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If you are planning to apply in 2016, we invite you to join a live chat with members of the Full-Time MBA Admissions Committee. Ask about this year's essay question, letters of recommendation, Booth admissions events, and more.

Chat Transcripts

Guest Question: How important is the GMAT in your selection process?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The GMAT is only one part of your broader application and is not afforded more weight than any of the other sections. The review process is holistic and your entire application will be used to give the admissions committee a better understanding of your merits as a candidate. That being said, you can view our GMAT range on the Full-Time homepage http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time#simple2


Guest Question: If you got two degrees (BSME and BA) during your undergraduate attendance, should you list the institution twice on the Academics section? 

* Kelly Smith: If you have a double major or degree from the same undergraduate institution, you can list that under the same institution under the academics section. Please just mark that you received two degrees. If you have a graduate degree and undergraduate degree from the same institution please list those as two separate experiences in the academics section.

Guest Question: I see the application form asks if you're interested in the IMBA. Can you talk a little about the selection criteria for participating in the IMBA after admission, and how many students graduate with it anuually?

* Kelly Smith: In the MBA admissions process we only ask if you are interested in the International MBA, you can actually apply for the IMBA after you start as a student. You can see the requirements for the IMBA program here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/imba. It is a smaller program, but several students will graduate with the IMBA each year.


Guest Question: The Booth MBA essay questions are quite unique and one its kind. I am having difficulty deciding which situation/picture to use for my application. Can you suggest certain pointers we can use to decide which picture to go with?

* Nima Merchant: The essay is very representative of Booth and we want you to choose a moment that best resonates with you.  There might be several pictures that you like but think about how this moment will help you tell us more about you.

Guest Question: Will this chat be recorded for review at a later time?

* Joanna Zisis: Transcripts will be available here in 48-72 hours: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/online-chats


Guest Question: How did you select the 2016-17 "Booth Moments" photos, and what kind of engagement with them do you like to see from applicants in their materials?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: We sourced these images from various locations, including student and alumni pictures. We were in search of moments that would reflect various aspects of the Booth community. Make sure to take the time to choose the moment that best resonates with you and let it inspire the crafting of your response. 


Guest Question: Is the Booth program good for people that will be bringing a family with them to Chicago?

* Eddie Pulliam: Yes it is!  We actually have a club that caters to Booth Families - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/partners-families


Guest Question: I'm interested to learn more about how IMBA works with the regular classes offered at Chicago campus.

* Eddie Pulliam: Along with your studies as an MBA student you'll take about 5 specific class that are for IMBA students. There is really no separation between both programs other than those classes.


Guest Question: Could you add a PhD on top of your MBA?

* Nima Merchant: You could add a PhD after your MBA but you would have to apply to that program separately.


Guest Question: Hi, thank you for organizing this session. I wanted to get a better idea about the prescribed length of the essay question, both in word as well as powerpoint format.

* Nima Merchant: There is no prescribed length for this essay but as with anything we ask you to be thoughtful in your response. 


Guest Question: My University does not rank the students, they will send me a letter stating that. Is that an issue for my application? I know that I would be well ranked.

* Kelly Smith:  If your university does not provide rankings, you do not need to list anything in the academics section in regards to ranking. But please do input your GPA.


Guest Question: Thank you for hosting this event, I am sure it will be extremely helpful for most. I understand there is no "correct" answer, but would you say it would be better to use the #chicagoboothmoment to strengthen something from one´s resume or to highlight something you haven´t highlighted somewhere else on the application?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker:  You are certainly right in saying there is no “correct” answer.  The essay question is open to your interpretation to allow applicants the freedom to highlight what they feel is most important. Think of it as a space where you can tell the committee something that they wouldn’t be able to understand from other parts of your application. Whether that is expanding on your resume or talking about something completely new, it is up to you.


Guest Question: Is there a very strong preference on a one page resume vs a 2-pager?

* Joanna Zisis: You should use the same resume you would use for a job search. Use your best judgement.


Guest Question: Thank you Booth for this opportunity. How does a recommendation letter work for a technology/early-stage background in recent years? Have you seen any notable examples?

