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Live Chat with Full-Time Admissions - Wednesday, September 9, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. CST

If you're considering applying to Booth this year, join this live chat with the Full-Time MBA Admissions Committee. Whether you're just beginning your MBA research or preparing to apply in Round 1, ask about this year's essay question, letters of recommendation, Booth admissions events, and more.

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Sep 09, 09:30:50 Moderator -> Everyone The chat will begin in 30 minutes. Please feel free to submit questions now.
Sep 09, 09:32:04 Moderator -> Everyone Today's chat is about the 2015-16 Full-Time MBA Application. Please note we cannot answer questions about your individual profile or application.
Sep 09, 09:48:44 Moderator -> Everyone The chat will begin in 12 minutes. Please feel free to submit questions now. Today's chat is about the 2015-16 Full-Time MBA Application. We cannot answer questions about your individual profile or application.
Sep 09, 10:00:57 Tyler -> Everyone Hello everyone! A little over 1 week to the deadline. I'm looking forward to answering your questions!
Sep 09, 10:00:58 Megan -> Everyone Good afternoon! My name is Meg Stiphany, and I'm the Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Booth. Looking forward to hearing your questions!
Sep 09, 10:01:01 Glen -> Everyone Hello everyone! Looking forward to answering your questions and preparing you for the upcoming application cycle.
Sep 09, 10:01:03 Kylie W -> Everyone Thanks for joining us for the chat today. Happy to answer your questions about admissions!
Sep 09, 10:02:23 Jenn -> Megan When seeking letters of recommendation, is it more important to choose someone with a stronger business background and capabilities (or training), or someone who can speak more intimately of your capabilities and growth?
Megan -> Jenn When seeking letters of recommendation, it's important to choose individuals who can speak to your professional capabilities and growth.
Sep 09, 10:02:52 Indradeep -> Tyler What is Booth expecting from its optional essay?
Tyler -> Indradeep The optional essay is an opportunity to provide a little more insight into your candidacy. There is no format or recommendation for what to walk about. It's also not required.
Sep 09, 10:03:08 FayrouzHares -> Kylie W Hi, I took the TOEFL on September 5th, I will normally receive my unofficial scores within 10 to 15 days, Which means I could receive them on the 20th, is there a possibility to apply without them and get them to be sent directly later on?
Kylie W -> FayrouzHares Hi FayrouzHares, we evaluate applications as they are submitted on the deadline for which they are submitted. You may send us your updated scores, but we cannot guarantee they will be taken into consideration.
Sep 09, 10:03:26 Piyush -> Glen Just wanted to check whether Probability of getting selected gets affected by the Application round in which one applies
Glen -> Piyush Short answer: No. How we evaluate applications doesn't change from round to round and your probability of being selected is not impacted. There are different populations for each round (Round 3 tends to be our smallest) but we're still looking for the same traits in applicants. That said: applying earlier gives you additional opportunities to engage with campus and we do recommend international students apply in the earlier rounds for visa purposes. The important thing to remember is that a strong application is a strong application regardless of round and that it is better to apply when you're ready than rush to meet an earlier deadline.
Sep 09, 10:03:41 Ruban -> Tyler I have submitted the application for full time MBA 2016 entry. Will my application be processed in the first round even if my recommenders fail to send the recommendations before Sep 17th.
Tyler -> Ruban Recommenders will have a 1 week grace period past the deadline. After that your application will be moved to the next round.
Sep 09, 10:04:10 Avi -> Tyler What are the pro's and con's of applying in R1 and R2?
Tyler -> Avi There are no advantages or disadvantages to applying in any of our 3 rounds.
Sep 09, 10:04:52 himank -> Megan Hi guys, If you had to give one advice to a reapplication, what would it be? (Since we're just one week away from the deadline assume that the applicant has already made as much progress as he's going to wrt to work ex, GMAT etc.) to put it a little differently - in previous year what was the one change that a reapplicant made that led to the adcom responding favorably. I know this would vary for every applicant, but if you had to pick one what would it be?
Megan -> himank I recommend to all applicants that they have someone they trust take a very close look at their completed application. This should be a person who knows you very well, and can tell you that perhaps you're focusing too much/not enough on one aspect of your background.
Sep 09, 10:04:59 SDegnan -> Glen Does Booth have a preference between the GMAT and GRE?
Glen -> SDegnan We do not have preference between the two exams as both measure your verbal and quantitative abilities.
Sep 09, 10:05:43 Rebecca -> Megan Is the GRE given equal status to the GMAT?
Megan -> Rebecca Hi Rebecca, Glenn just answered this for another candidate, so see that response!
Sep 09, 10:06:34 Charlie_Chenkov -> Megan Does the admissions process penalize candidates who have taken the GMAT multiple times? At what point does taking the GMAT multiple times begin to count against a candidate?
Megan -> Charlie_Chenkov Hi Charlie: no, we don't penalize candidates who take the GMAT multiple times.
Sep 09, 10:06:38 TJ -> Tyler If I received BS degree from the university in the US, but transferred from university in foreign country, do I still require to submit the TOEFL?
Tyler -> TJ Applicants exempt from taking the TEOFL must either be citizens of English speaking countries or attended a university that's primary language of instruction is English.
Sep 09, 10:06:39 Fred -> Kylie W Upon acceptance to Booth, how difficult is it to be accepted for the Certification in Health Administration & Policy?
Kylie W -> Fred Hi Fred, this certification has a separate process for admits following acceptance to the Full-Time Program. We cannot speak to the rate of acceptance for this separate application, but you can find out more information here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/joint-degree/certificate-health-administration-policy
Sep 09, 10:07:06 Fred -> Tyler 1. For the essay, is there a preference between an essay or visual?
Tyler -> Fred We recommend you select the medium you feel most comfortable with.
Sep 09, 10:08:25 Amber -> Tyler Hi, there. I’m from China. I have completed a master’s degree in the UK in 2010. The program I attended was a one-year taught postgraduate degree and all the courses were taught in English. Am I eligible for exemption from the English requirement for international applicants?
Tyler -> Amber Yes, if you've graduated from an institution that's primary language of instruction is English you are exempt from the TOEFL.
Sep 09, 10:09:06 Hayder -> Kylie W Can you talk about how Booth helps a future Entrepreneur vet an idea and support them in building it into a product to sell in the market?
Kylie W -> Hayder Hi Hayder, you can find more information about the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, a research center for those interested in entrepreneurship or PE/VC here: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/polsky/

If you're interested in the New Venture Challenge, which supports a process similar to what you have described, find out more here:https://research.chicagobooth.edu/nvc/
Sep 09, 10:09:30 Rebecca -> Glen If a prospective candidate visits the school, is there any opportunity to sit down with an admissions office representative?
Glen -> Rebecca We do have a member of the admissions committee who hosts the information session during our Campus Visits (https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program) and is available to briefly meet with individuals throughout the day. Even on days where we do not offer a visit, we have an admissions director on call for visitors to speak with.
Sep 09, 10:09:41 Michael_Livshiz -> Tyler Hi, thank you for hosting the chat! I am planning to apply in Round I and understand the final decision date would be mid-December. Approx. what is the time frame if called for an interview?
Tyler -> Michael_Livshiz Interviews will take place from Mid-October through Mid-November. All applicants invited to interview will receive a decision on December 10th.
Sep 09, 10:10:24 Rebecca -> Megan I'm wondering about how much Chicago-Booth embraces career changers. How do you make the new student transition well from, say, a nontraditional background, to the full-time MBA one?
Megan -> Rebecca Rebecca: We absolutely embrace career-changers! We don't have one traditional background that students come from, so what you'll find within this community is a group of people all trying to find their way together. It's incredibly supportive, and the mentality is pay-it-forward and will come to you from the dean, other students, alumni, and administrators within Booth. We value diversity enormously here at Booth!
Sep 09, 10:11:33 Agus -> Kylie W 1sr Q) Is there any Uruguayan who studied an MBA in Booth?
Kylie W -> Agus Hi Agus, connect with current students from Uruguay here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/international/north-south-america/uruguay

For those of you interested in connecting with Boothies from several other countries throughout the globe, contact a country captain: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/international
Sep 09, 10:11:37 Junior -> Glen How much is visiting the campus weighed on admission decisions?
Glen -> Junior Attendance to a Booth Live or Campus Visit has no bearing on an applicant’s admission decision. The purpose of the visit is to actually give you a better sense of the community and get a chance to assess if Chicago Booth is the right place for you.
Sep 09, 10:11:46 Pok -> Tyler I have some question about TOEFL and GMAT score , could you recommend the minimum score of both. Another question is that when I must submit both score no later than .., in case I intent to enroll MBA fall 2016
Tyler -> Pok The University of Chicago requirement is 104 on the TOEFL. We have no minimum score for the GMAT. Our average is 726.
Sep 09, 10:12:05 Neel -> Megan I have two questions and on is regarding the essay: 1. In the essay do we need to explain our inclination to join Booth with regards to the pic? As in do we need to explain how how our past experiences are related to the picture and have made us more inclined towards Booth? 2. Does working as TA's and RA's during graduate studies, count even a little towards evaluating the student profiles. I understand they will not count as full time experience, however, will they be considered on case by case basis?
Megan -> Neel The essay is asking you to use one of the photos provided and tell us how it resonates with your own viewpoint on why the Booth community is the right fit for you.
Sep 09, 10:12:39 Pisit -> Megan Just to confirm, is a guy in the picture #16 prof. Eugene Fama?
Megan -> Pisit Yes.
Sep 09, 10:12:51 KyleCho -> Tyler Hi- I've reported my GMAT scores to Booth when I took the test last year. How would I confirm that Booth received it?
Tyler -> KyleCho You'll be able to check on your application status page at apply.chicagobooth.edu/status
Sep 09, 10:12:55 RyanM -> Glen For R1 applicants, when around should we expect to hear back on whether we progress through to the interview stage?
Glen -> RyanM R1 applicants will find out if they were offered an invite to interview by October 16th.
Sep 09, 10:13:14 AYang -> Megan Can Booth Students take classes outside of the Business School?
Megan -> AYang Yes! You can take up to 6 classes outside of Booth and have them apply to your MBA. The classes must be through the University of Chicago, for clarification.
Sep 09, 10:13:30 Edwin -> Tyler Is full-time work experience obtained before completion of Bachelor's degree taken into account?
Tyler -> Edwin No, we ask that you only report all post-undergraduate, full-time work experience.
Sep 09, 10:13:31 sbomze -> Megan Is a candidate adversely impacted by not submitting an optional essay?
Megan -> sbomze No!
Sep 09, 10:15:08 Katherine -> Megan How does the financial aid application process work?
Megan -> Katherine http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Sep 09, 10:15:17 Gergo -> Kylie W How are the interviews conducted for international applicants? For someone who is living in Central/Eastern Europe, can he choose the location or you offer him one?
Kylie W -> Gergo Those who are invited to interview have a variety of options for interview format. Interviewees may come to campus and interview with one of our Admissions Fellows (current Booth second years), interview with one of our alumni in or near their current city, or at our interview hubs (locations to be determined).
Sep 09, 10:16:04 Oliver -> Megan Do you have any suggestions on the length of the essay?
Megan -> Oliver http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/essay-questions
Sep 09, 10:16:43 Scott -> Tyler For the resume and the employment history sections, it can be difficult to translate military experience into civilian equivalents. Does the admissions committee have military subject matter expert?
Tyler -> Scott Yes, the admissions committee is well versed in all industries (private and public), government, and military.
Sep 09, 10:17:05 Rob_Gordon -> Tyler Hello, thank you for your time today. On the work experience section, for Job Description, is that an area to input one's resume or should one craft job descriptions for each position in addition to bullet points on the resume?
Tyler -> Rob_Gordon Yes
Sep 09, 10:17:31 Kasyap -> Tyler Hello! Within a reasonable word count, is it alright for applicants to use two photos for the essays? I ask because the application asks us to input a single photo choice.
Tyler -> Kasyap No, please select one photo.
Sep 09, 10:17:42 dizhang1987 -> Kylie W Hi, would like to know if there is huge difference in admission rate between Round 1&2, the earlier the better? Thanks
Kylie W -> dizhang1987 dizhang1987, it's completely up to you which round you apply in. We advise that you apply to the program when you feel your application is ready for evaluation.
Sep 09, 10:17:54 TJ -> Tyler When is the latest date to take the GMAT for each round? For example, can I take the day before the deadline?
Tyler -> TJ You can take the GMAT on the day of the deadline.
Sep 09, 10:18:20 Rahul -> Megan Hi Megan, What are the chances of people getting selected who already have one MBA and would want to pursue another from Booth??
Megan -> Rahul We have, in the past, accepted students who have an MBA from another program.
Sep 09, 10:18:26 KChea -> Glen Are there any opportunities to study abroad during the full-time MBA in Hong Kong or Singapore?
Glen -> KChea Yes! Our International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) does offer students the chance to study abroad at 33 partner schools, including schools in Hong Kong and Singapore. You can learn more about these opportunities at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/ibep.
