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If you're considering applying to Booth in Round 2, join this live chat with the Full-Time MBA Admissions Directors and student Admissions Fellows. Whether you're just beginning your MBA research or preparing your application, this chat is an opportunity to ask the admissions committee your questions about applying to Booth. Our students will answer your questions about classes, student groups, recruiting, and life at Booth.

 Chat Transcripts
 Guest: Could you please tell me the age range and the years of work experience range for the current full time MBA class.

* Nima Merchant: The average age of the current class is 28 with 5 years of work experience. Most people fall between 24 and 30 years old.


Guest: Good afternoon, I plan to apply to Booth during Round 2. I have 2 questions: first, how much weight does Booth place on each of the various components of the application? Second, could you please speak about the on-campus recruitment process for management consulting firms?

* Donna Swinford: At Booth we truly have a holistic approach to reviewing applications. Some people may do better in one section while someone else does better in another. We do not judge individual sections of an application; we review applications to get to know applicants. For management consulting recruiting you can reference the MCG group. There is a lot of information here for you to review to learn more about the process. https://groups.chicagobooth.edu/mcg/home/


Guest: Hello and thank you for hosting this chat. This is a question for Wilther. I saw in your profile that you are pursuing both private equity and corporate development roles. How do you manage you time between these two recruiting processes? Also, what resources/groups at Booth have been helpful in preparing for corporate development roles? Thank you!

* Wilther Merchan: Re: preparing for both PE and Corp Development roles, there is actually a lot of overlap as both functions require significant business/finance acumen and ability to evaluate investment opportunities. The timelines are also fairly complementary in that most Corp Dev recruiting will take place earlier than the just-in-time recruiting nature for PE. The resources that have been most helpful have been the student-led Private Equity Group and Career Services.


Guest: Booth offers a very flexible curriculum, allowing students to tailor their educational experience. Can you elaborate on some of the guidance resources available to students to help them maximize this opportunity (e.g. the Career Advisor Program?)

* Alice Xu: For the curriculum, we need to fill some foundation requirements (stats, accounting, economics) and some functional requirements (ops, biz environment, finance etc.) otherwise, you can take any class you want. You will receive individual guidance from your designated academic advisors, see previous reviews from students regarding specific professors or classes, and mostly just talk to your friends about recommendations.


Guest: Could you please address clear advantages (such as larger alumni network, more companies recruiting etc), but also possible disadvantages of having a large incoming class.

* Alice Xu: Advantages: apart from alumni network and prestigious recruiting events, I would say are the people. People genuinely want to be here, spend time with each other, learn new things and pay it forward.

Disadvantages of having a large class: Actually, I don't feel the class being that large, I admit I haven't met everyone in my class yet, but I have met a decent amount of people that I am able to build different circles of friends to do different things with: go to see a play, go boxing, do Friendsgiving; I feel that I am comfortable to reach out to anyone of my classes, whether I have met or not, and ask for something.


Guest: a) Do you have a GRE average for admitted students? b) I took the GRE some years ago and I'm retaking it for my admission to Booth. In the question of "how many times did you take the "gmat"?", do I have to include to the number of times I took the GRE in the past? Thanks!

* Donna Swinford:  We do not calculate averages for GRE. We do use the ETS conversion tool to convert the scores to GMAT. We should probably change the question to how many times you have taken the GRE or GMAT. Right not if you have not taken the GMAT answer 0.


Guest: are the career resources provided at Booth to help students with interviews for internships and jobs?

* Wilther Merchan: Your biggest resources will be the student-led professional clubs (e.g. Investment Banking Group, Management Consulting Group, etc.) and Career Services. Both are incredibly helpful to make sure you’re in the best position possible to secure the internship and full-time job of your choice. Career Services offered an extensive amount of programming throughout the year that aligns well with the cadence of recruiting timelines (resume reviews, cover letter reviews, interview prep, etc.)


Guest: Hi Admissions, I was wondering, if the admission office will close during Winter break. If so, when and how long will it close?

* Donna Swinford:  Admissions will be working, but the office will not be accepting visitors. We will be actively responding to emails if you have questions though.


Guest: Hi and thanks for hosting this event. I am a UAV systems engineer and am looking for Booth alumni/student with an interest or career in UAVs. Are there any that you know of? If so, how can i reach them? Thanks

* Nima Merchant: We have a great resource to help you find current students that share your interests.  Connect with a Student https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Guest: Can you tell me more about the Booth community? Is there a strong support system (mentor programs?) How can you get involved in leadership opportunities on campus?

* Alice Xu: Yes, when you join, you can sign up for a 2nd year mentor and I had great experience and received really good support from mine. But I see all my senior years as my mentors, I haven't met a single 2Y not willing to help me with academic or career related questions. There are so much leadership opp. on offer, you just have to prioritize your interests. I am co-chair of Belgian club organizing the largest party at Booth – the Halloween party with 600+ attendance. I am also managing country captains who interacts with prospective students. But my friends have led Random Walk, became a LEAD facil, involved in GBC, so much opp. not enough time :)


Guest: what would you say anyone who claims that booth is only strong for its quantitative curriculum…. why is it also strong in creativity for business?

* Alice Xu: Boothies are proud that we have a strong analytical and quantitative curriculum, it's not everywhere you can take a class from a Nobel Prize laureate. But the curriculum is so flexible that you can pursue different concentrations. I will be graduating with Marketing/Strategy/Management in Organization concentrations having only taken 2 finance related classes. People are encouraged to use their analytical skills and take it into their innovations.


Guest: Other than an on-campus interview, what is the best time to visit the campus?

* Kelsey Bergren: Anytime during the year when the Campus Visit Program is being offered is a great opportunity to meet current students while experiencing a class and meeting with admissions as well. Campus Visits are typically offered three days a week. Additionally, Booth Live is a great on-campus event that allows you to immerse yourself in a full day of the Booth community. You can sign up for these events on the website!


Guest: what would you say to someone who is thinking of applying with 3 year work experience? Are they at disadvantage?

* Kelsey Bergren: The important thing to focus on when thinking about the timing of your MBA is not so much a number of years of work experience you have, but the 'why' of now is the right time to earn your MBA.


Guest: Are there any particular courses that students of all backgrounds find especially beneficial?

* Wilther Merchan: I believe the Managerial and Organizational Behavior classes are the most beneficial in spite of specific backgrounds before Chicago Booth. Most of my classmates will say positive things about the insights they gleaned from Strategic Negotiations and Processes, Managing in Organizations (MiO), and Managerial Decision Making. Designing a Good Life with Nick Epley (new course offering) is also renowned by Boothies.


Guest: This question is for Wilther Merchan. As a current student, have you found that Booth has shown you more direction for the path of your career? Specifically, in what way? Thanks!

* Wilther Merchan:  Yes, I was fixated (and some ways still am) on pursuing Private Equity after Chicago Booth. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great mentors and discussions to appreciate the amount of overlap between Corporate Development for F100 and traditional Private Equity roles. Additionally, I’ve leveraged a new offering called Leadership Practicum, which is an extension of LEAD. Through the Leadership Practicum I’ve been paired me with an Executive Coach, which has augmented my own reflection on the kind of life (professionally and personally) that I’d like to build for myself and family.


Guest: Where can I view the list of elective subjects?

* Donna Swinford:  Here is the course search site for your reference. https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch


Guest: I noticed that the class profile points out that 20% of students are married. May I ask why Booth highlighted this? May I infer that Booth is a family friendly community?

* Donna Swinford:  We have a lot of people who come to Booth as a member of a couple, some are married. Several of our student profiles highlight life at Booth with a family.  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/student-profiles


 Guest: For the current students on the panel, how has your time at Booth compared to your expectations when you first began?

* Wilther Merchan: Similar to the folks in this chat room, I’m a fairly diligent individual and do my best to go into any new experience with my eyes wide open (i.e. as informed as possible). Chicago Booth has truly lived up to all my expectations – challenging academic curriculum, engaged classmates and alumni with a “strong pay it forward” culture, fun social activities, and all the resources you can hope for to successfully prepare for career transition and advancement.


Guest: Current students: could you please share your personal experiences of student life at Booth? Student clubs, student-led events and other opportunities to get involved.

* Wilther Merchan: Student life has been an incredible experience for both my wife and I at Chicago Booth. Re: my personal experience, I’m currently a Co-Chair for the Hispanic American Business Student Association (HABSA) and have worked to organize programming (social and professional development) for students throughout the year. I’m also active in the Wine Club, Chicago Booth Boxing Club, and Chicago Booth Triathlon and Running Club (CBTRC). I’ve also volunteered to serve a Regional Captain for the Admissions Office to act a resource for prospective students interested in learning more about Chicago Booth. There are countless student organizations initiatives that you students can support or lead.


