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January 2016

A Welcome from the Director of the Kilts Center for Marketing

JP DubeCongratulations on your admission into the MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. It is my understanding that your interests lie in the domain of marketing and I wanted to welcome you formally to the Booth marketing community.

My name is JP Dubé and I am a full-time faculty member in the marketing group as well as the director of the Kilts Center for Marketing. I would like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about the intellectual environment at Booth as well as the various roles played by the Kilts Center.

The marketing tradition at Booth is unique compared to that of other schools. We have a long tradition in academic marketing research, a quality that we continue to nurture as can be seen by our current faculty. Even back during the 1980s, the faculty was making substantial contributions to the practice of data-based marketing, long before the recent Big Data fad. The Booth faculty is very cross-disciplinary and publishes regularly in the leading journals in marketing, economics, psychology and statistics. We currently maintain all of Nielsen’s consumer and retail databases, serving as the global distributor of these data for academic research purposes. We also just signed an exclusive arrangement with Twitter to supply Twitter data for academic research purposes.

Our faculty has established a prominent position at the heart of research and practice. In addition to our collaborations with Nielsen, the faculty has worked in formal advisory roles for tech companies like eBay and Yahoo! and is conducting collaborative research with companies as diverse as T. Rowe Price, China Telecom and Roundy’s. One of the primary reasons to join Booth’s marketing community is this exposure to world-class marketing researchers. Several marketing courses at Booth will provide you with first-hand access to the frameworks, methods and data that you will need for your future career as a leader in marketing. You will learn these materials from the very individuals who developed them! Other courses leverage our network of marketing practitioners, offering you experiential learning opportunities to apply the frameworks and methods to actual marketing problems in collaboration with companies.

The Kilts Center for marketing was established to support Booth’s large network of marketing MBA students, alumni and faculty. The over-arching goal of the center is to market “marketing at Chicago” worldwide. In addition to the databases and research resources I mentioned above, the Kilts Center runs numerous marketing events throughout the academic year to help current MBA students prepare for their post-graduation careers in marketing. These events range from case and interview training, to guest speakers, to case competitions and mentorships with alumni. The Center also manages events with marketing alumni. Last year, I gave a lecture about marketing analytics to an audience of 200+ in Jakarta, Indonesia, including the vice admirals of the Indonesian Navy and the heads of several of the largest Indonesian banks. I will give another lecture to an audience in Singapore this spring. As you can see, the Kilts Center is very busy making sure that “marketing at Chicago” is thriving and that the “Chicago approach to marketing” is recognized both internally and externally.

If you have not already done so, I strongly encourage you to visit the Kilts Center website, as well as the websites of our marketing faculty.

Best of luck with your decision and, once again, congratulations!


Jean-Pierre H. Dubé
Sigmund E. Edelstone Professor of Marketing
Director of the Kilts Center for Marketing