Sep 09, 10:18:58 Edion -> Megan Hi, I was wondering if there were any preferences on the years of experience needed. Is it looked down upon if a candidate does not have more than 3 years of experience?
Megan -> Edion Hi Edion: Our average is 5 years...some candidates are admitted with less, some with more!
Sep 09, 10:19:23 Piyush -> Tyler How does Booth determine which colleges qualify for TOEFL exemption
Tyler -> Piyush Institutions where the primary language of instruction is English.
Sep 09, 10:19:34 Jason -> Megan Are interviews in-person? I'm based in NYC but may be in South Africa for work
Megan -> Jason Jason: We've done Skype and phone interviews in cases where meeting in person isn't possible.
Sep 09, 10:19:38 KAJ7212 -> Kylie W How do you think the culture at Booth is different from the culture at peer schools?
Kylie W -> KAJ7212 Booth has a collaborative, friendly community that is committed to the success of others and invested both in our own passions as well as those of the people around us. We have a pay-it-forward mentality where you benefit from the support of the resources, peers, faculty, staff; and alumni; while at the same time contribute to and are part of the ever-growing supportive network and culture that is inherent to Chicago Booth.
Sep 09, 10:19:44 Nickita_R -> Tyler Hi Tyler. To piggyback off of your the last answer, when would interviews be for a Round 2 applicant?
Tyler -> Nickita_R That time frame has not been determined yet.
Sep 09, 10:20:54 Agus -> Glen 2nd) If i could arrange some days off in order travel to Illinois and get to visit the campus, current students and professors, do i have to book in advance?
Glen -> Agus We highly recommend registering in advance as our full Campus Visits are not available each day of the week. We do take some walk-ins but space in classes is limited. Learn more and register at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program.
Sep 09, 10:21:09 Hansen -> Tyler Regarding the one week grace period for recommendations, how would I request it if i need it? or is this automatically granted?
Tyler -> Hansen It's automatically granted.
Sep 09, 10:21:38 Charlie_Chenkov -> Kylie W Does the application get reviewed only after the deadline?
Kylie W -> Charlie_Chenkov Hi Charlie_Chenkov, we begin reviewing applications following the deadline for which you submit your application.
Sep 09, 10:22:25 RobHC -> Tyler I canceled my first GMAT score. Is there any need to report that score (or is it even possible to report it?)
Tyler -> RobHC You do not need to report this score.
Sep 09, 10:22:42 sam7788 -> Glen Hey again. I was wondering if pre registration is required to attend Chicago Booth Live.
Glen -> sam7788 It's highly recommend to register for Booth Live in advanced. You can learn more and register for the October 9th event at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/booth-live.
Sep 09, 10:22:50 DM_Iowa -> Tyler Does adcom look unfavorably on a GMAT score that is say 2-3 years old?
Tyler -> DM_Iowa No, GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.
Sep 09, 10:24:01 Echo -> Kylie W If I don't have work experience, can I apply for Full time master degree? I am a rising senior
Kylie W -> Echo Hi Echo, most of our students come into the program with 3-5 years of work experience. If you are interested in getting a sense for what an MBA may be like, we do offer a summer program for prospective students who are early in their careers and current undergraduate students called the Summer Business Scholars Program. You can learn more about the SBSP experience here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/summer-scholars
Sep 09, 10:24:09 chan -> Glen If I am expecting a promotion after the submission of my application, how should I include it in the application?
Glen -> chan You can send us updates to your candidacy at admissions@chicagobooth.edu after submitting your application.
Sep 09, 10:24:53 BethanySykes -> Megan Are early career candidates completely integrated into the standard MBA program?
Megan -> BethanySykes Bethany: Are you referring to the Dougan Scholars Program?
Sep 09, 10:25:16 Mike_MT -> Tyler In which circumstances would you recommend submitting the optional essay?
Tyler -> Mike_MT Potentially if your recommendations isn't from your current supervisor, if you believe your education or test score doesn't accurately represent your academic aptitude, etc. It's there for you to provide a little more insight to your candidacy.
Sep 09, 10:25:33 HSK -> Tyler For international students, is the interview done by Booth alumni in that country?
Tyler -> HSK Yes
Sep 09, 10:25:51 Sonia -> Glen Is it possible to be admitted into Booth as a part time student, then transfer in as a full-time student afterwards maybe a year later?
Glen -> Sonia This only happens in very rare, specific circumstances. We recommend that you apply to the program in which you plan to finish your MBA.
Sep 09, 10:25:53 Edgar -> Megan How does the admission committee view applicants that apply via a consortium for minorities?
Megan -> Edgar Edgar: All applicants are viewed the same way.
Sep 09, 10:26:11 Canuck604 -> Tyler What % of applicants receive an interview?
Tyler -> Canuck604 We will typically interview half of the candidates applying for the program.
Sep 09, 10:26:23 AbanaWii -> Kylie W Do most first-year students live on campus?
Kylie W -> AbanaWii Hi AbanaWii, most of our students live in the Loop or South Loop neighborhoods of Chicago, Students who live near each other (for example, the large segment of the student population that lives in the Millennium Park Plaza/Lakeshore East buildings) tend to bond and find opportunities to interact socially and in study groups.
Sep 09, 10:27:40 Rahul -> Kylie W What are the statistics for job placements for the International Students post MBA. and the maximum time taken to place the students
Kylie W -> Rahul Hi Rahul, please find information regarding employment for Booth students in our employment report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/
Sep 09, 10:27:46 MikeS -> Glen If I attended Booth Live in January, and am planning to apply round 1 this year, is there any advantage to attending again in October of this year?
Glen -> MikeS Not from an application stand point. Attendance to events has no impact on your candidacy. You'd need to make the call on if you felt there was more to be learned.
Sep 09, 10:28:51 Venkat_Raman -> Megan Do you offer merit-based scholarships (full or partial) for international students?
Megan -> Venkat_Raman Hello Venkat: We offer only merit-based scholarships to a very small number of candidates.
Sep 09, 10:29:12 Felipe_Corcuera -> Megan If I will apply to Booth with my wife, will our applications be evaluated independently or as a couple?
Megan -> Felipe_Corcuera Hello Felipe: Your applications will be evaluated individually.
Sep 09, 10:29:25 Hyun -> Tyler Is there a preference for US applicants to travel to Chicago for an interview?
Tyler -> Hyun We always recommend applicants coming to campus so they can see what the community is like at Chicago Booth. However, we understand that this isn't always feasible for our applicants with their work schedules and location in the world. This is why we offer interviews with our alumni around the world.
Sep 09, 10:30:08 amoolz -> Glen Do interviews take place on campus?
Glen -> amoolz The majority of interviews do happen on campus. For Round 1 we'll be offering 4 weeks of interviews on campus from Mid-October to Mid-November. In addition, we hold a Super Saturday event in Chicago that is a full day dedicated to interviewing and we offer some hub interview locations which are TBD.
Sep 09, 10:30:43 Nyasha -> Tyler How do you convert British GPA to American GPA. For instance what does an overall degree class on 2.1(British scale) translate to in US GPA?
Tyler -> Nyasha We do not convery GPAs. The admissions committee is well versed on academic institutions around the world.
Sep 09, 10:30:46 Junior -> Kylie W Do merit scholarships cover living expenses or just tuition?
Kylie W -> Junior Hi Junior, tuition does not cover housing; students are responsible for finding their own living arrangements. That being said, scholarships only apply to tuition. You can find a breakdown of tuition costs and estimated living expenses for a Booth student here:

Find out more on budgeting your MBA from students on their blog, The Booth Experience here: http://theboothexp.com/2015/03/doing-booth-without-breaking-the-bank.html
Sep 09, 10:31:32 Lavanya -> Tyler Once interviews take place, are admissions based solely on the interview or is your application reviewed holistically?
Tyler -> Lavanya The entire process is a holistic evaluation. The interview is just another piece of the overall process.
Sep 09, 10:31:44 MichaelA -> Megan Hi, does Booth limit the number of Yellow Ribbon program scholarship recipients?
Megan -> MichaelA http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships

Hi Michael: First, thank you for your service. Second, no...we do not limit the number of recipients. As long as you qualify under VA guidelines, you're eligible.
Sep 09, 10:32:05 Canuck604 -> Megan Are all elements holistically weighted/evaluated equally? GPA, GMAT, Work Experience, Essay(s)?
Megan -> Canuck604 They are!
Sep 09, 10:32:17 Caroline -> Kylie W Are there any need based scholarships?
Kylie W -> Caroline Hi Caroline, we only offer merit-based scholarships.
Sep 09, 10:32:42 Echo -> Glen Can international student apply for Scholarships or financial aid?
Glen -> Echo While there is not a formal application for scholarships, international students are eligible for both scholarships and financial aid. There are differences in the financial aid process for international students and you can learn more http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships.
