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Tuesday, April 9 2013, 11 a.m. - noon CT

Chat live with Booth Career Services staff and current students pursuing careers in industries such as health care, media and entertainment, retail, family business, agribusiness and hospitality. This is your opportunity to ask students about recruiting for these careers at Booth, their curriculum choices, concentrations, student groups, and more!

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Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in about 10 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Farhan -> Everyone Hey guys - this is Farhan, a 2nd year student at Chicago Booth. I'm happy to be here and look forward to answering any questions you may have!
Ninny -> Everyone Hi everyone! Thanks for chatting with us today! Looking forward to gettin' my answering on.
Joanna -> Everyone Hello, everyone and welcome. Thanks for joining us! Current students and admissions are here to answer your questions about life at Booth and the application process!
Beth -> Everyone Hi everyone! Thanks for joining...looking forward to chatting!
Rushan -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thanks for participating in the chat, we look forward to answering your questions about Booth!
Matt R. -> Everyone Welcome to the chat--I'm looking forward to answering your questions!
Andrew -> Everyone Welcome to all! Looking forward to speaking with you today and answering any questions you have.
Krithika -> Joanna Hi, i am in my pre final year of B.Tech course and i would like to join MBA in your university immediately after completion of the course. Is that possible without work experience to join Chicago Booth university? Also please tell me about the scholarships available for international students
Joanna -> Krithika http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid Read about scholarships here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/early-career-candidates.Hello Krithika, we do accept some early career candidates each year. You can learn more here:
Brian_T -> Beth Current students: How would you describe the sense of community at Booth? Do you feel adequately supported by other students, faculty and staff?
Beth -> Brian_T There is a really strong sense of community at Booth. In my experience, my classmates have been incredibly supportive, both in academics and recruiting. We also spend a lot of time together doing fun things around Chicago and traveling. The professors are very accessible too. As an example, several professors offer themselves up as part of the annual Booth Charity Auction that takes place tonight. Last year, four friends and I won a night of bowling with Profs Gentzgow and Goolsbee at that event.
MDS -> Ninny How sure were you of what you wanted to do post-MBA when you decided to apply? Was there an element of uncertainty and if so how did you decide what to pursue?
Ninny -> MDS On a scale of 1-10, a 6. I knew I wanted to get out of consulting and possibly go into tech, but I had NO IDEA exactly what in tech. I ended up coming to school, exploring a lot pre-recruiting and then recruiting for both investment management and high tech. 2nd years and career advisors really helped me decide and were extremely helpful during the whole process!
muks -> Joanna I am a Chartered Accountant from India with close to 8 years work-experience. I took GMAT and scored 700 - 93 percentile in Verbal and 68 percentile in Quant. Is it necessary to score at least 80 percentile in Quant to be considered for admission into Booth full-time MBA program please?
Joanna -> muks http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/students/Hello Muks, Chicago Booth does not have a minimum requirement for GMAT scores actually. if you are happy with your overall score, try not to worry too much about quant versus verbal. We are just looking for evidence that you can success in a rigorous program. You can see our class profile here for more information:
Mark_H -> Andrew I have a question for Andrew. I was wonder if he could talk about his experience coming from the Army National Guard and securing an internship in PE?
Andrew -> Mark_H Mark: I spent almost 5 of my 7 years in the Army National Guard on active duty. My final 3 1/2 were managing a $2.1B fund that employs 29,000 personnel to run the organization Monday-Friday. All my traction with PE has been through networking to find firms that are looking for something different than the traditional I-Banking background. You need to learn how to tell your story so they can relate to your experience.
Angie_P -> Ninny I have a question. How are you all handling the weather? I hear Chicago's winters are tough!
Ninny -> Angie_P I'm a southern Californian myself-- and Chicago winters can be pretty brutal, I won't lie. However, if you invest in a waterproof, long, down coat (past the knees, people!) and good snowboots (waterproof) it's actually kind of nice. You feel like you are invincible against the snow and life goes on in a warm, normal way :)
sophie -> Rushan Thanks for hosting this chat. Given the large concentration of students that live in the downtown loop area, what would you say is the breakdown of how much group work outside of the classroom is done on-campus, at the Gleacher center, or around downtown? Do students typically stay on campus after class until fairly late?
Rushan -> sophie Most people typically do not stay on campus after class very late, unless there's a special recruiting or student group event. Most days, Harper Center is pretty quiet after 7pm. The building itself is open until midnight for student access.

Hi Sophie! I currently live at Millennium Park Plaza (MPP), which is the most popular building downtown for full-time students. Those who live downtown usually try to find study group members who live nearby. Base on my experience, I'd say 70% of my group work is done at the Gleacher Center, and 15% each for Harper Center and one of the apartment buildings. Most people meet in Harper if they're on campus for events or classes.
Yelena -> Farhan What is the Chicago Booth culture like in the full-time MBA program? Are there required study/learn/work-travel that's organized by the school?
Farhan -> Yelena As for your other question, there is nothing required by the school but there are plenty of student-led treks - both cultural as well as career-oriented. I personally went on a West-coast Technology trek in my first year. You can also study abroad for a quarter through the IBEP program.

Hey Yelena - As cliched as it may be, we work hard and play hard. The intellectual environment is invigorating but we waste no opportunity to be social either! With so many opportunities for personal and professional development, I really appreciate the supportive environment that Booth provides. I've made some great friends here that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. It's certainly all that I hoped for!
Leopold -> Joanna This is Leo from Beijing China, my questions is, I am quite old and worked ten years already. Is it still suitable for a MBA program? The average age is 27 or 29. Am I too old to apply?
Joanna -> Leopold Hello Leopold, Booth does not impose age requirements or limits for our Full-time MBA program. Our class average is in fact 28 years old, but we have students that are younger and older in the class. But it will be up to the applicant to show why a certain program is right for you at the time. Good luck.
sonu -> Joanna I am an applicant from INDIA. Can I apply for the booth Full Time MBA program now for starting the program in 2013?
Joanna -> sonu Hello Sonu, the three application deadlines for the Class of 2013 have passed. The next opportunity to apply will be this October for studies that be in in 2014.
Angie_P -> Beth Good Morning! I have a question. How global in scope is Chicago Booth's curriculum? Do any students find international jobs overseas after graduation?
Beth -> Angie_P Hi Angie. After working for years in DC, I came to Booth with the goal of working internationally and next year will be moving to Seoul as part of Samsung's Global Strategy Group. I found a number of companies came to Booth to recruit for international positions in a variety of functions all over the world, making it possible for me to get a lot of exposure to opportunities. The flexible curriculum was great in preparing for interviews for global roles because I was able to tailor my curriculum to this specific goal.
RK427 -> Matt R. Hello everyone, I was wondering what the Booth classroom atmosphere is like? In general, do professors do most of the talking, or do the students have discussions with the professors moderating?
Matt R. -> RK427 One great thing about the academics at Booth is that classroom style varies depending on the course and the professor. Some classes lend themselves well to cases and other kinds of classroom discussion and professors facilitate interactions between students. Other classes are more focused on lectures. In all instances, professors encourage us to critically engage and ask tough questions.
TatianaY -> Andrew Hi all and thank you for hosting this chat! I am interested in a consulting career for the biotech sector, what kind of courses are available at Booth that would prepare me for such a career? (I have a Master of Science in Biotechnology and several years of experience in research and business development)
Andrew -> TatianaY It sounds like you have the technical background and would benefit from courses that help you in your decision making. If you have never done a case interview before, you need to develop your own personal style for a framework and be able to handle cases from different sectors. I would say to identify the areas where you do not have much knowledge and find courses that will help you address those.
tmcgruff -> Farhan For someone who has a partner coming with them, does Booth provide any assistance in finding a job in Chicago? Are there resources available to help in the process?
Farhan -> tmcgruff http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partners-clubThe Booth Partners' Group has some resources that it provides but the school does not have any official programs. The partners' group is quite active - you can get in touch with the current co-chairs for more information. Here's their website:
Mark_H -> Ninny Can anyone share their experiences going through the admissions interview and how they prepared?
Ninny -> Mark_H Hey Mark! The admissions interview is not anything to get super stressed out for-- in order to prep, it's best to think about really why you want to go to business school, why now, what you hope to get out of it, what you think you can add to the class. The interview itself is really just a chat with an admissions person and is supposed to be as casual and unstressful as possible. Remember: they want you to be successful and they just want to learn more about you!
swapnil -> Rushan the placement report from booth suggest that most of of the students are hired by financial companies; guess the curriculum have strong focus on financial management. Do it turn off applicant interested in other ares of management viz. IT/ Consumer goods ?
Rushan -> swapnil Hi swapnil, while financial services companies do hire a large proportion of our class, and many of our classes are finance focused, Booth also has a very robust curriculum on other functional areas - such as marketing and entrepreneurship. I came to Booth as a career switch from consulting into luxury retail, a big reason due to Booth's focus on data-driven decision making, and I've been very impressed by the selection of the marketing classes on offer. Many of my peers are intending to go into non-finance industries such as CPG, technology, start-ups, and they make up a substantial part of the class.
MarianaCL -> Joanna Hi I am looking to apply to Booth for 2014 entry, and would like to make a joint application with my boyfriend, what is the best way to do this and can you give me any special advice?
Joanna -> MarianaCL Hello Mariana, When you apply, you will note in the application that you are applying at the same time as a partner. Other than this, there are no special instructions. Good luck, Joanna
RC -> Andrew To those focused on Entrepreneurship (and particularly emerging markets), in what ways has the flexibility in Chicago Booth's academic curriculum allowed you to take advantage of opportunities in which you might not have been able to otherwise?
Andrew -> RC If Entrepreneurship is what you want to get into, I would recommend knocking out your 3 required courses in the first quarter and then jump into classes like New Venture Small Enterprise Lab (you get paired with a start-up to work on a 10 week project) and network with your classmates that also want to pursue Entrepreneurship. 1871 is a great resource in the city to explore ideas and get experience with start-ups. I am on my 4th Entrepreneurship focused class in my 3rd Quarter of first year.
Lonzyo -> Beth How would you describe the student culture - collaborative vs. competitive?
Beth -> Lonzyo In my experience, it's been very collaborative. Students work together when preparing for job interviews, both through career related groups and independently. Also, many of our classes are team-based, so I often work with peers not only on discussing ideas but also writing papers and doing hands-on projects.
Spence -> Ninny Hi guys thanks for hosting the chat! Can you talk a little bit about what is involved with the LEAD program?
Ninny -> Spence Hey Spence! I'll be a LEAD facil in the fall, so I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to know the first year class a lot better! The LEAD program is Booth's way of investing in their students. In the program, we're going to work on a lot of the "intangibles" that come with life/bschool. It's personalized to you, so you'll get hard data (it is Booth after all :)) about your personality, leadership tendencies, first impressions and work styles through your 360 feedback. It's also starts before classes start, so it's nice way to get to know some of the best friends you'll have during your time here A LOT better!
urarunner2 -> Matt R. Hello, I am a R3 applicant and was invited to interview yesterday. I am intrigued by Booth's unique cohort system and was wondering if any of the students could comment on the Booth community and interactions with their fellow classmates.
Matt R. -> urarunner2 Booth has a great community which begins with the LEAD leadership development class. We are divided into cohorts and go through the class together, which last year included a weekend trip to Wisconsin for some awesome team-building activities. While we are still part of our cohorts once the fall quarter begins, Booth gives us the freedom to really form our own cohort groups. Since we don't have a required sequence of classes, each new quarter gives us an opportunity to form different study groups and get to know more of our classmates. The recruiting process also lets us develop really close relationships with our classmates. Overall, whether in the classroom, during recruiting, or at social events we have a great community and get to fashion our own close connections. The culture here is really collegial, and everyone looks to help one another.
Tom_B -> Ninny I have been hearing very good things about the LEAD course from current students and alumni. Are/were any of you facilitators for LEAD? And did you enjoy this experience?
Ninny -> Tom_B Hey Tom, I'm going to see you next fall as a LEAD facil! I really enjoyed my experience, which is why I decided to be a facil this coming fall. For me, I saw bschool as a time to really reflect and strategize on the next phase of my life, and I think LEAD really helped me do that. Additionally, I was nervous about how to make friends/stay close with people in such a comparatively large school (the other schools I was considering had ~300 ppl per class), and I think LEAD and Random Walk were the two activities that really helped me form very strong bonds with some friends that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. Is there anything specific you have questions about?
mb12 -> Andrew Has anyone here been involved in or taken advantage of any of the entrepreneurship opportunities like the Polsky Center or Hyde Park Angels?
Andrew -> mb12 I interviewed for a few positions through the Polsky Center to get into the PE/VC Lab. They are very helpful with connecting you with Entrepreneurs in the Chicago area. I applied for Hyde Park Angels, but have a very competitive class with much more experience in that realm than I can bring to the table coming from the military. The interview rounds get pretty intense, so they are definitely looking for people with strong M&A backgrounds, financial modeling skills, and relevant operating experience with start-ups.
Mo -> Farhan Hi guys, have any of the students on the chat panel today, have taken one of the Lab courses at Booth, if so, can you provide me with a description of the experience? Also, does taking a lab course interfere with the regular 20 course curriculum or is it counted as an elective?
Farhan -> Mo The class counts for a credit (so one of 20) and may count towards a concentration as well (it depends on the lab course and the project).

Mo - I took the Management Lab class in the fall last year. We worked on a project for Microsoft that involved de-mystifying what 'Big Data' means and how the SQL Server group can position itself to make the most of it. It was an intense 10-week program and we were proud of what we accomplished at the end of it. Our presentation to the President of the Server & Tools division was received enthusiastically. It certainly required a lot more time than any other class I've taken at Booth but it was rewarding in the end. The best takeaway for me was the experience of working under intense time pressure with a bunch of talented colleagues - decision making is hard when you have 9 valid points of view!
DevinRandolph -> Joanna Joanna Zisis- When you talk about being responsible for corporate relationships, does that also involve your students and corporate or are those things that is just for Booth (Staff) and corporate businesses?
Joanna -> DevinRandolph http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career/advancementHello Devin, there is a team within our admissions staff that works with companies all over the world in helping there employees learn about Booth, connect with alumni etc. For students and jobs post graduation, the Employer Development team, part of Booth Career Services, manages and cultivates existing and new relationships with companies around the globe. Learn more about Career Services here:
Jarrett_Crockett -> Beth Being that Booth does not have a cohort format, how does Booth ensure that students are building strong and long lasting relationships with their classmates?
Beth -> Jarrett_Crockett Hi Jarrett. Actually, we do have cohorts at Booth. During our first 12 weeks, we go through, LEAD, our leadership development program with a cohort. LEAD is a weekly class with a kick off retreat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, that gives cohorts a chance to bond over fun activities like improv and ropes courses before classes start. Cohorts also have planned activities over the two years to stay connected after LEAD ends. I also think Booth students find many ways to connect and form lasting relationships outside of LEAD, for instance, through school trips like Random Walk and student groups.
wchu -> Rushan It looks like at least one of you have worked with a company during the year (while classes are going on). Are these types of opportunities mostly those sought independently or does the school have resources and programs to help connect students and companies during the year? How is it managing these opportunities with the class workload?
Rushan -> wchu Taking on a school-year internship is not easy. 10-15 hours a week equates to an additional class and you'll need to prioritize certain things during the week to make it work. For me personally, I needed the retail experience on my resume and the benefits were worth the extra time.

Hi wchu, most of the school-year internships people pursue are sought independently, but often indirectly through either fellow classmates or student groups on campus. For example, I'm currently working for a Chicago-based technology/fashion start-up ZipFit Denim (founded by a Booth alum), and I learned about ZipFit through a classmate in the EVC (Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital) Group and then followed up with the founder. On-campus student groups often receive requests from companies regarding internship opportunities during the year and pass those on to its members.
Bernardo -> Andrew Where does the majority of students live? What do you think about the neighbourhood that you lived?
Andrew -> Bernardo Most people live in the Loop, but I live in the South Loop. Both are great and there is plenty to do as well as have access to public transportation. Where I live in the South Loop is very transitional, kind of like where I lived in DC before this, but it is a brand new building with great amenities. Every place has trade-offs so you need to figure out what is important for you.
ncon1 -> Joanna Hi thank you for hosting this chat. Does anyone have advice for navigating the wait list?
Joanna -> ncon1 Hello ncon1, We know it's a tough place to be. The most important thing to do is follow the instructions you receive from Admissions. Unfortunately, the wait-list and whether you get accepted depends mostly on spots that become available in the class.
Jasmine -> Matt R. Hi, thanks for having this session. What convinced you personally to enroll in Booth? Was there something special about Booth that other business schools did not offer?
Matt R. -> Jasmine Thank you for your question, Jasmine. I chose Booth for a few specific reasons. I wanted to make a career switch to finance, and Booth has an incredible reputation in this area (though as my management coursework this quarter has shown me, Booth has leading edge faculty in many other areas). Second, as a career changer, I wanted the flexible curriculum that Booth offers. I have been able to front-load my finance and accounting, and feel very prepared for my summer internship in investment banking. Finally, I came to visit during Booth Live and found that it was a great fit for me personally. I enjoyed meeting the students during my visit, and found everyone very friendly and helpful--basically that these were people I could see myself working with closely during my two years at Booth, and beyond.
Daniel_L -> Ninny Hi Everyone - Like Ninny, I'm a native Southern Californian and my biggest concern has been being able to get back to the LA area after school. The percentage of hires for SoCal is quite low - is this more a reflection that students just aren't looking to get to that area and mainly focusing on NY, Chi, SF, and DC? Do LA firms come to Booth to recruit?
Ninny -> Daniel_L Hey Daniel-- yeah there is a feeling of socal doesn't like Booth, but I think it's really the latter part of what you're saying. Most of my friends right now are looking to go back to the east coast (either because that's where they're from or because they definitely want to go back to finance/banking). For those of us who wanted to go back to CA (and specifically socal), we've had no issues! I, for example, always knew I wanted to go back to CA so I'll be going to the bay area for the summer. Another one of my friends wanted to go back to socal, so she'll be heading to LA... the opportunities are definitely there! Booth attracts a bunch of global employers, so most of our companies have multiple locations all over the world. LA is always a possibility because there's a lot of companies that have headquarters there (all the consulting firms, the big 4, banks, entertainment, technology companies).
Laura_B -> Joanna Are letters of recommendation allowed to be from former professors?
Joanna -> Laura_B Laura, it's up to you who you choose to write your letters. Use your best judgement. Good luck.
ReidT -> Ninny Hi there, thanks for hosting this! I was wondering when/how early most admitted students move to the Chicago area to get settled in before school begins? What would you recommend? (I am from CA)
Ninny -> ReidT Hey Reid! I would say that most of my friends moved here sometime in the 2 weeks before orientation started. I would say this is a good time frame because you want some time to settle down, unpack and explore a little bit before everything gets going. There's a lot of informal gatherings that happen in those two weeks before too, so that's always a great opportunity to do fun stuff!
tmenchaca -> Beth Building up on Lonzyo's question.. What would you say helps the most to create a collaborative environment at Booth? (i.e. classes are separated in groups, you are assigned to a section, students live in the same aparment complexes, etc.)
Beth -> tmenchaca There are actually many things that help create the collaborative environment. For one, many of our students live in the same neighborhood. I live in the Loop and am in the same building as, or within a few blocks from most of my friends, so we see each other daily. The Harper Center is also an amazing facility, so everyone tends to gather there during the week not just for class, but for study groups and grabbing lunch. Finally, there are so many organized social events on evenings and weekends that give us a chance to spend time together as a student body, while having a really fun time!
Jess -> Andrew Hey Andrew, is it true that PE firms rarely hire MBAs?
Andrew -> Jess I would say that is not true. The firms in Chicago have deep relationships with our Polsky Center and look for "free labor" from 1st and 2nd years in the PE/VC Lab. I have many classmates that are taking offers for the summer all around the globe. Other people network and secure unpaid positions through out their first and second years. I know people that have received full-time offers upon graduation, but they are definitely rare. It is all about finding firms that are showing growth and being in the right place at the right time.
Jared -> Joanna What kind of work experience is Booth looking for? I have been working at a major bank for the past five years in retail business banking and want to make the step into IB. Looking at current student profiles it looks like they all have greater experience than me.
Joanna -> Jared http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/students/Hello Jared, Great question, but we aren't looking for any particular experience. We seek to build a diverse class of people form all industries and functions! You can see our class profile here:
SG -> Ninny What about pet-friendly locations to live? I have a big dog (70lbs).
Ninny -> SG Whats up SG! Yeah a lot of my friends have pets (myself included). I live out in the west loop myself for space reasons (I like my space), but I've found: for small dogs, Millenium Park Plaza (MPP) and Columbus Plaza (CP) are fine. For larger dogs, I would suggest the south loop, Streeterville or Hyde Park as I think there is slightly more space and they're a little bit more open to having larger animals.
Paige -> Matt R. Have any of you been able to work part time to help finance your MBA? Or have you relied purely on personal savings, scholarships, federal loans, etc?
Matt R. -> Paige Hi Paige--I do some part-time consulting work to help pay the bills, but I find that I don't have much free time after school, recruiting, and other Booth activities to work much more than a few hours a week.
CAnozie -> Joanna Would any of you like to give an Idea of what is expected from the video for waitlisted candidates?
Joanna -> CAnozie Hi CAnozie, similar to our essay three, its just another choice we give you for how you want to present your story. There Are no guidelines or expectations. We've seen many different things in the process. Use your best judgement And what feels right for you.
Brian_D -> Farhan Can any of the students comment on the preparation activities, whether through the career center or student clubs, that is available to career switchers? I am interested in moving from engineering to marketing; what would I be able to participate in to make that transition easier?
Farhan -> Brian_D Resume review sessions with Career Services were great as well since it helped me focus my message and surface my relevant experiences (my resume read like an engineering report before that!).

Brian - I came from Engineering as well and am headed to a start-up as a Product Manager. For me, the Booth Technology Group was invaluable. The group has a great mix of people with various backgrounds (marketing, finance, ops, engineering etc.) and they were all willing to help me understand aspects of marketing and prepare for my interviews. Specifically, I participated in mock interviews, resume reviews and lunch n' learns. Almost all career-focused student groups provide a host of resources (including recruiting guides) that are immensely helpful and will go a long way in helping you make the transition.
jramirez -> Andrew What are some of the specific things that attracted you most to Booth versus other MBA programs?
Andrew -> jramirez I wanted the flexibility to not be tied down for the first year in a core curriculum. I also am a city boy and have to be in a place that I know I will enjoy outside of school. I wanted to be surrounded by a group of peers that wanted to do everything in their power to help me succeed and learn about industries they were experts in and I was a novice. From speaking with my friends at other top programs, it is much more cut-throat at other schools and people out for themselves compared to Booth.
Jarrett_Crockett -> Beth If you are visiting campus for a day, what are some "must see" things on campus, that give Booth its uniqueness
Beth -> Jarrett_Crockett I would definitely take a chance to check out the art in the Harper Center. The building is beautifully decorated with really unique, modern pieces. Also, the Winter Garden during lunch or LPF (a Friday tradition, where students, faculty and administration gather for food) is full of activity, and is a great way to see the student body come together.
Ritwik -> Rushan With so many electives and just one compulsory course, how do students get guided on what courses to take which will be good for their intended career path?
Rushan -> Ritwik Outside of academic services, word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow students are helpful, and some of the professors give great advice as well during class and office-hours. For example, Prof. Sanjay Dhar of Marketing openly encourages students to visit his office to discuss potential courses tailored to his/her intended career path.

The abundance of choices can definitely been challenging, since you don't want to feel you missed a great class or professor. There are several formal and informal resources to help guide your course selections. The Academic Services provides excellent advice, I believe Booth has one of the highest ratios of academic services advisors to student across the top MBA programs. You get assigned a advisor at the start of the program and he/she stays with you for the entire two years. I visit my advisor (Christine Gramhofer - head of the academic services) once a quarter before class bidding starts (but people can visit as often as they'd like) to map out my plans for the next 2-3 quarters. Christine's advice have been super helpful.

http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/curriculum/degree.aspxHi Ritwik, Booth does have a curriculum requirement for MBAs, and it means each student has to satisfy certain courses in a number of functional areas - the detailed curriculum requirements can be found here:
Jill -> Ninny This is a question for Lai-Nin: Can you talk about your involvement as co-chair in Chicago Women in Business? As someone who is involved with their current employer's Women's Initiative, what advice do you have for getting the most out of that experience?
Ninny -> Jill Hey Jill! Yup, you caught me. I'm the co-chair of CWIB and I love it! As a first year, I was very active in helping the co-chairs with their initiatives (women's conference, Lunch n Learns, etc.) and so when it came time to interview, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to stay involved. As a co-chair, we try to mix social, professional and educational events to facilitate strong relationships with each other (some of my best friends I met through CWIB) and to help you out while you're recruiting. Bschool is awesome, so get involved in everything that interests you-- it's pretty much the only time you can explore whatever you want with no risk! (It's a safe space here at Booth and especially at CWIB :))
Mark_H -> Farhan What was the most challenging part about transitioning back into school in your first year?
Farhan -> Mark_H Managing time. I used to think that I was busy when I was working but was I surprised! There are so many demands on your time when you come to Booth that it's sometimes hard to pick and choose what you want to get involved in. We call it 'FOMO' - 'fear of missing out'!
Moderator -> Everyone We're nearing the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit any questions you may have for our panelists.
Jasmine -> Joanna I'm currently a waitlisted student for Booth 2013. If I have sent in all necessary supplemental material -- what's the next step? Do you have any tales of inspiration or caution for those of us in queue?
Joanna -> Jasmine Hello Jasmine, It's great that you have been in tune with the Admissions Committee during this process. I know it takes patience. At this time, being accepted from the wait list will depend on the spots that become available in the class, which is impossible to predict from now until classes start. Each year we accept students from the wait list. Hang in there!
MDavis1 -> Ninny Did any of you consider doing the evening/weekend program instead and why did you decide on the full-time program in the end?
Ninny -> MDavis1 Hey MDavis, I considered part-time mostly because I was overwhelmed with the idea of not having an income and forgoing my salary for 2 years-- it was a lot of financial risk for me, a traditionally fiscally conservative person. I ultimately decided on FT because I felt like PT would not give me the full experience (they have a shortened LEAD program, a different social dynamic and a different recruiting perspective, etc.) and for a career-changer like me, I thought it was important that I had a full arsenal of resources to jump careers successfully.
kingston -> Joanna is there a GPA requirement to be admitted at Booth ?
Joanna -> kingston Hello Kingston, Booth has no GMAT, GRE or GPA requirements to apply.
Mo -> Joanna Hi, Mohammad from Montreal Canada, another question: I have not seen any information session events scheduled for Montreal in the coming months, will Booth be planning a trip to Montreal in the coming year?
Joanna -> Mo Hello Mo, the fall travel calendar will be released early this summer on our website, stay tuned!
MDavis -> Beth Can you break down the pros and cons of the full-time versus the evening/weekend program? Thanks!
Beth -> MDavis One of the great things about Booth is the flexibility. As a full-time student, I have had the chance to take evening and weekend classes at the Gleacher Center downtown. The classes and professors are the same for both programs, so as a full-time student, this has been a great option for managing my schedule and meeting some new people as well.
tmenchaca -> Andrew Although Booth is widely known for its finance background, I have heard some good things about consulting opportunities. I want to do strategic consulting post-MBA. How successful has Booth been in placing students in consultant positions? If you have any data from your current class it would be really helpful.
Andrew -> tmenchaca I know that the Class of 2014 had lots of success in securing internships in consulting. From my Veteran networks at the "Big 3," it appears we outperformed in interviews compared to other schools that usually steal the spotlight. Even though I do not have data, you will see the large presence from all top consulting firms during your first year when recruiting starts. If you can connect with people you should get interviews and then it will be your job to take it from there.
brianblaney -> Matt R. Can you guys talk about the Booth social scene, both events organized by the school and more informally? With students living in different areas of the city and not being on campus together, as well as being able to pick your own classes, I am curious about social events to really get to know classmates. I don't want this to sound like I'm just looking to party (which I'm not), but I accept the reality that sometimes the best bonds are formed over a few cocktails.
Matt R. -> brianblaney Hi Brian, thanks for your question. We have a really robust social scene here! Although students live in different areas of the city, most of the class lives in a fairly close radius downtown. Many people ride down to Hyde Park together on the Metra (aka "the schoolbus") and we spend the day on campus. At night or on weekends, we can take classes or do projects together at the Gleacher Center. There are plenty of social events organized by student groups, Booth, or individually by students. In fact, I've found that there are far more social events happening than I could actually attend.
mb12 -> Farhan What typeof courses are offered on entrepreneurship specifically? Are there formal opportunities for entrepreneurship-minded people to gather and exchange ideas together?
Farhan -> mb12 ) both (and often jointly) organize events which are focused on getting entrepreneurial minded people together to exchange ideas. There are also online (LinkedIn, FB) resources to meet like-minded people and generate ideas.http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/evc/) and the EVC (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/index.aspx The Polsky Center (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/curriculum/courses.aspx.You can find a list of entrepreneurship courses here:
DominicYau -> Ninny With most of the students living away from the Hyde Park area, how does Booth ensure there is a sense of community within the school?
Ninny -> DominicYau Hey Dominic-- excellent question! I want to set the record straight by saying that there are still a lot of students that live here in Hyde Park. To make sure that there's a cohesive community, Booth really sets up a lot of great events through clubs, student council, etc. to make sure the activities and events are evenly distributed both here at Harper in Hyde Park and the downtown area.
Shiran -> Joanna Hi All, thanks for hosting this chat. I'm an admit student for class of 2015. As a foreigner, I need to apply for a visa and I was wondering when we should start the process
Joanna -> Shiran Hello Shiran, Thanks for your question I am sure other admits will appreciate. In order to begin processing your visa, you will need the 2013 - 14 University of Chicago Booth School of Business student budget. This will not be available until spring 2013. Once the 2013 - 14 budget has been released, we will post instructions on the admit website on how to process your visa. We'll send an email to let you know when this information is now available. Rest assured that there is more than adequate time to apply for your visa since the visa process can only begin 120 days prior to the start of Orientation (September 9, 2013).
Domer -> Matt R. How many concentration do most Booth students graduate with?
Matt R. -> Domer http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculumHi Domer, there isn't a set number of concentrations we need to have, but most students pick up 2-4 along the way. I am concentrating in finance and accounting, and may end up with another one in economics depending on what I decide to take next year. You can check out the full list of concentrations here:
urarunner2 -> Rushan Thank you for hosting the chat. Can one of the 2nd yrs talk about their most rewarding club experience?
Rushan -> urarunner2 Hi urarunner2, I'm currently a first year, I'd say one of my most rewarding club experience is the 2012 winter career trek we planned and took. It's completely student organized, we had a group of about 25 students visit 8 fashion/retail companies in the NYC area. I was part of the planning team, and it was great to be able to interact with company representatives, establish key contacts, and learn a ton about the companies before the visit. I'd say my involvement in the retail group definitely helped me up my game during my internship recruiting.h
mb12 -> Ninny Are there any sort of club nights in which clubs talk about their activities and focus and basically introduce themselves to students? In other words, how do students gain exposure to the various clubs in order to pick which ones they want to join?
Ninny -> mb12 Hey mb12-- if and when you decide to come to Booth, we'll have a student club fair during your orientation week so that you can meet all the clubs and co-chairs to ask questions and learn more about what they do.
mb12 -> Andrew What are some examples of projects/assignments to be completed for courses other than case analysis? Could you also give me examples, if there are any, of projects involving teamwork in courses?
Andrew -> mb12 In courses like Investments, Financial Accounting, Applied Regression, and Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity, all of your HW is done in groups. Some of it is case based, but others are just extensive problem sets building on material from class. In Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity we have been reading cases and then building Deal Memos, a Financial Model, and Term Sheets for negotiations with a PE or VC firm.
Sheng -> Farhan Thanks Joanna, Rushan, Andrew, Farhan and Ninny for hosting the chat.:) I just received the invitation for r3 interview and am typing this email at airport. :) My question is on entrepreneurship. I had worked in investment banks before deciding to truly pursue my passion in my own entrepreneurship. Was wondering if any of you may have any suggestions on how to maximize the resources offered by Polsky Center to incoming students, especially if you have own entrepreneurial vision to pursue.
Farhan -> Sheng ) is a close-knit community of entrepreneurial-minded people and they have a bunch of events that can help you get integrated into the community in Chicago. Feel free to reach out to the current co-chairs and introduce yourself!http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/evc/Sheng - Glad to be here! And congratulations on your interview invite! The staff at Polsky Center is very helpful and I would suggest getting to know them when you arrive here. Also, the EVC (
Leopold -> Matt R. Can you guys give me a brief ideas on how many finance club available for choice and what would be the benefit from the activities there?
Matt R. -> Leopold Hi Leopold, Booth has a number of specialized finance clubs, including the Investment Banking Group; Investment Management Group; Credit, Restructuring, Distressed Investing, and Turnaround Group; Sales & Trading Group; and Corporate Finance Group, among others. Each of these groups is led by second year MBAs who help first years with recruiting, put together resume books and events for companies, and organize annual conferences.
Jess -> Andrew Do I need to have prior experience in PE/VC in order to "work" in the PE/VC lab?
Andrew -> Jess You do not need prior experience to get an internship in the PE/VC Lab. Though it would help, there are lots of people with just investment banking, financial services consulting, prior entrepreneurs, or even just military. You have to apply for the class with a Resume and then the Polsky Center sends your Resume to firms they think you might have a fit with and if they like you then they will setup an interview.
Nicholas -> Joanna I am looking to apply 1st round for the 2014 cycle. When would be a good time to visit the campus? Can I still get a true sense of the campus and culture visiting in the summer?
Joanna -> Nicholas http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-programHello Nicholas, you are welcome to visit anytime! However, summer visits will not give you the opportunity to interact with students ( they are all way a on summer internships) or visit classes. If you are applying in Round One, it's very close to the start of classes so the full visit program may still not be available in time. You can read about visiting campus here:
SG -> Ninny How does a student display fit to Booth? What defines Booth's culture?
Ninny -> SG Hey SG-- in my experience Booth kids come from a variety of different backgrounds and have really different goals for post-school. However, there is a common thread in the way that all the students here are ridiculously smart and are never afraid to challenge each other (in a positive way). I've had great conversations with all my friends here just learning about what they did before school and feel way more educated just chatting with them!
Victor -> Beth Hi, thanks for hosting the chat today. I have a question for Beth. Can you elaborate on how well Booth MBA has prepared you to take on a Global Strategy role at Samsung and for your life in Seoul?
Beth -> Victor Hi Victor. For one, Career Services at Booth is phenomenal. They will work with you individually to help tailor your story to specific countries and companies. Also, alums are a great resource. When I was recruiting for international positions, alums were willing to navigate big time differences to set up times to chat with me about positions, which really helped me prepare for interviews. Also, classes, even those not specifically under the international business bucket, really focus on global business issues. Finally, the student body is incredibly diverse and global. My classmates were a great resource during recruiting, and they are eager to share global experience. Before starting my second year, I spent a month traveling in the Middle East with other Boothies. While this trip was more focused on cultural and recreational rather than professional activities, it was a great way to demonstrate my willingness to explore new places and cultures.
ReidT -> Matt R. I checked out the partners club for my fiancé, but it looks like it is only for significant others of Chicago Booth Evening and Weekend MBA students? If I am a full-time student, is there another partner club for her?
Matt R. -> ReidT http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/booth-partnersHi Reid--my wife is a member of the full-time Booth Partners club. Their website is located here:
Shaun -> Joanna How many students receive scholarships and what are the criteria that are most important in capturing a scholarship?
Joanna -> Shaun http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarshipsHello Shaun, About 25% of the incoming class will receive a scholarship or fellowship. All awards are merit-based. You can read more about how decisions are made here:
Shiran -> Joanna When are we expected to start the visa process?
Joanna -> Shiran Thanks for your question, Shiran. In order to begin processing your visa, you will need the 2013 - 14 University of Chicago Booth School of Business student budget. This will not be available until spring 2013. Once the 2013 - 14 budget has been released, we will post instructions on the admit website on how to process your visa. We'll send an email to let you know when this information is now available. Rest assured that there is more than adequate time to apply for your visa since the visa process can only begin 120 days prior to the start of Orientation (September 9, 2013).
Nathan_Brower -> Farhan Hello from DC, thank you for hosting. I'd like to ask about some of your student clubs. I'm interested in the commercialization of scientific innovation and how that intersects with start-ups, enterprise, and business strategy. I've identified the following clubs as possible fits for my involvement: Business Solutions Group, Booth Technology Group, Management Consulting Club, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. Does anyone have experience with those? Many thanks, Nathan Brower
Farhan -> Nathan_Brower ) and helps students collaborate with scientists and engineers to bring new innovations to market. Quite a few teams in NVC each year are such companies. The Polsky Center also organizes meetings with researchers in UChicago as well as the Argonne National Lab to potentially commercialize innovations.http://tech.uchicago.edu/) and the University of Chicago Tech Transfer office (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/index.aspx) is probably your best bet here. It works closely with the Polsky Center (http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/evc/Hey Nathan - The EVC (
Eric -> Joanna Can anyone speak to scholarship opportunities and the "typical" financial aid package?
Joanna -> Eric http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aidEric, about 25% of students receive a scholarship or fellowship-all of which are merit-based. Other financing is then in the form of student loans. Learn more here:
padam -> Joanna I am from a financial background and am interested in leaning more about the job profiles of your MBA grads. what is he placement rate for graduates. what is the median salary expected from a recent graduate with 3 years of prior work exp.
Joanna -> padam http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/Hello padam, please view our full employment report for details!
MK -> Andrew Thank you all for your time! Current students, what are some pieces of advice that you wish you had known prior to moving to Chicago and starting your studies at Booth?
Andrew -> MK I would just say to do a self evaluation and identify your weaknesses as far as business knowledge and try to figure out what you can do on your own to improve those areas. If you know what industry you want to go into, get smart on what skills you will need and do your analysis from there. Since I want to go into PE, I knew I was at a disadvantage coming from the military and having never seen or used a financial model. I have utilized online training, working with classmates, some coursework in classes, and various seminars career services bring to Booth in order to improve my skills in that area. I hope that helps!
mb12 -> Matt R. What are some specific examples of support that students receive for recruiting both during the program and for post-graduation?
Matt R. -> mb12 We get a tremendous amount of support from current students, Career Services, and alumni. Career Services puts on great programs that help us figure out our career paths, and is always building and developing relationships with exciting employers. During recruiting for summer internships, I developed close relationships with my peers, and we helped each other with mock interviews. The second years who worked at the firms we were recruiting at were also extremely helpful and spent a lot of time with us during the process. Alumni at these firms were also very generous with their time, in doing informational phone calls and meetings.
Rodrigo -> Beth Hi everyone! A question for current students. I've realized that in Booth there are a lot of extracurricular activities and that Booth's community is very strong. If you divide your time spent inside Booth’s community, what would you say is time spent “inside the classroom” vs “outside the classroom”/other student activities?
Beth -> Rodrigo Hi Rodrigo. While this varies depending on how involved you'd like to be, I've found most of my classmates tend to take on a lot outside the classroom. I would say I spend about as much time on student groups and social activities as I do on class time and homework. It's a busy schedule, but being actively involved and keeping up in school is definitely manageable, and most students choose to fully experience both sides of student life.
Jill -> Rushan This is a question for Ruchan: What has influenced your decision to enter the luxury retail industry and how has your experience at Booth thus far improved your ability to be successful in that industry? It looks like working during your tenure at Booth has been a part of that experience.
Rushan -> Jill Career Services on campus has also been tremendously helpful. I received a lot of help even though my recruiting process was mostly off-campus. From advice on taking on the school-year internship, how to balance my search, to getting one-on-one time with advisors on the employer relations team to identify potential contacts and alumni at fashion/retail companies in NYC. I've been very impressed with their assistance and it adds to a great experience.

I would say Booth has been critical in helping me make a successful transition. The flexible curriculum benefits me a lot - I was able to take marketing and strategy classes the first quarter, followed up with advanced classes in pricing strategies and data-driven marketing this quarter, and I will be able to directly apply what I'm learning toward my summer internship at Coach.

Hi Jill, Thanks for the question! I wanted to make a transition to the luxury retail industry because fashion and retail has always been a personal interest of mine. My previous experience in consulting also focused on customer strategy, luxury retail provides a great continuation to that.
Grace -> Joanna Hello! I am a round 3 applicant for the full time MBA program from Beijing. Just received my interview invitation yesterday. The email suggests that students conduct interivew on campus, but I might not be able to make it. Will doing an off site interview effect my chances of enrollment?
Joanna -> Grace Hello Grace, interviewing with an alum in Beijing will in no way effect your chances of enrollment! Best of luck!
zivana -> Farhan Hello, incoming student here. Piggybacking on that earlier question, how do you handle FOMO and ensure that you have an enriching experience at Booth?
Farhan -> zivana There's no right answer here - the flexibility that Booth provides means that you get to make your own decisions! I'd suggest following your passions and interests and not being sidetracked by what you see the majority of students doing. Also, re-visiting and re-calibrating your goals occasionally is good way to keep the eye on the ball. In the end, I don't think you can go wrong - everyone has a different experience and I believe each is enriching in its own way.
Vijay -> Joanna Thank you for hosting the chat, Joanna. I just received my interview invite and secured time on Thursday afternoon. I see that Booth has a full-day of events planned for Friday. Is there a way I can stay involved on Friday, post-interview?
Joanna -> Vijay http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-programHi Vijay, absolutely. All you have to do is register for the visit program.
tmenchaca -> Matt R. What would you say the average cost of living is for an MBA student at Booth? (rent + expenses, without tuition)
Matt R. -> tmenchaca http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aidHi tmenchaca, Booth provides an estimate for the 2012-2013 cost of attendance here, with a breakdown of tuition and all expenses:
Moderator -> Everyone We have about 15 minutes remaining in our chat. Please feel free to continue submitting questions for our panelists.
