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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Admissions Directors and current students will chat with prospective students about the admissions process, admissions interviews, and more!

November 11, 2009—12:00-1:00PM CST

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Crystal: Hi, I'm Crystal Smith Assistant Director of Admissions I look forward to chatting with you!

Kara: Welcome to our online chat! I am Kara, an Assistant Director of Admission, for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. I look forward to answering your questions!

Soniya: Hi! I'm Soniya, a current Evening student concentrating in Strategy, Marketing, and Managerial & Organizational Behavior. Looking forward to answering your questions!

Kellie: Hi, my name is Kellie Few and I'm a Chicago Booth student on my final two classes!

Sushil_morker: hi, I am a permanent resident of US and I am looking for a part time MBA Program at Chicago Booth. I have given my GMAT and scored 460, and I am expecting my TOEFL scores soon. Do I stand a chance to get an admission to the program offered at Chicago Booth?

Crystal: We take a holistic approach to reviewing your application. The GMAT is only one part of the application process. We consider all applications at Chicago Booth. Keep in mind that you are more than welcome to take the GMAT more than once. Good Luck!

praveena: Hi. Can we become a full time student anytime when we are enrolled for our part time studentship

Gretchen: Hi, great question. The Chicago Booth program is very flexible for Evening/Weekend students and, like myself, you are able to take a full-time course load. However, students in the E/W program cannot fully matriculate into the full-time program.

sL: On average, how much out of class time are students allocating to course work?

Gretchen: The amount of time spent on each class varies. The academic work here is both challenging and exciting, so students should be prepared to allocate a considerable amount of time per week on readings, cases or group assignments to name a few.

Thomas: As I am currently deciding whether to apply for the weekend or full-time course, can you comment on any differences in employer recruitment upon graduation between the two programs?

Crystal: Thomas, that's a great question! The main difference between internship recruiting in the part-time program and the full-time program is the opportunity to bid for internships. Other than that the majority of Career Services offerings are the same. On Campus Recruiting for post graduation jobs is available to both full time and part time students. The OCR process is fairly similar.

Meredith: Is it crucial to attend an open house before submitting my application? My travel schedule is tight the next 3 weeks, but I would like to submit my application by mid-December.

Crystal: Hi Meredith, we would be thrilled to have you join us for an Open House, however, it's not critical. Please feel free to submit your application and contact us if you have questions as you move forward with the process.

TED: What is the average number of classes that a weekend student takes?

Kellie: Hi Ted, the amount of classes a weekend student takes varies and the school is flexible to react to your schedule. Some students opt to have a lighter schedule one quarter taking one class, versus students taking a heavier load with three. On average evening and weekend students take two classes per quarter and graduate in two and a half years.

Andy: What are the differences and similarities in the recruiting process for Evening/Weekend MBA and the Day MBA?

Kellie: Andy,

Kellie: Great question! All Chicago Booth students, including the Evening/Weekend students, are able to participate in on campus recruiting through the career services. The big difference between the two programs is in regard to internship recruiting, which Career Services facilitates for full-time students. However, E/W students are able to find internship positions on their own, either through personal networks or job postings on our career website. This is the route I took and found internships over the past two summers in Marketing & Consulting. Although this is a difference, there are considerable opportunities for all students.

mba2012: i am an IT consultant..and spend most of the time at the client location than at my employer...which recommendation will be more valued..the supervisor at the client lcoation or the supervisor at my employer company

Crystal: We would like to see a recommendation for the person you directly report to. Feel free to reach out the other to your client for the second recommendation.

bswinton: Regarding the Analytic Finance concentration, do most students take the CFA before or after they earn their MBA? Thanks Brandon

Crystal: Hi, there is a lot of overlap within the MBA program and the content for the CFA. There are many students who take the CFA while in the program. Ultimately, you should consider the time commitment for each of these and what that would mean for you balancing work, life, and school.

praveena: What is exactly meant by group assigments and hw are the groups formed and function in general?

Kellie: Praveena,

Kellie: Students at Booth learn not only a great deal from our professors, but also our peers, who have great real world experiences and insights. Much of our classroom teachings are set around group assignments, encouraging students with varied backgrounds and function specialties to work in teams, simulating many business environments. Although many classes require individual work too, group work at Booth is commonplace. Most groups are formed by students interacting with one another at the start of the quarter or some courses have professors that pre-select groups.

Amit: I have read on booth website that part time admissions are on rolling basis. Does the chances of acceptance change as the deadline approaches OR a student have the same opportunity for admittance even if the application is submitted on the deadline as compared to the one submitted months in advance of the deadline.

Kara: Hi! Yes, we do having rolling admisison, which means you will have our admission decision 4-6 weeks from the time your application is complete. We consider all applicants who submit an application by the deadline. The chances of admisison are them same across the board. However, we always suggest you apply early in order to get your decision sooner.

sL: Is student aid available for the evening MBA program?

Kara: Yes, we offer financial aid in the form of federal or private student loans. As long as you are enrolled in two classes each quarter, aid is avaiable. The financial aid process begins after one is admitted and accepts the offer.

Sean: Hello! I'm currently in the process of filling out an application for the evening program. The essay questions for Booth are the hardest I've had to answer in my applications...any advice on how to go about answering?

Kara: Hi Sean, I am happy to know that you are applying to the Evening MBA Program! With the essays I suggest you be open, honest, and clear about your goals. Also, have someone else read them to ensure you are getting your points across. It is important to the admission committee that you clearly express your desire for the Booth Evening MBA. If you would like to further discuss this, feel free to call our admisison hotline at 312.464.8700.

JRD: , I am pleased to read of Thanks Guys for helping the prospective candidates with such chat sessions. I'm interested in Evening MBA program. Would like to know if incase I loose my job, can I convert my part time to full time program ? As an non- immigrant on H1B Visa, can I transfer to F1 Visa in such case ?

Kara: Hi, I am pleased to read of your plans to apply to the Evening MBA! We do not allow you to transfer from the Evening MBA to the Full-Time MBA. The Part-Time MBA does not support F1 student visas. If you were to lose your job and want to pursue the Full-Time MBA, you would need to withdraw from the Part-Time program and apply to the Full-Time MBA. The other option would be to work with Career Services to try to find a new job that will suport your H1B visa. You do not have to be enrolled in courses every quarter while you look for a new job.

sL: Compared with the other top ranked MBA program in Chicago, that starts with a K, would you say there is more or less emphasis on group work?

Soniya: Hi sL, never having been to another b-school, I can only comment on group work at Booth. And there's a lot! I'd say I've done group work for almost every class. There are many classes that combine group work and individual work.

prospective: Hi, thank you for taking my questions. If a student is interested in pursuing a JD as well as an MBA, how many semesters after the student begins at Chicago Booth Evening does the student have before he or she can no longer apply to U of C Law? (i.e. within the first year, 4 courses, or before the law school year begins, etc.)

Kara: Within your first two quarters of the Booth MBA, you need to be admitted to the JD. See the Law School website for more information: http://www.law.uchicago.edu/joint-degrees

Greene12: Do you have to be a resident of chicago to apply?

Soniya: Hi Greene12. You don't have to be a resident of Chicago to apply. We have students in both the Evening and Weekend program that are from all over the country. Let us know where you are coming from and we can connect you with a Booth student or an alum in your area.

Rachel: The percentage of women is increasing rapidly in many areas of higher education, so much so that they are often now the majority. What is Booth's current faculty gender ratio and how do rates of tenure differ between men and women. How has this changed in the last ten years, five years, etc.

Soniya: Hi Rachel, I don't know the actual ratio but I can tell you that I've had both male and female professors across all my concentrations and foundation courses, over the past few years. You can check out the list of faculty on the Booth website for more detail: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/faculty.aspx

AJ: If a person has diverse background like Bachelors in Mech Engg. and Masters in Computer Science and now planning ot do MBA is that seen in a positive way or in a negative way ?

Soniya: Hi AJ, diversity is very important to Booth. My classmates and I are from a variety of backgrounds, from engineering/CS to non-profit. Diversity in backgrounds definitely adds to the classroom experience.

praveena: Is there any minimum number of courses to be taken to be majoring in any paricular field and are there any pre-requisites with respect to them?

Soniya: Hi praveena. Everyone has to complete 20 courses to graduate and one required leadership course, titled Effective Leadership. Each concentration requires a few courses that pertain to the field. There is a LOT of choice in how you meet those requirements! You can really shape your degree to suit you and your interests, and also get exposure to a lot of fields.

G-216475687: Good afternoon. Could you better discuss the financial aid process? If a student is accepted, what is the step you recommend he take in procuring financial aid.

Kara: You are correct, you first need to be admitted to receive federal loans. You will need to fill out the FAFSA, the federal loan application. As a newly admitted student, you will have a financial aid advisor to guide you through the process. Loans are available as long as you are enrolled in two classes per quarter.

