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Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

If you are getting ready to prepare for your Round Two application or your Round One interview , you won’t want to miss this live chat. Ask the Admissions Committee your questions about pre-MBA work experience, extra-curricular activities, and getting great letters of recommendation. Read the Insider Blog for more tips before the chat.

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello! Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 30 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 10 minutes.
Amy -> EveryoneHi everyone, thanks for participating in the chat today. I look forward to answering your questions.
Emily -> EveryoneThank you all for joining us today!
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Carrie -> EveryoneWelcome! We look forward to answering your questions!
Kelly -> EveryoneHi everyone! Welcome!
RGE -> CarrieHello from the Loop! I am interested in applying to the MBA/MA in IR program - what would I need to submit beyond what is required for the general MBA application?
Carrie -> RGEHello! There is an additional essay questions that focuses on why you are interested in International Relations, as well as a writing sample. Please note that MBA/MA applications are only accepted in Round 2 of each year.
Eddie -> EveryoneGood morningI I'm happy that you're joining us. We're ready to go and get you acquainted with Chicago Booth.
Surabhi -> KellyHi I have done my graduation in computer science engineering and have two years of work experience, can all three LORs be written by my employers?
Kelly -> SurabhiHi Surabhi thanks for joining us! One of my colleagues, Joanne, wrote a great blog article about letters of recommendation (http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_Third_Party_Perspective/boothinsider/120?nav=entry). The application is your opportunity to tell your story, so it is always best to use your own judgment to tell your story.
AndresS -> DonnaMy plan is to return to Mexico's public sector after my MBA. What does Booth offer that coheres with that plan? Thanks
Donna -> AndresSAt Booth you will have access to our alumni network, can become a member of the Latin American Student group and access to career services who can answer your specific questions and help you develop your story . http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/labg
Maya -> EmilyI am an international candidate with 12 years of work experience. I am interested in applying for a full time MBA program (Round 2). My question is do you accept candidates who have above average years of experience working for international firms? What are my chances of getting accepted? What set of qualifications are you looking for in older candidates? Do you put equal weight to GPA, GMAT ...or do you emphasize other qualities. What do you advise me to do? Thank you for your valuable advice!
Emily -> MayaHi Maya. We evaluate applicants holistically and look for the same qualities in all of our applicants. You can find this criteria in the following link and in the FAQ section of the website. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/criteria
jowen -> CarrieIn your evaluation of a candidates GMAT score, how do you weight the Quant vs. Verbal scores?
Carrie -> jowenHi, Jowen. We look primarily at the overall score, but we also take note of the quant and verbal scores to see what it reveals about your candidacy.
JuanD -> Donnagood morning, i know that the average GMAT score is around 700 from the people which have been accepted, what are the minimum and maximum scores from the people accepted?
Donna -> JuanDThe average GMAT for the first years is 723. We do not publish the minimum and maximum scores.
Rychou -> AmyHi, thanks for holding this chat. Does it count against you if you take the GMAT more than twice? Does Chicago have a limit? Thanks
Amy -> RychouHi Rychou, thanks for your question. Please note that we evaluate applications holistically and will consider everything that you submit. With that being said, we do not have a limit to the maximum number of times that applicants can take the GMAT, and we evaluate the highest scores submitted. However, keep in mind that we will consider the number of times that you've take the GMAT, though it is not uncommon for us to see that applicants have taken the GMAT two to three times.
Jerrel -> EddieMy first question is directed towards Mr. Eddie Pulliam; I was introduced to your name by a friend and look forward to your guidance within the process. My undergrad GPA is not as strong as I would like, yet in contrast, my work experience comes across strong. That concerns me. Can you give an example of a challenge that most applicants face when approaching the admissions process?
Eddie -> JerrelHey Jerrel. When we look at applications it's a holistic look at the application. We base it on all parts of the application - GMAT, LORS, essays, etc. Just looking at the GPA and making a call isn't how we review applications. Your challenge is to give us the best package that you can!
MJFU -> CarrieIs there anything else I can do to help my chances now that I already did my interview?
Carrie -> MJFUCongratulations on your interview! Now that the interview is complete, you are in the very hard position of waiting for a decision. We are in the final review process, so there isn't anything you need to do on your end. Should something change on your end, you are welcome to send in an update.
Anthony -> DonnaThe incoming hub interview in Shanghai will be conducted by the Admission Committee or alumni?
Donna -> AnthonyDanielle Foster and Michelle Moore from our office are on a plane right now flying to Shanghai. They will be hosting the interviews but the actual interviews will be conducted by alumni.
