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If you're considering applying to Booth this year, join this live chat with the Full-Time MBA Admissions Committee. Whether you're just beginning your MBA research or preparing to apply in Round One, ask about this year's essay question, letters of recommendation, Booth admissions events, and more.

Chat Transcript Highlights

Guest Question: Good afternoon and thank you for organizing this event. I have a question about the international MBA. Beside the experience and focus on international issues, how does it affect the MBA degree itself? How does the selection process to a specific school works? How and when are language skills tested? Thanks.

* Megan Stiphany: Thank you for your question. You'll apply for the International MBA in your first year and be tested on language proficiency at that time. You'll be required to take five international business courses as well as participate in the International Business Exchange program. I hope this helps.


Guest Question: I have a question about internships abroad. What percentage of students intern outside of the US and what resources does the school offer? Thank you!

* Colin Davis: Thanks for the question. In 2015, about 13% pursued internships outside of the US. The school has full-time career services staff based in Europe and Asia, and works with student groups to coordinate many industry-focused treks to meet with alumni and companies around the globe. You can view our full Employment Report here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/location.aspx?t=internships&year=2015


Guest Question: What is the role of the 300 word essay? Should we submit a response even if we don’t have any "problem" areas?

* Michelle Moore: That is the optional essay, which we tell applicants to use if there is something they’d like to share with the admissions committee that you were unable to in the overall application.


Guest Question: While gathering my academic transcripts I found out my school does not provide them in English, so as it is stated in FAQs I should upload a translated version of them...can I do the translation myself or it has to be a certified translation by a translation services provider?

* Donna Swinford: For the purposes of applying you can translate yourself. If admitted we will need official transcripts from the University and will need an official translation.


Guest Question: If my college CGPA is low, how can I better my chances of getting into Booth?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The admissions team reviews each application holistically. No one section of the application carries any more weight than the other. Make sure to focus on making each section as strong as it can be. 


Guest Question: GMAT vs GRE- how is the GRE evaluated?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: From an admissions perspective, we have no preference between the GMAT or GRE. The GRE scores are converted using an online tool.


Guest Question: If I am not taking a recommendation from my current supervisor because of not informing anybody in the organization that I am applying. Can I state that in the question on the online form which asks "why have you chosen these 2 recommenders" or do I put that in the optional essay?

* Donna Swinford: Please provide this information in the "why have you chosen...." question. This is why we added this box a couple of years ago. Best of luck!

Guest Question: Question on the Polsky Center. Is it intended for students who already have a clear business plan? Does it offer programs for those in an earlier stage of their project or those who are just curious about entrepreneurship? Thanks!

* Michelle Moore: Polsky offers resources for students at every stage of their exploration - from those looking to test the waters to those who have a business plan.


Guest Question: Thanks for hosting this. I have a three part question regarding activities: 1. The "activities" section of the application allows for a lot of entries. What is the average number of extracurricular activities that successful applicants submit? 2. What are you looking for applicants to demonstrate in this section? 3. Do you have a preference for university activities or more recent involvement since graduation?

* Donna Swinford: We don't calculate this number. The number of activities does not matter. Instead we look at the activities to learn more about the candidate; to see if there is leadership experience, passions, engagement, etc. Also the pattern of activities. The activity section is just one part of the application.


Guest Question: Does Booth use a rolling admission process?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The Full-Time MBA Admissions process is not on a rolling basis. We have three rounds of applications per year, and all admitted students begin in the fall. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions


Guest Question: The drop down menu after selecting professional degree in the level of study does not list down my degree. So do I leave at as 'No Degree' in that drop down even though it is a course which has a degree.

* Donna Swinford: If your degree is not there please email admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can see about adding it


Guest Question: Thanks for the opportunity! How significant is Graduate degree performance when compared to undergraduate degree performance in the overall applicant prospects? Say if my Graduate GPA is better than Undergraduate GPA, does it improve my chances?

* Michelle Moore: We take all academic pieces into account, along with the rest of the elements in the application and assess on a holistic basis. So one area is not weighted any heavier than the others.


Guest Question: Is there any advantage of doing an on-site interview versus a remote interview?

* Donna Swinford: All interviews, regardless of location, are the same.


Guest Question: Do we need to submit the official GMAT score report along with the application or would self-reporting of GMAT scores be sufficient at this stage?

* Michelle Moore: Self-reported is sufficient at this point, we get your official scores later in the process.


Guest Question: If I already have an MBA, can I still apply for full time MBA course at Chicago Booth School of Business?

* Colin Davis: Similar to an earlier question, if you already have an MBA, you can absolutely apply for an MBA at Chicago Booth. However, it is important to think about why you are pursuing a second MBA and how it might compliment your existing background.


