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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Admissions staff at Chicago Booth School of Business for a live chat about the Booth admissions process, tips for application and other admissions-related questions.

September 22, 2009—12:00-1:00PM CDT

Moderator: We'll begin the chat promptly in 5 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Ellie: Hi everyone! My name is Ellie McDonald. I am an assistant director and current Evening MBA student at Chicago BOoth. Welcome and thank you for joining us today for the online chat. We look forward to answering your questions.

Caitlyn: Hello and welcome! My name is Caitlyn Olofsson. I will be answering questions about academics, curriculum, and student services. I look forward to seeing you in the chat!

Holly: Good afternoon! My name is Holly Shearer, Associate Director of Student Life, and today I'll be answering questions about student services, orientation, and community in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.

Crystal: Hello and welcome! My name is Crystal Smith. I am the Assistant Director of Admissions and also a student in the Evening MBA Program. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have regarding the admissions process or life as a student at Chicago Booth!

George: Hi, my name is George Andrews and i am the associate dean of part-time progams. we are thrilled to have you join us!

jacob: Does Booth allow applicants to combine the highest verbal and highest math scores across multiple GMAT exams?

Ellie: Jacob, great question! We take the highest overall GMAT score of a single test. We do not combine the highest verbal and math scores across multiple GMAT tests.

raindeo: When is the next open house at Chicago Booth?

Crystal: Hi Raindeo. That's a great question! We are hosting our next Open House on October 2nd at the Gleacher Center. Please view the link for additional details. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx

G-113064423: What is the average GMAT score of your accepted applicants?

Caitlyn: Hello! The Evening MBA Program has an average GMAT score of 680, and the Weekend MBA Program has an average GMAT score of 700.

ash: what courses are known in booth for teaching leadership ? How does it benefit students

George: The only required part of the MBA program is called Effective Leadership (EL). In EL you take 4 modules with the sole goal of giving you tools that will increase your leadership skills. Contact our office for more information at 312-464-8700.

Tracy: Due to the economy and company layoffs I have assumed new management duties as well as new job roles but have received no promotions/awards/bonuses (due to the economy/financial position of the company). How can I best illustrate career growth and potential when my resume/title appears as though I am stagnant?

Crystal: Hi Tracy, given the current market conditions this is a very good question. The best way to demonstrate career progression and the value of your work experience is by communicating how each professional experience has given you the skill set that you have now and how the MBA will help you continue to grow professionally and personally. We’re more interested in professional growth and how you’ll continue to grow given the skills you’ll develop in the MBA program.

Tracy_1: Can you explain the process of joint degrees? I am interested in the MBA/MA in Social Work: Can I complete the MBA part-time (taking the 6 electives in social work) and then apply and complete the MA full-time or do I need to be enrolled in both degrees at the same time? Also, should I mention that I intend on pursuing a joint degree in my MBA application?

Ellie: Tracy, thanks for your question. You need to either enroll as a Full-time student in the MA-Social Work Program first and then to the part-time MBA Program, apply for the two programs at the same time, or apply to the part-time program first and within the first four quarters, apply to the MA Program. After four quarters as a part-time student you will be too far along to complete both programs. Please mention that you intend to pursue a joint degree in the part-time MBA application.

ash: For part time evening mba, if I am sponsoring the mba myself, can I sit for campus interviews with full time students ?

Holly: Hi Ash! Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible to participate in On Campus Recruiting (OCR) along with Full-Time MBA Students once they have completed 12 courses and required Career Services workshops. About 150 Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students participate in OCR annually.

Alex: Are ALL classes offered in the full-time program also offered in the part-time programs?

George: Our program allows All students to take All classes. There are no classes that are available to one student population and not to the other. It is the strength of our program vs. others.

jacob: I own my company and don't have a manager. What advice can you offer for the recommendation letter portion? (e.g., manager from previous employer, etc.)

Crystal: Hi Jacob, please feel free to reach out to your clients to write you a recommendation or anyone who can add color to your application from a professional and personal standpoint.

