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Marketing at Booth - Wednesday, February 11, Noon - 1 p.m. CST

Join us for a live chat about marketing at Booth. Students and staff from the James M. Kilts Center for Marketing, Career Services, and Admissions will answer your questions about resources and opportunities available to students who want to pursue careers in marketing. Learn about recruiting, competitions, curriculum choices, concentrations, student groups, and more.

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Moderator -> EveryoneThe chat will begin promptly at 12pm CT. Today's chat will focus on marketing at Booth specifically. Please feel free to begin submitting questions.
Matt Riezman -> EveryoneWelcome to #boothmktg! I am excited to share my experiences with you today!
Moderator -> EveryoneToday's chat about Marketing at Booth will cover questions on recruiting, competitions, curriculum choices, concentrations, student groups, and more.
Hannah G -> EveryoneHi everyone! I'm also excited to chat about my experiences at Booth!
Tejesh -> EveryoneWelcome to the Booth Marketing chat! Happy to answer any questions you have today.
Lee -> EveryoneHi everyone! Thanks for joining us today! My name is Lee Ettleman. I came from a consulting background, and am now a second-year student at Booth concentrating in marketing. Looking forward to speaking with you today!
Suzi S -> EveryoneHello! I'm looking forward to answering your Booth marketing questions!
Katie -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today! Happy to tell you more about marketing at Chicago Booth and the Kilts Center for Marketing. #BoothMKTG
Sara M -> EveryoneHi everyone! So excited to be chatting with you all today about marketing at Booth!
Janice -> EveryoneHello Everyone! Happy to help with your questions.
Jackie K. -> EveryoneHey Booth admits and prospective students! Thanks for joining us today. Looking forward to chat!
Moderator -> EveryoneYou can see bios of today's panelists here: http://poweredby.sparcplug.com/chat/?caid=bW9kSWQ9MzcxJmlkPTEwNzc
Ankur -> Hannah GHi, I am working as a Product Manager for a B2B setup in India, and wanted to know what are some of the resources at Kilts and at the Marketing group that I can benefit from as an international. For instance, would I be able to go on marketing treks and participate in the Kilts case competition?
Hannah G -> AnkurHi Ankur: Yes -- all the case competitions that I'm aware of are open to all students. The career treks (organized by the student-run Marketing Group) are open to all full-time student members of the Marketing Group. The treks and the Kilts case competition occur during different times in the fall quarter as well, so plenty of students participate in both!
Mohit -> TejeshHello everyone! Do you typically see Booth students who elect a marketing concentration to be from a background in marketing? Or are the student background evenly spread out? Thanks for your time!
Tejesh -> MohitHi Mohit. Though many of the students who go into marketing have a previous background in that field, there are a LOT of students who are career switchers that pursue both a concentration in marketing and job functions in that area. The backgrounds are quite varied, to be honest.
aceacharya -> JaniceHi Matt, I am glad to get this opportunity to interact. Its often said that international students have a disadvantage of not knowing the american mindset when applying for a marketing role in an FMCG industry. Do internationals face similar problems when applying for marketing roles other industries such as energy, manufacturing or hi-tech?
Janice -> aceacharyaHello Aceacharya, this is actually Janice in Career Services. That's a good question, but the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. Because the industries are different, so are the expectation. When going through the recruiting and interviewing process, your company research will just be all the more important.
LuisaR -> Suzi SCan you discuss the Booth marketing curriculum? Perhaps you can share with us the names of professors who focus on the curriculum. Are there any favorites amongst the group?
Suzi S -> LuisaRThanks for the question, LuisaR! Check out the blog post that I wrote for The Booth Experience about the Booth marketing curriculum (TheBoothExp.com/Suzi-S). Note: the website is temporarily down, but we are fixing it soon! There are a lot of diverse classes in the marketing curriculum and I feel like I have learned a ton through these classes and that the classes prepared me well for my CPG internship. I really enjoyed Professors Hitch, Dube, and Rao. You can check out their bios online.
kc -> LeeGood afternoon! For students who are considering a career switch into marketing, how does Booth prepare students for early internship recruiting (when students are still learning about the fundamentals of a new industry)?
Lee -> kcHi Kc! There are a ton of resources geared toward career-switchers - I'd say the majority of us who enter marketing are actually career switchers! Resources include lunch presentations by second-years who have gone through the process, presentations by companies about their marketing roles, a 'career adviser' program in which second-year students who have interned in marketing are available to help you prepare for marketing recruiting, and a host of other resources offered by the Marketing Group.
Kim_Lamba -> Sara MHi, I'm thinking about concentrations in both marketing and entrepreneurship, do you find that those play off of each other well at Booth?
Sara M -> Kim_LambaHi Kim - entrepreneurship and marketing concentrations are really nice complements. Marketing builds a lot of the business and strategy foundations, which you can then practice and apply in entrepreneurship classes, such as Building the New Venture, an entrepreneurship class where you simulate the launch of a start-up over 10 weeks.
aditya -> Hannah GHello. Can someone shed some light on the curriculum of MBA/MA dual degree with a focus on marketing?
Hannah G -> adityaHi Aditya! While doing your MBA at Booth you can gain "concentrations." One of the concentrations available is in Marketing Management. If you take four marketing classes (including the introductory Marketing Management class) you achieve the marketing concentration. After the Marketing Management course you are free to choose three or more of any of the marketing courses. These courses range from Data Driven Marketing to Marketing Research. You can find descriptions of all of our marketing courses here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum/marketing-management
RS -> KatieHi, I wanted to know a little more about the Marketing labs - specially about the course on marketing research. Is it a course work based class or a project based class or a mix of both? Is it a course open to students all the year round or it depends on the availability of projects to be worked on?
