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Are you looking for an MBA Program where you can work full time from anywhere in the country and take classes on Saturdays? If so, we invite you to hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. This is a great chance to learn more about the logistics of the program and the logistics of commuting to and from Chicago. The chat will cover the admissions process, application tips in preparation for the May 7 Weekend MBA application deadline.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat now. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

George: We will get started in a moment. Thank you for joining us today!

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Crystal: Hi, my name is Crystal Smith. I'm the Associate Director of Admissions and also a student in the Evening MBA Program. I look forward to chatting with you!

George: I am the Associate Dean of the Evening and Weekend Program. All questions are welcome and non verboten. Thanks for being part of the chat

Humberto: Hello everyone! My name is Humberto Freda, Assistant Director in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office. Looking forward to answering your questions today!

Gretchen: Welcome to the chat. We are thrilled you are interested in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. This is a great time to be looking into business school. Ask away!

DreamingBooth: What kind of financial assitance would the school provide for a part tiem student. I was wondering would the school still be underwriting the loans for a person on H1B visa?

George: Yes. We have loans available for international students. It covers the cost of the program and travel. The only change with the lenders is they will no longer cover living expenses.

apap: Hi, Thanks a lot for organizing this chat. I wanted to ask if community service plays a pivotal role in the admission decision for the evening program?

Crystal: Your involvement in the community is important, however, we are most concerned with what’s most important to you, the leadership roles you play in the these activities and how you manage your time alongside the other obligations that you have.

mmathew4661a4: how do i obtain a reference letter if i am a independent contractor?

Crystal: You can get your letter of recommendations from a client or a colleague that you closely work with that can speak to who you are personally and professionally.

Saby: A question about the May 7th deadline. Will be the application considered complete without recommendations by May7th? My manager is traveling so I'm not sure if he can complete the recommendation by May 7th.

Gretchen: Saby, if your application is submitted by the May 7th deadline, you will be considered for the Weekend MBA Program. If you need any extension on letters of recommendation, please email the admissions hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu

Gretchen: Note: your interview will be scheduled post your application submission.

G-552516880: I am an entrepreneur. Are there many enrolled in the program? Are employed students preferred over self-employed?

Crystal: The entrepreneurship program at Booth is fantastic! I’m actually concentrating in it…and we’ve seen great businesses formed out of Booth. For example: Grubhub.com, Bobtail Soda Fountain, Homemade Pizza Company and many more. We have many entrepreneurs in the program and as an admissions director we do show favor over those who are self employed vs. those who are not. You should visit the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship on our website to learn more - http://research.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/!

G-552535153: When I gave my GMAT a couple of years ago, I asked for the scores to be submitted to Booth, is there a way that I can confirm if the admissions department has received my score ?

Gretchen: Congrats on already haven taken the GMAT test. You can email our admissions hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu to inquiry if we have your score.

JD: Does U of C allow students to take graduate level courses to determine if it is a fit, prior to taking GMAT?

George: Yes! You can take classes through the Graham School of Continuing Education. Up to three of these transfer into your MBA once accepted.

G-552562663: I recently relocated to Chicago and am debating on whether to apply for the Evening MBA or the Weekend MBA. What is the difference in course offerings?

George: None! The wonderful thing about our program is that the Weekend and Evening programs are exactly the same. The only difference is when the classes are offered. Weekend classes are on Friday or Saturday. Evening classes are Monday - Friday. The faculty and class offerings are all the same. We are unique in that way.

DGanancial: Hi George. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to ask you questions. I have been reading in various blogs and online articles that MBA grad school applications are down for this year. Two of the schools I’ve applied to opened up a third round deadline because they didn’t get enough applicants for the program. I wanted to know if Chicago Booth is experiencing the same decline in applications for the weekend fall 2010 program? If so, does Booth expect to open up another round? Also, does this increase one’s chances of being accepted since there is less competition and Booth needs to fill seats?

George: You are spot on! Part-Time programs are down, on average, over 22%. Since we are not on rounds, we do not need to open up another round for part-time. It is however, a great time to apply to the Weekend Program! Our Full-Time program is bucking the trends and are UP in applications, so they will not be opening up another round.

mmathew4661a4: what is the cost of the evening program?

