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If you're considering applying to Chicago Booth, join this live chat with the Full-Time MBA Admissions Committee. Whether you're just beginning your MBA research or preparing to apply this year, ask about the 2017-18 essay question, letters of recommendation, admissions events, and more. This chat is open to all prospective students.


Chat Transcripts


Guest: Hello! Thank you for your time this afternoon. Can you please provide color on the type of formats the AdComs have seen over time for the Booth essay other than in traditional written essay form?

* Nima Merchant:  When we say open format we really mean it.  You are welcome to use whatever format best allows you to express your point of view. In addition to a traditional essay, we have seen presentation decks, poems, other types of visual art etc. 


Guest: In my Resume, I have indicated Founder, XXX holding co. , X Country and Group Cos.(A Country, Y Country, Z Country) The company in the X Country is merely a holding company and the other companies  in Country A, Country Y and Country Z are the companies holding the assets. Do I have to clarify the ownership structure under the optional essay, if this cannot be clearly communicated in my resume.

* Eddie Pulliam: No you don't have to clarify the ownership structure.


Guest: I am particularly interested in the IMBA program. Would you recommend to mention this preference on the application?  Which particular skills/abilities does Chicago look for in IMBA candidates?

* Eddie Pulliam: The IMBA program requires a 2nd language, specific courses to take once you've been admitted and the opportunity to study abroad in your 2nd year.  If admitted to the full time MBA program you would work with our programs office to apply for the IMBA.  You can mention your interest in the IMBA program in your application.


Guest: Under salary, is it okay to mention the salary collected over the last 12 months, if there were variations in what was collected towards the last three months of the previous year and the first nine months of the current year?

* Eddie Pulliam: We would prefer that you state the annual income.


Guest: I hold a position in a family business and I am involved in the management of 6 companies with different designations in each company. For instance, I am CEO in one of the companies, Director in 2 other, and general manager in another. Is it okay to generalize by stating that I am Director for all the group companies?

* Eddie Pulliam: It's best that you describe each role so that we can understand the value that you brought to each position.


Guest: How do I approach the Booth moments essay?

* Nima Merchant: We really do mean what we say when we ask you to select a moment that resonates with you and tell us why.  We recently posted a blog about the essay check it out: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ftadmissions/2017/201718-essay


Guest: Hi. Thanks for hosting this chat, Kimberly and thanks to the admissions team for being here. I had a question about the picture essay (of course!). A picture has multiple interpretations (Booth does a good job in selecting pictures those especially have multiple interpretations). How would you recommend an applicant offers his perspective on the picture?

* Joanna Zisis: That is going to be up to you! But we do have a blog that may help you think through your approach. You can view it here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ftadmissions/2017/201718-essay


Guest: Hi, thank you for hosting this Q&A session. I'm a career-changer hoping to transition from engineering to finance. Aside from summer internships, what opportunities does Booth offer students to gain real-world experience in finance? Thanks!

* Colin Davis: You’ll be among great company - 36% of the Class of 2016 accepted full-time positions within the finance industry. As a career changer, being able to dive right into relevant content and critically assess and apply theories/tools – topics like corporate finance, investments, portfolio management, asset pricing - is a huge advantage.Additionally, student groups like the Investment Banking Group, Financial Analysis and Treasury Group, Private Equity Group, provide members with information on careers in finance, networking with professionals, and organization of the annual Road to CFO conference and Bank Week trips. Career Services facilitates corporate visits, as well as programming across a range of industries and functions from a panel of second-year students and alumni.


Guest: Hi, thank you for hosting this session.  Could you talk about the relationship that Booth has with the tech industry and what the school is doing to attract more tech firms to recruit on Campus?

* Nima Merchant: Booth has a very robust relationship with the tech industry with a significant alumni population currently working in tech and the career services team constantly developing new relationships and growing existing relationships. We also have a very active student group called Booth Technology Group that host events, seminars, lunch and learns, corporate events, treks and much more. I recommend checking out the website and reaching out to club members to learn more. https://groups.chicagobooth.edu/boothtech/about/. Overall with the significant number of students interested in tech it is not surprising that we have seen more companies come to campus to recruit.


Guest: Good afternoon, I would want to know the regular range of scholarship percent given to students for the MBA?

* Nima Merchant: All scholarships are merit based and all admitted students are considered for awards. The dollar amount varies and is dependent on many factors.


Guest: Hello, this is Jamie Paldino from Connecticut. My questions are regarding the Full Campus Visit Program. I know the schedule will not be released until later this month but can you speak to how frequently these visits will be offered? Also, can you provide some background on what constitutes a typical visit? Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions today and I am looking forward to visiting Booth soon!

* Kimberly Ge: Thank you for joining us today! The Campus Visit Program is typically three times a week (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday during the Autumn Quarter), and additional information in regards to the schedule can be found here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit#BoothTab1


Guest: Hi! I'm interested in learning more about the culture at Booth. What defines the Booth student experience and what about Booth's community separates it from other B-Schools as well as the rest of UC? Thanks!

* Eddie Pulliam: While I can't speak about the culture at other schools I will say that ours is very collaborative.  Interaction with the Booth community assures that your experience with us will be valuable to relationships that you'll build as a successful leader.


Guest: Hi I'm from Asia and have done most of my research on Booth online by going through the website in detail and attending webinars. Could not visiting campus and attending an admissions event in person be a potential disadvantage to my application?

* Colin Davis: We do not take visiting campus into account when reviewing your application. While it can be helpful to get a feel for the campus, community and classroom dynamic, the true benefit of visiting campus is ultimately dependent on the applicant and what they take away from the experience. If you're unable to visit us in Chicago, there are still numerous ways to engage the Booth community through events, chats, and our "Connect with a Student" online tool.


Guest: Hi, hope everyone is having a great day and thank you for taking the time to answer questions. Could you speak to the Leadership Practicum Program and how the various modules work?

* Joanna Zisis: I think you will find The Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership website interesting:  https://research.chicagobooth.edu/harrydavis/


Guest: I am currently on the process of reapplying First round. I applied for last term (Fall 2017) on third round and was rejected. Is the re-application process the same? Essays and Letters of recommendation.

* Colin Davis: Yes, the re-applicant process is the same. The only difference is that re-applicants are asked to submit an additional essay.


Guest: Hello, I would like to know more about the joint degree with the MA in international relations. How to apply, additional information.

* Joanna Zisis: To apply to the MBA MA International relations, you simply apply to the MBA program through Booth indicating that is the degree you are pursuing. Program specifics in terms of coursework are here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/joint-degree/mba-masters-international-relations


Guest: Thanks for hosting this session. A question for re-applicants who were waitlisted last year on R2. How much change is expected of the new application? To what extent will the previous file be considered? Are there any recommendations on the best way to approach this?

* Eddie Pulliam: It is your responsibility to help us understand any changes that you've made since your last application - leadership, professional development, new positions, etc.  We do ask that if you are using the same recommenders that they don't send in the same letter.  It doesn't help us when we evaluate any changes in your profile.


Guest: Under the academics portion of our application, how do we indicate institutions we have transferred from or attended summer school at?

* Nima Merchant: Please enter institutions in chronological order and list them as “no degree” in the degree section of the entry


Guest: What financial assistance is available? What financing programs are available specifically to international students?

* Nima Merchant: Chicago Booth is committed to providing financing opportunities for all students regardless of citizenship status and offers a loan program to international students with no US cosigners. International students who have US cosigners have multiple private loan options. More detailed information regarding these programs will be made available via the admitted students’ website upon admission to the program.


Guest: I am moving at the end of the month, but haven't locked down any details on a specific address. If I submit my application this week will there be a chance to alter my mailing address when I figure it out?

* Nima Merchant: Yes, you can send an email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu once you have your new address.



Guest: Do you know the date that the full campus visit schedule will be released?

* Kimberly Ge: We will have the schedule posted by the end of September.


Guest:  hello - what happens if your recommender does not submit their letter in time for the round 1 deadline? if they submit a week late for example, are you automatically put into the round 2 bucket?

* Nima Merchant: We will allow recommenders an extra day to submit but if they do not submit we will move the application to the next round. That is why it is important to go out to recommenders early.


Guest: hello. i wanted to know if i could get my letter of recommendation from my supervisors who do not work in the company i used to work in? i am currently unemployed and my supervisors now work for another firm. so will sending them the link for LOR suffice?

* Nima Merchant: Yes, you are welcome to have your recommender write on your behalf even if they are at a different company. Please be sure to send the link for the LOR to their work email (not personal).


Guest: Hello, for R1 applicants, will all interview invites be extended by October 13th or will they continue after that on a rolling basis?

* Colin Davis: All R1 interview invitations will be communicated by October 13th.