Sep 09, 10:34:04 Hansen -> Tyler Can one of the recommendations from someone I worked with in an extra-curricular capacity? my direct supervisor is writing the other one
Tyler -> Hansen Yes, extracurriculars, social clubs, charities, etc. are all good options. Make sure these are not peer recommendations though.
Sep 09, 10:34:36 Edwin -> Tyler As a follow-up to my last question, I am a candidate that left my bachelor's degree program for personal reasons and now came back to finish my degree. Since I will complete my degree on May 2016, am I eligible to apply for the Fall 2016 intake?
Tyler -> Edwin Yes, you are eligible.
Sep 09, 10:34:47 Ada_Ada -> Kylie W Hello. I have registered for an admissions event in DC today. Can I bring a guest?
Kylie W -> Ada_Ada Hi Ada_Ada, guests are welcome! Our colleagues and alumni in DC are excited to host you!
Sep 09, 10:35:03 adutt -> Glen Is there a preference or requirement for letters of recommendations. Should only 1 letter be submitted or can multiple be submitted? If multiple can be submitted, how is that perceived by the admissions committee?
Glen -> adutt We require 2 letters of recommendation and (if possible) would like one to come from a direct supervisor. You are welcome to submit additional letters of recommendation, but we encourage to consider if an additional voice will add to you candidacy.
Sep 09, 10:35:36 Alex_Panosian -> Kylie W Do merit based scholarship announcements go out at the same time as admission decisions?
Kylie W -> Alex_Panosian Hi Alex_Panosian, those who have been selected for merit-based scholarships are notified upon admission to the program.
Sep 09, 10:36:02 renanulrich -> Glen Sorry if this information is in your website, but how much does the full time MBA program costs in USD?
Glen -> renanulrich You can find information about the cost of attendance at: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.
Sep 09, 10:36:08 Dombi -> Tyler hi, can international students report TOEFL score after R1 deadline?
Tyler -> Dombi No, we ask that you complete the TOEFL well before the deadline. The TOEFL takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to generate a score report.
Sep 09, 10:37:23 Conan -> Megan Can you give some color on this year's essay question? The prompt is quite different in form from the 2014-15 essay. What was the thinking behind the shift, has there been a change in emphasis we should be aware of?
Megan -> Conan http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/201516_Essay_and_Application/boothinsider/259?nav=entry

Hi Conan--I'd refer you to the above! Kurt Ahlm discusses it in this blog entry.
Sep 09, 10:38:31 Henry -> Glen We have to select up to two concentrations in the application. Can they be changed later, and at what point can you no longer change your concentration?
Glen -> Henry Concentrations are not a requirement (you can actually graduate without one). Concentrations serve as road maps to develop particular competencies and you can change which you are pursuing at any time http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum.
Sep 09, 10:38:38 dnoriega -> Tyler Hi. Applying as an international student, chances are that my boss won't be able to write a recommendation letter in english. Shoudld I help him translate it? Get a professional translator?
Tyler -> dnoriega Yes, the recommendation needs to be translates at your supervisors discretion.
Sep 09, 10:39:03 Junior -> Tyler Are Super Saturday interview events held in every round?
Tyler -> Junior Only Round 1 and 2
Sep 09, 10:40:09 Juan_Domingo_Pau -> Tyler Hi everyonoe. Is there a problem on taking again GMAT 3 or 4 days before Round 1 deadline, so AWA score might be informed after submiting Booth's online form?
Tyler -> Juan_Domingo_Pau You can take the GMAT up until the deadline. GMAT provides an estimated score at the completion of your exam which you can put on your application.
Sep 09, 10:41:26 Hang_Yin -> Glen Will a mock class be provided during campus visit? To get a flavor of the professor's style.
Glen -> Hang_Yin During Campus Visits, guests are invited to sit in on a class in session with Booth students offered by a variety of professors (though seats are very limited). During Booth Live, we have a professor hold a mock class for all visitors to introduce them to the Chicago Approach on the ground level.
Sep 09, 10:42:17 Rebecca -> Megan Is every MBA student assigned his or her own academic advisor?
Megan -> Rebecca Absolutely!
Sep 09, 10:42:58 sebastien.gauthier -> Tyler Hi! I have 2 letters of recommendation from professional supervisors. An ex-teacher for which I was a teaching assistant would also like to support my candidacy. Is it best to submit a 3rd letter or to have him send an email to admissions?
Tyler -> sebastien.gauthier They can send in a letter to admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Sep 09, 10:43:07 Jamie -> Megan If we took financial accounting, micro/macro econ and statistics in undergrad, can we place out of the foundation courses?
