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Live Chat with Academic Services - Tuesday, August 18, Noon - 1 p.m. CST

Join a live online chat exclusively for admitted students. Representatives from Academic Services are available to answer any questions regarding the First-Year Course Planning Guide and the Academic Planning and iBid Instructional Videos. Don't miss this opportunity to get your questions answered before Orientation.

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Moderator -> EveryoneThe chat will begin at 11am CT. Please feel free to submit questions now.
Moderator -> EveryoneThe chat will begin at 11am sharp! Feel free to submit any of your questions.
Teresa -> EveryoneHello everyone! I'm Teresa True and I'm excited to chat with you all today.
Myesha -> EveryoneThanks for joining the chat! My name is Myesha, I'm happy to answer any questions.
Cesar -> EveryoneThank you for joining us! Looking forward to helping with your questions.
David -> EveryoneHello everyone, this is David and I'm looking forward to answering any questions you may have about the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) and the International MBA degree (IMBA)
Christine -> EveryoneWelcome to our chat. This is Christine Gramhofer and I look forward to answering your questions.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone! The chat has now begun. Please submit your questions for any of our panelists.
LS -> ChristineFor the scholarships that academic services awards to 2nd year full-time MBA students, does academic services consider the difficulty of the MBA classes taken by the student in his/her 1st year in determining these awards?
Christine -> LSYes, one component for consideration is the courses you have completed and the degree of difficulty of those course.
namsah -> DavidHello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I had two questions regarding the international exchange program: 1) what is the earliest quarter that students can decide to go for a semester abroad (eg. 1st quarter?, 4th quarter?)
David -> namsahHi Namash, thanks for your question. Students need to complete ten courses before participating on IBEP which will be in your second year. For the most part, due to recruiting, most Full-Time MBA students participate on IBEP in Winter Quarter of their second year.
Trang -> MyeshaIs there a peer course evaluation guide where students rate/review classes?
Myesha -> TrangNo there is not a peer evaluation; however there is a course evaluation at the end of the quarter for each class.
Pete_Estridge -> ChristineIf a course is listed as an approved substitute for a Foundation requirement (i.e. 33101 instead of 33000) and later one wants to take a course with that Foundation class as a prerequisite, will iBid allow you to bid for the course without seeking a waiver for that Foundation prerequisite?
Christine -> Pete_EstridgeThank you for your question. If I understand your question correctly, if you have completed a Foundation course that is a strict prereq for another course, you do not need to seek a waiver.
Russell -> CesarI am looking at PE/VC jobs and work with startups. I will not do any formal recruiting in the fall for I-banking or consulting. Will the winter and spring be busier for me and if so should I try and take 400 units during the fall?
Cesar -> RussellHi Russell. Thanks for your question. Autumn would be a quarter to consider taking 400 units given your recruiting cycle. When you meet with an advisor at Orientation+, we can speak more about your plans.
Charlie -> MyeshaHi all, for the course bidding, the online videos made it seem like the bidding begins before official start of orientation in September, is that the case for entering new students?
Myesha -> CharlieHi Charlie! That is correct Bidding opens Sept. 1st at 5pm.
namsah -> DavidMy second question regarding the international exchange program is: How many quarters are students allowed to study abroad? Are they limited to just one quarter or can they undertake two quarters abroad for instance?
David -> namsahHi Namash, students are allowed to participate on IBEP for one academic quarter. Students pay for and receive 300 units of credit upon successful completion of their exchange.
Max -> Teresahow do we know which course to take and when?
Teresa -> MaxHi Max, you will have an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor during Orientation+. This is where we can talk about your background, your goals, and what classes make sense.
Leo -> MyeshaHow can we browse at all the available courses to complete the three foundations?
Myesha -> LeoLeo: the three foundations are accounting, microeconomics, and, statistics. These can be found on your Program of Study.
alantotah -> CesarHi everyone Im Alan from Mexico. My first question is how should I know what classes to take in the first quarter?
Cesar -> alantotahHi Alan. Thank you for joining us. The course planning guide and our online video series are great places to start. There will be programming and opportunity to meet with an advisor when you arrive on campus that will help too. I typically see students take courses from the Foundations area during their first quarter.
