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November 21, 2017

Chat Transcript  


Guest: I have taken both the GMAT and GRE. Using some online score comparison websites I have come to the conclusion that my GMAT score is higher than the GRE score. Should I submit both my test scores in the application? How does the admission committee decide which scores to use?

* Eddie Pulliam: Please submit both of the scores and we'll evaluate them when reviewing your application.


Guest: I have worked with a current Booth student in the past and I’m confident that the person can vouch for my abilities and experience. Is there a way to put this across in the application?

* Kim Epps: Hi! Thank you joining the chat today.  Yes, current students can complete a Shape the Class form.   Please have the Booth student contact the Full-Time Admissions Office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu for more information.


Guest: I think the Startup Summer is a great initiative for incoming students to get experience in a startup alongside Booth alumni and other students. If admitted, are there any other pre-MBA opportunities I can take part in or take some electives from Booth or other schools in the university?

* Nima Merchant: Start-up Summer is a great opportunity for students to learn about the start-up world before their MBA. This is the only pre-MBA opportunity at Booth at this time but there are plenty of classes and internships outside of Booth for those looking for other experiences.


Guest: I majored in accounting in my undergrad, and I have my CPA license. If I were admitted to Booth, would I be able to take more advance level accounting and financial statement analysis classes instead of the foundational accounting & financial analysis classes?

* Joanna Zisis: Booth offers a flexible curriculum that allows you to take courses more in line with your skill level. You can learn more about advanced alternatives here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum


Guest: Could I use some format like a series of lens shot out to express my story?

* Joanna Zisis: You can use whatever format you wish as long as it can be uploaded to our application system.


Guest: Hi Booth MBA team, thank you for organizing this chat. My first question is, are applicants expected to review their letters of recommendation? Or would you prefer that recommenders submitted anonymously?

* Eddie Pulliam: That's a choice that is left up to you.


Guest: Hi thanks for the chat! I'm an international student, and one of my recommenders doesn't speak English. Do you accept translation of LOR? If so, who can be an eligible translator? And do I need to include the original LOR when submitting?

* Eddie Pulliam: You can use a certified translator and sending in the original LOR is fine as well.


Guest: If someone has had over 5 years experience in a corporation, are they exempt from tests such as GRE?

* Kim Epps: Hi, thank you for joining our chat.  No.  All applicants must take either the GRE or the GMAT exam. There are no exceptions to the policy.


Guest: If I know a Booth or UChicago alum, but they're not one of my recommenders, is there a way they can express their support of my application?

* Nima Merchant: You are welcome to have the alumnus reach out to admissionsinterviews@chicagobooth.edu and we can point them to the right tools and format.

Guest: What percentage of Booth alumni stay in the Chicago area? Do graduates fan out across the country or is there a significant concentration around Chicago?

* Nima Merchant: Our new employment report just went live and gives you a snapshot of the last few years of graduates and where they ended up in terms of location as well as industry and function. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/location/full-time-2017.  For the full time class of 2017, 22% went to the west coast, 23% east coast and 36% the Midwest.


Guest: Greetings, thanks for hosting this Q&A event. I have a question, is there any special requirement for the resume? Like page limit, format, etc. Thanks

* Eddie Pulliam: We would prefer a one-page resume.


Guest: I want to know if you have any tips for re-applicants? What points should I highlight? What should my focus be on?

* Kim Epps: Hi!  Thank you for joining our chat today.  My advice would be to focus on your applicant essay and remember to highlight anything that has changed since you have last applied. 


Guest: I have another question about the interview. How will the interview be conducted? By AO or by Alumni? Face to face or Skype? One on one or group? Thanks.

* Eddie Pulliam: If you are extended an invitation to interview, you can decide to interview on campus with a 2nd year student who works with the admissions office or an alumni interview.  Don't worry, they both hold the same weight.


Guest: I will have some time off around the holidays and would like to visit the campus. Is it possible to visit Booth when classes are not in session?

* Kim Epps: Hi! Thank you for joining our chat today.  Yes, we host an abbreviated version of our campus visit program during the winter, spring and summer breaks.  For more information, please visit our Campus Visit Website, https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit


Guest: Can you kindly elaborate on the Booth Moments essay. Should the essay/PPT focus on career goals and previous achievements?

* Eddie Pulliam: How you respond to the "Booth Moments" is your choice.  You will have to decide which format to use in order to convey your thoughts about Chicago Booth. 


Guest: Thank you for organizing this chat. I am interested in connecting with either students or alumni to get more about their perspective at Booth. Where may I find people to connect with?

* Nima Merchant: We highly recommend applicants learn about the community from our current students. Our website has a tool called "Connect with a Student" that allows you to search on program and interests. https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Guest: Dear Team - Thanks for organizing this session. Can you please comment on the resources available to students who are making a switch from corporate jobs to social entrepreneurship and already have their own start-ups in this space? Thank You.

* Joanna Zisis:  Hello, for those interested in social impact, The Rustandy Center at Booth is dedicated to those students committed to tackling social and environmental problems. I encourage you to learn more about their programs and work with students. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/research/rustandy/anyone


Guest: In case I decide to write about my chosen Booth moment in an essay format, are there strict requirements for it to be in paragraph form like a typical essay? I was planning to get a little creative with it and present it in a few independent ‘sections’ all connecting back to the Booth moment.

* Joanna Zisis: Hello, feel free to use any format you choose to tell your story.


Guest: Hello team, thanks for arranging this event. Can I submit letters of reference from any of these - an ex-boss (supervised me for 2 years), a peer (knowing me for more than 3 years), current boss (supervising me for current past 1.5 years), my close customer (worked with my on a project for 6+ months).

* Eddie Pulliam: We suggest that you send in one LOR from your manager.  Your 2nd LOR is your choice, but find the best person who can give us the best profile of who you really are.


Guest: How has the curriculum changed over time to prepare students for the technology focused nature of businesses today?

* Eddie Pulliam: Our curriculum does evolve and tries to include methods or concepts that stay on top of trends in business.  We do feel that the Booth curriculum has always been successful in preparing graduates with the best tools to be prepared to tackle any industry.


Guest: Hi Team, can you provide some information on how many students go on to working in FinTech, and what resources are available to those interested in FinTech?

* Joanna Zisis: Hello, a great resource to learn about where our graduates land is the online employment report: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/industry/full-time-2017


Guest: Hi! Do you penalize for taking the GMAT multiple times, especially if more than three times? Is an explanation needed in this situation?

* Eddie Pulliam: No explanation is needed.  We take the highest score.


Guest: My current manager has only supervised me for less than 3 months. Can I choose my previous manager as my first recommender in this case? Do I need to explain this choice of recommended in optional essay? Thanks.

* Kim Epps: Hi! Thank you for joining our chat today. Yes, in this case I would suggest using your previous manager and use the optional essay section to explain the situation.  


Guest: What are some common challenges students typically face in the first few months of attending Booth?

* Nima Merchant: There are many opportunities to get involved in clubs and activities when you start your MBA and one of the challenges we hear is that students don't have enough time to try everything. The advice from second years is to prioritize and find the groups and activities that are important to you.


Guest: Is the format of classes mostly case studies, traditional, lab or mixed?

* Eddie Pulliam: There is a mix. You'll be able to tell the format when you are registering for classes.


Guest: Hi! Is there a problem if I present the GRE instead of the GMAT?

* Eddie Pulliam: No, either is acceptable.


Guest: Greetings, I feel most comfortable with an essay response. Will it be viewed negatively if I do so? (for the Booth essay)

* Eddie Pulliam: No, you can feel free to use the format that you are most comfortable with.


Guest: My current employer offers MBA reimbursement if I return after completing the MBA. Does that count as 'providing financial support' in the employment section of the application?

* Kelsey Bergren: Yes it does.


Guest: Thanks guys for organizing the webinar. Is the applicants in each round reviewed the same time after the round deadline?

* Joanna Zisis: Hello, Yes, all applications are reviewed after the deadline.


Guest: Hi Eddie, Good to see you here. Some current students mentioned that Booth is planning to have more academic international travel opportunities next year (in addition, to travel opportunities within classes and exchange programs with sister schools). I am just wondering if you have any insight on this or it’s something still waiting to be finalized?

* Eddie Pulliam: Certainly, we try to find the best locations for our students to travel to.  They are still working on final destinations.  It is an ongoing process because of so many options.


Guest: Hi again! The next Booth Live event is in February, do you recommend visiting campus prior to January round deadline or attending the event in February? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the earlier one.

* Kim Epps: We will hold the Winter Break Visit schedule from 12/4 – 1/8.  The Winter Break Visit does not include the opportunity to visit a class, as our students are on break. I recommend you reviewing the Booth Live and Winter Break Visit agendas on our website and decide which event you would like to attend. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit#BoothTab4.  Registration for both events are open.


Guest: Thanks for hosting this chat.  What would you say is one thing, which is very unique about Booth Culture and about the students who graduate from Booth? Thanks in advance for the reply.

* Eddie Pulliam: Confidence. There are so many changes in the business world.  Our graduates are prepared to face the challenges of any industry and feel comfortable that they can help solve the problems that they are faced with.


Guest: Hi Admissions, is a recording of one of the general information sessions available? I am in India, and to the best of my knowledge, general Booth info sessions are not held in India. 

* Kelsey Bergren: Thanks for joining us today. We host information sessions in India every summer in July in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. We also provide many opportunities virtually.


Guest: How hectic is the curriculum?

* Eddie Pulliam: It is very manageable. 3-4 classes per quarter with a good amount of support helps the students stay on track!


Guest: Can I include extracurricular/volunteer activities in the resume? Or should it be totally business/professional-focused?

* Kim Epps: Hi! Thank you for joining our chat today. Yes, you can include your extracurricular/volunteer activities on your resume.


Guest: Do applicants who apply in Round 1 have an advantage over Round 2 applicants in terms of scholarship awards?

* Joanna Zisis: Hello, there is no advantage for scholarships from Round 1 over Round 2.


Guest: Booth's flexible curriculum is extremely interesting. How closely do students tend to work with academic advisors in designing their personal curriculums?

* Eddie Pulliam: Every quarter. While the students are preparing their schedules, they find themselves utilizing the advisors very effectively.


Guest: What advice do you have for prospective students completing the essay response if we're using a PowerPoint?

* Nima Merchant: We recommend applicants answer the question and be themselves. Hopefully the format lets you do that in a manner that expresses your point of view and is concise.


Guest: Hello! With regards to my MBA goals, I am currently working in finance (can definitely see myself staying within the field) but am open to exploring other options while at school. Do you have any advice on a good way to articulate that in my applications? I don't want to come across as if I don't know what I want, but I am excited about the opportunity to explore all that Booth has to offer.

* Eddie Pulliam: It is best to anchor a thought about what you want to do.  If admitted to the program the amount of flexibility we offer gives you so many options and support to recruit successfully for other industries you may have an interest in.