Guest Question: Hello. If I would like to spend a few months (or a term) in a partner university such as Beijing University, what are the selection criteria? Have students previously been rejected from partner schools? Why?

* Donna Swinford: Each school is different. Most people who apply to the international exchange program receive their top choice.


Guest Question: Hi Admissions team! Thanks for hosting this chat. I am a re-applicant. I refined my goals over last year and took some tangible steps towards my career goals such as recently taking a new role in my post-MBA target industry. Would a short experience in my new role be seen as a disadvantage?

* Michelle Moore: Not necessarily since you wouldn't be starting the MBA program until next fall. Utilize the reapplicant essay to talk to us about these changes in your career and what you hope to learn in the new role.


Guest Question: Good afternoon--can you please tell me about the level of LGBT activity on campus? Are there a large number of LGBT students/alumni?

* Michelle Moore: We have a fantastic LGBT community. Feel free to connect with the co-chairs of the OUTreach student group: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/outreach-lgbtq


Guest Question: If I took the GMAT more than once, should I submit both scores?

* Colin Davis: If you have taken the GMAT twice, you can submit your higher score.


Guest Question: The essay prompts only mentions "what resonates with you." Should we be working into it the aspects about why MBA, why now and why Booth?

* Colin Davis: As you think through which moment resonates with you, it will be beneficial to think about why you are pursuing an MBA, why now the right time in your career to do so, and why Chicago Booth is the best environment for you to maximize your experience.


Guest Question: Hi. Does Booth offer campus tours on the weekend or only during the week?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: Official Booth campus tours are only offered during the week. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit


Guest Question: How can I view details of recruitment stats of the last few graduating batches from the Full Time MBA Program?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: You can find some of that information here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/


Guest Question: Can any student be a part of the New Venture Challenge? As someone from a non-entrepreneurship background I am wondering if it is a good idea to mention my interest in that challenge in my essays. Thanks!

* Colin Davis: Students of all backgrounds and career interests participate in the NVC. Many find that the experience, learnings, and benefits extend well beyond those pursuing an entrepreneurial career. In fact, entrepreneurship has become one of the most popular concentrations at Chicago Booth, even though not all students will pursue a career in entrepreneurship.


Guest Question: For people applying for Round 3, and given that few spots are open at that time, if an applicant doesn't get accepted, how does this impact chances for applying again the following year?

* Michelle Moore: It doesn't impact chances one way or another. You have to apply in the round you feel your application will be strongest. If you don't get admitted, you have the same opportunities as people who apply the following year.


Guest Question: If selected for interview, is it fine to mention/repeat to the interviewer few facts what we might have already mentioned during the application process?

* Colin Davis: Yes, it is certainly acceptable to bring up relevant aspects from your application. Interviewers will only have access to your resume; they will not be able to view your entire application.


Guest Question: In terms of Essay format, I know it’s pretty opening ended - so okay to include photos in the essay? And if I choose the written format, does it have to traditional essay or some variations will work?

* Colin Davis: In terms of the essay, you can choose to write, do a PowerPoint, or any combination of the two. We've seen applicants include photos in an essay, and include written portions in a PowerPoint. It's entirely up to you and how you might best communicate your story.


Guest Question: Good afternoon. I am in the US Army, currently stationed in Fort Hood. If invited to interview, is there an online option available? (ie Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.)

* Donna Swinford: If invited we will work with you to ensure you can interview.


Guest Question: I am very interested in Booth's leadership offerings. I have researched and talked to current students about LEAD curriculum. Could you please guide me through leadership development resources available through the second year for Booth students?

* Michelle Moore: There are a number of leadership opportunities available to you as a second year student - from being an admissions fellow, to a career advisor to a lead facilitator or student group co-chair to name a few.


Guest Question: How often do the Full-Time MBAs interact with the part-time MBAs?

* Megan Stiphany: It depends on the kinds of classes you take, and where you take them. If you end up taking several classes at Gleacher, you'll likely interact more with them. If you focus on classes just at the Harper Center, you may not see as much of them. 


Guest Question: Which is the regular month of the year the MBA starts?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The Full-Time MBA program begins every year in September.


Guest Question: What kind of clubs and programs at Booth are aimed towards Agribusinesses? Are there any courses that focus on this sector in particular?

* Megan Stiphany: We actually have a group called FEAD: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/fead-food-environment-agribusiness-and-development-group.  I'd reach out to the co-chairs of this group and ask which classes they've taken that relate to this industry.


Guest Question: What time do Round 1 submissions close this Thursday?

* Donna Swinford: midnight.


Guest Question: A friend mentioned that you could take a few classes after graduation. Is there a time limit for when you can come back (i.e. does it have to be within a year?)

