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Partners and Families

Those of you looking to attend business school who have a spouse, partner, fiancé(e), children, or who are in a long-distance relationship have an added dimension to your decision. We understand you need to look beyond what is best for your career to what is best for those who are an important part of your life and who you are. If you are a prospective student from abroad, that aspect of your decision is even more significant.

As you prepare for the next stage of your career, you will want to make sure that those who are close to you have an equally enriching time. Many factors will go into how you and your spouse or partner consider where you will spend the next two years. 

Chicago Booth is committed to making sure that your spouse or partner and family feel like an important part of the community and enjoy their life in Chicago. We have a special student group, Booth Partners, comprised of spouses, significant others, and families that serves as a vital network for support and social life.

City life in Chicago is rich and vibrant. You'll find the university also have numerous cultural and recreational resources to offer you and your family.

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If you have any questions about partners and families at Chicago Booth, please email us at Admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu.