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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 year? If so, hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our Admissions Live Chat! The chat will begin promptly at 12:00 pm CST, but please feel free to start submitting your questions now!

Kara: Welcome to our chat! I am Kara Northcutt, and I am happy to answer your questions about the Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.

Holly: Thank you for joining us today! My name is Holly Shearer and I oversee student life for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students at Chicago Booth. I'll be answering your student services related questions today.

Crystal: Hi, my name is Crystal Smith. I am part of the admissions team as well as a student in the Evening MBA Program. Please feel free to ask me admissions questions or questions about my experience as a student.

Gretchen: We are thrilled youa are joining us for the chat! This is your time to ask any questions about Chicago Booth and the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Let's get started!

Ahmed: Hi, I'd like to know about the attendence scheme for the program since am based in Dubai. Do not have UK or US visa

Kara: Hi Ahmed, since it sounds like you will need a student visa, you would need to pursue Booth's Full-Time MBA. The Part-Time MBA programs are not allowed to enroll students on F1 student visas. International students in the Part-Time MBA must already be in the US on a work visa.

G-247878983: I have a weak undergraduate GPA but a very solid GPA in graduate school. Which GPA will be given more weight when considering my application?

Gretchen: G-247878983, great question. The application is looked at holistically and specifically there are three main areas of the application: academics, work experience and Chicago Booth fit. As your graduate work is more recent than the undergraduate work, we will take this into consideration. The GMAT score also is factored in.

Ahmed: Q2 - is GMAT is required in my case? I've BSc of Engineering since 2002 with an extensive business expoerience in the ME market since 2002

Kara: We require the GMAT for all applicants to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. The average for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 700. Our admitted range in upper 500's to 800.

Ahmed: Thanks you all, would like to join your EMBA program, but i have few questions to qualify myself

Crystal: Hi Ahmed. Please let us know what's on your mind.

Jason: Hi- I am looking to apply to the evening program next year (2011) and I wanted to know if the application will change from the current one?

Crystal: Hi Jason, we are so excited you have an interest in Chicago Booth! The application questions are similar throughout the year , however they change each Fall. Keep this in mind when applying next year, although you can use the application for this year as a guide. The application for the fall will be available nine months before the deadline. pblovesmath: Do weekend/evening students have same access to career services as full-time students?

Gretchen: pblovesmath, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students at Chicago Booth have access to Career Services starting from day one at Orientation. There is a Career Service team dedicated to part-time students at the Gleacher Center. The piece of Career Services that is not available to part-time students is internship recruiting. Full-Time on campus recruiting is available with a few differences.

G-247878983: Can a previous graduate degree with a strong GPA make up for a lower GMAT score?

Kara: Hi! This is a very common question. Yes, a high GPA and graduate degree certainly enhance the educational portion of your application. However, the GMAT is still an important piece. The average for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 700. Our admitted range is upper 500's to 800.

dani: I have a foreign MD but interested in business can I get an MBA with a foreign MD?

Crystal: Hi Dani, sure...but please confirm that your transcripts have been translated into English and we will also need a copy of your certificate.

Shane: Hi , I have a general question about the curriculum. How many concentrations do most students have? And when are students required to choose their concentration?

Holly: Shane - Thank you for your question. Most students earn between 2 and 4 concentrations - although some earn as many as 6. Students aren't required to declare their concentrations until they submit their graduation application the quarter prior to graduation. Our office meets with students throughout their program to ensure they're on track to complete the concentrations they'd like to earn prior to completing their degree.

Vishal: What is the difference between Evening MBA vs Weekend MBA

Kara: Hi Vishal,Good question. The main difference is when you take your classes. Weekend MBA classes meet on Saturday. You can take two classes on Saturday. The first session meets from 9:00am-12:00pm and the second session is 1:30-4:30pm. Evening MBA classes meet Monday through Friday from 6:00-9:00pm. The same faculty and same classes are offered in both programs, and you receive the same degree.

Christina: Are recommenders asked as certain set of questions, given topics to talk from, or given a free form letter to submit?