Guest: Hi my name is Josh and I am applying to Round 2.  I would like to know more about the Labs that are offered and how they fit into the curriculum schedule?

* Alice Xu: Lab classes take the same time as other classes - 10 weeks. You normally apply for the classes the previous quarter, you are assigned a group or find your own group to pursue a real-life opportunity together. Majority of the projects are sponsored by different corporates so it normally ends with a presentation and/or report. There may be prerequisite, such as taking a real estate class before doing the real estate lab, but otherwise it's about you clearly indicate what you want to get out and what you can contribute to your lab class project when you apply for the class


Guest: For recommendation choice, due to reorganization my supervisor has been changing every quarter, would it be OK to use a recommender who is a senior peer as she knows my development better?

* Nima Merchant: We ask that recommendations come from individuals that know you well and can provide concrete examples of your work. We realize that may not always be your current supervisor.


 Guest: Is it too late for international students to applying in Round 2?

* Donna Swinford:  Not at ALL! We get a good amount of international students who will apply during this round.


Guest: What do you consider Booth's biggest differentiator from other highly-ranked MBA programs?

* Alice Xu: I can't compare to other schools but I chose Booth because of the people I met, people are having a great time here and care about others. I had a great 1.5 years so far and I would make the same decision in a heartbeat. :)


Guest: I am interested in learning more about Lab Courses. Can you take Lab Courses in your first semester? Are there limits to the number of Lab Courses that can be taken?

* Alice Xu: I did strategy lab where I launched a coffee machine with GE using crowdfunding sites; I am currently doing New Product and Services -  which is like a lab class. I don't think there is a limit to the number of lab classes you can take, but quite a few lab classes require a short application process because they are popular here


Guest: Can you please give me more detail about what you are looking for in the "Activities" section of the application? Specifically, what is the difference between the itemized activity section versus the "hobbies and interests" fill in the blank?

* Nima Merchant: The activities section of the application is for you to share organized interests- professional organizations, clubs, volunteer experiences, sports leagues etc.


 Guest: Hello. I am interested in pursuing the joint MBA/MA in international relations. How can I get in touch with students who are in that program? Is there a separate application for the MBA and MA?

* Donna Swinford:  For the MBA/MA there is not a separate application. You just need to complete the Booth application, answer the additional essay question, and provide a writing example. If you select the program within the Chicago Booth and You section of the application, the essay appears.


Guest: In the essay for Booth are you looking for how that picture relates to us (i.e. what we have accomplished this far and what we hope to accomplish with the Booth MBA) or do you also want specifics on what type of impact we hope to make at Booth?  Thank you.

* Kelsey Bergren: There is no 'right' way to answer the essay question. It is very open ended to allow you to share with us how your selected photo resonates with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be answered in either of those fashions, the question can be answered in countless ways and we look forward to hearing what you have to say!


Guest: Do you allow students to take classes that may not be offered by the business school, but may be integral to their future success in business? For example: if I want to work in tech, but I have no experience in programming, would Booth allow me to take an undergraduate computer science or engineering course to make sure I have these core skills? Or are MBA-tailored courses in coding/engineering offered by Booth?

* Kelsey Bergren: Many students have interests in other areas of study, and they find the flexibility of the program very helpful in satisfying these areas of interest. Students are allotted a number of classes which can be taken outside of Booth, allowing them to explore courses in other schools at the University of Chicago or our partner institutions.


Guest: I took the GRE a few years ago and am taking the GMAT in a couple of weeks. Do you prefer one or the other?

* Donna Swinford:  We do not have a preference for either score.


Guest: Hi there, thank you for hosting this event. I will be applying in round 2, but I am based in the UK and, although I would love to visit, I will struggle to do so before I apply. Is this looked upon poorly?

* Kelsey Bergren: We absolutely understand that not everyone will have the opportunity to visit campus. Fortunately, we try to offer many other ways to engage with the community, live chats are one of these, and 'Connect with a Student' is another great resource on our website!


Guest: Hi everyone. I would like to know from current students how are their experience on the flexible curriculum and if there is a list of those elective courses?

* Wilther Merchan:  Flexible curriculum is awesome for career changers! I took one economics course and zero finance courses during undergrad. As someone looking to strengthening my finance acumen, I was able to front load and concentrate heavily in finance and accounting leading up to my investment banking internship which is incredibly beneficial. Most of my classmates appreciate this flexibility to support/complement their career ambitions. The elective courses are also bountiful. I encourage you all to peruse the academic section of the Chicago Booth website to review specific course offerings!


Guest: Alice & Wilther, can you talk about 2 or 3 three things which every incoming student should know before getting to campus?

* Alice Xu: Visit Booth, come to Booth Live or First day, the vibe here is amazing and you have to be here to experience it. Know what your priorities are and keep eyes open, there are so many events and opportunities that you will feel you are spread too thin sometimes, so know your time commitment and set expectations accordingly.


Guest: How specific one need to be when we explain about short term/long term goals?

* Kelsey Bergren: We primarily are looking for you to have a firm grasp on your goals and be able to easily articulate them; the amount of detail is up to you (within the character limit!)


Guest: How many students have spouses or families?

* Donna Swinford:  approximately 30% come to school with a partner. I don't have the stats on the number of families. There are a lot of people who will have kids when at school so this number constantly changes. There are lots of opportunities to be involved with the community as a partner. We have the partners group, the Moms at Booth club, etc.


Guest: Are scholarships still available for international students applying in Round 2?

* Donna Swinford:  Of course!


Guest: Would you recommend any specific diversity in relationships between the people writing the letters of recommendation?

* Nima Merchant: No specific diversity but you should find people that know you well and can write about your strengths and weaknesses.



Guest: Hello and thanks for hosting this online chat. As your essay question is quite broad even in terms of the format, I would like to know whether you favor one format over another e.g. PowerPoint presentation vs traditional word essay.

* Donna Swinford:  We do not have a preferred format for the essay. You can use the format you are most comfortable using and feel you can tell your best story using.



Guest: Does it matter if I apply on either November 30 or December 31 if I want to apply in round 2?

* Donna Swinford:  We will not start reviewing applications until after the round 2 deadline. There is no advantage to submitting early.


Guest: Current students: what's your personal advice to applicants? What do you think in your application stood out that helped you get admission?

* Alice Xu: Think about what's unique about yourself that is different from others, and what you can contribute to the Booth community. Talk to Booth students and find out how/whether you fit in


Guest: Hi. My name is Alex Tanker and I am applying in Round 2. I visited Booth last month and was surprised to learn how popular that Strategic Management concentration is. Can you comment on Booth's specialties in this area, both in the classroom and for recruiting?

* Alice Xu: A lot of classes contribute to the strategic management concentration which is why it's popular and normally these are "soft" classes as compared to finance or economic classes so that people like to pair them up to balance out a quarter of classes. One other reason is a lot of entrepreneurship related classes also contributes to this concentration so for my friends launching a start-up or involved in Tech or PE/VC, they will likely get a concentration in strategic management


Guest: If get admitted, do you encourage incoming student to engage in pre MBA internship?

* Donna Swinford:  This is completely up to you. We do not encourage or discourage.


Guest: Greetings from Uzbekistan. Thanks for organizing this chat today. I have already submitted my application in the first round, and I was invited to the admissions interview. After completing my interview, I want to know how I can improve my candidacy. Can I submit a new GMAT score?

* Donna Swinford:  If you have taken the test again you are welcome to submit the score. At this time we cannot guarantee the score will make it into your file prior to the decision release on December 8th.


Guest: I work for a family business, and am not able to use a supervisor per se as a recommender. Is it ok to use another colleague rather than a direct supervisor?

* Kelsey Bergren: Yes. We understand that the recommender choices may be a little different for individuals who work within a family business. We allow you space in the application to explain why you selected your recommenders.


Guest: As someone who loves to express his ideas in written word, would it be disadvantageous or boring to answer the “Booth Moments” question in written essay format?

* Donna Swinford:  Not at all. Feel free to use the format you are most comfortable using. Only hint- answers the question :)


Guest: How much does input from Booth alumni or current students impact the application process?

* Nima Merchant: Our admissions interviews are conducted by students and alumni, so they play a key role in the admissions process. In addition, students and alumni are able to submit recommendations but as always applicants are evaluated holistically.


 Guest:  Hi and thanks for hosting this chat. My question to you is as follows - It is well known that the Booth school of business is more of a "finance" school. What’s your take on this, and do a lot of booth MBA graduates go on to have a career in non-finance industries?

