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Live Chat with Admissions - Tuesday, October 14, 11 a.m.—Noon CST

If you are preparing for your Round Two application or your Round One interview, don’t miss this live chat. Ask the Admissions Committee about your pre-MBA work experience and extracurricular activities, how to get great letters of recommendation, and next steps for Round One interviews.

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Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in about 15 minutes. Feel free to begin submitting your questions at any time.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Tyler -> EveryoneHello everyone! I'm looking forward to answering your questions today.
Eddie -> EveryoneThanks for joining us. I'm Eddie Pulliam with the admissions team and I look forward to working with you today.
Danielle -> EveryoneWelcome! We look forward to answering your questions today, thank you for joining us.
ManthanBrahmbhatt -> DanielleI'm from india and very much interested to pursue my masters at Chicago booth. I would like to know what exams would I like to give and how to get great letters of recommendations..and what do I need to emphasize on my essay..
Danielle -> ManthanBrahmbhattManthanBrahmbhatt: Glad to learn you're interested in applying to Booth. You can view the application checklist here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply
Courtney -> EveryoneWelcome all, I'm excited to answer your questions!
Srishti -> DanielleHow important are professional awards or recognition? Will lack of such awards negatively impact the application?
Danielle -> SrishtiSrishthi: Awards and recognition are just a great way for us to assess your interests and trajectory. As we take a holistic approach to assessing applications, there is not one thing that is considered more than another.
Rupensingla -> EddieI have work experience of 13 months as of now. Will i be considered for a deferred admission?
Eddie -> RupensinglaDeferments are handled on a case by case basis. We suggest that you apply in the year you know that you will matriculate.
JohnFox -> TylerHi and thank you for taking my question. Regarding the second letter of recommendation, would you caution against having two letters written by individuals from the same company?
Tyler -> JohnFoxNo that is not something we would caution you from doing. We recommend choosing your current supervisor and some past supervisor or mentor. What we are really looking for is someone who can really tell us valuable information about you and give great examples of the work you do.
Ifeoma -> EddieWhen should round one applicants expect to start receiving interview invites. Do reapplicants get interviewed by the same person that did the initial interview?
Eddie -> IfeomaHi Ifeoma. We will start rolling out invitations for interviews later this week.
Anish -> TylerWhen will you release round 1 interview shortlist
Tyler -> AnishInterview invitations will be released on a rolling basis starting this week. Invitations are released in random order and have no significance to the evaluation process.
Grant -> DanielleThe description of the LEAD program on Booth's website left me wanting to know a little more. What does the course require of students this semester?
Danielle -> GrantGrant: We do not have semesters at Booth as we operate on a quarter system. LEAD is 150 hours of programming during the first year at Booth. As it's the first class our students begin with and the last our students take, the programming varies. The first quarter our students begin to identify their blind spots and how to fill those gaps during their time at Booth.
YvetteChan -> CourtneyHow do I make my application stronger considering I only have 3 years work experience come class intake in 2015? What other criteria does Booth look for in candidates that can strengthen my application?
Courtney -> YvetteChanThat's a great question. When reviewing work experience on applications, it's not so much about the number of years, but what you've done with that time. Just be sure to be clear in your application why now is the right time for you to get an MBA, particularly from Booth. Be honest and transparent in your application and make sure you are filling all the gaps for us.
Karan_Agarwal -> DanielleFor a candidate preparing for an interview with the Booth School of Business, what would be the best piece of advice the admissions committee would give him/her that he/she could use and shine in the interview?
Danielle -> Karan_AgarwalKaran_Agarwal: Be authentic, transparent, and have a thorough understanding of why you wish to go to Booth.
anarchy -> DanielleHi, I am applying in the 2nd Round to the MBA program. Is there much difference in the selectivity of candidates between Rd1 and Rd2?
Danielle -> anarchyanarchy: No, there is not. Best of luck.
Srishti -> TylerOne of my recommenders does not use an official ID and uses a personal gmail ID. Will it be a problem? or will if be verified by a phone call and/or other means?
Tyler -> SrishtiThis shouldn't be a problem. Admitted applicants will have to go through a verification process and part of the process includes recommenders.
CourtneyH -> EddieI will be applying to multiple schools and want to make it as easy as possible for those writing my letters of recommendation. Does it hurt your application, if the letters do not mention the school specifically?
Eddie -> CourtneyHHey Courtney. It doesn't hurt your chances but we would like to know that the letter is specific to Chicago Booth and not just a general letter going out everywhere. Remember the focus of the letter is your fit with Chicago Booth.
AlejandroCL -> TylerHello guys, I actually have 3 questions which I´ll send separetly. Before my degree in business and finance, I attended law school, which I did not finish. Should I send those transcripts(only 2 years of classes) as well in my second round application?
Tyler -> AlejandroCLYes, we want you to provide your entire academic history even if no degree was conferred.
Karan -> CourtneyI am applying for the full-time program. Last year I did a lot of research into Chicago Booth's program, and this year I haven't gone through the website in depth yet. Is there anything new/changed on the website or otherwise to the full-time MBA program that I should be aware of (besides any changes to the essay questions)?
Courtney -> KaranI suggest for you to be up to date on all of the latest information we put on our website. Booth is always doing research, hosting events, and strengthening the program, so be sure to stay in the know. The application is very similar to last year, but yes we did change the essay questions.
Stephanie_Chen -> TylerCan we get information on the interview format?
Tyler -> Stephanie_ChenInterviews are held with either a second year student or alum and are typically 40 minutes in length. If you choose to visit our campus interviews are held in the admissions suite. Alum interviews are held at a location agreed upon between the alum and interviewee. Hub interviews are held in various corporate locations around the world.
AlejandroCL -> EddieAnother doubt I have is about support letters. I just wanted to know where the admission committee stands on receiving letters of support either before or after the application deadline, from, for example, ex Chicago alumni that the candidate might know and support the application.
Eddie -> AlejandroCLOK Alejandro. We would like to have the letters arrive around the same time of your application so we can begin to review your file. Late LORs might not reach your file before we read it and make a decision. I don't think you want that to happen.
YJ -> CourtneyI well know about Booth's multi-dimensional assessment of applicants, but there are some rumors that Booth prefers to applicants who have a exceptionally high GMAT score. Could you tell me that it is true?
Courtney -> YJWhen we evaluate applications, we take a holistic approach. While we do look at GMAT scores, the rest of the information on your application is also highly important.
Mohit -> EddieIf I have advised a lot of start-ups and NGOs in various capacities in addition to my full time work experience, how do i reflect that as a part of my application process as the same does not form a part of my resume as a lawyer
Eddie -> MohitYou do have the ability to mention that in the activities section of the application Mohit.
Neha -> DanielleHi, I come from a healthcare product development background and am curious if students end up embracing healthcare careers that are more geared towards innovation development and strategic business management in the healthcare industry? Would it be possible for me to speak to a current student to get his/her perspective
Danielle -> NehaNeha: I'm sure our students would love to hear from you. Feel free to learn more about healthcare at Booth and connect with our students here: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/healthcare/
Adam_K -> TylerHi, Can you tell me when the full time program starts in 2015 and what the application deadline is please
Tyler -> Adam_KYou can find the University of Chicago academic calendar through this link http://www.uchicago.edu/academics/calendar/. Chicago Booth follows the same quarter system at the university plus please note that Fall classes start the Thursday before the university calendar.
Pete -> TylerHi, when does the interview invite start going out for R1 applicant and when is the last day R1 applicant expects to receive their interview by?
Tyler -> PeteHi Pete, interview decisions will be released on a rolling basis starting this week and all applicants will receive a decision of invite to interview or deny without interview by Friday, October 24th.
ygoncho -> EddieThank you for hosting this panel! I am a round 1 applicant and because of work effort I couldn't visit campus before my application. What would you say is the most ideal time to visit campus? Is January a good time?
Eddie -> ygonchoPlease visit our website and see how to set up a campus visit - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit . Hope to see you here!
Karan -> TylerFor full-time MBA, for those applicants that have taken the GMAT multiple times, are all the scores and pattern of scores up to the latest score taken into consideration in the application process, or is only the highest score looked at?
Tyler -> KaranYour highest score is taken into consideration for your evaluation.
Nizam -> DanielleHi - how does Booth look at military veterans with little to no quant or financial experience?
Danielle -> NizamNizam: We certainly understand how military veterans may have different opportunities than others. There are many places in the application where we can better understand your ability to succeed in a rigorous academic environment where you may be required to think quantitatively. I'd encourage you to connect with our Armed Forces Group as well to learn more. http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/afa/
Grant -> TylerIt looks like Booth accepts the GRE in lieu of the GMAT. I took the GRE in December 2009. Could I apply in Round 3 with those scores, which will be 5 years old this December?
Tyler -> GrantNo. You will have to retake your GRE or take the GMAT if you are planning to apply in Round 3. The 5 year deadline must be at least the deadline day.
Matt04 -> CourtneyHow does the University view applicants with sales backgrounds? Would these types of applicants be considered non-traditional? Are applicants with these types of backgrounds at a disadvantage when compared to those overrepresented (consulting, banking) at Booth?
Courtney -> Matt04We not only look at your job function, but the industry as well. We evaluate all applicants the same, whether they are traditional or non-traditional. It's more important to us why you want to get an MBA right now, and how that MBA from Booth is going to help you reach your goals during and after the program. So no, you are not at a disadvantage.
Wes -> EddieIf invited to interview, what other opportunities to engage with the Booth community will be available while visiting campus? Are spouses welcome to attend the other activities?
Eddie -> WesIf you come to visit campus Wes we will have opportunities for you to sit in on a class and visit with students. Your spouse is welcome to join you but due to space constraints sitting in on a class might be an option. We like to keep that option open for prospective students first and if there is room we can make allowances.
Angie -> EddieHow does Chicago Booth view GRE scores? Are these treated the same as the GMAT score?
Eddie -> AngieIt doesn't matter to us which exam you take Angie. Both are acceptable.
Karan -> TylerRegarding the full-time MBA essay question, would you be able to elaborate on what a presentation format answer would be like? Is it a powerpoint with detailed slides describing an applicant or more like a business powerpoint that contains brief points about a candidate, as most business powerpoints are accompanied by someone speaking about the presentation as well. Could we attach audio/video to the powerpoint? How have past applicants generally articulated themselves through this presentation aspect of the essay?
Tyler -> KaranHi Karan, please visit the following link to view the essay criteria http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/essay-questions. The essay or powerpoint format is totally up to your discretion.There is no wrong or right way to do it.
Vitaly -> EddieHi, everyone! I'm from Russia. What is background of current MBA class? Are there many from CIS countries?
Eddie -> VitalyHey Vitaly. Currently our class is about 36% international. Feel free to take a look at our website for more information about the countries - www.chicagobooth.edu .
Stephanie_Chen -> TylerAre interviews based in Chicago preferred?
Tyler -> Stephanie_ChenThere is no advantage or disadvantage to an on-campus interview versus an off-campus interview. We do encourage applicants to visit our campus at some point simply to immerse themselves in the community and culture.
Thomas -> CourtneyHello. Thanks for answering our questions. I have 2 questions today! 1) I cannot tell my direct supervisor to write me a letter of recommendation as it will obstruct my path in my company. Therefore, would it be better to ask for a letter of recommendation a former supervisor I worked with 2 years ago or my advisor in my company (someone in my team whose role is to guide me throughout my career and thereby who knows me in a professional environment and who had the feedbacks of all the supervisors I got since I started working 4 years ago)?2) Where can I put Why Booth in my essays? Is it in the optional essay?
Courtney -> ThomasHi Thomas, we get that question a lot. We understand applying for an MBA program could jeopardize your current position. In that situation, we suggest to select the two people who can speak most to your abilities in the workplace. This could be a colleague, former supervisor, client, or anybody else you've worked closely with. This will be different for each applicant. As for your second question, you can utilize the essay/PowerPoint in whatever way you think is best. The question is open-ended so that may be a good opportunity for you to highlight Why Booth if you think that's important information for us to know.
