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Booth Women Connect - Friday, May 29, 2015, Noon - 1 p.m. CST

As part of Women’s Week 2015, join our live chat with current students from the Chicago Booth Women in Business (CWiB) group about the Booth experience and how it has made an impact on their careers. Learn more about how the panelists navigate academics and recruiting, and the dynamic and supportive community at Booth.

(May 29 2015, 11:50:28 -05:00 CDT - May 29 2015, 13:04:07 -05:00 CDT)

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May 29, 11:50:28Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 10 minutes. Feel free to submit your questions at any time.
May 29, 12:00:59Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to introducing ourselves and answering your questions.
May 29, 12:01:51Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering your questions!
May 29, 12:02:13Megan -> EveryoneHi! I'm Meg Stiphany, Sr. Associate Director of Admissions Outreach. Really looking forward to chatting with all of you today!
May 29, 12:02:15Nicole -> EveryoneHi everyone, thanks for joining us today! My name is Nicole and I'm a first-year concentrating in Marketing and Strategy. I'm also one of the Chicago Women in Business (CWiB) co-chairs. Happy to answer your questions!
May 29, 12:02:18Beck -> EveryoneHi! My name is Beck Pryor and I'm a second-year student. Happy to talk about general management and strategy recruiting, being a LEAD facilitator, and coming to Booth from a non-traditional background.
May 29, 12:02:21Jennifer P. -> EveryoneHi! I'm Jen. I'm a 2nd year student focusing on HR, management and strategy. I'm from the UK, but have lived in the US for 3 years now. Excited to chat with you today!
May 29, 12:02:25Christina H -> EveryoneHi, I'm Christina Hachikian, director of the Social Enterprise Initiative, an adjunct assistant professor of strategy at Booth, and a proud alum!
May 29, 12:02:32Linh -> EveryoneHi, I'm Linh, a second-year student. I can talk to off-campus recruiting for start-ups, LEAD, Epicurean Club, and DSAC.
May 29, 12:02:55Vicky -> EveryoneHello everyone! My name is Vicky Huang. I'm a 2Y from Taiwan. Looking forward to chatting soon! I can speak about recruiting in healthcare, consulting and other fun extracurricular activities!
May 29, 12:03:15Priyanka -> EveryoneHi all! My name is Priyanka and I am a first year at Booth. I am originally from India and have a background in healthcare. I can speak to my experience with the admissions process, healthcare resources at Booth, and international student resources in general.
May 29, 12:07:05ErikaKretschmann -> BeckWhat did you feel was (or what do you expect will be) your greatest challenge after receiving your MBA and how has your experience at Booth prepared you to handle this challenge?
Beck -> ErikaKretschmannHi Erika, thanks for your question. I think one big challenge after leaving Booth is entering careers where you will be managing people and teams (since many of us were more individual contributors before school). Booth prepares you to handle this challenge through our leadership development course (LEAD), managerial and organizational behavior courses, and opportunities to lead and manage teams in lab courses and clubs.
May 29, 12:07:07Dhara -> MeganI received my BBA in 2005. Since Booth is my top choice, I wanted to be strategic in my application process. So I'm taking three classes at Graham, set to take GMATs in Sept, and plan to transfer to Booth in the Winter a Quarter. In your opinion, will it be seen as a disadvantage that I didn't apply directly to Booth?
Megan -> DharaHi Dhara! Great to chat with you and thanks for your question. I don't think that you're at a disadvantage at all. Enjoy the classes at Graham, and try to make connections to Booth students through some of the folks you'll meet in your Graham classes. That way you'll get a great perspective and will be able to speak to some of what you learned in your application.
May 29, 12:08:59VK -> Jennifer P.What events CWiB organize throughout the year? How do you manage study, work, social and family commitments? Any tips to share?
Jennifer P. -> VKHi VK, CWIB has lots of events throughout the year. The biggest events are the Fall Conference and the Spring Dinner; however there are things going on pretty much every week and the group sends a weekly email to remind everyone of whats going on. With regards to your question about tips on managing time - I would say think about why you want to be here and then prioritize.
May 29, 12:09:13Shaina -> NicoleSince Booth classes are taught through lecture or case-method, how much of your learning was a result of your classmates input via in-class discussions or study groups?
Nicole -> ShainaHi Shaina, thanks for the question! I don't have a specific breakdown for you but I can say that I've learned from my classmates both through class discussions and through study groups. Class discussions are typically good for breadth, since there's 65 or so people, all with different backgrounds. Study groups are better for depth, since you're spending more time together and have the time to go deep into a particular issue.
May 29, 12:09:34Coury -> BeckHi Beck - can you speak a little more to your non-traditional background and strategies you used making the transition to Booth?
Beck -> CouryHi Coury, absolutely! I came to Booth from an international development non-profit. I found that having a different perspective than a lot of my peers was really valuable and added to in-class conversations. The support systems here in academic and career services are really fantastic in terms of helping individual students make the transition, from picking classes to figuring out how to position your previous work experience in recruiting.
May 29, 12:11:16jk2 -> VickyThank you for hosting this session! I was wondering what some of your time management secrets were. How did you allocate time between studying/clubs/recruiting, etc?
Vicky -> jk2Hi! I think it depends on your priorities and recruiting industries. For example, banking and consulting recruiting takes place in the first quarter, so people are usually done with interviews by end of Feb, and you can spend the rest of the year having fun and focusing on classes. However, people doing off-campus recruiting (e.g. PE, startups, VC) would be splitting their time between studying/clubs/recruiting more evenly throughout the year
May 29, 12:11:21_Oma -> PriyankaHi, I'm moving to Chicago this fall - class of 2017. I'd like to know what international students should prepare for when moving into the Booth community and chicago in general especially those of us that have never lived in the US
Priyanka -> _OmaHi Oma, congratulations! I can imagine that you must have a lot of questions about your move here. I think in general, it is good to start with sorting out your housing and visa related stuff first. Otherwise, there is no special preparation as such that is required. But, make sure you take some time off and relax before you start school. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
May 29, 12:12:12Ivy_P. -> LinhHello, Thank you for you time today. Since there are no cohorts/sections/core curriculum at Booth, have you found it difficult to get connected and build bonds with your peers?
