Weekend MBA

MBA/Master's in South Asian Studies

Students in the South Asian Studies Program develop an understanding of the history, culture, politics, and languages of South Asia as a complement to their MBA studies. Learn more about South Asian Studies.

Students work closely with an advisor to develop a program appropriate to their research interests. Degree requirements include successful completion of 28 courses and a master’s thesis.

Business School Course Requirements

  • Effective Leadership (1 course)
  • Business Foundations (3 courses)
  • Business Breadth (4 courses)
  • General Management (2 courses)
  • Business Electives (5 courses)

South Asian Studies Course Requirements

  • South Asian Area Studies (7 courses)
    Students should consult with faculty members for advice on courses which will be most useful to their particular needs and interests.
  • Language Study (6 courses)
    Demonstrated proficiency in one South Asian language is required.


For more information please contact the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office at 312.464.8600 or send an email to the admissions hotline.