* Wilther Merchan: I recognize that I do very little to break the stereotype of Chicago Booth being a “finance” school as I interned as an investment banker and am now pursuing private equity. However, the class is diversified and I’d say only a quarter of the class ultimately pursues a career in finance. I was surprised by how many of my peers were pursuing careers in entrepreneurship/start-ups, tech firms, marketing, and consulting. It’s actually a large proportion of the class (more than two thirds at least!) that pursues a careers in non-finance industries.


Guest: Alice, as a current student, have you found that Booth has shown you more direction for the path of your career? Specifically, in what way? Thanks!

* Alice Xu: I came to Booth thinking that I am going to do Investment management. Within 2 weeks, after going to 20/20 and industry immersion, I realized that I want to try something new. I decided to pursue Tech - marketing and received a lot of support despite that I have no tech/marketing background. I enjoyed my internship and I think I will be going for Tech-marketing after graduation. So I can genuinely say that Booth experience changed my career direction.


Guest: What advantages does being in the city of Chicago offer to enhance the MBA experience?

* Wilther Merchan: Chicago is an outstanding place to be an MBA student. There are no shortages of restaurants and festivals. Cubs won the World Series and shut down the city just a few weeks ago! It’s also a very industrious place to pursue internships. I was surprised to find how many start-ups operate out of Chicago. Additionally, the Labs leverage the countless employers that are based out of Chicago to give students real hands-on experience.


 Guest: If I'm interested in a specific track, such as healthcare, are there recommended course programs or is it up to the students to create their own course curriculum? If so, what resources are available to help?

* Kelsey Bergren: The flexibility of the program allows all students to craft their own curriculum; however you are given substantial support from the Academic Services team along the way! https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/student-profiles/healthcare


Guest: Question for Wilther: how did you make the transition from Consulting to Finance/IB/PE?

* Wilther Merchan:  I alluded to this in an earlier response but the student-led professional clubs (Investment Banking Group and Private Equity Group) and Career Services will be a boon in terms of your ability to prepare for your transition. Additionally, the flexible curriculum gives you the option to tailor your academic experience so it complements your professional goals. These were assets to my efforts to successfully transition from Consulting to Finance/IB/PE.


Guest: What kind support does the Careers Services team provide international students? As well as students pursuing off-campus or international recruitment opportunities?

* Alice Xu: Apart from the standard support career services give, for international students, there are additional sessions on how to navigate the visa process, how to work with company to get a sponsorship etc. Our career sites have job opportunities across the globe, I have friends interned in Dubai/London/Amsterdam/Sydney to name a few. You have to take more initiative to pursue international opportunities, such as going on an international track but there are a lot of people who have done it before and you will have people to seek advice from.


Guest: I'm interested in pursuing the International MBA. After enrolling, is there an application process to qualify for the IMBA or is it a degree that any student with a second language can pursue?

* Kelsey Bergren: There is no additional application for the IMBA; it is something any student can declare once they are here!


Guest: What might be the motivation for Booth to ask the number of full GMAT scores a candidate has received? Given that you actually have this information on their GMAC score reports.

* Donna Swinford:  We cannot see this on GMAC score reports since we do not require the reports to be submitted to us until someone is admitted. We ask this question so that we can see progression, effort, etc.


Guest: is there a minimum score in the toefl test?

* Kelsey Bergren: The minimum TOEFL score required for admission depends on whether applicants take the internet-based (iBT) or paper exam. The TOEFL iBT minimum score is 104. The TOEFL paper test minimum score is 600. The minimum IELTS score is 7. The minimum PTE score is 70. Applicants who score below the minimums may still apply, but admission would be contingent upon meeting the minimum scores or other language requirements. While the University of Chicago has specific subscore minimum requirements for each test, Chicago Booth does not strictly enforce subscore minimums since a personal interview is part of our admissions process. Please visit the office of international affairs for more information.


Guest: Do most Booth Alumni stay in Chicago upon graduation?

* Nima Merchant: A good number of graduates of Chicago Booth stay in Chicago but there are also significant number of people that go to New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and other major global cities.


 Guest: Hi, thank you for hosting the event. I love the course flexibility that you have available; but, this may be daunting for some of us, who may not know which courses may help us best in achieving our goal. What guidance do you provide to help us in choosing courses?

