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Chitra Tarigopula

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Western Michigan University

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Finance and Supply Chain Management



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At the end of the three-week program, I had a fresh perspective on several business nuances such as skillful negotiations and employee performance. This equipped me to consciously reevaluate the operations in our family-owned real estate firm and identify the right areas for improvement. I am confident that the SBSP experience will continue to aid my personal performance and thought process going forward.
Your Network
The best part of the academic experience was the program’s rigor and the degree of teamwork integrated into each course. The group assignments helped me develop a critical skill: the ability to work in a group of individuals with different wavelengths and yet arrive at amicable and unanimous conclusions.
Corporate Visits
The alumni interactions were extremely valuable and special, because each person had a story to tell: the story of their pre-MBA career choices, the critical role played by the Booth MBA, and the post-MBA journey. In every alumni event, it was extremely motivating for me to find an individual with a similar background and career interests. The advice and suggestions received by alumni are some true words of wisdom.