Weekend MBA

Tuition and Financial Aid

As a Neubauer Civic Scholar, tuition will be fully covered.  Neubauer Civic Scholars will be expected to cover additional costs of being in the Weekend MBA Program, including all fees, travel, and accommodations. To help estimate the expense of attending the Weekend MBA Program, here are the costs for the 2018-2019 academic year:

One-time Administrative Service Fee $1,100
One-time Student Activity Fee $500
One-time Lifetime Transcript Fee $75
Book fee (Booth courses only) $25/course
* Fees subject to change based on student's entry quarter and year

The scholarship you receive as a Neubauer Civic Scholar is structured as a loan from the school for which you will sign a promissory note. The promissory note will obligate you to stay in either the public or nonprofit sectors; Scholars moving between or within these sectors will maintain their loan forgiveness eligibility. However, if you move to the for-profit sector, either as a student or recent graduate, you will be responsible for paying back the loan to the school in accordance with the following schedule:

If you leave the public or nonprofit sectors  This % of your tuition loan will be forgiven* 
While in the program  0% 
Within 1 year of graduation  25% 
Within 2 years of graduation  50% 
Within 3 years of graduation  100% 

*Under special circumstances, the school may forgive more of the loan even if you don't meet the terms.

For example, if the total tuition loan is $1,000, and you take a job in a for-profit corporation one and a half years after graduation from the MBA Program, you will be required to pay $500 of the total loan back to the school.


Every student is eligible for financial aid. However, the options are different for US citizens, US permanent residents, and international students. The loan programs available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are listed on the tuition and financial aid page in the general Weekend MBA section.