Summer Business Scholars

May 9, 2017 Live Admissions Chat

Chat Transcript from May 9th


Chat Guest: Regarding the word counts on our personal essays for the applications. I was just wondering if those were a strict max (i.e. 500 words for the Bold Idea essay) or somewhat flexible?


* Lindsay Badeaux: The word limits are not hard cutoffs for the essays, but we recommend trying to stay as close to them as possible. 


Chat Guest: Hello, I am currently preparing to sit for the GMAT and am between looking into Full-Time programs and Evening/Weekend programs. Does Booth have any admission criteria differences for its two programs?


* Erik Halloway: In terms of admissions criteria, we are looking for a similar type of student across the three programs – Evening, Weekend, and Full-time – since the curriculum, content and faculty are the same. With Full-Time drawing applications from across the globe, admissions tends to be more competitive. The admissions process also varies slightly.


Chat Guest:  Hi. Are part-time MBA students at Booth allowed to take classes with Full-time students, if there is a class that is only offered with full-time that quarter?


* Erik Halloway: During course selection, classes are first opened to students in that particular program. Later in the class selection process, courses that have not reached capacity will be opened to Booth students across programs. Space would be the determining factor.


Chat Guest: Hello. Can you please talk about any international opportunities available to students?


* Erik Halloway: For students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, there are several opportunities: full quarter international business exchange program (IBEP) and short-term IBEP. We have hosted trips to our London campus and will host our first to Hong Kong this year. Students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs will mostly likely take advantage of a short-term IBEP since they are only 2-3 weeks in length.



Chat Guest: what type of scholarships are available for the Weekend program?


* Marcus Wordlaw: There are a few scholarships offered to weekend students -- all in niche areas. We have a Civic Scholars program that offers a scholarship to individuals working in the non-profit and government sectors. We also have a Motor City Scholarship for one individual at a time who is from Detroit. Aside from those the majority of the merit based scholarships are designated to the Full-Time program


Chat Guest: What is the culture like at Booth?


* Erik Halloway: Booth is made up of engaged working professionals who want to challenge themselves inside and outside the classroom. With over 130 courses to choose from, students have the ability to take academics risks. Student life is lively with over 45 different student groups ranging from social to professional.


Chat Guest: Hello Admissions Team, Thank you for the Chat. Is the Weekend MBA admission on a rolling basis?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA operate on rolling admissions. Admissions decisions are generally released between 4-6 weeks after you submit an application.


Chat Guest: To what extent do part time students have access to Booth career services?


* Kara Northcutt: The vast majority of career services access is the same for Full Time and Evening/Weekend (EW) MBA students. The main difference is that internship recruiting is open to Full Time MBA students only. If you feel an internship will be an important part of your career goals, we suggest you explore full time programs. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students are able to participate in the same campus recruiting program for full time jobs. Please keep in mind that campus recruiting is only one of many sources students use to find a new job (if that is their goal) - job posting database, student and alumni network, etc. Many EW students are not seeking a new job, rather are looking to advance in their current organization.      


Chat Guest:  Could you please advise what would be an appropriate length for our resumes that we submit? I've always stuck to the one page rule, but now am finding it more difficult each year to cut items out.


* Lindsay Badeaux: We recommend trying to keep your resume to 1-2 pages in length.


Chat Guest:  Are both the GRE and GMAT accepted in order to apply?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, we accept both. However, since we do not have an average score range for the GRE, you can easily convert a GRE score to its GMAT equivalent by using online tools. Our mid-80% GMAT range is 610 to 730.


Chat Guest: Is it mandatory to get one recommendation letter from the current supervisor?


* Kara Northcutt: While it is common, getting a letter of recommendation from your direct supervisor is not required. In the application we ask you to explain why you selected your recommenders, so you’ll be able to explain your choices. There are sometimes logical reasons not to ask a current supervisor- you are new to the role, for example.    


Chat Guest: Hello - I had a question regarding leadership development. I remember hearing that Booth has a required leadership development class but was wondering if you could provide a bit more insight into how Booth helps students learn about themselves as leaders. I believe that in order to be a strong leader for your team or organization that you must first know yourself.


* Erik Halloway: Through your orientation known as LAUNCH, you will complete part of your Leadership requirement and compete it during your first quarter. Rather than trying to instill some specific “Booth style” of leadership, we want you to reflect on who you are and gain self-awareness about how you lead.  You emerge with a better understanding of yourself, begin to develop your own leadership style.  Because it takes place at the beginning of your Booth experience, you can begin to practice and test out those leadership skills in a safe environment. In addition to your leadership requirement, there are several other workshops and seminars to strength your leadership skills.


Chat Guest:  When do you start to accept applications for Spring enrollment?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Our application for Spring 2018 will be live on our website within the next week or so.  Since we operate on a rolling admissions model, you can submit as early as you like, or target the deadline which will be in early January.


Chat Guest: Can we submit GRE or GMAT scores with our applications or only GMAT?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, we accept both. However, since we do not have an average score range for the GRE, you can easily convert a GRE score to its GMAT equivalent by using online tools. Our mid-80% GMAT range is 610 to 730.


Chat Guest: Thank you very much for hosting this chat session. When it comes to the essays, is there a specific format you prefer as far as font/spacing etc.?


* Marcus Wordlaw: We do not have a preference with spacing or font with regard to the essays. We ask that you stay within the word count for each essay and be sure to answer the question completely.


Chat Guest: Do you offer any courses on sustainability or social innovation?


* Marcus Wordlaw: We do offer courses and more specifically programming from the Social Enterprise Initiative which you may find here:


You may also search and view class options that we have at the following link:


Chat Guest:  If I've a GMAT score from 3 years back and I've given GRE recently - is it mandatory to report both the scores?


* Kara Northcutt: Only one exam is required (scores must still be valid). You are able to submit scores for both if you want, but you are also welcome to report the exam you did best on.


Chat Guest:  If our employer covers a portion of tuition - are there any deferral options in terms of payment? Or would we pay full tuition up front prior to the class starting, and work out reimbursement on our end later.


* Lindsay Badeaux: Tuition is due Week 4 of the quarter.  Most students with similar situations pay themselves and get reimbursed, but it depends on your employer's policy. 


Chat Guest:  What percentage of your current EW students are career switchers in or outside their organization?

* Hannah Kohut: Per our most recent graduate student survey, 2/3 of EW students made a career change while in or within one year of graduating. Of those seeking to change employers, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function. Having said this, if you are seeking a dramatic career change and feel an internship will be an important part of your career goals, we suggest you explore full time programs, as they are designed for career changers.


Chat Guest:  What would you say is the key differentiator of the Weekend program from other part-time programs?


* Marcus Wordlaw: One of the key differentiators between the Booth Weekend program and other part time programs are that 70% of students in this program reside outside of Chicago. That, paired with the fact that faculty are all the same in the Weekend programs as Booth’s Full time program, and that the class selection is the same (all equating to the same academic degree) it results in just as strong a program which is not always the case in other institutions between their part time and full-time programs.


Chat Guest:  Is there any additional information about the LEAD program such as what type of activities/workshops are available?


* Erik Halloway: The goal of the workshops is to build upon LEAD's focus of discovery and self-reflection, the LIP series provides students with opportunities to further develop new skills and/or refine existing skills needed to enhance leadership effectiveness. To support Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students in bridging the leadership skills 'knowing-doing gap’, consistent with Chicago Booth's commitment to shaping the next generation of great leaders.  A few examples would be "Asking Powerful Questions", "Building Effective Teams" and "Managing Conflict".


Chat Guest: I read in a prior chat transcript that there might be a grace period for the recommenders to submit their letter of recommendation. Is this true for this week’s deadline as well?