Guest: Good morning! How many concentrations do most students pursue? Is it rare/difficult to pursue three?

* Eddie Pulliam: Many of our students graduate with at least 3 concentrations due to the flexibility! 


Guest: Is any preference given between applying in round one or round two?

* Eddie Pulliam: No.  We always tell students to apply when they are ready.  Rushing your application to hit a deadline isn't always the best thing to do.


Guest: Hello, I'm Marina and I'm speaking from Brazil. I come from a entrepreneurship background and I would like to get further information about clubs, classes and other opportunities regarding this.Is it possible for me to get in contact with alumns to chat about their experiences with Booth MBA regarding this topic?

* Joanna Zisis: You should get to know our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and innovation if you are interested in continuing your career towards entrepreneurship. http://polsky.uchicago.edu/ In addition, you should feel free to reach out to co-chairs of the entrepreneurship and venture capital student group. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/entrepreneurship-and-venture-capital


Guest: Do your references also need to make the application deadline dates for the various rounds?

* Kimberly Ge: You are correct; the Letters of Recommendation are due by the deadline of the round you are applying to.


Guest: While most others school ask us to use the optional essay to explain "extenuating" circumstances only, Booth does not mention anything of the sort; it is just an additional essay; can you comment on that? are there any expectations from this essay, or what is it typically used for?

* Joanna Zisis: We also provide the optional essay as an opportunity for you to express any anomalies in your application.  You should use your best judgement in deciding whether or not to use it.


Guest: For the activities section, can we additionally list community involvement from our undergraduate experience? Do you have a limit to how many activities we can list?

* Kimberly Ge: There is no limit, so add as many as you’d like!


Guest: Thank you for your time. While there are several areas to find guidance of what TO DO on the application essay, do you have any words of caution for applicants of what NOT TO DO on the essay?

* Eddie Pulliam: Mentioning another school isn't ideal.  Make sure your recommenders understand that you are applying to Booth and not another program.  Check for typos.  Make sure that the school's curriculum reflects exactly what you are looking for. Pay attention to the word limit.  Often students begin to ramble and not focus on what we are really asking for in a response.


Guest: Hi, regarding the optional essay, is this essay really "optional" in term of its content or preferably for the applicant to address any red flags? Thanks!

* Kimberly Ge: It is optional for the applicant to address any red flags or anything that you weren't able to address in other sections of the application.


Guest: Hi Nima, thanks for hosting this chat! Could you advise us regarding the length of the presentation?

* Nima Merchant: No advice as it is open ended. Use your best judgments to get your point across in a thoughtful concise manner.


Guest:  It appears that the campus visit allows candidates to sit in on a live class. Do candidates have the flexibility to choose the particular class they attend or is this predetermined?

* Kimberly Ge: You are allowed to choose the course you’d like to attend when you arrive to campus for the Campus Visit Program. A reminder to come a little early because the popular classes fill up quickly!


Guest: Is there somewhere I can find more information on becoming a LEAD Facilitator.  This is an opportunity I'd like to pursue at Booth.

* Joanna Zisis: Information on becoming a LEAD facilitator will come to students after they matriculate to the MBA program and complete the LEAD course. You can learn more here: https://research.chicagobooth.edu/harrydavis/students


Guest: Do we need to have MBA.com send our official GMAT scores when we apply, or do we wait until we've been accepted?

* Nima Merchant: We do not need official verified test scores at the time of application. All scores will need to be verified after admission.


Guest: Good afternoon, I wanted to find out if the grade non-disclosure policy is still followed by current students?

* Kimberly Ge:  Yes it is.


Guest:  I am particularly interested in the IMBA program. Would you recommend to mention this preference on the application?  Which particular skills/abilities does Chicago look for in IMBA candidates?

* Joanna Zisis: Yes, we ask on the application if you are interested in this program. You can learn more here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/imba


Guest: How has Booth built up its social venture/impact effort in the last few years?

* Colin Davis: Efficiently and effectivity would be the short answer. Our recently renamed center, The Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, .has been focused on several key areas: preparing students for impactful careers in the social sector, (including social entrepreneurship) developing resources for all students to have an impact through nonprofit and board service, and collaborating with schools across the university to advance the fundamental study and understanding of impact within the social sector.  The center has aggressively pursued opportunities and relationships to expand experiential lab courses, the Social New Venture Challenge competition, student group support, and career-related programming and resources.


Guest: Good afternoon, what is one aspect of Chicago Booth MBA that students say they only found out about after coming to Booth, but not during their MBA research?

* Kimberly Ge: This is a great question for a student! I would reach out through our tool, Connect with a Student to hear firsthand! Here is the link: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Guest: With regards to the question about our interests and hobbies: Are you looking for a simple list of our interests/hobbies, or would you prefer the applicants elaborate on these interests/hobbies?

* Kimberly Ge: It is up to you, but listing them is just fine. 


Guest: Hi, thanks for the session! I wanted to find out if international students who want to switch careers are at a disadvantage? (Assuming, they have a solid reason to switch)

* Joanna Zisis: Since most students pursue an MBA to change careers, we do not view career changers at a disadvantage.


Guest: The Campus Visit Program states that it will resume the week of Oct. 2nd.  If I were to book a flight soon for the week of Oct 2nd, will the program be held every day? Or should I wait for the schedule to be released?

* Kimberly Ge: The program will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the Fall Quarter. The schedule will be available for registration this week (week of September 11th).  


Guest: I have started Round 1 application and my recommender has submitted his recommendation, is it possible to change it to round 2, without having to resubmit the recommendation?

* Kimberly Ge: Yes, our system will automatically do so!


Guest: Does Booth have a club dedicated to fintech?

* Nima Merchant:  There is a not a specific student group just for fintech but it does fall under the umbrella of the Booth Technology Group. https://groups.chicagobooth.edu/boothtech/about/


Guest: What percentage of students choose to work outside the United States after the Booth MBA, and how does Career Services help in this regard?

* Nima Merchant: ~13% of the Class of 2016 took full time roles outside of the US and Career Services play a very large part in helping all students in their career.  Booth has great employer relationships around the world and leverages our 55,000+ alumni globally. I highly recommend checking out our employment report if you haven't already.https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/location.aspx


Guest: Is it possible to get this Q&A session as a pdf document?

* Kimberly Ge: We will provide the transcript of this chat in a link on our website (located here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/online-chats) within the next 4 business days.


Guest: Hello. Thank you for taking the time to host this chat. Could you expand upon any difference in round 1 and round 2 applications from the admission committee's perspective? By round 2, the committee would have a decent idea of the class mix and would possibly have a narrower focus in terms of what kinds of candidates they're looking for to fill the rest of the spots. Would you say this statement is accurate?

* Kimberly Ge: There’s no difference between Round 1 or Round 2 – please apply when you are ready. Focus on putting forward your best application.


Guest: Hi, thank you for hosting this information session. Quick question about resumes. Should we be including any extracurricular activities (i.e. volunteer work) that we do outside of the office or should we stick to highlighting our professional experience?

* Eddie Pulliam: You should use a typical business resume.  You'll have an opportunity in the application to talk about your extracurricular activities.


Guest: Good afternoon! Could you comment on how Booth works to create a culture that is welcoming to married students with children?

* Nima Merchant: The Booth community is very welcoming to partners and those with families.  I can say this because I was once a Booth partner myself.  Partners are welcome to many of the social events that take place and there are several student groups that are open to partners (Epicurean Club, Ski Club, Wine Club, etc.) in addition to a very active Partners Group. There is also a group called POLO (Parents of Little Ones) that hosts events and activities around the city of Chicago for families.  It also happens that Chicago is a great place for children, which is nice! https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partners


Guest: Hi! More of a general question, but what do you look for in a candidate's personality? In other words, when we write our essay and (hopefully) interview, what traits do you hope really shine through?

* Eddie Pulliam: Good communication skills.  Focus.  Honesty.  Confidence.  Familiarity with the subject matter you are discussing.


Guest:  If I submit a Round 2 application, does that decrease my chance of getting a scholarship?

* Nima Merchant: All admitted students are considered for scholarship regardless of the round they are admitted.


Guest: What does Booth believe to be its core strengths? How are these strengths represented in the annual employment report?

* Eddie Pulliam: Our curriculum allows students to think strategically and analyze business in a way that easy to communicate and perform.


Guest:  How many slides do applicants typically use if they choose the power point option?

* Colin Davis: There really isn't a "typical" PowerPoint slide count. We've seen short, long, and everything in between. We leave it up to you to determine the best way to position your candidacy.


Guest: For international students, i we are invited to an interview, will we be able to choose between off-campus interview or going to Chicago?

