Taking Courses at Booth

Business Economics Courses (BUSN 2XXXX)

Effective Autumn 2018 Booth will offer a selection of College-level courses as part of the Economics Department’s specialization in Business Economics. These courses will have the subject code BUSN (business) and the number format 2XXXX. Courses will be taught by Booth faculty in classrooms on the Hyde Park campus. Business Economics (BUSN 2XXXX-level) courses will be subject to a combination of College and Booth policies, so it is imperative that students ask their advisor or the Booth Registrar for clarification on any unclear information. 

How to Enroll

For College students, registration in BUSN 2XXXX-level courses is through self-enrollment via My.UChicago.edu.

For graduate non-Booth students, registration is through the Booth online registration request poll.

Non-Booth College and graduate students may still request enrollment in MBA-level courses (BUSN 3XXXX-level and higher) via the Booth online registration request poll. MBA-level courses follow Booth policies for the Academic calendar, exam schedule, and registration.

College students should consult with their academic advisor or the Economics Department regarding MBA-level course equivalencies for the Business Economics specialization (note that the equivalent course in the BUSN 2XXXX-level and BUSN 3XXXX-level cannot both be taken).

Drops and Withdrawals

From Week 1 through the end of Week 3 of each quarter, College students can drop Business Economics courses via the self-service function on My.UChicago.edu. Masters and doctoral students must email the Booth Registrar to request a drop.

At the beginning of Week 4, students who decide not to complete the work of the course will be given a grade of “W” (Withdrawn).

  • College students who wish to exercise this option must request a W from their adviser and notify the Booth Registrar’s office by the Friday of 10th week or the day before the final project/exam is due, whichever is earlier. When made before the deadline, a request for a withdrawal cannot be denied except in cases of academic dishonesty. A withdrawal may not be granted after completion of the course.
  • Masters and doctoral students who wish to withdraw must email the Booth Registrar. Beginning Monday, week 8, an email from your instructor approving the withdrawal is also required. The last day to withdraw from a course is Friday, week 10. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a failing grade.


  • For Autumn 2018, the last day to add a BUSN 2XXXX-level course is Friday, October 5 (week 1).

  • BUSN courses cannot be added via a consent form or pink slip. Seats cannot be added to an already-full course, even with instructor consent.

  • Waitlists are not created for BUSN courses.

  • Undergraduate students interested in enrolling in any BUSN course should begin planning in the quarter preceding the one in which the class will meet. Consult with a College Adviser to begin the process.

  • View the Business Economics FAQ for more information.

  • For Booth registration issues or questions, contact the Booth Registrar's Office.

Summer Quarter Internships and Early or Remote Final Exams

Students in spring quarter Business Economics courses with non-flexible, non-negotiable summer internship start dates may be eligible for early or remote final exams. Contact the Booth Registrar’s Office to determine your eligibility (ideally before accepting your internship offer) and for the required next steps to arrange for early or remote final exams.