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Special Interest Industries Chat - Tuesday, May 13, Noon-1 p.m. CST

Learn about Chicago Booth's wide range of resources in a chat with Career Services staff and Booth students pursuing careers in agribusiness, education, energy, family business, health care, media and entertainment, hospitality, and retail. Check out the participants' bios and join us to find out more about Booth's curricular options, extracurricular opportunities, student groups, recruiting, and more!

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Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for participating in our chat. We will begin at noon. Feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. we look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Evan P -> EveryoneHello and welcome! Looking forward to answering your questions about pursuing a career in energy at Booth.
Noah -> EveryoneHi, my name is Noah Weiss and I am a second year at Chicago Booth. I am here to answer your questions about Booth real estate.
Catherine -> EveryoneHello everyone! Catherine from Career Services here. Looking forward to answering your questions today!
Sophia S -> EveryoneHi! My name is Sophia, very much looking forward to answering any questions that you may have!
Kim G -> EveryoneHi Everyone, my name is Krystle Goh, and I'm a second year student. I look forward to answering your questions!
Brad -> EveryoneHi, my name is Brad and I will be happy to answer your questions about healthcare, and career switches
Sam K -> EveryoneHello everyone, my name is Sam, 2nd year at Booth. I look forward to answering any questions about technology recruiting, general management programs, and transitioning from engineering to business.
Kylie W -> EveryoneHi all from Booth Admissions! Very happy to be chatting with you today.
Onur -> EveryoneHi everyone – this is Onur and I’m looking forward to answering your questions. Happy to help on: transitioning from consulting to finance, recruiting for Houston, and transitioning from a different industry into energy.
Jeffrey -> EveryoneHi, I am Jeff. I am a first year and look forward to taking questions about recruiting in the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality industries, as well as Consulting recruiting.
Evan -> EveryoneHi all, this is Evan. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the intersection of Booth, the education sector, and business.
Joanna -> EveryoneHello, and welcome to our chat. Looking forward to answering your questions.
shelleygupta -> JoannaHi there. I would be interested to know about employment opportunities in strategy/media & entertainment. Are there alumni contacts in this area?
Joanna -> shelleyguptaHi shelley, a good source of information is to contact the co-chairs of our Media and Entertainment student group for more information: https://sites.google.com/site/megatbooth/
Heather -> Sophia SGood afternoon everyone, My name is Heather and I'm applying first round this fall for a Fall 2015 start date. Sophia - I wanted to ask you about juggling your marketing concentration and managerial and organizational behavior. Have you found that those 2 concentrations have a lot of overlap? Or do you find yourself taking more courses to complete both requirements?
Sophia S -> HeatherHi Heather! That's a great question about concentrations. I've found that the two concentrations are very complimentary. My main goal was to take classes that I thought would be interesting to me and helpful in my career, rather than trying to work to fulfill a certain concentration - it just happened that the Marketing and MOB concentrations are filled with classes I gravitated towards.
Isha -> CatherineThank you so much for answering our questions! How common is it for incoming students to be certain about their career choice (i.e. consulting) but uncertain about the specific industry of clients they would prefer serving (i.e. energy, entertainment, health care etc)? Is this something we should try figuring out before business school to stay focused since recruiting starts fairly quick?
Catherine -> IshaHi Isha -- this is quite common! If you're set on wanting to explore consulting, but are still figuring out what your industry area of interest is, you'll have plenty of time to explore that once you arrive at Booth. We have a lot of opportunities to learn from alums working in the industry and second years at fall programs like ExploreMore and Industry Immersion, and we talk a lot about how to connect with people in your network to conduct informational interviews and learn more about what industries might be of interest to you.
Denise -> BradHi, this question is for Evan P. and Brad. I am interested in corporate strategy/corporate development after my MBA and want to know a little bit about your experiences with recruiting for these positions while at Booth. What resources you had, etc. Thanks.
Brad -> DeniseHi Denise. I would say that it varies based on the company. Some corporates will recruit specifically for corporate strategy / dev positions, but it's probably just as common (e.g. DaVita) for recruiters to search for a general class, and it is up to you to network into that specific role once you've received a summer or full-time offer
Michael_T -> Evan PHi Evan, I plan to go change career into the energy industry - please tell me your experience with Booth
Evan P -> Michael_THi Michael, Booth is a great place to switch into a career in energy. I had an energy background before I came back to school (consulting in the electricity industry), but lots of my classmates are switching into the industry. We run a lot of educational events through the Energy Group here to help people get up to speed on the structure of the industry and current industry trends. Events include a series of Energy 101s taught by the group's co-chairs that give an overview of electricity markets and oil and gas markets, Energy 201s taught by members of the group on more specific energy topics they've dealt with, and lunch and learns where firms come to campus and give a talk on current industry issues. There are classes across the university as well that you can take as electives to get up to speed on energy policy, science, etc.
Adamks -> Sam KHello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I'm sure you all had many schools to choose from, what was it that made Booth your top choice?
Sam K -> AdamksHello Adamks, thank you for your question! As you mentioned, MBA applicants look at a variety of schools. For me in particular, I knew that I was coming back to school for career transition and advancements in the same industry. So I was focusing on especially the types of companies that come on campus, what kind of programs do they offer (for example general management rotational), and skills sets that I can learn at the school. In that sense, Booth's flexible curriculum allowed me to orient my school curriculum to focus on business development/negotiation skills. Also, having the types of company presence on campus was important for me. Lastly, I look at the strength of alumni base for my post-MBA location. For example, I found out there are over 2200+ Booth alum in the Bay area, where I want to return to.
skrauniar -> CatherineHi all, thanks for taking the questions. I am an insurance professional from India, currently engaged in underwriting of weather/crop/renewable energy insurance. Do you think I would get opportunities at booth to move into related fields after doing my MBA.
Catherine -> skrauniarSkrauniar -- not knowing what field you want to move into, I'll answer broadly, but yes, upwards of two-thirds of our first year classes come in wanting to switch careers, so you'll be in good company. We do a lot of programming around career exploration, networking and informational interviewing, and researching industries and companies. It's all about how well you are able to articulate your transferable skills, and what your reasons are for wanting to go into the new field. We will be happy to work with you on this!
BrittanyMondane -> Sophia SHi everyone! Thanks for being available today. My name is Brittany and I am in the early phases of my application process. I was wondering if Sophia could talk a little more about what her role with L'Oreal will entail. Thanks!
Sophia S -> BrittanyMondaneHi Brittany! Thanks for the question! In the summer I worked as a Brand Manager intern for YSL (a brand in L'Oreal's luxury division). The full-time position is in a leadership rotational program - every four months I'll be rotating to a new brand within the luxury division (working in a variety of marketing/strategy roles). I'll also be placed on a strategic project with a high-level director/exec during my rotation.
Kyle_Lynch -> BradBrad - I am coming into the class of 2016 and looking to transition into a strategy/development role in the healthcare industry. My background is in finance and consulting. Based on your experience, what are the best ways to support the transition and to gain exposure to the industry/employers quickly?
Brad -> Kyle_LynchHi Kyle. There are many opportunities to gain enough knowledge to recruit effectively with healthcare firms. I joined the healthcare group, attended lectures and lunch n learns on campus, and took two lab courses working with healthcare clients. I would say that there are probably about 15 companies that come to Booth to recruit on campus, plus many other alumni connections that you can make along the way
Adamks -> Sam KIn your experience, how is Tech recruiting at Booth?
Sam K -> AdamksTechnology recruiting is definitely picking up faster and faster on campus. In fact, technology recruiting is now the 3rd largest recruiting goal after consulting and banking at Booth. In addition, we see the same passion and fervor from companies as well. Not only do we have juggernauts like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel on campus, but we also have large incoming streams of connections from startups both in Chicago and San Francisco. As a good indicator, last summer, we had approximately 68 students out of 586 going to tech in bay area.
RXie -> CatherineHi all! Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. I am interested to hear if any of you is pursuing a career in sports management. In my research I found the sports industry is hard get the foot in the door. I wonder if you can share some personal experience on networking and learning about the industry. Thanks!
Catherine -> RXieHi RXie -- I'll give the Career Services perspective on this today since we don't have any of our sports-focused students in the room. There are definitely students interested in going into sports, whether it's management, marketing or analytics. This industry is extremely network-based, and the students I've known who've been successful landing in it were willing to make compromises (i.e. maybe taking a lower-level job or a lower salary) in order to get their foot in the door. It is definitely a niche search, but one that is possible depending on your level of commitment -- we're happy to work with you if this is your goal!
Tricia_B -> EvanI am an alum from U of C and I have a question for Evan. What exactly are you doing and how has Booth helped you in the education sector? My background is in education.
Evan -> Tricia_BHI Tricia. I'm a second year student, currently finishing up at Booth. In August, I'll be starting at Bellwether Education Partners, a consulting firm focused on the education space.