Alexismiller1214 -> ChristineIf I am looking to concentrate on Entreprenuership and Marketing what types of classes should I look into for autumn quarter?
Christine -> Alexismiller1214Good question. Students can begin fulfilling concentrations as early as autumn quarter if they have the background (professional or academic) to take higher level courses earlier in their program. Entrepreneurship courses, in some cases, may require a back ground in finance, while Marketing you could easily start with 37000. That said, with most concentrations requiring only 400 units of credit to fulfill, you have ample time in your program to acheive desired concentrations.
RG -> DavidIf we choose to sign up for 4 courses in our first quarter, what is the drop date by which we can get 100% refund for tuition if we drop one course?
David -> RGDear RG, thanks for question. Late drops will result in a partial or complete forfeiture of tuition as outlined below. Bid points are not refunded.

100 Unit Course(s)
Weeks 1-2 Drop(s) incurs no tuition penalty
Week 3 Drop(s) incur a 35% tuition penalty
Week 4 Drops incur a 50% tuition penalty; grade of "W" (withdraw)
Week 5 Drops incur a 75% tuition penalty; grade of "W" (withdraw)
Weeks 6-8 Drops incur a 100% tuition penalty; grade of "W" (withdraw)

Beginning Week 9 Requires faculty to consent drop. Drop incurs a 100% tuition penalty; grade of "W" (withdraw)

50 Unit Course(s)
Weeks 1 & 6 Drop incurs no tuition penalty
Weeks 2 & 7 Drops incur a 50% tuition penalty; grade of "W" (withdraw)
Weeks 3 & 8 Drops incur a 75% tuition penalty; grade of "W" (withdraw)

Beginning Weeks 4 & 9 Requires faculty consent to drop. Drop incurs a 100% tuition penalty; grade of "W" (withdraw)

NOTE: Late drops may affect your financial aid/scholarship so students will want to contact Financial Aid if you have questions or concerns.
Sue -> MyeshaCan required courses be taken anytime throughout the year, or do they need to be completed in a certain order?
Myesha -> SueSue: required courses can be taken anytime during the year; with that said many courses have prerequisites that must be met before you can take that course.
Alexismiller1214 -> TeresaAlso what tracks should I try to put myself in to get exposed to as many marketing opportunities as possible?
Teresa -> Alexismiller1214Hi Alexis,
You can join student groups related to marketing, we can help you select marketing classes that make sense for the direction you're headed, and you can get involved with the Kilts Center.
Chad_Wetzel -> ChristineAre the criteria and scholarships that academic services awards to 2nd year full-time MBA students listed on a website? If so, are you able to provide the link?
Christine -> Chad_WetzelYes, please visit the Academic Services website and visit the navigational tab, Academic Awards: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/full-time/academics/as/academic-services/academic-awards.
Patrick -> MyeshaI read that you recommend taking either 3 or 4 classes during the first quarter - is that in addition to LEAD?
Myesha -> PatrickPatrick: Yes, that is included with LEAD which meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
ekimbellhalldeyoe -> ChristineApologies for the confusion, but as a follow-up to Max and Charlie's questions - when will we actually meet with our academic advisor vs. when will iBidding begin? It seems like iBid starts before we would meet with our advisor, but I may be confusing things. Thanks!!
Christine -> ekimbellhalldeyoeAs outlined in the video tutorials, your first opportunity to meet with an advisor is on Wednesday, 9/9. On Monday students will receive a detailed message on how to sign-up for those appointments.
nana23 -> CesarHello everybody! Thank you for initiating this chat. I have a general question regarding I-bid. Is there a possibility, that after making a bid during the first bidding round I do not receive a seat at the course I wanted because my bid was too low, and I don't get a chance to bid for the same course again during the same quarter?
Cesar -> nana23Hi nana23! During bidding, although a course may close after a phase, you'll see movement (course drops) in subsequent phases. So although you may not have gotten into the course/section you want, it doesn't necessarily mean you wont have another opportunity to bid/acquire the course later.
Kacey -> ChristineWhen reviewing the course price history excel document, can you confirm which phase price we should reference?
Christine -> KaceyGood question. For incoming students, you should refer to the Phase 1 (new) course price history.
Liangsha -> TeresaOn the academic calendar on intranet, it says that iBid phase 1 is August 24th followed by phase 2 the 27th. Do 1st years participate in the the first two phases and if so, how do we do so from Random Walks?
Teresa -> LiangshaHi Liangsha,
The phases you're seeing in August are for the second year students. The first year students' phase 1 is scheduled during the first couple of weeks of September. It is open while you're here for Orientation+.
Sue -> TeresaIs LEAD considered 100 units?
Teresa -> SueHi Sue,
No, LEAD is a required class but it does not count for 100 units. You need a total of 2000 units, plus LEAD to graduate.
Stefano -> DavidWhat is the best way to get the list of external guest lecturers participating to a given lecture (in case guest lectures are planed by the faculty member)?
David -> StefanoHi Stefano, thanks for your question. The best way is to learn about potential guest lecturers is to consult the syllabus for the course you are interested in.
RG -> CesarIf my undergrad degree is in finance and not stricty in economics, can we still do the advanced microeconomics course?
Cesar -> RGHi RG. Faculty indicate prerequisites for their courses. You can enroll in advanced courses. Keep in mind if the prerequisite is strict you will need to reach out to the faculty to share your prior academic and professional background to request a waiver to bid however if the prerequisite is not recommended then the faculty leaves the decision to the student. Academic advisors can help you in deciding which course is best for you given your background.
Charles_M. -> ChristineHello all, to follow up with Charlie's question: bidding will open prior to Orientation+ if it starts on September 1st. Orientation+ begins September 8th. Am I correct with this? Thank you!
Christine -> Charles_M.Charles, correct. Orientation+ begins on 9/8 and access to Booth Book and bidding is available on 9/1 so you can familiarize yourself with each system. You will have ample opportunity to alter your bids once programming begins and if you elect to meet with an academic advisor.
VD -> TeresaHi, when should we start bidding for classes and what is the due date for the first semester?
Teresa -> VDHi VD, Bidding will begin when you're here for Orientation+. Once you're here you will get a schedule of all of the phases of bidding. The last phase of bidding is open during the first week of classes. October 1 will be the last day that you can add a Chicago Booth class.
Lauren -> MyeshaOn page 12 of the Course Planning Guide, there is a footnote that suggests that if you are taking only three hundred units in autumn quarter, you may want to consider delaying Financial Accounting to a future quarter for workload reasons. Will you please elaborate on this?
Myesha -> LaurenLauren: If you are not going into Accounting/Finance you can hold off at least until winter as micro and stats are touched on many of the other courses.
LS -> ChristineIs a full-time MBA student who only takes 3 courses in each of their first three quarters (i.e., a 1st year MBA student who has passed 9 total classes by end of spring 2016) penalized at all for scholarship purposes compared to a student who takes 10 or 11 total classes by the end of spring 2016?
Christine -> LSLS: Good question. As long as you complete a total of 900 UOC at the end of your first year of study with an overall GPA of 2.33 (C+), you remain in good standing to receive your scholarship in your second year of study.
Charlie -> TeresaHi Teresa, any recommendations on resources for picking courses for start of iBid Sept 1? My understanding is orientation+ won't happen until a week later?
Teresa -> CharlieHi Charlie, Phase 1 bidding opens September 1 but it goes through September 13 so you will have plenty of time to meet with an academic advisor to talk about your course selection before the close of Phase 1. You're welcome to log onto iBid before you come to Orientation+ to get familiar with the system.
VG -> CesarWhen we think about schedules in general, are there certain days of the week that the majority of classes are scheduled on? ie, most first year classes are scheduled Tuesday thru Thursday, high level electives tend to be afternoons, anything like that?
Cesar -> VGHi VG. The course schedule is typically distributed during the business week (Monday - Friday) with no specific grouping for certain courses during a day of the week or time (am or pm)
Leo -> MyeshaIs it necessary or at least convenient to take all three foundations during our first quarter?