Linh -> Ivy_P.Hi Ivy, great question! We actually do have a cohort system at Booth. The first 6 weeks of school, everyone is divided into cohorts of 60 and then sub-divided into squads of 7-8. However, afterwards, it is up to each individual cohort to determine how to interact throughout the next two years (with cohort events sponsored by our student council). That being said, there are tons of other ways by which students build bonds with their peers: study groups in classes, through professional and social clubs, from living in the same building, etc. At the beginning of your first year, a Facebook group is set up, and you'll find that if you suggest an activity, immediately 40 people will want to go on the activity with you. So, there's a huge abundance of ways to connect and bond.
May 29, 12:12:58amcpike -> BeckHi Everyone! My question is for Beck. I'm potentially interested in pursuing a career in the food/bev industry in sustainability, but I don't have any prior work experience in this industry. Could you speak to how you chose this career path, how Booth helped you find opportunities given your "non-traditional" background, or anything that would be helpful for me in preparation for exploring a career path similar to yours? Thanks!
Beck -> amcpikeHi amcpike - There's a group here called FEAD (Food, Environment, Agribusiness and Development) - I got really involved with them early on in my first year and figured out through a lot of their events that I was interested in the food/ag field. Booth was helpful in determining which companies that recruited on campus might be a good fit, as well as what sorts of opportunities I should consider pursuing to round out my resume. Overall, I think switching into this industry is totally doable - especially if you are willing to put yourself out there and talk to people about your interests!
May 29, 12:13:19Ivy_P. -> NicoleAlso, Booth does not have a set core curriculum for first year students, how did you go about figuring out which classes to select and how to plan out your academic time at Booth?
Nicole -> Ivy_P.Hi Ivy, great question! Having a flexible curriculum is easily one of my favorite things about Booth, and one of the things that I didn't originally expect to be that significant. There are Academic Advisors that can help you decide on classes, both in term of fit with your existing knowledge and background or preferred teaching styles. I personally haven't used an Advisor, so my approach has been to get some of the fundamentals and common pre-requisites out of the way and then focus on the classes I'm interested in, while making sure I'm knocking out any required courses along the way. It's definitely a bit more work than having classes selected for you but I've really enjoyed being able to take 4 marketing classes in my first year!
May 29, 12:13:37Christie -> Jennifer P.Hello, My name is Christie Majkut and am from Boston. I was wondering if Jennifer P could speak to HR management and how she feels Booth is preparing her for a job post MBA.
Jennifer P. -> ChristieHi Christie, I have really loved all of the organizational behavior classes. There is a great selection and they are really practical. The flexibility of the curriculum allow you to create a strong foundation in business whilst still focusing in on the areas you find most valuable for your desired career path.
May 29, 12:13:49Lisa_Marie -> Christina HHi Ladies! I am currently in the process of researching MBA programs and one of the program attributes I am interested in is social enterprise. Can any of you speak to the classes and/or clubs on campus that engage in social enterprise missions?
Christina H -> Lisa_MarieHi Lisa Marie, Good question. There are 9 student groups at Booth with a primary or secondary focus on social impact. These groups include the Food, Agriculture, Environment, and Development group as well as the Booth chapter of Net Impact. The Social Enterprise Initiative works closely with these groups and supports all their efforts.
May 29, 12:14:43Dolly -> BeckWill you talk a little more about LEAD, the leadership development course you mentioned, Beck and Linh?
Beck -> DollyHi Dolly - certainly. LEAD is a six-week leadership development course that everyone takes when you get here in your first year. The idea behind the LEAD program is to help incoming students identify their strengths and areas for improvement in leadership - and what kind of leader they want to be (we don't believe there's any one ideal leadership type). There are a bunch of modules around personality, perceptions and awareness, cross-cultural communication, and more.
May 29, 12:15:15Inge -> LinhHi. My name is Inge Groth, I am a perspective student interested in entrepreneurship. Thanks for your time! Linh, could you talk a little bit about the recruiting process for start-ups please and what the steps are/challenges? Thanks!
Linh -> IngeHi Inge, the recruiting process is very much networking-based. A lot of your time throughout the year is having conversations with start-ups. Booth provides many resources to help you make those connections - the Polsky Center is FABULOUS, there are second year Career Advisors who can provide you with tactical advice, EVC (the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital group) and the alumni network is also very passionate about helping students. The challenge is really in the fact that it's a long game - you'll be recruiting up until June in some cases, and that can be hard for some people, when your classmates are set by February.
May 29, 12:16:19Shaina -> Jennifer P.Since there are no assigned "sections" (other than LEAD), how difficult or easy is it to find effective study groups for various classes?
Jennifer P. -> ShainaHi Shaina, its easy! You meet lots of people during orientation and really get to know your squad and cohort well during the first six weeks. Everyone is in the same boat.
May 29, 12:16:19KimberlyM -> NicoleWhat is the relationship like between second and first year students? Do the second-years serve as mentors to first-years, either academically or in terms of career development?
Nicole -> KimberlyMHi Kimberly! There are definitely strong relationships between first and second year students and those relationships can take on all forms. I met some of my best 2Y friends during my Random Walk and asked them all the time for advice on classes. Some of the strongest 1Y-2Y interactions come recruiting time. Most disciplines or areas have clubs that organize resume reviews, mock interviews, and other events where 2Ys give 1Ys advice. In the Marketing Club, we also had speed networking and formal mentors. Booth is huge on the giving back culture, so pretty much anytime you're looking for help from a 2Y one is happy to provide it!
May 29, 12:17:23Lilly -> PriyankaPriyanka, I would like to ask you about the healthcare opportunities and resources at Booth
Priyanka -> LillyHi Lilly and Kate: I shall answer your questions together. Let me start by saying that Booth as several healthcare related resources- academic as well as recruiting related. I mostly did off-campus recruiting because I am interested in hospital administration. In addition to resources provided by career services you the have access to healthcare resources on the entire UChicago campus which is great. There are several professors here who have worked in healthcare and have connections in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space. They are a great resources as well. We also have some classes focused on healthcare such as the healthcare analytics lab and classes offered through the GPHAP program. The alumni network is also a great recruiting resource if you are recruiting off-campus.
May 29, 12:17:39JPS -> Christina HHi everyone! I am considering Booth as one of my top choices for applying this fall. I have a sales background in hi-tech and I am interested in making the change to social enterprise upon completing the MBA. I would like to know in what ways students become involved with the Social Enterprise Initiative here at Booth.
Christina H -> JPSHi JPS, there are many ways to connect with the Social Enterprise Initiative as a student. One of the largest social enterprise activities we offer is the John Edwardson, '72, Social New Venture Challenge, which helps students launch social enterprises. We just had the finals last week, in fact. In general, at SEI, we are very student driven and are really here to support student interests through student clubs, speaker series, and curricular guidance.
May 29, 12:18:31Eliza -> MeganHello, is there a pre-term at Booth? I went through the welcome page but I could not find any specific info. Is there none bc it would conflict with the Random Walks which a lot of students are attending?
Megan -> ElizaHi Eliza! Great to chat with you and thanks for your question. There's Orientation, but it doesn't conflict with Random Walks.
May 29, 12:18:32Lisa -> Jennifer P.For all the currrent students - any tips for those of us coming in the fall? Any prep that really helped? Esp for those coming from a non traditional background ...
Jennifer P. -> LisaHi Lisa, I would say 1) spend some time thinking about why you are coming and what your priorities will be for the coming year - things move fast when you arrive so its valuable to have put some thought into your goals 2) relax and enjoy some well-deserved time off :-)
May 29, 12:19:14ClaireG -> NicoleAre Booth alumni very involved with current students? How easy is it to reach out to people in the alumni network?
Nicole -> ClaireGHi Claire! Alums are super involved with students, in a variety of areas, and it's very easy to reach out to them through our administration. Alums are often back on campus for recruiting, but also for competitions and events like the New Venture Challenge or a number of LEAD-related challenges in the fall. The Kilts Center also organized alum-1Y student mentor / mentee pairings for marketing students. My mentor has been great and very active in helping me navigate career decisions and planning!
May 29, 12:19:20Madeline -> LinhLinh, I'd love to hear more about your experience with DSAC--how has that been going? What is the time commitment like?
Linh -> MadelineHi Madeline, DSAC is AWESOME! It's a great avenue by which you can interact with prospective students and share your experiences about the school. The time commitment highly depends on the team you're on. If you're on a committee or part of the Interview team, the time commitment can be heavy during Rounds 1-3 (6-10+ hours a week), but otherwise, it's very much up to you, in terms of how much time you put in. I know plenty of people who only volunteer a few times a quarter or 1 hour a week.
May 29, 12:19:50Janet -> BeckFor those of you who went into school thinking you'd do one thing and came out of school doing another, could you talk about what that change was and how it happened? (Thank you!)
Beck -> JanetHi Janet! I think one of the great things about Booth's flexible curriculum is that it really allows you to explore a range of academic interests in your first year. In my first quarter I found that I really enjoyed my economics class, so I ended up concentrating in that - not what I would have expected coming in! The summer internship allows you to explore a new career interest, too - many second years come back and re-recruit after their summer experience.
May 29, 12:20:11Claire_Reeder -> VickyHi all! My name is Claire Reeder and I'm a prospective full-time MBA student for matriculation in the fall of 2016. My fiance attends Booth in the evening right now but intends to go through OCR this fall, so I have a little leg up knowing Booth, hopefully! I currently work in business development/B2B consultative sales for a new model legal services firm, Axiom, and think I'd like to continue in the professional services sales space post-MBA, but am still sussing that out. Any insight into how you used summer internship recruiting to strategically figure out what kind of post-MBA role you wanted to pursue?
Vicky -> Claire_ReederHi Claire! From my personal experience, I was debating between continuing a consulting career or specializing in healthcare. From recruiting, I was able to speak to a lot of people in the fields I'm interested in. I think you can learn a lot about what people do in the short and long terms, and see if that's the career path and life style you want to pursue. Some people also do multiple internships in summer (or throughout the year) to try out different things. My summer internship helped me confirm my decision to switch to healthcare now.
May 29, 12:20:29Kate -> PriyankaI come from a healthcare background and will be starting at Booth this fall. I was curious about all of the following: What are the healthcare resources at Booth like? Did you apply for consulting internships? Did you have to recruit a lot off campus? Did you participate in the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy?
Priyanka -> KateKate: Yes, I am part of the GPHAP program in the US track. I really like the classes offered through GPHAP and it has given me a broader network with students from the medical, law, Harris school and the School of Social Administration program. There are several fellowship and research assistantships that are offered through GPHAP as well. They also have several interesting talks and networking events. They also offer a global health track for students interested in working overseas.
May 29, 12:22:09Lisa -> Jennifer P.What resources does Booth provide for non-traditional students looking to get into management and strategy in tech?
Jennifer P. -> LisaHi Lisa, So there are lots of classes you can take that help with the management and strategy piece, in particular the lab classes are great with gaining some real-world experience. For tech - there is the tech group, the tech trek (winter) and lots of people with a similar interest so tons of opportunities to network.
May 29, 12:23:02LindaLolo -> NicoleHi ladies, thank you for taking the time to do this! I'm curious, now that you've spent some time at Booth, what did you most wish you knew before arriving on campus? I'
Nicole -> LindaLoloHi Linda! Wow, that's a tough question. I wish I would have known and been more prepared for the pace of EVERYTHING at Booth. Things go so fast, so you have to be really on top of managing emails and your time. You also have to be pretty responsive if you want to participate in all of the things you're interested in. For instance, if you want to lead a Random Walk as a 2Y, the turnaround from starting school to applying as a leader is really quick! But overall the pace is one of the things I like about Booth - it means there's always a lot to do!
May 29, 12:23:05Mandy -> LinhVery basic question - how has being female impacted your time at Booth? Including applying, classes, extracurriculars, recruiting, etc.
Linh -> MandyHi Mandy, to be honest, I haven't felt that being female has really impacted my time at Booth at all. We do have CWiB (Chicago Women in Business) group that runs many gender-equality oriented events, and many companies will contact CWiB with job opportunities. But again, in my experience, I haven't noticed that my identity as a woman has significantly impacted my time here.
May 29, 12:23:12Alex -> MeganI graduated from my undergraduate program in 2014 and plan to apply to Booth for 2016. It seems that a lot of the students have more than two years of professional experience. Is this a disadvantage in the application process and/or as a student at Booth?
Megan -> AlexHi Alex! Thanks for your question. The average years of work experience is just that--average! We have some with less than 5 years, some with more. When we review applications, we review them as a sum of all the parts, not just one piece of the puzzle. So, put your very best application forward! Good luck!
May 29, 12:23:24Rosie -> BeckThank you for your time today! Could you talk a little about the culture at the school - what do you think sets the Booth culture apart from others?
