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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Are you planning to start your MBA studies in the 2010 year? If so, hear first hand from the admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to begin at noon and will run for 1 hour. If you have any questions, you can go ahead and start submitting them now.

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Gretchen: Welcome to our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA chat. Please ask any and all questions. Note, if you are in the Detroit area, we will be at the Marriott in Troy tomorrow, Wednesday, 2/24, 6:30-8:30pm.

Ellie: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us today. My name is Ellie McDonald and I am Assistant Director of Admissions and a current Evening MBA student at Chicago Booth. I look forward to answering your questions.

Crystal: So glad you could join us! We look forward to chatting with you!!

Holly: Thanks for joining today's chat! My name is Holly Shearer and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about being a student at Chicago Booth.

sviks: Any plans of a visit to Atlanta?

Gretchen: Thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. Chicago Booth visits Atlanta once a year. If you are interested in the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program we can put you in touch with our alumni in the area. You can me at 312 464 8703.

AndyH: Are there any areas of the application (e.g., GMAT, essays, recommendations) that an applicant would be better served spending more time on than others? Or would this be purely dependent on the applicant’s background and experiences?

Crystal: Hi AndyH! The Admissions Committee takes a 360 degree approach to evaluating your application. So all parts of the application are important--no one part is more important the other. Place lots of time and effort in the entire application. It'll payoff later!!

brohan: What can we expect from on campus interview ?

Ellie: The on-campus interview is a great experience. It is a 40-45 minute conversation with a current student or alumni who is a member of our Admissions Committee. The interview is an opportunity for you to tell your story but also to hear the Booth experience first hand from a current student or alumni. Interviews are conducted after you submit your application.

sviks: For the Weekend MBA program, the website says: "Classes meet either from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., for eleven weeks." So is it EITHER 9-12 OR 1:30-4:30, or is it 9-12 AND 1:30-4:30?

Crystal: In the Weekend MBA Program, students typically take two classes a querter. On Saturday's we have morning and afternoon sessions. You can take two classes or one...it's your choice!

booth2010app: Can you comment on the number of applications received this year compared to last year and if this year's class size will be relatively the same size.

George: Part-time programs across the country are down in applications and we are no different. Because we get so many applications however, we will still be bringing in the same size class as we have done in the past.

Pushkar: Once all the application material is submitted online, how long does one normally have to wait to have the interview?

Ellie: Pushkar, you should hear back from a member of the Admissions team a couple of days after you submit your application to schedule your interview. Depending on your availability and ours, you might wait only a few days to interview or a few weeks.

Jhstengel: I know it is no longer possible to transfer from the part time to the full time program. if I start in the part time program and apply for the full time, and am accepted, will my credits I have earned transfer?

Holly: Jhstengel – Good question- Students that enroll in the part-time program and then decide to apply to the full-time program, are not able to take classes during the quarter in which they apply to the full-time program. If they’re successful, students can transfer up to 3 courses to the full-time program.

AAF: I'm currently taking a Booth class as a GSAL student. On average, what percentage of GSAL students is admitted to the part-time program? Do you have any advice for how to best leverage this experience? I am taking every opportunity to excel and be an active participant - with my class, my small group and my professor. Is there anything else that I could be doing to demonstrate my strength as a candidate through the GSAL program?

Gretchen: We are thrilled you are taking a GSAL class. We do not provide the number of GSAL students who apply to and matriculate into the Booth Program; however know that earning a solid grade in the class helps to strengthen the academic piece of the application. Good luck with the rest of the class.

AndyH: What are some of the most common mistakes made by applicants during the application process?

George: Too many individuals give canned answers in their essays, quoting right from our website but adding little of their own thoughts beyond that. We are not discouraging research, but what we would rather know is how that information impacts you, excites or scares you, or motivates you to apply. Let your personality shine.

AAF: Is there a benefit to submitting a completed application as early as possible?