* Kara Northcutt: You are correct. Applicants need to submit by the deadline, but your recommender is able to submit even after you have. We allow a weeklong grace period after the deadline for letters to be submitted. Again, be sure that you submit by the deadline. Also keep in mind that your application is not considered complete until all letters are submitted. You’ll receive email notifications as letters are submitted and when your application is complete.     


Chat Guest:  What lodging and boarding options are available in Chicago for EW MBA?  Does Booth have a tie up with any local places?


* Lindsay Badeaux: For Weekend MBA students commuting in from outside of IL, the University of Chicago does have relationships with certain hotels, which you can learn more about here: 


Chat Guest:  Are there any differences between the weekend and evening program other than when they meet?


* Nico Ricchiuto: The main differences between the Weekend MBA and Evening MBA are when you take classes and where students are commuting in from. About 70% of Weekend MBA students commute in from outside of Illinois.


Chat Guest:  What is the acceptance rate for part time students?


* Kara Northcutt: We cannot share our acceptance rate, as it varies by program and quarter. It is also impacted by the quality of the applicant pool. If we have a very strong applicant pool the acceptance rate will be higher, if not, it will be lower. We suggest you don’t get caught up in this and focus on making your application as strong as can be. We are flexible regarding our incoming class sizes. If you are a great applicant, we assure you there will be room in the class.    


Chat Guest:  Can Evening and Weekend start any quarter or only in Fall / Spring?


* Nico Ricchiuto: We bring in Evening MBA students all quarters of the year and Weekend MBA students in the Autumn and Spring quarters.


Chat Guest:  Do you have to be working full-time in order to be eligible for the Evening or Weekend MBA?


* Kara Northcutt: Generally speaking, yes. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are designed for full time working professionals, so we seek applicants who are working. There are some rare cases in which we admit someone who is not working full time at the time of application but has full intentions to be working while in the program (one transitioning out of the military, for example). If you are not working full time when you apply, be sure to explain this well in your application. We want to make sure you are not actually seeking a full time MBA experience.  Also, if you are international, you are required to be on a valid work visa throughout the program.


Chat Guest:  If you have 3 years or less full time experience, are you mandatory to select CBF program?


* Lindsay Badeaux: The Chicago Business Fellows program for early career candidates is targeted at those with 0-3 years of work experience, and provides additional professional development programming during the first quarter of enrollment.  If you are under the 3 year mark, it is in your best interest to apply for CBF so that your application will be reviewed amongst those with similar backgrounds and years of experience.  If you are right on the verge between 3-4 years of experience, it is up to you whether or not to apply for CBF.


Chat Guest:  How heavily is an applicant's GMAT score weighted in regards to the rest of his or her application?


* Marcus Wordlaw: The GMAT exam is weighted along with the other components of the application. We do not have a specific % breakdown of the application components, but we do see a distinct correlation between the GMAT/GRE exams and the success in Booth classes – which does make it a very important part of the holistic review we do. 


Chat Guest:  What percent of your EW students remain in Illinois after graduation?


* Erik Halloway: From our most recent graduation report, about 70% of student were employed in Chicago.


Chat Guest:  I’m considering other Chicago MBA programs- what sets booth apart from other top programs like Kellogg


* Erik Halloway: There are a number of things that makes Booth unique compared to its peer institution. The biggest advantage is the flexible curriculum. Students are able to customize their portfolio of courses to meet their professional goals and academic interests.


Chat Guest: I plan on attending one of classes in the coming weeks, are spouses allowed to join?


* Erik Halloway: Since class visits have limited space, they are reserved for prospective students.


Chat Guest: Are Evening / Weekend programs interchangeable? In other words, can you start off as an Evening student then move to Weekend?


* Nico Ricchiuto: You can transfer between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs (and vice versa) up to one time during your time at Booth. That being said, you can take courses across programs (including the Full-time MBA), but maintain priority when registering for classes in your "home program."