Megan -> Jamie Hi Jamie! I'd refer you to this:
Sep 09, 10:44:09 Gergo -> Glen What are the opportunities partners have at Booth? Is there a community/group or are there events organized for significant others?
Glen -> Gergo We have a very active partners group known as Booth Partners that holds several events and is a big part of the larger community http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partners.
Sep 09, 10:44:12 aditya -> Kylie W What is a typical interview schedule on campus like?How do non-campus interviews differ from on-campus interviews?
Kylie W -> aditya Hi aditya, off-campus interviews conducted with staff/students on the phone, at our hubs (locations to be determined), and with alumni in/near your city have the same format as interviews conducted on campus. However, those who interview on campus have the added opportunities to attend a class, have lunch with current students and have a group Q&A session with admissions. Interviews are conducted with current students as well. It's an all-day experience that allows interviewees to get a robust sense of Booth culture and community.
Sep 09, 10:45:23 dnoriega -> Kylie W Does Chicago Booth admit early career applicants (1-2 years of experience)?
Kylie W -> dnoriega Hi dnoriega, most of our students come into the program with 3-5 years of work experience. If you are interested in getting a sense for what an MBA may be like, we do offer a summer program for prospective students who are early in their careers and current undergraduate students called the Summer Business Scholars Program. You can learn more about the SBSP experience here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/summer-scholars
Sep 09, 10:45:33 Agus -> Glen Which types of clubs does students are able to enrol during the MBA experience?
Glen -> Agus We have 70+ student groups based around a huge variety of topics including professional, social, and cultural groups http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
Sep 09, 10:46:26 KAJ7212 -> Kylie W How are interviews formatted? Is it conversational based on information we input in our application, or are there specific questions you ask all candidates (Ex: behavioral "STAR" method, case studies, etc.)
Kylie W -> KAJ7212 Hi KAJ7212, they are blind, conversational interviews.
Sep 09, 10:46:33 adutt -> Tyler If an applicant takes the GMAT and the GRE, should they only submit one score over another? What if both scores are submitted?
Tyler -> adutt Please submit both.
Sep 09, 10:46:48 Blake_Pennington -> Megan Is it possible to include a third letter of recommendation, especially if it would support an optional essay (e.g. a college professor to provide insight into academic potential considering a low undergrad GPA)
Megan -> Blake_Pennington Blake: We ask for only two. That said, if you feel that it's incredibly important to include this information, that person can email our office and that email can be attached to your file.
Sep 09, 10:46:52 cbittar -> Glen Hello. Can someone speak further about the format of classes. Are they typically lecture, case, experiential? Or a mixture of all?
Glen -> cbittar Our professors teach in a variety of styles and get to chose the format in which they present the materials. There are lecture, case, experiential learning courses, and those that use a hybrid approach.
Sep 09, 10:48:54 Brian -> Glen Is it acceptable for someone who applies in Round 1 to subsequently attend a Booth Live event? There are limited offerings prior to the deadline, but would like to potentially visit prior to potential interviews.
Glen -> Brian Absolutely!
Sep 09, 10:49:05 JackZ -> Tyler When I preview my application, some fields populate gibberish and not what I inputted - Has that been an issue encountered by other applicants? Is it a preview issue or will the final application also have incorrect fields?
Tyler -> JackZ We're aware of the problem. No need to worry about it. We have all of your information on our end.
Sep 09, 10:50:53 Rahul -> Glen Hi What is percenatge of International students in each class
Glen -> Rahul Our incoming class is 37% international. You can see other stats at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/profiles/discover_more.aspx
Sep 09, 10:51:04 Alami -> Glen If an applicant sits for the GMAT twice, knowing that you only consider the overall score of one attempt (as opposed to a combined score), do you automatically take the higher of the two?
Glen -> Alami Yes.
Sep 09, 10:51:43 Rhushi -> Kylie W With regards to the essay is there a preference for the length if a video format is submitted?
Kylie W -> Rhushi Hi Rhushi, Acceptable formats are PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. We strongly recommend converting your piece to a PDF file prior to submitting. We do not accept video submissions. Please find further instructions on the essay here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/essay-questions
Sep 09, 10:53:14 KChea -> Kylie W About what percentage of full-time MBA students receive some form of financial aid?
Kylie W -> KChea Typically, 25-30% of students receive merit-based scholarships.