To partially answer the second part of your question, Booth has helped me in several ways. First, I've taken classes such as D4 Lab that have been directly related to the education sector (D4 is a lab class focused on design and had two tracks this year, an education track and a healthcare track). Second, I've had the opportunity to connect and discuss education with a number of education-minded Boothies. In our class alone, we have probably 10-15 former teachers, a few former principals, someone who worked at the Robin Hood Foundation in New York, someone who worked on education for Cory Booker in Newark, and someone who lobbied for charter schools at the IL state legislature. Third, we founded an education group at Booth (BoothED), through which we've had the opportunity to explore the education space. We've taken career "treks" to the Bay Area to visit ed-tech firms and VCs; to NYC to visit with non-profits, foundations, and the NYCDOE; and met with many many education organizations and schools here in Chicago. Fourth, I've had the opportunity to do real work for education organizations as part of BoothED's Education Consulting Program, which sends teams of Boothies out to do 4 month consulting projects for education organizations in Chicago and around the country.

Sorry for the uber long response. I'll leave it at that for now, but I'm happy to answer further questions about any and all of my response.
Beth_Malin -> Kim GHi Evan - I currently work at Google on the Enterprise Education team, implementing Google Technology in schools across the country. I'm curious as to how you've seen students use an education-focused background in conjunction with their MBA?
Kim G -> Beth_MalinHi Beth - this is Krystle. I am helping Evan field some ed related questions, as that is my background too! I'm happy to say that there is a growing number of students at Booth who want to pursue opportunities in the intersection of education and business. Both Evan and I were founding co-chairs of a student group specifically for education, BoothEd. Our mission was to build a network of students (and alum) focused on the space, as well as help to build and expand opportunities for Booth students in Education. These opportunities cover a range of things in the Ed space, primarily in operations and strategies roles. As a group we also helped our members looked into opportunities in Ed Tech, coordinating a EdTech Trek to San Francisco over winter break the last two years. I came to Booth with the goal of re-entering the space when I graduate (I have a Finance background and then worked as a project manager at a charter school network in Chicago for 2 years before school). I started a new job in March, and am now Director of Operations of Great Lakes Academy, a new school starting up in the fall. In the summer before first and second year, I was an Education Pioneers Fellow (as were a couple of my classmates, and a few folks in the class below mine). Evan is heading to SF to work at Bellweather (education consulting). A couple of the new cochairs are spending the summer this year to work on their own ed startups. There are so many other examples to name - these are just a few!
Andrew_W -> JeffreyJeffrey, thanks for sharing your knowledge. What type of roles, companies, and locations are Booth students recruiting for in the Travel and Hospitality industry?
Jeffrey -> Andrew_WHi Andrew,

There is large variety of travel and hospitality recruiting which takes place on campus, both in terms of formal on campus recruiting, and through off-campus opportunities which career services help coordinate.

There are some large companies which come to campus each year for both full-time and internship recruiting opportunities. Two examples include American Airlines, which recruits for roles in Dallas, Yum! Brands which recruits for roles in Dallas, Irvine, CA, and Kentucky, and Burger King in Miami

There are many other off-campus opportunities which are coordinated through career services, and where Booth alumni have been placed. Recent examples include Hyatt Hotels and United Airlines which have roles here in Chicago, as well as Starwood Hotels in the New York Area. In addition to these opportunities, there are still other companies with which Booth has fostered a relationship, and which have formal MBA programs, but do not have the scale to visit campus. A lot of other hotel group opportunities are concentrated in the New York and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas.

I hope this answers your question.
Moderator -> EveryoneThanks again for joining us today. Please note that today's chat is intended to answer questions related to special interest Industries and opportunities at Booth. Should you have any questions about other topics or industries, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu or tweet us @ #WhyBooth.
Neha -> BradHi, My questions is for both Brad. I am an engineer, currently working in the area of product development in a fortune 500 medical device company. I am interested in taking up strategic leadership roles in the healthcare sector. Could you describe what your experience with the healthcare sector has been at Booth and what sort of companies recruit on campus and for what roles?
Brad -> NehaHi Neha. There are many ways to effectively emphasize your interest in healthcare strategy. I felt that lab classes helped me gain practical knowledge and experience, attending conferences helped me to understand major strategic issues in the industry, and perhaps most importantly Booth's flexible curriculum allows you to focus on strategic thinking. You'll see a variety of healthcare companies, including pharma, med device, biotech, payers and providers. The number of each will vary, but I used alumni to expand the scope of my opportunities.
AJ -> Sam KHi everyone! My question is for Sam K. Booth is considered to be more popular with individuals who wish to pursue a career in Finance. Can you share about opportunities available for individuals who wish to pursue a career in strategy consulting in IT or general management.
Sam K -> AJHello AJ, thank you for your question. As you mentioned, Booth has the advantage of strong reputation in finance. However, oftentimes, people overlook just how many people we send to general management and strategy consulting. Consulting is actually the largest recruiting body we have at Booth. We send over 180+ people to consulting every year. So if your goal is to pursue strategy consulting at McKinsey BTO, Deloitte, etc. you have a very good chance of landing it here at Booth.
As for general management, we actually send about on average 25 students per year. That is actually quite a good number because most general management programs only recruit 1-2 people per program due to limited overall program size. Some of the big GM programs on campus include Dow, Intel, Amazon Retail, etc.
FC627 -> CatherineAnother industry which sparks my interest is video game marketing and logistical management. I don't have a programming background but would like to get involved with the industry. Do any of the video-game production powerhouses recruit at Booth, that we're aware of?
Catherine -> FC627FC627 -- that's a very specific industry, so my guess is pursuing this would most likely be a network-based search, where you would use your own personal, professional and academic network along with the Booth network to find contacts and talk to people to better understand the industry and opportunities that might exist within it. I know, for example, Electronic Arts recruits from Booth and we have a few alums who work there. In terms of other companies, we'd encourage you to explore with our databases and resources to find other companies of interest in the industry! Hope that helps.
Archit -> OnurHi Onur. I also plan on shifting from management consulting to investment banking. Would you be able to share a bit more about how you planned your involvement in academics, clubs and other activities at Booth to enable this transition?
Onur -> ArchitHi Archit - thank you for your question. I joined the Investment Banking Group, which was tremendously helpful in preparing for careers in that field: including informal chats with second years to help students get a better understanding of the industry as well as workshops in Excel, valuation and financial modeling. From an academics perspective, I found it very helpful to take accounting and finance classes, both theoretical and case-based, to prepare for interviews as well as the summer internship. The fundamental curriculum at Booth helps gain a better understanding of how business works in general as well, which is crucial to gain an insight into how your clients would be thinking about the world.
Adamks -> CatherineHow would I find more information on General Management Rotational Program recruiting at Booth?
Catherine -> AdamksAdamks -- If you are an admitted student and have your Booth user name and password, I'd encourage you to look at the Career Services website under the "Job Search Tools" tab (http://career.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/jobresources/tools/index.aspx). There is a list of rotational programs that we update along with our peer schools and is a good resource to find out what companies offer these to MBAs. Primarily, GM rotational programs would be part of the campus-based recruiting process, about which you'll learn more upon arrival!
MHiggins -> EvanHi Evan, I'm curious what opportunities you found at Booth, and as a result of Booth connections, in the education sector both within and outside of consulting. I see that you are joining Bellweather after graduation. What other opportunities exist, particularly at the intersection of education policy and business?
Evan -> MHigginsHi MHiggins. I'd say there are five big categories of opportunities uniquely suited to business school students interested in the education space. First, there are consulting and professional service organizations like Bellwether. Second, school and network operations and finance roles fit well (my friend and fellow BoothED co-chair Krystle is here next to me and could talk to you about that - she's working as operations director for a brand new charter school here in Chicago called Great Lakes Academy). Third, organizations that provide financing to education (e.g., NewSchools Venture Fund, IFF, Robin Hood Foundation, Charter School Growth Fund) are a solid fit for ed minded Boothies. Fourth, there are large non-profits such as The New Teacher Project and Teach For America that hire MBAs. Finally, there are traditional district roles at places like Chicago Public Schools, DC Public Schools, and the NYC Department of Education.

