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The PhD Program at Chicago Booth is one of the preeminent PhD programs in accounting, with a list of graduates who have played a central role in the evolution of modern accounting research. The American Accounting Association periodically awards a prize for seminal contributions to the accounting literature. Of the five times this prize has been awarded, Chicago PhD graduates have won four times. Prominent graduates include Ray Ball, Bill Beaver, Philip Brown, Joel Demski, Anthony Hopwood, Charles Horngren, Mark Lang, Baruch Lev, Stephen Penman, Katherine Schipper, George Staubus, Gregory Waymire, and Ross Watts. More information on this history of the program is provided below.


Research faculty are the most important resource for doctoral students. These are the people who will teach you, advise you, mentor you, co-author research papers with you, supervise your thesis, help place you in an outstanding job, and be your colleagues throughout your career. As measured by research productivity and impact, Chicago Booth has one of the best accounting faculty groups in the world. The group includes Ray Ball, Phil Berger, Merle Erickson, Christian Leuz, Haresh Sapra, Douglas Skinner, and Abbie Smith, as well as an outstanding group of research-active junior faculty. The school is committed to maintaining the quality of this group. 

In addition to an outstanding accounting faculty, Chicago Booth (and the university more generally) is fortunate to have some of the world’s most prominent researchers in economics, finance, and other related disciplines, including a number of Nobel Prize winners. 


The accounting faculty at Chicago publishes the Journal of Accounting Research. JAR is the oldest private research journal in accounting. It is generally considered to be one of the top tier accounting research journals in the world. 


A complete listing of recent graduates listed in reverse chronological order by graduation year (with initial employment) includes:


  • Matthew Bloomfield
    The Wharton School
  • Jung Ho Choi
    Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Heemin Lee
    Baruch College
  • Brett Lombardi
    Monash University 
  • Sorabh Tomar
    Southern Methodist University


  • Brandon Gipper
    Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Frank (Shuang) Zhou
    The Wharton School


  • Gerardo Perez Cavazos
    Harvard Business School
  • Andrew Sutherland


  • Eric Floyd 
    Rice University
  • Anne Heinrichs 
    Columbia University
  • Zach Kaplan
    Washington University in St Louis
  • Nan Li
    University of Toronto


  • Christine Cuny
  • Catherine Farmer Lee
    Vanderbilt University
  • Joao Granja
  • Josh Madsen
    University of Minnesota


  • Meng Li
    UT Dallas


  • Anna Costello
  • Robert Davidson
    Georgetown University
  • Alon Kalay
    Columbia University
  • Jonathan Milian
    Florida International University


  • Pepa Kraft
  • Jeff Ng
    Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Ningzhong Li
    London Business School
  • Eugene Soltes
    Harvard University

For more details about the PhD Program in accounting at Chicago Booth, see General Examination Requirements - By Area in the PhD Program Guidebook (PDF).

To learn more about research being done by current PhD students, please view a listing of proposals and defenses across dissertation areas.

For accounting faculty, please access our faculty directory to sort by academic area.

Brandon Gipper
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Brandon Gipper
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Brandon Gipper
Stanford Graduate School of Business