Adam_M -> DanielleHi Admissions, thanks for taking the time today to answer our questions. Is there a way to connect with a local Booth alumni from our geographic area? If so, is that a conversation that you think would be beneficial to prospective applicants?
Danielle -> Adam_MAdam_M: If you have Booth alumni in your network, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you. I'd also encourage you to reach out to our students via one of the many student groups we have on campus: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
mich1216 -> EddieHi Everyone - I have been reading about the Full-Time program as well as the Part-Time program. Do both programs get the same level of support such as Career Services and Campus Resources?
Eddie -> mich1216Both programs have very supportive Career Service offices and resources available.
Britt -> TylerHello. I'm applying to round 2, and I sent my official GMAT scores when I first took the test over a year ago. Do I need to send the scores a second time, or will you still have them?
Tyler -> BrittWe only need official score reports from admitted applicants.
Sarah -> CourtneyDo you have a preference between the GRE and the GMAT? What are the median GRE scores for each component?
Courtney -> SarahWe do not have a preference between the GRE and GMAT, either is acceptable. No, unfortunately we do not currently provide a median for GRE scores.
Sricardo01 -> TylerInterviews are at Booth Campus only?
Tyler -> Sricardo01No, we provide a variety of interview locations around the world.
Ross -> EddieBooth is world renowned for its finance program, however, can you give me some insight into other areas of your curriculum, specifically strategy and entrepreneurship?
Eddie -> RossActually, Ross, our entrepreneurship program is the second most popular concentration here. The Polsky Center is fantastic! We also have a great curriculum that supports those who want to go into strategy.
Karan_Agarwal -> DanielleFor international students who are unable to visit the campus, do a majority of the interviews happen over skype or in-person with an alumni?
Danielle -> Karan_AgarwalKaran_Agarwal: You are welcome to join us in London for hub interviews if you cannot make it to Chicago. Otherwise, your interview will be conducted by a local member of our alumni community, and in rare situations, via phone with a staff member.
Katya -> EddieHello. I am curious about clusters students are divided into. How big are clusters and study groups? Do students remain within one study group throughout the curriculum?
Eddie -> KatyaActually Katya students have a good mix of study groups and you aren't assigned just one. Your community and study groups change organically with every course that you take.
anomaly4 -> CourtneyIn reference to letters of recommendations, what do you weigh as the most important factors? For example, would the accomplishments and credibility of the individual writing it hold more weight?
Courtney -> anomaly4What's most important for us in the letters of recommendation is that the person recommending you can speak highly to your abilities. It's not about their credibility, but the information they can provide us with.
Nitesh -> TylerIs there going to be a waitlist of candidates who applied in round 1 but will be evaluated again with round 2 applicants?
Tyler -> NiteshWe update all waitlist applicant's decisions at the end of each round. They can either be denied, admitted, or waitlist again.
Sarah -> CourtneyAs someone who has a background in Humanities and Literature, an MBA at Booth seems extremely appealing given the quantitative focus of the programme. However, will my background with little quantitative work experience be a problem in getting accepted to the programme?
Courtney -> SarahIf we aren't able to get a sense of your quantitative skills through your work experience or education, we can look to the GMAT for this information.
EmilyT -> EddieI started off as a teacher in Teach for America and now work for an educational nonprofit. I have an idea of what I want to do post-MBA, but am actually more drawn to the idea that an MBA can open up new careers that I haven't thought of before. How important is it at Booth to "know what you want to do."
Eddie -> EmilyTThanks for joining us Emily. Your confidence surrounding the value of an MBA is very important. While many students express their career goals in the essays very clearly many change their perspective once they get here because of the flexibility and course offerings found at Booth.
Kunwar_singh -> TylerHi, I am a R1 candidate and the gmat score card section in my profile still reflects "Awaiting". Should I be worried about it?
Tyler -> Kunwar_singhNo, you shouldn't be worried. We only require official score reports from admitted applicants.
Denise -> TylerHi, you mentioned interview invites for Round 1 are on a rolling basis and begin later this week. What is the latest that a person will hear whether or not (s)he has been invited to interview? Thanks.
Tyler -> DeniseAll applicants will receive a decision of invite to interview or deny without interview by Friday, October 24th.