G-113064423: If I am accepted to the Night MBA program, is it possible to take weekend classes if it works better for my schedule that semester?

Caitlyn: Hi! Yes, if you are accepted into the Evening MBA Program, you are able to take courses in the Weekend MBA Program and the Full Time MBA Program if your schedule allows you this flexibility. Keep in mind that you should apply to the program in which you plan to take the majority of your courses.

ash: If I am applying for winter quarter which has a deadline of Oct-09, do I need to complete my interview before that date ?

Ellie: Ash, you do not need to complete your interview by October 9th, however, the dates available might be a little less selection after the deadline.

Omar_1: I applied for the Fall but unfortunately did not get accepted, I believe it was mainly due to my GMAT score, Since then I've increased my GMAT score and I'm thinking of applying to the Winter class. Would it be fine if I submitted almost the same essays, and did not submit new letters of recommendation?

Crystal: Omar, congratulations on increasing your GMAT score! We are excited that you still have an interest in Chicago Booth!! You should take a critical look at your application before submitting it and make the changes accordingly. Please note that our policy requires prospective students to wait 6 months before re-submitting an application. We look forward to reviewing your application in the near future.

jacob: Does the Graham School for Graduate Student at Large offer courses online for those who don't live in the Chicago area?

Caitlyn: Hi Jacob! The Graham School for General Studies does not offer courses online. The value of all Chicago Booth courses is in the classroom experience.

Paul: Hello. How much does the essay portion of the GMAT weigh in your decision making process?

George: We don’t assign specific weights to different parts, but the essays are a very large part of the application. It gives you the best chance to “tell your story”. Along with the interview, it is one of the few qualitative parts of the application. The other parts, such as GMAT, undergrad grades, etc, are what they are. The essay lets you add color to these parts and tell us the other attributes that make you an outstanding candidate.

Angela: Good afternoon Crystal. I’ve learned that top business schools such as Booth value various forms of diversity. If you are a candidate that is diverse in several aspects such as ethnicity, industry background and personal experiences, is it advisable to delve into all of these in the essays or just focus on one aspect?

Crystal: Angela, this is a GREAT question. We truly value diversity in several aspects- academic backgrounds, professional backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds...and diversity of thought and concepts are also highly valued. Please provide as much information as you can into the application process. We want to know everything about you and what makes your story unique.

ash: Can you let us know whether the number of applications this year for part time mba have increased or decreased ?

George: Part-time programs are down in applications across the country by, on average, 14%. Over 2/3 of the part-time programs are reporting being down.

tbrice: as a student at Booth, would I be able to receive a discount or preferred admittance for my child in the Lab School?

Holly: Tbrice – thank you for your question. I wish I could say yes, but unfortunately, the Lab School is separate from Chicago Booth and a discount/priority for enrollment is not available to Booth students.

Alex: How many classes would a part-time student have to take before he/she can participate in the on-campus full-time recruiting process?

Ellie: A part-time student must have already complete at least 12 courses to be eligible for On-Campus Recruiting.

Karen: For those who have a lower undergraduate GPA, does it make a difference if they complete a certificate program with a higher GPA or would it make more of difference to re-take undergraduate courses?

Crystal: Hi Karen, while the GPA is an important part of the application process, I would advise you to focus on the GMAT to help strengthen your academic portion of the application. You have better control over this part since your recorded GPA is in the past.

Danny: Do you have any relationship or network with the Cubs organization?

George: In fact we do. The Ricketts family, the new owners, are alumni of Chicago Booth. Both Ricketts brothers, Tom and Pete, are graduates of the Part-Time program.

Fan: Thank you for hosting such a forum. I have about two years of full-time work experience, am heading to China for an internship from early October 2009 to spring 2010, would you advise me to apply to the Business Fellows program or regular Evening MBA program?