Humberto: Tuition in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs is charged per class. Currently, tuition is $4,861 per class, in addition to the cost of books. Tuition is evaluated on a yearly basis, and you are required to take 20 courses to complete either program.

G-552548339: I am nearly finished with my undergraduate degree in management from the Univeristy of Houston-Downtown. I have around a 3.2 while working full time as a VP at Comerica Bank. Is my gpa high enough to get in?

Crystal: It’s great to hear from a Houstonian! I’m from Houston and know a lot about the U of H! Please note that don’t have a minimum GPA, our average GPA is about a 3.3…you should spend time focusing on all parts of the application. GMAT , GPA, and any additional certifications will be reviewed in the academic portion of the application. Tell Houston hello for me!!

G-552562673: Hey Gretchen, I heard that there has been a new course format where weekend students are taking courses on Saturdays and Sundays. Can you talk more about this?

Gretchen: Hello. The Weekend schedule consists of two class times on a Saturday, 9am-12pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm. There is a course titled Effective Leadership, which is a series of modules that all Evening and Weekend student enroll in at Booth. EF modules are offered on Saturdays and Sundays if that is more conducive for your schedule.

G-552562673: What happens in the event you cannot attend a class during one weekend. What are the options for making up a class?

Humberto: Options for making up missed classes are dependent on a few items. If the professor is teaching a second (or third) section of the same class in the same quarter, and is also amenable to this option, a student can make-up the missed session by attending a different section of the class, assuming the student’s schedule allows them to attend the other section. Students can also compare notes with classmates to obtain the material they missed in class.

mmathew4661a4: i have gmat exam on may last week. is it enough time for the score to reach before the fall deadline?

Gretchen: If your GMAT test date is post the May 7th Weekend application deadline please call our Assistant Director Kara Northcutt at 312-464-8701 to discuss an extension.

NKepler: Hello. Can one of you comment on the duration of a tour/class visit? Can this be done in a morning/afternoon or should I plan for the whole day? Thanks!

Humberto: Evening MBA and Weekend MBA classes take place from 6PM-9PM Monday through Friday evening, as well as 9AM-12PM and 1:30PM-4:30PM on Saturdays. Prospective students should be prepared to attend the entire class. You can also schedule a Gleacher Center tour by contacting Kara Northcutt at 312-464-8701.

Kumar: Hi, Gretchen, I am have sent the official scores to Booth part-time program. Can i schedule an interview on a Saturday ?

Gretchen: Hello Kumar, have you submitted your application as well? You can call Assistant Director Beth Daily at 312-464-8702 to schedule an interview once the application is submitted. We have two upcoming Saturday Interview days, May 8th and May 22nd.

Siva: Hi, My name is Siva, working as business development executive in a Consulting firm. I live in Peoria around 2.5 hrs from Chicago. I am trying to apply for the weekend program this fall. But I was advised by few friends to apply for the evening program, becacuse of larger class size and increased chances of joining the Booth PT MBA program. Please provide some insights on this.

George: Siva, while the evening program brings in more students, it also receives more applications, so I don’t think you are at an advantage it doing this. I would apply to the Weekend Program as it serves you better. Also, because of the economy we are down in applications to the Weekend Program, so to me, this is the best time to apply!

AndyH: Coming from the Milwaukee area, are there special transportation options - transportation discounts offered to Booth students?

Humberto: Our office currently offers a Weekend Shuttle, between the Gleacher Center and both Midway and O'Hare airports, on Saturday mornings and afternoons, when classes are in session. Beyond that, many companies in the transportation industries offer discount programs for frequent fliers/riders.

Vee: Hello, Good Afternoon. My name is Vee and I am currently enrolled in a Masters in Healthcare program at University of Illinois at chicago. I also work full time at UIC. I guess my first question is what are the application requirements for the Evening/Weekend MBA Program?

George: 1. Three essays

George: 2. Two letters of recommendation

George: 3. GMAT

George: 4. Transcripts for undergrad work

George: 5. Interview

George: To learn more don’t hesistate to contact our office or come to our next open house event on Friday, May 7.

AndyH: Can a GMAT score be submitted AFTER the May 7th deadline for the Weekend MBA program?