G-216383578: Hello and good afternoon to all. I am a prospective student at the Chicago Booth and I am interested in the Evening Part Time program. My question is - Once enrolled in a PT program, can a candidate transfer to a full time program?

Crystal: Good afternoon! After applying to a part time program you cannot switch to the full time program. You are not required to maintain employment in the part-time program and you are more than welcome to increase your course load if you are not working to match a full-time load.

Partovi: Are letters of recommendation normally from your most current supervisor at work?

Kara: We highly recommend that one letter of recommendation be from your current supervisor. The second can be from someone else you know professionally, through community activities, etc. It is important to choose people who know you well and will write a detailed letter about your candidacy. In the application, we ask why you chose your recommenders. This gives you the chance to explain your choices.

Rachel: My work experience is at the lowest end of the suggested experience for part-time candidates. I have stong recommendations and excellent GMAT scores, but should I be considering the Business Fellows program? Is the BF program typically more or less competitive than regular part-time admission?

Kara: Hi Rachel, if you have 0-3 years of work experience you should certianly apply to the Chicgao Business Fellows (CBF) program. The competitivness is similar between the general Evening MBA and the CBF program. With CBF applicants, we do look more at your academic background since you have less work experieince. We admit 20-30 CBF students each fall. The average GMAT is approximately 700 for CBF.

Waqar: I am looking to apply for the Winter 2010 weekend MBA program. I am hoping to take Marketing as the concentration. I was looking at your website and saw that the "Marketing Group" membership is only open to Full time students only. do you think this group will be open to Part time students in the near future? I found this Marketing group to be very useful and would like to take full advantage of it.

Soniya: Hi Waqar, there is a Booth Marketing Club that is for Evening and Weekend students and it is well-integrated with the Full Time group's marketing club. Our Marketing Group hosts many events, including interaction with industry leaders, career guidance, and social events. Please also view the website for the Kilts Marketing Center: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx

Jamey: I am considering changing careers, but the part time program would be much better for me. Are the resources of the part time school appropriate for that goal?

Crystal: Hi Jamey, the part-time program is designed for full-time working professionals who want to enhance or thier careers. However, there are many students who change their careers as they move through the program. Career Services and a strong alumni and current student network facilitate opportunities to make career changes.

Greene12: Would you consider Booth to be a diverse program?

Crystal: Absolutely! As admissions directors we work hard to craft a diverse classroom including students of various academic, professional, and ethnic backgrounds. Diversity of thought and concepts are also considered.

NewYorker: What advice do you have for an applicant with a weak undergraduate transcript, strong GMAT scores and good work experience (more than 10 years)?

Soniya: Hi NewYorker, We take a holistic approach to the application so we don't view any one piece more than the other. I would recommend you to use the Optional Essay if you have an area that you would like to address in more detail.

prospective: Does Chicago Booth Evening have a club for wives/husbands? If so, approximately how many people are in the club?

Soniya: Hi prospective. We have a Partners' Club that is open to wives/husbands/significant others. My husband joined and we've been to a few events where we meet other couples out for dinner or enjoy Chicago activities. I've met at least 10 other couples, and continue to meet more at every event. It's a lot of fun!

G-216471923: Hello. I am applying for the Fall 2010 Weekend program. I wanted to get some more information on the interview process - what to expect, etc. Can anyone tell me about experiences and what to be prepared for?

Kellie: The interview process at Booth is a great opportunity to further show your unique individual qualities. Outside of the actual application portion, students will interview with a person on the admissions committee, an alum, a student or an admissions director. This is a chance for you to tell us things you may have missed on other parts of the application or perhaps tell us a bit more about yourself. Also as important, it's a good chance for you to ask questions about Booth to the interviewer!

sL_1: Has the current employment situation impacted the number of applications?

Kara: The Part-Time MBA has not seen much of a change. Our numbers have remianed stable of the last year.

prospective: Are admissions decisions rolling? If I submit my application well before the deadline will I be able to receive my decision earlier?

Kellie: Booth admissions are on a rolling basis and post-submission all applicants will receive a decision within 4-6 weeks.

Sean: Can you give an idea of what we could expect tuition to cost for 1 class?

Kellie: Our current tuition per course is $4,861. Please keep in mind that all students at Booth have access to federal and private student loans.

sL_1: Can a evening student take a weekend course?

