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Live Chat With Admissions - Tuesday, September 23, 11 a.m.—Noon CST

Whether you are just beginning your MBA research or preparing to apply before the September 25 Round 1 deadline, don’t miss this live chat with the Full-Time MBA Admissions committee. Ask about your pre-MBA work experience, our essay and presentation, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, interviews, or Booth admissions events.

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Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone, and thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in about 10 minutes.
Moderator -> EveryoneAs a reminder, today’s live chat is intended to help answer your questions about the 2014-15 application and deadlines. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions about your individual application or candidacy.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Amy -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today. I look forward to answering your questions.
Meghan -> EveryoneHi everyone! Looking forward to answering your questions.
Kylie W -> EveryoneHi everyone! Happy to join you for this chat today!
Eddie -> EveryoneGood morning and welcome to the chat. I'm Eddie Pulliam and I hope you've got some good questions for us today
Tyler -> EveryoneHello everyone, I'm excited to chat with you all today.
Kelly -> EveryoneWelcome everyone! We are excited to chat with you today!
mimi -> Kylie WWhen listing academic honors and awards, does that mean just a list? Is a short description appropriate?
Kylie W -> mimiHi Mimi, you are welcome to use whichever approach best represents your experience. If you feel an award or honors needs clarification or an extra description, please feel free to include that.
Abhishek -> EddieI graduated from a three year degree course from Delhi University, India in 2006. In 2013 I completed a diploma for graduates (international students) from the University of London. Given the additional diploma I have secured, will I be eligible to apply to for the Booth MBA?
Eddie -> AbhishekYes Abhishek you are eligible to apply.
Haritha -> Kylie WHi, I would like to enroll in to Full-time MBA for Round 2 as Round 1 deadline is very near.My question is like this . When will my academic year starts? how long will that lasts?1 year or two yr
Kylie W -> HarithaHi Haritha, whether you apply in Round 1, 2, or 3 this year, your intended academic year begins in the Fall of 2015.
Siddharth_Singh -> TylerHi guys, thanks for doing this session now, I'm sure it will be especially useful for people like me submitting R2. My question is related to the Professional Experience section : If for the first 2 months of one's stint at a company they were part of a cross-departmental training program, should it be mentioned as a separate entry? Or would a single entry for the whole time be fine.
Tyler -> Siddharth_SinghHi Siddharth_Singh, if your role at your employer changed significantly, such as function or title, then I would recommend adding them as two separate entries.
DeeptiGupta -> AmyThe online application has a section that asks for academic recognition. If you don't have any awards, will it harm the application to a large extent (even if you have performed well throughout your academic life)?
Amy -> DeeptiGuptaHi DeeptiGupta, we try to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to share your complete story with us. So don't worry if not all of the opportunities are relevant for you. We evaluate your candidacy holistically and will consider all of the experiences and information that you share with us.
Mayank -> Meghanhi, I am applying for the 2015 intake and I am looking to better understand the essay question. Since it asks us "Who are you", what elements are key to getting this message across without being too repetitive in the application - is it more of experiences that showcase traits that define me or is it about my choices in life till now (personal, education, professional) and how I believe they set up a platform for my future goals and the role Booth will play in my development towards them?
Meghan -> MayankHi Mayank: Great question. The essay portion of the application is meant to provide a better understanding of who you are and what your story is. Think of it this way; we have a lot of information regarding your academic and professional life, but we know there is more to you than that. Overall, the best strategy is to be genuine and honest and show your passion. Read more on this topic by visiting our blog: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_201415_Application/boothinsider/211?nav=entry
KamilGani -> EddieHow much experience should a person gain before enrolling in an MBA program?
Eddie -> KamilGaniGood morning. Our class usually averages at about 5 years of work experience. There aren't any cut-offs and we're looking for the quality of work experience rather than the quantity.
AVN -> KellyHi, I know students can chose either a presentation or a written essay to communicate their thoughts but does the AC have a preference for one over the other, given that the presentation used to be mandatory?
Kelly -> AVNHi AVN: I hope you are doing well today. No we do not have a preference, you have both options. Choose the option that you think best tells your story! Check out our blog (http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_201415_Application/boothinsider/211?nav=entry) as well!
pmenon -> Kylie WHello, I had a question about re-applicants. How is the previous application used in evaluating the current one?
Kylie W -> pmenonHi pmenon, we holistically evaluate your new application and your reapplicant essay.
R._Restrepo -> EddieHey everyone thank you for doing this. My question is regarding what would you consider the best way to explain a medical condition that resulted in a lower GPA? If you consider this to be an "individual application question" I can ask in later in greater detail.
Eddie -> R._RestrepoHi! You could use the optional essay to explain that reason if you'd like.
Anshul -> AmyI have a question on the essay : The essay format..It can be anything at all - Presentation, Essay with embedded pictures, a video?
Amy -> AnshulHi again Anshul. Thanks for joining us today. Please refer to the instructions provided within the application to ensure that we are able to view your essay in its entirety: bit.ly/Y1Gmqx.
AbhirathAnuwal -> TylerIs the Optional Essay a place where we can clarify information that we have included elsewhere in the application? Or is it an additional essay just like the presentation/essay where we can try to provide more information to stregthen our candidature?
Tyler -> AbhirathAnuwalHi AbhirathAnuwal, the optional essay is a great place to clear up anything in your application you felt we haven't asked.
shrutinigam -> KellyWhat is the minimum work-ex required?I also want to know the chances of getting admission if a person has a gap of 6 years in terms of work ex because of medical reasons.
Kelly -> shrutinigamHi shrutinigam: Thank you for joining our chat today! We do not have a minimum work experience requirement. Most of our students have an average of 5 years of work experience. Feel free to use the optional essay to describe any gaps in employment as well.
Amine -> Kylie WIn regards to awards, should we list our military awards?
Kylie W -> AmineHi Amine, if you feel that any awards you have received contribute to the whole picture of you that you want to portray in your application, please feel free to list those.
AMNY -> EddieHey guys, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! I was wondering about the difference in attending Booth Live vs the campus visit program. If I can only make one, is one a better option vs the other?
Eddie -> AMNYHey AMNY. It really doesn't matter. You'll have a great experience choosing either one. Both will provide you with an opportunity to explore life as a "Boothie". The Booth Live event is usally followed by a reception at the end of the day where you can mingle with the community and unwind after excitement of the day. Hope to see you here!
Jake -> TylerHello, thanks you guys for making this chat. I'd like to know about official score reports of GMAT and TOEFL. I heard that I need self-reported scores only to submit my application. Is it true?
Tyler -> JakeHi Jake, this is true. During the applications process we only need you to self-report. Official test scores are only required of admitted applicants.
kimberlyn -> AmyHello all! Thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions! Would you say that number of years of work experience is an important factor when applying?
Amy -> kimberlynHi kimberlyn, we employ a holistic evaluation process and will consider everything that you share with us in the application. Regarding work experience, while we do consider the number of years of work experience that you bring, we assess the quality of experiences that you have. However, note that everything is considered in the context of your entire candidacy.
R._Restrepo -> Kylie WIf I am applying as an international candidate but I graduated from colllege in the US, do I need to submit the TOEFL?
Kylie W -> R._RestrepoHi R._Restrepo, all international students whose native language is not English must take either the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic exam unless they earned an undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction.
Nishant -> TylerHi, thanks you for taking out time to answer our questions.I have completion my online application for round 1. However, I am facing technical issues (my rank etc which I have mentioned in the application are not appearing in the final PDF)
Tyler -> NishantHi Nishant, we are aware of the problem with the application pdf and working to fix it. Don't worry though. We have access to all of your information on our side and it won't hinder your evaluation.
anujbansal -> Kylie WWhat's the average GMAT score?
Kylie W -> anujbansalAs of September 2013, the average GMAT score was 723 for students enrolled in the Full-Time MBA program.
Fernanda -> TylerGood morning, If I work for a global organization should I state the size of the organization globally or just put the number of employees in the regional office?
Tyler -> FernandaHi Fernanda, please list the size of the global company.
Prospective_Student -> EddieHi, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. My question is about student life. I understand Chicago Booth is in Chicago proper. How would you say the community adjusts to being in the city as opposed to having a separate campus. How involved is the outside-the-classroom student community?
Eddie -> Prospective_StudentHi PS. Are you kidding? Since our campus is in the city it provides a pretty vibrant experience. Access to major companies, flexibility to study at either campus here or downtown and the chance to explore what Chicago has to offer. Many of our students live downtown and love it. Those who are here with us in Hyde Park have the option of the campus feel or the chance to escape to the night life Chicago offers! The choice is yours!!
Kevin_M. -> AmyHello - I noticed there's no specific question or essay on "why Booth?" or "why an MBA?" I don't want to be in danger of not answering the prompt to the presentation/essay, so where can/should I address this?
Amy -> Kevin_M.Hello Kevin_M, we are confident that the application gives you to sufficient opportunities to convey your fit with us, without specifically asking you to answer those questions. Please be strategic and determine how to shape a holistic story that above all else conveys your fit with Chicago Booth.
Max_L -> KellyFor round 1 applicants, when would you suspect the interview processes or occur for most?
Kelly -> Max_LHi Max_L: Welcome to the chat! All Round 1 applicants should receive an interview decision by late October.
AVN -> EddieShould I make efforts to convert my undergraduate GPA to a 4 point scale or leave it as is (out of 100)?
Eddie -> AVNHi AVN. If you can send it in on a 4 point scale that's great. if not we'll be able to calculate it here in our office.That's up to you.
MA -> TylerGood morning. What is the relevance (if any) of dual-citizens who are applying? Any difference between applying as a US-Hispanic or as a foreign national? Thank you in advance.
Tyler -> MAHi MA, there is no relevance to your candidacy.
Aman_Bakhshi -> MeghanHi, I have 1.5 years of work ex in a global pharma consultancy and 3 years in an Indian hospital chain. I aim to become a healthcare entrepreneur in India in the long-term.Booth seems to have plenty to offer (courses, labs, talks) on the entrepreneurship front but I sense that's not the case on the healthcare front. The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy has many courses but they seem to be aligned to social administration. Am I missing something? If not, then how can I gain knowledge on global healthcare at Booth?
Meghan -> Aman_BakhshiHi Aman_Bakhshi: Sure - the approach at Chicago Booth is discipline-based, so the idea is that the fundamentals you are learning can be applied to a broad spectrum of industries. For example, we've heard students cite entrepreneurship and marketing courses as being among the most helpful in their healthcare careers. You can choose to specialize further by enrolling in GPHP if you desire to expand your healthcare knowledge across the span of policy, finance, management and social services. If not, many students pursuing healthcare pair their classroom experience with student life activities revolving around healthcare, such as the Healthcare Group at Booth. Contact the co-chairs to learn more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/healthcare-group
Chenguang -> TylerThank you for doing this. It is required to upload both side of the transcript, but the back of my transcript has nothing. Do I have to upload this side?
Tyler -> ChenguangHi Chenguang, we only need the sides that list your classes, grades, and any other relevant information.
Chris_A -> KellyHow soon do you anticipate sending out interview invitations?
Kelly -> Chris_AHi Chris_A: Thank you for joining the chat today. We will begin to release interview decisions in the middle of October.
Dhan -> EddieHi! What would be the best way to schedule a class visit to get hands on experience in sitting for an on-going mba class before you apply?
Eddie -> DhanDhan! You're more than welcome to take the opportunity to come and visit us by registering for our Campus Visit Program - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit . You'll have the chance to sit in on a class in the morning or afternoon. Come and visit!
Nikita -> TylerIs it alright to use online software to create presentation for the essay? I can convert it into pdf but the online website has its advertisement on the footer section.
Tyler -> NikitaHi Nikita, any platform you choose to create your presentation is acceptable as long as it can be converted to a static PDF.
KevinMarvinac -> MeghanAs I'm going through the Presentation/essay, I'm really excited to show Booth "who I am". However, I'm concerned that I won't be able to get across the "why I want to attend Booth" without being in danger of straying off-topic. What is your advice on that for the presentation/essay? Thanks.
Meghan -> KevinMarvinacHi KevinMarvinac: Great question - glad to hear that you're excited! Our best advice is to really examine what you think we need to know about you to fully understand your candidacy. Be honest and genuine, and show the passion that's driving this decision for you. There's more on this topic here: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_201415_Application/boothinsider/211?nav=entry
jackw1 -> Kylie WHello all, thanks for taking the time to answer questions today. For letters of recommendation, is it frowned upon to have both letters come from organizations outside of our full time job? (Understanding that one must be a supervisor regardless)
Kylie W -> jackw1Hi jackw1, your letters of recommendation should come from two individuals who know you well and can speak the best to your professional experience. The important thing is to make sure that both individuals can speak in detail about you to contribute to the whole picture of you that completes your application.
Fazila -> Kylie WWhen is the round 2 deadline?
Kylie W -> FazilaHi Fazila, the round 2 deadline is January 6, 2015.
jmw122 -> KellyAs a round one applicant, would it be better to visit for Booth Live in October or (hopefully) to interview on campus?
Kelly -> jmw122Hi jmw122: Thank you for joining our chat! Feel free to visit at the time that works best for you and your schedule.
Matt_1 -> Amyis there any preference for 2nd recommendation letters (the first being from a direct supervisor)? is there an advantage to requesting recs from non-professional resources who know you well or high level professionals who may not?
Amy -> Matt_1Hi Matt_1, yes, the first letter should come from an individual who has managed you and speak to your professional development and experiences. Then we give you to the opportunity to select a second person who you feel can provide insightful information that would complement the rest of your candidacy. It's up to you to decide who the second letter should come from, and we care more about the quality of the information shared and the value added to your candidacy more than the title of the recommender.
Stan -> EddieCan you tell me a little bit more about the interview process? When might an applicant expect to hear about an interview, and are they all conducted on campus in Chicago?
Eddie -> StanHi Stan. Interview invitations are released about 3 weeks after the application deadline. You'll have the chance to interview here in Chicago or with our alumni. It should last about 30 minutes to an hour. After your interview has been conducted it goes back to your file and the committee continues to review your application with this additional information. Be calm and be prepared!
GauravWallia -> KellyHi, I'm Gaurav Wallia and I am applying in R1. I met an alumnus last year at an event and have kept up with him regularly. He mentioned he would like to put in a reccomendation for me but he is not one of my 2 reccomenders. How do you suggest I guide him to voice his views on my candidacy, is there a forum for alumnus to reccomend?
Kelly -> GauravWalliaHi GauravWallia: Welcome to the chat! You can tell the alumnus that you have been keeping in touch with to email admissions@chicagobooth.edu and they will direct them with further information.
jameslev -> TylerOn the current application, I've listed academic non degree programs attended but have not provided transcripts. On the application, it says that transcripts are not required for such programs. Nevertheless, after submitting my application, my application status page shows "awaiting" transcripts for these programs. Do I need to submit these transcripts?
Tyler -> jameslevHi jameslev, yes, we will need transcripts for all post secondary classes. If these classes appear as transfer credit on your degree granting transcripts then you don't need to submit. If you have the situation please reach out to admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can update it in our system.
Ankush -> MeghanCan you please expand a bit on your grade non disclosure policy.
Meghan -> AnkushHi Ankush: Certainly. The grade non-disclosure policy is actually not a Booth-enforced policy, but a student one. Each year, students vote on this policy and since 2001 they have voted for it to continue. Read more about the policy here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/hire-students/recruiting-tools/recruiting-policies/grade-nondisclosure
Max_L -> Kylie WWe hear a lot about the average work experience, but any metrics on the median?
Kylie W -> Max_LHi Max_L, the average number of years of work experience is 5 years; however, it's important to keep in mind that applicants and admitted students fall above and below that number. While we do not publish the median number of years of work experience, it's quite common to see students with between 4 and 5 years.
kc -> EddieHow many Booth Live events are planned for this year? Any idea when the additional dates will be released? Thanks!
Eddie -> kcHey KC. We usually have 3 Booth Live events scheduled for the year. Our first one is October 17th. The next two are scheduled for January and March. Those dates - TBA! Check back on our website for more information later in the year.
Angel -> Kylie WIf I get a 700up score in my GMAT test, but when I retake (because Y try to have a higher score) I get a lower, will this affect Booth's judgement on me or can just review on my highest result?
Kylie W -> AngelHi Angel, when reviewing GMAT scores, we take into consideration the highest score that you choose to submit.
Yao -> TylerGood morning, I am planning to submit my application for R1. Is there a cut off time for the submission on 9/25?
Tyler -> YaoHi Yao, the deadline is 5:00 PM CST on 9/25/2014.
David_Boyajian -> AmyI'm trying to make the Thursday deadline for the R1 application. If the people writing my recommendation letters do not submit by Thursday does that penalize me or bump me to R2?
Amy -> David_BoyajianHi David_Boyajian, in that case, please email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu to ensure that your application will not automatically be moved to round 2.
WFP2014 -> KellyHi, I was wondering how the interview process works with international candidates. Given the additional time needed to plan travel arrangements, do you generally try to reach out to international applicants earlier in the application review window?
Kelly -> WFP2014Hi WFP2014: Thanks for joining us today! Every round will have several weeks of interviews to allow time to travel, and you can also interview locally with an alumni in your area.
Jake -> TylerIf I can get a better score on TOEFL, can I update my scores after submitting my application?
Tyler -> JakeHi Jake, you can absolutely submit updated scores. However, after the deadline we cannot guarantee it will be considered in the evaluation of your candidacy.
PM24 -> KellyQuestion about interviews. Are invitations to interview sent out on a rolling basis after the deadline or all at once on a certain date?
Kelly -> PM24Hi PM24: Thanks for joining us today. Interview invitations are released on a rolling basis.
Wes -> MeghanGive the flexible nature of Booth's curriculum, what are the best resources to explore possible concentrations, course schedules, etc.
Meghan -> WesHi Wes: Excellent question. In order to leverage the power of the flexible curriculum it's a good idea to led your passions guide you; take courses you are curious about, or that you feel will set you up from day one for the new direction you'd like your career to go in. In terms of resources to help students, we have many - there is a team of academic advisors at Booth who are available to help you map out your course plan. Faculty can also be extremely helpful in this way. Finally, your fellow students are an excellent resource in terms of course guidance.
Anshul -> Kylie WI have a question on the essay : We can write it in any format? Presentation, word doc with pictures, or anything as long as it can be converted to a pdf format, correct?
Kylie W -> AnshulHi Anshul, the only requirement for the essay format is that it is in fact submitted in pdf format.
hars -> EddieDo you suggest applying in Round-1 over Round-2, assuming the application is just as strong? also, even otherwise, do you suggest the same for international students due to Visa delays?
Eddie -> harsHars! We suggest that you apply when you are ready. As an international student you are welcome to apply in any round but we do suggest you apply earlier in case there is a problem with the visa process. This isn't a major concern but one that you should be aware of when applying.
KamilGani -> AmyAre there any scholarships for the MBA program?
Amy -> KamilGaniHi KamilGani, yes, we definitely award scholarships each year. For more information, please refer to the scholarships and fellowships page (bit.ly/1pqAaP4).
Angel -> KellyHello~I take GMAT several times and finally get a satisfying score. Does Booth just review the highest result of will take my every GMAT test result into consideration?
Kelly -> AngelHi Angel: Welcome to the chat. We will take the highest score.
KamilGani -> AmyWhat is the average salary of MBA graduates from your school?
Amy -> KamilGaniHi KamilGani, please refer to our annual employment report for more information (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/).
Kevin_M. -> EddieI'm curious as to whether the question of having family members as Alumni has any bearing on the admissions process - can you clarify? Thank you.
Eddie -> Kevin_M.Hello Kevin. Having a family member as an alum should really help shed some light on our program. Since they have completed their MBA they have a good idea about the culture at Booth and are able to provide additional clarity on us which may help you as you putting together your reasons/essays for choosing Booth as your school.
hars -> TylerHi Tyler, how is size of a global company important in our application? I had never heard of this being important before & don't want to miss writing about it, if req.
Tyler -> harsHi hars, we ask this question to get a better understanding of the company you work for.
Archit -> TylerHi all! Thanks for organizing this chat. When I preview my application PDF, there are certain fields that don't appear, although I have entered the relevant details in the application. Do you have access to these fields?
Tyler -> ArchitHi Archit, we are aware that some fields are not populating into the application PDF. We are currently working to get it fixed. However, don't worry, this will not effect your evaluation. We have access to all of your information on our side.
Charles -> AmyI took my GMAT exam in 2010 and therefore do not have an Integrated Reasoning score. Should I skip that section when inputting my score or do I need to retake the exam?
Amy -> CharlesHi Charles, yes, please leave the IR score blank. Unless you'd like to do so, there is no need for you to retake the GMAT, as you took the test before the section was added, and your scores are still valid.
hars -> MeghanI'm going to apply for MBA in entrepreneurship. How does Booth stand out in their approach to teaching skills req. for it compared to other top schools?
Meghan -> harsHi hars: Booth has excellent resources for students looking to learn more about building their own business or evaluating and investing in startups. There are diverse ways our students tap into this while at Booth; by enrolling in hands-on courses such as Building the New Venture and Commercializing Innovation, participating in a competition like the New Venture Challenge, or joining a student group focused around this topic (here's an example: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/evc). For more information on entrepreneurship at Booth, check out the Polsky Center: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/polsky/
AaronK -> EddieIf a candidate is rejected, does Booth provide a reason for the rejection?
Eddie -> AaronKAaron - I'm sorry but we don't provide feedback on applications but you can find some general information on our webste about reapplying - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/reapplicants .
Sid -> KellyHi Kelly! Just went to the Booth presentation in Denver last week. Thanks so much for hosting that. My question is post admission, is there an opportunity for admitted students to reach out to recent Booth alum with specific questions on courses, tracks, clubs, etc?
Kelly -> SidHi Sid: It was great to meet you in Denver! You can reach out to Chicago Booth Student Groups now: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/ to answer some of your questions about the activities that student groups plan. Also if you have time feel free to come to one of our campus visit days - where you will have the opportunity to chat with current students. You can sign up for a campus visit here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program.
Jose -> EddieHello, thank you for taking the time for answering our questions. If I am planning to apply in Round 2, will I still have the opportunity to apply for scholarships?
Eddie -> JoseWhat's going on Jose? If you are admitted to our program you will automatically be considered for our scholarships/awards. There is no separate application for you to complete.
Tom_B -> TylerHi, the transcript from the school which I received my degree has all of my transfer grades and credits from other schools. Therefore, do I need to send a transcript from every school which I took classes for credit on the way to receiving my undergraduate degree?
Tyler -> Tom_BHi Tom_B, no you do not. As long as there is a letter grade for all your transfer credit we can accept it for all of your post-secondary institution coursework. Just make sure to send us an email at admissions@chicagobooth.edu so we can update your application with this information.
AVN -> EddieHi! Does the Booth Live visit also give prospective students the opportunity to sit in on a class? It did not seem that there was a class visit included, am I correct?
Eddie -> AVNAVN - It will be part of the programming for the day.
Mayank -> Meghanhi, good morning! thanks a lot for taking our questions today. I am an international student from India, currently working in Singapore with an Investment bank. I am looking to get to know Chicago as a place a bit more, how it is different from other major cities, and the kind of opportunities that exist for a Consulting career.
Meghan -> MayankHi Mayank: That sounds like a great idea! If you can, we encourage you to visit Chicago and Booth to get a better sense of the city and our culture. We offer a number of visit programs you can sign up for. If you aren't able to travel then we highly encourage you to follow us online, as well as attend Booth events taking place in Singapore. These present excellent opportunities for you to network with staff and alumni who can share their impressions with you. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program
MattD -> KellyFor round 2 applicants, if I am traveling thru most of February on business -- would I be able to schedule an interview around that? I imagine many applicants have difficulty in scheduling these. Thanks!
Kelly -> MattDHi MattD: Thank you for joining us today! If you cannot come to Chicago for your interview, you also have the option to interview with a alumni in your area.
R._Restrepo -> TylerHow does the application review work on your side in broad strokes? For example how many people look at each application?
Tyler -> R._RestrepoHi R._Restrepo, if you follow this link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/criteria you find the criteria our admissions committee looks at when evaluating applicants. We take a very holistic approach and every application will be reviewed by multiple staff members before a decision is made.
KamilGani -> EddieDoes Booth offer an executive MBA program?
Eddie -> KamilGaniHi Kamil. Yes we do. Here's the link - xp@chicagobooth.edu .
Ankush -> KellyHi everyone, I'm applying in round 1. I currently live in Las Vegas, NV but am moving to India in mid November. If selected, Will I be able to change the location of my interview base interview depending on the date I get for the interview
Kelly -> AnkushHi Ankush: Welcome to the chat! Yes, when interview invitations are released you will have the option to select the location in which you want to interview - whether it is coming to Chicago or interviewing with a local alumni.
belen.bazano -> MeghanHi everyone! Thank you taking the time to talk to us! My questions is regarding the Activities section of the Application, and the "Frequency of Participation (Hours per year)". How should we account for activities in which we were more involved with in the past (a higher number of hours per year) and are still involved but with less frequency?
Meghan -> belen.bazanoHi belen.bazano: You're very welcome. We recommend that you use your best judgement when capturing outside activities you've been involved with up until now. You'll want to think about how each one contributes to the overall picture you are painting of your candidacy, as well as the personal connection that you have to that activity. The key is to be honest and thoughtful.
yc726 -> AmyHi, will there be a diversity or women MBA admission event hosted at Booth? I know that the women conference is coming up but was wondering if there will be an event dedicated to MBA applicants who are female and/or minorities.
Amy -> yc726Hi yc726, the annual Booth Women Connect Conference (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc) would be a perfect opportunity for you to engage with the Booth community. It's a full-day conference held at our downtown facility Gleacher Center, and during the course of the day, you'll be able to meet alumnae at various levels of their careers, current students, faculty, and staff across various offices. Definitely try to come if you can. Also, our student groups are a great way to learn more about our diverse community. Feel free to check them out on our website (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/) and reach out to the respective co-chairs. We plan events throughout the year, so please stay tuned for more on our events page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events), including student-hosted events and our annual Women's Week series that take place around the world. For more of an overview, you can check out this page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/diversity).
Jess -> TylerHi all, thanks for hosting the session today! I have a question regarding the chances that applicants got admitted between R1 and R2 - would there be any difference given historical statistics? thanks
Tyler -> JessHi Jess, there is no advantage to applying in any of the three rounds. A good application in R1 is a good application in R2 and R3. We recommend applying when you feel your application is ready.
Pete -> KellyHi, approximately by when will Booth send out all of interview invite for R1 applicants? Thanks!
Kelly -> PeteHi Pete: Thanks for joining the chat. We will release interviews on a rolling basis and all the interview invitations will be released by late October.
Mihir -> AmyHow does Booth view applicants that already have a prior MBA ?
Amy -> MihirHi Mihir, we evaluate each applicant's candidacy holistically. Specifically for those who have already earned an MBA, we would hope to learn why they are pursuing an additional MBA.
Ashleyfiore -> TylerHello, does Booth allow for the option to request an interview?
Tyler -> AshleyfioreHi Ashleyfiore, no we do not. Applicants are invited to interview based on the admissions committee's decision.
Max_L -> EddieHow do the Rd. 1 applicants get reworked into the subsequent rounds if they are not accepted into Rd. 1?
Eddie -> Max_LHi Max. If you aren't admitted in round 1 you do have to wait until the following year to apply. We will keep your application for at least two years.
Mayank -> Kellyhi, I have indicated Singapore as the preferred location to schedule an interview, if selected. However, I will be travelling for two weeks in November, do you foresee any issues with that?
Kelly -> MayankHi Mayank: Thank you for joining the chat! When interview invitations are released you will have the option to select the location in which you want to interview - whether it is coming to Chicago or interviewing with a local alumni in your home location or where you will be traveling.
Nikhil -> MeghanThanks for taking questions today! The essay question is extremely interesting this year. I was wondering if you could share your insights on what is it that you are looking for or how will you evaluate the the essay question?
Meghan -> NikhilHi Nikhil: The essay question presents a great opportunity for candidates to tell us their story. The goal here is to get to know you on a deeper level, and understand who you are outside of all the information we have regarding your academic and professional life. Best advice is to be reflective, genuine and passionate. Read more about the essay question here: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_201415_Application/boothinsider/211?nav=entry
DavidNash -> Kylie WIs there any downside to interviewing with an Alumnus in my area over visiting the campus and interviewing in person?
Kylie W -> DavidNashHi DavidNash, many applicants find that they get a better picture of what life is really like here by coming to campus to interview. However, there is no advantage or disadvantage with regards to interviewing with an alumnus versus a student on campus.
Tomas_Garcia -> MeghanHi team, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions today. My question is in regard to applying for a joint MBA/JD. Understanding that one has to apply to and be accepted by each program separately, does the status of being a joint degree applicant impact the way the Booth application in particular is reviewed?
Meghan -> Tomas_GarciaHi Tomas_Garcia: While it's good information to have, the answer is no. We will evaluate your candidacy for Booth in the same way as all other applicants are evaluated.
Stephen -> TylerI am in the Army National Guard, meaning much of my time in service is part-time, concurrent with a civilian job. The professional experience section asks for full-time employment; should this section be strictly full-time employment or is part-time professional experience acceptable there as well?
Tyler -> StephenHi Stephen, please list all professional experience you have had with the National Guard and note in the job description the circumstances of your duty.
Idan -> EddieHi, thank you for you time. How do you take into consideration the TOEFL score? does it matter how high the score above the 104 minimum?
Eddie -> IdanHi Idan. The TOEFL score is just one part of the application review. While it helps us understand your ability to study using English it is just one component we use as we review your entire application.
JessicaSQ -> AmyHi all, thank you for organizing the chat! I have a long-term goal for NGO. Any other resources Booth can provide in addition to Booth Net Impact Club and Social New Venture Challenge? Thank you!
Amy -> JessicaSQHi JessicaSQ, I encourage you to learn more about the Social Enterprise Initiative (http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/about-sei), which provides many resources to students and supports students who are interested in pursuing a career with social impact.
Victor_S -> Kylie WHi everyone, thanks for having this session. My question is, are there differences in admission selections for full-time and part-time applications?
Kylie W -> Victor_SHi Victor_S, yes. The programs have separate applications.
You can find the evening admissions information here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions
You can find the weekend admissions information here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions
And the full-time admissions information here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions
Kevin_M. -> EddieSorry about all the questions! In your opinion, what's the best way to approach the interview and what does the admin team hope to learn from the interview?
Eddie -> Kevin_M.No worries Kevin. The interviewer will just have a copy of your resume. Interviewers have not read your application. Your ability to make a good connection with your reasoning behind getting an MBA and choosing Chicago is the value we are looking for.
AaronK -> MeghanCan you please share some statistics on what percentage of the incoming students have kids? I have two young boys so this is of particular interest to me.
Meghan -> AaronKHi AaronK: While we don't keep statistics on this, there are many students who have families enrolled at Booth. I would suggest connecting with some of our student groups for more information on this (listed below).
Fernanda -> TylerHi, thanks for hosting this session. For the GPA rank, my school does not provide an official document supporting this information, yet if we know the information should we still provide an estimate?
Tyler -> FernandaHi Fernanda, if your school cannot provide official documentation matching the questions we ask in our application please do not answer those questions. This is good information to note in the optional essay though.
PM24 -> Kylie WAre any on campus interviews done on the weekend?
Kylie W -> PM24Hi PM24, if you are invited to interview, you have the opportunity to sign up to interview throughout the week or on Super Saturday.
JJNGONO -> TylerHi all, should I translate my french GPA into US format?
Tyler -> JJNGONOHi JJNGONO, no, please list your GPA as it appears on your transcripts.
ann_m -> MeghanI have a question on the essay. Is it appropriate to extend our discussion of "who we are" to explain why we think we would be a good fit at Booth? Or is that moving to far away from the point of the prompt, which is to talk about us, not Booth?
Meghan -> ann_mHi Ann_M: This is up to you; the essay is an opportunity for you to reflect on why you are making this investment in yourself and define the passion that is driving it for you, and makes up your "story." Read more about the essay question here: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_201415_Application/boothinsider/211?nav=entry
Amine -> AmyWhat does Booth focus on in an active duty service member?
Amy -> AmineHi Amine, If I am understanding your question correctly, and you are referring to how we evaluate applicants, I can share that we evaluate each applicant's candidacy holistically - regardless of background - for their potential fit with Chicago Booth. There would not be one particular aspect that we would focus on for one applicant versus another.
Alexander_Vidal -> TylerHello, is it ok to submit my application before my recommenders submit their recommendations later this week?
Tyler -> Alexander_VidalHi Alexander_Vidal, yes, it is absolutely okay to submit before your recommenders. We understand that the recommenders often have busy schedules and we don't require them to be in before the applicant can submit.
HaPham -> TylerMy Q3, I don't remember my class rank and it wasn't noted in my Transcript. Could I leave it blank?
Tyler -> HaPhamHi HaPham, yes, please leave it blank.
anujbansal -> AmyWould you give any special preference to a person who has worked in a startup and has helped it to from grounds up to a big organisation?
Amy -> anujbansalHi anujbansal, given that we evaluate an applicant's candidacy holistically, we really evaluate your experiences within the context of your candidacy. We foster a highly diverse community at Booth and seek those who can convey a strong fit with us.
Nick -> AmyHi. Upon graduation, is there a way to distinguish full time and part time alum? Any difference on the diploma?
Amy -> NickHi Nick, our students graduate with a Booth MBA, regardless of the program in which they choose to enroll. As such, the diploma will not have the program noted.
Raghav -> MeghanHi, besides the flexible curriculum and analytical, collaborative students, are there other key touchstones of the Booth experience, culture that you would point to?
Meghan -> RaghavHi Raghav: Great question. You certainly touched on a number of things that are distinctive about Booth. One piece I would add is the emphasis our flexible curriculum and community culture place on personal freedom and innovation. At Booth, students are asked to make choices about everything that they do, thereby designing an experience that is very personal to them. I encourage you to ask some of our students about how this plays out: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/
Prashant -> TylerHi. I work for the government of India and parts of my application will contain information that I'd not like anybody else to know except the admissions committee. Does Booth share application info with anyone apart from the admissions committee? Thanks.
Tyler -> PrashantHi Prashant, all applicant information is confidential and only accessible to the admissions committee.
Amine -> TylerIf both the GMAT and GRE were taken, does the candidate get to decide which one to report?
Tyler -> AmineHi Amine, you can choose which to submit but you can also choose to submit both.
Idan -> EddieHi, thank you for your time. Regrading the financial aids, are application of round 2 are less likely to get financial aid?
Eddie -> IdanNo Idan. All admitted students can be considered for financial aid. Once admitted we will provide you with what's available at Booth and the process you'll need to follow in order to apply.
Ashley -> TylerHi everyone! My university does not use GPA, thus the undergraduate transcript does not list a GPA. Should I calculate the GPA manually or put a zero in the box provided? Thanks!
Tyler -> AshleyHi Ashley, if your school cannot provide us with any official documentation of GPA I would not recommend calculating it yourself. This is good information to note in the optional essay though.
Kylie W -> EveryoneThanks for joining us. Best of luck in your application process!
Stephanie -> EddieHi all: I'm returning to Hyde Park on Oct. 6 for a campus visit. I'm excited to sit in on a class - when will the available classes list be posted? Thank you!
Eddie -> StephanieHey Stephanie. When you come in you will have the list of classes for you to choose from. Glad you're coming for a visit!
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you again for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Meghan -> EveryoneThanks for your great questions! Good luck to you in this process.
Tyler -> EveryoneWell it was great chatting with all of you today. Best of luck in the application process and thank you for joining us!
Amy -> EveryoneThanks again for joining us today. We hope you found the chat helpful. Feel free to follow up (admissions@chicagobooth.edu) if you have additional questions that we didn't get to today. Best wishes in the admissions process.
Kelly -> EveryoneThank you for joining the chat today! And best of luck with application process and your MBA journey!
Eddie -> EveryoneThanks for joining us and sending in some great questions. Good luck with your applications and I hope to see you here for the visitor program or for a Chicago Booth Live!