* Eddie Pulliam: We really can't discuss what's in someone's letter but with new technology and start-ups changing so quickly we are always happy to see how talented our applicants are!


Guest Question: How much do you value someone who creates a slide deck verse a well written essay?

* Eddie Pulliam: It really doesn't matter to us.  We are just interested in the content and how much we are able to find out about you and your reasons for wanting to join our program.


Guest Question: Can you explain how the interview process will be.

* Kelly Smith: An interview will be granted on an invitation-only basis after evaluation of a submitted application. A candidate who receives an invitation will have only one interview. If you receive an interview invitation you have the option to either interview on-campus with current students or interview off-campus with an alumnus in your area.


Guest Question: On the "essay", will you reward creativity on the answer´s format or is it only content-driven?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: Many factors of your essay will be evaluated, but you will not be judged on your “design” skills, being PowerPoint, Photoshop, photography, etc.  We encourage you to answer in the format that you think best fits your response. Whether that is a traditional written essay or different option, is completely up to you. The committee has no preference. 


Guest Question: Does either the quant/verbal have a heavier weight for what admissions is looking for in a gmat score for an applicant?

* Kelly Smith: The admissions evaluation process is holistic and we look at all aspects of your application. The GMAT/GRE is one criterion in this process. We look at the GMAT/GRE to gauge an applicant’s preparedness for the academic program here at Booth. To learn more about our admissions criteria visit here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/criteria.


Guest Question: What information would you recommend us to explore in the optional essay?

* Eddie Pulliam: The optional essay is used to explain something not to simply write another essay.


Guest Question: I understand the desire for a current supervisor to be used as one of the letters of recommendation. However, given a number job moves (both myself and my former supervisor), I would prefer to use a previous supervisor, whom I worked for for ~half my career, and who can speak to my capabilities best. Is this frowned upon?

* Nima Merchant: We realize that applicants can't always go to their current supervisor for their recommendation; a former supervisor is fine- just make sure it is someone that can speak to your abilities and can provide examples.


Guest Question: What would most of your students say is THE defining factorof their education at Booth? What sets it apart from the other top MBA programs?

* Nima Merchant: We pride ourselves on the fact that there is so much flexibility in the MBA program at Booth and you get to create your own experience so it is difficult to pick one factor- you will get many different answers depending on who you ask. Some of the factors that come up commonly are the community, the support, the rigor and doors that this experience has opened.


Guest Question: Do you guys typically see both recommendation letters come from individuals within the same company? This is currently my plan, but I want to make sure that both of them don't cover the exact same projects /etc.

* Eddie Pulliam: Letters coming from the same company aren't unique. We just hope that they differ in the content of their description of you.


Guest Question: Can I choose two or more images to answer the essay question. I know that the application portal allows only 1 to choose, but i am curious about the possibility

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The essay prompt asks applicants to choose only one image. It is important to answer the question as stated. Additionally the application portal will not allow for selection of multiple images.


Guest Question: Is there an option for electives during 1st year to tailor curriculum to desired internship?

* Joanna Zisis: With only one required course, you can design a program to meet your own personal goals. Learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum


Guest Question: When alumni reflect on their experiences at Booth, what are some of the themes people mention?

* Nima Merchant: There are several themes I think you will hear consistently across our alumni including the sense of community (during business school and beyond) the support from the school and their peers and being challenged.


Guest Question: Hi, thank you for hosting the chat. I want to know how is a GRE score viewed in comparison to a GMAT score. Also, do the adcoms look at individual verbal and quant score or total score?

* Eddie Pulliam: We value the entire exam, each section.  It doesn't matter to us which exam you decide to submit.


Guest Question: I am interested in IMBA program. How can I apply the program?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The IMBA application process is very similar to the traditional MBA application, with a few different requirements. You can find more information here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/imba


Guest Question: What is Chicago Booth’s philosophy for awarding scholarships? I understand that Booth awards scholarships to admitted applicants who have excelled in academics, work experience, and service to the community. However, does Booth offer substantial scholarship to a select group of students, try to spread the scholarship funds out among many students, or somewhere in between?

* Eddie Pulliam: Our scholarships are entirely merit-based.  The contents in your application help us decide what type of scholarship we feel that you're eligible to receive.