Kellie: Evening students can take courses in both the Weekend and Full-Time programs if desired. Due to the structure of our bidding system, people in the home program will receive first rights to class seats before those seats become open to other programs.

Meredith: To submit a transcript from undergrad, can the school send it directly to the admissions office? Or do I request the transcript and then upload it in the online application tool?

Kara: If you have copies of your transcripts, you can scan and upload them into the application. We only require unofficial transcript at the time you apply. If you do not have transcripts, feel free to yhave you school(s) mail them direclty to us at:

Kara: Chicago Booth

Kara: 450 N Cityfront Plaza Dr.

Kara: Suite 330

Kara: Chicago, IL 60611

902: When is the next evening deadline and can the interview take place post the deadline?

Kellie: The next evening deadline is January 8 and yes, interviews can absolutely occur post this date.

bswinton: With employers cutting tuition reimbursement, how does financial aid in the part time program work? Do most students qualify?

Kellie: All Chicago Booth students have access to financial aid, in the form of federal and private student loans. The financial aid office works closely with all students to help their financing needs.

G-216383578: For prospective students who already posses a graduate Master degree, do we need to submit the transcripts for undergradudate study as part of the application process?

Soniya: Hi G-216383578. Yes, you would need to submit transcripts for all higher education (anything past high school) with your application.

AJ: How many recommendations are needed ? do I have to get a rec. from my undergrad prof. even though I have a masters degree or I can just get it from prof. of my masters ? Does the undergrad GPA also counts or just the masters GPA will count towards my application ?

Crystal: Hi AJ, we ask that you submit two recommendations, one from your manager and then one from anyone else who can speak to who you are personally and professionally. Please note that we will consider your undergraduate and graduate degree GPA’s during the application process.

leah: Hi, if I apply for the summer semester and am accepted am I able to defer and only start the program in the fall?

Kellie: Leah, yes you can absolutely defer one quarter.

Aviel: Are GMAT scores needed for Full Time the same as for the EW Porgram?

Kara: The average GMAT for the Evening MBA is 680 and the Weekend MBA is 700. The Part-Time MBA admitted range is upper 500's to 800. The average GMAT for the Full-Time MBA is 714.

bswinton: What does an experience at Chicago Booth offer that cannot be obtained at other top schools in the area?

Soniya: Hi bswinton, That's a great question. The Booth Life, of course! My experience here is as much about the top-quality education as it is the community. As an evening student, I receive the same education as the full time students - the same professors and the same curriculum. I am also involved in a number of student groups related to diversity, leadership building, and career enhancing. I am connected to students and alumni from a variety of experiences around the world. The opportunities that I have in the classroom and outside the classroom, and will have as an alumni, are the reason I chose to go to Booth.

Ravi: Where do students stay when they travel from a different city/country for the weekend program?

Crystal: Hi Ravi, we have hotel programs that offer discount hotel prices to students who travel into the Chicagoland area on weekends. We have several hotel options within one block of the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. You should also note that most students fly into Chicago Saturday morning and fly out that evening making it home in time for dinner!

leah: I work with my husband and he is my direct supervisor. Is it a problem to use him for my letter of recommendation?

Crystal: Leah, we would prefer that non-family members write your recommendation. Please feel free to reach out to a colleague or someone else who can speak to who you are personally and professionally.

Andy: If I'm accepted into the Evening program and I move away for a job, can I transfer to the Weekend program?

Crystal: Hi Andy, sure you can! The only requirement is that you attend two consecutive quarters in the program that you are registered in and then you can make a switch. Please note that this is only applicable for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs and not the Full-Time or Executive MBA Programs.

bswinton: I might be jumping ahead of myself but in regards to the bidding process, can you explain more about the process? How difficult is it to get into night and weekend courses?

Kellie: Each student is allocated a certain amount of points at the beginning of each quarter, which accrue from one quarter to the next. Students bid a certain number of points on each class taking into account many inputs from course history to professor. Depending on the quarter and professor (let's say someone who only teaches one time per year) a certain class may go for more points than another. It's important for students to pay attention to course history and allocate points accordingly. It's a unique process and typically it's not difficult to get into a class in your home program. Luckily, many classes are offered multiple times throughout the academic year.

leah: I live overseas, but plan to be in Chicago next year, would I have to interview at Gleacher center or can I interview with an alum in my country?

Kellie: All interviews for prospective students must be held at Gleacher Center. This is a great way to see the school.

bswinton: In regards to interviews, what is to be expected when we come for an interview? How many people will we be interviewed by? Who will we interview with?