Ellie: Fan, thanks for your interest in the Chicago Business Fellows Program. If you have less than three years of full-time work experience by the end of September 2010, then I would advise applying to the CBF Program. As a reminder, you will need to partipate in one of the three CBF interview days. You do not need to complete your application by this date. The dates for this year's CBF Days are listed on our website, www.chicagobooth.edu/cbf. You can also register to attend via the web page.

Alex: Can I convert my evening MBA program to Full time MBA program after 1 or 2 semisters ?

Holly: Hi Jaideep! Once enrolled in the Evening MBA Program, you aren’t able to transfer to the Full-Time MBA Program. However, you do have the option of speeding up (3 or 4 courses per quarter) or slowing down (taking one or none) as an Evening MBA student. If you’re interested in taking classes at the Harper Center in Hyde Park, this is also available to you as an Evening MBA student.

Alex: Hello. How do I turn in recommendation letters for the part-time program? Should I have my recommenders email them to the UofC directly?

Ellie: Alex, the letters of recommendation can all be submitted via the online application. Once you input their names into the application, an email will be sent to them. Directions on how to fill out the online letters of recommendation are included in the email.

Paul: Would the CFA designation help offset a slight below average GPA and GMAT score?

George: Paul, it will not hurt. We do consider advanced certificates, such as the CFA, as further proof of your ability to set and achieve goals and manage your time effectively. It will thus help to offset any weaknesses in other parts of your application.

bryo: I see that Booth values volunteer work and community involvement, can you give some examples of this from sucessful applicants in the past? Also, can you touch on Booth's interest in post-grad university involvement as another applicant characteristic?

Crystal: Bryo, we are more concerned with how YOU spend your time outside of the workplace. We want to know what your passions are and how you manage your priorities. It does not have to be specifically tied to a community service group or initiative.

tbrice: Does the part time evening/weekend program run every week or every other week?

Caitlyn: Hello tbrice! The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs run every week. Evening MBA courses are offered Monday-Friday and Weekend courses are offered Friday evenings and Saturday morning and afternoon. The Executive MBA Program runs every other Friday and Saturday.

Fan: Can interviews be conducted over the phone or via an internet conference for someone in a foreign country? Would such an interview be considered less advantageous compared to an in-person interview?

Crystal: Hi Fan, please note that all interviews are held by a member of the admissions committee here at the Gleacher Center. We do have Saturday interview dates for applicants that travel into the Chicagoland area.

Mary: Are there sny scholarships or fellowships available for this program?

Caitlyn: HI Mary! There are no scholarships or fellowships available through the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, however financial aid is accessible to all Chicago Booth students.

Fan: At what point in the program do students decide on concentrations? Can a student pursue more than one concentration?

Caitlyn: Hello Fan! Students can decide on concentrations at any point during your degree. Chicago Booth offers 14 different concentrations, and students can earn as many as they would like and are able to complete during their career at Booth.

DC: My concern is Evening MBA admission requirements especially GMAT score. I graduated from long while ago. And I am working in a company now. So it will not be easy to study and prepare for the GMAT exam. What is general requirements for GMAT including score and any recommendation?

Ellie: DC, great question. The average GMAT score for the Evening MBA Program is 680 and for the Weekend MBA Program is 700. The admitted GMAT range spans from the upper 500s to 800. Many of the prospective applicants either do individual study prep or enroll in a GMAT course.

Moderator: We're halfway through the chat and we've had lots of great questions so far. The Admissions Team is eager to continue the dialogue. Continue submitting those questions!

PAM: I work for my family business and I am interested in applying for the weekend MBA. What is the full list of requirements to apply for the weekend MBA

Crystal: There are several requirements for the Weekend MBA Program. Please view the link for details: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/apply.aspx

Tracy: Is there a specific order in which classes must be completed? (i.e. foundations courses before functions/management/bus. environment and electives) or can you take them in any order assuming you meet the prerequisites for that particular class?