Katie -> RSHi, RS. We offer two marketing lab courses - New Product Development and Marketing Research. These are project-based courses and involve a great deal of support from faculty coaches. All assignments are relevant to the project. The courses are typically offered in different quarters, but it depends on faculty. They are offered each year.
Greg -> Jackie K.Could you talk about experiences of friends who have leveraged Booth's marketing programs and clubs to pursue careers as Product Managers?
Jackie K. -> GregHey Greg. Sure, product management is a very popular career interest at Booth with dozens of students finding jobs as product managers for summer and full-time positions. The Career Center, Marketing Group and Booth Technology Group offer support with resume review, interview prep, case prep workshops, networking opportunities and lots of informal conversations with 2nd years and alumni. You have tons of resources and people at your disposal and a very vibrant product manager community!
Araba -> TejeshHi, is the list of companies that recruit from Booth accessible to prospective students, or, more specifically, placement information for marketing majors?
Tejesh -> ArabaHi Araba. I would take a look at the Booth website, specifically the careers section, to gain more insight into recruiting information: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career
mgarg -> Matt RiezmanHi all, I am a Product Manager at a software company in Boston, and want to continue my career in Product Development and Management, but more from the strategy perspective. To my understanding the best curriculum for me would be a combination of several concentrations including marketing, entrepreneurship, and something with a strategy flavor. How well do you think Chicago is suited to this, and how easy is it to work with multiple concentrations at Booth?
Matt Riezman -> mgargGreat question mgarg. The flexible curriculum at Booth places very few restrictions on what classes you take during your two years. Students have a range of combinations of concentrations and some even choose to have no concentration.
columbiatexan -> Suzi SCan you tell us a little more about what the marketing concentration covers in terms of coursework, etc?
Suzi S -> columbiatexanThank you for the question, columbiatexan! There are a lot of diverse classes that count toward the concentration. For my concentration I took marketing strategy, a lab class on developing new products and services, pricing, and data-driven marketing. Check out http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum/marketing-management#tabContent2 for more information.
MichelleU -> LeeI see a lot of people are focused on CPG type roles. Do any of the current students know of anyone that pursued more of a media marketing role?
Lee -> MichelleUGreat question MichelleU! You're right, there are a lot of CPG (consumer packaged goods) marketing roles, but there's plenty of other industries that recruit! We have sent people to Disney, Dish, Sprint, Amazon, Activision and other places - check out the Employment Report for more details! https://career.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/employmentreport/index.aspx
bmcnam1016 -> KatieCan you please talk about Booth's approach to marketing and how it differs from other schools'? I understand that it's more of a data-driven curriculum/approach.
Katie -> bmcnam1016Hi, cmcnam1016. Our strength is absolutely quantitative marketing, however, we have an amazing behavioral faculty as well. We value analytical rigor but also pride ourselves on a comprehensive and flexible curriculum that prepares you for a career in marketing and general management. You can read more about our approach - http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/about/chicago-approach
Adam_R -> LeeHi, I am the director of sales and marketing for an investment firm in NYC. Are current students able to take classes in finance as well as marketing? Are students required to focus exclusively on a declared major such as marketing?
Lee -> Adam_RHi Adam_R! Absolutely. I personally am concentrating in Finance, Marketing, and Statistics. Most Booth students end up with several concentrations, and our flexible curriculum allows you to take classes from any subject area. Most classes in Finance don't have any strict prerequisites, meaning you can take them from day one.
Kevin -> Hannah GHi All - this is Kevin. Booth historically has the reputation of being centered on Quantitatives (e.g., vs Kellogg = case-centric). How do these dynamics actually play out in Booth Marketing?
Hannah G -> KevinHi Kevin! In the classroom you'll see a lot of different approaches to marketing. Some of the classes are case-based (like many of the Marketing Management introductory courses) while others are more quantitative, like Data Driven Marketing. In my experience, most of the marketing courses I've taken have been a combination of case-based, quantitative and also lab-based. Lab courses at Booth are where you work for a real company's business issue during the quarter. Another great thing about Booth is that each course can be different based on the professor. By looking at the course reviews (which are detailed and very informative) you can enroll in classes that fit the style you wish to take.
ASN -> Matt RiezmanHello! To all current students - How have you found attempts to obtain an internship in the corporation of your choosing? Easy? Difficult?
Matt Riezman -> ASNThanks for the question, ASN. In my internship search I felt very well supported in many different ways. Career Services provides a ton of resources no matter what company or industry you are looking at. Second years, especially those in the Marketing Group, provide tons of support in helping to prepare for applications and interviews as well. It's great having second years around that have actually worked for the companies you are interested in.
Denis -> Sara MHi, I'm entering the Class of 2017 and am interested in working in a business development at a consumer firm. For the second years that interned at a CPG company or are working on a consumer-related startup, what classes at Kilts did you find most useful in your "real world" experience?
Sara M -> DenisHi Denis! Kilts supports the Marketing Lab Classes here at Booth, such as Developing New Products and Services and Marketing Research. A Lab Class is where students work with real company clients to develop strategies/analyses required by the class. I took Developing New Products and think that could be a really helpful course if you are interested in CPG business development. The course takes you through 1) consumer insights 2) developing ideas and 3) identifying a quantifiable and actionable business opportunity behind ideas.
Emily_M -> TejeshHi all – thanks for taking time today to answer our questions! What is the most important point of difference that you feel makes the Booth marketing program stand out amongst other marketing programs?
