Full-Time MBA

Dominican Republic

Carolyn Inoa Class of 2013


Carolyn InoaUndergraduate school/major: I graduated from Harvard University and majored in psychology.

Prior to Booth: I worked in health care technology sales and project management.

Activities: Member of the Real Estate, Private Equity, and Emerging Markets Groups, the Hispanic American Business Students Association, and the Caribbean Club.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I chose to attend Booth because of the community, professors, and strength of the finance curriculum.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? The architecture boat tour.

Ask me about...: Off-campus recruiting.

Yvanna Perez Morel Class of 2014


Yvanna PerezUndergraduate school/major: I graduated from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Santo Domingo and majored in economics.

Prior to Booth: I worked in investment banking (M&A, generalist).

Concentrations: Accounting, finance, and strategic management.

Activities: Member of the Investment Banking Group, Epicurean Club, and the Latin American Business Group.

Career plans: I'm recruiting for investment banking.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I chose to attend Booth because the people at Booth seemed to be really similar to me, because the academics were exceptional in finance and economics, because of the top-rated career services and the support that they provide, and because the people I met seemed to go the extra mile to make sure that I got to know the school.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Life-changing, challenging, and unique.

Ask me about...: Studying and moving from a Latin American country to the United States or recruiting for investment banking in the United States.