Gretchen: Christina, you input your two recommender's names and email addresses into the application system and he/she is emailed a form to complete and asked to complete a supplemental letter. It is best to start the conversations in person with your recommenders early in the process.

flynottingham: can your school provide fundings for MBA students

Kara: Hi, there are no scholarships for part-time MBA students. However, you would most likely qualify for student loans. US residents and citizens qualify for federal student loans. International students on work visas typically qualify for private student loans

dani: I am a medical director of a company now for a year so I am interested in business not medicine

Crystal: Dani, that's perfectly fine. We embrace the diversity of professional and academic backgrounds.

Ahmed: How long is the length of the full time program? will ChicagoBooth help in granting a student visa or i have to get it on my own?

Kara: The Full-Time MBA can assist you in attaining an I 20 which will allow you to get an F1 student visa. The Full-Time MBA takes two years to complete.

Christina: How does applying to the Business Fellow's program affect your application - is it a benefit, or non-impacting?

Gretchen: Christina, Hello! If you have 0-3 years of work experience and your GMAT score is near or above our average, I suggest applying to CBF! CBF is a subset of the Evening MBA Program and there is no difference with given degree. Dimitry: Do most students concentrate on one major or do most graduate with multiple majors?

Holly: Dimitry - Thank you for your question. Students typically complete multiple concentrations while at Booth - on average they earn 2 to 4 concentration prior to graduation. We have 14 concentrations for students to choose from.

Ahmed: can i apply now since i have valid IELTs and joing after 2 years?

Kara: Ahmed, since it seems the Full-Time MBA is a more viable option, you will need to check with the Full-Time MBA office regarding the IELTS. Feel free to email the Full-Time Admissions team at admissions@chicagobooth.edu G-246808103: I need few inform. about MBA. I am from Bosnia

Crystal: We would be happy to mail you information. You can request documents via the link: https://chicagobooth.askadmissions.net/emtinterestpage.aspx?ip=request

Stephanie: I am looking to apply for fall 2011, as well. Can I send you my transcripts now? Also, I transferred as an undergrad. Will you need official transcripts from both schools?

Kara: Hi Stephanie, yes, feel free to go ahead and submit your transcripts. We will need them from all schools you have attended. Transcripts should me mailed to 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive, suite 330, Chicago, IL 60611.

G-246808103: i wanted to know about any kind of scholarship i could get form University

Gretchen: There are no scholarships or grants for the part-time programs. However, you can view more about the financial aid process and information: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx

Christina: Does applying for an International MBA affect the admissions process, or are you still considered along with all other candidates? Is it only once you are accepted that your preference matters?

Gretchen: Christina, indicating that you are interested in applying for the IMBA does not affect your application process or outcome. Once you start the MBA program you would apply for the IMBA.

Vishal: If I understand it requires 20 Courses to complete MBA, each course cost approxiately $5000, so it mean cost of MBA is > $100K. Is this correct

Crystal: Hi Vishal, that's about right. You should also consider the cost of books, and course packs. G-248276566: Do you offer any shuttle serivces to and from the airports?

Holly: Yes, we offer a shuttle to and from O'Hare and Midway airports on Saturdays for our students. Shuttles depart each airport around 8:20 a.m. to arrive in time for class at 9:00 a.m. They return to the airport 10 minutes after the conclusion of our afternoon classes at 4:40 p.m.

Jason: My question is similar to a previous one - my undergraduate GPA from 10 years ago is weak, but I've recently completed some post-grad business courses and have averaged a 4.0. Should I meet with someone from admissions to discuss the my application before applying?

Crystal: Jason, you should include your undergraduate and post graduate work in your application so we have a clear understanding of the entire picture. If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to reach out to us to discuss your application further. We are happy to chat!

Dimitry: Is it difficult to enroll in weekend classes if you attend the evening MBA program? Are most classes offered on the weekends or only most common ones?

Holly: Dimitry - Students in the Evening program are able to bid on Saturday courses starting in Phase 3 of our bidding process. This is when you can bid on courses outside of your home program – including classes in the full-time program. For the most part, students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs will have the same courses available to them at some point during their time in the program.

david: Hi, I currently work in Dallas, would I be able to attend the Weekend MBA program while continuing to work in Dallas?

