Full-Time MBA

Diversity Affairs

Since 1985, Chicago Booth has had a director and staff dedicated to the support of underrepresented student populations. Diversity Affairs leads our efforts, serving as a liaison between students, Chicago Booth offices, and corporate partners to provide unique programming that complements both the educational and recruiting experiences for underrepresented students including African American, Latino, Native American, female, and LGBT students.


  • Increase recruitment, enrollment, and retention of minority students at Chicago Booth.
  • Educate the Chicago Booth community about the importance and value of diversity through educational, personal, and cross-cultural activities for all students.
  • Serve as a resource for individual students, student groups, and administrative departments in their efforts to accomplish a diverse set of opportunities and experiences for all members of the Booth community.
  • Cultivate relationships with corporations to attract and secure additional funding and career opportunities for underrepresented students.
  • Build a network of alumni, corporate partners, and other friends of the school to assist in the support, employment, financial assistance, and overall success of underrepresented students at Chicago Booth.


Jessica Jaggers
Senior Director