Soniya: Hi bswinton, You can expect to be interviewed by one member of the Admissions Committee. Students and Alumni, along with staff from the Evening & Weekend Program Office, are members of the Admissions Committee. Your interview is a chance for you to tell us your story and to ask us any questions you may have about Booth.

praveena: Hi Kara.... You have said that we need to withdraw from Part time course and reapply for a full time student if we want to pursue MBA as a full time student in the middle of our part time curriculum. Does that involve in going through entire application process again? If and if not will the courses taken already be counted?

Kara: You would have to complete the full application for Full-Time, and only three courses would transfer. The process is in place because we want to ensure applicants apply to the best progrm that fits their needs. If you want to further discuss your situation, feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.

902: What are the leadership courses offerred at Booth?

Soniya: Hi Guest. All students take Effective Leadership upon starting at Booth. In addition to that course, we offer a number of classes related to Leadership in the Managerial & Organizational Behavior concentration (Theories of Leadership was my favorite!). I am also the president of the Booth Leadership Group, a student group dedicated to helping our students develop their leadership skills and gain leadership advice from working professionals. Outside of these opportunities, we have a Leadership Speaker Series that brings in industry leaders. Booth places a lot of emphasis on developing your inherent leaderships skills.

PJ: Hi, I have about 8 years of total work experience and am considering applyting to Booth for either part-time or executive MBA. Would the legth of my work experince be considered too short for an EMBA?

Crystal: Hi PJ, the EMBA program is most concerned with quality of experience as opposed to years of experience. You should consider how either program would work for you logistically and make a decision with this in mind.

Greene12: I am coming from Atlanta, GA

Kellie: Great city! Approximately 70% of our student population comes from out-of-state, so you definitely won't be alone.

G-216485810: What is the Success rate for students joining the program. Like from start to finish in one attempt only?

Kara: We have close to a 100% program completion rate. Students have five years to complete the program, and you can petition for an extra 2 years if needed. There have been a few situations where students have had to leave the program due to relocation outside of the US. Keep in mind that we have the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. Therefore, if a student needs to move away from Chicago, they can finish in the Weekend MBA.

Lauren: what is the average gmat score for admitted students

Kellie: GMAT averages for the Weekend program are around 680 & 700 for Evening students. However, we see a range of anywhere from 500-800.

Alec: would success in the CFA, or a similar program be viewed as a good substitute for a less than stellar math score on the GMAT?

Soniya: Hi Alec, the GMAT is required for all applicants and cannot be substituted. If you have only taken the GMAT once, I would recommend taking it again. We would only take your highest score so won't count against you if you try again.

Andy: If my current employer finds out I'm planning on attending MBA school, they may not retain me. Having said that, is a letter of recommendation required from a supervisor?

Kara: A letter from a direct supervisor is recommended but not required. In the application we ask why you chose your recommenders, which will give you the opportunity to explain your situation.

TED: Can you comment on the average size of a class?

Kellie: Class size varies depending on the course, place in the program and time of year. For many of the introductory courses, classes could be around 50-60 students. Once students get more into their concentrations, however, classes are typically around 30 students. In all cases, students have direct access to professors, office hours, teaching assistants and peers - all of which are excellent resources.

Aviel: Are there any interviews for the EW Programs before sending the Application?

Kellie: All interviews are conducted at the Gleacher Center post submission of the application.

wsh: If I consider the Fall 2010 program, can I submit my application now, or I have to wait several months?

Soniya: Hi wsh. Applications go out about 9 months before the deadline so you can submit anytime after that and before the deadline. Autumn 2010 deadlines are July 1, 2010 for the Evening program and May 7, 2010 for the Weekend program.

Moderator: The chat will be closing less than 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions now.

Greene12: Is work experience highly regarded in the admissions process? how does it compare to GMAT scores and GPA?

Kellie: Booth takes a holistic approach to the application process and work experience is considered. Much of our classroom interaction pulls from real world work experiences, so work experience does bring immense value to class dynamics. As mentioned, a holistic view allows us to consider all elements, including GPA & GMAT.

wsh: Hello, I wonder how many new students enrolled per quarter for the evening and weekend MBA class?

Kara: We matriculate about 100 Weekend MBA students every fall. For the Evening MBA, we admit around 175 students in the fall and 80-90 for the Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.