Tejesh -> Emily_MHi Emily - the marketing program is very data-driven, which makes it quite unique. You will be using real-world data in your classes to solve some pretty cool problems, which is a great way to gain experiential learning experience. I can't speak for other programs, but this is something that is stressed heavily at Booth!
Preeti -> KatieHi! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I currently have a background in IT Project Management but am really looking into switching my career to Marketing. What sets Booth's marketing program apart from the rest of the business schools?
Katie -> PreetiHi, Preeti. Glad you could join us today. What makes Chicago Booth unique is our strength in quantitative marketing. In addition, we also have an amazing behavioral faculty as well. We value analytical rigor but also pride ourselves on a comprehensive and flexible curriculum that prepares you for a career in marketing and general management. You can read more about our approach - http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/about/chicago-approach
Pooja -> Suzi SHello, thank you for this great opportunity! I was wondering what are some of the most popular student groups at Booth for marketing majors?
Suzi S -> PoojaHi Pooja! The Booth Marketing Group is the most popular group among marketing majors. This group is really helpful for preparing for interviews and getting a job/internship. There are industry specific groups that are popular (e.g., Retail and Luxury, Tech) and also help with recruiting.

This link contains some more information about common cocurricular activities for marketing majors. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum/marketing-management#tabContent1
Graham_Caywood -> JaniceBooth is well known for being an incredible school for finance/I Banking, etc. How would you compare the recruiting opportunities, both for summer internships and post-MBA, for Marketing to those in Finance, in particular? Are the level of companies comparable?
Janice -> Graham_CaywoodHi Graham, you're right, we have historically been known as finance school, but we have world class faculty that have reshaped markeitng at Booth. We have phenomenial relationships with top industry leaders. Our list of recruiting relationships are quite comparable.
mgarg -> Hannah GHello! How do you think labs at Booth complement the curriculum to ensure practical learning? Can you give examples from your experience?
Hannah G -> mgargHi mgarg! I took the Developing New Products and Services lab, which was awesome! It was a really great way to apply things I've learned in my marketing (and other) coursework to a real, live business problem. The class provides a really good framework in which to evaluate a new product development. I then was able to apply the framework directly every week to my client's project. It was a really cool class where I could combine all the things I had learned across marketing and strategy to figure out a solution to a difficult market entry problem.
Derrick -> Jackie K.Hi everyone, thanks for hosting this chat. My question is for Jackie. I'm an analyst at Solo Cup and am wanting to transition to product management in tech (e.g., Amazon, Google, Apple). Did you find it hard to recruit for these positions without a BS in Computer Science or another similar field?
Jackie K. -> DerrickHey Derrick. No way - what a fun place to work! Lots of students (including myself) got PM internships and full-time positions without a CS background. Google is really the only company where the PM role requires a technical background. Other companies have two different tracks for tech and non-tech PMs (including Amazon and VMWare). A lot of smaller tech companies take on MBAs without a technical background.
Vinayak -> KatieHi, I am excited to be here. I am interested to be mentored under the Kilts Mentoring Program. I was wondering if there are any restrictions to the number of 1st year students who can be mentored under this program ?
Katie -> VinayakHi, Vinayak. We accept applications from any members of the student marketing group. We recruit mentors and do our best to provide enough alumni to match the demands of the students. We match based on interests and aim to accommodate everyone interested!
Jungwoo -> Matt RiezmanHi, My name is Jungwoo Suh from South Korea. I am working in the telecommunication industry. I plan to work on big data in my post-MBA career. I am interested in courses like a data driven marketing in analytic management curriculum. What other programs and courses related to Big Data and Analytic Management would you recommend for me? Thank you in advance.
Matt Riezman -> JungwooGood question, Jungwoo. The beauty of the analytic management concentration and the data-analysis-heavy courses at Booth is that they span many different industries and disciplines. Data driven marketing is a great example and provides the opportunity to apply analytic frameworks to real marketing data.
Andrew_H -> JaniceHi Everyone! In recruiting for brand management roles at CPG firms, how do firms determine onto which brand the candidate will be assigned? Does a candidate have influence in that decision, or is it more based on company needs?
Janice -> Andrew_HHi Andrew, that totally varies by company. It is indeed need based, but at some companies you will be able to express your interest for a particular brand.
ajrr -> Suzi SHello everyone. For someone who does not have a marketing background, would you recommend doing any work before hand?
Suzi S -> ajrrHi ajrr! I don't think that any prework is necessary. I didn't have a marketing background prior to Booth and I felt that I learned what I needed to learn through the Booth curriculum and Marketing Group.
Ana_Testolini -> LeeCan you explain how the marketing lab projects work, what type of students get involved, how long they last, etc? Thank you!
Lee -> Ana_TestoliniHi Ana_Testolini. One type of class you can take at Booth is a marketing lab course. You typically bid for these classes like any other, so the only difference between a lab course and any other course is that the lab course contains both typical lectures and a component where you work on a specific project for a real company. So any student who wants a hands-on experience can get involved! Labs are fun! I took a marketing research lab where we had the chance to help Tide detergent market to millennials. The labs last a full quarter.
RS -> TejeshThank you Katie for your response. I am more inclined towards data analytics and strategy in marketing. Any courses that anyone can recommend?
Tejesh -> RSHi RS - I really enjoyed data-driven marketing and marketing strategy within the marketing curriculum. There are also plenty of data-based courses throughout the curriculum that you can check out on the Booth website.