Crystal: Tracy, the MBA Program is very flexible. You can take whatever classes you want, whenever you want! You craft your MBA experience in a way that is most relevant to your needs. As a student, it’s what I love most about the program.

jacob: If more than two letters of recommendation are submitted to the AdCom, will additional recommendations be read?

Ellie: Yes, supplemental letter(s) will be read by the Admissions Committee members who are evaluating your application.

tbrice: I have not taken the GMAT. Would I have to have that completed prior to submitting my application, or can I complete the test post sumbission?

Ellie: You will want to complete the GMAT before submitting your application because your application will not be read without that piece.

DC: What is the Chicago business Fellow program?

Ellie: The Chicago Business Fellow Program is for early entry applicants with 0-3 years of work experience. This program only admits for the Evening MBA Program in the Fall Quarter.

mjlquestions: How much management experience is required for entry into the executive MBA program?

Crystal: Typically students in the Executive MBA Program have 10-15 years of business experience and are on the management track.

Paul: Can you give an example of how an out-of-state student enrolled in the weekend program could possibly finish the program in less then 2.5 years? Are Friday evening classes typically available through the evening program?

Caitlyn: Hi Paul! Friday evening courses are also considered a part of the Weekend Program. If a Weekend student has the flexibility in their schedule and were to take a course Friday evening and two courses on Saturdays every quarter they would be able to finish their degree in just under two years.

tbrice: I am interested in entreprenuership and finance. How does this program outweigh other programs?

George: We, Chicago Booth, is known for Finance. If you look at all of the publications quoting faculty from different institutions, Chicago Booth is currently #1. Entrepreneurship here is one of the top concentrations. We have an entire Center dedicated to it; the Polsky Center. Entrepreneurship is very hands on here. There are lab classes where you can develop a business plan and even present it in competitions that will get you in front of angle investors and venture capital funds. Winners of the competition also get free space and resources at the Polsky Center to launch their business.

Fan: Is it common for part-time MBA students to pursue the International Business Exchange Program or do more partake in the short term programs?

Ellie: The IBEP Program is the short-term study abroad option. You can study anywhere from 2 weeks to a full quarter in 1 of our 33 partner schools around the world. This opportunity is accessible to all part-time students and they do take advantage of this option.

jacob: Are part-time students eligible to partcipate in business "case-competitions" that full-time students often participate in

Holly: Hi Jacob! Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible to participate in national and global case competitions. In situations where only one team is permitted per school, a student group might host an internal competition to determine the team that will represent Chicago Booth.

Kumar: Can you please elaborate on the opportunities for networking and extra-curricular activities for students commuting to Chicago for the weekend program?

Holly: Hi Kumar! The majority of our student groups host events on Saturdays (between classes and after afternoon classes) – a typical Saturday might include 3 or 4 offerings during either of these time frames. For example, this Saturday includes a BioPharma Group meet and greet, a Marketing Club panel discussion, and a Welcome Back Boat Cruise on Lake Michigan. In addition to student group offerings, the Program Office sponsors Saturday networking events after class twice a quarter. Weekend students also participate in Effective Leadership together – building a tight knit community.

NK: Are older GMAT scores looked at differently then more recent scores? If I took the test in 2005 and retake it this fall will the newer score (regardless of being higher of lower) have greater weight?

Crystal: NK, the GMAT score is good for 5 years and we always take the highest score. As long as the test has been taken within the 5 year period it is still valid and will be accepted in your application. Timing is not a factor.

saba: I am interested in evening/parttime MBA. I have scored a 640 on the GMAT. Do you think I should retake the exam.

George: Yes, if it is the first time you have taken it. We only use the top score so there is no down side to taking it numerous times. Additionally, on average, an individual will improve their test score 40 points taking it a second time. That would put you at our mean score of 680, and as I said before, if it does not improve, it will not count against you.

Omar_1: Will I be contacted for an interview after I submit my application or do I have to schedule it?

Ellie: Omar, we will contact you after you submit your application to set up an interview time.

