does not preclude you from obtaining loan-based aid.

mp: do you recommend taking a class to study for gmat

Humberto: Many of our applicants and students say that taking prep classes and/or practice exams can be helpful when preparing for the GMAT. I would encourage you to visit mba.com to see what kinds of study aids are available.

spencer: whats the purpose of the Chicago Business fellows program

Ellie: The CBF Program is designed for young professionals with 0-3 years of work experience who want to pursue their MBA earlier in their career. The program offers a professional development seminar in the first quarter of the program. The seminar meets every Friday night from 6-9pm during the Fall Quarter. It's designed to give you the skills that you would have picked up with a few more years of work experience.

Charlie: I have 12+ years as a entrepeneur and business owner in Chicago. Currently I am developing my newest venture which is in process of final development. As a base line could I qualify for the your MBA program?

George: Yes, we have many entrepreneurs in the program. In fact, entrepreneurship is one of the top concentrations for students. With your background you would be eligible for the E/W program or the Executive MBA (XP) program as well. If you want to take advantage of all the entrepreneurial programming here, the E/W program would be better for you. The XP program is lock-step and you cannot choose your programming.

Luis: I would like to have more information about lodging. Is it included in the tution, and where do students who travel stay during the Weekend MBA?

Humberto: Good question, Luis. Lodging is not included in tuition for Weekend MBA students. Depending on how long it takes a student to travel to Chicago, some students will stay overnight, while others will travel in-and-out on Saturday. Students will stay in a number of different hotels in Chicago, depending on their individual preferences.

G-438067458: I am taking the thrid level of the CFA exam next June. Do you see any benefit holding off applying to business schools until I get my charter, or should I start my application process now?

Gretchen: G-438067458, Good luck on the CFA exam in June. I would suggest applying at this time for business school as you have already passed two levels of the test.

Tom: If I am receiving employer assistance in paying for my MBA, can I attend seminars offered by Career Services?

Ellie: Tom, you can attend all seminars offered by Career Services with the exception of On-Campus Recruiting. You are able to participate in On-Campus recruiting, however, you will need to get an ok from your employer to go through the formal process if you have received any tuition assistance through the program.

Prashant: what percentage of your students have greater than 12 years of experience? what are you looking for in candidates in terms of experience for someone with so many years of experience.

Gretchen: Prashant, there is not a large % of students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs who have 12+ years of work experience; however for those who are seeking the flexibility of the curriculum and the schedule, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs is great. The other option is the Executive MBA (XP) Program for applicants who have 10-15 years of work experience. XP is more is a cohort program.

Aviel: Is it possible to take the EMBA or WMBA if I'm based in another part of the US (NYC, SFO,...)?

Humberto: Over 60% of the Weekend MBA students at Chicago Booth travel from outside of Chicago for classes on Saturday. Depending on work and travel schedules, participating in the Evening MBA Program from outside of Chicago would likely be difficult. However, many of our Weekend MBA students fly in from cities on either coast, including New York and San Francisco, among others.

DubockO: I'm peruvian, please I need to know all information about Chicago's MBA

Ellie: DubockO, the best thing to do is to look at our website. There is so much to be considered, it would be impossible for me to do it justice in the next 20 minutes.

Ellie: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/mbaprograms.aspx

SamCopeland: Do you all publish the mean and median GMAT scores / undergrad GPAs for accepted students? If so, where would I find those?

Ellie: We do not publish these stats but I can tell you the averages. For the Evening MBA Program, the average GMAT is around a 680 and for the Weekend MBA Program it is around a 700. The average GPAs for both programs is around a 3.4.

k: approximately how many applications are received for the part time evening mba program?

Gretchen: k, the number of applicants vary per quarter and year. The Evening MBA Program brings in over 400 students a year.

Melanie: How heavily weighted are the following: GMAT score, math classes applicants have taken, and number of years in the work force?

Gretchen: Melanie, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. There are three main areas of the application, including 1. The academic piece (the gmat score, undergraduate transcripts and grades), 2. Work experience (quality and quantity as well as career aspirations) and 3. Extracurricular parts about you. All parts are weighted equally. I would also say that the GMAT score and work experience are two important factors!

