Weekend MBA

MBA/Master's in Eastern European & Russian/ Eurasian Studies

Students in the program in Eastern European and Russian/Eurasian Studies pursue coursework devoted to the culture, politics, history, and language of the region as a complement to the MBA degree.

Students take courses in a modern area language, and have the opportunity to pursue their interests in such subjects as the ethnology or history of the region. Through the joint degree program, students will further their understanding of the political, cultural, and economic dynamics of this region.

This program requires successful completion of an integrated master’s thesis and 28 courses; 13 of these courses are taken in the Eastern European and Russian/Eurasian Studies area.

Business School Course Requirements

  • Effective Leadership (1 course)
  • Business Foundations (3 courses)
  • Business Breadth (4 courses)
  • General Management (2 courses)
  • Business Electives (5 courses)
  • Eastern European & Russian/Eurasian Studies Course


  • Eastern European & Russian/Eurasian Studies (7 courses)
    Students elect courses with substantive Eastern European or Russian/Eurasian content from the social sciences, public policy, or law. Three of these courses are typically from the civilization core. Students should consult with faculty about appropriate courses.
  • Language Study (6 courses)
    The study of a regional language for six quarters is required, though students may satisfy all or part of this requirement through examination.


For more information please contact the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office at 312.464.8600 or send an email to the admissions hotline.