Mike_J -> JaniceWhat sort of resources are available to students who want to pursue an entrepreneurial focus at Booth? Programs, companies, networking, etc.
Janice -> Mike_JHi Mike_J, we have our Polsky Center for Entrepreneuership which is amazing. If that is your area of focus, you will definitely want to get plugged into Polsky. Our office also works with the Polsky Center to host Start-up Networking Nights which are amazing.
Muntasir -> Matt RiezmanHi, does the strength of Chicago Booth's Finance section help the teaching process in its marketing section in any way?
Matt Riezman -> MuntasirHi Muntasir - our marketing courses range from heavily analytic (for example, Data Driven Marketing or Pricing Strategies) to more consumer behavior/psychology focused (e.g., Consumer Behavior, Digital Marketing). That said, most students compliment their marketing education by taking classes across a range of other subjects such as finance, strategy, operations, etc.
cl10 -> Jackie K.Hi All, thanks for your time. For the second years participating, I'm curious if most of you got your summer internships through the on-campus recruiting process or through personal networking / pre-Booth connections. Additionally, it seems like most of you worked consumer companies - do you feel that there is equal recruiting representation from retail companies?
Jackie K. -> cl10Sure - I got my internship through on campus recruiting and I'd say about 70% of students do so too. Others get their internships through networking, alumni, other personal connections. And yes! There is a ton of retail representation at Booth (Target, WalMart, Amazon) as well as high-end luxury retailers (Nordstrom, Gucci, etc.)
aliciaju -> KatieHi everyone! I was wondering does one go about getting involved with the Kilts Center. For example, is there any event/resource in particular you would recommend?
Katie -> aliciajuHi, Aliciaju. We at the Kilts Center offer a variety of events and programs that help connect you to marketing alumni as well as further prepare you for your career. A great way to get a sense of what we do is tap into the student Marketing Group with whom we partner. Also, the first few weeks of school, we host several speakers as part of Marketing Week. All students are invited. Finally, in the fall, we accept applications for the alumni-student mentoring program. These are some great first steps, or you can always find us on the second floor and say hello.
ECB -> LeeHello, my interest in marketing stems from a need in my current role to quantify operational risk, mitigate this risk through financial instruments and contracts, and capture this value from our customers. How does the marketing program at Booth integrate with finance and operations? Thanks
Lee -> ECBHi ECB - Booth's approach to marketing is based on disciplines, but there is always crossover. For example, I've had cases in some of my marketing classes, such as Marketing Strategy and Pricing, that require an understanding of a company's operations and revenue/cost structures, as well as its target consumer base, to develop an optimal pricing strategy. You can also, of course, take classes in multiple areas - I'm concentrating in both Finance and Marketing, for example.
Ranger -> TejeshHi, everyone. I am interested in entrepreneurship. Does Booth have any marketing classes that teach entrepreneur to solve marketing problems?
Tejesh -> RangerHi Ranger - I would definitely check out the Booth curriculum on the website to see some course descriptions. One lab course I have taken, Developing New Products and Services, was a very interesting course in that I got to work with a real-world client to solve a problem for them. It was very entrepreneurial because our team was creating a new product for the client from the ground up, and using marketing techniques throughout the process.
Heather -> Hannah GI'm considering combining the marketing and finance concentrations. Do students find that a manageable combination?
Hannah G -> HeatherHi Heather: Doing marketing and finance concentrations is definitely doable and quite common! Some students do zero concentrations, while others do 3+. It's really up to you and what classes you wish to take! You can see more about the concentration requirements here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum
anna_c -> Suzi SHi, What kind of research is done by faculty, and do students have an opportunity to participate in any way?
Suzi S -> anna_cHi Anna_C! Marketing professors are very active researchers. Their work spans both applied and theoretical topics. Check out the faculty directory. You will be able to browse the research interests of our faculty from there. Here is a link to the faculty directory: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/faculty/directory

Most students are not directly involved in faculty research, but some students work with faculty as research assistants.
Heather -> JaniceGood afternoon! Since Booth is historically known for their finance/consulting concentrations, can you touch on the number of and breadth of the on campus interviews for internships and full time positions. And what geographic area they are concentrated in (if any). Thank you.
Janice -> HeatherHi Heather, you should take a look at our Employment Report which will give you a list of our top employer which we catergorize as hiring 4+ students in a recruiting year. However, we have 200-300 companies on-campus each year that will hosts corporate events and interviews .
ankur -> KatieHi Katie, could you please elaborate on the Marketing Fellowship under the Kilts Center? What does it entail, and how are Fellows selected?
Katie -> ankurHI, Ankur. The Marketing Fellowships are selected based on your Booth application. No additional steps are required. Selected Fellows receive tuition support and are paired with an executive-level mentor. They are also afforded exclusive opportunities to connect with marketing faculty and alumni speakers.
anna_c -> Tejeshare these jobs mentioned above Chicago based? or all over the US?
Tejesh -> anna_cHi Anna - Both! There are many marketing roles within Chicago (CPGs such as Hillshire, for example), but also plenty all over the US.
Kate_D -> Suzi SBased on your experiences, what piece of advice would you offer incoming students interested in marketing that you wish you had known when you first started at Booth?
Suzi S -> Kate_DThat's a great question, Kate_D! It sounds cliche, but I think the best piece of advice I can give is to not follow the crowd. Figure out what your priorities are and focus on those. Most people will be interested in CPG marketing, but if you are interested in tech, don't feel pressured to go to the CPG events. You will have a limited amount of time. Use it in a way that best suits you.
