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Marketing at Booth Thursday, February 13, Noon—1 p.m. CST

Join us for a live chat about marketing at Booth. Students and staff from the James M. Kilts Center for Marketing, Career Services, and Admissions will answer your questions about resources and opportunities available to students who want to pursue careers in marketing. Learn about recruiting, competitions, curriculum choices, concentrations, student groups, and more.

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello, everyone. Thank you for participating in our live chat about marketing at Chicago Booth. The chat will begin in about 15 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today. The chat will begin in 10 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Rushan -> EveryoneHi everyone! Thank you for attending the live chat. My name is Rushan and I’m a second year who is making a transition from consulting to the luxury retail industry. Happy to answer questions on retail, marketing, and career transitions.
Katie -> EveryoneI'm Katie Bell from the Kilts Center for Marketing which is a research and learning center that builds awareness of marketing at Booth. For students we offer FT scholarships, events, and programs for students interested in marketing and general management.
Miriam -> EveryoneHi everyone! My name is Miriam, I'm a second year. Prior to Booth I worked in pension consulting and after Booth I will be working at Hillshire Brands in Chicago as an Assistant Brand Manager (I interned there over the summer as well). Happy to answer your questions!
Giulia -> EveryoneHey there, my name is Giulia. I am a second year student at Booth. I did my summer internship at Google and I will be going back there also after graduation. Feel free to ask me questions about recruiting for marketing in tech and applying for jobs in the US as an international student.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome, everyone. The chat has now begun. Our panelists look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Fern -> EveryoneWelcome to the Marketing chat! I am Fern O'Neill, a career coach from Career Services. I look forward to answering your questions related to marketing careers.
Carrie -> EveryoneWelcome! I'm Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions.
Marina -> EveryoneHi! My name is Marina, and I am a second year student at Booth. I spent my summer as a brand management intern at MillerCoors and will be going to Kraft full-time as an Associate Brand Manager. Look forward to chatting and happy to answer any questions about marketing at Booth, recruiting or anything else that I can!
Mark -> KatieHi--Could you talk a little about the Kilts Center and the workshops offered through that? Thanks
Katie -> MarkHi, Mark. We offer FT program scholarships, various events (mostly featuring executive alumni), program (e.g. a mentoring program connecting you to alumni), a marketing case competition, and supplements to the curriculum (e.g. projects for experiential learning courses, incorporation of Nielsen marketing data in specific courses). Learn MUCH more at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/kilts
vaibhavarora -> KatieGood morning Team, I do understand from the website that the Kilts centre for Marketing provides data sets for academic researchers. Are these datasets also available to Booth Full time students? And, if a student wishes to conduct an individual project on this in alignment with a professor, does this count towards his course credits? Thanks.
Katie -> vaibhavaroraThanks for your question about Nielsen data. The partnership with Nielsen is aimed at facilitating academic research only among tenure-line faculty and PhD students. MBA students have several opportunities for MBA students to gain exposure to the data through the Kilts Marketing Case Competition and several courses that incorporate the data into coursework. As the use of the data grows, we look for more ways to connect students to this valuable resource in ways that are most useful to your career.
Lynn -> FernHi, everyone. Could you discuss the internship matching process and the resources available for students?
Fern -> LynnHi Lynn, the internship process begins with self-assessment, where the student explores their own skills, experiences, and passion, and then discovers the MBA careers that are aligned with their own interests. We have career programming, coaching, and second year Career Advisers who can support you throughout the process. We also have a great Career Resource Center that can help with additional resources to support students in their search.
TMC -> MarinaDid any student in this chat participate in the Kilts Quantitative Case Competition? If so, what did you learn from that experience?
Marina -> TMCHi there! I participated in the Kilts Quantitative Case Competition, and it was an awesome experience! I learned about the specific types of projects that a Kraft brand manager would work on - the case competition presented a problem that Kraft had actually dealt with recently so it was very real world. One of the most helpful pieces was receiving feedback from the CMO and other marketing directors at Kraft after our presentation - it really helped to gain an understanding of the types of questions brand managers should be thinking about and frameworks that they can use. And finally, I learned a lot from the great group of people that I worked with - the group had a wide variety of experiences from sports marketing to organizational behavior to consulting. If you're interested, you can read more about the case here: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/events/case-competition
Jer -> CarrieWhat resources are available at Booth that distinguish it from other schools? This is for your MBA program.
Carrie -> JerBooth is a unique program in many ways - from the flexibility of curriculum to our discipline-based approach to the support we offer students. Our students have the freedom to chart their own course at Booth with a full support network to ensure their success. From academic advisors to career coaches to student mentors to academic centers like the Kilts Center for Marketing - students are armed with the resources necessary to be successful.
Tom -> RushanHi, thanks for hosting the chat. I was wondering if some of the students could elaborate on the Kilts Quantitative Case Competion and their experience with it if they participated. Thanks
Rushan -> TomHi Tom, I participated in this year's Kilts Quantitative Case Competition and happy to talk about my experience. The case competition is typically sponsored by a corporate partner, and this past year it was Kraft. This means the case questions and data are based on real-life challenges Kraft has encountered in their business. The case competition is a valuable experience, particularly for first years, for several reasons: 1) you get the preview of what it's like to be a brand manager working on strategic problem, 2) networking with senior management from the corporate sponsor, 3) invitations to internship interviews, and 4) hone your case skills months before the interview.

It's definitely an intense experience as you get only three days to analyze the case, assess the data and create a 15 minute presentation to a panel that includes the CMO of Kraft. It's very realistic and you learn a lot just going through the process.
Ariel@Booth2014 -> MiriamAs someone looking to make the career switch from consulting to brand management: Is there anything you recommend I do prior to joining Booth, which would position me to better leverage the marketing resources, student initiatives and coursework at Booth?
Miriam -> Ariel@Booth2014Hi Ariel@Booth2014! I worked in consulting prior to Booth and made the career switch to brand management. Prior to joining Booth I would recommend talking to people working in a marketing function. This is a great time to learn what brand management is all about and to start thinking about how your skills in consulting are transferable to brand management. This will also get you thinking how you can make your resume more marketing focused. Making the career switch is really about showing that you have the potential to succeed in a marketing role so understanding the role and what makes a brand manager successful is crucial. The best thing you can do is talk to people in your network and reach out to the Booth Marketing Group (I'm also one of the co-chairs of this group).
Chantelle -> FernHi - thank you for organizing this event! I'm interested in learning about international brand management/strategy roles and opportunities
Fern -> ChantelleHi Chantelle, we have developed strong relationships with companies around the world who seek students for marketing/strategy roles. Some of the roles may come via campus recruiting and many are available via specialized searches that may include finding the opportunity through the Booth job board, or through networking with alumni in a particular country. Second year students who come from the country of interest can also be fantastic resources for networking in that country.
JohnF -> MarinaThank you all for hosting this online chat. I'm interested in the Kilts Mentoring Program. How do you feel this opportunity supplements the Booth exprience? Do you have any suggestions for students so that they may take full advantage of the Mentoring Program?
Marina -> JohnFHi John - The Kilts Mentoring Program is a great supplement to the other resources at Booth! The great thing about the program is that the Kilts Center provides frequent updates with suggestions for topics to discuss with your mentor so you never run out of ideas. One thing that I found helpful when interacting with my mentor was setting up a monthly check-in - at the end of each conversation, we would go ahead and set up the following chat. This way my mentor was always on top of my recruiting process and classes and had great and timely suggestions. For example, a few months before I started my internship, my mentor provided me with some great tips about a few books I should check out before starting and how to make a strong first impression with my manager.
Remy -> KatieHi! Katie, could you describe the FT scholarships offered for marketing students? How are they awarded, and what are the awards?
Katie -> RemyHi, Remy! We have 2 types of FT scholarships: Kilts Marketing Fellowship is for first year students and Kilts Scholarships for second year students. The Fellowship awards are based on your application to the program. These are based on merit and career intentions. For the second year Kilts Scholarship, we invite to apply a selection of marketing students who were top performers in their first year and were very involved in the marketing community. Based on the scholarship application and faculty input, we name about 6 scholarship recipients.
Stanley_Chen -> KatieHi Katie. I want to know about the Booth marketing data center specifically. Is it open to MBA student? or is there any relevant classes that will leverage this database?
Katie -> Stanley_ChenMBA students have several opportunities to gain exposure to the Nielsen marketing data through the Kilts Marketing Case Competition and several courses that incorporate the data into coursework. As the use of the data grows, we look for more ways to connect students to this valuable resource in ways that are most useful to your career. Courses that incorporate the data include Data Driven Marketing, Pricing Strategies, and Data Mining.
vaibhavarora -> CarrieHi Team, another question - I am interested in pursuing courses in Psychology and Anthropology from other departments of UoChicago. Is this really common for students to go for courses from other schools?
Carrie -> vaibhavaroraOne of the benefits of the flexible curriculum is the ability to take up to six classes within the larger university. The most popular classes tend to be within the other professional schools (law, public policy, social services administration, medicine), but you are free to explore the additional networks within the University of Chicago.
Marcos_Pavlovic_Mac_Donald -> RushanHi Booth Team, this is Marcos from Argentina. I was wondering if you have marketing simulations during courses. Thanks!
Rushan -> Marcos_Pavlovic_Mac_DonaldHi Marcos, yes, our marketing classes including various simulations during the quarter. I've done simulations involving rental car companies and pricing strategies, as well as simulations on consumer choice and preferences on evaluating entertainment options. Many of our marketing classes also include real-life projects with corporate sponsors, I've taken two thus far, Marketing Research and Developing New Products and Services. In both scenarios, we spent 10 weeks working with the clients to develop recommendations on customer targeting strategy and designing new in-store services, it was very much like a mini-consulting project using the skillsets you learn in class.
Jamarr -> GiuliaI am really interested in the possibilities that "big data" has in the area of marketing. Outside of something like a statistics class, is there any way that Booth students that would like to get valuable experience with using data in marketing are able to so?
Giulia -> JamarrHey Jamarr, there are lots of opportunities to use data in marketing. First, there are specific classes like Data Mining or Data Driven Marketing that focus specifically on understanding how to use big data in marketing. Second, there are case competitions, like the Kilts Marketing Case Competition where you can apply your skills in a real case. Third, lab classes like Developing New Products and Services will give you the opportunity to work with a company, developing a strategy for a new product or services.
Mark -> MiriamHow active is the marketing club? Could you discuss any involvement you've had personally with the club and your thoughts on it? Thanks
Miriam -> MarkHi Mark! The Booth Marketing Group is an unbelievable resource. I am currently one of the co-chairs (I'm a second year). As a first year, I relied heavily on the resources provided by the group. I was a career switcher and needed a lot of guidance. For instance, I used the group for resume review, interview prep, mock interviews with company representatives, lunch and learns with marketing companies, store-walks prior to interviews, the marketing conference in the fall (amazing network opportunity), and so much more. One of my favorite events was held in the fall of my first year. It was called Speed Dating. All of the second years had recently finished their internships and sat around tables. The first years got 5 minutes with each of the second years and asked all about their summers - where they worked, what they liked, what they didn't like, etc. After this event, I was able to hone in on the companies/marketing role that I was interested in. I was also able to follow up with certain second years ("schedule second dates") and learn even more about their summers. This event was amazing! I cannot say enough about how much the Marketing Group prepared me for networking, recruiting, and interviewing.
Caroline -> KatieHi Katie - can you expand upon the level of support that these Kilts scholarships would offer?
Katie -> CarolineHi, Caroline. The Marketing Fellowships receive a $50k tuition award over 2 years and each is assigned an executive mentor from our Steering Committee (http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/about/steering-committee). 2nd year Kilts Scholars received an $8k tuition award. Hope that helps!
Lynn -> RushanRushan, I too am making a career change. Did you find that having less experience in your new industry (marketing) put you at a disadvantage in terms of coursework, projects, or job search? What resources does Booth have to aid in the transition process? Thank you!
Rushan -> LynnHi Lynn, this is a great question. Prior to Booth, my only experience in retail was working at The Gap in undergrad and I had very little marketing experience as well. However, I did not feel that my lack of experiences impacted my coursework or job search. I think Booth's flexible curriculum is tremendously helpful for those who are looking to concentrate in an area they're less experienced in, you are able to tailor your classes to your background and your goals.

Regarding job search, again, I was able to take advantage of the flexible curriculum and take 4 marketing classes in my first year to really strengthen my skillsets and knowledge in this area. I was able to leverage some of those insights during my interviews, and I was able to actually create my own summer internship project based on what I took away from my Pricing Strategies class. So I attribute a lot of that success to the flexible curriculum.
Moderator -> EveryoneThanks again for joining us today. Please note that today's chat is intended to answer questions related to opportunities in marketing at Booth. Should you have any questions about other topics or industries, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu or tweet us @ #WhyBooth.
Archit -> KatieHi. Can MBA students act as research assistants to professors? Is there a formal process in place for this? Thanks!
Katie -> ArchitGood question, Archit. The Kilts Center is not involved in helping faculty find research assistants. Each faculty member pursues this in a different way.
Tian -> MarinaRushan, Miriam, Giulia, and Marina - why did you choose Booth and how did you make your decision in your selection process? Thank you.
Marina -> TianHi Tian - There were a million reasons why I loved Booth, but I'll try to narrow down to a few :) One reason I chose Booth is the community. From the application process to admit weekend, my interactions with Booth students, admissions and alumni were incredible - many people reached out to me and were so helpful in terms of answering questions and connecting me with people that could help me make an informed decision. This was a reflection of the wonderful pay it forward community at Booth - one example of this is the way that second year students spend time doing mock interviews with first years during recruiting. In the last few weeks, I know some second years that have done as many as 50 mock interviews with first years while managing all of their classes. There's a wonderful sense of community and people are always willing to help one another. A second reason I chose Booth was the marketing program. Before Booth as I transitioned a bit closer to marketing, I recognized that many companies were getting increasingly excited about data-driven marketing and how data analysis can help to developing insights and drive marketing strategy. Booth has a wonderful marketing program that incorporates this data-driven aspect. For example, data driven marketing is a great class that helped many students succeed at their internships. Developing New Products and Services is another amazing class that offers students the opportunity to go through the new product development process with a real company and maybe even see their ideas get developed! Finally, Booth offers a great combination of city life and a beautiful campus. Most students live in the loop and take a short trip to Hyde Park for their classes. I love being able to experience the different neighborhoods in Chicago during the week and weekends and also having the opportunity to visit University of Chicago's beautiful campus - there is even a Frank Lloyd Wright house right in front of Harper Center!
hussein -> Carrieis it possible to study MBA or master in international business and concentration in finance
Carrie -> husseinHi, Hussein. You can absolutely study an MBA with a concentration with finance and international business. Most students have between 2-4 concentrations by the time that they graduate
andre.mori -> KatieHi Katie. I'll visit Booth on March 4th on the Campus Visit Program. I'd like to know if a visit to Kilts Center for Marketing is part of schedule. If not, is it possible for me to visit you? I'm from Brazil and interested on going back to marketing. Thank you!
Katie -> andre.moriHi, Andre. I'm happy to meet with you to talk more about Kilts Center and marketing at Booth. You'll want to connect back to admissions with coordinating this during your upcoming visit.
emmapage -> MiriamHi- Thank you for hosting! I was hoping students could discuss the role their participation in the marketing club played in getting their internships/jobs?
Miriam -> emmapageHi emmapage! I talked about this a little in my response to Mark so see that response as well. I believe the Marketing Group played a huge role in getting my internship at Hillshire. First, the group provided me with many resources for recruiting - marketing-specific resume prep, interview prep, marketing general knowledge, second-year mentoring, etc. But in addition, the Marketing Group has amazing company sponsors who come to campus for events such as Lunch and Learns and mock interviews. The networking opportunities as a result of these events are amazing. For instance, Hillshire came to campus for a Lunch and Learn. I was able to meet company representatives who were happy to meet with me one-on-one for coffee chats. I developed great relationships with many of the marketing employees at Hillshire and I think this helped me get on the closed interview list. It was also a lot easier to interview with the company when I had such familiarity with the people, culture, etc. The Marketing Group gives you access to marketing companies in and outside of Chicago.
Neha_D -> FernI have an engineering background and currently work in an engineering role doing new product development. I took a marketing class at Stanford last year and worked on a market research project for a non profit as part of the class. Since then have been very interested to perhaps consider marketing as a specialty during my MBA and work in the tech sector but in a marketing role. Is it normal for engineers to transition to marketing roles? If yes, what are some of the strengths i would need to build?
Fern -> Neha_DHi Neha, we have quite a few students that come to Booth with an engineering background with the goal of transitioning into a more business focused role. A product management role within tech can be very relevant for someone with an engineering background. It combines aspects of marketing with new product development and project management. Additionally, there are some tech companies that specifically seek students with technical backgrounds for many of their roles, including marketing. For a marketing role, you would want to develop leadership, team, strategic, analytical (which you certainly already have given your background), and communication skills. I hope that helps!
andre.mori -> GiuliaHi Giulia, could you talk a little bit about recruting as an international student? I'ver heard at other info sessions saying nowadays it's harder for an international student to get hired. I see you got hired, but did you feel that being a foreigner worked against you on any interview?
Giulia -> andre.moriHey Andre, I've never felt left behind in an interview for the fact of being international. You might want to keep in mind that some companies (especially in the CPG industry) don't accept international applicants. This is our only disadvantage! However, once you get the interview, you will be like any other applicant. Leveraging your international experience might even help you differentiating yourself.
Ricardo_Sota -> KatieFollowing the Marketing group question, how does the Kilts center and the Marketing Group interact? Do they organize events together? How does each one leverage the other?
Katie -> Ricardo_SotaThanks for your question, Ricardo. We definitely work with the Marketing Group to plan and promote events. Our long-term partnership with this group has made possible multiple programs, including the marketing mentors program, the case competition, and some of the outreach programs for admitted students.
John_Watts -> RushanHi everyone, I've worked in financial services consulting for the past few years. For Rushan, could you share details on how Booth has prepared you to shift from consulting to the luxury goods industry?
Rushan -> John_WattsHi John, Booth has been tremendously helpful in my transition from consulting to luxury retail in three areas: 1) as I mentioned in an earlier response, the flexible curriculum really gave me the freedom to shape my academic experience during my first year, so I focused on topics that would prepare me for interviews and my retail summer internship, and I postponed other non-essential requirements such as accounting to 2nd year; 2) despite luxury retail requiring more off-campus recruiting, Career Services has been instrumental in providing guidance and tons of leads who I can network with, I was able to set-up one-on-one meetings with the retail advisor and get advice on networking and contacts for various firms throughout the year; 3) this is often overlooked, but I think Booth has been key in building my overall confidence where I know I can sit at the table with senor retail executives and know I deserve to be there.
marym -> RushanHi Rushan, I'm also hoping to make a similar move to the luxury retail industry. What resources at Booth have helped you make the transition and what are you hoping to do post-graduation?
Rushan -> marymHi marym, I was able to build up my credentials in retail through a school-year internship at ZipFit Denim (a Chicago Booth alum fashion start-up) and summer internship at Coach, and I'm targeting to go back to Coach for an opportunity in merchandising. Booth was helpful in providing me with a well-rounded knowledge in marketing, including being very comfortable with the quantitative aspects of marketing (increasingly important in consumer-facing businesses), and in addition to career services, Booth also has a strong alumni network within luxury retail that has been very helpful in making connections and exploring opportunities in the industry, and that has helped me tremendously in meeting more companies and introducing myself to them.
Tom -> MarinaQuestion for the students. Not to play too much into the stereotype, but have you guys found that Booth's history as more of an "academic/quant" school provides any advantage in the marketing field over other MBA programs. It seems many of the courses offered at Booth are very analytical and quantitative in nature (e.g. Quantitative Marketing Research Methods; Data-Driven Marketing; Marketing Research; Pricing Strategies,etc.) and that other MBA programs don't offer similar courses.
Marina -> TomHi Tom - I think the Booth approach is really unique in the great combination of classes that are offered - from the more traditional Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior to the more quantitative courses like Data-Driven Marketing to lab classes like Developing New Products and Services (in which you do projects with real companies). Getting such a strong variety of perspectives has been very helpful and was instrumental for the marketing summer interns - after the summer, we were all really impressed with how much of what we'd learned in Marketing Strategy, Data-Driven Marketing and other classes we were able to directly use at our jobs.
Remy -> KatieThanks everyone. Could you tell us a little more about the marketing-related lab classes?
Katie -> RemyHi, again, Remy. The experiential learning courses are a fabulous way to gain marketing experience and learn by doing. The marketing lab courses we currently offer are: New Product Development and Marketing Research. We (Kilts Center) source projects from corporate partners who pay for their project to be completed. Students form teams and select the projects that interest them most. Teams work on the projects throughout the 10-weeks of the course. As part of this process, students interface and present recommendations to the corporate project sponsor.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe've reached the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit all your marketing related questions for our panelists. We can answer your questions around our unique approach to marketing, the curriculum, recruiting, extracurricular activities, and other opportunities.
Suh -> RushanHi, thanks for organizing this chat. Rushan, I noticed that you had an internship during the school year, is it common for students to do that and what resources are available for getting experience beyond the summer internship?
Rushan -> SuhHi Suh, there is definitely a number of students who pursue school-year internships in various industries, including marketing, tech, and finance. It is particularly helpful if you are looking to make a transition to a new industry which you have little prior experience in (in this case, retail for me). I found it helpful to not only gain the exposure to the industry, but also it added credibility to my resume for my subsequent recruiting efforts. Career Services and professional student groups provide a lot of help in the form of opportunity postings and mentoring from 2nd years for those interested in a school-year internships. The Polsky Center also holds a couple of start-up networking nights during the year for students to connect with local start-ups and coordinate internship opportunities (the last one I attended had 50+ companies).
vaibhavarora -> CarrieThanks for the answer Carrie. In your opinion, how is the marketing experience at Booth uniquely positioned as against other comparable schools? Will be helpful to get broad differences.
Carrie -> vaibhavaroraHi Vaibhavarora. While I can't speak to the marketing program at other schools, I can certainly share the strengths of Booth's marketing program. Our approach is innovative, data driven, and cross disciplinary, and offers a unique perspective. The Kilts Center for Marketing heads up all of our marketing efforts and attract top faculty within the field. Through offering a variety of classes to experiential learning opportunities, mentoring, fellowships, as well as student group leadership opportunities, students can be prepared to engage in a variety of ways. For more information, please check out: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/engage.
Matt_D -> KatieThank you for holding this chat today! Are their marketing concentrations at Boothe that would allow one to focus on small business and non-profit marketing?
Katie -> Matt_DHi, Matt. Glad you could join us today. The marketing courses offer you a broad set of skills that prepare you to work in any number of roles or industries. Our philosophy is rooted in providing the fundamental knowledge necessary for any organization - for-profit or nonprofit. Outside of the curriculum, there are other resources that would allow you to focus on small business and/or nonprofits. The Social Enterprise Initiative and Polsky Center are two of the research and learning centers that can connect you to opportunities in these areas. Hope this helps!
Neha_D -> FernThis is a question For Guilia and Fern. Would it be possible for you to elaborate more on recruiting for marketing in tech. What sort of companies come on campus and specific skill sets they may be looking for?
Fern -> Neha_DHi Neha, we have many technology companies that come on campus to recruit for marketing roles. These include: Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and Amazon just to name a few. Many more tech companies will post jobs with us on our job board. Some of the companies seek students who are very entrepreneurial. Amazon is an example. They seek students who can take initiative to drive new ideas and bring them to fruition. In general, they all seek strong leaders with analytical, strategic, team, and communication skills.
Jamarr -> MiriamI've heard people say that despite its stellar academic reputation Booth isn't known as a "marketing school". Have any of you had and difficulty overcoming this perception (i.e. not having companies you were interested in recruit at Booth etc.)?
Miriam -> JamarrHi Jamarr! I can honestly say that companies do not have this perception so there is really no difficulty convincing companies that Booth is a "marketing school". In fact, I think marketing companies are becoming increasingly impressed with the caliber of marketing talent that comes out of Booth. For instance, as you are probably aware, data-driven marketing is becoming more central in almost every company focused on its marketing efforts. Booth is very strong when it comes to a quantitative/data-driven marketing approach. For instance, I learned so much taking Data-Driven Marketing last spring and companies were very impressed when I referenced some of these learnings during my interview. I was also did very well this summer at my internship working with data in programs such as IRI (this was some of my strongest feedback in my review).

In addition, it is unbelievable how many amazing reputable companies come to recruit at Booth. Every company that was I was interested in (in the Chicago area and outside the Chicago area) came to Booth to recruit and gave internship offers to many Booth students. I don't think there is any "convincing" to get these companies to come and take part in recruiting. In fact, one of the reasons I chose Booth was because of the companies that recruit on campus and have strong relationships with the school.

Finally, I also want to point out the many of these top-caliber marketing companies actually pay money to sponsor the Booth Marketing Group. They very much want the opportunity to come on campus and meet students through events such as Lunch and Learns. Not only are we as students selling ourselves to the companies, but these companies are very anxious to sell themselves to us. They are very proud as marketing organizations to have a strong relationship with Booth students and alumni.
raji -> RushanRushan: As someone who's decided to switch to a career in marketing (I'd like to shift from a technical track-marketing), what in your opinion, are the key skills to excel in this field?
Rushan -> rajiHi raji, that's a great question. The two standards I set for myself are: 1) high level strategic thinking to be able to craft marketing strategies based on clear consumer insights (we have several classes that teaches students how to build these skills) and 2) being comfortable with analyzing, interpreting and making decisions based on the tons and tons of customer data that is out there today (something I believe Booth is at the forefront).
Edward -> FernCurious as to what types of marketing-focused internships/full-time positions students have attained at technology start-ups (for non-engineers)?
Fern -> EdwardHi Edward, as you are likely aware, we have a growing number of students interested both marketing and start-up roles. Students have access to both Career Services resources including the Booth job board as well as the Polsky Center which has great programming for students interested in start-ups across a range of roles. The tech marketing roles can be broad and strategic as well as specific (digital marketing, segmentation, etc).

As a student interested in marketing and technology, the students groups offer incredible support.
Suh -> Rushanhi rushan, did you prepare before the school year to start looking for your internship with ZipFit Denim, or did you find that it was enough to begin after the school year started? Do you think it's helpful, especially for career switchers, to do some homework before coming to campus?
Rushan -> SuhHi Suh, I think the amount of time you set aside for preparation is specific to each person's comfort level and preferences. I tend to procrastinate, and I looked for my ZipFit opportunity two weeks before I started (I also knew this was a start-up and they tend to make decisions faster). I would have started earlier and did more company research and networking if I had sought to apply for a school-year internship in bigger, more established companies such as Coach.

I think one key area career switchers should get started as early as possible, especially in marketing, is to read up on the industry news and developments through news sources like WSJ or NYT and also industry specific publications like WWD for retail. You can't build these knowledge overnight, they can only be accumulated, and they will come in very handy during networking and interviews to surprise the company about how much you know and how insightful you are.
TMC -> MarinaHow flexible are professors and students in the way you analyze marketing data? Can you brainstorm your own models? Use your favorite software / programs? Thanks.
Marina -> TMCHi TMC! I think professors and students are quite flexible in the way you analyze marketing data. For example, last quarter I took Regressions and the Professor taught the course using a program called R that I had never used before. We were provided with a variety of in-person and online resources in addition to the class notes to get better at using the program. However, the professor was also very open to students who preferred to use another program with which they had greater comfort - in fact, there were several times during class when he would clarify how you would do a specific problem if you were using an alternative program. In terms of models, we are certainly encouraged to be creative and get feedback from fellow students as well as professors!
Richard -> FernThank you for hosting this! I am seeing a lot of responses in the CPG, tech, and retail realm. What are some other marketing areas of focus in terms of industries and roles. What types of corporations and roles are companies seeking from Booth students who focus on marketing?
Fern -> RichardHi Richard, you raise a great question about marketing roles beyond tech and CPG! We have students that pursue marketing roles in Luxury, Healthcare, Hospitality, and manufacturing to name a few industries. The roles can range from corporate strategy to brand management, to consumer insights to big data analyst.
Kaye -> RushanHi Rushan. What class have you found to be the most useful in your career transition?
Rushan -> KayeHi Kaye, I have to say the most useful class in my career transition was Marketing Strategy with Prof. Sanjay Dhar (the intro marketing class). It provided a very thorough marketing framework and key quantitative tools that I have frequently used in my other projects and classes, as well as my interviews and summer internship. Sometimes, it's the basic stuff that really helps build a strong foundation.
Yujie -> FernA follow up to Neha's question, what about career opportunities in other tech fields, for example, chemical industry? Thank you
Fern -> YujieHi Yujie, we have strong relationships within the chemical industry with companies such as Dow Chemical, BASF, BP Chemical, DuPont and many others. Some of them come to campus to recruit and others may post jobs with us. This is a strong industry for Booth!
Suh -> MiriamAre there any students that participated in recruiting for various types of marketing roles in different industries (ex. marketing in tech, retail, CPG)? How did the timing work out and is it possible to do that at Booth? Or is it better to stay very focused?
Miriam -> SuhHi Suh! I recruited for marketing roles in CPG, retail, and financial services. It is very possible to do this, but you need to be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Networking is an important element of recruiting. You want to develop relationships with the representatives from the various companies. If you are recruiting for many companies within many different industries, it might be hard to develop those networking relationships. It could also get difficult for interview prep given the different types of questions that different industries ask during the interview process.

I chose a few companies within each industry to focus on early during recruiting. I met with second-years very early on and was able to hone in on the companies where I felt I was a good fit. For instance, there was one company in the retail industry that I really liked and therefore I put forth a lot of effort making contacts. Similarly, I focused on two companies within financial services. CPG was probably my "main" industry that I was interested in and therefore I spent the majority of my time networking and learning about this industry. But my focused approach to retail and financial services enabled me to recruit successfully for these industries as well.
ArchitMehta -> RushanHi Rushan. About the internship you had during the school year - what amount of time do you devote per week to the internship and how easy is it to manage classes & extracurriculars side-by-side? Also, what kind of internships do students take up in Finance? In case you aren't aware, could you put me in touch with someone who can help me with this?
Rushan -> ArchitMehtaHi ArchitMehta, I spent about 10-12 hours a week for my internship during the year, and it was a bit tough to juggle classes and social events with the work obligation. I would advise taking only 3 classes to lessen the load, and pick a quarter that you are not recruiting, those two areas can easily take up 10-20 hours a week.

I know Booth offers students opportunities to work on PE and VC internships during the year. Fern from Career Services has more specific information on the exact companies and how students apply for them.
RajeshY -> GiuliaCould you share some of the classes that were highly helpful and the corresponding teachers?
Giulia -> RajeshYHey RajeshY, there are so many classes I really enjoyed at Booth! I will speak to you about three of them. 1) Pricing Strategies (Prof. Dube) - it helped me understand how to think about creating and communicating value to customers, while at the same time defining your positioning within an industry. The class is a must if you are interested in marketing. 2) D4 Lab (http://www.d4lab.com/D4/) - This entrepreneurship lab focuses on the process of idea generation, design and prototyping. It is held in collaboration with IIT, which allows students to get exposure to first class design experts. I loved the interdisciplinary nature of the lab and how to use design concepts to think of new products. I really enjoyed taking a lab class, because it is a different way to get experience in a real context. 3) Negotiations (Prof. Shah) - The professor is absolutely amazing! He made each class insightful and incredibly fun. I took that course right before my internship and used its concepts throughout the summer. It really changed my way to think through many aspects of my life: I realized that we are "negotiating" much more than what we expect!

Those are just few suggestions. Once you come on campus you will have the opportunity to speak with many professors and students in order to understand which classes are the best for you. You will also be assigned to an academic advisor that can give you advice on how to structure your curriculum to take full advantage of the flexibility that Booth gives you.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe have about 5 minutes left in our chat and appreciate all your great questions. Feel free to submit your final questions for our panelists before the chat ends.
andre.mori -> MiriamBooth has a strong reputation for finances. Even though you chose marketing as a carrer (at least for now), were you able to attend a couple of finances classes or it was either marketing or finances? If accepted at Booth, I'd like to persue a marketing career, but I'd like to have a good finance background as well. Do you think it's possible to do that?
Miriam -> andre.moriHi Andre.mori! This is a great question. Not only is it possible to take finance classes, but I'd recommend it. I am a second year going into brand management and I have taken Investments and Corporation Finance and I plan to take Cases in Financial Management in the spring. Particularly when it comes to marketing, having expertise in other disciplines is very important. As a marketer, you often act as a general manager, working with other departments such as finance. Understanding the finances of your company as a brand manager can help you succeed in a marketing career.

At Booth you have the opportunity take classes in a variety of disciplines as a result of the flexible curriculum. Due to the large number of spots for electives, you can come out with a concentration in both marketing and finance. I absolutely love the opportunity to take classes across a wide variety of disciplines and gain expertise in areas which I know will help me as I embark upon a marketing career.
Fern -> EveryoneIt has been great chatting with you! I hope you found it helpful.
Rushan -> EveryoneBye everyone! Thank you again for attending the live chat!
Carrie -> EveryoneGreat questions! We enjoyed chatting with you today and look forward to seeing you on campus in the future.
Marina -> EveryoneThanks so much for joining the chat! It has been great having the chance to chat with you all, and we hope that it has been helpful.
Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat has now ended. Thank you again for joining us today. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Richard -> GiuliaRushan had mention outlets like WSJ, NYT and WWD for retail. What other outlets may be recommended for prospectives who may be interested in CPG or tech etc?
Giulia -> RichardHey Richard, for tech, keep an eye on Mashable, All Things D, TechCrunch and Wired, just to name a few!
Ariel@Booth2014 -> MiriamHi current students – thank you again for your time – as we are in our last few minutes, are there any questions you wished you had asked students before pursuing marketing at Booth, that we should be asking?
Miriam -> Ariel@Booth2014Hi Ariel! I think the main question I wish I had asked was: What makes a successful marketer? The hardest thing for me coming from an actuarial pension consulting background was convincing companies I was creative and that I could embrace the ambiguity necessary to succeed in marketing.
Carlos_Gomez -> GiuliaHi! I studied Marketing in Mexico, but I am currently working at Financial Services in a retail company. How can Booth help me to boost my prior knowledge about Marketing, mixed what I have learned and probably go back into a Marketing area or even become an entrepreneur?
Giulia -> Carlos_GomezHola Carlos, the beauty of Booth's flexible curriculum is that it allows you to build on your previous marketing knowledge. You will be able to select the classes that will complement your background. Moreover, lab classes and student groups will further help you getting hands on experience in the industries you are most interested in.
Miriam -> EveryoneIt has been great chatting with all of you! Good luck!
Giulia -> EveryoneThanks for taking part to the chat! Good luck with your application! Cheers, Giulia