Myesha -> LeoHi Leo! You have the option of taking all 3 foundations in your first quarter. Booth has a flexible curriculum and you can take courses when you desire. Please note many courses have prerequisites that must be met.
AnnaS -> DavidThank you for answering our questions! Do the advisor appointments during orientation fill up quickly? Should I be worried about quickly signing up for a spot while I'm on my RW trip?
David -> AnnaSDear Anna, Thanks for your question. The adviser appointments during Orientation+ do fill up very quickly but there is enough space to accommodate all who wish to have an appointment.
aphillips -> MyeshaGood morning! Given that bidding will begin before we meet with an academic advisor, will we be able to go back and rebid/or adjust preferences after that meeting?
Myesha -> aphillipsaphillips: Yes, you will be able to adjust you bids until bidding closes on Sept. 13th at 11:59 pm.
CKG -> ChristineHi All - As a follow up to Pete's question and Christine's answer, what is the best way to identify all the prereqs across the upper division classes in which I am interested? For example, according to the course schedule, several courses that I am interested in taking require a variety of accounting and finance pre-reqs. Generally would one foundation accounting and finance class qualify as a satisfactory pre-req for each, respectively?
Christine -> CKGAs noted in the videos, as you look on the course search page, then the individual course description, it will note whether or not the course has a strict or recommend prereq. If it is strict, it will list what courses are required in order to bid on the course without a waiver. Additionally, in iBid the system will prevent students from bidding on a course with a strict prereq if they have not met course requirements or received a waiver.
Candicey -> MyeshaMy question is on foundation courses specifically, but also courses in general. Is there a qualification exam we can take to get a course waived?
Myesha -> CandiceyHi Candicey! There is no exam to waive out of a class; however there are course substitutes that are available for foundations.
Oma -> Cesarwhat sort of help will be available to us in selecting classes for our first quarter?
Cesar -> OmaHi Oma, There is plenty of programming coming your way to help. Aside from the online videos and first-year course planning guide, the Curriculum Overview, a Faculty Panel, Faculty Lunch, Academic Services' Q and A session, and individual academic advising sessions are some of the programming you can expect..
nana23 -> DavidHaving experience in Audit (accounting) how do I know what level of Accounting and Finance courses I should take? Is there any self-test (except the one for pre-MBA courses) that I could take, in order to know what level/strength of a course I shoult take?
David -> nana23Hi nana23, thanks for your question. Both the Curriculum Overview and Faculty Lunch (where you can talk with faculty about your professional and academic background) will be helpful to you in learning which courses will meet your needs.
bmcnam55 -> ChristineFirst-year students don't participate in the bidding process for Autumn quarter until round 3, correct? If so, am I right to assume that we will be shut out of most of the competitive courses (i.e. Building the New Venture)?
Christine -> bmcnam55It is true that returning student have completed two round of bidding prior to your arrival and, in fact, some courses may be closed. That said, those course are also offered in subsequent quarter.
Natalia_Botia -> DavidIn the price history Excel, why are phase 1,2,3,4 and sometimes 5 in zero sometimes? Does this mean no bid was done?
David -> Natalia_BotiaDear Natalia_Botia, thanks for for your question. When you see a course price at zero it means that it didn't close.
Angela -> CesarHi and thanks for hosting this chat. Regarding the iBid process and course prices, I understand that prices are determined based on demand, but still not entirely clear on how that final price is set...for example, does it hover around the most commonly placed bid price, or does the professor (or someone else) ultimately choose and set a price?
Cesar -> AngelaHi Angela, Thank you for your question. The course price for a course is the bid amount the last person to get a seat for that course and section.
RG -> DavidHello, i believe we were getting a link to set up a time with an academic advisor by mid Aug, however I haven't received one. Is it still scheduled to be sent out?
David -> RGHi RG, the link to schedule advising appointments during Orientation+ will be sent next Monday, August 24th
Cdwyer -> MyeshaIs it possible to take more than 20 courses over the two years without incurring additional tuition?
Myesha -> CdwyerCdwyer: Thanks for your question. It on the Academic Services webpage. https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/full-time/academics/as/academic-services
RG -> Christineis it advisable for someone aiming for investment management to take an advanced version of the foundational accounting course?