Gretchen: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA application is on rolling admissions which means you can apply up to the 9 months in advance of the deadline. We recommend this if you feel your application is complete in all areas. However, if taking more time and applying close to the deadline is more ideal for you that is just fine. Your application will be considered equally at any time.

stephaniez: Hello. I will have 3 years of work experience this September. May I still apply for the Chicago Business Fellows program? I know that i will be right at the cut off but still would like to apply.

Ellie: Stephanie, thanks for your question. It sounds like you will just make the cut off to apply for the Chicago Business Fellows. I would highly encourage you to apply this year. As a reminder, there are two CBF Days remaining. Attending one of the CBF Days is a requirement to apply. The CBF Day is when you will have your one-on-one admissions interview. The two dates are 4/17 and 6/19. To sign up, please visit www.chicagobooth.edu/cbf. Please email me directly if you have any further questions about the CBF Program (ellie.mcdonald@chicagobooth.edu).

hmansoor: Hello All, I was wondering if you could highlight some of the differences between the weekend and evening program.

Crystal: Sure! There are a few differences. #1-Weekend Classes are held on Saturday as opposed to the evenings during the week.. #2- Over 65% of our students fly into the city from all over the country to attend class on Saturdays for the Weekend MBA Program while most students in the Evening MBA Program live in the Chicagoland Area. #3- Weekend MBA students only start in the Fall, as opposed to Evening MBA students who start each quarter.

Pushkar: What opportunities to weekend MBA students have to hear distinguished speakers at Booth?

Crystal: That’s a great question. Most of our speaker series are held during the lunchtime hour on Saturday’s so that Evening Students and Weekend Students can attend. Students are notified well in advance of the speakers that will be featured.

davesas: Good afternoon, I am applying for the Summer intake. If I were to submit my application now, would it start being reviewed from the deadline application of April 9 or from today? thanks

Gretchen: We look forward to receiving your summer application. Once we have all of the pieces the 4-6 week review timeline will begin. Please note that we will contact you to schedule your interview once the application has been submitted.

awill08: Are there any recommendations you could provide with regards to who should write the letters of recommendation?

Ellie: Well, one recommendation should be from your current supervisor. The second one should be from someone you feel can write a very meaningful recommendation on your behalf. This second person can be from a client, colleague, fellow organization member, etc.

brohan: I am currently pursuing a CFA designation (appearing for the level 2 exam this summer). Is that something that would add to my application even though I dont have a finance background but would like to study finance courses in my MBA ?

Gretchen: Brohan, congratulations on sitting for Level 2 of the CFA. Please do include this in your application as the Admissions Committee is looking to know as much as we can about you in the areas of academics, work experience and outside interests.

ShG: Hi Gretchen, I am thinking of applying to both the PT and FT program at Booth since I’m not yet decided on one. Are these separate applications or can I apply for both programs through one application?

Gretchen: An applicant does need to choose to apply to either the Full Time or a Part Time Program. If you can, it is ideal to visit both locations for the programs, the Gleacher Center and the Harper Center. Seeing the facilities and talking with our students can help you decide which program is best for you.

SamStone: Hi Holly, What's most challenging as a part -time student at Chicago and how do you balance work/school/life?

Holly: Sam – Great question. I think the greatest challenge that our students face (in addition to the rigorous coursework) is wanting to take advantage of all that the program has to offer, while working full-time. The majority of our programming occurs before or after class, so hopefully students are able to maximize the time they spend at the Gleacher Center. We try to help students balance school and life by opening many of our events to guests. A great example is the Winter Formal, held last Saturday, which brought 200 students and their partners together for a night of dinner and dancing.

Pushkar: How much of an emphasis is there at Booth on team-based assignments? How do people from different regions typically work together on assignments?

George: Team based work is a major part of your MBA experience. It is required or encouraged in most of your classes. The importance of teams are emphasized even before you get to campus, by asking each student to do a 360 evaluation. This allows students to see what aspects of their work life needs to be improved during their time here at Booth. We allow students to use whatever method of communications work best for them. Some use proprietary systems, utilizing telephony services at their corporate offices, others use open sources such as Skype.

AAF: For the past year, I've been focused on preparing for the GMAT and applying to grad school – this has significantly cut into my ability to volunteer. Is an applicant significantly penalized for not making a civic contribution or demonstrating community leadership in the past few years?