* Megan Stiphany: Yes--it's called lifelong learning. You can take up to three classes for free post-graduation.  And no, it does not have to be within your first year out of b-school.


Guest Question: Does Booth offer any clubs or courses in the Impact Investing space?

* Colin Davis: Our Social Impact Enterprise offers a wealth of resources for students interested in Impact Investing - spanning two student groups, academic courses, experience learning labs, and compeititons. You can view the resources here: https://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/students/making-an-impact/impact-investing-and-venture-philanthropy


Guest Question: What should you program be known for that it's not currently?

* Michelle Moore: While finance is certainly a staple at Booth, Entrepreneurship has been on the rise for the last 5+ years, as well as tech and healthcare.


Guest Question: Do a substantial number of MBA students take classes in other U of Chicago Grad schools and how easy/difficult is it to get into these classes?

* Donna Swinford: There are some classes students like to take in the Law School or Public Policy. Some are easier and some are harder.


Guest Question: What are the allowances and restrictions for taking electives outside of the business school? For example, classes in foreign language, communications, psychology, etc.

* Megan Stiphany: You can take up to six classes outside of Booth but within the U Chicago community and have those classes count toward your MBA.


Guest Question: Hi would an international student aspiring to explore an entrepreneurial career option in the US post MBA be viewed negatively since they do not have a valid work permit/ H1B?

* Donna Swinford: No, we would not view this negatively.


Guest Question: Hello! Do 'hobbies' count as extracurricular activities? The inclusion format asks for 'role' and "impact' which seems to include individual activities by default.

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: It very much depends on the type of hobbies you participate in and their impact on your personal/professional development. I would keep in mind that there is an Areas of Interest section in which certain hobbies might better reside. 


Guest Question: What is the process of evaluation the application? Do you start with essays? GMAT/GRE score? Recommendation letters? I want to understand the direction of viewing an applicant

* Donna Swinford: Just like there is no right way to complete an application there is no right way to read one. Each application is read completely and the order does not matter.


Guest Question: Do you recommend visiting Booth before applying? If so, besides the Full Campus Visit, can we schedule an individual chat with an Admissions representative?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: You are not required to visit campus before applying, but I do think it is a very valuable chance to discover if Booth is the right place for you. You can schedule an official visit on our website or reach out to admissions@chicagobooth.edu if you would like to try to arrange a call or meeting with an admissions representative. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit


Guest Question: How does Booth receive reapplicants especially when the time since last application has not been long enough to bring about drastic change?

* Michelle Moore: We have a reapplicant essay where you can share any changes or updates since your previous application.


Guest Question: Is it typical for students to major in two concentrations or do most find that limits their breadth of academics?

* Michelle Moore: Many of our courses count towards more than one concentration. Therefore, most of our students will graduate with 3-5 concentrations.


Guest Question: Can you please tell me about scholarship or financial aid opportunities Booth offers?  Furthermore, is tuition based on the number of credits--in other words, can I take a heavier courseload without it impacting my tuition rate?

* Michelle Moore: Scholarship is all merit-based, meaning every applicant is considered for these awards. Financial aid is open to all students, and is something you will work with that office on once admitted.  Tuition is based on the number of credits/courses you take each quarter.


Guest Question: I am a management consultant and as you would know, we work in project teams with a different direct supervisor for each project. While getting a recommendation from one of my direct supervisors (who may not currently be my supervisor) do I still list him as a Direct Supervisor in the drop down?

* Megan Stiphany: You'd assign this person as your direct supervisor only if they are your direct supervisor.  If they act in a different capacity, you have the opportunity to explain that within the recommender form.


Guest Question: Are the scholarships offered to the students admitted through Round 2 and afterwards. Thank you.

* Colin Davis: Yes, Chicago Booth offers merit-based scholarships, in which applicants are notified upon admission, throughout all rounds of the application process.


Guest Question: Hi, is it possible or advised to submit an additional recommendation?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: We will only accept two letters of recommendation for the Full-Time application.


Guest Question: Would like to know whether international applicants get hired in US itself and roughly what percentage of graduating students getting job opportunities are international candidates?

* Michelle Moore: It's a great question and hard to answer because everyone is very different. About half of the students that want to work in the US get jobs here after graduation.


Guest Question: My University in India did not provide GPA for undergraduate school. I have previously used the services of ECE (Educational Credential Evaluation) as requested by my university to grant admission in Master of Finance program in the United States. Do you recommend that I upload the ECE score report along with official transcripts from undergraduate school?

* Donna Swinford: Not at this time. As long as you upload a copy of your transcript you should be fine.