Thomas: How does one submit letter of recommendations? Should the author mail the letters directly to the admisisons office, or do they need to be in a sealed envelope, etc., ?

Kara: We prefer that letters of recommendation be submitted via the online application system. Once you enter your recommender's information into the online application they are emailed instructions for submitting the letter. Letters can be mailed to our office, but we prefer the online method.

Andy: I have approximately 9 years of work experience. What program would you recommend? Evening/Weekend/Executive/Full-Time?

Crystal: Andy, in all of the programs we consider quality of experience over quantity of experience--you should consider fit as you think about what program to apply for. There are all very different in terms of where you would go to class and when you would take your classes. Please visit www.chicagobooth.edu to learn more about how each of these programs work logistically.

Waqar: Reagrding the recommendation letter from the supervisor, can I get it from my previous supervisor? I believe my former supervisor understands my career motives and growth better than my current supervisor.

Kellie: We strongly encourage applicants to submit a letter of recommendation from their current supervisor. We do understand and appreciate different opinions, so that's why we ask for two letters of recommendation. In your case, you may want to submit a letter from both your current and former supervisor to speak to your abilities.

Rob: what is the avg/ approx gmat score needed for admission?

Crystal: Rob, the average GMAT is approx 680. We have a wide range from the upper 500's to the 700's.

TED: What is the typical class size?

Soniya: Hi TED, the class size for the foundation classes is typically a little larger, around 60. As you get further into your degree, the classes are smaller.

Meredith: Are their private scholarships available for part-time evening students? Or are they rare?

Crystal: Scholarships are rare for part-time programs and specifically Chicago Booth’s Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs do not offer them. This is consistent across part-time MBA programs in the Chicagoland area. After being admitting into the MBA program, I would encourage you to connect with the financial aid office to learn of outside opportunities that might be available.

prospective: Do you release the 25/75 range for GMAT scores and GPAs for Chicago Booth Evening? If so can you tell us what they are?

Crystal: The GMAT average for the Evening MBA Program is 680 and, however, the GMAT range is upper 500's to 700's. The average GMAT for the weekend program is 700 with a GMAT range of mid 600's to upper 700's.

Bala: Im intrested in taking specific course like Entreprenuership from booth school ,do you take students for that as well without joining MBA?

Crystal: Hi Bala, you can feel free to take Chicago Booth classes through the Graham School of General studies. You can take up to 3 class through this program that will transfer to your MBA if you are offered admission. https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/

902: Does Career Services provide programming about different industries and job functions if I am not sure what I would like to do post graduation?

Crystal: Career Services offers the programming called Corporate Access- it's a panel series designed to help students and alumni learn more about various industries. The host these events every month. It's a great way to learn about various industries and job functions.

Lauren: If I want to apply for the Chicago Business Fellows program, but at the time it starts, I will just be finishing my third year of work, would I still qualify/

Kara: Hi Lauren, since you will have three years of experience at the time the program starts, you should apply to the general Evening MBA.

ray: I have 4 years work experience (which includes manufacturing, procurement , materials management) in these fields and work for one of the largest construction contractors of US. I'm interested if you have a program in Marketing and wants to know more details of the program. Also interested to know if there are any scholarships generally availabe for international students. I'm currently working on a H1-B visa...will i be able to work parttime in the weekends. How long is the program in that case. What are the tuition fees in general (approx )?

Soniya: Hi ray, We do have an excellent program in Marketing. One of my concentrations is in Marketing and I have found it to be a very innovative and challenging study, with engaging professors. Please view the website for the Kilts Center for Marketing to learn more about our program. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships for international students. Students in the Evening and Weekend programs are generally employed full time and take about 2.5 years for the Evening students and 3 years for the Weekend students. Tuition is $4861 per class and 20 classes are required for graduation. http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx

Kellie: Thank you all so much for taking the time to ask such great questions today. We look forward to hearing from all of you. Best of luck!!!

Kara: Thank you for chatting with us today! We had many great questions, and we are sure you have more. Feel free to call our admission hotline at 312.464.8700 or email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Soniya: Great questions, everyone! Thanks for joining the chat. Good luck with the application process.

Crystal: Thank you for joining us today! We look forward to connecting with you again as you move forward with your journey!

Moderator: Thank you for joining us. The chat has now ended. There were so many great questions - we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all.

Moderator: Please join us at our next Open House event on December 4, 6:30-8:30 pm at the Gleacher Center. If you'd like to speak to someone over the phone, please call our Admissions hotline at 312.464.8700.