Noelle -> LeeWhat resources did you use to narrow down your marketing career choices to focus your recruiting efforts? Right now, I'm interested in both product and brand management.
Lee -> NoelleHi Noelle! There are a ton of resources devoted to this. In fact, during your first quarter at Booth, Career Services holds classes every week that are structured to help you choose your target field and research that area. Beyond that, the best way to narrow down your approach is to use the amazing second-year network! I learned most about internship field opportunities by talking to second years, as well as recent alumni. I also attended many informational lunches held by companies early in the fall to get a sense for what the roles would be in different fields.
julia.wong -> Hannah GHi panelists! Thank you for taking time to share your experiences with us today. I am interested in learning more about opportunities to explore the intersection between marketing and corporate social responsibility at Booth. Would you be able to provide information on academic, research, and extracurricular opportunities at Booth in this area please?
Hannah G -> julia.wongHi Julia! There are definitely opportunities to explore CSR at Booth. CSR actually has come up as a topic in a few of my classes at Booth, including Marketing Management. There is also a Net Impact student group at Booth which does quite a few programs around CSR and other social initiatives. I also know of one student who worked in a really interesting CSR/marketing role during their internship in 2013. I also think one of the best things about Booth is the flexibility to create your own student group or programming -- this kind of topic would be a great thing to add to the annual marketing conference and as a Booth student you'd have support to do just that!
Garrett -> JaniceCan you discuss recruiting outcomes (i.e. internships and hiring) for career switchers who intend to pursue a marketing concentration? What role does pre-MBA experience play? My employment background is in legislative and political communications.
Janice -> GarrettHi Garrett, about 11% of our interns went into marketing this year and 10% into full time roles. We usually have about 75-80% of the class that are career switchers, so pre-MBA experience is not hugely important.
anna_c -> Katiewhat are the marketing events and conferences that students can attend?
Katie -> anna_cHi, Anna. The Kilts Center offers a variety of events and programs throughout the year including speakers, a case competition, an interview prep session and a spring round table forum that allows you to connect with high-level alumni in a small-group setting. you can read more about these types of opportunities and programs on the Kilts website http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/students . The FT student Marketing Group also hosts an annual conference focused on recruiting and marketing topics. We work with them on this effort.
Araba -> Matt RiezmanIf you're interested in marketing within a specific field (ex. retail, pharmaceuticals, etc), are there opportunities within the classroom to gain a more specialized knowledge of marketing as it applies to that specific field?
Matt Riezman -> ArabaGreat question, Araba. Most marketing classes at Booth will focus on multiple different fields so you should get a good taste for marketing in many different industries. For more specific experiences, there are lab courses where you have the chance to work with an actual company on a consulting project. Those classes will provide you an opportunity to dig deeper into a specific industry.
WCross -> Jackie K.Howdy! I am aware that Booth has a very customizable program in terms of electives taken, specializations, and what a student wants to pursue. I would like to pursue Product Management with a focus on Technology products. How can the Dept. help me ensure I choose my classes and such 'wisely' so that I don't end with an MBA that has too broad a skill and knowledge set?
Jackie K. -> WCrossHowdy to you too, WCross! There are tons of resources to help you choose classes to help pursue your career interests. Early on, you hear from all of the departments about course offerings, choose an academic advisor, and talk to tons of 2nd years. There are some new classes that are perfect for future product managers, including an Application Development course. Product Managers need to be good at so many things though, so I'd also recommend classes about influencing others, managing the workplace, and data analyzed (I loved Matt Taddy's class!)
Mahi -> Sara Mare there any marketing classes that would be helpful for someone interested to working in low resource settings?
Sara M -> MahiHi Mahi: Our Marketing Strategy course will be beneficial because it provides a good foundation for any business sector. That said, I would recommend checking out Booth's Social Enterprise Initiative (http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/students), which supports students who are pursuing careers in social impact. For example, they offer a Social Enterprise Lab (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/labs) which allows students to work directly with local non-profits. In addition, I would also check out our dual-degree MBA/MPP program with The Harris School of Public Policy (http://harris.uchicago.edu/). The dual degree can give you both an education in business as well as policy. Hope that helps!
Debo -> Hannah GHello, is it smart to concentrate on marketing if you already have a marketing degree for undergrad?
Hannah G -> DeboHi Debo! It is entirely up to you! I worked in marketing before Booth but still achieved the marketing concentration, mostly because I took classes that interest me (which happened to be marketing classes!). Some of my classmates that were marketing majors in undergrad also completed the marketing concentration for this reason too. Concentrations at Booth are not required to graduate, but many of the marketing classes at Booth are very unique and something your undergrad may not have had.
ankur -> JaniceHi Janice, given that internationals have limited opportunities in CPG marketing in the US, does the Career Services help in finding internships and jobs in Europe/Asia? Thanks for your time!
Janice -> ankurHi Ankur, the great thing about the Booth network is that it is global. We get job opportunities from across the globe and as a student, you have access to that.
kouxiaoshan -> TejeshHi everyone, sorry I joined a little late and not sure whether my questions got asked already. I am wondering for people who are now concentrated in Marketing and going to work in marketing after MBA, do they need previous marketing experience?
Tejesh -> kouxiaoshanHowdy! You definitely do not need previous marketing experience. There are plenty of career switchers who go into marketing, and a lot of resources to help navigate you throughout the process.
Preeti -> KatieAre there any upcoming events or opportunities to talk directly with Marketing professors at Booth?
Katie -> PreetiHi, Preeti. Are you wondering about prospective student events that connect you to marketing faculty? The best path for achieving this would be to go through the campus visit program (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program) which will offer you opportunities to attend marketing faculty.
