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(Dec 02 2015, 06:25:15 -08:00 PST - Dec 02 2015, 07:36:50 -08:00 PST)

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Dec 02, 06:25:15Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. Thanks for joining us today. We'll get started in about 5 minutes.
Dec 02, 06:29:52Eddie -> Everyone Thanks for joining us. I'm Eddie Pulliam one of the directors here at Chicago Booth and I'm looking forward to answering your questions.
Dec 02, 06:29:55Priyanka -> Everyone Hi! I am Priyanka Karandikar, a second year full-time MBA student at Booth. Happy to answer questions about the admissions process, healthcare at Booth, the GPHAP program, the Booth community, living in Chicago or anything else really. Excited to be connecting with everybody today!
Dec 02, 06:30:03Damayanti -> Everyone Hi I am Damayanti. Welcome to the chat! Happy to answer any questions you might have.
Dec 02, 06:30:12Paritosh -> Everyone Hi! I am Paritosh, a second year MBA student. I have a BBA from Symbiosis Pune and I worked at the D. E. Shaw Group, Teach For India and McKinsey before Booth. This summer I interned at BCG Digital Ventures in San Francisco and an Israeli Venture Capital firm.
Dec 02, 06:30:24Peter -> Everyone Hi, I'm Pete Aiello, Director of Financial Aid. I'm glad to be a part of the chat today!
Dec 02, 06:30:33Michelle -> Everyone Hello, and thank you for joining us! My name is Michelle and I'm the Director of Admissions Outreach.
Dec 02, 06:30:51Abhilash -> Everyone Welcome on your Chicago Booth journey! This is Abhilash Misra- Director India and South Asia for Chicago Booth and I am based in Mumbai. Happy to answer your questions.
Dec 02, 06:33:57Adu -> Eddie Hello. For the short term goals question, should we talk about our existing experience and how we will contribute to the class?
Eddie -> Adu Hi Adu. For your short term goals we are hoping to get a snapshot on what you plan on doing right after you graduate from Booth.
Dec 02, 06:34:30Avni -> Eddie Please highlight more on essays
Eddie -> Avni Hi Avni. Can you be a bit more specific?
Dec 02, 06:34:38Avni -> Peter As an Indian student, what are my eligibility chances for scholarships and loans
Peter -> Avni All students admitted to Chicago Booth are considered for institutional scholarships. You will also have loan options. For loans, Booth has the Financing Alternative for Qualified Students, or FAQS Loan. In this loan program, Booth serves as the guarantor of the loan for international students. Students at Booth are also choosing to borrow from Prodigy Finance, a private lender who makes loans to international students studying at Booth. Additionally, if you know someone who is a US citizen who is willing to be a co-signer for a student loan, then you can borrow from most of the major US bank private lenders, as well.
Dec 02, 06:36:40Akash -> Michelle To MS Moore• What do you look for in a prospective student from India?• What is the chance of getting Scholarship? • What percent of students get scholarship each year?• Is it possible to get full scholarship? If not then to what extent?• Do you provide any help to Indian students to get loan from financial institutions?
Michelle -> Akash Hi, Akash. We look at all prospective candidates holistically. We are looking for you to be authentic, to understand what connections you make to the program and the school, and what about the community you find interesting. In regards to scholarships, typically, less than 30% of admitted students receive scholarships.
Dec 02, 06:38:36VS -> Paritosh I want to experience the life at booth. I understand coming to Chicago may not be feasible now. Besides the web material available, is there a way, I can connect with a group in India region to understand the culture in greater depth?
Paritosh -> VS Hi VS! There are many ways to connect with the Booth community. You could look up admissions events and Booth student hosted events in India that are published on the website.
Dec 02, 06:39:56Priyanka_Thakkar -> Eddie As I am from Mumbai University, which has an extremely stringent marking scheme .. my biggest concern is whether my score will be normalized or used as is against the 4 point GPA system ..
Eddie -> Priyanka_Thakkar Thanks Priyanka for your question. We have several resources for converting international degrees. We have students who work with admissions that come from a variety of countries as well as our colleagues in the Office of International Affairs. Many of us here in the admissions office have a lot of experience converting GPAs successfully.
Dec 02, 06:39:57Robinson -> Peter What is the current interest rate on the education loan, if taken by international applicant?
Peter -> Robinson For the current academic year, the FAQS Loan has a variable interest rate around 7%. Prodigy Finance is lending to Booth students this year at a variable rate that is just under 6%. Please note that the rates will be different in future years, but I am optimistic that we won't see a radical change in rates in the near future. Students using a US co-signer and borrowing from a traditional US private lender will see a wide variety of interest rates, based on the lender's review of the borrower and co-signer's credit history.
Dec 02, 06:40:34AK@Booth -> Priyanka Hello. Glad to be a part of the chat today. I have a question on Booth's curriculum - Given the flexibility that it offers, do students actually pursue, or is it possible
Priyanka -> AK@Booth The flexible curriculum is really beneficial because it let's you decide the difficulty level of courses you want to take. For example, students who come in with prior accounting experience have the option of taking advanced accounting classes while beginners can take the basic accounting class. Students will tailor a course plan that best fits their individual requirements.
Dec 02, 06:40:45Akash -> Damayanti My question to Dayamanti • Why have you chosen Booth MBA? What is special about it?• Is there any additional advantage of studying finance at Booth?• Where do you find the method of teaching at Booth is different from that of Indian Institution?• Which area of Finance is the forte of Chicago Booth and why?• What are the weakness in academics and campus life in Chicago Booth?
Damayanti -> Akash Hi Akash, Great question. My reason for choosing Booth was the extraordinary finance program. As you must be knowing already, Booth has world renowned faculty in finance and economics - so if you are looking to create a strong foundation in those areas there is no better place to be! In addition, due to Booth's flexible curriculum, you can choose the courses based on what exactly you are wanting to get out of your academic experience. For me that was crucial.
Dec 02, 06:41:33Avni -> Peter If I don't have a co-signor then what are my chances for the student loan
Peter -> Avni If you do not have a US co-signer, you will still be eligible for loans at Chicago Booth. The FAQS Loan is the loan program in which Booth serves as the guarantor of the loan (effectively, Booth is the co-signer). In addition, students at Booth are choosing to borrow from Prodigy Finance, a private lending company who issues loans to international students in the US who do not have US co-signers.
Dec 02, 06:41:39Asingh -> Paritosh Hi Booth Panel..Thanks for organizing this chat....I had a question relating to the student mix from India....From most interactions I've had with Booth alumni, it seems that everyone was from a Tier 1 city (Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore). I was curious if there have been any candidates who are/were working in smaller cities?
Paritosh -> Asingh Hi Asingh. We do have candidates coming from steel plants in Orissa and from other smaller towns. The student mix is more of a reflection of the applicant pool than the school's preferences.
Dec 02, 06:42:30nupur -> Michelle hi i am Nupur Patel from India. but right now studying in USA as an exchange student. i wanted to know more about the essay part of the application.
Michelle -> nupur Nice to meet you, Nupur. The intent of the essay is to get a better feel for who you are and how you think. There are several photos to choose from, as each sheds light on different aspects of our culture. We are looking to see how a specific photo resonates with your own viewpoint on why the Booth community is the right fit for you.
Dec 02, 06:43:35KAPIL_NAIK -> Eddie My First question is about eligibility criteria for making an application. I intend to apply in round 2. What is minimum GMAT score acceptable for Chicago Booth. Different web sites provide different cut offs. Is there any official cut off for GMAT score ?
Eddie -> KAPIL_NAIK Good evening Robinson. We look for candidates with good communication skills, academic strength and a good idea on where they want to go with an MBA. Your professional skills are also quite important because your experience is valuable in the classroom discussion and study groups. Extra-curricular activities also help us who you are when you're not at work. We value all aspects of the application without one being more important than another.
Dec 02, 06:43:40Inder -> Paritosh For somebody who is making a career switch into consulting, at what positions do companies hire candidates?
Paritosh -> Inder Hi Inder - Consulting companies hire candidates at the Associate or Consultant level depending on the firm.
Dec 02, 06:44:05vatstarun -> Peter Peter, a permanent resident is also supposed to get a co-signer? What are the options for the permanent residents apart from FAFSA?
Peter -> vatstarun If you are a US permanent resident, you definitely have a wider array of borrowing options. You can borrow federal students loans from the US government (via the FAFSA application). In addition, all the major US private lenders will lend to you without requiring a co-signer. You will still be able to utilize a co-signer if you choose, but the lender wouldn't require it.
Dec 02, 06:44:25AK@Booth -> Paritosh Apologies for the incomplete questions - I want to learn if students pursue concentrations / major in 2 or more areas, given the flexibility that the Chicago Booth curriculum offers.
Paritosh -> AK@Booth Hi! Yes, there are students who have received up to 5 concentrations in the past.
Dec 02, 06:44:46Akash -> Damayanti My question to Damayanti - Is there any additional advantage of studying finance at Booth?
Damayanti -> Akash Akash, I think the faculty, the research work done here speaks for itself. All academic institutions and corporations across the world recognize that - if you want to call that an advantage!
Dec 02, 06:45:35Sheetal -> Eddie In the application process,applicant is asked to choose two intended concentrations.What is the purpose of this question?would an applicant be allowed to change this preference if admitted?
Eddie -> Sheetal Hi Sheetat. We are just trying to see what interests you have as a professional with an MBA degree. Many of our students change their minds once they are in the program and of course there is no penalty for that.
Dec 02, 06:48:00Prashanth -> Eddie What are the chances like in round 2? What % of the class is typically filled in round 1
Eddie -> Prashanth Hey Prashanth. Round 2 offers typically offers us the largest number of application. Each round is competitive. The percentage changes every year based on the number of applications we receive.
Dec 02, 06:48:13Ravi_Shah -> Peter I do understand the loan interest rates differ for individuals, but can you please share typical range for a loan with and without a cosigner?
Peter -> Ravi_Shah The interest rates for the FAQS Loan and loans from Prodigy Finance do not differ for individuals. They are variable and adjust as LIBOR adjusts, but every student at Booth receives the same interest rate for these loans. If borrowing from one of the US private lenders, rates can vary greatly. I don't have systematic data for these loans, but anecdotally, students have self-reported getting variable rates as low as 3% and as high as over 10%.
Dec 02, 06:48:28Rohitcj -> Michelle What percentage of students live on school premises?
Michelle -> Rohitcj Hi Rohitcj. Thanks for your questions. About 70% percent of students live in the Loop in downtown Chicago, and about 7% of students live on school premises in Hyde Park.
Dec 02, 06:48:34Avni -> Eddie Eddie, as an international student I have never visited Chicago, could you please highlight more on the essay on the picture
Eddie -> Avni Avni, which picture?
Dec 02, 06:48:53Akash -> Damayanti Akash:• In which domain of finance majority of the Booth graduates find their jobs?
Damayanti -> Akash There isn't a particular domain of Finance that stands out in terms of jobs. That said, the popular areas are Investment Banking, PE/VC, corporate finance.
Dec 02, 06:49:13Robinson -> Priyanka Are there enough options to do internship at start up?
Priyanka -> Robinson Hi Robinson, the school has start-up networking events each quarter and also organizes a couple of start-up networking treks each year. There are several avenues such as the Polsky Center, the 1871 Accelerator, entrepreneurship conferences and so on through which you can connect with start-ups in Chicago and other cities. I hope that answers your question.
Dec 02, 06:49:55AgAshish -> Peter Thanks, Peter. Can you also mention typically how much do these scholarships cover of overall cost of attending the school?
Peter -> AgAshish Institutional scholarship awards range from $10,000 per year up to the full amount of tuition.
Dec 02, 06:50:00vatstarun -> Paritosh@paritosh : . What are some of the activities that SEI (social enterprise initiative) is currently involved with ? Given your experience with TFI, are you involved with social impact or impact investing space? Also, if you can highlight the internship and other learning opportunities at Booth in this space?
Paritosh -> vatstarun Hello! SEI runs a lot of great programming. Last year I was part of the Social New Venture Challenge and we built a nonprofit to tackle the problem of early childhood education. We were able to take that concept to the Hult Prize finals in SF with support from SEI. The group also organized a rigorous 8 week impact investing training program. It's an exciting time to do social impact and entrepreneurship at Booth!
Dec 02, 06:50:26Stag -> Eddie Does booth value fit over goals?I agree thete are two questions on goals but they are of shorter length with more restrictions than the one with the fit?
Eddie -> Stag Thanks Stag. When we read the application both are important to us. It's hard to separate the two.
Dec 02, 06:51:41TSV2 -> Michelle I have a friend who is an alumni of Booth and we have worked together quite often. I have requested him to give me a recommendation. However he suggested that Booth has a referral option. Could you shed more light on that please
Michelle -> TSV2 Chicago Booth alumni play a critical role in recruiting top talent to Booth. Alumni can support admissions by sharing insight and experiences of those prospective students that could be valuable contributors to the Chicago Booth community. To refer a candidate, alumni can complete a Shape The Class form.
Dec 02, 06:51:58Akash -> Damayanti • to Damayanti Where do you find the method of teaching at Booth is different from that of Indian Institution?
Damayanti -> Akash The method of teaching could vary greatly depending upon the course. A good majority of courses are case based.
Dec 02, 06:52:36nupur -> Peter what are the basic requirements for scholarship as an exchange student?
Peter -> nupur Chicago Booth considers all applicants for merit based scholarships. You can read more about scholarship selection by the Office of Admissions here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships
Dec 02, 06:52:57Yoshi -> Paritosh Hi all ! Thanks for this opportunity ! Can you please tell us more about the career services at Chicago Booth when it comes to assisting the students to apply for internships and later on recruitments ?
Paritosh -> Yoshi Hey Yoshi - Booth has one of the most highly regarded career services teams of any business school. Right from the moment you get here, you will begin learning about industries and functions and you will also get programming specific to international students. There's a lot of training for networking, writing resumes and cover letters and interviewing. For more information on recruiting outcomes, you can look at the career report.
Dec 02, 06:53:11Abhilash -> Everyone Hi, private loan is also available in India now to Booth FT students from Credila (an HDFC company). I will be happy to answer any questions in this regard
Dec 02, 06:55:36Avani -> Priyanka Hey Priyanka - Could you tell me more about healthcare opportunities at Booth, specifically in healthcare delivery? I've read about the Healthcare group/club, and a couple of the classes and labs. Is there anything else you can tell me about?
Priyanka -> Avani Hi Avani, from an academic perspective there are several healthcare focused classes offered through the GPHAP program which is an interdisciplinary program across Booth and other schools at the University of Chicago. You have access to several internships and fellowships at the University of Chicago as well as other major healthcare systems in the Greater Chicago area. Since you are interested in healthcare delivery you might also be interested in the 1 or 2 year administrative fellowships or rotational programs in hospitals that you can access through the Booth network.
Dec 02, 06:55:40Yoshi -> Eddie Hi all, I am an energy professional applying in R2. I am very excited to apply for University of Chicago Booth. Can you tell me 3 most important things you are looking amongst Indian students when analyzing their fit to the program (assuming there are some common themes amongst Indian applicants) ? Also what are some common mistakes that Indian students make while applying ?
Eddie -> Yoshi Hi Yoshi. When we review applications we look at the entire pool and not just one group or set of individuals. Usually it's the proper use English when explaining something. I'd steer clear of using slang that you may feel is appropriate or acronyms that you think are universal.
Dec 02, 06:56:27Varun -> Michelle Hey! i am planning to apply to Chicago Booth for full-time MBA in the third round, for which the submission deadline is April 5th. What are the key things which will be looked at in an application?
Michelle -> Varun Hi, Varun, Thanks for your question. Applicants should have both the ability and the desire to thrive within a demanding and stimulating environment. Some qualities sought include the following: academic preparedness, intellectual curiosity, and communications skills. We look forward to reviewing your application in Round 3!
Dec 02, 06:57:50Akash -> Abhilash To Abhishek• In which domain of finance majority of the Booth graduates find their job?• Who are the major recruiters and what is their area of operation? • How Booth helps students to find employment?• What is the current ROI?
Abhilash -> Akash Akash, Booth students have access to a diversified set of sectors in finance, Pe, VC, Investment management and banking are some preferred areas. Most top financial institutions, consulting companies recruit from Booth. Booth has a very robust employer relations and career services team that helps students access these top companies. Most students also network and build strong connections with alumni to advise them in their career plans.
Dec 02, 06:57:54Manish -> Paritosh Could you please highlight the opportunities in impact investing sector available at booth? Also what are the prospective companies that hire from Booth in this sector? Thanks
Paritosh -> Manish Hi Manish - Booth hosts many impact investors and organizes the MBA Impact Investing training program. Students have worked at organizations like Blue Haven Institute and Advantage Capital.
Dec 02, 06:58:20Adu -> Eddie Thanks Eddie. I know I am not supposed to repeat information across my goals essay, photo essay and resume. Is there a specific order you follow in the evaluation process?
Eddie -> Adu Adu! There is no specific order when you're writing. We want you to be expressive and deliver your comments in a clear manner. How you do that is really up to you. Please review your essay before submitting them. It helps when you feel that it is revealing what you really want us to see and with clarity.
Dec 02, 06:58:23Prashanth -> Damayanti Can you talk about some of the rotational program opportunities in financial services industry that one can get in Booth?
Damayanti -> Prashanth There's quite a few employers that offer rotational programs. Typically these programs have the candidates work in different functions within the company for a few years. You can potentially chose one or multiple of these rotations to be in finance, if that is what you are looking for. However, the flexibility of choosing a function during your rotation period may vary based on the specific employer.
Dec 02, 06:59:26Asingh -> Michelle If one gets an interview call for Booth, can then one choose to schedule the interview on-campus in Chicago? If yes, are there additional activities (class visits, meet with faculty/students) that an applicant can partake in during that interview visit?
Michelle -> Asingh Hi, Asingh. Thanks for your questions. Visiting Chicago Booth is one of the best ways to experience our community and campus culture. The Campus Visit Program is an informal, half-day program that offers you the chance to visit a class, speak with our admissions team, and engage with current students. To schedule a Campus Visit, please review the following website: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/FTCampusVisit/
Dec 02, 06:59:59Akash -> Abhilash How much Credila offers and what is the rate of interest?
Abhilash -> Akash Akash, currently Credila offers max 25 lacs(without collateral) and upto 100% of fee amount with collateral. The current rate is 13.25%
Dec 02, 07:00:12Stag -> Paritosh @paritosh is impact investing training concentrated more in public companies or private.
Paritosh -> Stag Hi Stag - The training is concentrated on private investing based on the nature of the industry as it stands today.
Dec 02, 07:00:18Robinson -> Eddie As booth is branded to have best finance course, but if I intend to join booth for strategy/marketing (for which you do have good courses), would my application be considered to have flaw in my understanding of the school?
Eddie -> Robinson No way Robinson! We have several concentrations for you to consider. The one you choose is really up to you. We're ready to help you no matter which concentration you choose.
Dec 02, 07:00:34Prashanth -> Priyanka What are the highlights of Booth experience and community ? What are the qualities that Booth would be looking in applicants?
Priyanka -> Prashanth Hi Prashanth, for me the highlights of the Booth community are its student body and all the shared experiences with my classmates here. I have met some amazing folks with very diverse backgrounds and have been lucky to learn something new from each one of them. Everyone is very approachable and open to helping and this helps build a sense of camaraderie. We also do a lot of fun activities together, such as community dinners, museum trips and so on which I have really enjoyed. From my experience, Booth does not really look for a typical candidate. They are looking for someone who is passionate about their professional goals, personal interests and would add value to the Booth community at large.
Dec 02, 07:03:07Abhishek -> Abhilash Hi Abhilash. Do Indian nationals have to apply for a loan in India or can they apply in US as well? What are the requirements for a loan application in US?
Abhilash -> Abhishek Abhishek, you can only choose one option (either Indian loan or US loan) and inform the admissions office. I can guide on the India loan process and Pete will happy to advise you more on the process for applying in US
Dec 02, 07:03:59Yoshi -> Paritosh Can you please tell us more about the opportunites available to student interested in careers in Energy sector ?
Paritosh -> Yoshi Energy sector opportunities span the whole gamut. Right from large conventional energy companies like Shell to startups in clean energy and technology. Students have interned at incubators and clean energy companies across the world, ranging from Tesla to small London based solar startups. Booth is also well connected with multiple entrepreneurship hubs for students to network and find niche opportunities.
Dec 02, 07:04:47Deepshikha -> Michelle On the referral point, my husband is currently pursuing his Executive MBA in Booth School AXP'16 batch this year, can he put in a reference?
Michelle -> Deepshikha Hi Deepshikha, Yes, your husband can complete the Shape the Class form here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/shapetheclass/recommend.aspx
Dec 02, 07:04:52Robinson -> Priyanka Can you shed more light on the LAB courses?
Priyanka -> Robinson Hi Robinson, Lab classes are are a great opportunity for experiential learning. Most labs will have a classroom component that consists of lectures and a practical component that involves working on a live lab project. Each lab is different in terms of what you would do as part of the practical component but it typically includes some combination of data analysis, presentations and client meetings. At the end of the class you will usually be required to make an official presentation to the client.
Dec 02, 07:05:43Avni -> Peter Why pay 13.25% interest on student loan when you can get it at less rate from US
Peter -> Avni One very important feature of both the FAQS Loan and loans from Prodigy Finance is that students can currently only borrow 80% of the Cost of Attendance from these programs. If you need to borrow more than 80% of the Cost of Attendance, then that could be a compelling reason to consider a loan with a higher interest rate. And please note that students cannot borrow from more than one of these loan programs. (that is, you cannot borrow 80% of the Cost of Attendance from the FAQS Loan program and then borrow the remaining 20% of the Cost of Attendance from another loan program.)
Dec 02, 07:07:12Asingh -> Michelle Hi Michelle: Should one include their full-time summer college internship experiences in the employment / some other section in the application or should they be limited to the applicant's resume only?
Michelle -> Asingh Hi, Asingh, Thanks for your question. You are more than welcome to include your full-time summer college internship experience in the Chicago Booth application under the employment section, in addition to your resume if you see fit.
Dec 02, 07:07:31Aditya -> Eddie Hi! Thank you so much for organizing today's session. I just have a few of questions to start with. What is the institute's view on Early Career Candidates ? How many Early Career Candidates generally get accepted in a year ? And finally, are Early Career Candidates at a relative disadvantage in terms of post MBA career opportunities, when compared to students with say more work experience ?
Eddie -> Aditya Hi Aditya. Early career candidates bring a nice perspective to the program. Academic strength, fresh attitude towards professional responsibility and energy. A small number make the cut but they do offer us interesting professional experience, strong strategic input, valuable intellectual curiosity and successful answers during an interview. In the classroom there may be some hesitancy from early career candidates to respond to leadership questions or strategic planning but they seem to excel with their academic assignments.
Dec 02, 07:08:35vatstarun -> Priyanka What are the ways in which students engage with each other (apart from clubs and meet ups). Any specific student traditions at Booth?
Priyanka -> vatstarun There are several opportunities for social interaction during your time at Booth. Most students live within a couple of blocks of each other and it is pretty common for student to study together or just meet up for casual dinners or drinks. There will be a lot of official and unofficial social events (more than one can attend!) and students also travel together during the winter and spring breaks. There will be cohort events, the Diwali cruise, the spring formal, etc. which happen every year.
Dec 02, 07:08:48Ambhuj -> Paritosh Hi Paritosh, I regularly read ChiBus and find your articles pretty interesting as it helps me experience Booth better. I have came across instance that have helped me understand aspects such as Booth's global presence, power of its network, its distinguished thought leaders. Now I wanted to better understand Booth's USP of fostering independent thoughts and collaboration. Could help me with any such instances or with any specific blogs that can help me in this regard.
Paritosh -> Ambhuj Hi Ambhuj! Independent though is definitely the highlight of the Booth experience. To give you an example - we have a student volunteered grade non-disclosure policy that is put to vote every year. In my first year there were a few students who didn't agree with that and while conventionally you would imagine other students frowning upon that, I found myself in deep and engaging conversations with students about it. Students feel comfortable expressing their opinion, even if it is different from the majority. The best way to experience this is to speak with students.
Dec 02, 07:09:16Rituraj -> Eddie Hello everyone, Thanks for taking out time today. My question is regarding the application process. I see that a Booth alumnus can also refer a student for the admission process. My recommender is a Booth alumnus and also wishes to refer me. Is he required to do both- fill the recommendation as well as referral?
Eddie -> Rituraj Hi Rituraj. Alumni are encouraged to use - shapetheclass.com . This is a tool that gets their message to us if they are not writing your official letter of recommendation.
Dec 02, 07:09:40sj -> Michelle for the photos in the essay question, how do we know what is each of them referring to? Are they open to interpretation or do each of them signify something specific
Michelle -> sj SJ - There are several photos to choose from, as each sheds light on different aspects of our culture or moment in Booth history. We've realized that image selection results are as diverse as our applicants. The Admissions Committee has been really impressed and have seen applicants take a very personal approach with their chosen image, as well as give profound reasons for wanting to be a part of this community. Everyone reflects on these images differently, which is something we model throughout our community.
Dec 02, 07:09:59VS -> Damayanti @ Damayanti - How is a regular day like as a first year student?
Damayanti -> VS A regular day at Booth will depend a lot on you. In a typical day you will have classes and course work related activities. Other than that, there are numerous on-campus related activities that you can get involved in. There are a number of student groups that you can be a part of - and you can chose to take on a leadership role in them if you are interested!
Dec 02, 07:10:10MB -> Eddie Hi All! Can you shed some light on how Booth views applicants who already have an MBA from an Indian Business School. Does Booth consider such applications?
Eddie -> MB Thanks for your question MB. We have a good number of students who have professional degrees - US and international.
Dec 02, 07:10:23Avni -> Abhilash Abhilash please highlight more on loans for Indian citizen student from US banks instead of India as I don't want to pay 13.25% interest
Abhilash -> Avni Avni, most Indian nationalized banks and private sector banks also offer education loans but of lower amounts and the rates may be similar or lower. US banks in India have restricted offerings in India for last few years. An added benefit in Indian loan is that you get tax breaks on repayment of education loans which effectively lowers your rate of interest
Dec 02, 07:11:08vatstarun -> Priyanka @priyanka, damayanti & paritosh : if each of you were to define Booth community with three adjectives, what would it be for you?
Priyanka -> vatstarun I think I would describe Booth as thoughtful, grounded and fun! I am really glad I came here!
Dec 02, 07:11:11Prashanth -> Michelle Hi..can you give some suggestions on essay format ? I'm planning to do a mix of word and my personal pictures to respond to the essay prompt.
Michelle -> PrashanthHi, Prashanth - Thanks for your question and interest in Chicago Booth! We welcome all applicants to choose the format that works for you! Feel free to submit a traditional essay, slide presentation, or any format that you feel best captures your response. Please use the format you are most comfortable with.
Dec 02, 07:11:11KAPIL_NAIK -> Abhilash Does Chicago Booth have a liaison office in Mumbai ?
Abhilash -> KAPIL_NAIK Kapil, yes I am based in Mumbai and you may reach me at abhilash.misra@chicagobooth.edu.
Dec 02, 07:12:37Popov -> Peter @Peter: Is there an option to take a loan from US covering spouse and children, as well or only the cost of attendance for the individual enrolled in the program?
Peter -> Popov The Cost of Attendance only includes costs for the student. That includes the direct costs of tuition and fees, and the indirect costs of housing, food, transportation, etc. However, the housing, food, and transportation costs are only for the student, and do not include costs for spouse or dependents.
Dec 02, 07:13:27Joy -> Michelle Hi, regarding the essay question, is it possible to know who is the person in picture 16? Thank you
Michelle -> Joy Hi, Joy, Thanks for your question! The person in pictured in photograph #16 of the essay is Eugene Fama. More information about Eugene can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/faculty/directory/f/eugene-f-fama
Dec 02, 07:13:29VS -> Eddie What are the prospects for the engineers coming from Oil & Gas Backgrounds. Considering significant layoffs recently in the O&G industry, has the number of O&G background applicants changed?
Eddie -> VS VS - We have a lot of students who are going into the energy industry. They get a lot of support from the Energy Group and alumni.
Dec 02, 07:13:47Yoshi -> Paritosh Thanks for taking the time out for such detailed replies ! Can you please tell us more about the global opportunities available to students during the MBA program ?
Paritosh -> Yoshi Hi Yoshi - That's a great question. I can speak from personal experience. I was able to do two internships this summer, thanks to the flexibility. For the second part of my summer I decided to experience a place I had never imagined working in before, Israel. It was one of the richest and most eye opening experiences I've had. This year Booth also organized a learning trip to Indonesia led by marketing professor JP Dube. There are many student led country treks organized to all parts of the world. There is also random walks, which you can do with a group of other Booth students, before starting your MBA.
Dec 02, 07:14:13TSV2 -> Peter Are living expenses included while considering cost of attendance?
Peter -> TSV2 Yes, the cost of attendance includes the direct costs of tuition and fees as well as the indirect costs of housing, food, and transportation. Please note, though, as another student asked, that the living expense costs are calculated for the student only, and not for additional family members.
Dec 02, 07:14:38Inder -> Michelle How does the LEAD program work?
Michelle -> Inder Hi, Inder. Thanks for your question about the LEAD program. The LEAD program was one of the first experiential leadership development programs at a major business school and is continuously updated to adapt to the evolving challenges of leadership. The course is designed to enhance students’ self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness by providing them with an opportunity to benchmark themselves with respect to critical aspects of leadership – working in teams, influencing others, conflict management, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, etc. The course also helps students create a personalized plan to guide their continued development at Booth and beyond.
Dec 02, 07:14:54Ankit -> Priyanka Hi guys. Can you tell me if Booth offers any classes or exposure to understand health economics fundamentals?
Priyanka -> Ankit Hi Ankit, yes it does. There are classes here that will have cases focused on health economics and global health systems. There is also a great class taught by Prof. David Meltzer offered through the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago that you can attend.
Dec 02, 07:14:56sj -> Paritosh for full-time recruitment are there any sectors/industries that are more open to hiring international students and sponsoring the work visa? if yes, then what sectors are those? thanks.
Paritosh -> sj Hi sj - Consulting, Banking and Technology companies are usually more open to hiring international students.
Dec 02, 07:15:41Varun -> Eddie I gave my GMAT a few weeks back and got a score of 690. People tell me that its difficult to get into booth with that. My extra curriculars may not be very impressive and i have only two years of experience in a financial consulting industry. Do you think its worth giving a shot or should i give another try to enhance my GMAT scores?
Eddie -> Varun When we look at the application the GMAT is just one part of the equation Varun. I tell students to build on their other strengths in the application. While taking the test again may prove to be successful other parts of your application are just as important.
Dec 02, 07:16:01Prashanth -> Michelle Hi.. Can I know the folks in picture1? I who's like to talk to them ?
Michelle -> Prashanth Hi, Prashanth - The folks in picture 1 of the essay question are actually students from a LEAD activity.
Dec 02, 07:16:16KARISH -> Abhilash Mr. Abhilash, could you please elaborate more on the Indian loan process?
Abhilash -> KARISH Karish it is a very simple process where you submit your educations, financial and application documents with Credila and they offer priority door step service to Chicago Booth students. You may visit http://www.credila.com to know more or I can connect you to the relationship managers there.
Dec 02, 07:16:31RohanVora -> Eddie Hi Eddie, My undergrad degree was a Bachelors in Commerce. My transcripts give a subject wise breakup of marks on 100. There is no GPA/ total average printed on the transcript. Should I calculate the average and report it as my GPA(on 100) in the application form or leave it blank?
Eddie -> RohanVora No Rohan. It helps if you'd like to calculate it but we can do that once we get your application.
Dec 02, 07:16:45Robinson -> Peter In cases where students taken loan from India at rate of13.5%, in how many years do they typically repay the loan as compared to if he had opted for US loan?
Peter -> Robinson Good question. Unfortunately, we don't know the answer. The Credila loan is new and we don't have any repayment data. And as for the FAQS Loan program, the official repayment term is 20 years, but most students choose to repay the loan more quickly than that. We have fewer than 10 years of repayment data on the FAQS Loan, so I don't have complete information there, either.
Dec 02, 07:17:07KAPIL_NAIK -> Damayanti I am a Cost and Management accountant with 9 years of finance experience in Manufacturing Industry. Does Chicago Booth MBA in Finance typically have people from Manufacturing Finance background ?
Damayanti -> KAPIL_NAIK The students at Booth come from very diverse backgrounds. While a number of them had worked in finance before, many others have not. Yes - we do have a few people in our class who had worked in finance in a manufacturing industry prior to coming to Booth.
Dec 02, 07:17:32Nvc -> Michelle Hi. I had a question about recommendations, specially the 2nd one. Does Booth have a preference ? I have my former supervisor as well as the director of the non profit trust where i volunteer during my weekends. Both know me well and i have worked under both of them. My first reco will be from my current supervisor.
Michelle -> Nvc Nvc - The second recommendation letter can be professional in nature or come from an individual who has worked with you in an organization, club, or on a volunteer project. These letters can give us a different perspective of your skill sets outside of your professional environment. There is no preference on who supplies your second letter of recommendation; our only guideline is that it should add new and valuable insight to your candidacy.
Dec 02, 07:18:10Robinson -> Abhilash Abhilash--you mentioned "An added benefit in Indian loan is that you get tax breaks on repayment of education loans which effectively lowers your rate of interest"---Does this apply only to candidates who work in india post MBA?
Abhilash -> Robinson Robinson. This applies if you are filling your income tax returns in India. You may also want to consult a professional tax consultant.
Dec 02, 07:18:17vatstarun -> Priyanka @paritosh, priyanka and damayanti : What are you guys recruiting for? How has been the experience for you with the career services? (Given the specific domains you are recruiting for)
Priyanka -> vatstarun I am recruiting for hospital management roles and roles with digital health start-ups. Career services has been really helpful and supportive through the entire recruiting process. In addition to the formal career events they organize they also help you get connected with alumni and other people in the Booth network who can help you with the recruiting process.
Dec 02, 07:18:44vatstarun -> Paritosh Thanks Paritosh. Given that 11% of the incoming class is either from govt/education/non profit sector, are there any data points on how many of them pursue the same field and what sort of jobs they land up post MBA? (given individual interests would vary over the course of time, but is there a way Booth is capturing that?)
Paritosh -> vatstarun Hi! Students career switch both ways after business school, i.e. from non-profit to for-profit and vice versa. I am afraid I don't currently have hard data on that.
Dec 02, 07:19:24Priyanka_Thakkar -> Michelle Hello All, as an applicant's recommendation letters and resume cover the professional aspects, would you be looking for an applicant's personal story in the essay?
Michelle -> Priyanka_Thakkar Hi, Priyanka - Thanks for your interest in Chicago Booth! For the essay, we are looking for you to be authentic, to understand what connections you make to the program and the school, and what about the community you find interesting. We simply encourage you to utilize a photo to contextualize and personalize your response.
Dec 02, 07:19:34AnkitAgarwal -> Eddie Hi All! Excited to apply to Booth in R2 and meeting some of you at campus this week. Quick question on TOEFL: the language of instruction at my undergrad school was English but is there any official letter required to support it for exemption to take the TOEFL?
Eddie -> AnkitAgarwal Hi Ankit. If you can show us proof the mode of instruction was in English (usually from the school's website) you can have the exam waived.
Dec 02, 07:21:43vatstarun -> Peter @peter : Are there any options of waiving off the loan if you work in the non-profit or public sector for a specific time period? If yes, how does that option work?
Peter -> vatstarun That is not currently an option for any loans at Booth. I have heard from the administration that there is interest in exploring these avenues, but I would strongly encourage you to make decisions on the assumption that such a forgiveness program will not be available.
Dec 02, 07:22:45Popov -> Paritosh Is there any disadvantage to individuals having 7 yrs of consulting work exp in getting a consulting role post MBA. generally MBB comes for lower experienced individuals, is it true at Booth as well?
Paritosh -> Popov Hi Popov - Consulting recruits come from a range of backgrounds and that goes for number of years of work experience. Given the right candidate, I wouldn't say the firms have a preference for lower experience. If you're coming in with a consulting background, it depends on the nature of work you've done and the candidate's individual circumstances.
Dec 02, 07:22:51KARISH -> Abhilash Mr.Abhilash could you please connect me with the relationship managers there?
Abhilash -> KARISH Karish. Sure. Please send me an email on abhilash.misra@chicagobooth.edu and I will connect you.
Dec 02, 07:22:54Yoshi -> Damayanti Can you expand a bit more on Alumni support/network at Chicago Booth. Looking at the 2015 employment report I find it amazing that there are significant number of people employed outside Summer employer and interview on campus.
Damayanti -> Yoshi The alumni network at Booth is phenomenal. What you saw in the employment report is correct. While some of the students chose to stick to their employer from summer internship, there are many students who use the summer internship as an opportunity to explore different career options and recruit for full time position in an industry/company of their choice.
Dec 02, 07:23:12Gaurav -> Eddie My second question relates to recommendations. How far back would you suggest I go and choose my recommenders, to balance relevance and still be able to share my experience through time
Eddie -> Gaurav Good question Gaurav. I would say be careful with this one. Going too far back may cause valuable points about your growth not to be recognized by the person writing the letter if they've not worked with you more recently.
Dec 02, 07:23:48MB -> Eddie Thanks, Eddie. I specifically wish to understand if Booth considers candidates applying for a second MBA from Booth (I already have an MBA from an Indian school)
Eddie -> MB Explaining why the 2nd MBA is important is key here MB.
Dec 02, 07:24:33Manish -> Damayanti Is it possible to do multiple summer internships at Booth during summer as well during classes at Booth for someone who wishes to explore transferable skills between two career options?
Damayanti -> Manish Yes absolutely! There are ways to do multiple summer internships and quite a few students have done it in the past.
Dec 02, 07:25:08Akash -> Priyanka Who are the major recruiters and what is their area of operation? How Booth helps students to find employment? What is the current ROI?
Priyanka -> Akash Booth has a mix of recruiters from the more traditional banking, consulting, marketing, investing, corporate, tech employers to the non-traditional start-ups, energy and social impact employers. Career Services at Booth has several group and individual events that they organize to help you through the process. You can also schedule individual coaching sessions with career advisors here. The ROI varies and is mostly determined by the specific opportunity you decide to recruit for. You can check the employment report here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/
Dec 02, 07:25:08Sumit -> Paritosh Hi Paritosh, can you explain the kind of roles/functions offered by technology companies? How can one leverage , say 5-6 years of experience in technology field post an MBA from Booth?
Paritosh -> Sumit Technology companies offer a range of roles - right from product management, strategy, retail, business development, sales and marketing, engineering management and operations. I have friends from India coming in with multiple years of experience in technology who have gone on to pursue product management, strategy and business development roles.
Dec 02, 07:26:06Yoshi -> Eddie Is it necessary that a recommendation come from someone with a professional email address ? I would like to have a recommendation from my former boss who is now self employed and may use her personal email to recommend me.
Eddie -> Yoshi We don't recommend that Yoshi. If you have to you'll have to explain that in the optional essay.
Dec 02, 07:27:20Sneha -> Paritosh Hi I am currently working in a boutique consulting firm and after Booth I intend to move to a strategy consulting firm like McKinsey and specialize in their Infrastructure practice. Is this too specific or too narrow a goal?
Paritosh -> Sneha Hi Sneha - From what I understand McKinsey recruits for Generalist, Operations, Corporate Finance and Technology practices post MBA. Specializing in Infrastructure and other industry sectors likely happens over the course of your tenure in the firm.
Dec 02, 07:27:38Rohitcj -> Priyanka Are there opportunities for internships and jobs in Africa or Middle East?
Priyanka -> Rohitcj yes, there are several opportunities for internships and jobs in the ME as well as Africa. My classmates did internships or have taken up full-time offers with consulting firms, banks, FMCG companies and so on in these regions. The school has a additional networking and recruiting process for international recruiting.
Dec 02, 07:28:18Adwait -> Eddie Is it possible to change my primary recommender after he has already submitted my recommendation? I want to switch my primary and secondary recommenders
Eddie -> Adwait I'd suggest that you make any changes that you need to do before you submit your application. If we begin to read your application we typically don't accept a change.
Dec 02, 07:29:22AgAshish -> Paritosh Hi Paritosh, How did you find the Chicago culture? Does the curriculum at Booth give you enough room to pursue your extra-curricular hobbies?
Paritosh -> AgAshish The culture of Booth is collaborative yet high achieving. I have always had time to pursue extra-curriculars and so do other students. I have friends who are taking stand up comedy classes, some who are fitness, dance and/or sports enthusiasts. The great part about being in a big city is that there is so much to explore and do out there.
Dec 02, 07:29:57Nvc -> Damayanti What resources does Booth have for someone who has worked in Investment Banking and wants to continue in Investment Banking after their MBA ? I am looking at an MBA for career advancement, a geographical change as well as additional skills to succeed in investment banking. I am also looking specifically at boutique investment banks. Plese shed some light on boutique bnking recruitment as well.
Damayanti -> Nvc Hi Nvc: Booth has a robust set of resources supporting investment banking recruiting. Most major banks, including boutiques, recruit on campus and hire a number of Booth students each year. For someone who worked in banking pre-MBA, the more advanced finance, accounting and economics coursework would provide opportunities to further develop your skills to be successful on the job; modeling workshops and case competitions are a further way to get involved.
Dec 02, 07:30:11Inder -> Priyanka @Michelle : Does the LEAD program involve only lectures or some group activities/events/cases?
Priyanka -> Inder Hi Inder, The LEAD program has lectures which are mostly interactive discussions with students. They also have several team-building, public-speaking and fun activities that you would do as part of the class. There is also a 3 day retreat where you do activities with your cohort members. It is basically a lot of fun and also gives you an opportunity to introspect and learn more about yourself.
Dec 02, 07:31:09KAPIL_NAIK -> Michelle Is the round of interviews held only in Chicago ?
Michelle -> KAPIL_NAIK Hi Kapil_Naik, A candidate who receives an invitation will have only one interview. Interviews are conducted by admissions staff, students, or alumni. They are held on campus or in a location convenient for the prospective student.
Dec 02, 07:31:28Rohitcj -> Priyanka What is the additional eligibility for International MBA?
Priyanka -> Rohitcj There is a separate application process for this that you'll go through once you are a student. There is a language proficiency and 5 required courses.
Dec 02, 07:32:46Yoshi -> Paritosh One more, given that there are very few people (2.1% ) employed in Energy sector in the employment report for 2015, what do I make of it ? Is that because of less people applying ?
Paritosh -> Yoshi I'm inclined to say that those numbers usually reflect the number of applicants or people interested in energy specifically. Although students also go into energy banking, consulting and other service industry roles.
Dec 02, 07:33:01Prashanth -> Damayanti Hi Damayanti..can you talk about career opportunities at Booth in retail banking or commercial banking.
Damayanti -> Prashanth Hi Prashant, there are quite a few employers for retail and commercial banking. You can look at the employment report for details.
Dec 02, 07:33:32Peter -> Everyone Thanks for all your questions! If you have any additional financial aid questions, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office at financial.aid@chicagobooth.edu. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.
Dec 02, 07:33:36KAPIL_NAIK -> Priyanka Can a student work part time throughout the course duration of 2 years ?
Priyanka -> KAPIL_NAIK Hi Kapil, whether or not you can work part-time depends on your visa status. If you are an Indian passport holder you will be able to work through the second year but not through the first because of visa restrictions. However, you would have to check with the International Students Office about the exact eligibility requirements.
Dec 02, 07:34:13Eddie -> Everyone Thanks for joining us this morning. Some really good questions. If you have any more please send them to - admissions@chicagobooth.edu .
Dec 02, 07:34:15Paritosh -> Everyone Thanks everyone for joining! I enjoyed interacting with you all. Feel free to email at paritosh@chicagobooth.edu if you have any other questions.
Dec 02, 07:34:17Damayanti -> Everyone Thanks for attending the chat. Please feel free to reach out of you have any further questions. Good luck!
Dec 02, 07:34:36Michelle -> Everyone Thank you so much for joining us today! I hope we were able to answer many of your questions. If you have any additional Admissions-related questions, please feel free to send them to admissions@chicagobooth.edu. We look forward to continuing the conversation!
Dec 02, 07:34:37Priyanka -> Everyone It was great chatting with all of you. Thank you so much for joining us. Wish you all the very best in the application process!
Dec 02, 07:35:21Abhilash -> Everyone Thanks and best wishes to all. Pleasure talking to you
Dec 02, 07:36:50Abhilash -> Everyone I will be happy to answer any questions and you may email me at abhilash.misra@chicagobooth.edu