Aviel: Are there any loans/financial support for international students joining the EMBA or WMBA?

George: Yes, all international students can get loans through the financial aid office. We have no scholarships offered in the part-time programs.

Dan: Gretcen, having said the average age of those engaging in the Part Time MBA program is higher, is it unlikely for someone who is a recent graduate and has minimal work experiece (i.e. less than 2 years) to get accepted?

Gretchen: Dan, there is a subset of the Evening MBA Programs called The Chicago Business Fellows for applicants who have 0-3 years of work experience. CBF earn a Chicago Booth MBA and the only differences are: CBF students are required to maintain employment while taking classes and CBF students complete a professional development seminar in the first quarter. CBF is a great option for younger applicants! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/CBF.aspx

G-438062282: Is there a location online that provides a typical class calendar year?

Humberto: You can access the Chicago Booth academic calendar at the following web address: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/calendar/. There is quite a bit of information on this calendar, but you can use it to identify the start and end of each academic quarter.

Kameron: what is the average GMAT score required?

Gretchen: Kameron, Thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. There is not a required GMAT score or a minimum score. The range of scores Chicago Booth sees is from upper 500 to 800. The average GMAT hovers around a 680. Many of our applicants take the test more than one time as the highest total score is always considered.

G-438015331: Do you have figures in relation to the net financial gain students report, and if this overall value is higher than the cost of attendence?

George: GMAC reports that the average time reported for students breaking even is 2 and ½ years. More specific to our students, 60% say they were promoted or got a new job due to the program.

03SSGT: Is there a link to the student demographics, acceptance rate, etc?

Ellie: Below is the link for student demographics.

Ellie: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/index.aspx

Ellie: We, unfortunately, do not publish acceptance rates because they vary every quarter.

G-438015331: Is it common for students in the evening MBA program to take classes in other parts of the University of Chicago system, i.e. the Law School?

Humberto: Yes, Evening MBA students do have the option to take classes in other programs and departments at the University of Chicago, given they meet certain registration criteria. Given that many of these classes take place during the day, it can be a bit more challenging for full-time working professionals to take advantage of campus offerings.

KGMadison: Is there a disadvantage to applying to the weekend MBA program with only 2.5 years (at the time of application, 3.5 at matriculation) of experience vs the average 5-6? If there is significant learning/real world experience in a short time-frame, does that help?

Ellie: We take a holistic view when reviewing your application (academic background, work experience, and other experiences) so as long as your limited work experience is strong, your academic background is strong, and your life experiences are interesting, you will not be at any disadvantage in applying with only 2.5 years of work experience.

SamCopeland: Hello, I have heard that there are two main types of B-schools, those like Harvard that do much group and case study work and those like Wharton that are more classroom and lecture based. I'm wondering if those are truly the only two kinds and what type of learning environment the evening or weekend program at Booth employs.

George: Most schools use cases, the difference is in how they are used. Harvard uses the case to teach the class, the case is the class. Wharton and Booth use cases, we use the cases as a way for you to learn the material, to practice the concepts. The case is not the entire class; rather it is used to reinforce what you have learned.

prakashp: i have 11 years of experience.., is it too late for evening part-time MBA

Ellie: Absolutely not! We have many individuals in our program that have 10+ years of work experience. Our flexible curriculum is very appealing to our more experienced professionals. Having the ability to pick and choose what classes work best for you and your career aspirations works in everyone's favor.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 15 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

Oz: is there an MBA (non-degree program) that will let you take courses. I wanted to be enrolled and once i have completed my GMAT i can move to a degree program

Humberto: You can apply to take Chicago Booth classes through the Graham School at the University of Chicago. If you are admitted to an MBA degree program, you are allowed to transfer up to 3 of these classes into the program. You can find more information about the Graham School at their website: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/.

Balal: Following up on SK's question. Is there a disadvantage to having just 2 resumes?

Gretchen: Balal, having two letters of recommendation is just fine.

CM: Hello, if I join a weekend program and for some reason quit my job, can I transfer to full time at that time?

Ellie: No, you can speed up your classes in the part-time program and thus become a full-time student. You can even take classes during the day on campus, but you cannot actually join the full-time program.

Errol: If I previously was admitted and began an MBA and completed all coursework with good grades, do I still need to retake the GMAT to compete my studies at your institution?

Ellie: Errol, the GMAT is required for all applicants applying to either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program.

Arvind: Hi there, thank you for taking this question. Iam planning to apply for the winter 2011 admissions, and I know the deadline is Oct 1. My question is a two part question: a.My GMAT is on Sept 11,2010...will that be cutting it too close for the official scores to reach you and Question b. Can i schedule an interview right away or do i need to submit the essays before requesting an interview with the adcom?

Gretchen: Arvind, we will look for your application in the coming month. With the 2011 Winter Quarter deadline being Friday, October 8th, taking the GMAT test on Sept. 11 is just fine. Only the unofficial score is needed and therefore you can self report the score on the application. Once you submit the application, we will call you to schedule your interview at The Gleacher Center. The interview can be before or post the deadline. Equal consideration is given to all applicants.

Prashant_1: What is the average gmat for weekend vs weekday vs FT program.. is the difference based on the demand associated with these programs?

Gretchen: Prashant_1, the average GMAT for the Evening MBA Program hovers around a 680 and 700 for the Weekend MBA Program. As we bring in more students for the Evening MBA Program throughout the year the GMAT average is not as high as the Weekend Program.

niki: hi m from india i just want to know requirement of evevenin mba programm?

George: Niki, let me link you to the website. It will be the best way to learn.

George: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/mbaprograms.aspx

b: Hello. How many people do dual degree programs with the Full-time MBA

Humberto: Dual degree programs at the University of Chicago can be an appealing option for students in the Full-Time MBA Program. Unfortunately, we do not have any statistics on the numbers of students that pursue these options. I would encourage you to reach out to the Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA Programs Admissions Office at admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu to get more specific information on dual degree programs.

Bayo: Hello Ellie/Gretchen, I am currently considering apply for the evening MBA program starting winter 2011, but my GMAT score last week was in my opinion not good enough, does Booth allow for GMAT scores to be submitted after the application deadline

Ellie: Bayo, please notify someone on the Admissions team and explain your situation. If you can re-take it within a week of the deadline, it shouldn't be a problem. If you cannot get in during that time frame, I would advise waiting to submit and apply for the subsequent program.

Tony: How does Booth view prospective students that have already earned an MBA from a smaller institution but would like to attend Booth?

George: We allow it. What we would want to know is why you are choosing to get another. If you answer this then we would look at your MBA as proof that you are able to complete a program.

mp: are gre's scores accepted instead of gmat

Ellie: Unfortunately, GRE's are not accepted for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.

SamCopeland: Is there a relationship between the Chicago Business Fellows Programa and the weekend program or is it limited to the evening program?

Ellie: Sam, at this time, the CBF Program is only offered through the Evening MBA Program.

PaulR: Hello Gretchen, Ellie, Humberto, and George. As an aspiring applicant for the spring of 2011, I wanted to know: is there a difference in the applicant pool that apply to a specific quarter? Is there a reason why more applicants apply for the fall than the other 3 quarters?

George: People are used to the fall application date. It is the same as undergrad etc. There is no difference in our program by quarter. We take more students when more apply and fewer when we get fewer apps, so the chance of acceptance is the same.

Jenny: Evening program class stats indicate that only 23% of the total students enrolled are women? What is the reason behind this?

Gretchen: Hello Jenny, great question! The % of females in a part time program is usually lower than a full time program. This could be attributed to the time in one's life that a female goes back to school in a part time program. The part time programs at Booth works closely with the Graduate Women in Business group and our female alumni base to plan and executive events. In fact, if you are in the area, we are hosting a Booth Women Connect night on Sept. 11 at the Gleacher Center: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/diversityevents.aspx

Arvind: Hi there, thank you for taking my question..I may be wrong, but I was going through the application process online and i thought i saw a section where it asked for Father's Information(Name,educ details) and Mother's information. Is this information correct or did I go through some regions of the app space i didnt need to?