Kevin -> LeeHow well, and in what ways, would you say a concentration in Marketing sets up a student to enter into one of the major consulting firms?
Lee -> KevinHi Kevin! I concentrated in marketing and am going into consulting. The reality is that full-time consulting interviews are all about thinking through problems analytically and creatively - and those are exactly some of the skills you learn via a marketing internship. Some people have the misconception that marketing is about advertising - the reality is that marketing is about everything from new products, to pricing, to positioning strategy - everything that impacts consumer demand. Plus, many consulting firms focus specifically on marketing strategy, so that would be an especially apt transition!
Dave -> Jackie K.Hello all! I am curious to hear more about the level of interaction between Booth and the other graduate schools and the ways in which this interaction is encouraged. Thanks!
Jackie K. -> DaveHey Dave. Sure - lots of students take classes at the other schools (especially Public Policy, Law School) and I've gotten to know a lot of other grad students through the dual degree students at Booth. The Graduate Council also sets up joint talks and social events to meet people around campus. We also play in all the intramural sports with the other grad schools - I'll have you know that we are the two-year reigning IM flag football champions. I also play ultimate frisbee with other grad and PhD students!
ASN -> Suzi SIf memory serves, Suzi has come from a doctorate and teaching background to Booth. As an attorney, would like to ask Suzi how she has found her transition to industry studies at Booth? Thanks!
Suzi S -> ASNHi ASN! Yes, your memory serves! I have really enjoyed the curriculum at Booth. It is more applied and challenging than my previous work. I had never taken a business class in my life prior to Booth, so I had to spend some more time learning basic concepts (e.g., Supply and Demand) than students with more relevant backgrounds, but it was rewarding. As an aside, there are a fair number of former attorneys here!

I wrote about my transition for The Booth Experience. Check it out at http://theboothexp.com/2014/11/psychologist-to-marketer-part-ii-staying-the-course.html
Martin -> JaniceHi everyone, I am currently working as a financial analyst for a family run organization that runs franchises and I am looking to work as a Brand Manager for a tech company. Can anyone speak to Booth's connections to hi-tech companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon in terms of internships?, what the recruiting process is?, and how Booth has prepared you to step into a marketing/ brand management role?
Janice -> MartinHi Martin, all of the companies you mentioned are our corporate partners. They recruit for interns as well as full-time opportunities. Your marketing classes, lab courses and participation in the marketing club student group will more than equip you to be successful.
Muntasir -> Matt RiezmanHello, I have always found that business competitions are great ways to learn new things, specially when they are between other universities/schools. Do you have any such competitions involving students of other B-schools?
Matt Riezman -> MuntasirHi Muntasir! Absolutely. There are many different marketing case competitions that include other schools. I personally have participated in competitions at Kellogg and Wake Forest. I found the competitions a great opportunity to learn a ton about marketing, challenge myself, and get an additional perspective on what marketing education is like at other b-schools. Another plus is that the Graduate Student Association of the University helps out with reimbursing travel to defray some of the costs.
KCampbell -> Jackie K.Hi, thanks for hosting this chat! Is it common for students to seek research opportunities with Marketing faculty?
Jackie K. -> KCampbellHi KCampbell. I wouldn't say that it's common for students to seek research opportunities with marketing faculty, but those positions are available if you are interested. I have taken a PhD level marketing class with Pradeep Chintagunta, which I'd highly recommend. If I had more time, I would love to help with his research or others on the marketing faculty. If this is a priority for you though, you can definitely make it happen.
JulioC -> LeeLee, hi! In which area of consultancy where you focused? Where and how was your internship process and which difficulties/benefits did you encountered in the recruiting due to the fact that you were a former consultant? Which disadvantages you see compared to former marketers?
Lee -> JulioCHi JulioC! I was focused on retail and CPG consulting. So, there was definitely an advantage from an industry knowledge standpoint compared with some people who were new to those industries. But you're right, consultants, and any career switchers, have to tell a bit of a different story than those who have been in marketing - as a career switcher, you want to tell a persuasive reason why marketing is right for you. But the good news is that Booth helps you a TON in refining your story. Career Services has entire sessions devoted to it, and second-year Career Advisors are available to help you tailor your past experience to explain why you may want to change careers to marketing.
JCM -> JaniceHello everyone, Booth has good reputation in finance. Are there many graduates going to manufacturing after Booth? I want to be a product manager in chemical product industry and therefore want to concentrate in marketing and operation.
Janice -> JCMHello JCM, manufacturing isn't a major attraction for Booth, however, we do have a robust alumni base in that industry in key leadership positions.
Navita -> Hannah GHi, I learnt from few second year students that collaboration is highly encouraged by the school. Besides case study, what all areas do the student collaborate on and work together. And why does Booth's culture give such an importance to collaboration among students.
Hannah G -> NavitaHi Navita! Collaboration and group work is an integral part of life at Booth! There is often group work (via case study or another project) in classes. Other opportunities for collaboration are abundant too! Case competitions are an awesome way to team up with other students. Additionally the recruiting culture at Booth is heavily collaborative. Second year students and other first year students work together to prep for interviews. And there are lots of social and fun ways to collaborate (my favorite being Booth Follies! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/chicago-booth-follies)
RS -> LeeThis is a follow up question to Kevin's. Lee you mentioned about some consulting firms primarily focusing on marketing strategy. Could you name some? Thank you.