Chat Guest: Sorry about asking multiple questions at the same time, as I'm chatting through a mobile app:  1) Is the Interview-scheduling a part of the application process or it's on invitation only after a resume review?  2) If my Converted GRE score doesn't fall in the middle 80% of GMAT score published on the webpage - Would it make my application less attractive?


* Lindsay Badeaux: 1. We interview all applicants for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs.  Once you submit your application, you will be prompted to schedule your interview with us here in Chicago.  2. Our middle 80% range is a great range to shoot for in terms of your GMAT or GRE score, but remember that we utilize a holistic review process.  While your score is an important part of your application, it is not the only piece of the puzzle.


Chat Guest:  Do students have any sort of academic advisor assigned to them upon enrollment that can assist with mapping out what classes may be best suited for their concentrations/interests?


* Nico Ricchiuto: We certainly have academic advisors available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students that are available to assist in course selection and such. That being said, you are not officially assigned an advisor, but can continue working with the same advisor throughout your time here if you choose.


Chat Guest:  When did you start accepting applications for Winter enrollment for Evening MBA?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Our application is available now for the Winter 2018 class, which has a deadline of October 6th and a class start date of January 3rd


Chat Guest:  Does (1) course = (1) credit hour? How long does an Evening or Weekend student have to complete the MBA?


* Lindsay Badeaux: The University of Chicago uses a unit system where 1 course typically = 100 units, and you are required to complete 2000 units for the MBA.  Evening and Weekend students have up to 5 years to complete the degree, but most finish in 2.5-3 years.  You can read more about the curriculum here:


Chat Guest:  Hi is their global immersion program for the evening MBA students?


* Erik Halloway: For students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, there are several opportunities: full quarter international business exchange program (IBEP) and short-term IBEP. We have hosted trips to our London campus and will host our first to Hong Kong this year. Students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs will mostly likely take advantage of a short-term IBEP since they are only 2-3 weeks in length.



Chat Guest:  Can weekend students switch to night time? What about to Full-time?


* Nico Ricchiuto: You can transfer between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs (and vice versa) up to one time during your time at Booth, but are unable to transfer from any of the part-time MBA programs to the Full-time MBA program. That being said, you can take courses across programs (including the Full-time MBA), but maintain priority when registering for classes in your "home program."


Chat Guest: If I apply to CBF program and do not get accepted as CBF fellow, am I going to be considered as an applicant for Booth evening program?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Please note that CBF is a subset of the Evening and Weekend programs, so you would still be admitted as an Evening MBA student, and you would also be considered part of the CBF cohort, if that makes sense.  If you have under 3 years of experience, you should apply for CBF.  If you are just over that 3 year mark and unsure whether or not CBF is the right fit, email us at and we can chat with you about it!


Chat Guest:  Is this session recorded so I can listen to it later?  I have had to pop-in and out for meetings and the audio isn't working on my end.  So I have just been reading the comments.


* Erik Halloway: Yes. The transcript will be posted to our website in the next few days.


Chat Guest: Can you take-off a semester or two and rejoin or is a lock-step program?


* Kara Northcutt: It is not a lockstep program, and you are more than welcome to go inactive for a quarter (we are on quarters, not semesters) here and there. Since you have 5 years to complete the MBA, you are able to manage the pace of the program as you see fit.  


Chat Guest: What are the times of the courses on weekends?


* Erik Halloway: There are two: 9-12 and 1:30-4:30.


Chat Guest:  I am interested in portfolio management. Is there any fund that students at Booth currently manage as a part of their learning process?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Not that I'm aware of, but Booth does offer lab courses where students are able to work with real clients on projects.  You can learn more here:


Chat Guest:  Are applications that are submitted closer to the deadline at a disadvantage since acceptance decisions have already been sent out to many other students who submitter earlier?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Applicants often ask this question, and we can guarantee you that about 85% of our applications get submitted the week of a deadline, so the class does not fill up early.  The advantage of applying early is simply that you receive your admissions decision earlier!