Rychou -> EddieHi, thanks for holding this chat. Does it count against you if you take the GMAT more than twice? Does Chicago have a limit? Thanks
Eddie -> RychouNo. We take the hirest score Rychou.
vic.muni -> KellyHello, is the Admissions Committee more interested in certain aspects of a re-applicant's application? Or is the content of the application solely up to the re-applicant? Thank you.
Kelly -> vic.muniHi vic.muni, thanks for chatting with us today! In answer to your question about a reapplication, I'd like to direct you to our blog. Donna shared some great advice about reapplications: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/Reapplicants_Want_To_Know/boothinsider/124?nav=entry.
Divsin -> EmilyHow are the candidates with less than 3 years work exp treated experience?
Emily -> DivsinWe evaluate all applicants holistically. Those with less work experience can highlight other involvement and leadership experience to display similar qualities.
AndrewA -> EmilyHello - I will be completing my Rount 1 interview this week. Will all decisions be released on Dec. 19th or might they be released at any point prior to that date? Thanks for the help.
Emily -> AndrewAHi Andrew. All decisions will be released on December 19th.
CristinaM -> DonnaI am current MPP student at U Chicago and I'm planning to pursue the dual degree. I wanted to know if you share test scores and transcripts with Harris or if I have to submit everything again. Thank you.
Donna -> CristinaMWe do need to have official test scores and transcripts from you, not from Harris. We will only need them if you are admitted.
Anirudh -> AmyFor an 'Indian-Male-IT-Engineer' background what are the key factors for admission process. I know this question is vast but I am looking for some specific points.
Amy -> AnirudhHi Anirudh, please note that we evaluate all applicants in the same way, holistically. In general, what is of utmost importance to us is fit, and we consider all aspects of an applicant's candidacy. Please refer to the application process section (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply) of our website for more information.
Adam_Y. -> EddieCan you please talk me through the presentation/long essay question? What have you seen from applicants in round 1 that made their application stand out from the rest of the pack? Please advise.
Eddie -> Adam_Y.Adam - Creativity and self reflection are good tools to incorporate into your PPT. Sometimes we get essays that try to use humor and aren't really funny and sometimes inappropriate. You should really watch that. Other than that it's really your choice- what do you want us to know about you that might make you unique.
Peter_Donnan -> EmilyHello from Canada. What is the interview process like for potential students that currently reside internationally. Do you conduct Skype interviews, or should I expect to travel for the interview.
Emily -> Peter_DonnanHi Peter. We encourage those selected for an interview to come to campus or one of our hub locations as this allows them to get a broader experience by meeting with staff, alumni or students. However, we do offer alumni interviews in your location should you be unable to come to campus.
Alex_B -> DonnaHi! I understand most admissions events (e.g. class visit, student lunch) take place during the week. However, will there also be events that prospective students can attend on the "Super Saturday" of Nov 23?
Donna -> Alex_BIf you are signed up for an interview on Saturday you will have the opportunity to have lunch with students and a building tour. Please refer to your confirmation email you will receive this week regarding the times.
Ryan_D -> EddieGood morning and thanks for taking our questions! I am interested in visiting campus for a class visit. I've noticed that the full schedule includes an information session, building tour, and lunch. Due to my work schedule, is it possible to opt out of these activities or reschedule them for the weekend?
Eddie -> Ryan_DSorry Ryan but the full-time office is not usually open on weekends. Unless we are having some sort of special programming we're not around on Saturday and Sunday.
Raj -> KellyHi, and thank you for hosting this chat! I finished undergrad a few years ago and have been working full time ever since. I devote some time to an extracurricular activity now, but I had more time for these in undergrad. Should I only list my current activity or can I include some from my college days?
Kelly -> RajHi Raj! Thanks for your question. In the application there is a section to list your extracurricular activities. You can list all activities that you feel are relevant to your application and your story.
MJFU -> DonnaWhat is the ratio between the number of people asked for interview and the number of people accepted
Donna -> MJFUWe tend to admit 30 to 50 percent of people who interview.
Henseler -> CarrieBeing a University, known for many entrepreneurial startups, how do some of your students balance running their new business with school work and finding internships? Thank you
Carrie -> HenselerHi, Henseler. Part of the MBA experience is about balancing priorities and figuring out what is most important to you at any given time, as there are so many competing demands of your time. For students who are starting a business, it is no different! It's simply a matter of establishing goals and creating a plan.
Udit.Mediratta -> DonnaHi. I am an Indian candidate with a prior local MBA. Wanted to know if Booth has any policy with regard to re MBAs.
Donna -> Udit.MedirattaWe do not have a policy regarding previous MBAs. As with all candidates you need to know why you are pursuing an MBA now and why you want one from Booth.
Tanner -> CarrieHow important are the Writing Analysis and Integrated Reasoning portions of the GMAT?
Carrie -> TannerHi, Tanner. All sections of the GMAT are important, but we primarily look to the overall score and quant/verbal subscores. We do look at the AWA and IR scores to provide additional information about your candidacy.
Ashwin -> EddieHow connected is Booth with the non-traditional industries like media and arts, especially in internships and other collaborations like guest speakers etc.
Eddie -> AshwinWe stay connected with alumni and depend on our Career Services staff to stay on top of what is trending. I thnk we do a really good job of noticing changes in industry and reach out to alumni and corporate contacts to help keep us to speed Ashwin.
Edric -> EmilyHello. My first question is about work experience in the application. I currently have a little more than one year of work experience and I´m thinking about submitting an application for the august 2014 start. By the time the program starts I will have almost 2 years of experience. I know work experience is not extrictly required but it is recommended. Should I apply this year or should I wait at leat one more year?
Emily -> EdricUltimately you should apply when you feel ready for the MBA experience. Here is a blog that speaks to early career candidates. http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/Less_Traditional_Paths_to_the_MBA/boothinsider/117?nav=entry
Sur -> EddieAre GRE scores accepted?
Eddie -> SurYes, Sur. We do accept the GRE as well.
Anthony_DC -> DonnaHello all and thanks for giving us the opportunity to exchange with you! I would like to know how much Booth values international experiences in its MBA selection?
Donna -> Anthony_DCAt Booth we value the entire person. We do not value certain experiences over others. Instead how does each experience you have add to your candidacy.
gauravtewary -> CarrieGood morning. I will be visiting Shanghai for the interview this weekend (still sorting out the PRC visa). Just wanted to know whether it would be an alumni interview or an interview by the admissions committee. Thanks!
Carrie -> gauravtewaryHi, Gaurav. Glad to hear that we will be seeing you in Shanghai (visa permitting). You will most likely interview with an alumni interviewer, but our staff will be present to facilitate the day and talk with you before/after.
Carly -> KellyI do not think I will be able to make a campus visit - does the admissions committee take those kinds of things into consideration when evaluating the application? (how many admissions events you can attend, etc?)
Kelly -> CarlyHi Carly, great to have you join our chat today! Although we would love if you could visit campus to see the Booth community first hand, we understand that not everyone is able to visit campus and campus visits are not taken into consideration when evaluating your application. If you do have the time to visit campus, you can register for our campus visit program here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program.
Karan_A._Sharma -> EddieIn relation to Booth taking into consideration the number of times an applicant has taken the GMAT. Is it held against the applicant if the scores are inconsistent over time or if the applicant's latest score is lower than the highest they choose to submit?
Eddie -> Karan_A._SharmaKaran - No it is not held against you. We are interested in the best score that you submit because it suggests your potential here at Booth.
Jim_S -> AmyI have strong college extracurriculars, however, since college I've participated in extracurricular activities that I would classify as leisure activities. Trivia, softball, kickball, etc. (but leadership roles!) How do these post-college extracurriculars compare to college extracurriculars four years removed from college?
Amy -> Jim_SHi Jim_S, thanks for your question. Please note that the Admissions Committee evaluates applications holistically, and please feel free to check out our recent blog on extracurricular involvement (http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/_/boothinsider/119?nav=entry). We consider all aspects of your candidacy, including professional and personal experiences and interests. While planning our application strategy, be sure to consider whether you are conveying a holistic picture of yourself.
Karan_A._Sharma -> EmilyI have read that the curriculum for MBA is very flexible, particularly in relation to exploring alternate areas of interest and courses outside your career focus. Does this include taking courses at different schools at Booth? If so, which schools or courses are included?
Emily -> Karan_A._SharmaHi Karan. Yes, you may take up to 6 courses outside of Booth in other University of Chicago departments.
Tanner -> CarrieAre we able to submit our best quantitative/verbal score if they come from different tests? Or does the score only come from one test? Thanks!
Carrie -> TannerHi, Tanner. We will accept your highest overall score, but your quant/verbal breakdown must be from that particular test.
Augustin_Bahng -> EddieHello - I am planning to apply in the 2nd round. Is it advantageous to apply in advance? Say a few weeks before the deadline? - Augustin from Seoul, Korea
Eddie -> Augustin_BahngNo Augustin. We won't begin to review the applications from any round until the deadline passes.
Lina -> KellyHello, could you provide an example of extracurricular activities that are worth mentioning?
Kelly -> LinaHi Lina, great to talk with you today. We have a great blog on extracurricular activities. http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/Demonstrating_Community_Contribution/boothinsider/119?nav=entry.
Sharan -> Emilyare the on-campus interviews with admissions officers, current students, or both?
Emily -> SharanHi Sharan. All the on-campus interviews are conducted by current second year students
SWeir -> DonnaHello! I am preparing for an interview. Is there a specific format/style for interviews? For example, behavioral or STAR format? Any general interviewing tips?
Donna -> SWeirHi - To answer your question I am referring you to a recent blog written by Kelly from our office regarding interviews this fall. She does a great job talking about them. http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/Update_on_Interviews/boothinsider/144?nav=entry
Roman_Kirsanov -> CarrieThank you for holding this chat. I found two questions about post-MBA goals in the application form. Do you consider them as mini-essays?
Carrie -> Roman_KirsanovHi Roman. Those questions are designed to give us a better perspective about your post-MBA goals. They are not essays, but you do have room (100 words) to share more about your path and plan.
SSN -> KellyHi! Thanks for holding this chat. I wanted to speak with a couple of current students at Booth to get a sense of their experience so far. Would you be kind enough to guide me on the best way to go about this?
Kelly -> SSNHi SSN, thanks for joining out chat today! I would suggest by first taking a look at our student led organizations (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/) and then reach out to a chair or co-chair of a group that you are interested in.
Seop -> EmilyHI, Like every other male candidates in Korea, I also served for the military service. Should I explain why my graduation took so long at somewhere in the application?
Emily -> SeopPlease include any information in your application that you think is relevant to your candidacy or that an admission officer would want to know when reading your application. It is up to each individual to assess what that means for his/her application specifically.
Luiz_Baia -> EddieHi everyone. I will have my interview this Saturday in Sao Paulo. I would like to know if the interviews will also be conducted by alumni.
Eddie -> Luiz_BaiaLuiz! I'll be there this weekend and your interview will be conducted by one of our alums. Good luck!
Richard -> DonnaHello, I am interested in applying to the International MBA program. My questions are: Shall I mention this in my essays? Is the application process different from the usual MBA?
Donna -> RichardThere is not a separate process. If admitted once you get to campus you can talk with someone regarding the requirements and process for pursuing the IMBA. The application does ask if you are interested in the program but it is not binding.
Caitlin -> CarrieThank you Admissions Committee for holding this chat forum. I realize it is encouraged for applicants to apply within the Round 1 and Round 2 deadlines, however, are applicants at a disadvantage if they apply in Round 3?
Carrie -> CaitlinHi, Caitlin. Not to worry - we admit candidates in every round! We simply have fewer spots available in Round 3 as we make offers in both previous rounds. The best advice is to apply when you are ready.
sanjay -> Donnawhen you say 36% of the class is international, does that include permanent residents holding non-us citizenship as well?
Donna -> sanjayNo. The 36% is only those who do not have the authorization to permanently live in the US.
Marland_Hobbs -> AmyI like that Booth does not force peers into sections. Do you think this allows students to know most of their classmates by the time they graduate?
Amy -> Marland_HobbsHi Marland_Hobbs, thanks for your question. Given that we value flexibility in all aspects of the Booth experience, our students are encouraged to make choices that are right for them. Our students start the program with the LEAD class, in which they work in a select cohort and and smaller squad of classmates. Oftentimes, these classmates become close friends and form the base of one's social group at Booth. Outside of LEAD, our students choose the classes that they want to take, student groups that they want to join, and other activities that make sense to them. In this way and more, our students form organic and meaningful friendships that last a lifetime. Additionally, given the flexibility of the curriculum, our full-time students will meet part-time students in some of their classes. So in short, it is very likely for our students to meet most of their classmates.
Sun -> KellyHello everyone! I am very excited to receive the interview invitation. I have scheduled the hub interview in this coming Sunday at Shanghai. Just got two questions about the logistic: 1. Would the lunch session on Sat be held at Bain as well? 2. My interview is scheduled on Nov 24, but see instruction says all the interview should be done by Nov 23. I guess this is not a problem, right?
Kelly -> SunHi Sun, thanks for joining us today! Yes, lunch on Saturday will be held at Bain as well and yes in our international regional locations we have interviews taking place on the 24th and that is not a problem. We'll look forward to seeing you in Shanghai.
Madeleine -> EmilyHi, I have my interview on campus, this week, and have read the Insider blog and the Booth website, what else can I do to prepare? Thank you.
Emily -> MadeleineMadeleine, the interview is similar to that of a job interview so prepare as you would for that. Most of all, just be yourself. The interview is a chance for us to get to know you better so take a deep breath, relax, and come in ready to have a conversation with us!
Mukund -> AmyHi from Mumbai ! My recommender is an Executive Director in my firm, and although he is relatively senior in designation, the dynamics of our team are such that we work extremely closely together. Do I need to explain that I am not prioritizing designation over quality of insights?
Amy -> MukundHi Mukund, thanks for your question. Rest assured that we value the quality of content within the letters of recommendation more than the title of the recommender. should you been concerned, please use the respective recommender section to explain why you chose that specific person to write a letter of recommendation for you.
Seop -> DonnaOne more question. When I scanned my transcripts, some watermarks that was not on the original paper are appeared on the PDF or JPG files. The watermarks say that "this is a copy". Will it make any problem ?
Donna -> SeopNo, this is fine. We will only require an original transcript if you are admitted. The uploaded PDf is fine.
Sur -> KellyPlease tell me about the cost of pursuing a full time mba and the financial aid available for international students
Kelly -> SurHi Sur, great to chat with you today. Information about cost and financial aid can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.
Billy -> CarrieWhat programs does Booth offer that target entrepreneurship? How does Booth support its entrepreneurial ecosystem?
Carrie -> BillyBecause of the flexibility at Booth, the environment itself is very entrepreneurial - people are constantly taking risks, trying new things, and creating their own experience. That said, for those specifically interested in entrepreneurship, we have a very strong program that is headed by the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship. You can read more about specifics here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/
Felipe -> AmyHi, is it ok to submit the application with an unofficial copy of the GMAT scores while the official is sent directly to Booth?
Amy -> FelipeHi Felipe, actually, we do not require your official GMAT scores unless/until you've been admitted. For the purpose of the application, you should self-report your scores.
WLee -> DonnaGood afternoon all! I understand that Booth now accepts the GRE. Understanding that GRE is more or less evaluated separately verbal and quant, how does this dynamic factor into the way Booth evaluates GRE scores? Thanks!
Donna -> WLeeWe look at someone's GRE/GMAT scores in context of reviewing the entire application.
Tanner -> KellyIs there a way to find Booth alumni in my area?
Kelly -> TannerHi Tanner, thanks for joining out chat today. A great way to meet our location alumni is by going to Chicago Booth events in your area such as our information sessions and Chicago Conversations.
SSN -> CarrieApologies if this sounds frivolous, but how strictly is the word count enforced? Will the system not allow me to submit 256 words response for Essay 1a?
Carrie -> SSNHi SSN. It depends on the section of the application. If it is an uploaded document, it will not cut you off, whereas a text box section will. That said, while we will not hand count each word in the essays, we can definitely tell when someone has written well beyond the word limit. :)
Cmmannion -> EddieHi team, thanks for hosting the chat today. I will be flying into Chicago on Friday for my interview on Saturday. Is there anywhere that you would recommend for me to visit on Friday evening to get a feel for the Booth experience?
Eddie -> CmmannionI would suggest that you visit our website and reach out to any of the student groups there. I'm sure they would be happy to offer you their perspective!
Momb -> AmyDo the chances for international candidates decrease when they apply in round 2 rather than in round 1?
Amy -> MombHi Momb, absolutely not. However, for the purposes of securing a visa should they be admitted, we strongly recommend that international candidates apply by round 2. Other than that, we evaluate candidates holistically and for fit.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe've reached the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit any questions you may have for our panelists.
Monaz -> KellyGood Morning. I would like to know if I need to take the Toffel exam . I am a student who would be applying from India and I have undertaken my education in English as a medium only. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to interact with you.
Kelly -> MonazHi Monaz, thanks for joining us today! Our TOEFL requirements are listed here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/international.
Jodie -> KellyAny advice I can give to my recommenders to solicit the best recommendations? I work for a small media startup, so my supervisors have never written business school recommendations before. Should they include information on the company, since it's not well-known?
Kelly -> JodieHi Jodie, thank you for your question. We have a great blog that will help to answer your question: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_Third_Party_Perspective/boothinsider/120?nav=entry.
Jessica_L -> EddieHow many students participate in the International Business Exchange Program?
Eddie -> Jessica_LJessica - It varies from year to year based on student interest.
Shilpi -> DonnaHi. I had my off campus interview for the Full Time MBA program 3 days back and am looking forward to the final decision. I wanted to ask if Booth plans to visit Bangalore, India any time in the near future where I could have a chance to meet others who've been part of the Booth community. Thank you.
Donna -> ShilpiWe do not have immediate plans for the admissions office to visit. If admitted you will contacted by local alumni and invited to various events at that time.
gdd -> KellyAbout married couples. Is there any support for accompanying partners? Can life for a married man be balanced while studying an MBA?
Kelly -> gddHi gdd, thanks for joining out chat today! I would suggest looking at our Booth Partners student led organization: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partners.
Victor -> EddieHello, what are the days of campus visit for January?
Eddie -> VictorVictor - We will release those dates in early January. I know you may be interested as far as setting up travel but we have to work with an external office to get that information before we set the dates.
BoothHopeful -> AmyHello, How can an applicant be considered for scholarships/fellowships? Do we have to apply specifically for this or are we automatically considered based on our application? Thank you.
Amy -> BoothHopefulHi BoothHopeful, applicants are automatically evaluated for all available scholarships and fellowships. For more information, please feel free to check out the scholarships and fellowships page on our website (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships).
rt15 -> EddieHello, are admission decisions released any earlier than the Final Decision date?
Eddie -> rt15No, we stick close to the posted deadlines!
Divya -> CarrieHow often do you pick candidates with experience of 3 years or less? Especially if they are looking at a career shift.
Carrie -> DivyaHi, Divya. Overall, we are more concerned with quality vs quantity when it comes to work experience. For more information, please consult this blog entry: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/Less_Traditional_Paths_to_the_MBA/boothinsider/117?nav=entry
Esha -> KellyWhere can I access the profile of students who were admitted in the year 2012.
Kelly -> EshaHi Esha, great to have you in our chat today. Our quick snapshot of our current class can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time#simple2.
KK -> EddieIs transcript of this chat available later on for reference?
Eddie -> KKYou should be able to find the transcript by the end of the week.
Miguel -> DonnaHello from Sacramento! I have two questions for the group today: 1) If I would like to speak with a current student to learn more about his/her experience at Booth, how would I start the process? 2) I recognize that the end of the year is approaching fast and for students this means exams and final prep before the holidays, would it be better to wait until the beginning of the year to visit Booth and sit in on a class? Many thanks!
Donna -> MiguelMiguel, to reach out to current students look through the various students groups. Each group has their contact information available and will welcome questions.

You are invited to come to campus on any day we have a campus visit program. If you have never been to campus it may be a good idea to come when we have the full day campus program. In the winter this will start on January 13th.
Sumit -> CarrieHello, sorry if this is a naive question. What is the difference between a mid-decision notification and a final-decision notification.
Carrie -> SumitHi, Sumit. Not naive at all! The mid-decision is when we notify candidates of whether or not they have been invited to interview with us. For those not invited to interview, they will be denied at that time. The final decision date is when we release all admitted and denied decisions.
PChun -> AmyHello from Seattle! I am a transitioning junior military officer. I have found it difficult to translate my work experience for an audience that may never have been exposed to the military. To that end, what advice would you have or may have already given to a candidate like myself?
Amy -> PChunHi PChun, thanks for your question. Rest assured that our Admissions Committee is knowledgeable about various industries and backgrounds, and what's most important, is that you're able to share a holistic story of your candidacy to Booth. Additionally, we have a fantastic Armed Forces Group on campus that might be a great resource for you. You're welcome to contact the co-chairs (http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/afa/contact.htm) and begin the conversation.
AJG -> DonnaHi. Does booth have any plans to visit Japan?
Donna -> AJGThe FT admissions office will visit Japan during the next recruiting cycle. I was able to visit Japan in August to meet prospective students. We will be back but not in the next couple of months.
Chiranshu -> DonnaHi.Good morning everybody..!My question pertains to GMAT.How recent should be the Gmat score .?
Donna -> ChiranshuGMAT scores are good for 5 years. As long as the score is valid we are fine.
Anthony_DC -> CarrieHi, my recommender is French and does not have a great written English; would this impact my letter of recommendation? If so, what do you suggest?
Carrie -> Anthony_DCHi, Anthony. We do not assess your letters of recommendation based on quality of writing - we are more concerned about the content! We recognize our applicants living outside the US will likely have recommenders for whom English is not a primary language. If the recommender's written English is strong enough to write the letter, I wouldn't have any concerns. If it is not very strong, the recommender can write it in his/her native language and have it translated and certified.
Jessica_L -> AmyIf I am unable to get to Chicago before the application deadline, do you hold informational sessions in other cities or can you connect me with a student to talk about their experience?
Amy -> Jessica_LHi Jessica_L, thanks for your question. Please feel free to check out our events page (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events?source=modules_engage_ft) for upcoming events in your city. Additionally, we have more than 70 student groups, and you are welcome to contact our students/co-chairs (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/) to start the conversation.
Z -> EddieHello everyone, do MBAs typically find housing on or off campus at Booth? Furthermore, if I have a small family (wife + baby), how family friendly is the campus and the overall environment?
Eddie -> ZWe do a pretty good job of giving you options when you are admitted and join us at Admit Weekend. We have sessions that are set up for housing including admits with families. It's really a very personal choice living here in Hyde Park or taking a place in some of the other interesting communities in Chicago. We do have a few student groups that support familes - The Partner's Group, People of Little Ones, etc. We are a very supportive community and want everyone to have a good time here at Booth.
Augustin_Bahng -> EddieAny preference between a one-page resume and two-page resume? Given that the resume is normally one page long, should I make it two pages by writing as much as possible?
Eddie -> Augustin_BahngAugustin - We just want a professional resume. You should use your best judgement.
Udit.Mediratta -> CarrieHi.. This is regarding the new Integrated Reasoning section in the GMAT. I wanted to know if the Booth has started to consider the scores on the section as part of their selection process. Thank you.
Carrie -> Udit.MedirattaHi, Udit. We primarily look at the overall score and quant/verbal breakdown, but we do look at the IR scores to see what it reveals about a candidate. Since it is new, not all candidates have the score and therefore we cannot uniformly use it in our evaluation process.
Marland_Hobbs -> DonnaHi again! Booth is known for having very strong career placement. What factors do you think drive this continued success? Thanks for your insight.
Donna -> Marland_HobbsWe have great students, great partnerships with recruiters, and a strong team. Our students own their job search but we help them develop skills and provide access to a strong network.
Marcela -> EddieI am planning to be in Chicago outside of the dates of the Campus Visit Program and I have already set up meetings with current students. Is it possible to meet with someone from the Career Resource Center and/or the Polsky Center?
Eddie -> MarcelaThe best thing to do is to reach out to those offices and ask if there is a way to visit them when you're on campus. We don't set up meetings or interviews with offices external of the admissions office.
Allie_Torres -> Carrieif I apply to the 2nd round and don't get accepted, does that affect my application for next year?
Carrie -> Allie_TorresHi, Allie. Not at all -we admit reapplicants every year. For more information on the reapplication process, please consult: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/Reapplicants_Want_To_Know/boothinsider/124?nav=entry.
Guy-Andy -> AmyThanks again for hosting the chat. I'd like to know whether students are assigned a specific career services specialist who works one-on-one with them over the course of the MBA or whether students are encouraged to initiate contact and maintain the relationship with career services during their tenure at Booth.
Amy -> Guy-AndyHi Guy-Andy, please note that at Booth, our students are provided with a multi-layered world-class support system. Our students have access to Career Coaches on a one-on-one basis. Then they also have access to second-year students who have been selected by the Career Services team to serve as Career Advisors. Certainly, Booth is a place where you own your job search, but you're not alone in it. For more information about Career Services support, please check out our Career Services microsite for full-time students (http://career.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/index.aspx).
Jessica_L -> CarrieWhat are the main industries Booth graduates work in?
Carrie -> Jessica_LHi, Jessica. Booth graduates are in a variety of industries, including consulting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, among others. For more information on specific industries and positions, please consult our employment report: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/.
Arman93 -> EddieHello everybody...Right now I am a senior and will get my bachelor next year. Nevertheless, I have work experience for 1,5 years and work now as a finance department manager. Is it sufficient and will there be any problem if I am not yet graduated from my first university?
Eddie -> Arman93Arman - Work experience is not a requirement to apply to Chicago Booth. As far as not having completed your undergraduate degree we wouldn't be able to offer you admission until we have proof of your degree.
Roman_Kirsanov -> DonnaHi Donna, First, I want to say thank you for visiting Kiev and hosting great session here. Working on my application I decided to spend more time on essays and apply in R2. Is there any difference between applying in R1/R2 for a reapplicant?
Donna -> Roman_KirsanovHi! Had a great time in Kiev in September. Do not worry about which round you apply in as a reapplicant. There isn't any difference between the rounds.
leamanj -> CarrieHello from London. I am planning on applying round 2 but will only have taken my GMAT once by then, my second attempt (if necessary) will likely be after the round 2 deadline. Is it still worth having GMAC send through 2nd attempt scores after the deadline? Thanks
Carrie -> leamanjYou are welcome to have those scores sent in, but we cannot guarantee that they will be reviewed. It depends on when in the process it happens. I would recommend sending us your self-reported score immediately after taking the exam.
amitesh -> EddieHi! I am a reapplicant and my question is regarding new recommendation letters by same recommenders. Should these be completely rewritten (with grading parameters) or can the recommenders simply comment on improvements/growth they have observed in the past one year?
Eddie -> amiteshAmitesh - You really want to make sure that the LOR coming from a previous author contains the most relavant and up to date information about your professional strengths.
AJG -> CarrieHello, my undergrad grades are in the scale from 1-20. How does booth compare this scale vs a GPA?
Carrie -> AJGHi, AJG. We are accustomed to many different grading systems, and look at the transcripts for each student to determine academic aptitude.
Prashray -> AmyHi. Thanks for holding today's chat. I am in the process of applying to the Full time MBA program. While i am trying my best to talk to few Chicago Booth alumni to know more about the different concentrations, i feel that i might get more inputs later (after my application submission).If admitted, would it be fine to change the concentrations later.
Amy -> PrashrayHi Prashay, please note that with the flexibility at Booth, our 14 concentrations serve as a guide for students who would like to develop/declare a specialty. Given the transformative experience at Booth, it is understandable that some students might change their concentrations/plans during their time here.
Maya -> KellyIf the recommender missed the deadline for the submission of his recommendation letter, would he be able to submit it the next day? Can the application be submitted on time with the recommendation letter on the next day?
Kelly -> MayaHi Maya, thanks for joining us today. We generally give recommenders a small grace period after the deadline.
Jessica_L -> AmyHow do you pursue a Random Walk?
Amy -> Jessica_LHi Jessica_L, once a student has been admitted, he/she will receive information about Random Walk trips.
Tobias -> KellyHello, do you favor on-campus interviews over hub city interviews?
Kelly -> TobiasHi Tobias, thanks for your question. We do not have a preference, we have three options for interviews: on campus, alumni interviews off campus, and regional international hub locations.
jorgelpando -> CarrieHello, I am currently working on second round applications. I am taking the TOEFL exam this Friday and was wondering if the 104 minimum score for TOEFL has a minimum per section or just the total score.
Carrie -> jorgelpandoHi, Jorgelpando. We do not have a minimum score for each subsection of the TOEFL.
pnyama -> AmyHi, I am currently located in Boston and plan to apply this year but am having difficulty to make time for a campus visit. I have friends who are currently at Booth who I am talking to. Will the lack of a campus visit be detrimental to my application?
Amy -> pnyamaHi pnyama, rest assured that visiting campus or attending a Booth event is not required in order to apply or be eligible for admission to Booth.
AJG -> EddieHi, where exactly I can find the transcript of this chat on the booth site in the near future?
Eddie -> AJGAJG - You can go to our website and follow the information about joining a chat. It will also tell you how to access this chat. It should be available later this week.
Arman93 -> AmyHi everyone. How do you treat early-career candidates and what are the percent of acceptance for them?
Amy -> Arman93Hi Arman93, we evaluate all applicants holistically, but for your reference, please check out our Early Career Candidate on our website (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/early-career-candidates).
Amelie -> EddieHi Eddie, thank you for holding the chat. If I got the Master Degree in U.S., do I need take TOEFL again?
Eddie -> AmelieAmelie - If you have received that degree in the US you shouldn't have to take the TOEFL>
Guy-Andy -> AmyAdditional question: can we reach out to student clubs to speak to current students and to know more about the activities of the club (besides reading what is stated on the homepage)?
Amy -> Guy-AndyHi Guy-Andy, yes, absolutely! We have over 70 student groups on campus, and they are listed on our website. You are welcome to contact the co-chairs of the respective group(s) that interests you (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/).
Kelly -> EveryoneThanks everyone for joining our chat today!
Carrie -> EveryoneThanks for your questions today. Best of luck in the process!
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you again for your questions and for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Eddie -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today and I hope we have been able to help you. Good luck!
Amy -> EveryoneThanks again for joining us today. I hope we provided helpful information to you. Please feel free to keep in touch with us and best wishes!
Donna -> Everyonehave a great day!