AlejandroCL -> EddieThanks on your response Eddie! Sorry if I explained myself poorly, i was pointing to support letters besides the 2 letters of recomendation that i must send. Are these taken into account? Thanks a lot!
Eddie -> AlejandroCLNo problem Alejandro. You can send them in but remember we only ask for 2. Use your best judgement when sending in additional LORs.
Harsha -> CourtneyHi. For early career candidates, is there a minimum pre-requisite number for years of full time work experience?
Courtney -> HarshaNo, we have no minimum pre-requisite for work experience.
Ankit -> EddieDo you give scholarships only to first round applicants, or second round as well ?
Eddie -> AnkitScholarships are available each round Ankit. You can imagine that there are fewer as we continue through each round.
Angie -> CourtneyQuestion: The International Business Concentration that you all provide - does this help out immensely if a student is interested in a foreign internship? Are foreign internships a possibility, or have students done them in the past?
Courtney -> AngieYes, you have the opportunity to do your internship wherever you would like. Many of our students do their summer internship in cities outside Chicago, domestically and internationally. You can also check out more information on our website about our IMBA: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/imba
Suraj -> EddieWhat sort of a background or work experience will help me add the most value to the class? A majority of fresh intakes are from consulting and finance. Are the odds against one who is not from one of the above industries?
Eddie -> SurajActually Suraj we value diversity. It's the quality of work that you offer that concerns us.
Kunwar_singh -> TylerHi Team, if invited for an interview, would we be required to carry a copy of our resume and/or application?
Tyler -> Kunwar_singhYes, please bring a copy just in case.
Jing -> EddieHi Admission Committee, If I have new professional and personal development after my application is submitted, what's the best way to keep you updated? please advise. thank you.
Eddie -> JingYou should be able to upload information in your file. We can't guarantee that the information will be reviewed if a decision has already been made on your application.
Marketer -> DanielleHi Danielle, is there a Hub in India for interviews.
Danielle -> MarketerMarketer: We won't be traveling to India to do hub interviews. If you do not come to Chicago or London for your interview, you will be interviewed by a member of our alumni community in India.
Vitaly -> CourtneyDoes the admission office expect to get an essay or a presentation on a question “Who are you?” What makes the strong essay or the presentation? How many slides should be in the presentation?
Courtney -> VitalyThis will look different for every applicant. When looking at your application as a whole, be sure to utilize this space to fill in any missing gaps. Use your best judgement for the number of slides, you can use as little or as many as you need.
Priscilla_H -> TylerI'm an international student, and one of my prospective recommenders do not speak English. Can I review the letter together with my recommender and provide translation separately?
Tyler -> Priscilla_HWe would recommend someone else translate it.
Ben_H -> EddieI am looking forward to a campus visit. Do you have another Booth Live Event scheduled?
Eddie -> Ben_HWe'll have another Chicago Booth Live coming up in January. I'm not sure if the date has been posted yet but hopefully you'll be able to join us.
Lily -> CourtneyHi everyone, I'm Lily. I gained my master degree from a Hong Kong university and the instruction language was English. So am I qualified for being exempt from taking the TOEFL?
Courtney -> LilyIf you've received a degree where English was the language of instruction, you do not need to provide us with a TOEFL score.
marceloop -> TylerHi everyone! In case I am placed in the waitlist, what steps I should take to improve my chances of being accepted?
Tyler -> marceloopWaitlist candidates have the opportunity to submit a video message and additional materials.
KC_CPA_85 -> DanielleCould you describe a typical student's work/school balance while completing an MBA program at booth? Do many students just focus primarily on the curriculum during the semesters and attempt an internship during the summers?
Danielle -> KC_CPA_85KC_CPA_85: Each student is able to apply the flexibility that Booth offers differently. We do not have a prescriptive environment, so no two students will have the exact same experiences. You have the liberty to design the work/life balance as you see fit based on your goals.
JEANX -> CourtneyWhat specific attributes does the admissions council focus on when deciding whether a candidate is the right fit for Booth? For example: leadership vs. independent-drive, collaboration vs. creativity
Courtney -> JEANXWe take a holistic approach when evaluating applications. We do not weigh any of these areas more heavily than the other, it's more about how those traits play into your story.