Beck -> RosieHi Rosie - I can't speak to the culture at other schools, but one of the things I love about Booth is it's pay-it-forward culture. As a first year, second years are always available to help you with everything from picking classes, to interview prep, to career decisions - and everything in between. And then as a second year, you turn around and help your first years. I found the support of second years to be invaluable last year.
May 29, 12:23:54JPS -> BeckHow much of a collaboration emphasis is there in course work? Are there opportunities for students to complete solo work or is it primarily based on group work?
Beck -> JPSHi JPS - there's a pretty broad mix of solo and group work. Most classes have a combination of both.
May 29, 12:24:37Lizzy -> Christina HThanks for taking the time today to answer our questions! Could you talk about some of the resources available to women interested in PE/VC post graduation?
Christina H -> LizzyHi Lizzy, PE/VC is a popular interest at Booth, and we have lots of resources directed at those industries. If you are interested in impact VC, you can take part in Booth's MIINT competition (MBA Impact Investing Network Training), where you'll have the change to source and diligence live impact investing deals. We also have many classes and there are opportunities to work as an associate at Hyde Park Angels and at the Innovation Fund at the Chicago Innovation Exchange. I'd also encourage you to check out the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation here: https://research.chicagobooth.edu/polsky/programs-and-events#
May 29, 12:25:42Surbi -> MeganThank you for answering these questions! I am currently a waitlisted candidate for the class of 2017 and though I hope to be accepted soon, I understand it may not work out this year. Since Booth is my top choice do you have any suggestions for re-applicants to stand out in the next round?
Megan -> SurbiHi Surbi: Thanks for your question. My recommendation to you, should you not be accepted to the class of 2017, is to assess the application you put forth to figure out where you could improve. I highly recommend having a colleague and/or mentor look at it for you, too, to give it a critical eye! Good luck.
Priyanka -> NAWANGHi Nawang, I understand that as an international student it can be challenging to research schools because it is not easy to visit! In the beginning, I was really interested in Booth because of their brand recognition in India and the alumni network. However, I was really sold on Booth after I personally met the alumni and current students and attended the admissions hosted event in India. My major concern was if it was the right fit for me given my career goals of working in healthcare. However, the as I learned more about the school I realized that they have resources for all career paths and that made me really keen to apply here. The students I met were really nice and approachable and I really liked that.
May 29, 12:26:41KimberlyM -> Jennifer P.What is the relationship like between second and first year students? Do the second-years serve as mentors to first-years, either academically or in terms of career development?
Jennifer P. -> KimberlyMHi Kimberly, Yes, for sure. 2nd years have the option to volunteer as 1st year mentors and help out with any questions they have. There is also a really valuable, yet entirely informal pay-it-forward culture so 2nd years often help both 1st years and their 2nd year friends out with interview preparation, projects etc. I'm currently in a study group with 4 1st years and we make a great team (!)
Megan -> NAWANGHi Nawang: Our average years of work experience is 5. And there is no "ideal" application, so I can't give you a specific list of things that make a perfect candidate. My recommendation for you is to be yourself in your application. Showcase all of the things that make you uniquely you--give us a genuine and honest account of yourself. I hope that helps!
May 29, 12:28:52Samantha -> Christina HHello everyone, just entering the conversation, but I love what I have read thus far. I was wondering if there were strong international internship and post-MBA job opportunities for those interested in Venture Capital and Social Enterprise?
Christina H -> SamanthaHi Samantha, there are many international internship opportunities in the social enterprise space, as well as VC. The VC space is pretty competitive in general, though I know of several students spending the summer working in VC - one in South Africa and one in India.
May 29, 12:29:22Mandy -> Jennifer P.Could Jennifer P please speak to her transition from Banking to HR and if/ how Booth encouraged that transition?
Jennifer P. -> MandyHi Mandy, So my decision to change industry was entirely my own; however Booth definitely supported my transition (broad and flexible curriculum, career services, chatting with other students in a similar position).
May 29, 12:29:33ClaireG -> LinhThank you all for making time to speak with us! I am curious to know a bit more about the required LEAD program. How is it customized to female students? In what ways do you think it helped you develop?
Linh -> ClaireGHi Claire, we don't customize LEAD to female students. Booth has such a diverse population that customizing the curriculum to any one group would be very difficult. That being said, LEAD does design the curriculum to help you discover *your* specific leadership style and how you might go about developing that during your time at Booth. For me, LEAD's value was in helping me take stock of where I was at from a leadership skills perspective (from taking personality tests, reading 360 feedback, watching myself after getting filmed doing a speech). That awareness has helped me be more thoughtful in terms of what activities I did while at Booth to work on my strengths and weaknesses.
May 29, 12:30:02Mar -> NicoleHi everyone what tools have you indentify you get after finishing the mba program regarding the communication with higher positions? I find more challenging for women because most of the financial sector is invaded of CFO o CEO men, which tools do you consider Chicago Booth provide to the students? And if you can tell us of a particular experience, pre and post mba.
Nicole -> MarHi Mar! I haven't finished my MBA yet, so can't speak to a post-MBA experience, but I can talk more broadly about how Booth prepares you for the post-MBA business world. I think LEAD is one of the best programs to help with leadership and communication skills. It really helps you to self-analyze, determine your strengths and weaknesses, and work on refining and improving your communication styles. You have the opportunity to practice these with alums during events like the Leadership Challenge, where you role-play business scenarios like client presentations or mergers. Beyond LEAD, most interactions at Booth are giving you some training on communication, whether it's informally with study groups or more formally as a club co-chair.
May 29, 12:30:28Diep -> MeganHi, I am currently in the process of choosing graduate business school. I wonder whether you can give me some insight into financial aid and scholarship for the master business program at Booth. Thank you!
Megan -> DiepHi Diep: Thank you for your questions. All of the information on Financial Aid for the MBA Program can be found on our website. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid

Scholarships are merit-based and awarded to a very small population of admitted students (less than 30%).

I hope that helps!
May 29, 12:32:02dma -> VickyHi Vicky and Priyanka. Thank you for the opportunity. I am a health care provider in the field of medical genetics. I am looking to transition into the business side of health care and considering applying to Booth. Can you share with me how Booth can prepare me to pursue my goal?
Vicky -> dmaHi dma! I think the Booth program helped me prepare the transition to healthcare in 3 ways - alumni network, career services and curriculum. We have a very good alumni network in the healthcare space so I was able to reach out to alumni easily. Also, since data analytics is increasingly important these days, we have more and more companies looking to recruit at Booth. Career Services does a great job getting more companies on campus. Finally, I really like how our curriculum is function focused - so you get to learn about healthcare cases / practices across supply chain, business strategy, operations, finance, etc. Such case studies become very handy when you network with companies
May 29, 12:34:07Ellie -> PriyankaHi - I am about to enter the Full time MBA at Booth. I have a Biomedical Science background and am currently in the Life and Health Reinsurance sector. I am looking to transition into healthcare consulting. I am wondering what if the kind of major you choose to concentrate in matter much and whether there are certain concentrations (such as Strategy) that are more suitable for this? Would the Certificate in Health Admin and Policy be more suited to someone entering a management role in the public health sector or does it add value to a consulting application?
Priyanka -> EllieHi Ellie- In my experience, the major you choose does not matter as much. That said, I would say that if you are interested in recruiting for consulting it would be a good idea to major in strategic management. Some students take classes that count towards a particular concentration while some choose the classes they find interesting irrespective of what concentration they count towards. I think in general the GPHAP program is suited to anyone who intends to work in the healthcare industry. It has a focus on the healthcare delivery system in general that includes topics on insurance, health IT, quality management, etc. I am not sure I can comment on whether or not it adds value to a consulting application because the consulting firms look for a multitude of skills and personality traits in candidates and it is difficult to single out which ones they value. personally, I am really liking the GPHAP program and it has added value to my experience here.
May 29, 12:34:47amcpike -> Christina HSince it is Women's Week at Booth, can one of you speak to your experience specifically as a woman at Booth? Were there any classroom challenges you faced? Do woman-focused student groups address concerns of promoting more women to thrive in management roles? How is the network specifically among alumna?
Christina H -> amcpikeamcpike, I graduated from Booth in 2007. When I was a student, I didn't feel that I faced any challenges as a student, and I think that is a pretty consistent experience. CWIB (http://cwib.weebly.com/) is a great resource for supporting skill building for women, and they offer speakers that are great role models for women in management. You might also look at the research being done by Marianne Bertrand, a Booth professor, who is a thought leader on this topic. For my part, I have found the Booth alumna network to be amazing, and receptive to students looking for career guidance.
May 29, 12:35:03Amy_W. -> MeganHello, my name is Amy. I am interested in obtaining Master degree with an emphasis in accounting. I am interested in Chicago Booth because it is a top-rated business school; however, I am concerned that I may not be able to afford it, because there are no "need-based" funds available. I am wondering if Chicago Booth is only a possibility if one has significant personal funds?
Megan -> Amy_W.Hi Amy! Thanks for your question. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid Take a look at this link to find out more about the Financial Aid process. Regarding scholarships, yes, they're awarded based on merit. Students from very diverse backgrounds are admitted into and matriculate into the MBA Program. I hope that helps!
May 29, 12:35:10KimberlyM -> LinhWhere do most alumni end up working (geographically)?
Linh -> KimberlyMHi Kimberly! You can find this type of information through Booth's Employment Report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/location.aspx
May 29, 12:35:21Mahika -> Jennifer P.Hello everyone, how hard/easy is it to transition from corporate to more competitive fields like ib/consulting/pe especially if you don't have prior experience? I know the first step is getting an internship, but how do you prepare yourself in the 1st quarter when you haven't really taken any relevant classes at that point?
Jennifer P. -> MahikaHi Mahika, Firstly recruiters understand that some students may have little/no prior experience in the field they are recruiting for; however they know that these skills will develop over the 2 years so they look for an interest in the field and strong soft-skills. Career services have so much experience dealing with this exact issue, so there are lots of resources to help you prepare. 1st years also typically join the relevant clubs when they arrive on campus so the groups provide additional support. I would say transition requires some hard work, but it definitely happens!
May 29, 12:37:59Joan -> BeckAs a Booth student, would you say that you receive the most support and counsel during business school from from academic advising, the career center, peers/2Ys, affinity groups and clubs, or elsewhere?
Beck -> JoanHi Joan, it very much depends on what type of support you're seeking and what you're recruiting for. Academic advising is very helpful if you're looking for support in picking classes (and peers/2Ys are as well). Depending on what industry/role you're recruiting for, you might get most of your support from career-focused clubs (such as the Management Consulting Group, the Corporate Management and Strategy Group, etc.), the career center, the alumni network, or elsewhere.
May 29, 12:38:07Julia_Wong -> Christina HHello Everyone! Booth is one of my top choices, and I hope to actively engage with the Social Enterprise Initiative. Christina--I heard from Cristina Martinez that you are the "mother of SEI." :) Would you be able to let me know how students can get involved in social enterprise-focused research, workshops, conferences, and speaker series? I am particularly interested in CSR innovation. Thank you very much!
Christina H -> Julia_WongJulia_Wong, thanks for your kind words. I'm certainly excited to be leading SEI! We are very student driven, and as such support the 9 student groups with a focus or partial focus on social impact. We hold many events - more than 50 this year alone - with a social sector focus. There is definitely interest among students in CSR - this year Net Impact hosted a panel with three CSR professionals, which I moderated. We are also members of the Corporate Responsibility Roundtable of Chicago.
May 29, 12:38:17Samantha -> Jennifer P.I’m a wife and mother of two little ones; does Booth have strong programs to support partners and women entering the program with child?
Jennifer P. -> SamanthaHi Samantha, The Partners Group is a great resource (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partners). I believe they have a sub-group called POLO, parents of little ones. There is also the Booth Moms Group.
Priyanka -> NAWANGHi Nawang: In my experience, the best way to write your application is to tell your story like it is. It really helps to have clarity of thought and craft your language such that you present your story in a coherent and convincing manner. It is important to talk about your future goals and how an MBA and specifically a Booth MBA help you achieve those goals. I have seen several different types of candidates at Booth and I don't think the school has an 'ideal' candidate type. They are very open to and interested in candidates from a variety of backgrounds.
May 29, 12:39:18shreeranjani -> NicoleHow is Booth preparing you to face and overcome gender inequality in the corporate sector?
Nicole -> shreeranjaniGreat question! As a CWiB co-chair, this is one of the issues I'm especially passionate about. This year CWiB hosted a week of programming called "Open House" dedicated to research and stories about gender inequality and other gender issues, open to all Booth students (male and female). Professors presented their research on the (lack of) differences between the genders, pay gaps between male and female MBAs, and sparked a dialogue amongst students (again, both male and female) about what could be done to address these issues. These kinds of activities won't help overcome gender inequality on their own, but our hope is that educating all students will help Booth graduates be more aware of these issues and take further steps to combat them. CWiB is really excited to continue the Open House week and make it a regular event!
May 29, 12:39:26Eliza -> VickyI am coming from a consulting background and would potentially be interested in PE. How challenging would you think it is to make this transition without any PE background?
Vicky -> ElizaHi Eliza! In addition to networking (which is a must regardless of your background - but very luckily we have a lot of alums in PE to reach out to!), I think a lot of people without PE background take the PE/VC lab course during the school year to get an exposure and start their network there. Also, if you have specific industry focus or experience as a consultant, that's also a good start to network with PE firms investing in these industries. Many people are successful career switchers into PE without prior background!
May 29, 12:40:19Nadia_M1908 -> LinhDid any of you utilize the Booth Alumni Network during recruiting? And if so, were the alums willing to assist with mock interviews and etc?
Linh -> Nadia_M1908Hi Nadia! YES! I absolutely took advantage of the alumni network during recruiting. Alumni do come to campus for an event we hold, called wInterview, to help with mock interviews as well as for other panels and events. They also are super helpful in terms of giving career advice, talking about their industry and function, and making connections to other people who might be helpful in your recruiting process. That being said, for tactical activities such as mock interviews and reviewing resumes and cover letters, there are also tons of resources on campus, whether that's from Career Services, professional student groups, or second years.
May 29, 12:40:44Moderator -> EveryoneWe have about 20 minutes remaining in our chat. Please continue to send us your questions so we can answer as many as possible.
May 29, 12:40:59KimberlyM -> Jennifer P.Where do most alumni end up working (geographically)?
Jennifer P. -> KimberlyMHI Kimberly, I don't have exact numbers, but there are alumni everywhere. Obviously most alumni are in the US, but there are also large groups in most major cities worldwide.
May 29, 12:41:16Joan -> Christina HOn the wait list for class of 2017 and the SEI is one of the reasons that Booth is my top choice! I was wondering if and how the Social Enterprise Initiative supports recruitment for students interested in non-profits or positions related to social impact in the private sector.
Christina H -> JoanJoan, very exciting. Thanks. We have strong and growing programs for social impact career interested students. Those job searches are, generally, very networking intensive, and we are able to leverage our network to connect students depending on the area you are interested in. For the summer, the school actually can help fund internship experiences at nonprofits.
May 29, 12:41:58ClaireG -> PriyankaHave you spent time at the London or Singapore campuses? If so, what was that experience like?
Priyanka -> ClaireGHi ClaireG: I interviewed at the London campus and had a great experience. The facilities are comparable to those on the Chicago campus and the campus itself is easily accessible by public transit. I only spent a few hours there so I do not have more information but it was a great experience overall.
Megan -> NAWANGNawang: Our students don't come from one or two specific backgrounds. At Booth we believe that the best ideas have many different fingerprints. We don't want a "typical", because we feel so strongly in diversity of thought.

We consider strong work experience to show upward trajectory and as I said earlier, 3-5 years of work experience is average.
May 29, 12:43:45Diep -> MeganHi Megan, as you mentioned that the scholarship is highly competitive, can you give me some examples on experience or criteria that you look for in a candidate?
Megan -> DiepDiep: As I mentioned, they're merit-based, so we look at the entire application when we make our assessment. I hope that helps!
May 29, 12:43:57joperoca -> Linhwhy study in Booth?
Linh -> joperocaThere are many reasons why people choose to study at Booth, and it's really up to each individual to determine: if they want an MBA, what they want out of their MBA experience, and if Booth is a good fit based on that. I know classmates who come to switch careers, who are trying to build stronger management skills before going back to their firm, who want to build a company while at school, or who just need a two-year break.
Megan -> NAWANGHi Nawang: We would assess your entire application--not just one or two specific parts.
May 29, 12:45:10Emily_S -> NicoleDo you have to be "set" on what you want to do post-MBA by the time you arrive on campus? I know I want to change fields from IT project management to a focus in Organizational Behavior, but I'm not completely sure what industry I'd want to jump into. I've been trying to research fields outside of HR (not my interest), but are there resources at Booth to help you narrow your career focus? How early do you have to decide? Do you need to know prior to applying?
Nicole -> Emily_SHi Emily, great question! You absolutely do NOT have to be set on your post-MBA career plans when you arrive on campus. It greatly helps if you have an idea of what you want to do, because it narrows your focus and gives you more time to invest in those areas (vs. going to every single Lunch and Learn), but there are a LOT of resources at the beginning of the year that help you with your decision. During orientation and the first 6 weeks of class, Career Services hosts sessions that help you identify your interests and match those to potential career options. They also bring in a lot of alumni to speak about their careers and 2Ys talk about their internships to help students get a better idea of what certain career paths are like. So TL;DR it helps to have an idea but there are MANY resources to help you find your path!
May 29, 12:45:31Nadia_M1908 -> VickyHi, since the Booth curriculum is highly flexible, have any of you participated in Fall and/or Spring internships?
Vicky -> Nadia_M1908Hi Nadia! I have several friends who participated in Fall & Spring internships in PE, VC or startups. It's a great way to learn more about the industry and build your network. I also participated in a lab course which is somewhat like a mini marketing/ consulting internship. My team worked on a new product development project in the infant formula category for a major CPG manufacturer. I interacted with the client directly and built strong relationship there -- it's an industry I'm interested in and I'm glad that I got to learn more about it under guidance from our coach and professor.
May 29, 12:45:54Samantha -> BeckBeck, your mini biography is awesome! One of the fields that I am very interested in is international food and agriculture. Agribusiness and food security are such interesting topics. I don’t have a background in these fields and I have found it difficult to research education requirements and career opportunities. Could you provide any helpful organizations/webistes to review? Thanks!
Beck -> SamanthaHi Samantha - thanks! I actually found that talking to companies when they visited campus was a really helpful way to find out about opportunities and skill sets. I also created Google alerts for the companies I was interested in to start getting a sense of what was going on in the industry at large. You should also check out the resources page for Booth's food/ag group, FEAD: http://www.boothfead.org/resources.html. Depending on your specific interests, the HuffPo Food for Thought page can be pretty good, too.
May 29, 12:46:11Lisa_Marie -> Christina HI am very interested in social enterprise in the education space. Can you speak to the projects and initiatives in this space? Also are there opportunities for collaboration across schools?
Christina H -> Lisa_MarieLisa_Marie, education is a very popular topic of interest among students. We have a strong BoothEd student group, which help students access jobs in education, especially through our alumni network working in the space, as well as provides education consulting opportunities. Given the flexible curriculum, students are also able to take classes in other parts of the University - especially the Harris school where there are many educational policy experts. Finally, we at SEI host several speaking events each year, and due to the popularity of education, several of our events are focused in that area. For example this year, we hosted One Goal, an innovative Chicago nonprofit, to talk about college persistence.
May 29, 12:47:07Ewelina -> MeganHi everyone! Thanks for organising the chat. Question to Megan: I finished my BBA studies in Western Europe, where GPA isn't really a standard and it's hard to transform it, as my final grade it's an average of all grades + final exam + thesis grade. How do you treat such scenarios? Am I still allowed to apply?
Megan -> EwelinaHi Ewelina! Absolutely--you don't have to have a standard US GPA in order to apply. We have many students not from the US applying to the program with non-standard GPA's. I hope this helps!
May 29, 12:47:25shreeranjani -> Jennifer P.Question for current students - How frequently do you connect with your alumni networks and how does Booth help facilitate this connection especially when you want ot reach out to alumni in a specific industry or location, given the extensive network of over 50k?
Jennifer P. -> shreeranjaniHi! To reach out to alumni we can use the community directory. This has the contact details for all alumni in and you can filter by geography, industry etc. Every time I have reached out I have received a response. Another way is via a referral from a friend, professor, career services. There is also a student group called Dstar that facilitates interactions between students and alumni. They arrange for alumni to come to campus to speak with students, there is some speaking at least 2-3 times a week.
May 29, 12:48:03Britt -> PriyankaHow large is the GPHAP program each year and how competitive is the application process once admitted?
Priyanka -> BrittHi Britt: The GPHAP program has between 50-60 students each year. There are about 10 students from each of the 5 participating schools that include the law school, Booth, Harris, School of Social service administration and the Prtizker school of Medicine. The process is moderately competitive but if your application is convincing there is a good chance that you will get in because they have some flexibility with respect to the number of students they admit each year. Make sure you check out all their fellowship opportunities when you apply!
May 29, 12:48:10Lisa_Marie -> MeganMegan, from an admissions perspective, how is it viewed for a candidate to have work experience in 2 or 3 different functions, but none in which they've held a senior position?
Megan -> Lisa_MarieHi Lisa Marie! Thanks for your question. We consider strong work experience to show upward trajectory. Does that help?
May 29, 12:50:23shreeranjani -> LinhHi! I'm Shree from Singapore and I'm interested in applying to Booth for Fall 2016. Besides traditional classes and internships, does Booth offer opportunities to take up study projects with the companies?
Linh -> shreeranjaniHi Shree! Booth definitely offers opportunities to work on projects with companies. There are experiential classes, such as Developing New Products and Services, PE/VC Lab, and Strategy Lab, in which students will partner with companies on a project. Students also do something similar in the Business Solutions Group, which is a student group on campus. Hope that helps!
May 29, 12:50:58ClaireG -> Christina HFor those who have graduated, do you have any regrets about things you did not do during your time at Booth?
Christina H -> ClaireGClaireG, I have almost 10 years of hindsight since starting Booth. I will tell you that you can't do it all while you are here, so actually it is important to be thoughtful about what you do choose to do. That said, there are a few things I wished I had done - more finance classes actually, I only took one. (Seems funny, right!) I also wish I had been more involved in student groups, especially in a leadership role. Finally, I wish I had done more internationally, such as a study abroad program.
May 29, 12:51:46shreeranjani -> MeganIf I can't visit the Chicago campus before application season but would like to network with alumni in my city, how can I reach out to them?
Megan -> shreeranjaniWe typically hold Student Hosted Events in various cities around the world during application season. Those events will be listed on our website and frequently you'll find alumni at those events!
May 29, 12:53:26Britt -> VickyFor those of you in consulting, how important do you think it is to start meeting the firms in the summer before formal on campus recruiting begins? I'm wondering if attending meet the firm events in other states where travel is not paid for is worth it when the same firms will be recruiting on campus in the fall.
Vicky -> BrittHi Britt! Given that Booth is a major feeder school for consulting firms (30+% of graduates went to consulting), you will have a lot of opportunities meeting these firms once you start school. Networking in the summer is great. But I personally don't think you would be missing out much if you don't attend the out-of-state events in summer.
May 29, 12:53:47Surbi -> PriyankaI was curious if many students take classes in other UChicago graduate programs, especially the Harris School or Law School?
Priyanka -> SurbiHi Surbi, I do not have an exact number but quite a few students take classes at other schools at UChicago and the Law school, Harris, SSA are all popular choices. You can take up to 6 classes at other schools that would count towards your MBA.
May 29, 12:54:06Samantha -> LinhCan any warmer climate natives speak to how they are adjusting to winter? I was born in the Caribbean, grew up in Florida and live in Southern California; I am a bit worried to say the least.
Linh -> SamanthaHi Samantha, as someone from Southern California, I totally understand! That was something I was REALLY worried about coming in. Winter is fine - you just have to buy the right clothes, and you'll be set. The first snow is actually pretty awesome, and you learn to appreciate the seasons and that warm, cozy feeling when you walk into a restaurant.
May 29, 12:56:17Mar -> NicoleI am planning to visit the campus in August, is it possible to meet some representants of some clubs I am interested in like the Cwib? I am very passionate regarding the empowerment of women
Nicole -> MarHi Mar, unfortunately many of the students are not in Chicago over the summer (while they are at their internships), so it may be difficult to meet a CWiB co-chair in August. That being said, if you go to the CWiB website (http://cwib.weebly.com/) you can fill out a form for prospective students and one of the co-chairs will contact you over email or schedule a phone chat! We can work offline to see if we can coordinate schedules for anything beyond that!
May 29, 12:56:50Ariana -> Jennifer P.Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing all of your insights. You've each spoken about the many positives of attending Booth - I'm wondering, is there anything you wish were different/enhanced? Or anything you would change about your experience?
Jennifer P. -> ArianaHi Ariana, Tough one! So definitely one of the biggest challenges has been prioritizing my time and juggling different interests. There are so many resources and its just impossible to do everything you want to! I think if I could do it again I would have taken more entrepreneurship classes; however then I would have had to give up something else that I enjoyed, so its a tricky balance. I really think that taking time to work out priorities before you arrive is the key!
May 29, 12:57:26Mar -> VickyAfter the mba I would like continue in private equity, in the last 2 year have been recruitments of large private equity firms? How does the program helps you in the recruitment process?
Vicky -> MarHi Mar. We have strong alumni network in the PE space, and we have great professors in the PE space who also make introductions for you. Also, the career services and 2Y are super helpful in giving advices and guidance. Finally, there's a PE/VC lab that a lot of people take to get better exposure.
May 29, 12:57:39dma -> LinhAs a prospective MBA student, how can we access to the alumni network?
Linh -> dmaThere are many ways you can access the alumni network. We have an internal community directory. We also have a librarian at the Career Resources Center, who can walk you through the other ways to get in contact with alumni, which involves going through LinkedIn. You can also ask Career Services, professors, fellow students, or other centers like Kilts, SEI and Polsky, for access to specific alumni. There are definitely many avenues.
May 29, 12:57:57Ellie -> MeganHow did you think early career admits performed in the MBA and were there certain things they struggled with? How do you suggest they prepared for the MBA?
Megan -> EllieHi Ellie: We have a great mix of students in our MBA classes. Those with more than 5 years of work experience and those with less. We even have, in rare cases, high-aptitude college undergraduates in class. At Booth we believe the best ideas have many different fingerprints!
May 29, 12:58:36Nadia_M1908 -> MeganThis question is for admissions, does applying to Chicago Booth as a single parent raise any red flags? I have heard different accounts on the situation.
Megan -> Nadia_M1908Hi Nadia: Not at all!
May 29, 12:58:46Emily_S -> BeckIf you don't have a strong quant background, do you recommend taking a course or two in economics/finance etc to help boost your application/before arriving on campus?
Beck -> Emily_SHi Emily, it's really a personal choice, but I have friends who came from all sorts of backgrounds, both quant and non-quant, and people generally find that taking the introductory courses in your first quarter is enough to get you up to speed. The admissions team looks at your application as a whole, so it's not one individual piece like taking a class that's going to determine your success.
May 29, 12:58:59ClaireG -> MeganI applied to the Harris school right after my undergraduate degree and was accepted. My career path has changed since then so doing an MPP does not make sense for me now. However, would it be looked upon unfavorably that I am now applying to do an MBA at Booth?
Megan -> ClaireGHi Claire: Not at all!
May 29, 12:59:12Ellie -> VickyHi Vicky - Are you in the GPHAP? Is there any disadvantage in applying for jobs in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry to students who do not have the GPHAP?
Vicky -> EllieHi Ellie. I'm not in GPHAP but I didn't think there was any disadvantage because of that. I still got to interview with the firms I wanted to interview with =)
May 29, 13:00:00Lisa -> LinhIf I'm looking to get into a tech or more start-up related strategy role, what are some tips for scheduling classes throughout the year? Would you suggest loading up early in the year, or sticking with a 3 3 4 sort of pattern? I know the recruiting if a lot of networking, so you need time there, but it also happens later ...
Linh -> LisaHi Lisa! If you're doing start-ups, then taking a lighter load in spring is helpful since that's when your recruiting will kick up into high gear. For tech, it's better to do 4-3-3 or 3-3-4. Winter quarter is when interviews for tech happen, so you want to plan around that.
May 29, 13:01:19araba -> VickyHi! For those of you going into consulting, can you provide any tips for recruiting? I'm guessing the first quarter is going to be a blur, and I want to start thinking about what I can do to prepare
Vicky -> arabaHi! Consulting recruiting is highly structured, and Booth offers a lot of resources -- through career services, curriculum (lab courses), student clubs (BSG, MCG), alumni and second year help. They will provide very clear guidance and timeline so you won't be lost!
May 29, 13:02:29Nadia_M1908 -> Vicky@Vicky, Excellent! I plan to transition into IM, but I also want to increase my knowledge around Alternative Investments (Hedge funds, PE). How did your classmates go about securing those internships? Did they utilize faculty, the alumni network or career services?
Vicky -> Nadia_M1908I think all of them were resources my friends used! It's highly network driven so in addition to networking, people do internships during the year as well to strengthen the network.
May 29, 13:02:47JPS -> MeganNicole, can you elaborate a little on your response to Emily? If you're not 100% certain of what you want to do, but have a slight idea as to what function you want to be in after graduation what is the best way to build your application for admittance to Booth?
Megan -> JPSI'd like to jump in to help answer this if that's ok. You should be able to articulate your general direction in the short and long term, but it doesn't have to have the specific steps you plan to take to get there. Knowing this helps us get a better understanding of who you are and why you're interested in an MBA at Booth. One of the questions we ask prospective students is why now? Why Booth? Think about how the Booth MBA would help you get to where you think you'd like to go and then tell us that story. Good luck!
May 29, 13:03:41Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for participating in our chat and for all your questions. A full transcript of the chat will be posted within 24 hours.
May 29, 13:03:47Nicole -> EveryoneThanks so much for all of the questions today! If anyone is interested in connecting with CWiB leadership, send us a note at http://cwib.weebly.com/contact-us.html!
May 29, 13:03:48Linh -> EveryoneThanks so much for coming to chat with us! I hope you guys found it helpful.
May 29, 13:03:48Christina H -> EveryoneThanks everyone for joining the chat. If you have additional questions about social impact at Booth or my experience as an alumna, feel free to email me at SEI@ChicagoBooth.edu.
May 29, 13:03:52Jennifer P. -> EveryoneThanks for all your great questions! Have a great weekend
May 29, 13:03:53Beck -> EveryoneThank you for all your questions - it was great talking with you today! Best of luck with the rest of the application process.
May 29, 13:04:00Priyanka -> EveryoneGood luck to all the applicants and congratulations again to all the new admits! See you on campus soon! :)
May 29, 13:04:05Vicky -> EveryoneIt was great chatting with you all! Best of luck and look forward to having you in the Booth community!
May 29, 13:04:07Megan -> EveryoneThanks for all of your great questions! Feel free to reach out to us in Admissions via admissions@chicagobooth.edu. Good luck!