Ellie: Arvind, the information is correct. We ask for your Mother's and your Father's information in the application.

G-552555626: What percentage of students are currently receiving offers through OCR?

Ellie: We have asked Career Services for these statistics. They are compiling this data and will hopefully get back to us in the future.

Prashant_1: does your career services department help with internation placements, say in India?

Ellie: Yes they do. We have job postings for around the world. We have individuals in London and Singapore who work on getting these postings.

Prashant_1: are all the same courses/electives available to weekend mba students, as are made available to week day students?

Humberto: Given the nature of the programs, Full-Time MBA and Evening MBA students have more class sessions to choose from when taking classes at Chicago Booth than do Weekend MBA students. However, course schedulers at Chicago Booth work diligently to ensure that there is an equitable distribution of classes among the three programs.

Bayo: Booth is sometimes percieved as a finance centric MBA, what would you say to that claim

George: It is our history. Just like Kellogg is known for marketing. But it is not just finance that we do. We have companies who recruit for marketing because they love our marketing students, and many students come through who wish to be entrepreneurs. You cant be one of the top rated schools by just being good at one thing. I would be glad to talk more at length on this if you would like. 312-464-8700

prakashp: are evening classes on friday as well or Monday to Thurs

Humberto: Evening MBA classes are offered Monday through Friday evenings from 6PM-9PM at the Gleacher Center.

Jenny: Is the part time program less diverse than the full time program in terms of student body because there are less international students in the part time program?

George: No. The difference is that our "international" students are here on H1b visas or are green card holders. If you look by place of birth, we are just as diverse.

SK: I studied abroad in college for a qtr. I received pass/fail credits for classes taken abroad at my U.S. college. Those are are reflected on my transcript. In that case, would you need the transcript from my study abroad school?

Ellie: At the time you submit your application, you only need to submit unofficial transcripts. If admitted, you will need to submit official transcripts for all schools you have attended in the past.

G-438055059: How do the weekend program students typically manage group projects? Is the Saturday slot left open for that?

Ellie: Many Weekend MBA students conference throughout the week with their groups or they meet before class, after class, or in between classes (12pm - 1:30pm break) on Saturdays.

G-439499449: Hello, I am a reapplicant to Booth for spring 2011. I have taken the GMAT twice but with the same score which is 550 plus. I am taking classes at Booth this Fall through the GSAL program. Will a good grade in these classes help my chances for the spring or is the GMAT score a total dealbreaker? I do already possess a Masters degree in engineering. Is there a min number of courses I have to take through GSAL or is one course sufficient?

Gretchen: Great question. Booth values re applicants and doing well in GSAL classes can certainly help to strengthen your application. Up to three classes with a "C" grade or higher can be transferred to Booth if one is admitted.

G-438062282: If a candidate had the flexibility to apply to either the full time program or the part time program, what criteria would you suggest they weigh when making their decision?

George: Go full-time! Part-time programs are great for those who need to continue earning an income, or who like the industry or company they are with. If you want to make a change of industries and you can afford to go full-time do so.

Bobby: If I were to submit a completed application for the winter term today, when could I expect a decision from the admissions committee?

Gretchen: Bobby, we look forward to receiving your application! You will hear your decision approximately four weeks after you submitted the application.

iheoma: Can i change area of specialization after stating the program?

Ellie: Absolutely, you never need to declare a concentration throughout the program.

spencer: Can you talk about how the auction for classes work? Does an evening MBA student have the ability to take a weekend class?

Humberto: Good question, Spencer. Students in each of the three MBA programs at Chicago Booth (Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time) do have the opportunity to bid on classes outside of their "home" program. Our bidding system is set up to give priority for bidding on courses to the students in that "home" population (i.e. Evening MBA students bid on evening classes first).

