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If you are planning to apply in 2018, we invite you to join a live chat with members of the Full-Time MBA Admissions Committee. Ask about this year's application, letters of recommendation, Booth admissions events, and more.

Chat Transcript 

Guest: Hello, thank you for hosting the live chat! I'm applying for full-time MBA in Round 1. I'm taking the GMAT in upcoming days and I'm afraid that my writing score may not be available before the Sept 27 deadline. For the self-reported score in the application, would Verbal+Quant+Integrated Reasoning suffice? Thank you.

* Nahida K. Teliani: Great question! At the time of application, only your self-reported verbal, quantitative and integrated reasoning will be needed. At the time of admission, all official scores will be required.


Guest: Would you mind explaining a bit in detail about the New Venture Challenge? I read about it briefly online, and this seems like a great program, different from any other MBA programs that I've seen!

* Tyler Smith: The New Venture Challenge is a competition and class students can participate in. Essentially, students spend a quarter coming up with a company, product, or idea and then spend the remainder of the academic year bringing this venture to fruition. At the end of the academic year is when the actual competition takes place where real investors come in and invest money into our students companies. From this one class there are now 150+ companies that exist with $500 million of investments.


Guest: I'm a reapplicant. Can you shed some light into how the adcom assess my growth/changes since my last application? And what kind of growth or changes are considered good or bad?

* Tyler Smith: The admissions committee will review your re-applicant essay for growth from your past year’s application. Therefore, it is important to note all changes.


Guest: Everyone knows Booths Analytic program, but could someone talk about what programs Booth has in place for leadership, communication and development of the other soft skills?

* Kate Hoffman: All incoming first-year Booth students start with the Leadership Effectiveness and Development program (LEAD), which is our only required course. Past that, there are endless ways a student can explore and develop "soft skills" through courses, student group involvement, programming from our Research Centers, etc. It ranges from marketing and presentation practice to the behavioral sciences and negotiations.


Guest: Is there a preferred word limit for the essays? What was the rationale behind setting the lower limit as opposed to the upper limit?

* Cristina Ochoa: There is only a word minimum, no maximum. Use your best judgment in answering.


Guest: I have a few questions about the application process/full time MBA program. For the application, I was curious what sticks out to you all when it comes to recommendations. I asked my two bosses at work for recommendations, but then I started thinking a peer evaluation might help show a different perspective of how I work in teams from a more "junior" level.

* Tyler Smith: We prefer recommendations that come from people who are senior to you.


Guest: What opportunities and resources are available to students interested in healthcare?

* Kate Hoffman: There are classes like Healthcare Data Analytics taught by Professor Adelman, as well as the Healthcare Student Group, which is a great place to see the range of opportunities for students outside of coursework. You can see more information here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/healthcare-group


Guest: Hi, can you please comment on how favorably a campus visit is perceived? I know it’s mostly beneficial to the candidate to learn more about the programs and school fit, but I was just wondering if there was any benefit on top of that.

* Nahida K. Teliani: Campus Visit is a great opportunity to get to know campus, Chicago Booth, and the student experience better. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity if you are in the Chicago area.


Guest: I will be visiting campus next week before classes start. I will be meeting with some current students and attending an Information Session / Building Tour - what else should I make sure to not miss while on campus? 

* Cristina Ochoa: I would walk around the main University of Chicago campus while you are here.


Guest: Hi, I'm interested in pursuing a career in international development and feel that Booth’s MBA/MPP is a great step in that direction, my only question is if I will be able to tailor my education through electives in the social impact field?

* Kate Hoffman: Yes, the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation offers a lot of programming in terms of social impact and you would be able to design your class schedule around those courses of interest in that area. Here's a link to the center for more details https://www.chicagobooth.edu/research/rustandy/


Guest: What is the adjustment process for students coming from non-financial services roles to the finance and economics based curriculum?

* Tyler Smith: We have many students who do not come from traditional business backgrounds. Booth’s curriculum is 100% flexible and you can take it at your own pace and challenge yourself when needed.


Guest: I noticed that the essays this year don't have a word limit. Is there any further guidance you can give as to what the admissions committee is looking for in terms of length for the essays?

* Kate Hoffman: We did not t set a word limit because people have very different ways of expressing themselves and we want to offer the flexibility to answer in your own way. Most important is that applicants tap into their authentic selves and use the application to tell us who you are.


Guest: Hello, I'd like to know, what percentage of students who are accepted get merit scholarships?

* Nahida K. Teliani: Approximately one third of our students will receive some type of scholarship.


Guest: Are there a full list of courses that I could potentially choose as a concentration in Social Impact?

* Tyler Smith: There is not a concentration in social impact. You can find the course catalog online through Booth’s website.


Guest: When do campus visits start in an organized fashion? I'm applying R1 and would love to get a chance to sit in on a class before finalizing my application, but I'm not sure if that's possible

* Cristina Ochoa: Campus Visit Program starts on October 1. You can view the calendar here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit


Guest: Hello, and thank you for hosting the chat! Would you be able to speak about how students get involved in Lab courses? Is the registration process similar to applying to more traditional courses?

* Nahida K. Teliani: Lab courses are a terrific applied learning environment. Registration for Lab courses is different from other Booth classes, it requires an application.


Guest: I was wondering if you could speak to the culture at Booth? Would you view it as more collaborative or competitive? Similarly, how often will students that choose differing curriculums have the chance to interact with one another?

* Cristina Ochoa: Collaborative for sure. You are never restricted to a certain cohort. You are always in a mixed group of your peers with different professional and personal backgrounds.


Guest: For R1, approximately when will candidates be notified of interview invitations?

* Tyler Smith: Early to mid-October.


Guest: Hello, on the application there is a section to check "Yes" / "No" if you have attended an admission event. Does attending this chat qualify as attending an admission event?

* Kimberly Epps: Hi!  Thank you for participating in our chat today.  Yes, the chat qualifies as attending an admissions event.


Guest: Hi, thank you for organizing this! My supervisor quit the company in late June but has supervised me for more than a year. He's technically not my current supervisor, but would it be okay to get a recommendation from him considering my current supervisor knows me for less than 2 months?

* Cristina Ochoa: Yes


Guest: When should students apply for financial aid if they need it? Is it concurrent with the admission?

* Tyler Smith: Merit scholarships are awarded at time of admission. Financial Aid can be applied for after depositing.


Guest: For the family section of the application, does "significant other" include serious relationships but are not living together or engaged? Just want to make sure I'm including the right information!

* Nahida K. Teliani: Significant others who are not living with you do not need to be listed in your application. 


Guest: Should my semester abroad be a separate entry under the Education section of the application?

* Kate Hoffman: If your study abroad appears on your undergraduate transcript, you can enter it as one in the Education section of your application.


Guest: Once enrolled in the fulltime MBA program, is it possible to apply for other joint degree programs (i.e. MBA/MPP)? Or do you need to apply for joint programs all at once?

* Kate Hoffman: Yes, you can apply for a joint degree program after enrolling in Booth. However, you would want to apply during your first year in order to enjoy the benefits of doing the dual degree. Therefore, the timing is important to think about if you want to do the Booth MBA with another program such as MPP. Here is a link to our Joint Degree program page for more information https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/joint-degree


Guest: How is your diversity community? Are there any upcoming student events I may attend?

* Colin Davis: Chicago Booth is a diverse community of students, alumni, and faculty. We offer 75+ student-led clubs spanning a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. In terms of upcoming events, Booth hosts a weekly campus visit program and current students will be hosting our Diversity Day on November 1. More details and registration should be available soon.

Guest: Hello, as a follow up to the GMAT question above, if I have two GMAT scores on the official report, would you like both scores self-reported or just the highest? Thank you!

* Tyler Smith: Both.


Guest: Hello. I saw on your website that Booth does not recommend taking the GMAT more than 3 times. If an applicant has attempted the GMAT more than 3 times, do you believe it is worth addressing in the optional essay? Thanks.

* Cristina Ochoa: Yes


Guest: Does Booth have off-site interviews for candidates in major cities like New York? Or are all interviews conducted in Chicago?

* Cristina Ochoa: If you are unable to travel to campus to interview, you will be interviewed by a local alum in the nearest major city to you.


Guest: Building on a previous answer, could you dive a little more into why Booth’s program is hailed as the most flexible?

* Tyler Smith: Booth’s curriculum is the most flexible because from day one you are choosing every class. Our curriculum is built upon the business disciplines of accounting, economics, statistics, and the behavioral sciences. Students are required to take their foundation courses in these areas but at the pace that is most appropriate for their personal educational journey. For example, someone who studied economics in their undergrad wouldn’t need to come in and start their first class as microeconomics. Instead, they could take a more advanced class.


Guest: Hey there, thanks for hosting! I'd like to know more about the Partners and Families program at Booth since it is important to me that my spouse has a community around her while I'm pursuing my MBA.

* Colin Davis: Partners take part in social gatherings (LPF) and other social trips throughout the year (there's even a couples Random Walk trip before school starts). The Booth Partners Club is comprised of spouses and significant others of Booth students. In addition to providing a variety of special events throughout the school year, they also create special interest groups and organize monthly social activities.  The POLO (Parents of Little Ones) group focuses on experiences tailored towards those with kids.


Guest: According to the employment report, many Booth students receive full-time opportunities in consulting and financial services. Can you speak about the opportunities/connections the school has to other industries such as public, government, non-profit?

* Cristina Ochoa: I suggest you visit our employment report here for more information: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/


Guest: Is there a particular concentration at Booth that aspiring product managers choose to elect?

* Kate Hoffman: At Booth, you don't select concentrations to pursue -- rather, by taking courses of interest you may find yourself with several concentrations (for reference, a typical Booth student has 3-4 by the time of graduate). Many people interested in product management would take marketing classes offered through the Kilts Center for Marketing. Here's a link for more information https://www.chicagobooth.edu/research/kilts


Guest: I am planning to take GMAT again but that will be after the R1 deadline. Is it possible for me to apply in R1 with current score and then update my GMAT score later on?

* Tyler Smith: Yes.


Guest: I would like to understand whether there is a difference between R1 and R2 in terms of securing financial aid/scholarships (amounts).

* Nahida K. Teliani: Good question! There is no difference between R1 and R2 financial aid and scholarship opportunities.


Guest: Can I list extra-curricular activities not affiliated with any organization and in an individual capacity on my application? For instance, I am a singer and I perform regularly, but not affiliated to an organization? Would that still be counted?

* Tyler Smith: Please keep the extracurricular activities to organized or professional groups. 


Guest: If I am accepted for an interview, would it be seen more favorably if I make the trip from Europe to Chicago for the interview?

* Nahida K. Teliani: Interviews held outside of Chicago are conducted by our alumni. If you are available to be in Chicago for your interview, it is a great opportunity to see campus, meet current students, and learn more about Booth in person.


Guest: I am interested in learning more about the Kilts marketing center. Are there networking opportunities this fall to meet with students and/or directors who work at the Kilts center and use its resources?

* Kate Hoffman: There is always an opportunity to connect with the Kilts Center when visiting campus as they are located in our Harper Center building. You can also directly reach out to specific students in marketing with our Connect with a Student tool. Here's the link: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Guest: Does the admissions office provide any information related to interview preparation?

* Tyler Smith: No. Interviews are conversational and meant to get to know the applicant better.


Guest: If we were to provide an update to the GMAT score after we applied to round 1, when is the cut-off date for the new GMAT score?

* Nahida K. Teliani: You are welcome to submit updated scores after the application deadline, but we cannot guarantee that the updated score will be reviewed by the committee. You should aim to submit your strongest (self-reported) score by the application deadline.


Guest: In case a candidate is unable to secure recommendation from the direct supervisor, does the reason for the same have to be specified?

* Tyler Smith: Yes, please explain.


Guest: How important is it to convey a "set in stone" post-MBA plan in my application?

* Nahida K. Teliani: We recognize that your goals might change over time, and your application should convey a clear idea for what your goals are currently. 

Guest: Is there a difference applying in R1 and R2? Is an applicant better off applying in R1?

* Kimberly Epps: Hi! Thank you for joining our chat today.  No, there is not a difference between applying in R1 versus R2.


Guest: Hi, thank you for holding the event. If I am re-applying, is there a way I can get some feedback on my last application?

* Kimberly Epps: Hi!  Thank you for participating in our chat today.  Unfortunately, we do not provide feedback on applications.


Guest: I am currently working at a family business, hence me and my current supervisor are related, what type of outside party should I ask to write a letter of recommendation? Are you looking for a business partner, supplier, and client?

* Tyler Smith: Business partners and clients are both excellent choices.   


Guest: Are there any admission events in Chicago or on campus held on weekends?

* Cristina Ochoa: Our full list of events is hosted here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events typically, our events are hosted on weekdays, but we do travel to host events around the world.


Guest: I want to know whether a student can join professional groups targeting varied career goals such as Management Consulting Group, Investment Banking group and operations strategy group and be part of their treks to various companies.

* Nahida K. Teliani: Great question! Many Booth students join several professional and social student groups of varied interests.


Guest: Do we have the opportunity to take classes at other UChicago schools as a Booth student?  And is there a lot of engagement between schools?

* Kimberly Epps: Hi!  Thank you for participating in our chat today.  Chicago Booth students have an opportunity to take six elective courses at other University of Chicago schools. 


Guest: One of my questions is centered on how the GMAT is reviewed. Are certain portions weighted more heavily than others? For instance, if you excelled in Verbal or Reasoning but struggled in Quant, how is that evaluated?

* Tyler Smith: All components of the GMAT are taken into consideration. 


Guest: Thanks for hosting this chat session! Can you please tell me what support is given to entrepreneurs at Booth?

* Colin Davis: Booth offers a wealth of entrepreneurial support to students, as well as alumni. In addition to having the #1 ranked university accelerator (the 2018 winners were awarded over $300k), we ground students in frameworks, connect them with our vast network, and offer almost unlimited experiential pursuits. Check out the Polsky Center, which is the venture creation engine for the university. https://polsky.uchicago.edu/types/entrepreneurship/


Guest: How is an applicant with more than 10 years of work experience evaluated? Is there any difference?

* Nahida K. Teliani: All of our applicants are evaluated by the same admissions process. Some of our applicants have more career experience than others, with an overall average of approximately five years of work experience.

Guest: I did not find any events near me (besides virtual ones, like this great session). Are the majority of planned events through the end of 2018 posted or are new ones being added? If the latter can you give us a preview of any upcoming events like the Diversity session mentioned above?

* Tyler Smith: For the most part, all our major events are coming to an end. We will have events scattered throughout the year but the majority will take place on campus from now until June 2019.  


Guest: Hi! Thank you for your time. As a reapplicant, do I need to resend my official GMAT score report if I have not retaken the test since I last applied?

* Kimberly Epps: Hi!  Thank you for joining today's chat.  No, you do not have to resend your official GMAT score.  


Guest: Hey there! My director is only about two months in her position. Would it be advisable to include her with my recommendations along with my prior supervisor?

* Tyler Smith: If you choose to go with your previous supervisor just explain that your current is fairly new.    


Guest: Thanks for answering the Partners and Families program question! Could you elaborate on what LPF stands for?

* Colin Davis: LPF stand for "Liquidity Preference Function". These are social gatherings/happy hours that take place at Booth on Fridays. Typically, a different student group will "sponsor" the theme for each LPF.


Guest: As a student pursuing and MBA/MPP degree from Chicago, can I get involved in the MIINT program? Is it a group of courses or is it a different program completely?

* Tyler Smith: Yes, you can.


Guest: Are there Booth student groups that partner with nonprofit organizations in Chicago? Thanks again!

* Tyler Smith: Yes! Check out: https://groups.chicagobooth.edu/gsb/home/


Guest: Hi everyone! If I lead and organize my own companies' non-work activities such as the recruiting event and other big internal events, should they be included?  And should they be under the name of my organization?  What about activities done during college? Thank you much!

* Nahida K. Teliani: Good questions. Your non-work activities can go into the Activities and Involvements section of your application. If you feel that other previous experiences are relevant to your application (such as significant college activities or awards), feel free to include them.


Guest: If a student graduates with more that one concentration, is that stated on the diploma?

* Cristina Ochoa: No. Concentrations are not listed anywhere.


Guest:  Are the applications for those who show interest in the International MBA option reviewed in any additional/other ways when compared to those applying for the regular MBA degree?

* Cristina Ochoa: No. All applications are considered the same.


Guest: I have heard from alumni about the process of ‘bidding’ for courses. Could you please speak a bit about how this works at Booth?

* Colin Davis: Bidding for courses at Booth is based largely on the Dutch bid system. Student begin their time at Booth with a standard amount of bid points. Like a free market system, they place bids in phases for courses each quarter (there are several resources for historical/course/bid info). Students then receive additional bid points for each course they complete.


Guest: In terms of interacting in a cohort setting, are there additional structured events etc. that are organized around these cohorts after LEAD? 

* Tyler Smith: Besides LEAD, there is no cohorting at Chicago Booth.


Guest: What is the percentage of students getting recruitment offers from the company they interned with? Does the preparation for recruitment start before the intership season.

* Cristina Ochoa: You can find that information on our employment report: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/

* Cristina Ochoa: At least 44% of students are given a full-time offer from their internship.


Guest: Just follow up on the previous GMAT questions - if a candidate decides to take another test after the R1 deadline and get an improved score, how should he/ she update your team? Can we send email or something to inform since waiting for official score to be sent to you may be too late to get your review? Thanks

* Kimberly Epps: Hi! Thank you for joining our chat today.  Yes, you should send an email with the updated GMAT scrore.


Guest: I'm an entrepreneur in the financial services industry (not fintech). Would I be able to get the same access to Polsky Center's resources as well as funding? Thank you very much.

* Kimberly Epps: Hi!  Yes, all Chicago Booth students have access to the Polsky Center.