Gretchen: David, You are a great candidate for the Weekend MBA Program giving you are working and living in Dallas. The Weekend MBA Program enrolls close to 110 students each year and at least 65% are traveling in from outside of Illinois. My colleague Crystal will in fact be hosting a Booth event in Dallas on January 11th! Can you join us?

Gretchen: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/receptions.aspx

viona: Hi, how detrimental is the absence of philanthropic or community work to an applicant?

Kara: Hi Viona, this is one of the areas we evaluate. However, it will not necessarily make or break an application. If you are not currently involved, feel free to talk about past community involvement and/or activities you would like to get involved in. It helps to learn about Chicago Booth's many student groups, so you can talk about groups you would like to get involved with as a student.

G-246808103: anyone knows about visa processiing

Kara: Hi, the Part-Time MBA is not allowed to enroll students on F1 student visas. If you need an F1 you will need to pursue the Full Time MBA. International students in the Part-Time MBA must already be in the US on a work visa. viona: Is admission to the Weekend Program more selective than the Evening program?

Gretchen: Viona, Hello. Both the Evening MBA and the Weekend Program are equally selective. We do however bring more students into the Evening MBA Program each year as we admit students in the fall, winter, spring and summer. We suggest you apply to the MBA Program that fits your preferred days to takes classes (either weekdays or weekend). alan: My work experience has varied over the past few years, if I end up taking a position that is not really moving forward (just sideways), how much will hthat deter my application?

Crystal: Alan, we are most concerned with work experience that continues to help you grow and stretch professionally, even if it means a lateral move. You'll want to tell us about the various experiences you've had and how this can be leveraged during your time at Booth.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. The Admissions team is eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting your questions!

Jason: If you're in the evening program, can you still take Saturday classes?

Holly: Jason - Yes, Evening MBA students can take Saturday classes. They become available to Evening students during Phase 3 of our bidding process - there are six phases total.

Rohit: Consider this scenario - One gets an admission for the weekend MBA program & after completing couple of quarters his job gets transferred to Chicago area. Then can switch to the Evening program?

Holly: Great question - yes, students are able to transfer between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs one time during their time at Booth. In order to change programs, you must have been enrolled in your original program for at least two quarters.

chet: Hi I have completed my undergraduate degree from india and am currently in the US on work visa. I have a couple of questions(i) How do i calculate an equivalent GPA from my undergrad score. Is there a standard that chicago booth accepts.(ii) My undergrad school will not send transcripts directly to chicago Booth. I can go and get the transcripts from my school in India and send to chicago booth. Is it acceptable ? Are there any specifications that need to followed before sending transcripts?

Kara: Hi Chet, there is no need to translate your marks into the 4.0 GPA scale. We are very familiar with mark sheets and the grading system from India. Be sure to also submit a copy of your degree certificate. If you have original mark sheets and degree certificates in your possession, you can bring them to our office and we can make copies and notarize them. We consider the notarized copies to be office transcripts. If you have further questions about this feel free to call me at 312.464.8701.

Shane: I have a question on the optional essay. For those applicant that have an employement gap on resume in 2008/2009 during the financial crisis, do you recommend discussing this in the optional essay?

Gretchen: Shane, yes, the optional essay is a great area to discuss the gap in your employment. You will also be able to share more during the interview, which is held at the Gleacher Center after your application is submitted. pblovesmath: I have a PhD in a humanities field. Would the years I spent in graduate school (which included teaching undergrads) count towards my years of "work" experience?

Crystal: Hi, "work" experience would include any work you've done in any professional setting.

viona: Is there a perceived difference in the degree obtained from your part-time and full-time programs?

Gretchen: Viona that is the best part about Booth! All MBA Programs, FT and PT, receive the same exact degree and it does say FT or PT on the certificate. This is made possible because the same faculty teach in all of the MBA Programs. The benefit is that you are able take classes with FT students on campus in Hyde Park and FT students will be in your classes at the Gleacher Center. This expands your Booth network!

boelter: Regarding the recommendation letters, do they have to be from current supervisors or can they be from supervisors from past employment?

Kara: We prefer that one of your recommendations be from a current supervisor. The other letter can be from a past supervisor. In the application we ask you why you chose your recommenders, so you have a chance to explain your choices.

Ben: What is the out of classroom workload like for the weekend program?