Gretchen: Everyone has a time and place for volunteering and if this past year has not been the best year for you to do so, that is just fine. The Admissions Committee is looking to know about you in the areas of academic preparation, work experience and MBA goals and outside interests. Plus, you can always start to volunteer with our Chicago Booth Philanthropy Group if you matriculate with us! We just hosted a Non Profit Fair at the Gleacher Center.

rslay: Is the admission criteria for the Evening/Weekend Program the same as that of a full-time program? If not, then does the school place special emphasis on certain aspects of the application?

Crystal: The admissions criteria for the both programs are very similar. The main difference is that the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs require that all applicants interview with a member of the Admissions Committee while the Full-Time Program interviews applicants who receive an invitation. Both programs take a holistic approach to reviewing your application.

KCaya: Thanks. One thing that first drew my attention to Chicago Booth is that the part-time students have access to the recruiting events and career services as the full time students do. Can you give some details on that?

George: Part-Time students have full access to our career services offerings, with the only difference that part-time students do not have access to internship recruiting. Resume writing, interview skills, case practice, and company and job evaluations are all available to all students. Part-Time students can also participate in on campus recruiting. If students have received tuition reimbursement from their employers we ask that they receive a waiver from their employer allowing them to participate.

AAF: In considering the current economic climate, what is the current trend in the number of applications for the part-time program?

George: The change in tuition reimbursement from employers and the market place fear has diminished applications to part-time programs across the country and we are following that trend.

sviks: For each of the concentrations, a course "sampling" has been provided on your website. As the name suggests, is it just a subset of the available courses? How can I get a list of ALL available elective courses for a particular concentration?

Holly: Sviks - A listing of courses in available online here: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/courses/205

aaronzeide: How successful your students who fly in for the Weekend MBA Program? How large of a hurdle is the travel component?

Ellie: Our Weekend MBA students are extremely successful. They are amazing time managers. Approximately 70% of our students are coming in from outside the state of Illinois so you will not be alone. Students are able to meet with their groups or participate in student group events over the lunch time hour (12:00pm - 1:30pm) as well as after class (4:30pm). We provide free shuttles both to and from Midway and O'Hare to the Gleacher Center and back every week. This makes the travel in and out of Chicago relatively seamless.

dimamo1983: When will the schedule be posted for US receptions for the remainder of 2010? Particulary interested in one in Kansas City area

Ellie: The 2010 On-the Road schedule for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs is currently posted on our website. Unfortunately, we will not be visiting Kansas City this year.

maruthyr: Is it possible to switch from the Evening MBA program to the Weekend MBA program after gaining admission to the Evening MBA program?

Holly: Maruthyr – Yes, students are able to transfer between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. In order to do so, students must have been registered for at least two quarters in their current program, and apply during the quarter prior to the quarter in which they’d like to have the transfer take effect. Students are able to transfer once during their studies.

dimamo1983: What is GSAL? Would be helpful if you could spell out the acronyms for the newbies here

Gretchen: Great question. GSAL stands for Graduate Student at Large, which is a program that is part of the Graham School at the University of Chicago. As a GSAL you can take a Chicago Booth class. This is a great option if you would like to learn more about the Booth MBA Programs and want to test out working full time and taking classes.

Gretchen: View the website: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/php/gsal/

Pushkar: What can I expect on the day of class visit at Booth?

Crystal: When you arrive for a class visit you should meet your student ambassador in suite 430 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Your ambassador will walk you to your classroom and introduce you to your professor. During break you are more than welcome to have a snack in our Café. After your visit, we will follow-up with you regarding your experience. The class visit experience is the best way to learn more about the “Chicago Approach” to learning and teaching. We look forward to seeing you at Gleacher!

sviks: The website specifically mentions that there are no scholarships for Evening/Weekend MBAs. Why is that so?

Gretchen: This is a great question. Our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are working full time and therefore the options for scholarships and grants are not there. Many of our student request financial aid, either government or private loans.

