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Booth Coffee Club

The Chicago Coffee Club (BCC) is for students interested in learning about all aspects of coffee (from production and distribution to consumption), considering career opportunities in the coffee industry, or gaining the skills to properly brew coffee at work or at home. 

The club's mission is to foster a community among students who are interested in educational, recruiting, and experiential events related to the coffee industry:

  • We will act as a gateway into education about the production, distribution, and consumption of coffee and the ecosystem around the industry.
  • We aim to provide resources and exposure for those interested in pursuing careers in coffee by forging connections between Chicago Booth and the coffee industry through sponsorship and partnerships with local, national, and international companies in the industry.
  • We believe that sipping coffee together is a great way for members of the University of Chicago community to brew exciting ideas and long-lasting camaraderie.


Joshua Lah
Kenny Kim
Kate Sercombe
Dustin Shung