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Akilah Ffriend

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Area of Study

Public Health and Health Policy and Management



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United States

Study at Booth
I was able to take courses from actual Chicago Booth professors, visit different business organizations, and attend various sessions conducted by Chicago Booth administrators. Moreover, going through this with other students enabled me to experience the power of being in the program with other motivated and fun individuals and the impact it can have on my own success.
Corporate Visits
Visiting corporate offices in such an intimate and personal way was a worthwhile and unique opportunity of the program. Because of the many similarities across different businesses, the people and culture is what makes all the difference. SBSP gave me a firsthand look into different options for my future and allowed me to make an educated decision about which path I would like to pursue or create for myself.
Your Network
We all saw this experience as a team effort. For example, the night before our finance exam, one of my peers who grasped the material very well held a study session to answer questions the rest of us had.