* Eddie Pulliam: All students who are invited to interview can choose to do an on-campus interview or an alumni interview in your state/country.  It doesn't matter to us.  All interviewers are trained to provide us with strong information for us to complete our evaluation of applicants.  They both hold the same weight to the committee.


Guest: Does the number of times an applicant has taken the GMAT make a difference to the application?

* Kimberly Ge: Yes, it shows drive and motivation to take the GMAT again for a better score, but too many times can be seen as a red flag.


Guest: Hello! Is it going to be a Full-Time Admissions Informative Sessions in any Country of Latin America?

* Kimberly Ge: Yes, but unfortunately we already hosted our Admissions Information Sessions in Latin America over July and August.  


Guest: For veterans, what percentage / how many are given Yellow Ribbon benefits?

* Nima Merchant: We are an unlimited yellow ribbon school which means if you are yellow ribbon eligible and are admitted to Chicago Booth we will match. Booth's Armed Forces Group is a great resource for prospective students in the military. I highly recommend checking them out to learn more about resources available to vets. http://www.boothafg.com/military-discounts-in-chicago-1/


Guest: Hi! This is Bharadwaaj from India. What mistakes do you see applicants commit in the application?

* Eddie Pulliam: Typos, mentioning the wrong school, unfamiliar with the curriculum/program, vague reasons for getting an MBA are just a few!


Guest: Good morning from California!! Under the Activities section of the application, is the optional section to add hobbies meant to give us a chance to talk about things we're involved in just for fun? Thanks for hosting this session today!

* Kimberly Ge: Exactly, we just want to know what you do for fun and what you do in your free time!


Guest: are admission decisions only communicated by regular mail? As a international applicant, I am concerned about the amount of time this will take

* Kimberly Ge: Decisions will be communicated via email.


Guest: Could you describe the process for participating in a Lab Course? Is each course open to all students, or are some of them restricted to certain concentrations or students with a specific career background?

* Colin Davis: The process varies from lab to lab, and new courses are often developed and offered each quarter. Some actually have an internship/travel component, some have an application, and others will have a more typical bidding process.


Guest:  How can I meet others connected with the program, such as current students or faculty?

* Kimberly Ge: You can meet students through our "Connect with a Student" tool, located here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Guest: How would you describe someone whose application shines through as being a great fit for Booth?

* Eddie Pulliam: We like to see someone who is confident about the industry they are searching for and how the MBA can help to achieve that goal.  We also enjoy seeing a profile of someone that may enhance the Booth community and isn't afraid to share their experiences and values that will help us remain a very strong community. 


Guest: Thanks Kimberly! It sounds like some people are already planning campus visits. Do you want applicants to wait until they know whether they've been invited to interview or should people start planning a trip now?

* Kimberly Ge: It's completely up to you & your schedule!


Guest: One of my recommenders asked that I not send the LOR email to his work email and provided his school email instead. Is it absolutely necessary that the LOR come from his work email?

* Nima Merchant: If the recommender insists on having you send the LOR request to their personal email you will need to explain why in the optional essay.


Guest: Do applicants traditionally convey their message better through a visual presentation or a traditional essay?

* Kimberly Ge: It's up to the unique individual - whatever works best for you!


Guest: What sort of opportunities at Booth (club, academics, etc.) would you say are best for students looking to pursue brand/product management post-MBA?

* Colin Davis: There really isn't any one "prescribed" path that all and all students should focus on. - regardless of career interest. The backgrounds (and needs) of students are unique, and there are many paths to success.  That being said, we do see strong interests across courses like Developing New Products and Services Lab, Data-Driven Marketing, Pricing Strategy, as well as the Marketing and Tech student groups. Many fantastic events, workshops, and resources for students looking to pursue brand/product management roles are facilitated through our Kilt's Center for Marketing.


Guest: Hi. Are you certain there is an additional essay for re-applicants? I do not see anything in the application like that?

* Nima Merchant: At the bottom of the "Essays" page there is section that says re-applicant essay with the prompt.


Guest: Good Afternoon! Are you looking for a formal job description to include within the application?

* Kimberly Ge: No need to include the formal job description, your resume should share what you have contributed to the firm/organization.


Guest: Dear Team, I hope you are well and thanks for hosting the chat. I have been told to use the optional essay to address my low GMAT score but not really sure what I can write to address it. It is clear from other aspects of my application that I can handle the course. The GMAT is either an issue or it is not. Should I still complete the optional essay?

