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Thursday, October 17, 2013, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

Preparing for Your MBA Interview. Round 1 applicants, get ready; interview invitations are going out soon. Join this live chat to ask the admissions committee all about the interview process. If you are preparing to apply in Round 2, ask about the application, essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and more.

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello! Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in about 20 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Michelle -> EveryoneHappy Thursday! Thanks for joining us for today's chat. We'll get started here in about 5 minutes. We're looking forward to your questions!
Amy -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today. I look forward to answering your questions today.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Emily -> EveryoneHi everyone! Looking forward to chatting with you today!
Meghan -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thanks for joining us today. Looking forward to talking interview specifics with you.
Joanne -> EveryoneWelcome to our chat everyone! I'm Joanne Legler, part of the Admissions Team for Booth's Full-Time MBA program. Looking forward to talking with you.
Danielle -> EveryoneThanks so much for joining us today for our live chat - we're excited to have you! Let us know why you're interested in Booth on Twitter: @Considering_Booth WhyBooth
AK -> JoanneI have undergone several certification courses including online courses, outside outside my undergraduate degree school. Is there any space on the application form where I can mention about these certificate courses?
Joanne -> AKYou can mention these within our application itself; there is a section within that allows you to mention professional certifications and you can use that space. Otherwise, feel free to use the optional essay.
AK -> MichelleIs the Class profile for the Class of 2015 available ?
Michelle -> AKYep, sure is. Go to this link and click on "meet our students" http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/viewbook/
MJFU -> DanielleMy question is about behavioral questions. Specifically, where can I learn more about them? and what the admission is trying to meassure?
Danielle -> MJFUMJFU: Thanks for your question. There are many great resources online that help you understand behavioral questions a bit better. There are many aspects of the interview that are helpful for us to assess an applicant's fit with our program. Behavioral questions allow us find some of those aspects!
JamesGoff -> DanielleHello. I will be a round 2 re-applicant. Do you have any specific advice for applicants in my position? Many thanks. James
Danielle -> JamesGoffJamesGoff: That's great to learn that you will be reapplying. We'd encourage you to provide new information regarding you professional and personal development since your first application. Good luck!
Zexi -> MeghanDo I have to prepare additional materials required to be taken on the interview day?
Meghan -> ZexiHi Zexi: If invited for an interview, you'll be asked to bring your resume and a photo ID.
ahsrahim -> EmilyI went to undergrad in the US, and I studied off campus for a year at another school in the US. The courses and grades from my time off campus are listed on my home school transcript. Do I need to submit two transcripts, one for each or is my home school transcript sufficient?
Emily -> ahsrahimHi. As long as the courses and grades from the off campus school are listed on the home school transcript you do not need to send both.
Zexi -> EmilyHello! I have two questions here. a) What should I know about the interview process, format, questions if any need to be prepared earlier or required materials to take on that day? b) What is the application process after interview? Many thanks!
Emily -> ZexiHi Zexi. There are no designated questions and the only materials you need to bring are your resume and photo ID. Stay tuned to our admissions blog for a ton of interview tips to come in the next couple of weeks!
MJFU -> MeghanI already applied on first round, I visited campus, went to classes and the info session, talked to many students, visited the columbus building, is there anything else I should do to get a deeper sence of the chicago culture?
Meghan -> MJFUHi MJFU: Sounds like you have been very engaged! That's great. I would say that the next step in terms of preparing for an interview would be to think deeply about what aspects of our culture resonated with you. How did each experience provide you with evidence of your "fit" with Chicago Booth? Good luck!
gwunit -> DanielleQ: I was recently talking to an Alumni, and she said that she wanted to put in a good word for me. I have already submitted my application for Round 1 and searched the forums on the process to make it easier on the Alumni. I saw the following during my search:If a Chicago Booth alum offers to “put in a good word” for you, rather than act as one of your two recommenders, have him or her contact the admissions office directly for instructions on how to do that easily and quickly.I wanted to make it easy for the Alumni, so what are the instructions? That way I can just forward her the details or links?
Danielle -> gwunitgwunit Q: Please have the alumna contact admissions directly!