Crystal: You can self report your scores for the application process. You get the unofficial score the day that you take the test and can submit that. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact my colleague Kara Northcutt who can walk you through options. Kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu

Vee: What are the application requirements for the evening MBA program? GPA, Essay word limit, GMAT scores, etc.

Crystal: Vee, please take a look at the application requirements page on our website - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/apply.aspx You can also learn more by attending our Open House on Friday, May 7.

sam: Hi, I am interested in the weekend mba program. How many students have you admitted so far for fall 2010?

George: I don’t have the numbers with me, but 85% of the applications come in the last week and 65% of them the last day, so you have plenty of time.

Elliot: Hi Humberto, are the classes first come, first serve? Or is there another process?

Humberto: Elliot - great question! Chicago Booth operates a bidding system for students to register for classes in the Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time MBA programs. It's an "open market" system that allows students to allocate "points" on the classes they are interested in taking, thus competing with other students to obtain a seat in those classes.

JD: Does U of C allow students to take graduate level courses to determine if it is a fit, prior to taking GMAT?

Gretchen: Hello JD, Yes, there is an option to take a Booth course via the University of Chicago Graham School as a Graduate Student at Large. This is a great way to learn more about Booth and your expectations for an MBA Program. Please view their site: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/php/gsal/about-the-program.php#gsal

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA staff are eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

G-552535153: Does the school allow prospective students to attend a class to get a feel of how they are conducted ?

Humberto: Yes! Prospective students are invited to visit a class after attending either an Open House, Reception, Lunch and Learn, or Breakfast with Booth. Feel free to contact Kara Northcutt at 312-464-8701 to set-up your class visit!

swap: what is the difference between the weekend mba program and your full time program?

George: The days offered – Weekday vs. Weekend.

George: Also, full-time students can interview for internships on campus, weekend students cannot. Besides that there is no difference in the faculty or class offerings.

rarora: Hi, MY name is Raji, and I am considering applying to the weekend program, as I am currently located in Denver. However, I have the option to relocate to chicago in the next couple of years. Would it then be possible to switch to the weekend program? Will that help accelerate my graduation?

George: Yes, you can switch between programs. I would recommend you enter the weekend and then transfer to the evening once you are here. It will get you started in the program and thus you will graduate sooner than if you wait. Plus now is a great time to apply to any part-time program.

Helen: I have a nonprofit background, would that hinder me getting accepted? Also, I am not signed up to take the GRE until August, what is the deadline for part-time MBA enrollment students?

Gretchen: Helen, thanks for your interest in Booth. Having a nonprofit background is great. Applicants who have a diverse career background and who can clearly explain why an MBA is the next step are looked upon favorably. You could also join the Chicago Booth Philanthropy Group when you are here! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx. Also, the GMAT is required and not the GRE.

Kumar: along the line of recommendation, can i use my technical supervisor's recommendation. The reason is that we have a matrix organization and my techinical supervisor is the one who over sees me on a day to day basis

Crystal: Sure! Recommendations are valued from anyone who can provide true insights into who you are personally and professionally.

mmathew4661a4: can i submit the application online ?

Gretchen: Yes, we ask that the application is submitted on line.

G-552548339_1: what additional certifications would be beneficial Crystal?

Crystal: No specific certifications…we just want to know about all of your academic accomplishments. Note, that a certification doesn't necessarily make you more competitive than another application. Just keep in mind that we take a holistic approach to reviewing an applicant.

sgoel: Hi, How much opportunity does a part time student get to take active roles in business and other clubs ?

Humberto: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs have over 30 registered student groups, both social and professional in nature, which are led by current Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. All Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are encouraged to participate in group events, become members of those groups, and apply for leadership roles within those groups.

G-552535153: Is there a preference to complete the application process much early than the stated deadline ?

Gretchen: Feel free to use all the time you need to complete the application. The majority of the applicants apply during the week of the deadline, if not the day of the deadline. You will receive equal consideration regardless of when you apply.

Helen: Am I expected to have a business background to apply? I am lookiing to change careers and would like to transition from the non-for-profit sector to a corporation

George: No, no corporate experience required. Only that you know why you want an MBA. We have students with Music backgrounds, heart surgeons and life-long military leaders. What is important is where you are going, not where you have been. The only reason we look at your past, is to see if you have shown the ability to be successful in whatever area you chose to pursue.

AndyH: I am coming into my MBA pursuit from another field and I have concerns that having my present supervisor write a recommendation would be a conflict of interest. To have a previous supervisor write the recommendation would take me back 5 years in time. Would it be OK to have a coworker write it instead. He is aware of my MBA pursuits and he understands my present work duties etc.

George: Andy, just explain why your current supervisor is not writing your recommendation when you apply. Then pick the next best person who knows you and works with you on a regular basis.

DreamingBooth: i last applied in april 2008 and was rejected for partime program. I took two classes as a GSAL and got a B in both classes. Things chnaged a little bit with my situtation and i have nto been able to submit my application once again yet. Is it late to apply as a reapplicant? How long do you keep all the materials from a previous application?

Gretchen: We are glad you are still interested, DreamingBooth. You are considered a reapplicant for two years from the date you submitted your first application and the materials are kept for two years. If you would like to check this date, you can call our Assistant Director Kara Northcutt at 312 464 8701.

Rip: I finished 4 credits at another MBA school, can those be transferred if I get selected?

Crystal: Rip, it is a school policy that all 20 classes that are required to complete an MBA, must be taken at Chicago Booth. We do, however, allow our students to take 6 classes outside of the Booth at other schools under the U of C umbrella. For example you can take a Law or Public Policy course if this interests you.

op1: Thanks for taking my question? Would it be a liitle bit disadvantage if I apply toward the deadline for the weekend program vs applying in the coming Sept due to the rolling process? Approximately what percentage of weekend program has been filled up so far?

Crystal: You are more than welcome to apply at the deadline. We take applications until the very last day and will not put you at a disadvantage.

Damon: Good afternoon, I live in California and I was wondering what you meant by "work full time from anywhere in the country and take classes on Saturdays". Is this an online participation option or would one go to Chicago every weekend?

George: Damon, we have no online options. Our CA students choose to fly in every Saturday. We pick them up from the airport, give them free coffee, and then they attend class all day and then fly home. I would be glad to put you in touch with one of them so you can speak to them about the possibility.

ajs: Which Evening MBA program entrance date is most competitive to enroll into: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? I have a GMAT appointment schedule in September for the Winter admission date, but I may be willing to rescheudle in an attempt to earn admittance in Autumn. Does Booth defer part-time applicants to different start dates?

Gretchen: Great question ajs. Apply for the quarter in which you at able to and prefer to start the MBA Program. With that being said, Booth brings in more students to Evening MBA Fall class; however more applicants apply for this quarter. Booth has deferred admits to a future quarter.

JD: i went to Marquette University and received a cumulative 2.9 GPA. I was 17 when I started college and did not take it as serious as i should have.

Crystal: JD, we take a holistic approach to reviewing your application. Try and focus on the parts of the application you can control, like your GMAT, Essays...instead of focusing on parts that are in the past…like GPA.

apap: I also had a question about the fee payment structure for the program. Is it possible to divide the tuition fee cost equally over the period of 3 years. I am planning on financing the cost out of pocket.

Humberto: Tuition in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs is charged per class, with the cost of tuition being evaluated on a yearly basis. Therefore, you are only pay for the classes you take.

DGanancial: Does Chicago Booth offer part-time students the same quality of networking, internship, career resources, and job placement that are offered to full-time students?

George: Everything is the same with one exception. Part-Time students are not allowed to interview for internships on campus. It is thought that part-time students are working and thus unable to take off for three months for an internship.

G-552562696: Gretchen: If I complete and submit my application for the Autumn 2010 evening MBA, but I have my GMAT scheduled for after, July 1, do you do a contingent admit or anything upon a "favorable" GMAT score?

Gretchen: We ask that the unofficial GMAT score is received by the deadline. We would also like to know when your GMAT test is scheduled for post the deadline. You can call me at 312-464- 8703 to discuss more.

Eric: Hi, I have a question about the CBF progam. There are two deadline- Early Decision and Final Decision. What are the differences? Is it more possible to get in the program if I apply before the Early Decision deadline?

Crystal: Hi Eric, there is no preference between the two deadlines. We evaluate each of the applicant following the application deadlines equally. This second deadline just gives you more time to submit the application when you are ready.

swap: what is the GMAT cut off?

Gretchen: swap, Booth does not have a cut off GMAT test score. The range of GMAT scores we typically receive are from the mid 500s to 800. Booth accepts the highest score and does not average the GMAT tests if it is taken more than one time.

DreamingBooth: i last applied in april 2008 and was rejected for partime program. I took two classes as a GSAL and got a B in both classes. Things chnaged a little bit with my situtation and i have nto been able to submit my application once again yet. Is it late to apply as a reapplicant? How long do you keep all the materials from a previous application?

George: If we still have your material we can have you be a re-applicant, however we probably do not. Please call 312-464-8701 and Kara Northcutt will look for you.

bawa: how long before the deadline of May 7th do we have to have the GMAT taken?

Gretchen: bawa, you can take the GMAT test on the day of the deadline, May 7th. Booth only needs the unofficial score when applying.

iliev: If I applied for the Weekend program, is there a way to transfer to the Evening program if for some reason weekend classes don't work with my schedule?

Humberto: After being registered in classes for two quarters, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are permitted to petition for a transfer between the programs only once during their time at Chicago Booth. Transfers between the part-time and Full-Time programs are not permitted.

ajs: What is the acceptance rate for the Evening MBA program? As well as the avg number of applicant?

George: Don't know either question off hand. However, I will tell you that the number of applicants drives the number of students we take so the average. acceptance rate does not change over time.

Pallav: WHat are the requirements/criteria to switch from the weekend program to being a FT student? Is this even possible?

George: No. You cannot switch between any of our part-time programs and full-time programs.

Siva: Continuing with my earlier question, will I be able to apply for Evening and Weekend program for Fall 2010?

Gretchen: Siva, if you are asking if you can apply to both the Evening and Weekend Program, we do ask that you apply to just one of them. Choose the program that works with your schedule. Would you prefer the majority of your classes to be in evening or on a Saturday?

Herman: George, if we get accepted into the Evening program and decide we want to swithc to a full-time program how difficult is that and what are the steps?

George: We do not allow transfer from part to full or from full to part.

G-552548339: is gpa or gmat score most important

Crystal: GPA and GMAT are equally weighted along with the Essays, Interview, etc...just submit the most competitive application you can!

mmathew4661a4: how many letters of recommendation do i need ?

Crystal: Hi, you only need two letter of recommendations.

Rip: Thanks, quick question, what's the word limit on Travel Experience and other extra curricular activity essay?

Gretchen: Hello Rip, there is not a word limit or expectation on the travel experience and extracurricular essays. You can add your response in the application or upload a word document. This is up to you. We look forward to receiving your application.

Saby: Do you provide voice conference or live meeting to saturday classes? I sometimes have to travel on business trips for 2 or 3 weeks and I was wondering if its possible to attend class remotely

Humberto: Great question! Unfortunately, Chicago Booth does not offer online classes in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. We feel that in-class participation is the best way to foster an interactive learning environment.

sgoel: How much flexibility does a saturday part time provides when it comes to choosing the electives / majors ?

Humberto: Weekend MBA students are eligible to complete any of the 14 concentrations that Chicago Booth offers, as well as enroll in any elective classes that are offered on Saturdays. Weekend MBA students also have first-priority (along with Evening MBA students) in registering for Friday evening classes, assuming their schedule allows it.

KHamilton: Hi George. My name is Kiyomi Hamilton. I'm in the process of deciding on which program to apply to. Is there a minimum distance requirement for attending the Weekend Program? I live in the far western suburbs (Plano, IL) which is about 63 miles from downtown Chicago.

Crystal: Hi, there are no minimum mile requirements to attend the Weekend Program. Students choose the program that best fits their logistical needs.

Vee: I currently work in the field of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Research. Are there any course in the MBA that will concentrate on Healthcare services?

George: Vee, the awesome thing about our program is that you can take up to 6 classes in any part of the University. This includes the Medical School. They have a ton of Health Services classes available. Because of this option, we do not offer many directly through Booth.

rarora: Which program is faster paced? I would assume it is possible to graduate faster in the evening program than the weekend. Is that correct?