Chat Guest:  Can you take a quarter of classes off if you have work/personal milestones that would not allow for adequate attention to the MBA?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Yes, you have the flexibility to take quarters off if need be, as long as you finish all of your degree requirements within 5 years of starting. 


Chat Guest:  How much is tuition for every 100 unit course? Believe 20 are needed in the Evening / Weekend programs, yes?


* Nico Ricchiuto: Tuition is charged per course with 20 courses required to complete your MBA. Tuition is $6,854 per course for the 2017-18 academic year.


Chat Guest: How many courses can I take in one semester?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Typically Evening and Weekend MBA students take 2 classes per quarter and finish the degree in 2.5-3 years.  However, you have the flexibility to take more or less than 2 per quarter if your work schedule allows.  4 courses is considered a full time course load.


Chat Guest: How does Booth engage with spouses/partners?


* Marcus Wordlaw: There are a number of ways Booth engages with partners. We have a "Partner's Club" for Evening and Weekend students, with events throughout the year for partners such as the "Booth Formal" which is similar to Prom, semi-quarterly adjustment and midweek events which are both socials that happen on a quarterly and weekly basis respectively. There are outings such as Architectural boat tours, Zoo gatherings, and many others


Chat Guest:  Are Weekend MBA students with an Entrepreneurship focus able to participate in the same competitions as full-time students?  Are "Full-Time clubs" reserved only for Full-Time students?


* Erik Halloway: Most competitions are open to all students, including the New Venture Challenge. Full-Time clubs that have an Evening MBA/Weekend MBA counterpart are usually open to full-time students. Clubs that do not have an Evening/Weekend counterpart, maybe open to students across programs; it varies from group to group.


Chat Guest:  Generally speaking, how many years of working experience do people have before they enroll in the EW program?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Our students have anywhere from 2-10 years of experience typically, with the average being 6 years.  You can see the class profile for the Evening program here:


Chat Guest:  What is the best way to shadow a class or meet with current students if we're not currently in Chicago?


* Nico Ricchiuto: If you are able to travel into Chicago, you can schedule a class visit online here:


We would be happy to get you in touch with a current student. To do so, please email our admissions hotline at


Chat Guest: What is the average salary within one year of graduation for MBA graduates?


* Erik Halloway: The average is $117,000, but as you can imagine, this doesn’t tell the whole story. Salaries vary greatly across industries and region. Salaries also vary amongst students because they enter and exit our program with varying years of experience.


Chat Guest: Is there financial aid/scholarships available to EW students?


* Lindsay Badeaux: For the Evening and Weekend program, Booth does not offer scholarships unless you are working in the government or nonprofit sectors.  Most of our students fund their degrees with a combination of loans, savings, and sometimes contributions from their employers. You can read more about Financial Aid here:


Chat Guest:  What are the primary industries that EW MBAs move to if they do decide to change career industries? Is this data published somewhere?


* Kara Northcutt: We have Evening MBA and Weekend MBA employment reports going back to 2010. At this time, they are only available to current students.  We have students seeking to advance in their company/industry, change careers, and entrepreneurs in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Generally speaking, 2/3 of EW student made a career change while in or within one year of graduating. Of those seeking to change employers, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function. 

The top 5 post-MBA industries are: consulting, technology, diversified financial services, investment banking and investment management.  Having said all this, if you are seeking a dramatic career change and feel an internship will be an important part of your career goals, we suggest you explore full time programs, as they are designed for career changers. Feel free to email our admissions hotline and request to set up a meeting/call with your admissions contact to further discuss the report.


Chat Guest:  Are Evening MBA courses only offered weeknights or are they offered Saturdays as well?


* Erik Halloway: Evening courses are Monday through Friday from 6-9 and Weekend courses are Saturday from 9-12 and 1:30-4:30. Students have the ability to take courses across programs. As an Evening student, you will have priority over weekday courses, but will be able to enroll in Weekend courses as well.


Chat Guest: Can we get a transcript from this meeting?