Guest Question: I would like to use GRE to meet test requirement since I'm familiar with GRE and took GRE for master's degree. How does Chicago Booth evaluate GRE score? Can candidate use ETS GRE/GMAT conversion tool to assess their score competitiveness?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The admissions committee has no preference over the GRE or GMAT.  Both scores will be accepted. A candidate can use ETS GRE/GMAT conversion tool to assess their scores.


Guest Question: How many of Booth students live together? Are there resources to find a Booth roommate prior to coming on campus?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: A large number of Booth students live in the same areas and apartment buildings throughout Chicago. Once admitted there are a number of resources on our social media sites that provide a space for Booth students to search for roommates before coming to campus.


Guest Question: Are recommendation letters due at an earlier time than the overall application, or due on the same day? For example, round 1 application is due September 22nd, so is my recommender's timeline also due by Sept. 22nd?

* Kelly Smith: Yes, letters of recommendation are due by the application deadline for that Round. You can read more about the letters of recommendation here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/letters-of-recommendation.


Guest Question: If someone has completed a Masters in a business related degree (MSc) would one be at a disadvantage

* Kelly Smith: There are many students that already have graduate degrees when they begin the MBA program. As with all applications, I would encourage you to think about what you are looking to gain from the MBA program that your prior graduate degree did not cover.


Guest Question: To what degree is hands-on learning encouraged?

* Eddie Pulliam: We have a variety of opportunities for "experiential" learning.  Many students take part in those courses. It's a great way to see how a theory or method is used in solving real business problems.


Guest Question: What resources are there available for enrolled MBA students wanting to work on a new business venture during their 2-yr studies (possibly with other Booth classmates)?

* Nima Merchant:  here are many resources for budding and tenured entrepreneurs. Check out the Polsky Center. http://research.chicagobooth.edu/polsky/


Guest Question: Hello! Will you have any information sessions in NYC this summer? I cannot find any event in NYC except for the MBA tour and the Forte forum but am interested in Booth-specific event including those hosted by students

* Kelly Smith: We plan on having a Full-Time Information Session in NYC this fall and we will post it on the website once registration is live. There is also a student hosted event coming up in NYC as well, but at this time it is full. We will in NYC for the MBA Tour and Forte Forum this summer. You can use the connect with a student tool to reach out to students in the NYC area: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/studentvolunteer.


Guest Question: How important is an on campus visit prior to applying?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: Visiting campus is not required to apply to the program.  However, it is a great chance to gain a better understanding of the Booth community overall. You will have the chance to talk to an admissions officer, interact with current students, tour the building, and sit in a class. All of these interactions can be extremely helpful when it comes to choosing the MBA program that is right for you, and beginning the application process. If you are unable to visit campus for whatever reason our website is a great resource that can connect you with all the information you need.


Guest Question: I'm concerned that my manager won't be able to communicate my strengths and weaknesses properly through an essay since he is not a native speaker of English. How should I address this in my application?

* Eddie Pulliam: We don't judge the manager on his/her ability to write on your behalf.  The letter must be in English.


Guest Question: Can I also get recommendation letters from academic institutions as well where we have attended our grad/undergrad courses

* Eddie Pulliam: We only ask for two letters of recommendation.  One from your employer and the other is your choice.


Guest Question: In terms of work experience, what can set an applicant apart from others?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: When reviewing working experience our committee is looking for quality of the experience. Did you make a positive impact in your position? Did you challenge yourself? What kind of skills did you learn throughout your time there? Etc.  It is not about the type of company or position, but rather your individual impact in that role.


Guest Question: Is there a disadvantage against someone with 10 years of working experience?

* Joanna Zisis: We do not set limits or requirements for the amount of work experience a candidate has. It will be important for all candidates to tell us why an MBA, and why now is the right time for you.


Guest Question: How do students generally go about finding nontraditional career paths?  i.e. outside of finance and consulting?

* Nima Merchant: Many of our students pursue nontraditional career paths and in terms of resources there are many from student groups to our centers that offer support. In addition we have a career services team that provides resources for career seekers in every industry from resume prep to networking.  The employer relations team is broken out by industry and is constantly meeting with new firms on behalf of our students and alumni as well.



Guest Question: If a GMAT result is not satisfactory, would you automatically reject the application or look at other aspects such as experience, education etc?

* Eddie Pulliam: We take a holistic look at your application - each component is valuable to us during our review of an application.


Guest Question: What are the scopes of part time internship opportunities for international students? Is there an option to get them integrated as graded internships?

* Nima Merchant: Internships are generally between first and second year of the MBA program but there are some students that will pursue a part time internship while taking classes full time. There is no option to get a graded internship however students are able to gain real work experience in our lab classes. To learn more go to http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/labs


Guest Question: How can younger-than-average applicants leverage their age and effectively demonstrate leadership with less than 5 years of experience?

* Kelly Smith: There is no separate program or admissions process for those who consider applying early on in their careers. Early career candidates must complete the full application for admission. However, the Admissions Committee will bear in mind the applicant’s proximity to the college experience when considering factors such as leadership, supervision experience, and academic success. You can read more about early career candidates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/early-career-candidates.


Guest Question: Hi Everyone! Thanks for organizing this session.  I am hoping to visit campus and sit in on a class, but I may not be able to before the first round application deadline as school is not currently in session. I was wondering if Booth gives any preference to those applicants who are able to visit campus and sit in on a class?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: There is no preference given to applicants who have visited campus over applicants who have not. If you are unable to visit campus the website is a great place to find out more about the Booth Community http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time


Guest Question: Hello - do you have a target percentage of the class that you hope to have admitted by the end of each round of decisions. and do you typically see a large number of students denied admission in a later round when they may have been given a nod in an earlier one? Thank you

* Nima Merchant: We do not have a target percentage for each round. First and second round are our largest in terms of applicants but we admit each round. You should apply when you feel your application is strongest.


Guest Question: how many students enroll in the IMBA program typically?

* Eddie Pulliam: It's a small population.  Many students use their electives and take international courses.


Guest Question: With regard to campus visits, currently there are only abbreviated visits available.  When will full scale visits become available?

* Joanna Zisis: The full visit program will resume when students are back on campus in the fall. Look for the schedule for full visits to be available in October.


Guest Question: If I take the GMAT again after I have submitted my application for around 1, will the new score be considered for Round 2 if I am not accepted in Round 1?

* Kelly Smith: We will add the new score to your file as soon as we receive it, but we cannot guarantee that any materials submitted after the application deadline will be used in the evaluation process. All admissions decisions are final. So if we receive a score after you have received a decision that decision will stand, but you are welcome to reapply next year.


Guest Question: What kind of guidance is given to incoming students on tailoring a program to meet personal goals? There options of both electives and professors is very vast for a two year program!

* Eddie Pulliam:  You'll have several layers of support including a career coach and an academic advisor for the 2 years you are with us.


Guest Question: Could you please elaborate on the Private Equity Labs program? Do the students get an opportunity to interact with the PE firms or is the work exposure limited to portfolio companies? Is there a selection criterion for this course?

* Nima Merchant: Yes students do get to interact with the PE firms through speakers and other engagements. Learn more here http://polskycenter.com/pelab/


Guest Question: In recent years, how long have the application essays been on average? In general, what has been the range? 

* Nima Merchant: It varies from person to person.  Be thoughtful in your response to share your story with us.


Guest Question: With Booth's larger class size, do students struggle to get into the elective courses of their choosing? How does the class selection process usually play out?

* Nima Merchant: We have a bidding system at Booth that usually allows for most students to get the classes they would like during their two years here. 



Guest Question: Good afternoon everyone. Does the lack of a structure cohort system affect the community feel on campus?

* Eddie Pulliam: No way! There so many ways to build relationships at Chicago Booth - student groups, study groups, social activities and recruiting.


Guest Question: If i am uncomfortable getting a recommendation from my current manager at work due to career progression conflicts, will getting a recommendation from an ex-line manager from the same company be not as valuable?

* Eddie Pulliam: You can certainly do that.  Just make sure that you explain that to us in the application so we don't guess why you didn't approach your current manager.


Guest Question: Are most students able to take a LAB class during their two years if they decide they want to early on? Also, are there abroad internships or work studies that Booth can connecct students with?

* Eddie Pulliam: You certainly are able to take lab classes and international internships are available.


Guest Question: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! Are there many Booth students who enter with their own startups, hoping to utilize Booth learnings to transform them? With various incredible resources at Polsky Center for instance NVC and classes like Building the New Venture and Entrepreneurial Selling, how manageable is it to run a company while at Booth?

* Nima Merchant: With the flexibility in the program students are able to schedule classes to fit their needs. For some that may mean taking evening or weekend classes at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. There is also the ability to decelerate.


Guest Question: Could you talk a little bit of the pros and cons of applying to Round 1 vs Round 2? Is there a deadline by when you must accepted/decline admission after acceptance?

* Joanna Zisis: Round 1 allows you to be part of the first group applying of course. But we always tell applicants to apply when they feel their application can be strongest. Both rounds offer almost the same opportunities. After students are accepted, we outline the dates to make the final acceptance of our offer.


Guest Question: How does the admissions committee forsee an applicant with multiple advanced degrees and lesser work experience as compared to the peers applying for the program with more than 5 years of work experience?

* Joanna Zisis: Each year we accept all types of students and various past experiences and education. It will just be important for you to tell is why an MBA makes sense for you and why now.


Guest Question: How individualized is the career services interaction at Booth? Are students "assigned" an individual counselor with set meeting times or is it more of an open-door policy with multiple counselors?

* Eddie Pulliam: You'll be assigned a coach that will help you throughout the MBA experience.


Guest Question: I live abroad but I will be in the Chicago area for the Chicago marathon (October), I will like to visit campus around that time. How can I plan my campus visit?

* Kelly Smith: Congrats on running the marathon in October! I ran the race last year and am planning to run it again this year and it is a great race! You will get to see the whole city during the run! You can register for a campus visit program here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/FTCampusVisit/. We do not have dates up yet for October, but those will be added later this summer once the Fall class schedule is released.


Guest Question: How is coming from non-traditional background, such as: education (for profit) viewed by adcoms?

* Eddie Pulliam: We appreciate that. It helps to add to the diversity of the class.


Guest Question: How much interaction can full-time MBA students have with part-time/evening MBA students?

* Joanna Zisis: Students can take classes at our main campus in Hyde Park, or in our downtown campus where evening and weekend courses take place. Therefore, you can really have as much exposure as you wish. 


Guest Question: Are there any admission events (specifically on campus) that are geared towards women?

* Kelly Smith: We do not have a specific campus visit program for just women. But we have many resources on-campus, I would suggest that you reach out to one of our student groups, Chicago Women in Business: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/women-in-business. We also have upcoming our Booth Women Connect Conference: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc/ on October 27th!



Guest Question: Could you help with any insights for reapplicants?

* Kelly Smith: If you were not admitted (or if you declined an offer of admission), you may reapply in the next academic year. Students who are successful in the reapplication process are competitive in the current year's applicant pool and have demonstrated growth through career progress, academic preparation, community involvement, or self-awareness. You can read more about the reapplicant process here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/reapplicants.

If you applied more than two years ago, you are viewed as a new applicant.


Guest Question: Thank you for hosting this event! I'm interested in healthcare; can you point to some specific resources at Booth that will help me meet my goals?

* Joanna Zisis: Chicago Booth students who wish to enter the field of health care management and policy can earn a Certificate in Health Administration Studies from the University of Chicago. Learn more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/joint-degree/certificate-health-administration-policy


Guest Question: How do you respond to the characterization of Booth as a "Finance School"?

* Joanna Zisis: Booth is a place that focuses on an analytical approach to business, this can include finance of course, but also for all fundamental disciplines that underlie how organizations function, how markets work, and how people make decisions.


Guest Question: What type of resources exist at Booth for collaboration between tech and social enterprise initiatives?

* Nima Merchant: There are students every year that overlap in interests and you will likely be able to find them in them with the Booth Technology Group http://groups.chicagobooth.edu/boothtech/web_page?url_name=about&club_url2=boothtech in addition to the Social Enterprise Initiative https://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/


Guest Question: Given that Booth is a Finance powerhouse, are applicants with a non-traditional background looking to transition to Finance at a disadvantage compared to applicants with previous finance history? Thanks!

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: An applicant with a non-traditional background looking to transition to Finance is not at a disadvantage compared to applicants with previous finance experience. A majority of our student body are career switchers. We are dedicated to diversifying our classroom with students from all different backgrounds, past industries and intended careers.


Guest Question: Can the lack of international exposure in work experience be a setback in an application?

* Eddie Pulliam: That won't make a difference in the review of your application.


Guest Question: When working in a family-owned business, where is it best to source the recommendation letters from?

* Eddie Pulliam: We suggest that you use a client or perhaps a previous manager.


Guest Question: do you provide student accommodation ? If not, is there a support for non-chicago residents?

* Joanna Zisis: Students here find their own accommodations, and thankfully this is quite easy in Chicago. Most students live in a handful of buildings in downtown Chicago. When students are admitted, we assist in all the information you will need to move to Chicago.


Guest Question: Thanks for the session! My question: currently, I feel that my "boss's boss" knows me and my career goals better than my boss does, since he has served as a formal mentor to me for over a year. Since he (my boss's boss) is familiar with my day-to-day work, could he write my "current supervisor" recommendation? 

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: If you feel that there is someone other than your direct current supervisor who can better attest to your qualities as a candidate then you can absolutely have them write a letter of recommendation. You might consider using the optional essay to write a few sentences about why you feel this person can better recommend you.


Guest Question: How can I address career gaps? Should it be addressed on resume or optional essay or both? Is is viewed negatively by the adcom, considering I used the free time to volunteer and learn a new language and get some certifications?

* Kelly Smith: There is a specific area in the application where you can address any gaps in your career. Please just explain the career gap and what you did during that time frame.


Guest Question: This question is for Kelly since you are a runner haha: Are there any running clubs at Booth? Is there one that could help you prepare to run a marathon to qualify for Boston?

* Kelly Smith: Yes, there is a Chicago Booth Triathlon and Running Club. Learn more about them here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/triathlon-running. There are also many local running clubs in the Chicago area that you can check out as well. There are miles of paths along the Lakefront that provide great trails for training runs.


Guest Question: I work closely with my manager's supervisors. Should I ask for a letter of recommendation from one of them or do you prefer to see one from my direct manager?

* Eddie Pulliam: It's your decision to choose who is going to offer us the best information about your performance. Direct managers usually have that edge to tell us some of your specific qualities.


Guest Question: Can the second letter of recommendation come from a client or consultant with whom the applicant worked on a transaction?

* Joanna Zisis: The 2nd letter of recommendation can come from any person of your choice. You can find details here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/letters-of-recommendation.


Guest Question: Can you give some more details about Social Entrepreneurship Initiative at Booth?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: The Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) is Booth’s newest initiative and it is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to students and alumni in a range of social section topics. You can find more about the program on their website https://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/. You can also go to the Full-Time Home page and request more information to begin receiving more information specific to SEI.


Guest Question: What is the demographic for veterans at Booth? And is there a veterans alumni webpage?

* Nima Merchant: We don't have demographic information about veterans specifically. Our Armed Forces Student Group is an amazing resource for prospective students-  I highly recommend reaching out. http://www.boothafg.com/


Guest Question: What are the interactions Booth students have with the University as a whole?

* Eddie Pulliam: Many students use their electives to take classes at the college.


Guest Question: Thanks for organizing this session! Re:- the post mba goals (Short term / Long term) - how specific should it be? (ex. Should it be like strategy consulting in the banking and financial services space or just consulting?)

* Eddie Pulliam: You really need to provide enough clarity so that we can understand how the MBA will benefit you in reaching the goals.


Guest Question: Is the GRE/GMAT quant scores sufficient to show your quantitative capabilities if you are from a non math background ? Will taking more courses in math, calculus etc through Coursera [for example] help your application?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: Taking additional classes is not required for any applicant. If you feel like taking those courses will strengthen your application than they are something to consider. The decision comes down to each individual and how they choose to build their strongest application.


Guest Question: How does the adcom view other qualifications such as the CFA, as part of the application? Would it be given equal weight as the undergraduate degree?

* Eddie Pulliam: It's used as another point of interest in who you are and your potential.  It's not weighted equally as an academic degree.


Guest Question: Is there weightage given to applicants who show recent social/volunteering activities. How much focus is given to this element?

* Kelly Smith: We look to see how a student’s unique personal and professional experience will add to a strong, congenial community that constantly supports and pushes its members to be the best they can be. You can read more about the admissions criteria here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/criteria.


Guest Question: Do I need IELTS/TOEFL if my first language is not English? I have studied at the University of Nottingham for my bachelor's where the sole medium of teaching was in English

* Eddie Pulliam: If you received your degree from an institution where English is the mode of instruction your can have the exam waived.


Guest Question: On average, what percentage of Booth MBA students end up pursuing a career abroad after graduation? Further which region tends to attract the most graduates?

* Lizzie Seidenstricker: We don’t have an exact percentage of Booth students that end up pursuing a career abroad. Our top three regions after graduation are New York, Chicago, and the Bay Area.  You can check out our employment report for a full list of our graduate's careers. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/


Guest Question: For someone who cannot visit campus, is it possible to attend a live class online to get some flavour?

* Nima Merchant: We do not offer online classes.


Guest Question: For recruiting activities/events, specifically in the finance/investment banking space, do students need to fly out to NYC to network with the banks? I know that all the premier banks visit Booth but I've heard mixed stories about students having to fly out every weekend for netowrking purposes - could you please elaborate on this? Thank you!

* Joanna Zisis: There are more than enough opportunities to network with NYC banks at Booth. Booth is highly sought after in terms of investment banking – so many banks are here on campus quite frequently. You will be very busy. Of course, students can elect to visit NYC as well, but that is more a personal choice.


Guest Question: When are the core criteria for evaluating an applicant’s eligibility for merit based scholarship? If there is a pool of candidates who have secured similar grades during their UG, what characteristics would set apart the candidate who receives the scholarship vs. the ones who don’t?

* Kelly Smith: There is no formal application process for merit-based scholarships and Chicago Booth fellowships. When making award decisions, the Office of Admissions reviews the initial application materials previously submitted by students accepted into the Full-Time MBA Program and assesses each candidate's overall qualities, including his or her academic profile, intended concentration, strength of overall admissions application, evaluations provided by application readers, quality of interview, and competitiveness. You can read more about the scholarships here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships.


Guest Question: When does your biggest wave of applicants come in?

* Joanna Zisis: Most applications come in between rounds one and two.


Guest Question: Do I need to explain an employment that occurred gap 6 years ago?

* Kelly Smith: Yes, please explain all employment gaps in your application.


Guest Question: How do adcoms view students having extensive international work and living experience?

* Joanna Zisis: Our concern is on what applicants have learned from their past careers and how it has impacted their thinking. International experience can be great, but we also have many amazing students who did not have that opportunity. So in short, it is not an advantage or disadvantage.


Guest Question: When accepting applications from all over the world, is there a separate pool for international applicants? or does the adcom look at it as a whole.

* Nima Merchant: Our team looks at applicants as one pool


Guest Question: Does admission committee review reapplicant's previous application as well?

* Kelly Smith: Your prior application is kept on file for two years. The Admissions Committee will review your prior application alongside your newest application in order to assess your growth and/or any changes that have taken place since the time of your last application. While the Admissions Committee will review your prior application, your new application should include all information relevant to your candidacy and be able to stand on its own as complete, independent of your prior application.

Read more about the reapplicant process here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/reapplicants.


Guest Question: Generally what percentage of international students get placed post the MBA program? is getting a work visa an issue?

* Kelly Smith: Check out our Employment Report: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/. Also check out our student blog to learn more about the student experience: http://theboothexp.com/.


Guest Question: Also does Booth have a sort of incubation group in order to cultivate ideas from students?

* Nima Merchant: I would say the whole MBA experience is an opportunity to cultivate ideas and while there are programs like the incubator for new start-ups much is done informally between students in class and socially.