Sep 09, 10:53:22 Sean -> Tyler For those who have taken the GRE rather than the GMAT, what is the average GRE score of those who are admitted?
Tyler -> Sean We do not report out an average GRE score.
Sep 09, 10:53:40 Henry -> Tyler Am I allowed to add my own photos in my essay if I think it adds to the essay?
Tyler -> Henry Yes, please feel free to express yourself in the essay the best way you feel fit.
Sep 09, 10:54:19 sur -> Megan How much consideration does booth give to diversity in class?
Megan -> sur We believe that the best ideas generate the greatest impact when a variety of perspectives have been thoroughly vetted. Diversity in the classroom is paramount at Booth.
Sep 09, 10:55:07 DM_Iowa -> Megan Can you provide any color on how many students receive scholarships? Is the merit-based scholarship list extensive or is it relatively rare to receive one?
Megan -> DM_Iowa 25-30% of our students receive merit-based scholarships.
Sep 09, 10:55:24 JordanH -> Glen Around what percent of the class tends to focus on entrepreneurship?
Glen -> JordanH Roughly 1 in 5 students is pursing a concentration in entrepreneurship but being involved in entrepreneurship doesn't have to start or end there. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation hosts several events and competitions if you are interested in learning about more opportunities http://research.chicagobooth.edu/polsky/.
Sep 09, 10:55:45 Moderator -> Everyone There are 5 minutes remaining in the chat.
Sep 09, 10:57:15 shresthas -> Glen Who should write the recommendations for an entrepreneur, who does not have an immediate supervisor ?
Glen -> shresthas We recommend clients or business partners write recommendation letters for entrepreneurs.
Sep 09, 10:57:56 AdrianoBC -> Tyler Hi! For someone who applies on Round 1, will he or she get an "Yes", "No" or "Wait list"? If someone gets on the wait list, how long more will he or she be on that position? It is possible for a Round 1 applicant to only know his or her final result on Round 3?
Tyler -> AdrianoBC We keep a waitlist through the summer months.
Sep 09, 10:58:17 Ran -> Tyler As the deadline for round 1 draws close, I'm considering applying for round 2 instead. Is there significant difference in acceptance rate between different rounds?
Tyler -> Ran There is not.
Sep 09, 10:59:24 Edwin -> Glen What is the age range of admitted students?
Glen -> Edwin Our average age is just under 28 years old.
Sep 09, 10:59:31 amumtaz -> Megan Do you take into consideration professional qualifications such as the CFA as a supplement for academic qualifications in case the applicant has a below average GPA?
Megan -> amumtaz Hello! We look at all applications very holistically. There's no one thing we give more/less weight to; we look at all components of an application in order to get the best understanding we can of that candidate.
Sep 09, 10:59:33 b.allen -> Tyler How would a non-credit, online certificate from Northwestern University be perceived by an admissions professional?
Tyler -> b.allen Our evaluation is a holistic process and additional coursework would just be another piece of your candidacy.
Sep 09, 10:59:55 Arjoon.v -> Kylie W Does Booth collaborate with other foreign universities for exchange programs?
Kylie W -> Arjoon.v Find information on our international opportunities here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies
Sep 09, 11:00:47 amumtaz -> Tyler I dont feel comfortable disclosing to my current supervisor that I am considering to leave for business school, can i get a recommendation for another senior member of the team but not exactly a supervisor?
Tyler -> amumtaz Yes and please make sure to explain something like this in your optional essay.
Sep 09, 11:01:17 Rebecca -> Megan Has the proportion of women in the class been rising in recent years?
Megan -> Rebecca Hi Rebecca! I'm very pleased to share that it has. The class that just arrived on campus reflects our highest group of women (42%), which is up from 36% last year.
Sep 09, 11:01:38 bpbressa -> Glen My recommended does not speak English. Can he have his recommendation translated by a third person?
Glen -> bpbressa The recommendation must be in English and can be translated at the discretion of the recommender.
Sep 09, 11:02:20 Megan -> Everyone Thank you so much for your wonderful questions! It's been a pleasure to be on the chat. Best of luck!
Sep 09, 11:02:20 Glen -> Everyone Thanks for taking the time to ask questions and have a great rest of your week!
Sep 09, 11:02:20 Tyler -> Everyone It's been a pleasure chatting with you all. Good luck with your applications! Enjoy the rest of your weeks.
Sep 09, 11:02:21 Kylie W -> Everyone Thanks for joining us for our chat today. For those of you applying for Round 1, best of luck in your process!