Lee -> RSHi RS. Kurt Salman, Prophet, Ideo, and Cambridge Group are a few that come to mind. In addition, most of the major consulting firms have divisions that are either focused on marketing, or on industries in which marketing is a critical function, such as CPG. See our Employment Report for more details: https://career.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/employmentreport/index.aspx
Preeti -> JaniceI'm also looking to focus on not for profit work later on in my career. Does Booth work with any not for profit companies or internships in that area?
Janice -> PreetiHi Preeti, yes, we do have great relationships with not-for-profits here in the city that recruit for both full-time and internships.
Pooja -> Jackie K.Jackie K., you mentioned that students choose their advisors. Can you please expand a bit more on this process?
Jackie K. -> PoojaHi Pooja! Sure, when you originally sign up for an academic advising appointment, you get paired with whichever advisor has availability (I think there are 5 in the office). However, you can e-mail any of them directly to set up appointments or switch at anytime. Overwhelming popular opinion in the room is that they are all great!
yk -> Matt RiezmanHi Matt, in terms of these different marketing case competitions, what are their timings and would it be helpful to consider participating from the very beginning of the first year rather than later even if I don't come from marketing background?
Matt Riezman -> ykHi yk! Competitions happen throughout they year. I would encourage getting involved as soon as you are ready to start learning! The Kilts Case Competition happens in the fall of first year and many first years participate. I really enjoyed jumping in with the other first years and getting to take on a real marketing issue for a real company. Many of us, myself included, had no marketing experience at that point, but we all learned a ton.
Kai_Sun -> Hannah GHello everyone, thanks for taking time to host this chat. Is that possible to have part-time marketing jobs on Thursday or Friday when there is no class? I know a couple of students do that in PE/VC industry. Does it work the same way for the marketing industry?
Hannah G -> Kai_SunHi Kai! I would say that while it's less common to have an internship or do work during school, it does happen! Several students have done part time marketing work for start ups. This is a great way to get marketing experience before an internship. Additionally the lab classes at Booth offer real world marketing experience during the school year.
Kate_D -> Sara MFor those of you who have completed a brand management internship, is there one thing that you found most surprising or challenging about the role?
Sara M -> Kate_DHi Kate, great question! What I found surprising was just how central brand management is to the strategy of the business. While I was at J&J, I attended business planning meetings where my brand manager presented the 2015 strategy of our brand to the President of US Consumer business. I found it really exciting to see that we in brand management are the ones really owning the strategy and direction of the brand!
Noelle -> Jackie K.What about teaching assistant positions with Marketing faculty? Do we have the ability to apply for those positions?
Jackie K. -> NoelleHi Noelle. Yup, lots of MBA students are teaching assistants for marketing faculty. I TA'ed for Chad Syverson in his competitive strategy course. Usually, the people who get selected to be TAs are the former students who did well in the class. So, if you want to be a TA, get to know the professor and rock the class!
Tiffany -> JaniceHi everyone, thank you for hosting this chat! I'm interested in pursuing brand management at Booth and was wondering how the opportunities are for retail brands. Is there a bigger focus on CPG brands?
Janice -> TiffanyHi Tiffany, the focus is based on student interest. We have a very active retail, apparel and luxury student group which is great.
SamS -> Matt RiezmanHi all, thank you for your time! I'm really interested in Booth's analytical approach, and at the same time would like to be immersed in an innovative d-school like environment. Can you share a little bit about the type of experiential programs Booth offers and what makes them unique? For example, is there more than one class that focuses on new product development? And, how many lab courses can you take as a student?
Matt Riezman -> SamSHi SamS - great question. I have found lab courses and other experiential learning opportunities a great chance to apply the tools I learned in the classroom. I would encourage you to check out the course catalog to see all of the lab courses Booth offers. The school seems to add many new, exciting opportunities every year. As a student you can take as many lab courses as you can fit in your schedule. Many students, myself included, find that lab courses take a significant amount of time (some more than 10+ hours/week outside of the classroom) so most people stick to 1 lab course per quarter at most.
ccbaker -> JaniceI'm sure there must be several blue chip companies that recruit new marketing staff at Booth every year. What skill sets and personality types do the marketing departments of large companies value most in brand management hires?
Janice -> ccbakerHi ccbaker, skills that I've heard are valuable are creativity, team player, analytics, ability to influence through leadership and personable.
Mahi -> Sara MThanks Sara M. that was helpful. I am leaning towards impact investing in low resource settings and I know marketing and policy play key roles in an area that is still in its infancy. I haven't thought about dual-degree option so do you recommend a dual-degree although I am interested in the financial aspect of it? Thanks again.
Sara M -> MahiHi Mahi: Unfortunately I personally cannot speak to the dual-degree program, but if you contact Admissions (admissions@chicagobooth.edu), they can provide you with more information. However, even if you were to stick to the MBA, the Social Enterprise Initiative provides resources and Lab courses to provide good exposure and experience in impact. In addition, there are recruiting options in social impact/non-profit that you can pursue during the summer to ensure you get that experience. Hope that helps!
Navita -> TejeshWhat is the one thing/ value that you feel that Booth has inculcated in you that will help you the most in your life ahead?
Tejesh -> NavitaHi Navita - I have met so many smart people here, and there will always be people that have knowledge that you may not. I think that learning from those around me is something that I will definitely take away from Booth. There are people here from so many different backgrounds that have such unique experiences, that drawing from those around me is something that I have learned to do and will continue doing in my career/personal life moving forward.
Martin -> KatieCan anyone speak to the experiential learning labs that the Kilt Center offers Marketing students and some of the unique opportunities that students are exposed to?