* Hannah Kohut: Yes, we post all Live Chat transcripts within a week of the chat. Check back next week for this week's transcript at


Chat Guest:  Do you have compensation data available for EW graduates?


* Lindsay Badeaux: We have Evening MBA and Weekend MBA employment reports going back to 2010, including compensation. At this time, they are only available to current students. From our recent survey, 2/3 of students made a significant change in their career. Of those seeking to stay at their current company, 60% were promoted and 43% changed functions. We also see students seeking to change companies. Of those who found employment at a new firm, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function.  A small % starts a business.  Feel free to email our admissions hotline and request to set up a meeting/call with your admissions contact to further discuss the report.


Chat Guest:  What percentage of students in the Evening MBA have more than 10 years of experience?


* Erik Halloway: Approximately 10% of our Evening students have more than 10 years of experience.


Chat Guest: Hello.  I work for a nonprofit so are you saying there are scholarships for this?


* Lindsay Badeaux: The new Civic Scholars Program, part of the Weekend MBA Program, is a highly selective program designed for impact-driven professionals who work for a public or nonprofit organization. This program offers full-tuition scholarships, funded by a gift from the Neubauer Family Foundation to qualifying professionals from across the US.  Learn more here:


Chat Guest: What are the most important characteristics or traits that Booth is looking for in an applicant? 


* Nico Ricchiuto: Booth takes a holistic approach in evaluating applicants. That being said, the Admissions Committee is looking for academic preparedness, intellectual curiosity, strong communication skills, and leadership potential.


Chat Guest:  If Evening MBA students are able to enroll in Weekend MBA courses as well then why indicate that Evening MBA students may only switch to Weekend MBA students (and vice versa) once? Sounds like there's no distinction between Evening and Weekend MBA.


* Kara Northcutt: You are correct, it is very flexible and students are able to take courses across programs. The difference has to do with priority registration. Weekend MBA students have priority registration over Friday night and Saturday courses; Evening students have priority over weeknight courses. This is important, as we want to do all we can to ensure Weekend MBA students who live outside get registered for Saturday classes before anyone else can.  If you are debating between Evening and Weekend, we suggest you apply to the format in which you foresee yourself taking the majority of courses.  If you are outside IL and not moving to Chicago, Weekend is certainly the best program to pursue.    


Chat Guest:  How do alumni engage with Booth after graduation?


* Lindsay Badeaux: We have a network of over 50k alumni in 122 countries all over the world, and they continue to engage with Booth in a variety of ways!  Some recruit students for their companies, others engage by helping our students prepare for their careers via resume reviews or mock interviews, and others are happy to serve as a resource for students or prospective students with questions.  Learn more here:


Chat Guest:  If I have to miss a class due to travel or sickness, how to make up the missing class? Is there a video/audio recording of the class that I missed?


* Erik Halloway: Recording a class is at the discretion of the faculty member. When a student missed a class, they usually have the option to attend a different section of the same class. For example, if you miss the Evening section of a course, and it's also being taught on Saturday, it is likely you could make up the class by attending the Saturday section.


Chat Guest:  Is there a way for a student to accept recommendation letters that he wants to be submitted as a part of his/her application. I might be sending requests for letters of recommendation to 4 people, expecting at least a couple of them to submit before the dead-line. But if more than two submit, do I have a way to choose which ones to accept if I waved off my right to view the letters.


* Nico Ricchiuto: You are able to exclude recommenders from your application before they submit their letters. However, once a letter of recommendation has been submitted, it will remain a part of your application.


Chat Guest:  Can you tell us more about the admissions interview? What type of format? And how to prepare for it?


* Lindsay Badeaux: Interviews are required of all applicants to the Evening and Weekend MBA Program, and are held at Gleacher Center, our downtown campus. You will be interviewed by one of our trained Admissions Committee members, which include alumni, current students, and the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA team members. All interviews, regardless of who conducts them, receive equal weight in the evaluation process.  You will be invited to Chicago Booth for a required admissions interview once your application has been submitted as evidenced by receipt and inclusion of the items listed above in your application.