PaulR: Do the interviewers review your application prior to the interview?

Ellie: No Paul, all interviews are blind interviews. The interviewer will receive your resume and your resume alone before the interview to review.

prakashp: i am planning to apply for winter 2011... with oct first week the deadline... when is a good time for scheduling the interview...

Gretchen: prakashp, we will look for your application in the coming month. Once you submit the application, you will be called to schedule your interview, which takes place at the Gleacher Center M-F at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.

andy: I am currently considering to switch fields from what I did in my undergrad. Is Chicago MBA a great step to get me started in a new field? Because from what I have seen, most MBA students already have somewhat accomplished in their fields and doing MBA to advance in that field in stead of changing it. In other words, will MBA be useful to me If i am not currently in a job I like?

George: andy, most certainly. In fact, the MBA is one way of accomplishing this. It is viewed as a jumping off point for a career overhaul. A very large portion of our students are career switchers.

G-438055059: As a follow up to a previous question - 20 courses are the minimum required to graduate. If a PT student wants to take additional courses, can they?

Gretchen: Yes, more than 20 courses in possible. In your graduating quarter as you are on the 20th course, you can take up to three classes free! Also, through our alumni affairs office you can take three classes free any time during your post graduation life!

Oz: Do you look at undergraduate GPA or Master GPA, my undergraduate gpa was 2.6 and Masters gpa was 3.9

Ellie: We review all GPAs, however, we would most likely weigh the Master's GPA heavier than your undergrad due to the recent nature and advanced level of the studies.

niki: and is gmat complusary ...?

Humberto: Niki, yes, the GMAT is a required portion of the application for both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth.

G-439499449: Can you you recommend a few things besides retaking the GMAT,I can do as a reapplicant to strengthen my application the second time around?

Gretchen: Sure, you can take a class as a Graduate Student at Large via the Graham School at The U of Chicago. You can view more: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/php/gsal/prospective-students.php

PaulR: I see on the website the % of students that come from each industry and function. Do these percentages match with the actual applicants from each industry/function? If not, are there applicants of industries/functions that apply to Booth part-time more so than others?

George: Paul, we get a lot from IT, Finance, Marketing. Most alumni end up in General Management

Arvind: Apart from being a premier and a top notch business school in the world with renowed programs in finance and strategy, Is booth planning on augmenting its course structure geared for non profit sector?

Gretchen: Great question. You can give us a call to discuss more. 312 464 8700!

Ellie: Thanks everyone for joining us. I look forward to continuing the conversation at our upcoming Open House on September 10th.

G-439546024: Now what perecentage of your students have mid management experience or below in your program?

George: I don't have that at my fingertips. You can call at 312-464-8700 and we can get that for you.

Gretchen: We encourage you to continue the conversation with Chicago Booth. Call, email and visit us! Also, if you are a female, we invite you to our Booth Women Connect Event on Sept. 11, 5-7pm, at the Gleacher Center. Come by for a drink, food and conversation!

Gretchen: Sign up today: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/diversityevents.aspx

George: For those who did not get your questions answered, I will try and blog about them in the coming week. Thanks for your participation

Humberto: Thanks for joining us today! We look forward to connecting with you down the road. Feel free to reach out to us with any remaining questions at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or 312-464-8700.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. You can remain in the chat room as we post the last few answers. Or you can review the transcripts at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/. Thanks again for joining us!

niki: my gmat score is 380 can i apply 4 dis programme

George: we dont have a cut-off for GMAT, anyone may apply.

Kyle: What forms of payment do you accept for your program?

George: you can pay by credit card, or check.

G-439546024: Can credits be transferred from other MBA programs? For example Georgetown U McDonough school of business?

George: no, we do not accept credits from other schools.

G-438055059: How do the weekend program students typically manage group projects? Is the Saturday afternoon slot left open for that?

Humberto: Weekend students can stay after class to meet with groups, as well as participate via phone conferencing remotely. Some will also come in early on Friday or leave on Sunday to work with their groups at Gleacher, as well as finding time before and between classes on Saturday.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!

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