Vienna: Hi, Good afternoon, I will submit my application within a couple of weeks, Can you tell me little bit about the interview process and super Saturday event?

Ellie: Vienna, thanks for your question. We are definitely looking forward to you submitting your application in the coming weeks. As for the interview process, once you submit your application our office will contact you about setting up an interview date and time. We have Saturday interview appointments so if this is more convenient for you, we can schedule you for this time. Our two upcoming Super Saturday interview dates are March 6th and April 10th. Interview times are at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, and 1pm.

AndyH: In your opinion, what are one or two characteristics that distinguish Chicago Booth’s Evening / Weekend MBA Programs from other top-ranked part-time MBA programs?

Gretchen: Great question Andy.

Gretchen: 1. Flexibility in what classes you take, when you take them (eveing, weekend, daytime), and how long you have to compelte them (up to 5 years)

Gretchen: 2. Quality in the best professors in the world, state of the art facilities in Chicago, London andn Singapore and quality of your classmates, coming from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds.

Gretchen: If you have not alreay, come visit us at the Gleacher Center. We have an event on March 5th, 6:30pm.

Nidhi: Are applications for the weekend MBA programs only once a year?

Gretchen: Nidhi, yes, the Weekend MBA Program begins once a year in the fall. The 2010 Weekend application is open at this time until May 7th. Apply when you you are ready.

AAF: is there a different accreditation for students graduating from the part-time program than the students graduating from the full-time program?

Crystal: Not at all! Students receive the same degree no matter which program that you matriculate into and the degree is perceived the way in the marketplace. Get excited!

AAF: Ellie, can you please clarify - can we submit 3 recommendations??

Ellie: Yes, you can submit a third supplemental letter, but we ask if you do this, to have the third person be a person who can provide a different perspective than the previous two.

stephaniez: Do you need to submit the full application in order to intreview for the CBF program?

Ellie: Stephanie, the CBF Program is not rolling admission based and we recommend you do not submit your application before you interview on one of the two CBF Days. You will learn a lot about the program on this date and we want you to be able to include this information in your application. CBF applications are only viewed post the 7/1 deadline date so there is no advantage in submitting early.

Ellie: The only thing that needs to be submitted before participating in the CBF Day is your nomination from a current supervisor.

twoflower: Hello everyone. I'm considering starting an MBA program this year. I'm curious how the Weekend vs. Evening MBA programs compare as far at time commitment, duration, curriculum, etc.

Holly: Hi twoflower! Both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs consist of 20 courses and the Effective Leadership component. Most of our students take 2 classes per quarter which allows them to finish their MBA in about two and a half years. The curriculum is the same, the faculty is the same, and the opportunities to engage in the community are the same. If you work near downtown and are able to make it to the Gleacher Center by 6:00p.m. on a weeknight for class, then the Evening MBA Program is probably for you. If Saturdays are more convenient with your schedule, then consider the Weekend MBA Program.

dimamo1983: Why should we choose Booth program over other top tier MBA programs?

George: Booth is the most flexible program in the galaxy! You can take whatever class you want, when you want (Day, Evening or Weekend). You craft your own MBA right from the time you enter the program. Secondly, it is one of the most efficient programs around. There is only one mandatory component, Effective Leadership, the rest are made available to you if you desire it. For instance, we have Global options available if you want them. There are experiential classes and classes that are more theoretical. There are classes that require you to work in teams and those that make it an option. You get to pick which ones work best for you. Lastly, the quality of a Booth MBA lasts over time. Alumni tell us that they feel their MBA got more valuable as they progressed in their career.

TeresaG: What is the lowest GPA Booth generally considers?

Ellie: Teresa, we take a holistic approach when reviewing the application. Under the academic piece, we are looking at the G.P.A., GMAT, any additional post graduate work, etc.

ShG: What is the average GMAT score for your accepted student body? Do you consider GRE scores?

Ellie: Our average GMAT for the Evening MBA Program is a 680 and for the Weekend MBA Program is a 700. We have a very wide range of accepted GMATs. Our range is from the upper 500s to 800. Unfortunately, the GRE is not accepted.

sviks: In the Weekend MBA program, is it possible to take more than 2 courses per quarter and complete sooner? Is that possible in the Evening program?