Angela: Crystal, thank you for answering my question. On that note, if you are a citizen of the U.S. and another country, do you apply as a U.S. citizen or is there an option to point out dual citizenship?

Crystal: Angela, please feel free to list your citizenship as a US citizen. You are more than welcome to make a note of your dual citizenship in the optional essay.

Kumar: Hi, I live in the Bay Area and wondering if you are planning any informational event in or around San Francisco. I have looked at the published schedule and didnt find any west coast cities. Thank you.

Crystal: Kumar we will be visiting the Bay Area in January you should see posted dates next week.

jacob: The fulltime program had a published acceptance rate of 22% in 2008. Can you provide the acceptance rate for the part-time program?

George: No, we do not publish this information. We don’t want anyone to not apply because of the competition. It is a competitive program, but we encourage everyone to apply. We purposefully bring in a diverse class and try to bring in as much diversity as possible. Many people who feel that they did not have a chance get accepted and are great students.

NK: Does the part time program have any study abroad opportunities?

Ellie: Yes, we have two study abroad opportunities. One is the IMBA Program and the other is the International Business Exchange Program. The IMBA Program requires you to study abroad a full quarter at 1 of our 33 partner schools around the world. You can not be working while taking classes until the IMBA requirements. The International Business Exchange Program you can study abroad anywhere between 2 weeks and a full quarter abroad. Many of our part-time students take advantage of the two week option.

NK: Is it possible to substitute any of the foundation courses if we already have a masters degree in one of those areas along with professional certification and work experience.

George: While you must take one class in each of the three foundational areas, we do not require it to be any particular class. This means you can take as high a level class as you choose, even a Phd level if desired. However, you do still have to take 20 classes in total.

G-113141932: Is there a deadline for applications to the winter session?

Ellie: The winter quarter application deadline is on October 9, 2009.

G-113166913: I have already acquired an MBA in Finance, however want to continue my academic pursuits with an MBA in Analytic Finance. Does my previous MBA hinder my admission chances?

George: 30% of our applicants have advanced degrees. This is a positive when applying. Your previous MBA would be looked at the same way.

raindeo: Are faculty involved in any of your information sessions?

Crystal: Yes we do! We are featuring two faculty members next month. Please view the website for more details. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx

Tracy: If your employer will reimburse you for all or a part of your tuition should you note that anywhere in the application? Also, I know at some schools if your tuition is being covered by your employer you are prohibited from attending OCR- is that true for Booth as well?

Crystal: Tracy, there is no need to mention this in your application as it does not effect admission. If your employer supports you financially and you plan to participate in OCR, we will ask that you submit a document stating that your employer is aware that you are participating in OCR.

DC: Good afternoon! I heard that there is a program called Chicago Business Fellow. What is it? Is there any relation with Evening or Weekend MBA program?

Ellie: The Chicago Business Fellow Program is a subset of the Evening MBA Program. The curriculum, classes, and professors are the same. The only differences are that you need to remain employed the duration of your time studying here and that you participate in a professional development seminar the first quarter you are enrolled at Chicago Booth. After the first quarter, you are a regular Evening MBA student.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.

Kumar: Do you have current class schedule for weekend and evening program that can be viewed online? I would like to look at the variety of courses during weekday evening versus weekends. Can I apply for the weekday evening program and opt to take courses offered during weekends?

Caitlyn: Hi Kumar! Yes, our current course schedule can be viewed at http://gsbportal.chicagogsb.edu/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=205&PageID=0&cached=true&mode=2.Yes, if you apply for the Evening MBA Program you are able to take courses offered in the Weekend MBA Program as well as the Full Time MBA Program if you have the flexibility in your schedule. Please keep in mind that you should apply to the program that you plan to take the majority of your courses in.

Danny: Do you value an LSAT score at all? Could that replace the GMAT or only supplement it?

Crystal: Danny, please note that they GMAT is a requirement of the application. All applicants must take the GMAT as there is no supplement for the exam.

jacob: Are there any plans for an On the Road reception in Boston?