Crystal: Hi Ben, the out of classroom workload depends on the class that you are taking. Some classes only require 3 hours per week, while others might require 10 hours per week. What's great about Booth, is that the students survey the class at the end of the quarter, so the students who take the class the next time it's offered can get a sense of the time commitment before registering for the course. You can always know the time commitment before you take a class.

Bistra: Kara, is an evaluation of the international diploma good enough or you need formal transcripts?

Kara: Hi Bistra, at the time you apply we can accept an evaluation of your international degree. However, if you are admitted, we will need official transcripts from all schools you have attended. Keep in mind that you can bring in your international transcripts and degree certificates and we can notarize them. Notarized copies are considered official.

Raj: If someone is enrolled in the Weekend program and has to miss a Saturday, is it possible to make up the classes during the weekday evenings?

Holly: Raj - If the same course (being taught by the same faculty member) is offered during the week, then yes you can reach out to the faculty member to ask if that's a possibility. It's not ideal because of group work and class participation, but some faculty members are willing to make exceptions for the occasional scheduling conflict. viona: What's your advice for increasing the likelihood of acceptance into your program for applicants with a moderate to strong, although dated academic record but a lackluster career?

Crystal: Viona, I believe this merits a conversation. Feel free to contact the admissions team at 312-464-8700, to discuss your personal story further.

viona: Any tips on how to win you guys over?

Gretchen: Viona, be yourself and come to our events to learn about Booth! Are you living and working in or outside of the city? We have a Booth Breakfast tomorrow morning, 8-9am, at the Gleacher Center.

Ahmed: What if my GPA is low, do you have a certain GPA range for acceptance? if it's low, but i have 8 years work experience, is it fine?

Gretchen: Ahmed, there is not a required GPA. The application will be looked at in three areas, academics (that gpa as well as the gmat score), the work experience (great you have 8 years), and the fit you see with Chicago Booth. A "low" gpa should not be a deterrent to applying.

G-246808103: how do i make payments?

Crystal: You can make tuition payments online via a credit card. solo: is the full time MBA an evening or daytime courses?

Holly: Hi Solo - the Full Time MBA Program takes place during the day, Monday - Friday, at the Harper Center in Hyde Park.

Fiona: If I am applying for the Part time Oct 2010 application deadline (Jan 2011 classes start), when would I hear about a decision on my application status?

Gretchen: Hello Fiona, you will hear from the Admissions Committee with 4-6 weeks of submitting your application. As a reminder, once you submit the application you will be asked to come to the Gleacher Center for an admissions interview.

Rohit: How many of your admitted candidates have Masters degree in other filed for e.g. engineering? How does it weight in comparison with people having undergraduate degree only considering same amount of work experience in both cases.

Kara: Hi Rohit, about 30% of our students have an advanced degree. This can enhance ones application, but it is certainly not expected or required. Work experience is also a very important part of the evaluation process.

G-248276566: If we want to expedite our graduation, can we take courses with the Weekend or Full Time students?

Holly: Yes, students are able to slow down or speed up their program depending on their life circumstances. Students are able to bid on courses outside of their home program beginning in Phase 3 of the course bidding process. boelter: If completing and excelling in courses as a graduate student at large, does that increase one's chances of getting accepted in either the full or part time program?

Gretchen: boelter, taking and doing well in a Graduate Student at Large course can help to add to your academic area of the application if you think you need this. However, if you have a solid GPA and a GMAT score, being a GSAL student may not be needed. Feel free to call me at 312-464-8703 to discuss more.

Spencer: I DC every time I submit a question, is there an alternative way for submission?

Kara: Hi Spencer, I am sorry to read you are having trouble submitting. Feel free to email your questions to our hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

MD: If I start an application for Winter 2011, but am unable to complete by the deadline, can the same application be submitted by the next deadline? If so, could I submit the essays I wrote for the Winter 2011 application, or would I need to re-write them if they have changed?

Crystal: Hi, you are more than welcome to submit the application information you have for the Spring application. Please give us a call and let us know that you would like to move your application forward as we must do this manually.

sdada: I am an H1B employee eligible to work in the US for next 2 years only. I want to get stated with the PT MBA program immediately. However I am concerned that I may not be able to complete my part time MBA in 2 years. Can I convert my PT MBA to a FT MBA? I know for sure that Kelloggs and Ross reviews such cases and then takes decisions to convert to FT MBA? Is such or other procedure followed at Booth?

