Summer Business Scholars

Meet Our Alumni

Shannon Kooser

Colby College
Area of Study
Economics and French Studies
Graduation Year
United StatesRiver Forest, Illinois
I’ve always considered getting my MBA sometime in the future, but I wasn’t sure if that was really something I wanted to do. The SBSP program helped me to better understand what it means to get an MBA at Booth, and also taught me some practical business skills that will come in handy regardless of whether or not I pursue an MBA in the future.
Your Network
Having people from all around the world was another reason this program was so valuable. I now have friends in countries across the globe. It was also cool to hang out with people from different backgrounds and learn more about their culture, their food, and their language.
Exploring Chicago
The University of Chicago campus is pretty neat. It’s old and historic and looks very collegiate. The Booth building, on the other hand, is new and modern. It has all the amenities of a world-class business school.
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