George -> AmyHello. One of the questions I have is how international students usually fund their MBA at Booth? Do you offer loans without US cosigners?
Amy -> GeorgeHi George, when you apply to Chicago Booth, you are automatically evaluated for scholarships that are available at the time of application. In general, most MBA students rely on loans to finance their studies. For more information, please visit our international applicants page (at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/international) for more information.
sankey -> MichelleCan age play to an applicant's disadvantage, say one is 35 at the time they start their MBA
Michelle -> sankeyOur average age is typically 27-28, but you have to apply when the time is right for you.
Fadi -> DanielleMy main recommender is my former mentor; though he left my organization over a year ago, he's the one I worked with the longest and whose testimony and recommendation I feel will provide an extensive and well-rounded view of my professional record thus far. Given his departure and our lack of having worked directly together for over a year, foes that less relevant?4) Work placements for international students difficult? And does the current state of the economy necessarily5) For lack of better words, should we be expected to toot our horn in the application?6) 7.5 years of experience (and aged 32) but I don't see an EMBA as the right way of furthering my career for several reasons
Danielle -> FadiFadi: If you feel that individual would provide the most thorough recommendation, then you're welcome to have them submit one of your LOR's. You are welcome to view our employment report online http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/ We encourage you to be authentic in your application.
cbauer -> EmilyHow large of a factor is it when granting interview invites if the candidate has not yet made an official visit to the chicago campus?
Emily -> cbauerHi. Whether a student has come to campus yet or not does not factor into the interview decision.
Ashita -> Michelleare off-campus interviews blind or has the interviewer read the application including essays?
Michelle -> AshitaHi Ashita. The interviewers will only have seen your resume.
MJFU -> EmilyHow to get prepared for this big test "the interview" ?
Emily -> MJFUHi. The interview is a chance for us to further get to know who you are so just be yourself.
KDKim -> JoanneWhat is the time frame during which interview invites for R1 applicants are sent out and what is the timeline for actually having the interview if we receive an invite?
Joanne -> KDKimHi KDKim: Interview decisions will be released during the week of October 28, 2013. Interviews will take place up until November 23rd. We strongly encourage those invited to interview to come to Chicago or conduct their interview in our hub locations in London, Shaghai or Sao Paulo. There will be more information to come about this moving forward. You can also review this information on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply.
Karan -> JoanneWill a transcript of this chat be available after the session is over?
Joanne -> KaranHi Karan--yes, we will have a transcript up on our website within a few days.
Mitch -> DanielleIf accepted for an interview, how much flexibility do we have in choosing a date / time for interviews? Are there certain days of the week or times that most interviews occur?
Danielle -> MitchMitch: We strongly encourage all of our applicants selected for an interview to visit one of our main interview locations in Chicago, London, Sao Paulo, or Shanghai. There will be specific days and times to interview in those locations. If you elect not to do an interview in those areas, you will have the flexibility to coordinate with a local member of our alumni community to schedule an interview.
Austin -> JoanneGood afternoon/morning! My question is about applicants with significant others who would be moving to Chicago. What percent of students come to booth with significant others and what resources (Booth Partners etc.) are available to help foster inclusion of those partners.
Joanne -> AustinHi Austin! The percentage of fluctuates from year to year of those that are partnered or married. Chicago Booth has a wonderful partners organization called Booth Partners (which you mentioned) that helps to support partners and spouses. You can read more about them at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partners. You might also check out the University's Family Resource Center at http://grad.uchicago.edu/grad_community/resources_for_student_parents/family_resource_center/.
Michael_Erman -> MeghanWhat are some of the best ways to stay connected with Booth during the application/admissions process after submitting an application?
Meghan -> Michael_ErmanHi Michael_Erman: Great question. I'd encourage you to continue following our content online so you can stay on top of Booth news. Also, look to your network in terms of any Booth connections that you have. Grabbing a cup of coffee or talking with someone informally about what Booth has done for them could be really insightful. Here's a recent blog from our site that discusses this:
Fadi -> EmilyDoes the adcom view more favorably the GMAT than the GRE?