Holly: Sviks - Some of our weekend students choose to take class on Friday night in addition to two Saturday courses. Doing so, would allow you to complete the MBA in less time – however I would recommend waiting a few quarters before attempting to take 3 courses as it can be a lot to manage. Students in our Evening MBA program also have the flexibility to slow down or speed up their program as necessary.

Pushkar: Booth is no doubt the Number 1 MBA program in Finance. What has Booth done in recent years to strengthen its MBA progran in Strategy and General Management areas?

George: The number one job function that our alumni are in?? --- General Management! Most of our students go on to run large organizations. We teach concepts and frameworks that will help you speak the language of business needed as a General Manager. Strategy—it is our #3 concentration. #1 – Finance and #2 Entrepreneurship. My personal favorite classes I have taken here—Strategy. Strategy is one of the highest ranked set of classes by all students.

KCaya: Do you see a high number of part time applicants that look to change direction in their careers, or mostly those looking to take the next step on their current path?

Crystal: The program is designed for full-time working professionals so you’ll see a lot of students go through the program with the intentions to enhance their careers. With that said, while some students might have the intentions to move forward in their current careers, they sometimes have opportunities to change their careers based on the resources and network that becomes available by being a part of this community. If you are looking to explicitly change your career, then you might want to consider the Chicago Booth Full-Time Program as it is designed to help you do so.

AAF: Regarding the decision process: how long does it usually take for the committee to review an application? What is the anticipated decision date for Summer applications?

Gretchen: AAF, once the application is submitted, the review process is 4-6 weeks. The application deadline for the Summer quarter is Friday, April 9th and you can apply anytime between now and then.

Mattkphillips: How does the applicant pool look for the evening summer 2010. Are quantity of applicants similar to previous years? What percent has been accepted into this program?

Gretchen: The quality of applications is on par from last year and this past quarter. We are receiving applications now and the majority of the applicants will apply during the week of the April 9th deadline. We do not publish the number of already accepted students.

Moderator: We have 15 minutes left in the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. We are eager to continue the dialogue. As we get repeat questions, if we aren't able to address your specific questions, please refer to the transcripts posted online after the chat to see if we've addressed it.

JJC14: Are there any advantages/disadvantages to starting the program in the fall rather than summer?

Crystal: There are no disadvantages between starting in the summer vs. the fall. You should apply when you’re ready! The Chicago Booth MBA Program is the 2nd oldest business school in the nation. We’ve been around since the late 1800’s…we are not going anywhere. When you’re ready to submit your application…we’ll be ready to review it.

MAgrawal_1__MAgrawal_: Hello Gretchen, I am applying for the Summer 2010 for the Part time MBA program. Is the career development center same for all four programs i.e Full time, Part time, Weekend and Executive MBA program

Gretchen: Hello! Thanks for logging in. There is one Career Service Team for all full time and part time students as well as alumni. Our job coaches and industry experts sit at the Harper Center and the Gleacher Center, as well as London and in Singapore. Part Time students have access to the programming and the On Campus Recruiting for full time jobs, just not for internships.

Kailash: Can Evening MBA students take classes scheduled for the Saturday program if they find it meets their needs.

Crystal: Yes, Evening students can take classes with Weekend students on Saturdays. That's the beauty of the flexibility in the program. You take classes where ever you want whenever you want to take them!

Nidhi: Hello, I would like to know if there are any differences in the way the application for the weekend and the evening MBA programs is evaluated?

Crystal: Hi, the application review process and requirements are exactly the same. We evaluate all applicants holistically, not focusing on one part of the application.

rslay: How does the Application Criteria for Evening/Weekend MBA differ from the Full-Time MBA? DO you please emphasis on specific aspects of an application (such as experience)?

Crystal: The application criteria between the Part-Time MBA Program and the Full-Time MBA program are relatively the same. The only major difference is that interviews for the Part-Time MBA Program are required for all applicants while the Full-Time MBA Program invites applicants to interview. Most students in the part-time program have 5-6 years of work experience while full-time students have 4-5 years.