Gretchen: sdada, thanks for your interest in Chicago Booth. Depending on how far along you are with the program you may be able to take a course or two abroad to finish the MBA Program. There is not an option to officially transfer to the FT Program.

pujitha: Is it okay to apply to both the Part-Time MBA and the Full-Time MBA ? I already have a work visa

Gretchen: pujitha, we ask that you apply to one Chicago Booth program. If you are working full time applying to the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program is a great option!

G-247878983: What percentage of reapplicants make it the second time around?

Kara: We do not report our acceptance rates. However, many reapplicants are successful in gaining admission as long as they have made some significant improvements in their application, such as retaking the GMAT, taking Booth classes as a student at large, being promoted at work, etc.

Spencer_1: Are Evening and weekend classes only held at the Gleacher Center?

Holly: Yes, all courses in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are held at the Gleacher Center. (The Gleacher Center is located downtown, just off of Michigan Ave. at the Chicago River.)

Rushi: Hello, What about classes during the day (schedule permits) at Hyde Park?

Holly: Rushi - If your schedule permits, you are able to enroll in courses outside of your home program during Phase 3 of our course bidding process (there are 6 phases total). A number of students take advantage of this opportunity when their schedule allows for it.

Stephanie_1: I have another question -- I have only 1 year of full time work experience, but I worked as the director of a student run business during undergrad and would like this to be reflected on my application. I notice that the application only asks for full time work experience. What is the best way to include this experience?

Crystal: Hi Stephanie, it would be great if you included this information on your resume and/or in the optional essay portion.

viona: Any tips on how to distinguish your admissions essay from the rest of the stack for applicants that are not great writers?

Crystal: Viona, we are looking for an authentic story. Be as honest and real as you can as you think about how the MBA will help you in your career.

david: Yes I can attend the Jan. 11th event in Dallas, thank you for the info. Follow up question: If I decided to leave my current job in Dallas and move to Chicago to look for a new job, could I continue taking courses in the Weekend MBA program throughout that process?

Gretchen: David, we are thrilled you can join us in Dallas. Yes, you would be able to stay in the Weekend MBA Program if you moved to Chicago. If you did want to transfer to the Evening MBA Program you could petition to transfer after two quarters of being in the Weekend MBA Program. Flexibility is the key at Booth. solo: is the program on a quarter or semester term?

Crystal: The University of Chicago is on the quarter system.

viona: Have you ever denied applicants that have scored in the 95th percentile on the GMAT?

Crystal: Viona, we focus on the holistic application. All parts of the application are important. We don't focus on only one part (GMAT)...with that said applicants have been denied/accepted across the entire GMAT spectrum. boelter: As a part time student, how easy is it to transfer to the full time MBA program if your job no longer allows you to manage both work and school?

Gretchen: boelter, the Booth MBA Program is flexible that you can increase or decrease the number of courses you take per quarter. There is not the option to transfer to the Full Time MBA Program. You are at an advantage to be working full time and taking the knowledge and skills learned at Booth back to work every day.

chet: Are there any financial assistance options available for part time MBA students?

Kara: Chet, most students pay tuition via student loans, company support, and personal savings. There are no scholarships for the Part-Time MBA.

Christina: In determining ChicagoBooth fit, what qualities are evaluated by admissions?

Gretchen: Christina, The Admissions Committee looks for candidates who are academically prepared for Booth, have clear professional goals and would contribute to the Booth community. We have over 30 student groups. Feel free to view more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx

arvind: Hi there, I am planning on applying for the winter 2011 admissions. I take my GMAT on sept 11,2010. I should hopefully be submitting the documents and application materials before the oct deadline. Will the interview also need be scheduled before the deadlines?

Kara: Hi Arvind, since we require that you submit your application before you interview, we do allow interviews after the deadline. However, if you submit early to mid Sept. we should be able to get you in before the deadline. Whether or not you interview before the deadline has no bearing on your chances of admission.

asuhail: follow up to last question, can we schedule a ono-on-one discussion with someone from the admissions committee and if so how do we shcedule

Kara: Hi Asuail, feel free to give me a call at 312.464.8701 to set an appointment with an admissions rep. We can either set up a face to face meeting or conference call, whatever works best for you.

Rohit: I would be a self funded MBA applicant @ Booth althought I work for American multi-national corporation. Would I be eligible to attend the on-campus caareer fairs like FT students?

Gretchen: Rohit, the majority of our students are funding his/her MBA and yes, the Career Service on campus recruiting programming is open to part time students if you have completed the necessary programming beforehand and if your employer is paying tuition reimbursement, a letter of permission is needed.

chet: I worked for a consulting company in the past. Can I request my Client Supervisor for a recommendation letter, since i worked closely with her during my tenure(almost year and a half) at the client site Or Does it need to come from someone in my consulting company?

Crystal: Chet, we prefer that your letter of recommendation come from your immediate manager. Your second recommendation can come from anyone else that you chose.

arvind: Hello, thank you for taking this question. I was researching your course catalog and cannot seem to see a IT management focussed elective? Is that by design?

Holly: Great question, Arvind. While Booth doesn't currently offer IT Management courses, you are able to take up to six electives outside of Booth in the greater University of Chicago system. Many of our students choose to take courses in the law school, Harris School of Public Policy, or in the Computer Science Professional Program (CSPP). http://masters.cs.uchicago.edu/

TOMO: Do we need to apply with a specific emphasis? Also If I have a MS in Finance, would it be more beneficial for me to apply for the Entrepreneurship emphasis or Analytic Finance emphasis, if they are equally appealing to me?

Crystal: You are not required to have a specific concentration when you start the program. The MBA is general so you can take advantage of any class or subject that you are interested in.

Christina: Are all interviews conducted at the Gleacher Center, or are there remote interviews for candiates coming from another state?

Gretchen: Christina, the majority of the interviews are conducted at the Gleacher Center. However, if you are requesting an off site interview in your city, you can call our admissions team at 312 464 8770.

Brian: I finished my undergrad in 2005 with a business degree- is there a time frame in which I need to enroll in order to avoid having to retake some courses?

Gretchen: Brian, regarding your undergraduate degree, there is no timeline for when you need to apply. There are no required courses at Booth and you are at any time able to talk with our advisors if you do not feel the need to retake a particular course.

Brian: My employer offers tuition reimbursement. Do you have any option to defer payments?

Crystal: Hi Brian, unfortunately not. Tuition is due the 4th Friday of every quarter and this is facilitated by the bursar's office.

Christina: you earlier stated if you have a solid GPA taking a class as a GSAL would be of little consequence, what is a solid GPA? I have a 3.4 from undergrad.

Kara: Hi Christina, the average undergraduate GPA is 3.3.

Andymac: What percentage of applicants do you accept?

Kara: Hi, we do not release our acceptance rates. We matriculate 80-90 Evening MBA students for the winter, spring and summer quarters. We matriculate around 100 Weekend MBA students and around 175 Evening MBA students each fall.

solo: is it harder to be accepted in the full time program as opposed to evening one?

Crystal: Hi, there are significantly more applicants to the Full-Time program as opposed to the Evening MBA program, however the seat availability is the same for both programs.

G-246808125: What scholarship options are available to international students for FT MBA program

Holly: Good question - unfortunately, I don't have the answer to your question. I'd recommend reaching out to the Full-Time MBA Admissions office at 773-702-7369 or admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu.

Holly: Thank you for joining us at today's chat!

Kara: Thank you for joining our live chat! You all had some great questions. We hope you can join us at the Open House on Friday, August 6th from 6:30-8:30pm. This is a unique Open house, as it will feature Prof. George Wu. Stay connected!

Crystal: It was a pleasure chatting with you. Thank you for joining us!

Gretchen: You are now ready to take the next step! My suggestions for our applicants: attend an Open House, visit a Class, and join us for a Lunch and Learn and Breakfast.

Gretchen: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/index.aspx

Moderator: The chat has now ended. Thank you all for the many engaging questions. We encourage you to review the full chat transcripts at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/. Thanks again for joining us!