Joelw -> DanielleHow does career services work with students transitioning from government or military service? Do those students typically start working on Job searches sooner than others?
Danielle -> JoelwJoelw: I'd actually revert you to the students for that question. Our armed forces group is very involved and could better answer that question. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/armed-forces-group
Maggie -> TylerHow specific should we be when talking about career goals in our applications?
Tyler -> MaggieAs specific as you'd like to be. We ask this questions to get an idea of the career path you'd like to take.
Ben_Charles -> EddieHi, I am keen to visit the campus but am somewhat restricted to coming in the few weeks around Christmas as that is when I can take leave from my project (I am from Australia so some planning is required). Do you have a set 'close down period' for the admissions team and a period of time that it is not possible to tour the campus?
Eddie -> Ben_CharlesOur campus visit program runs to December 5, 2014. After that you're able to visit on Monday or Friday until it starts up again after the holidays. You should check our calendar and you'll see the days that are available especially in December.
samswa -> TylerHi there. Regarding interviews at Chicago/London, is it a 1-on-1 interview, or a group interview?
Tyler -> samswaAll interview are one-on-one.
ElDon_Caravan -> CourtneyHow might I get in touch with students or alumni who have a focus in real estate finance?
Courtney -> ElDon_CaravanWe have 70+ student groups that you can check out, each group lists the email addresses for the co-chairs. The Real Estate Group may be a good one for you to look into. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
Joseph -> EddieFor those of us planning to attend Booth Live, do you have any suggestions or tips to maximize our time on-campus?
Eddie -> JosephWe have a pretty full day scheduled for that day Joseph. You really won't be free until 6pm to explore the campus or the rest of the city.
alexandre -> CourtneyHow can I get detailed information about Chicago Booth scholarship programs? If admitted, how and when should I apply for them?
Courtney -> alexandreYou do not need to submit any additional application for scholarships. All of our scholarships are merit-based and we evaluate people for these from the applications.
Sumanyu -> CourtneyHow can I connect with the current students and the alumni so as to get more insights?
Courtney -> SumanyuYou can reach out to students through our student groups: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
Marc -> DanielleHi everyone, I'd be interested to hear how the interviews are structured. Are they with alumni or the admissions team? Do you have any advice or recommendations on interview preparation? And lastly, when will round one interview notifications go out? Thank you!
Danielle -> MarcMarc: Interviews are between 30-45 minutes and will be conducted by a student or member of our alumni community. We certainly encourage you to be authentic, transparent, and have a thorough understanding of why you want to be a student at Booth. Notifications will begin to go out this week on a rolling basis.
JHP -> EddieAre there any students who are women with children?
Eddie -> JHPSure we do JHP! Check out this website that tells you all about it - http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/chipart/boothkids.php
anomaly4 -> TylerFor letters of recommendation, how much weight is placed on the accomplishments/prestige of the person recommending? If someone has a higher level of influence, would this be considered? If not, what are the key points to a quality letter of rec?
Tyler -> anomaly4There is no weight placed on the status of the recommender. A good letter of recommendation is one that gives lots of examples and details about you in a professional environment.
Vitaly -> DanielleI have CFA certificate. Will it be possible to waive some classes?
Danielle -> VitalyVitaly: We do not have any required courses with the exception of LEAD, so you would have the flexibility to select courses that will be challenging.
samswa -> DanielleHi there. I am the head of business development and strategy for a pharmaceutical company based in South Asia. Does Booth offer any class tailored towards professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry? Thank you. .
Danielle -> samswasamswa: You're welcome to learn more about those courses online: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/healthcare-group
JHP -> TylerHello and thank you for the chat session. Would an "internship" considered to be work experience? I had an internship after taking some time off from work to relaunch my career, so it was an "internship" post-college.
Tyler -> JHPYou can include it on your resume but please only enter full-time work experience into the employment record.
Adam_K -> EddieHi, what if your current emplyer is not too pleased that you want to go off and do an MBA...and as such wont provide a reccomendation. what should i do then? just find another source i suppose
Eddie -> Adam_KThat right Adam. You should find another letter but also explain this to us in the optional essay. It isn't held against you because we don't want you to jeopardize your career with them. This isn't a unique situation.
Joseph -> TylerDoes the admissions office have a preference between interviewing on-campus and off-campus?
Tyler -> JosephThere is no preference. We do highly encourage applicants to make it to our campus at some point during the application process though.
Katya -> CourtneyAnd one more question!Do you prefer to see more focus on a student’s personality and professional aspirations or his background and achievements in the essay?
Courtney -> KatyaThis will vary from person to person. When looking at your application as a whole, utilize the essay portion to fill any gaps for us. Be sure not to repeat any information that you've already given to us in the rest of the application, but deliver new information that you think is important for us to know when evaluating.
Saritha -> EddieHi - Can I get the recommendation letter from my client manager instead of supervisor ?
Eddie -> SarithaWe just ask you to use your best judgement if you can't ask your current supervisor for a recommendation Saritha.
arivera -> TylerAre interviews on campus limited to certain days in the week?
Tyler -> ariveraInterviews are held Monday-Friday from October 27th to November 21st with the potential of a few days being blocked off because of time constraints.
BuÄŸra -> TylerMy undergraduate degree is from a university in which all programs are instructed in English. How should I provide evidence for that to be exempt from taking a language exam?
Tyler -> BuÄŸraThere is a question on the application that asks this.
Karan -> DanielleFor full-time MBA, can we do a combination of presentation and essay or do we have to choose one over the other?
Danielle -> KaranKaran: You're welcome to answer the essay question however you see fit. We do not accept video or audio files.
Abhi -> TylerAre there any restrictions for writing an essay? (i.e. including pictures)
Tyler -> AbhiThe essay/presentation does not support audio or moving visuals. When submitted the essay/presentation converts into a status pdf format.
mmurdock -> DanielleWhat kind of resources are available at Booth for finding and selecting internships and post-grad opportunities?
Danielle -> mmurdockmmurdock: Our career services, employer outreach team, and 2nd year students all help you drive your career search. It's a partnership approach at Chicago Booth. You can learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career
Baaju -> CourtneyCan you elaborate a bit more on LEAD? Is it a prerequisite or something we need to take before joining?
Courtney -> BaajuLEAD is the only required course at Booth, there are no prerequisites. It is the first course you will take during the program, it focuses on who you are as a leader, how others perceive you as a leader, and allows you to develop leadership skills to put to use during and after your MBA.
tim_p -> TylerHello all - thank you for your time this morning! Can I please ask you to talk about how having a professional certification (i.e. CFA) plays into your review of the application? Do you view it as an academic, professional or other achievement?
Tyler -> tim_pWe categorize it into your professional certifications. As with all parts of the application, it is only one component to a very thorough evaluation process.
Guilherme -> EddieDear all, I am really excited to kick off my MBA studies at Chicago. After almost 5 years working with Investment Banking in Brazil, I am looking forward to get the most out of my MBA from Chicago Booth. I have seen the dedicated web page “Booth Partners”, but I was wondering If my wife would be able to enroll in a nutrition related course, as she loves healthy nutrition. Also, she is a little bit concerned about how her days in Chicago will be, as she will leave her job in credit risk. I am sure she will love our days in Chicago, but what else would you recommend I tell her besides what is in the “Booth Partners” page?
Eddie -> GuilhermeWell she could certainly find ways to keep busy Guilherme. She could look into taking classes at the Graham School - https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/noncredit?gclid=CPuUrNbOrMECFccRMwodq3kAHg . She should really reach out to the co-chairs of the Partners Group so she can get a good idea of how some of them spend their time.
Tyler -> EveryoneIt's been great chatting with you all today. Best of luck!
Danielle -> EveryoneThanks for participating in our chat today. Best of luck with your graduate school search.
Courtney -> EveryoneIt was great connecting with all of you, good luck!
Eddie -> EveryoneThanks for so many great questions and I'm sorry that we couldn't get to all of them. Please join us on campus if you can! Good luck to you all!