AndyH: For current students: What has surprised you most about the Chicago Booth MBA Program (that you found out after starting)?

Crystal: I really like how incredibly smart, yet down to earth everyone is. It's been great going through the program. I've had a support network since the day I started.

AAF: Is Booth a case-method school?

George: Yes and no. Cases are used in almost every class. The difference between say Harvard and Booth is that Harvard teaches from the case. Booth teaches the frameworks and concepts and then uses cases to allow you to practice the application or to show you the application of the ideas in a real life situation.

ShG: Is there a recommended yrs of work experience?

Crystal: No, most of our students have approximately 5 years of business experience. You are more then welcome to submit your application if you have less experience as we focus more on quality of experience instead of quantity of years .

Blake: I am a second year law student at the University of Chicago. I entered the Law School immediatley after graudating from college. I would like to enter the part-time MBA program during my final year of law school. Am I at a disadvantage because of my lack of work experience? Does the school have a preference or bias against admitting students currently enrolled in graduate school.

Ellie: Blake, as a part-time program we do heavily evaluate the professional experience of the applicant. With the lack of professional experience you will need to provide a good story on why a part-time program is the best fit for you and how you will provide value in the classroom. Please keep in mind that because our program expects our students to be full-time working professionals we do not provide health insurance to our students.

Kailash: How would you differentiate between the Evening and Weekend program structures for someone looking to change their career track?

George: I wouldn’t. The programs are exactly the same; the only differences are when you want to take classes. If you travel from out of town, as 60% of our weekend program does, taking evening classes are very problematic. Beyond that, all career services offerings are provided on the weekend and evenings. If you are going through On Campus Recruiting however you will find that most, if not all, the visiting corporations want to interview during the daytime. This is not a difference in the programs however, and should not weigh upon which program you choose.

brohan: What opportunities do weekend students have to form a bond (with each other and the professors) and get a more personal feel for the booth culture ?

Holly: Brohan – Great question! Saturdays are by far the busiest days at the Gleacher Center. Weekend students have an hour and a half lunch break which provides the opportunity to attend review sessions, student group events, career services programming, meet with faculty, or grab lunch with friends. When afternoon classes conclude another round of events kicks off in the afternoon. In addition to these offerings, the program office offers two networking events quarterly for weekend students. These events occur right after class at the Gleacher Center, which makes it convenient for students traveling in to attend.

pradeepg: Thank you for this opportunity.. I have a question on Recommendation Letters. I have been with my current company for 3 years and am working on with 2 recommenders for my work at current company. Would you suggest me to provide an additional reco. from my previous employer.

Gretchen: As only two letters of recommendations are required, having two letters from your current company is just fine. If you think, however, that your previous employer would add something new to your profile, a third letter is acceptable.

VikramL: After the GMAT exam, typically how long does it take for the GMAT scores to be sent to the universities?

Ellie: It is pretty instanteous if you release your scores to our institution. We no longer have the scores sent in paper form. We have access to go into the GMAT site and view your scores.

MAgrawal_1__MAgrawal_: I have taken two MBA courses at Chicago Booth through Graham School At Large program.If admitted, can I transfer my credits toward my degree program?

Ellie: If admitted, we accept up to 3 courses from the Graham School that will be applied to your 20 required courses.

Fen: What are the average ages for the weekend and evening class students?

Gretchen: Fen, the average age of our part time students is 29-30 years old; however we see a range from 22-60+.

brohan: Is not having managed people considered a negative on the application ? I have managed projects at work but never people.

Ellie: Leadership potential and skills are what we are looking for in each and every one of our applicants. Managing people is one way to evaluate this component. If you are not currently managing people, I would advise explaining ways, at work or outside of work, that you have demonstrated this skill set.

sarna: Can you explain more on what CBf is?

Ellie: The Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) Program is for early entry applicants with 0-3 years of work experience. These students are Evening MBA students who have a unique first quarter experience by participating in a professional development seminar every Friday night from 6pm-9pm. To learn more, please visit www.chicagobooth.edu/cbf.