Ellie: Jacob, unfortunately at this time, the part-time programs do not have plans to travel to Boston.

Omar_1: Does Booth accept transferred credits from other B schools in Chicago?

Caitlyn: Hello Omar! Unfortunately we do not accept any transfer credits from other business schools.

Angela: Does Booth offer networking opportunities for students with an Energy background through alumni or recruiters?

Holly: Hi Angela! Energy is a hot topic at Chicago Booth. The student-led Energy Club (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/groups/energy.aspx) provides an opportunity for students interested in energy to network and hear from industry experts. In addition to student group programming, Career Services hosts a Corporate Access series highlighting a wide range of industries; including Energy, Media and Entertainment, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

PAM: I am currently not employed by a company but I work for my family business. Would I be able to apply for the Executive MBA?

Crystal: Pam, I work for the Evening MBA program but believe you can still apply to the Executive MBA Program as an Entrepreneur. Chicago Booth welcomes all types of business professionals. You can contact our Executive MBA Program at 312-464-8750 or email xp@ChicagoBooth.edu.

cssears_1: Hello, thanks for taking the time to field questions. My perception of the Booth School is that it has traditionally been a quantitative focused program or known to be very strong in finance. Has there been any push towards a focus in general management, strategy, and marketing? I have been in finance and consulting for 5 years and would like to develop a more well rounded skill set i.e. that is one of the main reasons i am pursuing business school.

George: Yes, this is our biggest push. We recently started the Kilts Marketing Center as well as expanding our depth and breadth of classes in this area. We also now require all students to take Effective Leadership which focuses on the skills needed to be a excellent manager of people and organizations. To the extent that good leaders/general managers can set a focus and provide vision, as well as lead people through the execution of this vision, we cover all these bases and think we do so as well as anyone. In fact, General Management is the largest function/job title of our alumni, more so than Finance!

Kall: how much it would cost finish part time MBA?

Caitlyn: Hello Kall. Currently tuition is set at $4,861 per course and there are 20 required courses to complete a Chicago Booth MBA.

Paul: I saw your response about part-time applications being down. Does that include applications to the weekend program? In the past, I think you guys have noted that applications are often up in recessionary periods. Why do you think this has changed?

George: Paul, in times of recession, applications to full-time programs go up. People lose jobs, or are under employed, and tend to want to hide in a full-time program until the economy improves. During this time, part-time applications go down. When things begin to improve, we see part-time applications spike back up.

Paul: Thank you, Caitlyn! Can you tell me what time the Friday evening classes typically start?

Caitlyn: You're welcome Paul! Sure, all Evening MBA courses start at 6:00pm and go until 9:00pm, additionally Weekend MBA courses are Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30-4:30pm.

NJB: Regarding the Analytic Finance concentration, do most students take the CFA exam (if they take that route) before or after they earn their MBA? Thanks.

Holly: Hi NJB! We find that a large number of students take their CFA Level 1 as a current student. If it would be helpful I'd be happy to put you in touch with an alum that completed the CFA after the program and a student that's currently working on their CFA. Please email me at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

Danny: Is there any amount of work experience required for admission into any of the programs? I know you said Executive MBA applicants typically have 10-15 years experience and are on a management path, however I have 2 years work experience and already manage a staff of 30+.

Crystal: Danny, I believe that the Executive MBA Program students have an average of 10-15 years of work experience, but the quality of experience is also important. For more information you can contact the Executive MBA Program at 312-464-8750 or xp@ChicagoBooth.edu.

Booth2010: Hello George. Does an applicant with 2 years of work experience have a lesser chance to be admitted if they do not apply through the Business Fellows program?

George: Work experience is an important part of the application. Quality is more important than quantity however. With that said, the CBF program is developed for those without much experience, so you don’t need to “overcome” that part of your application. In quarters where the CBF is not available, it is something you need to speak to. It will be looked at and to the extent that you are also competing with others with better work experience will count against you.