* Alice Xu: Start with your foundation classes and develop your interests. One advice I received from academic advisor is, don't just think about career or filling a concentration, do something every quarter to remind you why you are here. To me, that means do something outside my comfort zone, a lab class, a sales class etc.


Guest: This is a question for Alice. Do you think Booth encourages female leaders? In various clubs at Booth, are considerable leadership positions held by women?

* Alice Xu: Great question, in fact, the president of GBC has been female for the last two years, you want to be a leader here, you have the same chance as everyone else, just set your priorities and go for it. Most clubs leadership represents their member’s composition; I never have to think that because I am a girl I would be judged differently for a co-chair role.

Guest: Could you please comment about students experience with startup industry in Chicago and how alumni may have helped you?

* Nima Merchant: The Polsky Center and Chicago Booth are very much part of the Chicago start-up space. To learn more check out http://polsky.uchicago.edu/


Guest: How 'integrated' is the business school with the rest of the university? What are some opportunities to interact/collaborate with students from other faculties?

* Kelsey Bergren: All students have the opportunity to take a number of their classes outside of Booth, this includes utilizing the other departments on campus.


Guest: Can students do internships throughout the education year? Are they encouraged or discouraged to do so?

* Nima Merchant: While there are always a few students that will have internships while taking classes given the amount of activity between classes, recruiting and social activities most students choose not to.


Guest: After submitting the application, till what time could you still submit a new Gmat score and the score would be considered during reviewing the application?

* Kelsey Bergren: While you are welcome to submit a new score after your application has been submitted, we begin reviewing applications immediately following the deadline; therefore we cannot guarantee that anything not submitted by the deadline will be reviewed.


Guest: Will not able to visit the campus been considered negatively in the evaluation process?

* Donna Swinford:  Not at all. Not everyone has the opportunity to come in person. There are many ways to engage with the community. We have alumni all over the world, you can use the connect with a student (https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer),attend events close to home, etc.


Guest: What does Booth think about career switchers? Assuming that your pre-MBA career has allowed you to gain soft skills that will be useful to achieve your post-MBA goals but that two industries are unrelated?

* Donna Swinford:  A majority of Full-time MBA students at Booth are some type of career switchers. As long as your goals/path make sense there is no issue.


Guest: For Alice and Wilther, how do students typically navigate the Booth Community, especially when most students live off campus?

* Wilther Merchan: About 80% of students live in the Loop and a large number live at an apartment building called Millennium Park Plaza. The building is ideally situated in the center of the city and right across from the Metra (about 25 minutes to campus). I’d say throughout the weekdays, most students will be at the Harper Center on campus whereas the evening and weekend activities are reserved for downtown. The community is fairly tight-knit both on campus and in downtown Chicago depending on the time of day/week.


Guest: Hello I was wondering how funding works and anything you can speak to in that?

* Kelsey Bergren: I encourage you to check out the tuition and financial aid section of our website for more information on this topic https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid


Guest: Does one need to apply for the Leadership Practicum? In this program, is everybody going to be paired with an Executive Coach? Can you tell a little bit more about it? Thank you!

* Wilther Merchan: Yes, it’s a new offering and students need to apply to participate mostly because of capacity (only so many Executive Coaches available during a given quarter). However, most people get into it and the ones who don’t are placed in queue for the subsequent quarter. I suspect this program will grow and will be able to accommodate the increased demand. As part of the program, everyone is paired with an Executive Coach.



 Guest: Hey Alice & Wilter, did you have a defined long term (not short-term / post-mba) goal before joining Booth or were you at an exploration phase?

* Alice Xu: I thought I had a long term goal before I came and I changed my mind which is totally fine. I suggest that you have something in mind, this will help you navigate the admissions process better, but keep your mind open while at Booth.


Guest: Do you offer scholarships for international students admitted to the full time MBA?

* Kelsey Bergren: All admitted students can be considered for a merit-based scholarship; please see the financial aid section of the website for additional information. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid


Guest: How do you evaluate an international gpa?

* Donna Swinford:  We do not convert GPAs to a 4.0 scale since each still has their own method of grading. If we are unfamiliar with a particular school's grading system we will research it via the web or other resources we have available.


Guest: Do all MBA students (especially married students with a working spouse) live on campus? Is it better that way?

* Kelsey Bergren: The vast majority of students actually opt to live downtown and take the quick commute to campus for class. While a handful of students do choose to live near campus in Hyde Park, there is no on-campus housing available for MBA students.