Emily -> FadiHi Fadi. We accept both the GRE and the GMAT and do not prefer one over the other.
sankey -> JoanneDo you accept client recomenders?
Joanne -> sankeyYes; while we prefer to see one letter of recommendation from a supervisor, the second letter is up to you. You can learn more about letters of recommendation at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/letters-of-recommendation.
Hank -> MeghanWhen will you plan to send out the interview invitation of round 1 applicants?
Meghan -> HankHi Hank, candidates invited to interview will be contacted by the mid-decision date with instructions on how to schedule an interview. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply
Caroline -> MichelleAre on-campus interviews typically conducted by current students or admissions personnel?
Michelle -> CarolineHi Caroline. They are typically conducted by current students or alumni.
AnnaShekh -> JoanneI was wondering if there is a a specific resume format that is preferred by Chicago Booth or shall I use the standard US format?
Joanne -> AnnaShekhWe do not have a preferred format; our suggestion is to submit a professional resume.
PPurvey -> EmilyHi! What are the other options if a candidate invited to interview is neither able visit Chicago nor any of the hub locations?
Emily -> PPurveyHi. We will be offering interviews in a candidate's home town if one is unable to make it to one of our hub locations, though we strongly encourage applicants to try to come to one of our central locations.
angelica.salazar -> AmyGood morning. Greetings from Peru. I have two questions: A) Do you take into consideration the Integrated Reasoning score of the GMAT Test. B) About the second short-answer question (I started to think differently when...), does the experience has to be work related? Could it be a personal story? Thanks you for your time.
Amy -> angelica.salazarHi angelica.salazar, because we employ a holistic evaluation process when evaluating applications, we consider each and every piece of your application, including the IR score. Regarding the short-answer essay questions, check out our blog in the Booth Insider where my colleague Carrie addresses the topic (http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/_/boothinsider/112?nav=entry). In general, we trust that you will make the best decisions within the application to share your story with us. So certainly feel to share a personal experience should it be more relevant.
carlosmtz85 -> DanielleInterviews that take place in Chicago are conducted by alumni or by admissions memebers?
Danielle -> carlosmtz85carlosmtz85: They are conducts by second year students. We encourage applicants to visit campus for their interview, if possible!
Surya -> DanielleDoes booth accept reporting of significant profile updates after an application is submitted?
Danielle -> SuryaSurya: You may certainly send it in, but we cannot guarantee that it will be added before a decision has already been rendered (i.e., a file may already have a decision on file prior to receiving updated information).
Chelsie -> MichelleWill the interview in Shanghai be taken on weekdays or weekend?
Michelle -> ChelsieHi Chelsie. The interviews will be held Saturday and Sunday.
Ashita -> AmyBy when must the interviews for Round 1 be completed?
Amy -> AshitaHi Ashita, for all round 1 applicants who will be invited for an interview, they must complete their interviews by Saturday, November 23.
Amanda_D -> MeghanI have read the average age of the student body is 28. Is being a bit younger with fewer years of work experience a negative?
Meghan -> Amanda_DHi Amanda_D: No, it's not - we welcome applications from early career candidates. I'd recommend taking a look at this webpage to learn more about how we view these applicants: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/early-career-candidates
sankey -> DanielleHow much is entrepreneurship and venture capitalist represented among Booth students community?
Danielle -> sankeysankey: We have the premier entrepreneurship start up competition at Chicago Booth. I encourage you to read more about the Polsky Center here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/ You may also gain better information about how vast our PE/VC activities are at Booth by connecting with our students in those groups: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/private-equity-group
JUSTIN_R -> DanielleHi team-- Thanks for making time to chat with us today. I had an opportunity to visit with Kurt in San Francisco, and didn't get to ask… with regard to transcripts, if a candidate attended a liberal arts college like UC Santa Cruz and his record includes narrative / written evaluations, do you want to see the written evaluations that are part of the official academic record? Thank you!
Danielle -> JUSTIN_RJUSTIN_R: Great to learn you were able to attend our information session in SF. We would need everything that is a part of the official academic record.
goran -> MeghanHi, I completed my undergraduation and graduation from schools that don't use 4 point GPA scale. While evaluating candidates, do you guys convert the scores to a 4 point scale.
Meghan -> goranHi goran: Our staff is well versed at interpreting international GPAs and have processes in place to ensure fairness across the board.
carlosmtz85 -> MichelleDo interviewers follow a predefined set of questions or do questions depend on the interviewer and the conversation?
Michelle -> carlosmtz85Hi carlosmtz85: Thoroughly trained and have guidelines to follow, but the point is to get to know you better.
Kumari -> EmilyHi, I will be applying to Booth for my second MBA, what challenges would I face during the selection process?
Emily -> KumariHi Kumari. We evaluate each applicant holistically so it will be up to you to tell us why you feel a second MBA is right for you.
Amanda_D -> MeghanHow much emphasis does Booth place on the GMAT score compared to other aspects(GPA etc) of an application?
Meghan -> Amanda_DHi Amanda_D: Our approach to the evaluation process is a holistic one - we look at everything, your GMAT/GRE score, essays, transcripts, etc. equally to gauge your fit with Chicago Booth.
Karan -> DanielleWhat is the format for the recommendations? I know that you will send a link with this info to the recommenders once they are signed up but I would like to give my recommenders some info beforehand so that they can let me know if they will have enough time to write a proper recommendation
Danielle -> KaranKaran: We encourage you to read Joanne's blog on this topic: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_Third_Party_Perspective/boothinsider/120?nav=entry
Amir -> MeghanHi, approx what percentage of R1 applicants are typically invited for an interview? Thanks!
Meghan -> AmirHi Amir, approximately 40-60% of R1 applicants are invited to interview.
James -> AmyHi, my question are, when will you release interview invitations? I am living in Hong Kong, so if invited in what forms may I choose to conduct the interview, alumni, skype, or telephone?
Amy -> JamesHi James, interview decisions will be released during the week of October 28. Should you be invited for an interview, you are welcome to interview at one of our interview hubs, including Shanghai, London, and Sao Paulo. Should you not be able to travel to one of the hubs, we will do our best to connect you with an alumnus interviewer.
Surya -> MichelleHow are applicants with education beyond an under graduate degree viewed?
Michelle -> SuryaHi Surya. Everyone is evaluated holistically. We take all of your experiences into consideration. It's up to you to articulate how your education and goals will be enhanced by an MBA.
kalyan -> JoanneGood morning. Does applying in first round give any advantage in getting an admission or scholarship over applying in second round?
Joanne -> kalyanHi Kalyan; no, there is no advantage for either admission or scholarship consideration in applying in round one versus round 2. We encourage you to apply when you are ready!
Chelsie -> DanielleWill you consider organizing informal events in Greater China area for perspective students, admission teams and alumni to meet and social? I
Danielle -> ChelsieChelsie: We visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing over the summer. We generally host those information sessions once a year, and our students also host events during their summer and winter breaks. We'll also be conducting admissions interviews in Shanghai.
dejeune.ogarro -> MeghanWill on-campus interviewers have read a candidate's entire application?
Meghan -> dejeune.ogarroHi dejeune.ogarro: Nope - our interviewers will not have read your application. They will have a copy of your resume, however.
Dongyun -> EmilySo, is interview a gate keeper to the admission? or is it just an element of application and is decision made together with other criteria? Or will the ones that are invited to the interview be either admitted or denied admission solely based on interview results at the end?
Emily -> DongyunThe entire process is holistic therefore what we learn about an applicant in the interview is evaluated along with the application in order to render a final decision.
Matt_W -> DanielleFor Round 1 applicants, are the interview invitations a simple yes/no decision or are there also deferrals to Round 2 consideration as with some other schools? Thank you!
Danielle -> Matt_WMatt_W: The week of October 28th you will be notified if you have received an interview, or if you have been denied without an interview. We do not carry applications over to Round 2 without admissions interviews.
sankey -> DanielleHi, Is there someone like an ideal or typical booth candidate. I have heard of some admission consultant who advice their candidates, after considering their clients' profile, to apply to school A and not school B
Danielle -> sankeysankey: We have a very distinct fit at Booth, and we look for individuals who would thrive in our unique environment. Hear what our students have to say about Booth: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/viewbook/
james.kerr -> JoanneHow does Booth look upon US citizens with a substantial degree of international experience (even more so than domestic)? Is it seen as value-added or value neutral?
Joanne -> james.kerrHi James. We look at each application individually. Everyone's application is unique, so while it's terrific when anyone has had an opportunity to expand their professional experience, doing it in a foreign country is just one way that this adds value to someone's work, and their application.
dejeune.ogarro -> MichelleIn reviewing Round 1 applications following the essay changes made this year, did anything surprise you or differ greatly from prior years' Round 1 pool?
Michelle -> dejeune.ogarroHi dejeune.ogarro. We've found that many applicants are sharing professional experiences in their applications. Our goal is the learn more about you through the essays; additional elements that we can't get from the rest of your application.
Dongyun -> MeghanHi Meghan, if a candidate's GMAT is stellar, and Graduate School GPA is very good, but if undergrad GPA is somewhat "soft" as Eddie calls it, would it balance out?
Meghan -> DongyunHi Dongyun: We approach the evaluation process holistically, so each criteria is used to assess your "fit" with Chicago Booth equally. If you feel that one aspect of your application is weaker than others, like an undergraduate GPA, I would encourage you to make every effort to ensure the other pieces are the best they can be.
Amanda_D -> MeghanIf an interview invitation is not extended, is there any way for an applicant to inquire as to what was lacking with their app?
Meghan -> Amanda_DHi Amanda_D: Due to the number of applications we receive, I'm afraid it's not possible to provide feedback to candidates.
bizkn -> MichelleFirstly, Congrats to Prof. Fama and Prof. Hansen on being awarded the Nobel Prize! Another great whybooth for me. My question - What is the typical duration an interview will last? 1/2 hour? 1 hour? Variable?
Michelle -> bizknHi bizkn. Thank you, we are so thrilled about the announcement this week! Interviews typically last about 45 minutes.
Karan -> DanielleFor the work experience section in the application, do we enter the same bullet points as our Resume in the Description field
Danielle -> KaranKaran: We encourage you to offer us new information about yourself in every aspect of the application.
JUSTIN_RE -> DanielleHi team-- Again, thank you for making time with us today. The presentation deck "essay" is quite challenging. I'm curious: what are some common traits or themes you find in the successful presentations the committee receives? How should candidates best-leverage the slide presentation opportunity? Thanks!
Danielle -> JUSTIN_REJUSTIN_RE: We encourage you to always be authentic and transparent in your application. We are interested in seeing how you maximize opportunities given to you within the essay parameters, and offer up some creativity. Have fun with it!
ElenaS -> MichelleHow important is it to visit the campus before applying? Will not visiting the campus harm our application in any way?
Michelle -> ElenaSHi ElenaS. You are not required to visit campus and it does not reflect poorly on you. We encourage it as it is the best way to truly understand the culture and fit of any school.
Srene -> EmilyDo International students have any loan options from the school or is it a must to have a co-signer?
Emily -> SreneHi Srene. Yes we do offer loan options for international students.
Aldo -> AmyWill our interviewer have reviewed all of our application materials?
Amy -> AldoHi Aldo, your interviewer will only have your resume for reference and will not have read your application.
Karan -> EmilyIn the Test Scores section of the application, it says to only report one score report per applicable test type. I have taken the GMAT multiple times and reported scores through the test center every time I took it so there are a few GMAT scores showing in my application. How do I delete the low scores so that I am only reporting the highest score?
Emily -> KaranHi Karan. That is ok. Just self report your highest score on the actual application.
Rodrigo_Aquino -> AmyHi everyone, thanks for the opportunity. Is Chicago Booth reviewing the Integrated Reasoning Section of the GMAT?
Amy -> Rodrigo_AquinoHi Rodrigo_Aquino, yes, given that we use a holistic evaluation process, we consider each and every piece of your application.
Olivia_Chen -> MichelleHi, I've submitted my application in Round 1, but I plan to visit the campus next month. As I can only visit during weekends, what would you suggest me to do to get a 'live' experience of Booth community? Thanks!
Michelle -> Olivia_ChenHi Olivia_Chen. I'd recommend you reach out to some of the student groups that you might be interested in as you can connect directly with those students. They are more than willing ot help visitors understand the culture and experience at Booth. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
ahsrahim -> AmyWhere can I see transcripts of old chats?
Amy -> ahsrahimHi ahsrahim, you'll be able to access our chat transcripts online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/online-chats.
Dongyun -> JoanneWould there be any difference in interviewing in London vs. Chicago on campus? I have done campus visit already, and currently work in Germany.
Joanne -> DongyunNo, there is no difference at all! We encourage you to interview when and where it makes the most sense for you. There is no preference.
gzambrano87 -> AmyHello! I am not from the US.. but I am still planning on visiting campus on friday, Nov 1. I already registered on the website.. If I were to be invited to an interview, would I still have enough time to schedule my interview on campus that day?
Amy -> gzambrano87Hi gzambrano87, we look forward to seeing you on campus! Unfortunately, the first day of interviews is Monday, November 4. However, if invited for an interview, you will have the option of interview at one of our hub locations including Hong Kong, London, and Sao Paulo. Should that not work for you, we will do our best to match you with an alumnus interviewer.
Karan -> JoanneUnder the activities section of the application, should we list college activities if we have been out of college for 3 years at the time of applying?
Joanne -> KaranHi Karan. This is up to you; you should exercise your own judgment about what information to include in your application. We do not have specific guidelines about this.
Nidheesh_Patel -> EmilyHello, I rejoined my family business earlier this year, to lead diversification efforts, after 2.3 yrs at McKinsey. Is it fine to take two recommendations from McKinsey managers/partners? Thanks
Emily -> Nidheesh_PatelYou should choose the recommenders that know you best and can best speak to your professional experiences. If this is from a past employment that is fine.
Karan -> JoanneDo you only look at the highest GMAT score even if lower scores are reported in the application?
Joanne -> KaranWe will use your highest score in the evaluation of your application. It is up to you to self-report your score initially within the the application.
Srene -> MeghanDo you have partner schools in South America? For Global exposure in that region?
Meghan -> SreneHi Srene: We partner with a number of schools in Latin America through our International Programs Exchange: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/partner-schools
Olivia_Chen -> AmyHi, how much flexibility do we have for on-campus interviews? Can we schedule the time ourselves?
Amy -> Olivia_ChenHi Olivia_Chen, rest assured that should you be invited for an interview, we will provide you with all of the details in advance. You will have the opportunity to choose an interview time slot from a list of options.
sankey -> kellyIn the event that i am enable to visit campus, can i ask for a current students' contact so that i can i ask him/her about the booth experience.
kelly -> sankeysankey: Hi, thanks for joining our chat. Throughout the day on our campus visits you will have several opportunities to talk with current students.
Ajaay -> MeghanWhat is it that interviewers look for during the interviews?
Meghan -> AjaayAjaay: It's similar to a job interview; they'll be looking for evidence of fit with Chicago Booth and opportunities to establish a connection. Stay tuned for a specific blog on the Booth Insider that will discuss how to prepare for your interview to be posted soon!
Dongyun -> AmyHi Amy, I also had a question about the interview decision - week of October 28th, does it mean by that Friday, we will hear something? or do you have a concrete date that you will announce?
Amy -> DongyunHi Dongyun, we will begin releasing mid-decisions during the week of October 28. All decisions will be released by Friday, November 1.
Kumari -> MichelleHi, is there any specific cut-off for GRE score?
Michelle -> KumariHi Kumari. No we don't have a specific GRE requirement. We approach the application holistically, each piece is part of the larger puzzle.
Srene -> MeghanIs Booth culture collaborative or competetive?
Meghan -> SreneHi Srene: Great question! Collaborative is a quality that we consistently hear about our community. I'd recommend listening to a few of our students discuss the Booth community to learn more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/viewbook/
Quincy -> JoanneHi all, thanks much for hosting the chat! Could you tell me more about the selection criteria for the Marketing Fellowships? In addition to an interest for a marketing career, what other characteristics are you looking for in the applicants?
Joanne -> QuincyHi Quincy. The Marketing Fellowship is awarded to incoming students who intend to concentrate in Marketing and have shown a demonstrated record of success both academically and professionally. There is more information online at http://research.chicagobooth.edu/kilts/students/marketing-fellowships.
Jose_Sotomayor -> AmyHello! For some international students the verbal part of GRE represents a challenge? What is your criteria on this? What is most important? a solid GRE quant score and a solid TOEFL score? or does the verbal part in GRE is important for you?
Amy -> Jose_SotomayorHi Jose_Sotomayor, rest assured that given that we employ a holistic evaluation process, we consider each and every piece of your application. There is not a piece of the application that carries more weight than another, and ultimately, we assess your entire application for fit with Chicago Booth.
Karan -> JoanneShould we approach the interview like a standard job interview?
Joanne -> KaranHi Karan. The answer is yes, in most ways. You should certainly be prepared to talk about your professional past and hopes for the future, your interest in the MBA and your own interests. We also encourage professional dress and ask that you bring a copy of your resume.
michaelmaley -> AmyHello! Is there a "waitlist" or "continuing to review for further consideration" bucket for R1 candidate interview decisions, or will we have a firm "invited to interview" or "not invited to interview" during the week of October 28th?
Amy -> michaelmaleyHi michaelmaley, for mid-decision, applicants will either be invited for an interview or denied.
tdesena -> MeghanI'm currently working on an HIV prevention research study and have been a therapist for the past 5 years. What do you look for in applicants who may not have a business or financing background?
Meghan -> tdesenaHi tdesena: Good question. No matter what your background is, it's paramount that you construct the story of how an MBA degree will complement your background and advance your goals. Here's a blog post about less traditional paths to the MBA: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/Less_Traditional_Paths_to_the_MBA/boothinsider/117?nav=entry
Nwaneri -> DanielleGreetings everyone- my sincere gratitude for your time this afternoon. I will be a round two re-applicant for the full-time MBA program. Earlier you mentioned providing updates regarding personal and professional development as a notable piece of advice for re-applicants. As a late summer waitlist candidate, are there any other re-application elements, in addition to the aforementioned, you would also place particular emphasis on?
Danielle -> NwaneriNwaneri: Nope! Just the reapplicant essay, as well as sharing and new and relevant information!
ElenaS -> MichelleIf I choose a former manager as a recommender, do I need to explain in the application why I didn't choose my current manager to provide me with the feedback? Thank you for your answer.
Michelle -> ElenaSHi ElenaS. We put the guidelines out there that of the two recommendations you provide, one should be from a current supervisor. If you feel that you need to explain why you chose who you did, there is space to do that.
Dongyun -> JoanneCan you describe a candidate that "fits" well to Booth culture, and also a candidate that is well-qualified but "do not fit" to Booth?
Joanne -> DongyunWe look for students who are engaged, intellectually curious, collaborative, professionally focused and accomplished, and who like to challenge themselves and others. The Booth experience is one that is interactive and immersive so we're looking for those that are ready to jump into the MBA experience whole heartedly to get the most out of the two years here!
damlaakg -> kellyHello, I have received my Bachelor's degree only one year ago from Germany. Therefore, I can only provide short-time (6 months) employment/internship recommendations. Will this decrease the value of them? If so, would you prefer an academic recommendation? Thank you!
kelly -> damlaakgdamlaakg: Hi, great to chat with you. We wrote a great blog about this topic. Please visit: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/Booth_Insider/The_Third_Party_Perspective/boothinsider/120?nav=entry.
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dejeune.ogarro -> AmyDuring the interviewing window, are there any class visits reserved for those applicants who are granted interviews?
Amy -> dejeune.ogarroHi dejeune.ogarro, rest assured that our Campus Visit Program (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program) will be open to applicants who are on campus for interviews. Should you be invited for an interview, we will provide you with specific information about registering for a campus visit.
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