None of these roles are specifically at the intersection of ed policy of business, but I believe that you need to be cognizant of policy in any education role. Bellwether has a policy arm, as do TFA and some of the other large nonprofits.

Let me know if this answers your question!
Sandra -> Sophia SHello, I have a question about careers in retail. I have a background in retail and plan on staying in the industry post MBA. I heard from a current student that Booth doesn't have a strong retail program and was wondering what kinds of retail opportunities Booth graduates have pursued? Thank you!
Sophia S -> SandraHi Sandra! That's a great question, and a concern I had as well when I was applying to different MBA programs. We have a great Retail, Apparel and Luxury group that puts on a variety of events throughout the year as well as a myriad of career-specific groups depending on the position you'd like to pursue in retail (strategy, finance, buyer role, etc). In terms of companies, we've had students work at Coach, Amazon, Macy's, Nordstrom, Walmart, Gucci, and many more!
FC627 -> Kylie WFirst I wanted to thank all of you for agreeing to help us out. I am a prospective student that would start in the fall of 2014 if I got accepted. I was going to wait to see if Erin L joined because I'm curious to hear her talk about her Biotech services firm experience. So I suppose, generally speaking, how involved is Booth with biotech service firms in general?
Kylie W -> FC627Hi there! Unfortunately, Erin is ill and could not join us today, but please feel free to send your questions to her at lenhardt@chicagobooth.edu.
Aanchal -> Evan PThis question is for Evan. I also have an energy background, basically green energy. How good is Booth for green energy? California is doing really great in it, how Booth's recruiting manage to fill the gap between Mid West and West Coast?
Evan P -> AanchalHi Aanchal, there are a lot of opportunities to pursue green energy here. We have a class called the Energy & Cleantech Lab which is taught by Jason Blumberg, who runs a local energy-focused VC fund. In the class you form into teams and work with an actual energy startup through the course of the quarter to develop a business plan. You can see a list of past projects (most of which are cleantech related) here: http://www.chicagocleantech.com/. Another big initiative we have here is the Energy Group's west coast trek. We head out to the bay area annually and meet with 10-12 energy companies. In the past, we've visited utility-scale wind and solar developers, smart grid analytics firms, and electric car manufacturers, just to provide a few examples. In short, there are lots of opportunities to stay connected with what's going on in the renewable energy world here and there is a solid group of students who are interested in that area.
Aanchal -> BradHi everyone.. This is Aanchal and I am planning to apply for Fall 2015. Brad, I have a question for you regarding your career switch. How easy was it for you to switch your career from finance to start-ups? Were you also involved in NVC and Polsky center?
Brad -> AanchalHi Aanchal, I would not consider myself particularly focused on start-ups. Rather, I was looking for a summer healthcare position with a provider, and was able to be placed with an internal startup. So I was more involved with healthcare activities than in NVC or Polsky, but saw the summer group placement as a great way to gain exposure to a start-up atmosphere
Quan -> NoahHi everyone, my name is Quan. I have applied Round 3 for the 2014 intake. I'd like to know how can students benefit from the school’s entrepreneurship orientation by utilizing the extensive alumni network to forward their plans for their own future venture?
Noah -> QuanHi Quan, Chicago Booth has an excellent infrastructure for aspiring entrepreneurs. Not only are there several classes, there is a great mentor culture at Booth. In addition, the Polsky Center is extremely helpful. The New Venture Challenge helps hone the skills of entrepreneurs, as well as get them in front of top investors and entrepreneur mentors. There have been billions of dollars of successful exits in the past few years of companies started at Booth! Also, the culture of mentorship from current students and alumni can not be understated.
Taiwo -> JeffreyHi Jeff, Congrats on the FT position with AT Kearney. What service area/industry do you intend to focus on at Kearney? Given your intended industry, what type of projects do you intend to be staffed on? Do you choose this when you start out at Kearney?
Jeffrey -> TaiwoHi Taiwo,

Thank you for the question. I am a first-year, and will be spending the summer interning with AT Kearney. As a summer intern, I will be spending 10-weeks with the firm and will likely be working on a single client engagement for the duration of my program.

AT Kearney has a large portfolio of clients across many industries, and the program I will be joining employs a generalist staffing model. Therefore, I am not certain exactly what industry I will be focused on for the summer, however many of the potential engagements align with my areas of interest and we have the ability to preference industry areas for the summer. There is a practice area within AT Kearney focused on Travel, Transportation, and Logistics.

I hope this helps.

Jimmy -> Kim GHi, Booth has a relatively large class size and is also within a large metropolitan area, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is good in a way that you will have larger alumni base and get to live in a big city. However, will there be a chance to not get to really know your classmate and develop a close-knit relationship? Will most student be hanging out with their friends that already lives in Chicago instead of with other classmates?
Kim G -> JimmyHi Jimmy! While the class size is larger versus other schools, I would say there are PLENTY of opportunities to get to know your classmates and develop a close-knit relationship. At the beginning, there are a large number of whole-class or large group, as well as small-group or interest specific events and activities where you will be able to meet folks and find people of similar interests, or who live in the same area etc. One highlight of orientation is LOR (Leadership Orientation Retreat) which is an off-site overnight retreat that your whole class will take part in. There is plenty of time built in to start some relationships there that you can carry throughout the year. As a part of the LEAD program you'll also formally be a part of a cohort of 60, who you'll spend a significant amount of time with. Within that cohort, you'll also be assigned a squad of 8 people that you can form closer bonds with as you go through the program. Beyond this, there are a plethora of professional clubs and interest groups that you can join! Lastly, I would add that most classes require group work, which is another great way to meet people and build relationships. To answer the second part of your question, I would say the answer varies depending on person. Personally, as someone that lived in Chicago for a number of years before Booth, I hang out with a mix of Booth and non-Booth folks. Many others that moved here for Booth spend time primarily with Booth folks. There are a ton of different avenues to navigate your class and form bonds in the ways that work for you.
Archit -> CatherineHi! Thanks for organizing this chat. I wanted to know which industries other than finance and consulting sponsor work visas for international students?
Catherine -> ArchitArchit -- the technology sector is a big sponsor of work visas for international students, along with consulting and banking like you said. Many of the general management programs also sponsor international students, and we see international students land with success in fields like investment management, venture capital, and start-ups/entrepreneurship. There is a lot of support for international students, and a great community of second years who can offer advice and perspective on recruiting.
David_Boyajian -> Sam KI'm potentially interested in pursuing something in the realm of a tech start-up or VC backed project. Any thoughts or ideas on how Booth might be able to further those goals?
Sam K -> David_BoyajianThank you for your question David! Booth actually has tremendous resources for startups and VCs. Perhaps you have read in the news recently but large startup companies that started their roots at Booth, such as Grubhub, just recently IPOed. Booth has the annual New Venture Challenge, which provides mentorship, funding, and natural competition to help hone a startup idea into a successful business. We have star professors such as Steve Kaplan, Scott Meadow, and Waverly Deutche, who on a yearly basis keep helping to shape future startups. These professors are especially adept at helping you build a truly strong business plan from idea stage. In short, I highly recommend NVC as a platform to launch your business.

For VC, students have the opportunity to work in VC/PE firms since the first year at Hyde Park Angel. One of the partner at the firm is our esteemed professor Scott Meadow, who teaches Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity along with Steve Kaplan. These classes would prepare you greatly for VC careers. Booth professors are super good about introducing you to their networks as well. Going through NVC is both helpful for entrepreneurs and VCs because your audience consists of a number of well-known VCs such as Silver Lake.
Taiwo -> EvanHi Evan C, Congrats on your impending role with Bellweather! I am interested in the intersection of consultant-style work (with manageable travel of course) and education, but need to learn about long-term prospect of such a path. Please, what are the typical exit opportunities for education consultants? School operation? Policy making?
Evan -> TaiwoHello Taiwo, and thank you. Most education consulting organizations tend to be smaller, but several (including Bellwether) deliberately mimic the career ladder of larger firms. The space is very new and changing rapidly, so I think there is ample career opportunity for those willing to take a risk.

As far as "exit" opportunities, I think it's quite dependent on the individual. Some go on to found education organizations (both for-profit startups and non-profits). Others will move into district operations and management roles. Policy is a less typical path, but definitely a possibility.

Please let me know if this answers your question.
Heather -> Sophia SFor any panelist whose goal was to switch industries/careers after graduate school, are there any things you would recommend we do before starting at Booth? (i.e. Meyers Briggs tests, any specific questions we should answer for ourselves). I want to use Booth's resources to explore new careers, but I don't want to fall behind in the process.
Sophia S -> HeatherGreat question! I'm a career and industry switcher (from Financial Advisor to Luxury Marketer!). The best thing you can do is find out what you're passionate about - I know it sounds fuzzy, but the more you know about what excites you and what you want to do in the future, the easier it is to focus your time and energy on pursuing your passion. Other than that, try to enjoy your summer (especially if you have some time off)!
nmuzzy -> JeffreyHi, my name is Nikole and I plan to apply in the fall for a Fall 2015 start date as well. I have a follow up question for Jeff - does the recruiting include marketing roles? Or are the positions in other areas?
Jeffrey -> nmuzzyHi Nikole,

There are a variety of functions within the hospitality space which recruit for MBA interns and full-time employees. I would venture to say a majority of the opportunities within the hospitality space are often categorized as marketing, but this is by no means exhaustive. There are also plenty of opportunities in finance, strategy, and operations type roles. Also, marketing is a broad categorization, particularly in the context of hospitality companies, and can include much broader general management type roles.

I hope this helps.

Aanchal -> CatherineI come from energy industry. How easy it is move from energy to technology, say Google? Do these tech companies are biased to people from the same sector during recruiting?
Catherine -> AanchalAanchal -- it's all about how you demonstrate your transferable skills and your passion for the industry! I know students who have successfully transitioned over to technology from a variety of industries, but being able to identify and communicate what about their background makes them well-suited to that type of role, and what their reasons for wanting technology and that company specifically, are crucial. Google traditionally hires a great number of Booth students so there is a deep network there, which will definitely serve you well if you wish to recruit there. Good luck!
Alon -> BradThis questions is for Brad. Will the lack of strategy/consulting background pose a problem for me to shift to corporate strategy?
Brad -> AlonHi Alon. Even without a strategy / consulting background, many students are able to successfully land corporate strategy or consulting roles. If you are able to demonstrate your strategic acumen in interviews and throughout the recruiting cycle, I believe this can easily trump any lack of background. I found this for my switch into healthcare, but I should caveat that I did have a strategic background coming in so have not done the particular transition you're asking about
Erika_M. -> CatherineMy question is related to business. Regarding brand management of clients, what would be an area of focus that a MBA student could look into? Or is that covered in the management track?
Catherine -> Erika_M.Erika_M -- sounds like you'd be well-suited for a marketing concentration!
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you again for joining us. We've reached the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit your questions so we can answer as many as possible.
PH -> NoahThank you for taking the time to chat with us this afternoon! I am deciding between pursuing the part time weekend program and full-time program at Booth. How does the access to resources and opportunities at the Polsky center differ between the two programs?
Noah -> PHPH, the Polsky center is located at the Harper Center in Hyde Park, which is where the full time program is located. The school makes every effort to provide support for both programs. The choice between the two programs should be based on your situation, and the time you need to devote to your venture. Many entrepreneurial Booth full time students actually "decelerate" in order to work on their ventures (they keep their "full time" status). The school does not make you choose between focusing on your studies or your venture!
Mica -> Kim GHi everyone! Given the flexibility to choose your classes, are you able to seek out guidance from faculty or mentors about the structure of your curriculum? For instance, if you have a career goal in mind, have you found a mentor to guide you in building your curriculum to achieve that goal?
Kim G -> MicaHi Mica - There are formal and informal ways to get guidance on the "curriculum" or set of classes you want to pursue. Formally, there is a mentorship program that you can take part in (you should get an email during orientation) that will pair you up with a second year. I would also take advantage of our Academic Services team, who I've found to be hugely helpful. For career related things, there are 2nd year career coaches, as well as full-time staff career coaches that can help you navigate your questions there. Informally, I remember being blown away by the "pay it forward" culture of 2nd years to 1st years. Many professional groups (e.g. the Investment Banking Club or the Management Consulting Group, just two name two) have time set aside for 2nd years to meet up with you, help do interview prep or give you advice. Because of the "flexible curriculum" there is a lot of opportunity for both 1st and 2nd years to interact even in classes, and form relationships there that you can leverage. Lastly, the LEAD program is run by 2nd year students who are very invested in helping 1st years get acclimated and get answers to their questions (I was a LEAD facilitator myself!). This pool of 2nd years can also be extremely helpful.
Taiwo -> EvanEvan C: Please could you put me in touch with consultants at Bain, McKinsey or Deloitte in educational service areas? How does your baby (BoothED) support students interested in education consulting?
Evan -> TaiwoHi Taiwo, I'm afraid I can't do that, but you'll have ample opportunity to connect while here at Booth.

To answer the second part of your question, the biggest thing BoothED does for students interested in education consulting is run an education consulting program that gives students the opportunity to do real (pro bono) consulting work for education organizations in Chicago and beyond. We are doing eight projects this spring for organizations such as the Noble Network of Charter Schools, the Urban Education Institute, and Teach for America.
af00018 -> Sam KHello Sam, my name is Odette and I am currently working as a process engineer at an oil and gas company. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the experience of transitioning from an engineering background to a consultancy/business role.
Sam K -> af00018Hello Odette, thank you for your question! I was a Google software engineer at the start of my career and actually transitioned over time even before business school. However, my later roles still concentrated on technical consulting and less business strategy roles, which prompted me to go back to MBA as an additional branding and training. I was also trained as a engineer and never had actual business training, so MBA is especially helpful in giving me the theoretical learning as well.

In general, transitioning from engineering can be difficult without the right credential and the right training. An MBA can help alleviate both. In addition, once you are on campus, you will realize that many of the MBA jobs are not available to non-MBA job applicants. Jobs such as many of the general management programs, VC, PE (higher level jobs) etc. are only available to MBA graduates. If your background and experiences are similar to me, I think you will find great value in going for a good MBA program to get both the theoretical training, exposure to larger set of career paths, and finally good branding to clearly transition out of your prior roles.
Sophia -> Sophia SHi Everyone! Sophia, your experience at YSL sounds really interesting with its overlap with marketing and strategy. I am currently in finance and would like to transition into a corporate development/strategy role within Energy but am also interested in the marketing side. During recruiting, did you find that those roles had a strong overlap or are they more bifurcated? I understand that various companies 'label' their roles differently.
Sophia S -> SophiaHi Sophia (love your name)! It definitely differs from company to company. Each role not only has a different title, but differs in responsibilities as well. The best thing to do is look at specific job responsibilities for positions in companies that you're interested in. It's also helpful to talk to recruiters as internship roles often differ from full-time positions.
chavlum -> CatherineHello everyone. What resources are available at Booth for students interested in pursuing a career in the health care sector? Also, do any PE or IB firms recruit students with interest in health care?
Catherine -> chavlumHi chavlum -- Definitely check out the Booth Health Care Group (http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/healthcare/). Health care interest can come in so many different function forms -- consulting, venture capital, entrepreneurship, general management, marketing, and so on -- so it's difficult to get too specific. In terms of recruiting, it'll depend on the organization, whether they have a health care group, and what those group's needs are, but when you begin talking to companies and networking with people, you can build that question into your conversations and begin to understand the landscape a little better. If you're an admitted student with a Booth user name, I'd also invite you to look at the Employment Report and do an industry search under "students" for "healthcare" to see where students have ended up.
David_Boyajian -> EvanDid anyone of the guest speakers come from a background in politics, government or communication? If so, I would love to hear about their own experiences transitioning into business school. Thank you again for putting this on!
Evan -> David_BoyajianHi David. I worked for a government services firm (ASI Government, Inc.) before coming to Booth and have a good friend (Katy) who worked for the State Department in Nigeria before school writing speeches for the ambassador.

I didn't find the transition to Booth particularly challenging. You'll find that there are students from a wide variety of backgrounds, and while you may not know as much about Corporate Finance, you'll probably be much better versed on Business Environment and legal issues. Because you pick your courses at Booth, you'll usually be in courses with other people who are looking to learn something new, not folks who know the subject already.

Not sure if that answers your question. If not, please feel free to shoot another one my way!
AJ -> Sam KThank you Sam K. Can you highlight the clubs and other resources available for individuals who want to pursue a career in strategy consulting in IT and general management. How active are those clubs?
Sam K -> AJAJ another great question and thank you! Student groups are a must on campus once you enroll at Booth. In fact, I would say my recruiting success had great correlation with the help I received from these student groups. All clubs are extremely active with many activities over the year. Hence I do not recommend joining more than 2 career clubs and 2 extracurricular clubs due to overload of events :).

For any technology related recruiting, whether it is GM/consulting/others, I would highly recommend you join the Booth Technology Group (BTG), of which I was an ex-cochair. On a yearly basis, 2nd years, who are done with their recruiting, would help you shape your resume to perfect form, practice with you on interviews, and finally even introduce you to their networks to make your recruiting easier. I also found Marketing Group to be helpful for practicing strategy and branding questions. For consulting, Management Consulting Group is a must and provide the same benefits as Booth Technology Group (BTG). For BTG, we also host an annual technology trek to expose students who are not from Silicon Valley and give them a week of exposure to 16 large technology companies. Entrepreneurial and Venture Capital Group (EVC) also does the same trek but for startup companies in Silicon Valley. These clubs would all offer very valuable resources.
rodrigopaz -> Evan PHi everyone and thanks for your time. I am very interested in continue working in and learning about the energy sector. I would like to know if you consider that in Booth I could boost my leanring in that sector. I would like to continue working in the development of energy infrastructure projects so I want to know if I can find classmates and professors interested in this. I already know Michael Polsky but is there any other professor that are interested in energy? Thanks
Evan P -> rodrigopazHi Rodrigo. You will find no shortage of people interested in energy here. The energy group is one of the largest student groups on campus with over 120 full-time members, many of whom are interested in energy infrastructure development. There are many professors both at Booth and in other UChicago schools who focus on energy in some or all of their research and teaching. I mentioned the Energy & Cleantech Lab at Booth in a previous chat response. Other course highlights around the university include Energy: Science, Technology, and Human Usage in the geosciences department and several policy courses at the Harris school. At Booth we can take several of our electives in other departments around the school, so it's easy for Booth students to access these courses.
paurna -> CatherineHi All. Thanks a lot for your questions. My name is Paurna and I currently work in Corporate Banking in London. I am planning to apply to Booth for the Fall 2015 recruitment. I am quite interested in Booth owing to its strength in Finance and I am looking to leverage on that to transition into a career into Investment Banking. However, I also want to keep my options open to possibly explore other avenues like Corporate Development/M&A within Corporates. Hence is it common for students to come with a specfic area of business in mind but Recalibrate their options based on their experience at the school. Or is this uncommon ?
Catherine -> paurnapaurna -- this is common and encouraged. The fall of your first year is VERY busy and it is difficult for students who come in and are still unfocused as to what they want to pursue, career-wise. We find it best if a student comes in with 2-3 areas of interest that you can explore through our programs, conversations with second years and alums, and so on. So you sound like you're right on track!
MHiggins -> EvanEvan, thanks for answering my question. Do you recommend any resources or reading materials for education - sector hopefuls, particularly those making a career switch (non-profit, fine arts to education consulting)? Thanks!
Evan -> MHigginsYou're welcome, MHiggins.

For resources, subscribe to Real Clear Education, EdSurge, and the Advance Illinois policy update newsletter. I'd also talk to as many people as you can find in the education space, particularly those who have MBAs.
Neha -> ModeratorWould it be possible to perhaps get Sam and Brad's emails? I have a few specific questions for them and would not like to derail the present discussion
Denise -> EvanHi Evan, could you please talk about what education consulting entails?
Evan -> DeniseHi Denise. I want to make sure I'm answering the right question -- Are you asking about the BoothED Education Consulting program or about what education consults do in general?
KT -> CatherineWhat does the recruiting calender for summer internships in non-traditional fields (consulting/investment banking) look like ? I assume the Consulting Firms and Banks start coming on campus first ?
Catherine -> KTKT -- for campus-based internship recruiting, companies start coming to campus for corporate presentations and networking opportunities in late October, and the formal campus interviewing cycle begins in mid-January. But remember, only about half of students get their internships through the campus recruiting process; the other half land theirs through what we call the specialized search process, which is network-based. Those less traditional fields -- venture capital, private equity, start-ups, retail, sports/media, real estate, etc. -- tend to be network-based searches for students, and many may make offers "just in time", or sometime in the spring shortly before the end of the school year. So depending on your interest, the calendar could look different.
Joanna -> EveryoneNeha, can you send an email to admissions@Chicagoboth.edu? Thanks.
jcvolkening -> Sam KHow flexible are courses In order to move into the technology sector, is it possible to take courses in Computer Science
Sam K -> jcvolkeningHello jcvolkening and thank you for your great question! Booth classes are truly flexible in that you can cross register at other university courses. In fact, you can register classes at UChicago's law school and Harris School of Public Policy. In addition, you can definitely take classes at UChicago's computer science classes. Students at Booth have to take a total of 20 classes to graduate, and 3 of which can be taken outside of Booth flexibly anywhere at any school of UChicago you want.

Booth also has great courses for business strategy in technology. Technology Strategy taught by Marc Knez is a great intro to dissecting current technology trend and future strategies. Professor Austan Goosbee, ex advisor to President Obama, teaches TTM economics courses, which has great technology strategy context as well.
Suh -> Sophia SHi everyone! Hi Sophia! I wanted to ask about how you leveraged Booth alumni or current students in pursuing a career in luxury?
Sophia S -> SuhHi Suh! Great question! I leveraged the Booth community in so many ways (I'll try to be brief!). During my first year I met with a ton of second years who worked in marketing/retail prior to coming to Booth or who were pursuing careers in the industry after school - they were incredibly helpful! I also used our Community Directory to make a list of alumni who currently work in the industry and reached out to people who had career paths that I'd like to mirror. In addition, I signed up to have a mentor through the Kilts Center and was paired with an alumna who currently works in retail - she's been a huge resource for me! Our career services team is also awesome and has been a huge help along the way!
Srene -> CatherineWill my experience in Business Development & Strategy in the Technology Industry complement my profile? As I am planning to move into Global Business Development & Strategy in Retail Industry.
Catherine -> SreneSrene -- it's all about how you translate your skills and experiences into your new area of focus, and how you demonstrate passion and interests. It sounds like your skill set would translate over, it would just be a shift into perhaps a slightly different function and different industry. Retail is a very network-based industry, and one where it's important you demonstrate passion. There will be program opportunities during your first year to practice your interview stories, and make sure your cover letter and resume demonstrate those experiences and passion.
Denise -> Kylie WHi. This questions is for Chris when he is able to join: could you please talk a little bit about how you've used the media and entertainment resources (clubs, classes) at Booth? Can you also talk a little bit about the process for finding your summer internship at American Entertainment Investors? Thanks.
Kylie W -> DeniseHi there. Unfortunately Chris is not able to join us today. Please feel free to send an email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we will be happy to direct you to the right place!
Mase -> OnurThis question is for Onur. Could you comment on your transition from the consulting context to that of investment banking? Which of Booth's resources did you perceive to be most valuable? What type of advice would you offer someone pursuing a similar career switch? Thank you in advance.
Onur -> MaseMase - there are plenty of invaluable sources at Booth to make the transition a possibility. Career Services leads several workshops in which you can learn about the field and what skills are required to be successful, and prepare for recruiting by preparing your background story and the reasons you would like to transition into banking. They also help you with resume writing and interview practice, among other things. They are involved from very early on and keep being accessible as a resource you can rely on.

Investment Banking Group puts you in touch with second years who can provide their personal experience through recruiting and during their internship, as well as help with resume reviews and practice interviews. There are also outside vendors like Training the Street that come to campus to lead workshops on Excel, valuation and financial modeling.

Your classmates are also a crucial resource: there is a great level of camaraderie before, during and after the recruiting process. I found it to be very helpful to get an honest opinion from people that you get to know very well throughout recruiting.

The classes are also key. Booth academics are very relevant and applicable to 'real life' and what you learn and practice in the classroom is very helpful as you go in to interviews, your internship, as well as your full-time job.
vedpal -> CatherineGood afternoon to all.. My question may sound strange..I want to be an entrepreneur but I want to study Brand Marketing and Strategy.. Should I go for MBA? Also will I be able to convince the recruitment team with such career plans?
Catherine -> vedpalvedpal -- the decision on whether to get an MBA or not is definitely a personal one, so I won't venture to go there, but I will say that your MBA will give you a vast amount of tools and skills that will help in the business world, as well as access to a strong, engaged network of alums! It's difficult to know what you mean when you say "recruitment team", as it sounds like you want to start your own business, so if you want to clarify I'd be happy to follow up.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe have less than 15 minutes left and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions so we can answer them before the chat ends.
Gage -> JeffreyHey team! Do any of the current students have any advice for someone in retail looking to transition to another industry (possibly consulting)? Thanks!
Jeffrey -> GageHey Gage,

I cannot speak to a retail background transition directly, but I can comment on an industry switch, particularly in to consulting. I was working in finance prior to school, and this summer will be interning in consulting. A transition in to consulting is attainable regardless of background and recruiters are much more focused on analytic problem solving and ability to structure ambiguous situations. Regardless of previous experience, including within retail, there is likely examples you could point to which demonstrate these attributes of your ability. Further, in particular within consulting, recruiters are looking for a diversity of past experiences, so a more unique background will help you stand out.

Hope this helps - thanks.
Jimmy -> NoahI have a question for Mr Weiss. In terms of real estate recruiting, are the placement mostly concentrated in Chicago companies? Also, given that it is a sub-segment of finance, are there any student clubs/interest group that has good relationship with real estate companies and holds networking events?
Noah -> JimmyJimmy, last year our real estate interns landed at firms in New York, DC, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Chicago. I am headed to New York post school, and several people are headed to Los Angeles. So, no! Of course, many of our real estate opportunities are in Chicago, but by no means all. In terms of clubs, there is some overlap between the Real Estate Group, Private Equity Group and the Investment Management Group. I am a member of all three (co-chair of two). All of these groups host networking events. The Real Estate Group, Professor Pagliari and Career Services keep relationships with the real estate alumni, and several real estate companies. We also have a very active Real Estate Alumni Group that is heavily involved, and hosts several events each year. Our network of relationships expands every year as more Boothies go to new firms!
cwollensack -> Sophia SSophie can you speak to the breadth of opportunities that are available in the Retail Strategy space. From your experience are there many companies that hire MBAs for these roles?
Sophia S -> cwollensackHi! I can't speak specifically about Retail Strategy roles, but I can say that more and more retail companies are interested in hiring MBAs in general. We've definitely had a variety of retail companies that have come to recruit students, from luxury retail (Coach and Gucci) to mass retail (like Walmart and Walgreens).
Jeongmin -> CatherineI'm wondering how many Booth students usually get a chance to do work at ICT industry and what kind of support from the school exists.
Catherine -> JeongminJeongmin -- when you say ICT, do you mean information/communications/technology? Technology has definitely been increasing as an interest for our students, and we see many tech companies recruit from Booth, whether it be through the campus recruiting process or through job postings. The BoothTech group (http://www.boothtechgroup.com/) is helpful for students conducting a tech search, and Career Services has several second year Career Advisors with roles in the technology sector who provide coaching for first years interested in technology. Hope that helps!
Quan -> Sam KHi, Sam K. May I know what kind of exposure the students will get during the annual technology trek hosted by BTG?
Sam K -> QuanHello Quan, basically, TechTrek is only a small part of the larger benefits you will receive from BTG. But from TechTrek alone, you will get direct exposure and often high-up presentation (VP level at a corporation) about their companies talking about their particular programs. For example, this past year, we visited Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, VMware, Symantec, Electronic Arts, etc. At Google, we had presentation from 4 Booth alums, who range from Product Manager to Marketing Manager. At Intel, we had the VP of Mobile giving a presentation to us about Intel's current efforts in developing their next generation chip and overall ecology of partnering with Google's Android/Chrome system. At Apple, we had an overall presentation about Apple's post-MBA roles and networking hours with recruiters and current post-MBA grads. In general, TechTrek allows you direct connection and exposure to current people at these technology companies and learn from them your perfect fit of functions in the company.
Krish -> CatherineHello everyone, Thanks for taking time to answer my question. I am an accounting professional with 10 year experience. I want to pursue my career in General Management or Finance after MBA in Tech companies. Can you please share the opportunities available.
Catherine -> KrishKrish -- if you're an admitted student with a Booth user name, I invite you to visit the Employment Report, accessible via the Portal, to do a search on technology companies. You can also visit the BoothTech group's website (http://www.boothtechgroup.com/) to see their list of sponsors. In terms of general management, you can access the spreadsheet of Rotational Programs on the Career Services website, under the Job Search Tools tab.
Denise -> ModeratorI wanted to thank everyone for all the insightful answers. They were really helpful!
Denise -> Kim GThanks Evan. I am asking about education consultants in general but also would like to hear about some of the projects BoothEd has been involved in.
Kim G -> DeniseHi Denise! (Evan and I are together so am jointly answering this question for you!) I would classify Education consulting as helping to solve operational problems and/or lend strategic advice to organizations in the Education space. There may be some ed-specific knowledge that might be helpful, but generally it's not that different from mainstream Management Consulting, the subset of companies who focus in this sector is just narrower. Bellwether, where Evan will be working after graduating, primarily focuses on helping charter schools expansion/growth planning and strategy. The BoothEd Education Consulting program pairs small teams of MBA students with projects like these that are shorter-term in nature. For example, when I was on an Education Consulting Team, we worked with a new charter school that was starting up, doing research on a broad range of college preparation summer programs that they wanted to explore, helping to come up with a strategy on which ones to pursue for their students. As another example, almost every year there are 1-2 projects with Chicago Public Schools. One this year focuses on how to revamp their process/strategy on helping to redesign their work-based internship program for high school students. Another group helped the Urban Education Institute identify and strategize around appropriate fundraising metrics. There are 6-8 projects every year - these just name a few!
mahendra -> CatherineHi, my question is for Catherine. Do full-time students leverage the school's presence in Hong Kong? For example, are the recruiting resources in Asia available to students in Chicago?
Catherine -> mahendraHi Mahendra -- we definitely have a strong Booth presence in Asia owing to our presence in Hong Kong as well as our strong alumni base and employer relationships there. One of my Career Services colleagues sits in Hong Kong and is responsible for employer development in Asia. She's on the ground meeting with companies from Japan to India, and she posts the information she gets on the Career Services blog, which is available to all students. Depending on your interests, student groups host treks to Asia to meet with employers -- last year, for example, there was a trek to China and to Singapore to meet with investment banks and private equity firms. We are happy to work with you when you arrive!
Bhupesh -> Evan PSince there are a few first and second year students here, will appreciate if someone can share his or her experience at Chicago Booth so far? How did you find your faculty and classmates at Booth? How did you find the alumni network?
Evan P -> BhupeshThe faculty at Booth is one of the school's greatest strengths. They are leading researchers in their fields and don't hesitate to bring the very latest research into the classroom. As a result, there is more of a "how to think" rather than "what to think" approach in the classroom. Since the body of knowledge in particular fields will continue to evolve after we graduate, I think this serves us better than simply memorizing whatever the current facts are in each field.
My classmates are great. It's a group of almost 600 highly successful and interesting people. Throughout your entire two years here, you continue to meet and connect with new people and form valuable relationships.
The alumni network is large and very supportive. As an example, in the energy group, we draw on their support every year to help make our annual conference possible. Alumni from 3 to 20 years out come to sit on panels and give talks at the conference and are always willing to help Booth students who want to move into the energy industry.
Piotr -> Sam KHi All, my name is Piotr and I currently work as an analyst in technology as well as run my own micro-hedge fund from Switzerland. I was wondering if you could let me know a bit more about the entrepreneurship possibilities at Booth (mostly in tech and finance)?
Sam K -> PiotrHello Piotr, great question! So previously I mentioned New Venture Challenge, Entrepreneurial and Venture Capital Group, and also Venture Capital Investment Challenge at Booth to encourage upcoming entrepreneurs and VCs to pursue these areas at Booth. In fact, NVC was the birth ground for many of the recent IPOs from Booth startups. VCIC is another wonderful competition that gives you exposure and direct feedback from current famous VC partners about your term sheets and negotiation styles.

At Booth, we have about 3-5% serious entrepreneurs. These are people who are working on their own companies and constantly seek co-founders. In fact, the process started before first year during the summer in July when many of these entrepreneurs would hold Saturday sessions at downtown Gleacher Center to talk about their ideas and solicit co-founders. Later, when they arrive on campus, they would speak with famous entrepreneurship professors such as Steve Kaplan and Waverly Deutche to expand on their business ideas and then enter NVC of that year to win endorsements and funding. Winning the funding from NVC is the small icing on cake here. The large thing is the numerous exposures and affirmations from large VC firms who voted for your winning. Oftentimes, these startups continue to prosper and get funded from the same VCs who saw their presentation during New Venture Challenge.
Mica -> Sophia SHi Sophia S, I come from a consulting background in the finance industry, but want to switch to strategy and operations in retail. What transferable skills does the retail industry look for? What suggestions do you have for someone who doesn't have a retail background?
Sophia S -> MicaHi Mica! I'm a career switcher as well (both industry and function) and I had no prior experience in retail or luxury (not even in high school)! As far as transferable skills, it differs from company to company. Booth does a great job of helping you prepare both your resume and "story" before recruiting starts, though - which is a huge help for career switchers. I would also find ways to show companies that you're interested in the industry even though you've never worked in it (by joining a student club, working on a retail project in lab classes, visiting retail companies on a trek, etc.).
jcvolkening -> Sam KThanks for your answer Sam K! A couple of follow-ups - you clearly have a strong background in EE & CS. Would those business strategy courses you mention be accessible to someone without a background in CS and/or EE? Also, do you think that it would be beneficial long-term for someone without a CS background, who has a general interest in CS, to take a CS course as one of their 3 electives?
Sam K -> jcvolkeningHello jcvolkening! Sorry if I misrepresented it, but actually the classes I mentioned require no background whatsoever in EE or CS or even technology. All of these classes can be taken by non-engineers. In fact, most of my classmates and those in my study groups are ex-bankers and ex-consultants etc. So do not worry about taking these classes as a non-engineer. Rather, as long as you have interest in technology, you will find these classes very helpful in paving your way to that field in the future.
Taiwo -> EvanThanks for answering my questions Evan! I should have been clearer in stating that I hoped to connect with Boothies (perhaps members of BoothED) going into education consulting at any of the larger firms. Is this still possible? I was hoping to use the Summer to decide on the industry (medical devices or education) that I would focus on as a consultant. Thanks.
Evan -> TaiwoNo problem, Taiwo. You'll have ample opportunity to network with firms once on campus and they'll connect you to folks interested in the ed space. If you contact me offline I can connect you to folks who are going to work for some of the larger firms, but I unfortunately can't do it in this forum. At most larger consulting firms, MBAs start as generalists and then move into specific industry or practice areas, so it is fairly rare to go straight from business school into a specific industry sector.
Quan -> NoahThank you, Noah, for sharing the information. It is helpful to be a part of a network where many of its members are or were trained as entrepreneurs. May I know how can I consult and cooperate with Alumni with similar goals who are more likely to have direct experience in areas that I will be working in myself post-MBA?
Noah -> QuanQuan, once you make it here, the Polsky Center and Career Services will be more than happy to give you the tools you need to focus your outreach efforts. Also, your fellow classmates and the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Group are excellent resources for you to leverage. Our entrepreneurship faculty is an excellent resource as well. Needless to say, if you choose Chicago Booth, you will not have a shortage of resources. While I can't guaranty that you will find the exact alumnus that you are looking for, it is probable given our broad reach and deep connections around the world!
Bhupesh -> JoannaHello everyone! I am a former investment banker from UBS, currently working in a startup in India. Can someone advise how can Chicago Booth MBA help in leadership development, especially through the LEAD program?
Joanna -> BhupeshBhupesh, Probably too long an answer for this chat, but you can learn a bit more from our students here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/viewbook/lead/
Blake -> CatherineHi this is Blake. I have worked in sourcing and product development in retail for many years now. Business school will help facilitate by transition to investment management more specifically buy side research. I've read about the clubs, electives, and have read some of Eugene Fama's work, but could you talk more specifically about how Booth's investment management program helps students making a double jump and whether the CFA curriculum is included or discussed?
Catherine -> BlakeHi Blake -- the CFA is definitely a great way to demonstrate passion for the industry, which is critical in a successful investment management search, and is especially important for career switchers. Many students interested in IM are either current charter holders, or are currently studying for the first exam, though this is completely extra-curricular to Booth. I encourage you this summer to begin thinking about stock pitches, which is something the IMG and other student groups will offer more information about.
Ruby -> JeffreyHi Jeffrey, how did you combine your interests in hospitality and travel with a career in consulting? Could you share whether you recruit for both hospitality and consulting, and what was your experience? Thank you!
Jeffrey -> RubyHi Ruby,

As a first year this past year, my recruiting was focused on recruiting for an internship. I recruited for both hospitality and consulting roles, through which I made a decision which was best for me for a summer role. Hospitality and Consulting have slightly different recruiting calendars, and while Consulting is highly structured, Hospitality is more flexible during recruiting season. This makes recruiting for both industries highly possible.

I would add that the great thing about an internship is its ability to try something new out before committing to it full-time. In particular with consulting for a career switcher like myself, it expands the versatility of one's background.

I hope this helps. Thanks
Danish -> JoannaDoes switching industries put someone at a disadvantage with regards to what level of the organization they start at post MBA?
Joanna -> DanishDanish, rest assured that most Full-time MBA students begin our program with the intent to switch careers. You can see how our grads do here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/
Quan -> Sam KThank you, Sam, for sharing the information. My long term career goal is to establish a technology firm and grow my company. Do you think it is necessary for me to take senior management roles in large technology corporation post-MBA in order to understand the operational fundamentals?
Sam K -> QuanQuan, thank you for your question! So this is a very personal decision, so I will share with you what my Intel manager shared with me over the summer. I am also passionate about startup and want to start my own company in a few years. My manager, who is a senior director at Intel and ex-Bain consultant, mentioned to me the benefit of the GM program is that it would give you the credential to truly attract talents and colleagues for your startup in the future. Also, you will attract more solid funding from people who believe in your background. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to build up your personal finance to fund your startup. These are some of the advantages that you could consider vs. not going into startup right away and losing a few years on that. Also, the operational knowledge is definitely helpful for you to leverage building your startup into a large corporation if the startup ever reaches that stage rather than being acquired.
Kylie W -> EveryoneThanks for participating in the chat today! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to check out our more than 70 student groups (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/) and reach out to any that might cater to your interest. If you have any questions, please email admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Taiwo -> CatherineHi Catherine, I hope to engage in the specialized search process this Summer before to starting FT in September. I hope to use this in for a pre-MBA and internship search for consulting. Please, what assistance can I get in this respect? Thanks!
Catherine -> TaiwoTaiwo -- if you wish to engage with networking before coming to Booth, we encourage you to use your own personal and professional network. LinkedIn can be a great way to see who is in that network and to find ways to reach out to see if you're able to schedule a time to chat. Please be advised that all these types of communications can be evaluative, so you want to set yourself up for success -- make sure you proofread (and/or have someone else proofread!) what you are sending, and that you are personalizing your outreach to that individual. You can read more about networking on the Career Services website.
Joanna -> EveryoneThank you for joining us!
Nikhil -> Sam KHi Sam, thanks for your answers. I am currently working as a senior systems engineer in India and want to pursue my career as a technology consultant- providing solutions to clients across various industries. What courses does Booth offer that could help me achieve my goal ?
Sam K -> NikhilHello Nikhil thank you for your question! I would recommend Technology Strategy, TTM class from Austan Goosbee, Competitive Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Cases in Financial Management, and many others actually. But the above would equity you well for strategy focus and fundamental understanding of finance health in a company to come up with a right strategy with good finance directions.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you again for participating in our chat and for all your insightful questions. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Mase -> Sophia SGood afternoon. My name is Gerald H. Mason, Jr., and I appreciate everyone's availability and insights. I've heard a lot about Booth's intensive focus on challenging assumptions and critiquing decision-making models. Can anyone speak to that process and to how it has allowed them to pursue new careers?
Sophia S -> MaseHi Gerald! Booth not only does a great job at helping you challenge the status quo, but really prepares you to feel confident in order speak your mind in a professional setting. I found that in my internship, my managers were very appreciative of my new ideas and encouraged me to speak my mind and try doing things in new and different ways.
Gage -> NoahThanks for taking the time to chat with us today team! For any current student: What's the best thing about studying in downtown Chicago?!
Noah -> GageGage, the best thing about Chicago Booth's location is that our dual-campus structure (Harper and Gleacher) gives you complete flexibility with your time and school environment. You can choose to live downtown or in Hyde Park (most live downtown). Chicago has excellent food!
Catherine -> EveryoneThank you everyone for the great questions! I and my Career Services colleagues are looking forward to working with you when you arrive at Booth!
Jeffrey -> EveryoneThanks for taking the time to ask my classmates and I questions today. We hope to see you on campus soon!

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Sam K -> EveryoneThank you everyone! I enjoyed your questions and hope to have the chance to welcome you into the Booth community in the future. Good luck
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Onur -> EveryoneThanks all – it has been a pleasure to chat with you all today. I hope it has been helpful and wish you the very best!
Sophia S -> EveryoneThanks for all the great questions! I hope we've been helpful. Good luck!
Noah -> EveryoneThank you for coming! Further questions about entrepreneurship or real estate, follow these links:
Polsky: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/
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Real Estate Group: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/realestate/