Katie -> MartinHi, Martin. The Kilts Center supports the marketing lab courses - New Product Development and Marketing Research - which offers students a chance to learn through a project-based course. You can read more about some of the projects students have worked on -- http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/corporate-partnerships/marketing-lab
Graham_Caywood -> Suzi SHow did you feel about the level of discourse in classes? Was the enough representation across all industries and fields that you were able to have discussions that challenged each other"
Suzi S -> Graham_CaywoodHi Graham! I'm continually surprised by the diversity of backgrounds at Booth. I have some classmates with traditional (e.g., finance, marketing, operations) backgrounds in diverse industries (energy, CPG, tech, etc.) and many with non-traditional backgrounds (e.g., teaching, non-profit, social work). For each case we discuss, I feel like there is always at least one student with relevant work experience. Also, we are lucky to have students who are not afraid to challenge each other. Discourse is typically lively and done with respect.
Garrett -> Matt RiezmanHi. I'm interested in hearing what benefit current students would describe as the strengths of Chicago Booth's approach to curriculum that you benefited from during your summer internship experience.
Matt Riezman -> GarrettHi Garrett! I can't speak for all students, but I can definitely give you my perspective. Booth's curriculum provided me many different tool kits to help me take on whatever problems I was faced with in my internship. I found myself using lessons from many different marketing classes as well as things I learned in finance, operations and organizational behavior throughout my summer. I felt extremely well prepared and surprised myself with how much knowledge I was able to leverage from my first year.
kc -> Hannah GHow competitive are the marketing lab courses? Are most students who are interested in taking one able to do so? Thanks!
Hannah G -> kcHi kc: It can depend on the lab course! Some lab courses require an application -- these can be a bit more competitive depending on the quarter. Other lab courses (like Developing New Products and Services and Marketing Research) you enroll in like any other class, so not competitive at all. I would say everyone who is interested in taking a lab course is able to over the two years at Booth!
JulioC -> Jackie K.Hi, I am also a career switcher, I am currently and Strategy and Operations Consultant for Deloitte in Mexico City and I studied Industrial Engineering. I know Booth is an excellent opportunity to learn from Mkt. and to have networking and career opportunities in the field, even though I am concerned how it is taken by the companies, in your experience how you have seen this, have the alumni started with managerial positions with only Booth experience in Marketing?
Jackie K. -> JulioCHi JulioC. Marketing is a great background for general managements positions, but all concentrations at Booth will set you up for management roles. As I've learned from talking to lots of Booth alumni, there are lots of different journeys to the c-suite. Career switchers into marketing are super common at Booth, too. Many will stay in marketing roles and others will continue to other general management roles later in their careers.
Naga -> TejeshHi Everyone , Thank you for your time , I am interested in knowing more about Start-up Marketing and Branding.Can we work with any start-ups to experience the same.Please share little information about this.
Tejesh -> NagaHey! There are plenty of opportunities to work with start-ups in a variety of positions, both during the school year and full-time. I worked on a project for a Chicago-based startup this past quarter, and gained some invaluable experience in the Business Development space. Though not within marketing, there are definitely opportunities to pursue a marketing-focused role at start-ups. Networking, LinkedIn, etc. are good ways to get your foot in the door!
anna_c -> Jackie K.Is the TA position for credit? or is it a paid position?
Jackie K. -> anna_cHey Anna_C, not for credit. You do get paid a modest stipend.
anna_c -> JaniceThanks for answers. Hard to decipher from the employment reports, which tech companies that hire grads are based in Chicago?
Janice -> anna_cHi Anna_c, you can just identify the companies and see if they have a Chicago office.
AP -> Suzi SFor someone with no background in marketing, and looking forward to switch careers to marketing ,how would Booth act as platform to put students into market
Suzi S -> APHi AP! Booth has a ton of resources to help you make a transition to marketing. The Marketing Group is instrumental in introducing you to firms that are hiring marketers and helping you prep for interviews. Career Services is also great for interview prep, career guidance, and job search help. The marketing coursework prepares you well for internship activities. The Kilts Center has a mentoring program and hosts a lot of great speakers.

Check out the series of blogs called "Psychologist to Marketer" that I wrote for The Booth Experience (theboothexp.com).
RS -> Hannah GHi Hannah. Are there more than 2 kinds of lab courses. I thought there are only two as per the website- http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/engage/marketing-lab
Hannah G -> RSHi RS: There are two marketing lab courses but there are also lab courses outside the marketing department!
Hannah G -> EveryoneThanks for joining us everyone! It was great chatting with you!
Lee -> EveryoneThank you again for joining us! Good luck!
Matt Riezman -> EveryoneThanks for all of your great questions today! I really enjoyed chatting with you!
Janice -> EveryoneIt was great chatting with you. Hopefully you found this session useful. We look forward to having you at Booth in the Fall!
Jackie K. -> EveryoneThanks for joining us for the chat. Good luck and hope to see you all around the Harper Center!
Sara M -> EveryoneThanks everyone! It was great talking to you all!
Suzi S -> EveryoneThank you for your questions! Make sure to check out The Booth Experience at theBoothExp.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
Katie -> EveryoneBest of luck to all of you! Thanks for all your questions.
Naga -> Tejesh @Tejesh: Can you give me a little more insight into the business development space you work for. It will help me understand the kind of opportunities available.
Tejesh -> NagaHi Naga, I did some work helping a startup pursue a new opportunity in the currency space. I can't divulge too much more unfortunately, but it was great experience doing market and industry research for them.
Tejesh -> EveryoneThank you all for the questions! I hope to run into some of you soon.