MattK: Does Booth have an publish class rankings for their students?

Holly: MattK – If your question is about course evaluations, then yes, we share course evals with students so they can make informed decisions about the classes they take. If you’re asking about publishing a ranking of students according to their performance in the program, we do not. We do recognize academic achievement quarterly by adding students to our Dean’s Honors List. These students are notified by a letter sent to their mailing address. We also recognize academic achievement annually at the Deans’ Awards Celebration.

AAF: Because I had to support myself through undergrad, I was not able to participate in a significant number of extracurricular activities. Will an applicant be penalized for this?

Gretchen: You will not be penalized for not being too involved in undergraduate school. You can explain in the essay your own situation in college. Booth has over 30 student groups and we want to know which groups you would want to be a part of if you join us!

AndyH: Has the slowdown in the economy over the past two years changed the composition of the applicant pool for Chicago Booth’s Evening / Weekend MBA Programs? If so, in what ways?

George: Andy good question. The general trend for sometime has been a move towards individuals getting their MBA sooner rather than later, thus the average age of most part-time programs have fallen. Our program average age is 29, it was closer to 30 a few years ago. We also see more students coming from non-traditional backgrounds. This is something welcome by most MBA programs and further broadens the diversity of most programs.

brohan: What differences (if any) are there in the curriculum and faculty between the weekend and full time program ? Does the same distinguised faculty teach the weekend program ?

Crystal: Faculty members are required to teach in all programs. The content and quality of the discussions in the classroom are very similar. As such, all students receive the same MBA from Chicago Booth regardless of the program that you matriculate into. Ex: Many full-time students attend class at night to free up their days for other obligations. They can expect the same lecture that they would have received had they been in class with their full-time classmates during the day. It’s all the same.

Nidhi: Are there any statistics on what percentage of enrolled MBA students select a health care concentration? Does Booth have any heath care programs that can be taken during the course of the MBA?

Gretchen: Nidhi, many of our students are interested healthcare and are either already working in the industry or moving into the industry. Although there is not a healthcare concentration, there is the option at the U of C to earn a certificate in Health Administration and Policy. Our alumni hosts many events related to healthcare. Let us know when you are next in the Gleacher Center area.

Gretchen: To view more on the certificate: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/jointdual/certificate.aspx

KCaya: Any plans to visit anyplace in th e north east? Primarliy Boston or NY

Ellie: We were out in NYC this past November. The part-time programs typcially visit NYC once a year around the same time every year.

dimamo1983: You mentioned that you will have the same class size this year because you will still have more applications than that. So sounds like the class size is fixed. How does that work with rolling admissions and your earlier statement that it does not really matter when one applies.

George: We only have so many seats in the class rooms, so that is our upper bound. We cannot take in more students than are graduating. One of the lower bound is the quality of applicants. We would not bring in anyone who we were worried would not represent Booth well as an alumni or would struggle greatly completing the program. So we bring in as many qualified students as we need to replace the outstanding students who are graduating. The only way it would matter when you applied is if the applications fell in one quarter only and the drop was not uniformly dispersed throughout the year. This is not the case.

MAgrawal_1__MAgrawal_: What are some of the difference between part time/week end Executive MBA program?

Ellie: Weekend MBA students have class every Saturday while XP students meet every other all day Friday and all day Saturday. The Weekend MBA Program typically takes about 2.5 years to complete while the XP Program takes about 21 months to complete. Please visit both websites to learn more about the similarities and differences between the programs.

twoflower: Can students transfer from the full-time program to the part-time program?

George: No, we don’t allow transfers between program, but we do allow students from one program to apply to another.

Spencer: I haven't seen a schedule, when are classes held? T Th or M W

Holly: Spencer - Classes are held once a week for three hours at a time. Classes occur Monday - Friday from 6 - 9:00 p.m., and Saturdays have two class sessions (AM and PM).

Akshat: What percentage of students fly in from the New York/New England area? Is it convenient for them to fly in still fully justify their participation?