Guest Question: One of the really awesome things about University of Chicago is the flexible schedule. This can also be a double-edged sword, as it's possible to pick a suboptimal selection of courses. Can you speak to the sorts of academic guidance students have available when crafting a curriculum? PS. Colin -- sorry about the Pack's loss last night. Was pulling for you guys.

* Colin Davis: Appreciate the Packer support - very tough loss last night! You bring up a very important point. Having so much flexibility really necessitates support and guidance in order to get the most out of the experience. Booth has several built-in systems of support for students. We have academic advisors who work closely with our career services staff, to really understand the backgrounds, goals, and individual needs of each student. We have dedicated career coaches who work with students on a one-to-one basis. One of the greatets support networks actualy happens to be second-year students. They were in the shoes of first-years and provide guidance in terms of courses, student groups, recruiting, and beyond. In fact, there are 40 second-year student who actually serve as career advisors to first-year students each year.


Guest Question: Can any student be a part of the New Venture Challenge? As someone from a non-entrepreneurship background I am wondering if it is a good idea to mention my interest in that challenge in my essays? Thanks!

* Michelle Moore: Anyone can submit a business plan, or be part of a team. However, it will depend on which team(s) gets selected to move through the entire process.


Guest Question: Does a member of my family being an alumnus of Chicago Booth have a bearing on my application?

* Megan Stiphany: We assess all applications in a holistic way--all components are equally considered, including letters of recommendation.


Guest Question: I am entrepreneur; I own a marketing and communications consulting company in my home country. As the head of my company, what kind of recommenders would i require for my recommendations?

* Megan Stiphany: You could ask a client, and an employer from a previous position, if you held one.



Guest Question: is there a snapshot of the class of 2018 available yet?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: We will be updating that information on the website soon. In the meantime you can find the new class snapshot on our Full-Time Program info sheet. https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/www/documents/2016-17fulltimestats.pdf


Guest Question: Are scholarships/financial aid offered to students only based on GMAT scores? Or is it a holistic approach?

* Michelle Moore: It is a holistic approach, every applicant is considered for a merit-based award. Financial aid is open to all students.


Guest Question: I am an entrepreneur and plan to start-up while at Booth. Will there be any pressure from Career Services as far as recruitment is concerned?

* Megan Stiphany: We have had several students come through Booth as entrepreneurs. Career Services partners with all of our students to connect them with resources that could be of help as our students launch their business. Students additionally utilize the New Venture Challenge, the Polsky Center, and the Chicago Innovation Exchange to help them further their venture. The Career Services team is no stranger to students launching ventures while in the program.


Guest Question: How many students get VC internships through PEVC club during the semester?

* Michelle Moore: According to our most recently employment report, just over 3%. You can read more here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/


Guest Question: For the application's employment section, we are asked to exclude team members when counting our # of direct reports. If, for example, you are a Manager on a specific consulting project working with 3 junior Staff on the same project, am I correct that they would be considered "team members" and NOT be considered "direct reports"?

* Donna Swinford: I would only include those who are your true direct reports and mention the team members on your resume or in the description section.


Guest Question: Does Booth have an official format is which you would like the resume submitted?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The admissions committee has no preference regarding the format of your resume.


Guest Question: I am planning to come back to MENA after my Booth MBA, does Booth offer region specific alumni networking?

* Megan Stiphany: One of the greatest parts about Chicago Booth is the alumni network. It's over 50,000 strong in approximately 130 countries and there are alumni clubs in multiple large cities around the world. 


Guest Question: What weight is placed on recommendations from previous employer vs. current employer? Would it be ok if I submit both?

* Michelle Moore: We don't weight these. We ask for two letters of recommendation, one we'd like to be from a current employer if you can provide it. So, having one from each would be good.


Guest Question: Thank you for hosting the event. I wanted to explore courses designed to hone leadership skills/soft skills (apart from LEAD).

* Michelle Moore: Our academic advisors are the experts here, but you should reach out to current students to get their insight into courses. https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer


Guest Question: I would like to thank you'll for the time and inputs and have a last question, When could an application expect to hear back if they are called for an interview?

* Donna Swinford: For round one, between October 11th and October 14th.


Guest Question: I submitted my application yesterday. Unfortunately, the score reports (which I have sent) and two of my educational entries that do not require a transcript (included in my other transcripts) still have the status "Awaiting". Should I be worried? Shall I upload a clarifying document for those educational institutions although everything is clearly explained on my resume?

* Michelle Moore: No need to do so. These will say awaiting for quite some time until we get the official reports. We go through a process in the spring to gather all of these documents and will reach out to you if we have trouble acquiring them.

 Guest Question: There seem to be an opportunity to travel with future classmates before the start of the first year. How and when is this organized? Thank you

* Megan Stiphany: Yes, absolutely. These trips are called "Random Walks".  http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/randomwalk/