Chat Guest:  What are the educational levels of EW students? Any statistical data of percentage with Bachelor, Master, or PhD degree?


* Kara Northcutt: All have a bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent). Around 30% also have an advance degree- mostly masters, we see fewer PhDs. While it is nice to have, we do not expect applicants to have an advance degree before joining Booth.


Chat Guest:  If I enroll in the Weekend program, is there a way I can still have internship opportunity?


* Marcus Wordlaw: There are ways you can pursue internships in the Weekend program. We have a career center for students in the Gleacher Center – where your weekend classes will be held. Career advisors can assist with linking you to Alumni in fields that may relate to your interest. You would be leveraging your own network a bit as well – one that you will grow while at Booth. But if internships are your desire you will be able to pursue different avenues to find those beginning with Career Services. We do not have a formalized process similar to the Full-Time program, so this is something to consider depending on the need you have for the internship.


Chat Guest:  I live in Chicago and see myself needing both weeknight and Saturday courses equally. Which program do you recommend?  Evening MBA or Weekend MBA?


* Kara Northcutt: I suggest Evening, as you’ll have a wider variety of courses to select from (5 nights a week, and each night has anywhere from 5-10 courses), and you can also register for Saturday courses if seats remain available after Weekend MBA students have registered. 


Chat Guest:  What kind of efforts currently booth is putting in the Asia presence? How is the Booth alumina network developed so far?


* Erik Halloway: Booth is very involved in growing its global presence in and outside of Asia. In addition to building a campus in Hong Kong, there are several ways for Alumni to stay engaged.


Chat Guest:  I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I prefer weekend to evening but I am wondering if I would lose out to someone with similar credentials travelling from outside Chicago in regards to getting an admit in the Weekend program


* Lindsay Badeaux: Although 70% of Weekend MBA students commute from outside of IL to take classes, out-of-state applicants will not be given preference in the admissions process.  If you are a strong candidate you will be admitted, regardless of your location!


Chat Guest:  Hi, could you please tell about the deadlines for Winter Quarter admissions? I couldn't find online past Fall Quarter.


* Erik Halloway: For the Evening MBA, the winter deadline is in October. We do not have a Weekend intake in Winter.


Chat Guest:  Do the EW students sit together with EMBA / Full-timers in selective courses? Or EW has its own course schedule?


* Marcus Wordlaw: Evening and Weekend Students will at times sit in class with Full-Time students. The EMBA program has a separate schedule from Evening, Weekend, and Full time, but there will be frequency with some Full-Time students in Evening and Weekend program. The course selection will be the same among Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time students


Chat Guest:  You stated earlier that decisions are usually reached within 4-6 weeks of the application submission.  Do you ever reach decisions sooner than this time frame?


* Erik Halloway: Sometimes. We try to return decisions as quick as possible. We will work with students if they need their decisions expedited, but there are no guarantees.


Chat Guest: Since Chicago has some extreme winters, do classes continue under these extreme conditions during EW? Any time when classes were cancelled or rescheduled online?


* Nico Ricchiuto: It is quite rare for classes to be canceled unless weather is very extreme. These situations are handled as they arise, but in rare cases classes can be recorded.


Chat Guest:  Would a student with a clear agenda of what he wants to do after his MBA program have a better shot at getting an admit than a prospective student who is not sure about his career path?


* Kara Northcutt: Great question. It is good to have a balance of both. In the application, it is important to have some short-term & long-term goals to discuss in your application and interview, and it is important to be logical and consistent with these in your application and interview. Having said that, it is also good for students to be open to new career experiences and opportunities while in the program. We see many students’ career goals change during and post MBA, as this is natural byproduct of the MBA experience.  


Chat Guest:  Is there any benefit to starting in one quarter versus another? Ex: fall vs winter vs spring


* Erik Halloway: No. We offer multiple start dates to allow students to start once they're ready.