Crystal: We have the data, but I don’t have it at my finger tips. What I do know is that over 65% of the students in the Weekend Program fly into the city each week and it’s very feasible. If you would like additional details, please feel free to contact our office. 312.464.8700.

sviks: One of the reasons I am considering the part-time program is so that I don't lose my income during the time I'm in school and have the finances to support myself. Can I apply to both the full-time program, requesting a scholarship, as well the part-time program (assuming I don't get accepted into the full-time program with a scholarship)?

Gretchen: You make a great point that applying to the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program at Chicago Booth will allow you to keep your income! We do ask that only apply to one program and therefore keeping thinking about which program is the best fit for you.

ShG: Do most of the students for the Weekend Program come from the Midwest area?

George: 40% from the midwest, 60% from the rest of the country

AAF: Can you please shed some light on the interview process? How many interviews are included, what types of topics are addressed? How long do they last?

Gretchen: All applicants to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs will be interviewed and the interview is scheduled once the application is submitted. You will be interviewed by a member of the Admissions Committee, either a student, an alum or an admissions director.

Catati: What is the minimum full time experience required for the evening MBA program?

Crystal: There is not a minimum requirement. The average work experience is 5 years. Some students have less and that’s fine too. We focus on the quality of experience as opposed to the quantity of years.

sarna: I am working in los angeles , but I really like the chicago progam, I want to attend the weekend program. Do you have students who commute from very far away

Crystal: Sure, over 65% of our students travel from outside of the city of Chicago. We have a good number of students who specifically travel into the city from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Don’t worry…they still have their sanity! If they can do it…you can do it too…bottom line…it can be done.

MAgrawal_1__MAgrawal_: Do university facilitate part time students in getting private loans?

George: Yes, on our website we offer loan programs that we have vetted for you.

KCaya: Do you see any trends in terms of the types of goals that part-time applicant have when applying to the program

Gretchen: Great question. The general goal is to enhance one's career and/or change one's career in terms of either industry and/or job function. We are seeing more of an interest in the fields of entrepreneurship and healthcare.

sarna: what is the ranking of the program (part time)?

George: Depends on the publication. They all rank on different parameters. If you follow up with our office and let us know what you wanted to rank, we can provide you with the best publication to follow. You can contact us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or 312.464.8700.

vms: hi i am from the NW, how many students generally enroll from the WA, OR area?

Gretchen: Hello West Coast, we have a handful of students each year who come in from Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. We can also look into our students and alumni who are now in OR. You can call us at 312 464 8703.

Pieter: Hi Crystal - just arrived, I have a hectic schedule and I am trying to fit the GMAT in somewhere. My application on line is already 50% completed. Can I just report my score and you guys will wait for the official report / do I need to take the GMAT 3 weeks before the deadline for applications

Gretchen: Pieter, thanks for working on the applcation. We only need the unofficial self-reported score. I hope this helps.

JJC14: Would it be possible to take the GMAT the first week of April and still apply for the Summer quarter? Would you simply submit the rest of the application in advance and send the score on Exam day?

Gretchen: For sure! You can take the GMAT on the day of the deadline, 4/9 and still be considered as a summer applicant. It is best if you wait to submit your application until you have the unofficial GMAT score.

booth2010app: Are there any statistics for career placement after completing the part-time program? What is the average salary increase for a student post-MBA?

George: We do have some. Let us know what area you are interested in and we can provide you with details and/or contacts who have navigated the same change.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many great questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all.

Moderator: The transcript for this live chat will be available online within 48 hours, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/. If you had a question that wasn't answered, please feel free to contact us at 312.464.8700 or eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu.

George: Thank you all for such great questions. Please contact us and we would be glad to follow up on any specifics we were unable to answer.

Ellie: Thanks everyone for joining us. It was a pleasure speaking with all of you today. Good luck with the application process. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

Holly: Thanks for the great questions today! Feel free to contact our office with any follow-up questions.

Gretchen: We look forward to continuing the conversation with you! Visit the Gleacher Center soon.

Crystal: Thank you for chatting with us today. We look forward to continuing the converstaion with you.

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