Kall: I live in Chicago Suburbs. Do you have any open houses scheduled in the near future?

Ellie: Kall, we will be in Naperville on Wednesday, 10/7 and in Deerfield on Tuesday, 11/3. To sign up to attend one of those receptions, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/receptions.aspx.

AK: In terms of admission requirements what are the difference between Weekend and Executive program?

Ellie: There are slight differences in the applications requirements for both programs, but not by much. The Executive MBA Program focuses very heavily on professional experience and the GMAT score is not required, but highly encouraged. For the Weekend MBA Program, we evaluate the academic piece, work piece, and fit with Chicago Booth piece all equally. The GMAT score is a requirement for the Weekend MBA Program.

NK: If I received a 680 on my GMAT in 2005, will a score in 700-720 range improve my application materially?

George: Yes. 680 is average for us. 720 starts the next quartile.

Tracy: If your employer will reimburse you for all or a part of your tuition should you note that anywhere in the application? Also, I know at some schools if your tuition is being reimbursed by your employer (for any amount) you are prohibited from attending OCR- is that true for Booth as well?

Holly: Hi Tracy! No, we do not ask about tuition reimbursement on our application. If you are sponsored by your employer you would need to request a letter from your employer and submit it to the Career Services office before participating in on campus recruiting (OCR).

jacob: To clarify, part-time students are not eligible for any internship on-campus recruiting, but are eligible for full-time position OCR once they've completed 12 courses. Is that correct?

Ellie: Jacob, that is correct. Also if you want us to connect you with a part-time alum in Boston, please let us know. Please email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu so we can make that connection.

G-113166913: Does having a previous MBA hurt your admission chances?

George: no, it won't hurt you. I just answered this previously, so take a look at my earlier response.

Savyasachi: Hi! I am considering the weekend program and happened to attend a Booth [GSB] info Session here at Seattle for the full time program. I had few questions regarding the weekend program as in 1. Do you offer the same options in terms of courses to the weekend program , for ex. The LEAD program.

Caitlyn: Hi Savyasachi! Great to hear that you attended a Booth info session! Yes, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs have a program called Effective Leadership that all students are required to complete prior to graduating from Chicago Booth. Effective Leadership covers some of the same competencies as the LEAD program, but it is covered in a different format.

G-113064423: Are there any GMAT prep courses that you would recommend? I've been looking at Princeton Review and Kaplan.

Caitlyn: Hello! Princeton and Kaplan are fantastic. There are also other resources available at MBA.com.

Savyasachi: Is there anything that is not covered in the part time program when compared to the full time program. I am aware of few things like career services doesnot help students in seeking internship for part time students. I am interested in knowing what else is not part of Part time program that is there in the full time program.

Crystal: Hi, It's the internship portion of OCR is the part that is most different from the Full Time Program. Just about all of the other service offerings are the same.

Angela: Are the IMBA courses more quantitiave focused?

George: No. They are the same as all others. It is just a change in focus.

Savyasachi: When planning for a class visit, can you talk about how should I plan my day, as in how would my schedule look like. Few things that I am intending to to while on campus is, talk to few current part time students, talk to admission committe in addition to attending a class. Also do these class visits happen only on weekend or also during weeke days?

Crystal: You can visit a class in the Fall. Please contact Kara Northcutt for details on what your day will look like. You can reach Kara at kara.northcutt@ChicagoBooth.edu.

Caitlyn: Thank you all for joining us in our chat today! Hope to see your application soon!

Holly: Great questions today - thank you!

Crystal: Thank you for joining us today! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to you connecting you with again as you move forward in your journey!

George: It was so great to hear from you all. Please feel free to visit us at Gleacher, or call us to talk future. Many of the questions could be further expounded upon, but room prevented it.

Ellie: Thank you all for joining us today!!! Everyone had amazing questions!!! If you have not attended one of our Open Houses, we would love to have you on either October 2nd and Tuesday, October 13th. To sign up, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!

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