Christine -> RGRG: Of course, your advisor would need to review your academic background, but assuming you have both a practical and academic background in accounting, I would definately avoid taking 30000.
PriyankaPrakash -> TeresaHi, thanks for answering our questions! 1. How quickly must new students progress on Bidding to bid for the classes we require? 2. What is the process of taking approved substitutes for the Foundation classes?
Teresa -> PriyankaPrakashHi Priyanka, Have you had a chance to watch the videos on bidding? When bidding, it's not a matter of how quickly you bid. Securing a class is based on the amount of points you bid. It is important that you bid during phase 1 but there are 5 phases of bidding for a reason. Some students will have their schedule set in phase 1 while others will still be putting the final touches on their schedule during phase 5.

If you are coming in with background in a specific area, you can take an approved substitute instead one of the basic classes. Some classes will have strict prerequisites and if that's the case you need to get permission from the instructor to take the more advanced class. If there is not a strict prerequisite, then you will be able to bid on the more advanced class. If you're not sure if you're ready for a more advanced class, that will be a great conversation to have with your academic advisor.
alantotah -> Cesarwhen are we supposed to bid for our classes?
Cesar -> alantotahHi Alantotah. During Phase 1 is when you will begin to bid for courses. Phase 1 bidding for new students begins on September 1 at 5pm and closes on September 13 at 11:59pm.
Charlie -> Myeshabasic question: can you provide an updated link to the course planning guide? I searched for it on the website but the link was broken for the 2015 result
Myesha -> CharlieCharlie: Here's the link for the Course Planning Guide: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/full-time/academics/as/academic-services/resources/orientation-presentations
ekimbellhalldeyoe -> ChristineAre our academic advisors assigned to us based on our stated areas of interest (eg: marketing)?
Christine -> ekimbellhalldeyoeAcademic Advisors are well-versed in all aspects of the curriculum's areas of study and the required skills necessary in industry and functions.
Russell -> TeresaDo any of the foundation courses or specifically approved subsitutes for microeconomics count towards the finance concentration?
Teresa -> RussellHi Russell,
There are some classes that will fulfill a requirement and also count towards a concentration at the same time. In your example, there aren't any of the microeconomics foundation classes that also count towards the finance concentration.
namsah -> CesarIs it practically possible to complete the required 21 courses in less than 21 months (in, say, 18 or even 15 months)?
Cesar -> namsahHi namsah. It is possible for a student to complete their program of study in less than two years however there may be financial implications and course implications in doing so. If this is something your are interested in doing, please share this with your advisor when you meet at Orientation+
Angela -> ChristineIf we test out of/receive permission by the professor to be waived out of a foundations course (for example, Marketing Strategy 37000) but Marketing Strategy is a pre-req for several other advanced marketing classes, will we be prevented from enrolling in those advanced classes, or is it that the system recognizes us as having "taken" 37000 since we were waived out of it, or is it that we have to get permission from the professor to bid for each subsequent class?
Christine -> AngelaAngela, if I understand your question correctly, if you receive a waiver from one faculty for their course and 37000 is a prereq for yet another, if you have completed the course you will still need to secure waivers. Fortunately, the process is very straight-forward.
PriyankaPrakash -> DavidAs a follow up to aphillip's question, is it better to bid first before meeting an Acad advisor and then adjust the bid - or to bid after meeting your Acad advisor?
David -> PriyankaPrakashDear PriyankaPrakash, thanks for your question. You can access and place bids and adjust bids within iBid and when you do that in relation to when you meet with an adviser has no impact. In the end, you will want to have your bids set prior to the bidding phase closing. That said, if you access iBid and place bids prior to meeting with an Adviser you will get used to how iBid works and you won't feel a need to ask systematic questions in your brief advising schedule.
Leo -> CesarCan we start researching available courses and iBid history now, or until iBid opens on 9/1?
Cesar -> LeoHi Leo. September 1 will be your first opportunity to access iBid, course price history, and course information.
Kc -> MyeshaThanks for your time today! For lab courses that require an application, how does the concurrent bid process work? Is there any indication of acceptance in the lab course before bidding for other courses?
Myesha -> KcHi KC: Thanks for your question. There is no indication of acceptance in a lab. If you are accepted into a lab that is application based; you will be administratively added to the course. My suggestion is to bid as if you have not been accepted into the lab.
Moderator -> Everyone20 more minutes left in our chat. Please feel free to continue to submit your questions.
Alyse -> TeresaHi - Do you advise waiting to start the bidding process until we meet with an academic advisor during Orientation+ (especially if we are Joint Degree students)?
Teresa -> AlyseHi Alyse, You're more than welcome to log onto iBid before you've had a chance to meet with an advisor so that you can get familiar with the system. You can always go back and make changes to your original bids if you place some bids before your meeting with your advisor.
Pete_Estridge -> ChristineFollowing up to a response to my questions by Christine: to clarify my question, if you take an approved substitute that is higher and you DO NOT take the foundation (e.g. taking 33101 instead of 33000), would you then need a waiver if 33000 was a strict prerequisite, or would 33101 fulfill that requirement? Thank you.
Christine -> Pete_EstridgeThank you for clarifying. Yes, if you were to take a higher-level approved substitute, this course meets the area as well as satisfies a strict prereq, 33001 and 33101 is an excellent example.
Russell -> CesarAre there tests or anything we can take to make sure we are in good standing to take an approved substitute for one of the foundations?
Cesar -> RussellHi Russell. You'll want to visit the Pre-MBA page of the admitted student website for the available resources (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/ftadmit )
Oma -> MyeshaI'm transitioning from a career in consulting, I've identified some courses I need but there seem to be pre-requisite after pre-requisite for those courses, how do I get ready in time for recruiting?
Myesha -> OmaOma: Yes many course have prerequisites; however, many are not strict, so you can still take the course. You may find that you have to work harder as a career switcher, with that said, Booth has many resources that can you assist to be prepared for recruiting.
Leo -> DavidWhat is the process to enroll in a non-Booth course? I guess no iBid points are used for those purposes right and any points I save because of this would rollover to the next quarter, correct?
David -> LeoHi Leo, the policy and procedures for registering for a non-Booth course are found on the Booth Intranet at https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/full-time/academics/as/academic-services/advising-and-course-management/course-options/non-booth-uchicago-courses. You are correct that you will not use any iBid points when registering for a non-Booth and you will earn 2,000 bid points for the course, That said, we recommend that you only take Booth courses your first quarter at Booth and look at taking non-Booth courses in later quarters
Steph -> MyeshaIs there a matrix of courses/concentrations so we can determine what classes we need to take to cover more concentrations?
Myesha -> StephSteph: When you have opportunity to look at Booth Book, this tool will assist you in course planning. You will gain access on the 1st of Sept.
aphillips -> CesarAs a joint degree student, if I've previously taken a class that I believe satisfies the foundation requirement how do I apply for a waiver to then be allowed to take an upper level course which may require that foundation course as a prerequisite?
Cesar -> aphillipsHi aphillips. By Monday you'll receive receive a message from the joint degree advisor about your program and any needed steps on your part in regards to applying for a waiver.
Richard -> ChristineDo prior UChicago undergraduates who have taken Booth courses receive credit for them Eg Accounting, corp fin?
Christine -> RichardRichard, good question. By Monday you will receive a message from Academic Serivices with detailed information on whether previous Booth courses taken while an undergrad can count for your MBA degree requirements.
Cdwyer -> TeresaIf I want to take the Money and Banking class in the Winter and I have a finance undergrad degree, will I need to take the Microeconomics pre-req at Booth?
Teresa -> CdwyerCdwyer: This is probably a good conversation to have one on one with an advisor about your specific background. Both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are recommended prerequisites for Money and Banking.
Moderator -> Everyone15 minutes left. Please submit your questions now.
Kacey -> TeresaDuring the series of videos, I made a note that the class price is determined by the lowest successful bid. Above in the chat it mentions the price is set by the last person who gets a seat in the class. If that is the case, is it true the course price may not be set until after Phase 5? Would you mind confirming?
Teresa -> KaceyKacey: Each phase is independent of each other. A class could close for a certain price in one phase and another price in the next phase.
Julian -> MyeshaI've heard alums mention that you should take course X if you're interested in career path Y, because that course looks good when you're recruiting for that industry. Will our academic advisors be able to point us towards the classes that will help with landing our desired internships?
Myesha -> JulianJulian: Advisors can help you determine your program of study for the skills for your desired profession. There's no blanket statement, but we are here to assist you through your journey.
Leo -> ChristineIn connection with Richard's question, I took a Summer Course (Applied Microeconomics) in U Chicago in 2010. I think the course is very similar to the Intro to Microeconomics foundation but still wouldn't like to take any advanced courses at this stage. Can that course count as my foundation allowing me an extra elective?
Christine -> LeoLeo: Academic Services will be in touch with all incoming students who have previously taken Booth courses. That said, if the course is more than 5 years old or has counted towards a previous UC degree, it cannot be counted towards the MBA degree requirements.
nana23 -> CesarTo clarify, are the students bidding picked in descending order of their bids? The first student to receive a seat had the highest bid, the second slightly lower, and etc.?
Cesar -> nana23Hi nana23. Thank you your question. The lowest successful bid sets the price for the course. Everyone who acquired the course pays the set price for the course.
AW -> TeresaThank you so much for your help. I was wondering if there were any lists of "typical classes" taken by career goals (i.e. typical classes for PE jobs, classes taken for consulting)? It would be a helpful reference.
Teresa -> AWHi AW,
Since everyone is coming in with a different educational/professional background, there really isn't a cookie cutter response. You can meet with an academic advisor to discuss your individual background and career goals and we can suggest classes that make sense for you.
Moderator -> EveryoneJust a few minutes left on our chat. We will answer as many questions as we can up until 12pm CT. Transcripts from this chat will be available within 48 hours. Thanks for joining!
Anshuman -> CesarDo recruiters have access to the list of courses we have taken?
Cesar -> AnshumanHi Anshuman: You may be asked by recruiters the courses you have taken however a list is not provided by the school to them.
Charlie -> MyeshaI noticed LEAD lab II (31702) is listed as a prereq for the General Management Concentration, does this mean that requires 9 additional 100 unit courses from the list to make 1000 units total for that concentration, or does LEAD not count toward the 1000 unit count for General Management?
Myesha -> CharlieIf selected as a LEAD Facilitator; you are enrolled in a LEAD class in autumn quarter. This course counts towards the MOB concentration. You will have the opportunity to speak with an advisor, if this becomes an option for you.
aphillips -> MyeshaThank you all! See you in a few weeks.
Myesha -> aphillipsaphillips! You are welcome! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
LS -> TeresaHow many LEAD Tuesday or Thursday morning sessions can we miss before failing LEAD?
Teresa -> LSHi LS,
You really need to attend all of the LEAD classes. If you already know you're going to miss one or more, you should reach out to the LEAD coordinators as soon as possible.
austin_a -> ChristineOf the alternatives to the basic microeconomics foundational requirement, which is generally considered the more advanced alternative - Advanced Microeconomic Analysis or Accelerated Microeconomics?
Christine -> austin_aThis will be addressed at the Curriculum Overview and can be further discussed with an advisorwho can review your background with you, but in short, workload and content increase as you advance. 33002 is middle of the road with 33101 is considered "turbo".
Angela -> CesarFollowing up nana23's question, I guess what I still don't understand is how is the "lowest successful bid" determined? How is a bid accepted in the first place?
Cesar -> AngelaHi Angela. Thank you for your follow-up. iBid reviews all primary bids for a particular course/section in bid point order then using the last person to acquire seat bid amount to set the price for that course/section.
Christine -> EveryoneThank you all for such thoughtful questions. We look forward to meeting you in a few short weeks.
David -> EveryoneThanks everyone! I look forward to your arrival on campus soon.
Teresa -> EveryoneIt was so great chatting with you all. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in September!
Cesar -> EveryoneThank you for all your questions!
Myesha -> EveryoneThanks for your questions! I look forward to meeting each of you in a few weeks!