* Joanna Zisis: It's quite up to you. The optional essay is an opportunity to explain any anomalies to your application. If you'd like to discuss your score or abilities, you may address them. But ultimately it’s your choice.


Guest: Is the GMAT preferred over the GRE?

* Kimberly Ge: We honestly have no preference.


Guest: For those who are current students at UChicago, we have been told that the application fee will be waived if we apply for Rounds II or III.  How is this processed? Should we create a login using our UChicago email address?

* Nima Merchant: Application fees are waived for UChicago students in all rounds.  You can visit the FAQ section/Application Process of the Full Time Program website and apply for a waiver before your submission. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/faq#777a19673af646a19de3157df1635066. We will verify your enrollment before waiving the fee.


Guest: Is there any significant difference in Chicago Booth's MBA degree between Full-time vs. Part-time?

* Kimberly Ge: The only significant difference is the timing of how long it will take for you to complete your MBA -- two years for the Full-Time Program and about 3.5 years for the Part-Time Program.  It’s the same MBA degree, courses, professors, and faculty across programs. The other minor difference is the campus location of where you’ll take your classes: The Harper Center (in Hyde Park) is the home to the Full-Time Program and the Gleacher Center (in Chicago's downtown area) is the home to the Part-Time Program; however, students are able to take classes at both locations.


Guest: Hello, is it okay to include volunteer experiences in the one-page resume

* Kimberly Ge: Yes it is!


Guest: Are we asked to provide number of GMAT attempts with accepted scores or all GMAT scores included cancelled ones

* Eddie Pulliam: Yes we do ask how many times the exam has been taken.


Guest: When should Round 1 applicants expect to hear back from Booth about if we are invited for an interview or not?

* Nima Merchant: All Rd 1 interview decisions will be released by October 13th.


Guest: This transcript will be posted after the chat, correct? Thanks!

* Kimberly Ge: That is correct, it will be posted on the Chicago Booth Website (here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/online-chats) in about 4 business days.


Guest: Hello! I understand that for the Letter of Recommendation, the company email is required to be submitted. However, if my recommender requested that I submit his personal email could I detail an explanation within additional information?

* Eddie Pulliam: We would prefer the email to come from a business/company but if that isn't possible you'll need to explain that in the optional essay or in the LOR section of the application.


Guest: do you suggest a minimum score for GMAT in order to send the application?

* Kimberly Ge: The Admissions Committee evaluates each application in a holistic manner, as we value the diverse experiences and accomplishments each student brings to the Chicago Booth community. Hence, we do not have a minimum requirement for GPA or GMAT/GRE scores.


Guest: What are some popular activities Booth students engage in outside of the classroom?

* Eddie Pulliam: We have about 80 student organizations for our students to join.  Some students participate in community work throughout the city of Chicago.  Of course there is a great social life for students to enjoy while they are here, too.  Chicago is a great city to explore and we offer so many types of entertainment.


Guest: My only professional work experience has been with a start-up while my direct supervisor is the CEO.  Besides my direct supervisor, I don't have a second supervisor. While we do build relationship with other business partners, I couldn't think of one that could speak knowledgeable about my daily performance. In this case, would you suggest me to find my college professor and/or my current teammates for recommendation letter? Thank you!

* Eddie Pulliam: You can still use a letter from another partner.  That person may truly have a good perspective of what your skill set is like and can comment on your performance on a project you worked on.  A professor might not know how you've grown professionally unless you've remained in contact with that professor.  Using a teammate is also an option.


Guest: Are interviews conducted by alumni or current students?

* Nima Merchant: If you interview in Chicago, your interview will be conducted by a student. Interviews done outside of Chicago are conducted by alumni.


Guest: Which students are considered re-applicants? How does such a student approach the re-applicant essay?

* Eddie Pulliam: We only keep the application for 2 years.  If you are applying within that time frame you would be considered a "re-applicant".  We ask a specific question to re-applicants that help us understand any changes in your previous application.


Guest: Is the interview behavioral in nature? What is expected from the candidates?

* Eddie Pulliam: It is a "blind" interviewer meaning the person who is conducting your interview has not read your application.  They will only have your resume to refer to.  All of our interviewers receive instructions/training from our office on conducting the interviews in a professional manner that will help us to assess your eligibility to our program.


Guest: What makes curriculum at Chicago Booth be different from other Bschool MBA?

* Joanna Zisis: Flexibility! You choose what you take and when - based on your experience, education, and goals. Learn more: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum