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Live Chat with Full-Time Admissions - Wednesday, October 14, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. CST

Chat live with The Booth Experience student bloggers. Ask about their summer internships, classes, student life, faculty, recruiting, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to chat directly with current students and hear more about living in Chicago as part of the Booth community.

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Oct 14, 09:51:30 Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for participating in our chat. The Booth Experience Team is excited to answer your questions about life at Booth.
Oct 14, 09:51:45 Moderator -> Everyone The chat will begin in about 10 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Oct 14, 09:55:53 Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Oct 14, 10:00:29 Moderator -> Everyone Welcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Oct 14, 10:00:48 Faria -> Everyone Welcome everyone! Looking forward to answering your questions this afternoon.
Oct 14, 10:00:53 Gaspar -> Everyone Hi, everyone! I'm Gaspar. I'm a second year student pursuing a career in tech. Excited to be here and answer your questions about life at booth, Technology, Marketing, clubs and anything in between.
Oct 14, 10:01:16 Jenny -> Everyone Hi everyone, this is Jenny and I am excited to answer your questions today! Happy to answer any questions about marketing, career transitions, life at Booth, etc.
Oct 14, 10:02:53 John D. -> Everyone Hey guys! I'm John, a second year student coming from consulting and currently exploring opportunities in private equity after school. Looking forward to answering your questions!
Oct 14, 10:03:34 Sara R -> Everyone Hi all - I'm a second year student coming from accounting/consulting, and working on my own start-up here at Booth. Happy to answer any questions!
Oct 14, 10:04:14 ShantanuKelkar -> Sana S What is the role of a LEAD facilitator and what is the process to become one?
Sana S -> ShantanuKelkar Hi ShantanuKelkar, I was not a LEAD facilitator but I was a Kapnick facilitator (LEAD for the Law School). My role was really to prepare all the content we would be covering throughout the program. Also, I was the facilitator for 8 first year law students so I would help facilitate when we had smaller group discussions. A lot of what I did was asking questions (rather than telling them what to think) to help jumpstart self-awareness among the law students. From what I hear, it's pretty much the same for LEAD, except LEAD goes on for a lot longer. Kapnick was done by the second week of classes. The process to become one was the same as LEAD. You submit an application and interview with the Leadership coaches (that work for Booth in the LEAD office).
Oct 14, 10:04:23 Henry_Y -> Gaspar Have you found professors to be open-minded, e.g. students are free to disagree with a professor's position on a topic?
Gaspar -> Henry_Y Hi, Henry. Yes, absolutely. In-class discussion is one of the core methods of driving learning. We are encouraged to challenge assumptions made by the professors and by fellow students when in class. Professors are also very accessible after class to address specific topics on a one-to-one basis.
Oct 14, 10:04:29 Gordon -> Everyone What up peeps - I am Gordon Taylor and looking forward to answering any questions you have. Talk soon!
Oct 14, 10:04:54 bzhu -> Jenny For those of you with undergraduate concentrations in finance/economics, what compelled you to attend Booth as the next step to your personal and professional development?
Jenny -> bzhu I majored in economics and went into consulting after undergrad. Economics was a great foundation for learning theories, but I thought that an MBA was needed to give me more tactical business knowledge. I feel like economics gave me a good grounding for Booth, but I have learned so much while I am here.
Oct 14, 10:05:26 Philippe_Simon -> Sara R I understand that concentrations are not required, however, so most student tend to elect 1-3 concentrations to better structure their learning experience?
Sara R -> Philippe_Simon Hi Phillippe - That is correct that most students have 1-3 concentrations. You can pick concentrations and take classes to fulfill those, but many students simply take the classes that they want, and then they end up with concentrations in accordance with their interests.
Oct 14, 10:06:39 Surya -> Gordon Is it possible to undertake off-cycle internships during the academic year in the greater Chicago area? Is it common?
Gordon -> Surya Hey Surya - Yes, it is common. Exactly, that is what I did. I worked at several internships during the school year. The advantage to Chicago Booth is the flexible curriculum and the strong Chicago Booth network in Chicago so it allows for you to network and get internships outside of the summer internship cycle.
Oct 14, 10:06:41 Philippe_Simon -> Sana S Hello all - Please briefly detail how your campus recruiting experience was during the beginning of your 1st year.
Sana S -> Philippe_Simon The campus recruiting experience was sometimes stressful (just the nature of recruiting) but it was a lot better than I expected because everyone was so supportive. There's a ton of events so that you can really get to know the companies and figure out whether you would be happy there. A lot of second years volunteered to do mock interviews with me and I also practiced with other first years.
Oct 14, 10:07:04 Angie -> John D. As a student, what is your favorite thing about Booth? Do you feel that the community is very cohesive, or not as much?
John D. -> Angie Hey Angie! I expect (and hope) students at every business will tell you this, but without a doubt, my peers are my favorite thing about Booth. Every one of them is sharp, ambitious, and excited to be here. The community here is incredibly warm and supportive (much more so than I had expected), but the stereotypes I had read about were totally shattered when I arrived for Admit Weekend (now called First Day).
Oct 14, 10:07:13 Alyssa -> Jenny Jenny, you mentioned career transitions. Can you elaborate? How many students go to booth without business backgrounds - and succeed?
Jenny -> Alyssa I feel that most students at Booth are looking to make a career transition and business school is a great way to do that! I have classmates that were former teachers, in the military, worked in non-profit or other non-traditional backgrounds and have all succeeded moving into a new career. My career transition was from consulting into marketing/brand management and I felt that Booth made that transition very easy to do.
Oct 14, 10:07:14 Stephen -> Sara R Hi, This Q is for Sara Raffa. How did your experience at the Polsky Accelerator Program help you grow your startup?
Sara R -> Stephen The Accelerator Program was extremely helpful for my startup. The biggest thing were the mentors and access to resources. My team was given three coaches throughout the summer - we met with them weekly and they gave us amazing open and honest feedback that guided us through. There were also a ton of free resources that we took advantage of (branding, legal help, etc). Plus weekly programming, some financial help and the opportunity to meet and learn from other entrepreneurs. This was also the first time I was able to work on my startup full-time, so that alone was great.
Oct 14, 10:07:41 Alyssa -> Sana S Why Booth?
Sana S -> Alyssa For me, the answer to that is: because it gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want with the supportive community to make sure you get there.
Oct 14, 10:07:46 Greg -> Faria What's the predominant teaching method at Booth? I think I read on the homepage that it's a mixture of the case, lecture, and experiential methods. But, in your experience, is there one that's more represented than the others?
Faria -> Greg Hi Greg! In my experience (which has been more marketing focused), there has been a heavier representation of case discussions + experiential versus lecture. Many classes are very interactive and have a very potent focus on making sure there is a healthy discussion between the students in the course. That's not to say there hasn't been a very good amount of lecture from professor, but there is a big focus on making sure the diverse perspectives of our students represented in the classroom through experiential group work and case discussions.
Oct 14, 10:08:17 Gkaul -> Gaspar How would you describe your experience with LEAD?
Gaspar -> Gkaul Hi, Gkaul. I had a very positive experience with LEAD. The whole process is about 8 weeks long and focuses very much on personal development, identifying leadership styles, and how to work in and lead groups effectively. There's a weekend retreat to Lake Geneva where we engage in lots of really fun and interesting team-building activities. It may sound cheesy, but I thought it was the perfect start to my two years at Booth. What I've learned about myself during LEAD has helped guide how I interact with people in and outside of business school.
Oct 14, 10:08:46 VenkatRaman -> Gordon How do you avoid the fear of missing out especially in light of the numerous avenues available at Booth for pretty much anything under the sun?
Gordon -> VenkatRaman Prioritize my friend. If you know you want to do consulting or be apart of a club then focus on those and dont fall into the herd mentality of b-school. There are several buckets in b-school, Social, Academic, Career & Personal. You can only be great at 2-3 of those so pick and focus my friend.
Oct 14, 10:09:38 Omar_Al-Alami -> Sara R Hi Sara R, How do you take your idea at Booth from ideation to fruition?
Sara R -> Omar_Al-Alami Hi Omar - There are so many ways that Booth can help you with this. I started with the E2 series in the fall and took some amazing Entrepreneurship classes starting in the winter (thanks to the flexible curriculum, I didn't have to wait). Then the Social New Venture Challenge and Accelerator Program really helped me go from idea to action. The network at Booth has also been invaluable. Anything I need, I can find someone through the network to help and give me feedback.
Oct 14, 10:10:37 Philippe_Simon -> Sana S As far as the student experience, how collaborative is it with your peers and faculty?
Sana S -> Philippe_Simon VERY collaborative. A lot of my professors had assignments where we could pull in our own experience to share with the class. They encourage you to come to their office hours and there are faculty connect events. With peers it's also collaborative. Everyone wants to work in groups for classes and recruiting. People share materials and tips on companies, etc.
Oct 14, 10:10:44 Greg -> Gordon I was playing football back in college, but unfortunately I couldn't balance it with my work. While attending Booth I'd like to continue playing football (although I don't have the weight for a lineman anymore). Does Booth have a team or is there a club that organizes football sessions?
Gordon -> Greg Booth doesnt have a football club but there is definitely an opportunity to create one. I am involved in a flag football team with Boothies and there is a rugby team here so you can have this experience.
Oct 14, 10:11:21 Varun -> Sana S Does Booth have grade non-disclosure policy?
Sana S -> Varun Yes, and it's very nice! It takes away a lot of stress and competition, especially during your first year
Oct 14, 10:11:26 Dan.Siering -> Faria What is the most enjoyable experience you have had outside the classroom as part of the Booth community?
Faria -> Dan.Siering Hi Dan! There are so many great things outside of the classroom. To choose just one, I had a great time going on a spring break surf trip to Mexico, organized by a fellow Boothie from Mexico. It was an awesome bonding experience and so much fun to be taken around Mexico by a local.
Oct 14, 10:12:10 Philippe_Simon -> John D. I know that Booth has a flexible curriculum where you can drive your learning experience. Do many students tailor their curriculum to enhance their candidate profile
John D. -> Philippe_Simon Hey Philippe. Yes, students have the opportunity assemble a curriculum they believe will best serve there personal, professional, and academic interests. Having said that, Booth prides itself in not offering many "job-specific" classes (e.g., i-banking 101) and instead offering classes that provide students tools and frameworks that will help them tackle complex and/or ambiguous problems in any industry or function.
Oct 14, 10:13:06 Omar_Al-Alami -> Gaspar Gaspar, How can we liaise with CompSci students to build programs/apps/etc? Also, are we able to take a number of CompSci courses to improve our tech knowledge/programming capabilities?
Gaspar -> Omar_Al-Alami Hi, Omar. We have a few classes and groups within the business school that are focused on understanding the app development process. There's a new class that started last year actually called "Application Development" that teaches how to build a basic iOS and Android app and also some Ruby on Rails WebApp development. Apart from that, we have the opportunity to take classes outside of the business school, so you really can craft the experience to align with your interests.
Oct 14, 10:13:25 adil -> Sara R Chicago Booth is known for its flexible schedule and giving students the control over what specific classes/areas they would want to explore once in the program. Could you please share your experience finding classes that align with your interests (or any future career goals)?
Sara R -> adil Hi Adil - The great thing about the flexible curriculum is that you can start taking the classes you want right away. I am really interested in entrepreneurship, and there are so many hands-on classes where not only can I learn about it, but actually work on my start-up through the class and experiential learning. As another example, I have friends that did summer internships in banking, and they were able to take a lot of finance classes throughout the year so that they were best prepared for their internships.
Oct 14, 10:13:31 Alexandra -> Jenny Similar to that question, while you went through the admissions and application process, what differentiated Booth from other schools you were considering (if you were considering other schools, of course!)
Jenny -> Alexandra What stood out about Booth's application was how they asked you to be very creative with the open-ended question (this year applicants are choosing a picture that resonates with them). I really liked being able to showcase my creative side and not just write another essay, but to lay out my store in a creative way with pictures and graphics.
Oct 14, 10:13:32 AG -> Gordon Hi Is the PE/VC Lab extremely competitive to get in to or do students who want to have that experience generally get to participate? Any other industry specific learning opportunities - experiential/field?
Gordon -> AG Hello AG - Love the initials! But to the question, I was in PEVC lab and it was competitive but there are ways to strategically position yourself for the internship. Networking with firms before the lab and getting your name out there in the Chicago PE market. In general, there is a great opportunity to customize your MBA because of the flexible curriculum at Chicago Booth.
Oct 14, 10:15:14 samwess -> Sara R Hi all. How does Booth look at students who are not interested in the typical career paths like PE or consulting, but are more interested in growing the businesses they are already deeply involved in?
Sara R -> samwess Hi Samwess - Booth is extremely supportive of this. I personally have been working on my own start-up at Booth. I haven't recruited at all or done much with career services. Instead, I've spent a lot of time using the Polsky Center resources. The support and network from Polsky and my classmates has been invaluable. They have lots of great programs (Startup week, NVC, Accelerator, etc) and if you ever need help, you can pop in and talk to the various mentors at Polsky, who will help guide you through.
Oct 14, 10:15:18 JHoang -> Gordon Why did you choose Booth? What are the things that are most distinctive to Booth in your opinion?
Gordon -> JHoang Flexible curriculum. I wanted to get into the PE game and I needed a program that allowed me to work FT and be in the FT program and Chicago Booth is the only school in its peer class that has that flexibility. In general, I got into other top programs but this was the differentiating factor for me because I was coming from the consulting and startup worlds.
Oct 14, 10:15:48 SKelkar -> Faria Hi everyone, this is Shantanu here. I actually wanted to know how is the first interaction like of the a new MBA class at Booth ? And how are the initial 2-3 weeks like? Thanks
Faria -> SKelkar Hi Shantanu! The first 2-3 weeks are very immersive in the LEAD program, which is the leadership / orientation course that takes place for all full time students. Before classes even start, you are spending a lot of time in the LEAD course getting to know your cohort (60-70 people) and your squad (7 people). LEAD is a mix of lecture and experiential - we even take a retreat to another location to do some team building and bonding and get a deeper sense of our own leadership abilities.

In general, the first 2-3 weeks are buzzing with events (formal and informal) where classmates get to meet each other for the first time and to get to know one another.
Oct 14, 10:16:56 Samarth -> Sara R What are the opportunities available at Polsky Center? Do you need to have an business idea in mind to be able to participate in the labs?
Sara R -> Samarth Hi Samarth - Polsky has endless opportunities (Entrepreneurship Essentials, NVC, Accelerator, Entrepreneurs-in-residence, etc). You can always join up with another team if you don't have an idea of your own (and there are networking opportunities to help you do this). As for labs, you definitely don't need to have a business idea to participate. Most lab courses already have pre-determined businesses and projects.
Oct 14, 10:17:04 wen1189 -> Gordon Hi all, I wonder how is the classroom culture like, is it very competitive with classmates?
Gordon -> wen1189 Chicago Booth culture is very collaborative and classmates help out even when you are "competing" with them in the same sector. The classroom can be described as a dialogue between the professor and the students or students with other students. I love the style because you learn so much through the different experiences from your classmates.
Oct 14, 10:17:29 Stephen -> Gaspar Hi Gaspar, What are some technology resources that you've found useful at Booth?
Gaspar -> Stephen Hi, Stephen. The Booth Technology Group (BTG) has really been instrumental in terms of Tech Recruiting. The resources provided such as chats with industry focused second years, the Tech Conference that invites multiple large tech companies to give presentations and network with current students were very eye-opening and helped me determine that I wanted to focus on Tech. Apart from that, there are several opportunities to socialize with other students involved in tech through quarterly BTG socials. These are mainly focused around having fun, but they're great ways to get to know more about people's experiences in the industry and network.
Oct 14, 10:18:35 Kekeli -> Sana S I know that the curriculum at booth is extremely flexible.As a career switcher, what tools/resources does booth provide to help students define which classes will be beneficial for their intended post graduation career?
Sana S -> Kekeli Hi Kekeli, during orientation all the Department heads come up and share about their classes so that gives you a good intro, especially for those departments you might not have been as aware of. After that, most of that information comes from second years. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with them (especially through career-focused student groups) so you'll have a lot of resources to choose from. They'll be the ones to tell you what classes were actually useful for recruiting/their summer internship. Every career student group also has a guide to recruiting and at least for mine, I noticed there was always a section in there on classes
Oct 14, 10:19:09 Booth_Prospect -> John D. For those of you who live downtown and commute to campus, can you describe the logistics of that commute and how having to commute factors into social life, student life, classroom experience, recruiting and networking events, etc?
John D. -> Booth_Prospect Door-to-door my "commute" to Hyde Park is ~35min (9 minute walk to the train; 18 minute metra ride; 8 minute walk to Harper), which is less time than it took me to get to work in NYC! About ~65% of students live in MPP, which sits literally on top of the metra station, so they don't even have a 30 second walk to the train. Gleacher center (where I've taken a number of evening classes) is a 15 minute walk from my apt. This is all to say, I've never really struggled with logistics. On the contrary, being so centrally located has actually made social life, academics, recruiting, etc. incredibly convenient.
Oct 14, 10:19:21 RyanP -> Gordon I'd like to learn a bit more about the career opportunities in private equity, what are the resources that school can help with someone who was in banking/consulting pre-mba experience trying to work in a PE fund?
Gordon -> RyanP The Polsky Center is a great resource when it comes to getting PE experience. Prior to school, I think it is more networking with Chicago Booth alum in the PE space and telling them you that you are interested in PE and why? I received my Pre-MBA internship from speaking to Booth alum and I landed the internship in Chicago (beauty of living in a big city like Chicago)
Oct 14, 10:19:45 Varun -> Lizzie What exchange programs does Booth offer?
Lizzie -> Varun Hi Varun - Booth has lots of interesting international opportunities. On an academic level we offer a International MBA that has some specific requirements, like speaking a 2nd language and taking a certain number of international classes. We also give students the opportunity to study abroad for a quarter at some of our partner schools around the world. We have over 30 locations you can choose from. On a social level, students have the opportunity to attend trips with their peers at the beginning of the year known as "Random Walks".
Oct 14, 10:19:55 ShilpaBhagwat -> Sara R What are the key elements that make Booth experience unique?
Sara R -> ShilpaBhagwat There are endless elements that make the Booth experiene unique, but I think one thing that I hear over and over again (and I completely agree with) is the strong community and pay-it-forward culture. From the second you get to Harper, you are connected to so many classmates, and Booth students spend so much time together (socially, professionally and academically). Everyone is also always there to offer help and support. For examples, when you go through recruiting, second years help you prep your resume, practice interviewing, tell you about the companies they worked at, etc.
Oct 14, 10:20:50 Philippe_Simon -> Faria How beneficial/helpful was your 2nd year career advisor during your recruiting process your 1st year?
Faria -> Philippe_Simon Hi Philippe_Simon! 2nd year career advisors are a great resource throughout the entire recruiting process. Career advisors specialize in areas that they recruited in during 1st year, so have a lot of relevant experience to the field(s) you would want to recruit for. I leaned a lot on career advisors at the very beginning of my first year when I was doing a lot of exploration of different industries within marketing. They were instrumental in helping me get a sense of what it's like work in retail, CPG, etc., and gave me a good sense of what my timeline should be for a more self-driven career search. They also gave me very tactical tips on how to proceed (e.g., make a checklist of target companies, reach out the XYZ people, etc.).
Oct 14, 10:21:06 Varun -> Sara R Hi Sara, what sort of help does the Polsky accelerator program provide?
Sara R -> Varun Hi Varun - the Accelerator Program was extremely helpful for my startup. The biggest thing were the mentors and access to resources. My team was given three coaches throughout the summer - we met with them weekly and they gave us amazing open and honest feedback that guided us through. There were also a ton of free resources that we took advantage of (branding, legal help, etc). Plus weekly programming, some financial help ($10k) and the opportunity to meet and learn from other entrepreneurs. This was also the first time I was able to work on my startup full-time, so that alone was great.
Oct 14, 10:21:18 Yvette -> Gaspar Hi. I'm currently in engineering and would like to know what it's like at Booth for someone that doesn't come in with a background in business .
Gaspar -> Yvette Hi, Yvette. I don't come from an engineering background, but as someone with basically zero prior business experience I can say that, while I thought it would be overwhelming, It was very manageable and I was able to ramp up quickly. Because of the flexible curriculum, you can pick which classes you want to focus on and how far out of your comfort zone you want to push yourself. In short, I wouldn't worry too much about it and it has not been an issue in my experience.
Oct 14, 10:21:40 SKelkar -> Sana S This is to everyone - what has been your best experiential learning experience at Booth?
Sana S -> SKelkar My best experiential learning experience has been my Building the New Venture class (which I'm taking currently). We complete assignments as though we were actually starting our own company and it's really making me think through the details.
Oct 14, 10:21:53 Mar -> Gordon Hello everybody, I have a question regarding opportunities after Booth experience, I woluld like to know what are the perspectives to work in private equity,, the recruiting to find important companies related to that sector, thanks!
Gordon -> Mar The Polsky Center is a great resource when it comes to getting PE experience. Prior to and during school, you should network with Chicago Booth alum in the PE space and tell them you that you are interested in PE and why? I received my Pre-MBA internship from speaking to Booth alum and I landed the internship in Chicago (beauty of living in a big city like Chicago)
Oct 14, 10:23:55 Ling -> Sara R Could you recommend some electives on entrepreneurship and venture capital?
Sara R -> Ling Hi Ling - There are some amazing electives in EVC. So far I have taken Building the New Venture, Entrepreneurial Selling and Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity (EFPE). There are several others I'm looking forward to as well, including New Venture Strategy. Building the New Venture was one of my favorites because I was able to work on my start-up and hypothetically take it through its first 18 months - which taught me so much about problems I would face and how to succeed. EFPE is also amazing - we spend every class looking at different companies and deciding if we would invest and how. Prof. Kaplan is amazing at guiding the conversation.
Oct 14, 10:24:02 AA -> Gordon Hi Gordon. What resources at Booth are most useful for someone wanting to pursue a career in the social impact space?
Gordon -> AA The SEI (Social Enterprise Initiative) is a great resource when it comes to getting Social Impact space. They have weekly programs that expose you to ppl in the space and other careers in the sector. This is a HUGE initiative at Booth. Sal Khan is coming here tomorrow, very excited
Oct 14, 10:24:18 Phil_G -> Jenny Can you explain picking classes at Booth a little more? I know some schools have a bidding system. Does Booth do this as well?
Jenny -> Phil_G Yes, Booth has a bidding system, much like other business schools. It is actually a very efficient process and the school does a good job helping you through how to do it.
Oct 14, 10:24:26 Kterhar -> Sana S When you talk about Booth to your non-Booth MBA friends, what are they most envious of?
Sana S -> Kterhar Hi Kterhar, my non-Booth MBA friends are probably the most envious of the trips! You do travel a lot more than usual during business school. I went on a career-related trek to New York during winter break and a spring break trip to Mexico and there's a ton of people that have traveled more than me at Booth.
Oct 14, 10:25:06 JP -> John D. John can you elaborate on resources that you found useful for your transition from Consulting to PE/VC?
John D. -> JP Hey JP, Booth has a number of professors and Career Services Coaches who help students understand the skill set and industry knowledge required to succeed in PE/VC. To be sure, transitioning into PE/VC from another industry is extremely difficult, and unlike banking or consulting, the recruiting process is almost completely unstructured, self-driven, off-campus, and randomly timed. For me, I was most appreciative of the training/info sessions offered by the PE group, the opportunity to go on a PE industry trek (where we visited ~12 firms over the course of two days), and especially the PE/VC lab.
Oct 14, 10:26:15 MK -> Faria Hey everyone, my name's Mike. I was wondering if you could chime in about the amount of time per week you spend on Booth homework/study outside of the classroom. I'm sure it varies and I've heard from some other students/alums. How's it working out for you? And how much of that time would you say is individual vs. group time?
Faria -> MK Hi MK! You are certainly right in that time spend on homework / study varies immensely based on your courseload and which courses you are taking. Some courses are known for requiring more hours than others (like lab classes where you are working on a big project / working with a client) and you can plan your schedule accordingly. When picking courses, students have course evaluations from previous classes readily available which give the number of hours / week the course typically requires. This is a helpful tool in course planning.

Overall, 8-10 hours is probably on the low end while 20+ hours is on the high end of time students spend on coursework. What's great about Booth is the flexibility in courses - you can choose which quarters to take heavier/lighter courseloads depending on your other commitments (recruiting, activities, personal life, etc.).
Oct 14, 10:27:59 Jake -> Gaspar Hello! This question might best be answered by Gaspar - do you feel like pursuing an MBA with Booth, as opposed to a degree like a masters in IT, is adequately preparing you for a career in technology? How is Booth about staying current with emerging technologies?
Gaspar -> Jake Hi, Jake. This really depends on what kind of career you're hoping to pursue. If you have an IT undergraduate degree, then an MBA can really complement that and make you a very attractive candidate for some of the Project Management roles at companies like Amazon and Microsoft. That being said, many tech positions do not require technical degrees, so it really depends on how you want to approach it. If you feel like you might be unfamiliar with certain aspects of technology, there are ample opportunities and classes to increase your familiarity: the Application Development class, Booth Hacks student group, Technology Strategy class, etc.
Oct 14, 10:28:38 ShilpaBhagwat -> Sara R Hi all - How do you ensure you are making right choices while choosing and planning your curriculum? What kind of support structure exists to facilitate the decisions?
Sara R -> ShilpaBhagwat Hi ShilpaBhagwat - There are so many resources to help with this. During orientation, there are several sessions that walk you through the curriculum, including "requirements" and electives. There are also online resources (like Booth Book) that tell you which classes you have taken and still need to take to fulfill your functions and foundations, course evaluations from professors, course descriptions, etc. You also have access to academic advisors who can walk you through everything you could need related to your schedule. Plus, one of the most valuable resources, are your classmates. When I started, I asked a lot of second year students what classes they recommended, etc. I continue to get feedback from classmates on this.
Oct 14, 10:28:38 mbagnoli -> Sana S Hello all -- what role has the Career Services office at Booth played during your personal recruiting experience? Have they been engaged, distant, or somewhere in between? Thanks!
Sana S -> mbagnoli Hi mbagnoli, they've been very engaged but not in a pushy way. They send tons of emails as reminders of specific resources they offer or any deadlines coming up that week. It's really helpful that they communicate a lot when you're busy because there's less of a chance that you'll miss something. That being said, they're not in your face. I really utilized the Career Services office a lot when I needed it (extra interview practice, talking to a coach, etc.) but could tune them out when I didn't need them. It's very flexible and totally what you want to get out of it.
Oct 14, 10:29:40 smandaliya -> Jenny What has been the most valuable experience during your time at Booth?
Jenny -> smandaliya I have had many valuable experiences at Booth, but one that is very memorable was my Random Walk trip to Australia. It was a great way to meet people before school started, explore a new location and have a great time!
Oct 14, 10:30:14 Philippe_Simon -> Gordon Hi Gordon Taylor - I read on your student experience profile that you want to pursue MM PE post-MBA. How would you say your selected Booth curriculum and involvement in the PE student group have enhanced your candidate profile?
Gordon -> Philippe_Simon I think that the Booth curriculum is very rigorous and classes like Commercializing Innovation & Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity with professors Dr. Meadow and Dr. Kaplan are amazing to help with tapping into the PE space because of the class itself but also because these professors did PE. The PE group is helpful because it exposes career switchers to the deal process etc etc.
Oct 14, 10:30:51 YP -> John D. Hi guys thank you for hosting the chat today. John, I wanted to know how has your experience been so far looking that you want to change careers?
John D. -> YP Hey YP, the transition into PE from a different industry is uniquely challenging and, I would say, not representative of the process most people go through if they decide to switch careers/industries (see my previous answer to JP). Generally speaking, however, Career Services is ridiculously helpful, and they provide a ton of resources and support to help you learn every little thing about any industry/function that interests you.
Oct 14, 10:31:35 Jake -> Sana S Is Chicago and the Booth campus bike friendly?
Sana S -> Jake Hi Jake, I would say Chicago is pretty bike friendly. Especially since they started the Divvy bike program, there's a lot of people biking on the Lake front and around downtown. There are special bike lanes and bike traffic signals everywhere. The Booth campus in Hyde Park is also very bike friendly. There's a lot of bike racks and speed limits make the roads safer to bike on.
Oct 14, 10:31:37 Mary -> Sara R Does the Polsky Center allow you to connect with alums who have started a successful business and are interested in mentoring current students?
Sara R -> Mary Hi Mary - Most definitely. Polsky has formal mentors called Entrepreneurs-in-residence. But even more so, the staff at Polsky are there to help and connect you. You always have access to schedule meetings with the staff and they very freely offer up connections to tons of alum. The staff also quickly learn about what you're doing so that this relationship isn't so formal but rather much more fun and personal. Booth also has an employment book that shows you all Booth alum and where they work - making it easy to find mentors that may be helpful.
Oct 14, 10:32:03 Varun -> Gordon Is there enough time to do an off-cycle internship?
Gordon -> Varun Hey Varun - Yes, it is common. Exactly, that is what I did. I worked at several internships during the school year (Full-time) and I am in the full time program. The advantage at Chicago Booth is the flexible curriculum and the strong Chicago Booth network in Chicago so it allows for you to network and get internships outside of the summer internship cycle. Just network network and execute!
Oct 14, 10:32:04 Claire -> Faria How did you find summer internships?
Faria -> Claire Hi Claire! There are many different paths that students here take to finding summer internships, and this often varies by the type of internship you are looking for. Many students go through on-campus recruiting, where companies hold events and give presentations on campus to give students a chance to network and learn more about internship opportunities. Often times these companies conduct first round interviews on campus too.

I took a more self-driven approach, which requires looking for internship opportunities posted outside of the school and networking to find the right opportunity. I relied a lot on the alumni network to learn more about companies with internship opportunities that may not come on campus.
Oct 14, 10:33:02 SKelkar -> Jenny Being a married person, I would like to know what sort of community support (in terms of social events or work engagements or studying opportunities) might spouses of MBA students have at Booth?
Jenny -> SKelkar There is a lot of support for partners with the Booth Partners group, check out their website for more information (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partners). Partners can audit classes and are invited to come to Booth social events as well.
Oct 14, 10:34:04 VenkatRaman -> Gordon @Gordon, I noticed your name in the Booth Basketball Club. I'm a crazy basketball fan myself but I just play in the local park regularly. Nowhere close to good enough to even make a high-school team :-). What are my chances of making the Booth-Kellog game at the United Center? :-)
Gordon -> VenkatRaman Thanks for your questions Venkat! If you are a member of the basketball club then you will be able to play at the United Center. We allow everyone a chance to play in the Booth Kellogg game at the United Center. Additionally, I played bball at Texas State. Good to see there are crazy basketball fans out there :)
Oct 14, 10:35:08 Stephen -> Gaspar @Gaspar, are you satisfied with the internship opportunities available in the tech field? What type of work did you do for yours?
Gaspar -> Stephen Hi, Stephen. I am definitely satisfied with the quantity and breadth of tech internship opportunities available at Booth. A huge percentage of students are interested in Technology jobs at Booth, so it can be very competitive. This summer, I leveraged some of my experience in small businesses and start-ups and combined that with my interest in tech and worked at a web-startup: an apartment search platform best described as Yelp! for Apartments (AptAmigo.com).
Oct 14, 10:35:31 Danny -> Sara R Sara, how have the resources of the Polsky center 'accelerated' your start-up endeavors, and how are these differentiated from those at other schools? Was this a primary consideration in your choice of Booth?
Sara R -> Danny Hi Danny - If you scroll through my other responses, I talk a lot about the resources at Polsky. They have been absolutely invaluable to me and I wouldn't be where I today if not for them. More than anything, everyone's willingness and eagerness to help me has been amazing - classmates and Polsky staff are always connecting me with people that can help with my business. I chose Booth because I fell in love with the community here and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of, but wouldn't have come if not for the great resources for my startup (since that's ultimately why I was coming to school). And truthfully, I have been incredibly impressed with the Entrepreneurship resources here from day one - they have been even more helpful than expected.
Oct 14, 10:35:55 Alexandra -> Sana S Hi! I was wondering what kind of community support Booth provides for women in business, as well as minority group support (from a club perspective, in admissions, etc).
Sana S -> Alexandra Hi Alexandra, I'm a part of the Chicago Women In Business student group and there was a ton of support. There was a conference at the beginning of the year and smaller social group events throughout the year too. I actually met my summer internship employer for the first time at the conference and it really helped with recruiting. There's a lot of groups for minorities, including the Latin American Business group, OUTReach (LGBTQ), Chicago African Business group, etc.
Oct 14, 10:35:57 Chenc -> Gordon Hi everyone! What was the most surprising thing you've discovered only after actually arriving at Booth?
Gordon -> Chenc The most surprising thing has been how collaborative everyone is at a top school. Individuals are very goal oriented but also very caring about your success and that is important to the rest o of the student. There is a saying at Chicago Booth, Pay It Forward and you see that from student interactions to alum-student interactions.
Oct 14, 10:36:53 RyanP -> Jenny how many internships does one normally have in the summer, 2-3 or just 1?
Jenny -> RyanP Most students just have 1 internship, however I know a few people that had 2 The only way to have 2 would be to have two shorter internships, or one main internship and then a very short internship (2-3 weeks) to explore another opportunity. An example from one of my classmates was someone who did a 10 week finance internship but then spent 3 weeks working at a sports team.
Oct 14, 10:37:42 Henry_J -> Gaspar How do class sign-ups work? Is it based on seniority, bid points, luck of the draw? Thank you.
Gaspar -> Henry_J Hi, Henry. Class sign-ups are via the bidding process. Each person starts out with the same amount of points and allocates them according to their interests. As a second year, you do get some bidding priority over the first years.
Oct 14, 10:37:49 VenkatRaman -> Sana S What is the one thing about Booth / the community that surprises most students once they start their MBA?
Sana S -> VenkatRaman Hi Venkat, one thing that surprises most students is how supportive the community is. There's a huge pay it forward culture and people will really go out of their way (sometimes setting aside HOURS of their time) to connect you to someone, explain a difficult concept for class, help you prep for interviews, etc.
Oct 14, 10:38:00 Samarth -> Gordon How big is the difference in quality of classroom between the most sought after professor and the next one?
Gordon -> Samarth There is not very different. Professors at Booth have different styles but the quality does not drop off.
Oct 14, 10:39:05 LeftCoast -> Faria Is booth seen as a commuter campus since most people dont live near the school?
Faria -> LeftCoast Hi LeftCoast! It is true that most full time students do not live in Hyde Park where the main campus is. However, the community feel is still strong because the majority of students live in the Loop area (many live in buildings like Millennium Park Plaza, Tides, Shoreham, MDA, and 73 East Lake). I certainly don't feel like I am separated from my classmates - it's really easy to hang out with other Boothies in my apartment building, and also hold group meetings too.
Oct 14, 10:39:58 JuliaLolato -> Sara R I work in Tech, as a PM. My dream is to pursue entrepreneurship and start my own company. But for that, I need to find a co-founder to work with me. How can Booth help me with that? I believe it is important to mix people well and I would love to find someone with a more technical background.
Sara R -> JuliaLolato Hi JuliaLolato - My co-founder was actually a Booth classmate and friend that I met during admit weekend - we realized we had similar interests and that we wanted to work together. You will pretty immediately meet a ton of people at Booth and may discover that you want to work with one of them. But there are also a lot of more formal networking events run through Polsky, such as an NVC kickoff and networking event, a workshop session in E2 about finding a co-founder, sessions with local tech universities to find technical help, etc.
Oct 14, 10:41:18 Varun -> Gordon How involved is the Career Services at Booth with the alums?
Gordon -> Varun Very involved because most of the career posts come from Booth alum.
Oct 14, 10:41:37 SKelkar -> Gaspar This is for Gaspar, Can you elaborate on the activities of Chicagonomics club and your role as a co-chair?
Gaspar -> SKelkar Hi, SKelkar. Chicagonomics, formerly the Milton Friedman Group, is meant to be a platform for students interested in economics to voice their opinions and engage in instructive debates about the current economic climate. Last quarter we had an emerging markets debate where students defended their region of the world (LatAm, MESA, Africa, etc) as the next up and coming location for future business investments. We are continuing this and will be holding these kinds of debates and lectures throughout the year.
Oct 14, 10:41:38 ShilpaBhagwat -> Sana S Hi all – How can one hope to gain from International Business Exchange Program (IBEP). Is it very competitive to get into this program?
Sana S -> ShilpaBhagwat Hi Shilpa, I think IBEP is there to help you experience school and business in another country. It should stretch you both personally and academically and maybe even professionally (if you end up connecting it to your future career). As far as competitiveness, it really depends on the program because it's all about supply and demand. Some schools have a lot of people that apply and others don't as much. You can also apply for several and rank them so that you have a better chance.
Oct 14, 10:41:42 Alvaro -> Jenny How accessible are Booth professors? I 've heard that most of them are too busy to attend out of class...
Jenny -> Alvaro I have found Booth professors very accessible. I was actually surprised how engaged the professors are and how excited they are to be teaching MBA students. All of my professors have been very willing to help students in any way they can.
Oct 14, 10:41:59 Varun -> Gordon Do most MBA students stay on or off-campus?
Gordon -> Varun Off - campus in the Loop area because you take a 10 min Metra train to Hyde Park.
Oct 14, 10:42:00 Nana_K -> John D. How collaborative is the Booth culture? I've heard conflicting views...
John D. -> Nana_K Hey Nana, if you've heard conflicting views from people, I would be incredibly surprised if any of them were actual Boothies! From academics to recruiting, the culture here is incredibly collaborative. Nearly every class here requires some amount of group work, and I think grade non-disclosure contributes to a lack of tension and to students' eagerness to work together. Even when recruiting, classmates frequently get together to practice cases, fit interviews, etc. You may often hear about Booth's Pay-it-Forward culture, and this is particularly evident in the relationship between first years and second years. Hundreds of second years volunteer thousands of hours of their time as LEAD facils, Career Advisors, Mentors, Admissions Fellows, etc.
Oct 14, 10:42:27 Samarth -> Sana S Is it true that after you graduate you can come back and take 3 free classes at Booth? I heard this from an alumni.
Sana S -> Samarth Hi Samarth, yes it's true and I plan to do it myself! :)
Oct 14, 10:42:57 AG -> Faria How difficult is it to get into the classes you want to take? Seems like a huge bummer that you make it to Booth and end up missing clasess you really wanted to take...
Faria -> AG Hi AG! There is a bidding system at Booth where you have to bid points on the classes you are looking to take. The majority of classes you take are easy to get into with the points you have, and almost all students graduate with extra bid points they never spend. With that said, there are certainly more famous / sought after classes that go for lots of points. If you prioritize those classes and allocate your points you should certainly be able to get into those classes - students are able to look at the historical bid prices to budget out their points accordingly.
Oct 14, 10:44:01 WB -> Gaspar What percentage of students are able to find internships?
Gaspar -> WB Hi, WB. All students seeking internships this past summer were able to find one. For more information, please see the employment report (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/)
Oct 14, 10:44:04 Nana_K -> Jenny Did I read somewhere that one of the panelists has a 5-month old? How is combining parenthood with business school?
Jenny -> Nana_K Drew, one of The Booth Experience bloggers, is a new dad and does have a 5-month old! He could not join the chat today but you can check out the blog for posts about his experience: http://theboothexp.com/
Oct 14, 10:45:08 Qq -> John D. Hi, thank you for being here today. I am interested in finance career post MBA. Has anyone have any experience with looking for internship in New York during your first year? How easy or difficult it is to find an internship in New York, given the distance?
John D. -> Qq Hello, students here land internships all over the world. Similarly, companies from all over the world come to Booth to recruit students, and I have a ton of friends, who had internships in New York. No reason to worry!
Oct 14, 10:45:10 AB -> Gordon Hello, AB here. Have any of you taken any classes outside of the business school (in other departments), and if so, what was that experience like?
Gordon -> AB What up AB - The experience for outside classes are awesome because first, you are networking with students from other programs. I am taking a law class right now and it has been very gratifying because I am learning a lot about deal structure from the legal side and I can bring it back to the PE fund I am working at this Fall.
Oct 14, 10:45:41 kshults -> Faria For those interested in careers outside of a consulting firm, do you find it difficult to navigate / find opportunities? Such a large percent of students seem to go into consulting
Faria -> kshults Hi kshults! I have a background and interest in marketing, and can certainly say there are many opportunities in careers outside of consulting at Booth. Many non-consulting companies come to Booth to recruit, and 2nd year students are also a great resource to tap into when you're looking to talk about non-consulting internships and careers. In addition, there are a host of student run groups that fully support students not in consulting (e.g., marketing club, corporate management and strategy club, etc.).
Oct 14, 10:45:52 Vicky_Liu -> Jenny Hi Jenny, are you satisfied with the internship opportunities available in marketing/brand field (PepsiCo)? What type of work did you do for yours?
Jenny -> Vicky_Liu I was very satisfied with the internship opportunities available for marketing and brand management at Booth. There were many companies that came to campus and I ended up choosing PepsiCo for my internship. It was a great learning experience where I worked on a 10-week project developing the strategic plan behind a new product launch for 2016.
Oct 14, 10:46:27 Varun -> Gaspar For students interested in tech start-ups, is it easy to move into silicon valley start-up scene since Booth is located in Chicago?
Gaspar -> Varun Hi Varun. Booth's geographic location is not a limiting factor in terms of finding jobs. 24.5% of students found jobs on the West coast this past summer. That start-up recruiting scene is very much self-driven, so finding a job in that space is going to be a bit more challenging regardless of geography.
Oct 14, 10:47:15 Dan.Siering -> Sana S What has been your experience when reaching out and connecting with alumni during the internship/2nd year recruiting process?
Sana S -> Dan.Siering Hi Dan, Alumni overall have been super helpful. I feel like it's especially true if they are in certain companies or industries that don't have as many Boothies. Which is great because those are precisely the alumni that you would need the most help from. A lot of them say that they really want more Boothies there and have gone out of their way to share about their experiences, connect me with others at their company, etc.
Oct 14, 10:48:33 Raj_Dave -> John D. When does recruiting begin for summer internships? Are you in the midst of recruiting right from the get-go? Or are there restrictions on recruiters to start later into the semester?
John D. -> Raj_Dave Oh jeez running low on time! Hey Raj, it depends on the industry for which you are recruiting and your year. For first years, recruiting for banking begins almost immediately and consulting begins not too long after. I believe companies are not allowed to approach students before a certain date (in October I think?). For industries like Marketing or Tech, that usually happens in the winter. For something like PE/VC, that could happen at literally any time of the year (though ~60% of PE/VC offers are given in the Spring).
Oct 14, 10:48:38 Danny -> Faria Generally speaking, do the majority of students live in Hyde Park or in other areas around Chicago?
Faria -> Danny Hi Danny! Most students live in the Loop area (many live in buildings like Millennium Park Plaza, Tides, Shoreham, MDA, and 73 East Lake). Since most people live in this area, it's very easy to hang out and work with other Boothies.
Oct 14, 10:48:41 Vinay -> Sana S And 2. How do you get involved with the admission teams
Sana S -> Vinay Hi Vinay, they will send out emails and have info sessions during spring quarter. After that, there is an application and two interviews. We found out around the middle of spring quarter I believe.
Oct 14, 10:49:27 ShilpaBhagwat -> Jenny Hi all - What are industry treks? Can you share your experience?
Jenny -> ShilpaBhagwat Industry treks take place during Winter Break (mid-December) and are focused on showing you companies in a certain industry and location. I went on the Marketing Trek to NYC last year where we visited 3-4 companies a day to learn about the company and meet employees. It was a great way to learn about many companies in such a short time period, and also a great way to network with companies that do not formally recruit on campus.
Oct 14, 10:49:43 Carson_Sun -> Gaspar Hi Gaspar, I am highly interested in the technology track (particularly as relates to digital media). What are some of your favorite courses, clubs, and events at Booth that have equipped you to succeed in the technology industry?
Gaspar -> Carson_Sun Hi, Carson_Sun. Being part of the Booth Technology Group has been a great help in terms of achieving success in the tech industry. There are many classes on campus that touch the technology sector such as Technology Strategy and Application Development, and groups such as Booth Hacks that can help you better understand the industry and prepare you for a job.
Oct 14, 10:50:35 Gkaul -> John D. Has anyone taken the PE/VC lab course? Just curious to know more about the hands on learning on offer through these lab courses.
John D. -> Gkaul Hey Gkaul, the Private Equity and Venture Capital Lab has been invaluable both in terms of the professional experience you gain through the internship as well as the academic/industry knowledge you acquire through lectures and cases. Three professors collaborate to teach the course, each with a unique professional background, and prominent alumni and industry leaders regularly visit as guest lecturers.
Oct 14, 10:50:39 Ibi -> Sara R How would you describe lectures with the professors?
Sara R -> Ibi Hi Ibi - The lectures vary a lot depending on the class. Some classes, like Micro and Accounting, are much more lecture-focused, where the professor is in front of the class, walking through slides or notes and the board, and teaching and sharing information. There are also cases in these classes that are more interactive. Other classes, like Negotiations and a lot of the entrepreneurship classes I have taken, are almost all interactive / a conversation. The professor lectures but the class is highly involved, sharing thoughts and bouncing ideas off each other. In all cases, professors encourage participation and I always feel free to ask questions.
Oct 14, 10:51:17 Vinay -> Sana S Out of curiosity, 1.How did you guys become involved with the Booth Experience blogging
Sana S -> Vinay Hi Vinay, I got involved with the blogger team specifically because I knew two of the (then) second years (now graduates) that was on the team. They really enjoyed the experience and had a lot of good things to say about it. I've also kept a personal blog in the past and thought it would be fun to do it for Booth.
Oct 14, 10:52:58 Alvaro -> Sana S Thanks Jenny. How many concentrations can you follow during MBA?
Sana S -> Alvaro Hi Alvaro, a lot of the concentrations only require 3 or 4 classes so you can really rack up the concentrations if you wanted to. Overall though, I've noticed that most people end up just taking the classes they want and not worrying about concentrations because they'll invariably end up with at least 2, probably more.
Oct 14, 10:53:48 Bharath -> Gordon I am sorry if someone has already asked this question, I wanted to know what kind of clubs, organisations or courses Booth offers for people interested in the Non-profit sector?
Gordon -> Bharath There is Net Impact and Board Fellows.


Oct 14, 10:53:54 Stephen -> Sara R Thanks for the insights on the entrepreneurship path Sara R! Any tips on how you balance your startup workload with Booth coursework? Do you feel like you have enough time for both?
Sara R -> Stephen Hi Stephen - The great thing about Booth classes is that you have a lot of flexibility to take the classes you want, when you want. Knowing that I have my start-up, I try to balance classes with a lot of work with classes that tend to have less work (there are course evaluations that give estimates of this information). Also, because of our grade non-disclosure policy, I can prioritize things that are most important. I don't have to feel like I need to spend hours and hours studying just to get a grade. Life is busy but everything I am doing is what I want to be doing!
Oct 14, 10:54:20 Mary -> Gaspar How widely ranging are employment opportunities after graduation, location-wise? If there is a specific large metropolitan area I would like to re-locate to, is it difficult to find opportunities located there instead of in the Chicagoland area?
Gaspar -> Mary Hi Mary, The answer to these are all in the employment report (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/), but some quick stats are:
Midwest 30.8%
Northeast 23.7%
West 18.9%
Southwest 5.4%
Mid-Atlantic 2.4%
South 2.4%
Latin America and the Caribbean 6.9%
Asia 4.5%
Europe 4.3%
Other 0.8%
Oct 14, 10:54:44 bzhu -> Faria How do the professional student-led groups complement the Career Services team? For example, what role does the Management Consulting Group or Investment Banking Group play in career searches?
Faria -> bzhu Hi bzhu! The student-led groups are a critical resource, and provide a different type of supprot than Career Services. Career Services can offer one on one career coaching and does a lot of work to develop relationships with the many stellar companies that recruit on campus. They also keep students informed of key deadlines and milestones in the recruiting process.

The student led groups provide an immense amount of support in helping students maneuver the recruiting process, as in providing background on what a career in that field means, providing interview prep help, reviewing resumes, sending emails / notices on important deadlines, holding special networking events, etc. Both resources are key to helping students in their career searches.
Oct 14, 10:55:09 Henry_J -> John D. What are some of the harder classes to get into at Booth?
John D. -> Henry_J Hey Henry! This is a fun question! At Booth, a bidding system is used for class selection. Every students starts with the same number of points and bids on classes, so it's totally fair (not to mention quintessentially booth, free market style). Some classes/professors that typically go for a lot of points: Kaplan, Meadow, Dube, Dhar, PE/VC Lab, Goolsbee, Davis, Application Development, Epley, so many!
Oct 14, 10:55:14 Bharath -> Gordon Hi Gordon, How often do you get to play basketball?
Gordon -> Bharath I play every other day. The Booth Basketball Group organizes pickup on Thursday afternoon and Saturday mornings. We have won a lot of the tournaments we play in. We play at Harvard, Georgetown, and Vegas (All MBA tourneys)
Oct 14, 10:56:38 Pujitha -> Sana S How does booth help in knowing about your classmates even before joining the MBA program. I feel making friends and networking even before classes start helps me in getting prepared..
Sana S -> Pujitha Hi Pujitha, a lot of that happens through Random Walks, which are trips that Boothies take together before school even starts. There's also a lot of people that move to Chicago a few weeks before orientation so they will arrange outings in Chicago through the facebook. Even though I ended up not going on a Random Walk, I met a ton of people before I even set foot on campus because of those events.
Oct 14, 10:57:23 Phil_G -> Faria Hi Everyone! Is there anything you would change about your Booth experience?
Faria -> Phil_G Hi Phil! I would say that I would like to take more time to travel with my classmates. I've taken one trip so far for Spring Break last year but plan to take many more in my second year.
Oct 14, 10:57:49 Omar -> John D. I would love to hear about a classroom experience that you have found particularly meaningful / valuable. Are there any specific classes that you would say have really made an impact on you?
John D. -> Omar Hey Omar, I literally had this thought yesterday, but my Marketing Strategy class right now with Sanjay Dhar embodies everything I expected of Booth coming in and actually bears an uncanny resemblance to the experience we talk about here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/impact/
Oct 14, 10:58:14 John D. -> Everyone Aah! So many questions, so little time!
Oct 14, 10:59:44 Alyssa -> Gaspar What percentage of the internships are paid?
Gaspar -> Alyssa Hi Alyssa. The closest thing to your question I could find is here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/class_analysis.aspx?t=internships&year=2014

From my personal experience, the overwhelming number (more than 95%) of internships are paid. Those that aren't are probably still paid through programs like the Polsky Center (for example: if you work for a low budget startup), and others.
Oct 14, 10:59:53 hamzakb -> Sara R How is Booth for Entrepreneurship? What differentiates Booth from other universities in this field?
Sara R -> hamzakb Hi Hamzakb - I have been incredibly impressed with the resources at Booth for entrepreneurship. If you scroll through my previous responses, I talk a lot about these resources. Booth is different because of the community - this extends through to entrepreneurship. There is such a strong willingness to help by all the faculty and classmates and this network is invaluable when working on a startup. Everything is also very accessible. If you demonstrate that you are committed and dedicated to entrepreneurship, you will have access to just about all the resources.
Oct 14, 11:00:19 Philippe_Simon -> John D. In what instances to what extent to students interact with alumni of Booth?
John D. -> Philippe_Simon Hey Philippe, alumni interact quite regularly with students. They are always excited to share their experience with students, who reach out, and we regularly have accomplished alumni come to campus to speak with us (e.g., the CEO of Dominos was on campus yesterday)
Oct 14, 11:00:35 Mar -> Lizzie between october and december, which is the best date to visit Booth
Lizzie -> Mar Both are great options! Chicago is a fun city all year.
Oct 14, 11:01:31 Alyssa -> Faria Can you elaborate more on "Random Walks?"
Faria -> Alyssa Hi Alyssa! Random Walks are trips that first year students take in groups of about 16-20 people before school starts. It's a great way to meet other Boothies before actually arriving at Chicago. Random Walk trips go to a lot of cool locations like Iceland, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Jordan, Japan, Thailand, and many others!
Oct 14, 11:01:32 Alvaro -> Lizzie Hi, how can I schedule for trying a Booth class?
Lizzie -> Alvaro Check out our website and sign up for a campus visit. We offer them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You will get to sit in on a real class with students. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program
Oct 14, 11:01:47 COL -> Sana S Whats your experience with the Kilts center?
Sana S -> COL Kilts was really great with organizing official events such as the Marketing Case competition, interview prep with alumni, and events with Kilts mentors/mentees. They also have access to a ton of marketing data that I know our marketing professors use a lot and incorporate into our classe
Oct 14, 11:02:18 Moderator -> Everyone The chat has ended. Thank you again for participating. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Oct 14, 11:02:25 Gaspar -> Everyone Hi, everyone! It was great chatting with you all. I hope I was able to answer all your questions. Thanks for joining us!
Oct 14, 11:02:26 Jenny -> Everyone Thanks everyone for chatting with us and look to The Booth Experience blog for more information on life at Booth!
Oct 14, 11:02:35 John D. -> Everyone Hey guys! Sorry we couldn't get to every question, but have a look around and hopefully you'll find that some questions were already answered. Thanks, and hope to do this again soon!
Oct 14, 11:02:45 Faria -> Everyone Thanks so much for joining the chat everyone, and thanks for all of the great questions!