Crystal: No, actually the average student takes about 2.5 to 3 years to complete the MBA taking approx. two classes a quarter. This is true of both programs.

Anthony: If you are admitted to the weekend program are you able to transfer to the evening program or vice versa?

Gretchen: Anthony, yes, if you are admitted to the Weekend Program, after two quarters of being enrolled, you can petition to the Deans to transfer to the Evening Program and vice versa. This is one of Booth's more flexible options!

ktb: I've heard there are five week classes during the summer session.. Can you expand on this?

Humberto: Due to diminishing demand from students for 5-Week courses in the Evening MBA program, after the Summer 2010 quarter, Chicago Booth no longer plans to offer these courses.

Frank: I am going to be looking for a job in the tech industry. Do any major firms recruit on campus?

George: Yes. If you go on the website, under Career Services, you will see many of the industries and companies. I do not have the data at my fingers. However feel free to contact us at 312-464-8700 and we can provide more detail.

sam: Do I have to be fully employed throughout the program? I am in process of starting my own business and may switch to part time.

George: NO, this is not a requirement in our program.

alex: is it possible to upload the chat record so we can read it later. Thanks.

Gretchen: Yes, Alex, the chat will be available on line later this week! Thanks for your interest in Booth.

nancy: i do not have any community service back-ground at all.. but i have a MS degree, good work-ex and strong GPA.. My GMAT prep is also strong am expecting a good score.. Will the lack of community service hinder my application for evening MBA or other components will make up for it?

Crystal: Nancy, you should focus on your strengths. Not having community services will not necessarily hinder your application.

Sal: I am looking to apply for the Chicago Booth Winter 2011 Deadline. I know the application deadline is 10/08/10, but what would be considered early for the Winter 2011 deadline, and are there any benefits to completing the application process early?

Gretchen: Sal, your application will be considered equally at any time you apply. The majority of the applications come in during the week of the deadline. However, the advantage of submitting the application in the weeks/months before the deadline is that you will have more of a preference on when your interview is scheduled at the Gleacher Center.

Will: what study abroad programs are available?

Humberto: Through the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) at Chicago Booth, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible to participate in both short-term and full-term study abroad programs. Short-term programs are 2-3 weeks in length during either the Spring or Summer quarter; full-term programs are either a quarter, semester, or trimester in length (depending on the partner school), and take place during the Autumn and Winter quarters.

George: I wish we had another hour to answer your questions. If we did not get to yours please contact us at 1-312-464-8700. Also, please come to our May 7th open house where entrepreneurship faculty member Craig Wortmann will be presenting.

Crystal: Thank you for chatting with us! We look forward to connecting wtih you again soon.

Sid: Hi Humberto, I wanted to ask you about if it is possible to schedule an interview before submitting my GMAT scores and transcripts

Humberto: Sid - great question! Your official admissions interview will take place after submitting your application, including your GMAT score. If you would like to meet with a member of the Admissions team before that, please call 312-464-8700 to schedule a time to come in!

Vee: Is there any way to get in touch with your Alumni who have a similar background (in Healthcare services) to see how this MBA program helped them excel in their field of work?

Gretchen: Hello Vee, healthcare is a very interesting area at this time! You can email me at gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu and we can connect you with an alumni in the healthcare sector. Please view our Booth BioPharma Group: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx

Pallav: Hi Crystal. I had a question about the weekend program deadline for this year....is it true that one of the requirements is to attend a class in person? And if so does it have to be done prior to the deadline during the first week of May?

Crystal: You are not required to attend a class visit. We encourage it, but it's not at all required.

Gretchen: Thank you for your great questions. We look forward to you visiting us at the Gleacher Center!

iliev: If I applied for the Weekend program, is there a way to transfer to the Evening program if for some reason weekend classes don't work with my schedule six months down the road?

George: yes

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all.

Moderator: The transcript for this live chat will be available online within 48 hours, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/

Humberto: Thanks for your time! Looking forward to connecting with you all again soon!

Moderator: Please note our next application deadline for the Weekend MBA program is May 7. We are also hosted an open house event in Chicago that night. We hope you can join us!