Siying -> Joanna A question about women, perhaps for Lin-Nin & Joanne: I see that for class of 2014 there are 35% female, and very recently "women in business leadership" is a hot topic thanks to Sheryl Sandberg. So going forward, does Booth intend to increase the representation of women? If so, will that impact the Round 3 application this year (i.e. are you considering accepting more women now in Round 3)? Thanks.
Joanna -> Siying http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/diversity
Siyung, Booth is always looking to diversify the class with talented women! please check out Women's Week from May 4-12. If there is an event in your city we'd love to have you join us!
KNMerchan -> Joanna Hello All! I'm a younger applicant (2 years out of Undergrad) with obviously less work experience than the average applicant. What else can I do (besides GMAT) to strengthen my application?
Joanna -> KNMerchan http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=96Hello KNMerchan, we just recently posted a great blog you might find helpful!
Ndema -> Beth Thank you for having this chat. There's a notion out there that booth is a "quant" school. Could any of you speak to this and discuss the prevailing culture/atmosphere of the school?
Beth -> Ndema Hi Ndema. Coming to Booth with a non-quant background, I have been very pleased with the diversity of interests at Booth. There are certainly quant classes available, and I have taken many of these to compliment my background, but there are so many other types of classes as well. For example, Managing in Organizations focuses on organizational psychology and Entrepreneurial Selling provides a great curriculum focused on selling and communication. These are just a few of many classes that illustrate the breadth of education at Booth.
Victor -> Farhan Thank you for hosting the chat again. The following question is for Farhan: What sectors does the Technology Group comprise? I am assume it is heavily focused on Computer Science-related fields. Are there other technology sectors that are equally relevant?
Farhan -> Victor Hey Victor - You're right, most of the companies we interact with are focused on software/hardware. That being said, others groups like CMSG/MESG/Energy Group do have relationships with other sectors of the Technology industry. The Career Services Office is also continuously working on building new relationships. Lastly, students are encouraged to reach out and network on their own.
CAnozie -> Ninny Winters in Chicago are "interesting", but what happens in the summer? What are some of the fun things you guys do for fun? I hear there is a running club at booth, so how active is this group. Also, are there similar groups at booth?
Ninny -> CAnozie Hey CAnozie-- I LOVE chicago in the summertime-- there's cubs games where you can get a ticket for the rooftops and get unlimited drinks/food with your friends for the game, everyone goes to the beach and hangs out, there's great music fests and fests in general (yes please on rib fest, corn fest, bacon fest, beer fest, art fest, etc.!). There is a running group at Booth and although I am not a member (still working my way up to my first 5k as a noob) they are pretty active-- they usually try out new trails and run together at least once a week when it's warm. For sports clubs and groups- Booth has a bunch! From volleyball to basketball to pretty much everything you would want (even sailing!).
HugoV -> Matt R. Given the fact that almost every course is elective, is it hard to get to take the courses you want, considering many people may want to take it too?
Matt R. -> HugoV Hi HugoV--in true Chicago School fashion, we have a bidding system in which students are given points to allocate to the classes that they want. This is the most fair way, as it ensures that the spots go to those that value them most. However, in my experience I have always been able to get the classes that I need and want.
padam -> Andrew what basic skills do you expect in an incoming student at booth if they are from a non financial background eg. excel etc? Do you offer orientation training courses before the commencement of the program ?
Andrew -> padam I did MBAmath.com before arriving at Booth in addition to signing up for Pre-MBA Accounting that was offered through Booth. That was a great refresher and provided me with the textbook and added study materials for Financial Accounting that I took during my first quarter. If you are worried about your excel skills, there are plenty of online tutorials and resources to help you learn shortcuts that will be beneficial in the future. Even if you come from a non financial background, you will be just fine.
tk_app -> Farhan Hello Farhan, Based on your experience with the Booth Tech Group, which companies in the tech domain are most active when in comes to internship and recruiting?
Farhan -> tk_app Microsoft, VMWare, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Samsung and Google are some of the big companies that recruit quite a few of our members. That being said, our members have also interned/joined smaller companies like Intuit, Hipmunk and Facebook.
Jarrett_Crockett -> Beth Is the breakdown of lecture vs case base vs experiential learning dependent on the type of electives students choose to take, or do all professors try to stick to a certain ratio for each?
Beth -> Jarrett_Crockett It largely depends on the courses students choose to take, although in my experience most classes are some type of mix between the three of those types of learning. Management labs are almost exclusively experiential, and many entrepreneurship classes have an experiential component. Many courses offer a balance of lecture and case, and in my experience, these always have a large class discussion component. The professors generally like to create a very interactive environment.
Puneet -> Matt R. Thank you for hosting the chat, I am looking forward to make a career switch from Quality Engineer to Investment Banker. I would like want all pre-preparation needs to done before applying for the program
Matt R. -> Puneet Hi Puneet--Career Services at Booth provides lots of great programming when you get to campus to help you make this kind of career change. Prior to coming to Booth, I tried to read the Wall Street Journal and other finance-oriented publications everyday, but there are tons of resources at Booth.
jramirez -> Rushan Can someone comment on their experience in managing a healthy life style while at Booth. I.E. Finding time for exercise, sports, being active
Rushan -> jramirez For me personally - I definitely spend less time being active since last fall, but it's a choice I've made given the other competing priorities. I know several people at school who have been able to maintain a very active lifestyle. It all comes down to personal choice and balance.

Hi jramirez, I'll be honest with you - it's definitely going to be a challenge, but no one said B-School is easy, right? :) The biggest challenge will be balancing your schedule and prioritizing exercise among the 500 other things going on. The infrastructure is there, the rest depends on your willpower - there's plenty of access to healthy food and exercise options, most apartments have gyms in them, and there are several gyms in the loop as well, not to mention the amazing lakeshore trail during warmer weather.
Mo -> Farhan Farhan, in the management lab course that you took, was there a variety of projects from different companies to work on and then you ulitmately chose to work on the Microsoft project or does all the class work on one project?
Farhan -> Mo Mo: The entire class works on one project. Some years there is a choice of a couple of different projects (two simultaneous sections) and you can decide which one to apply for. I'd encourage you to email Prof. Jonathan Frenzen if you have specific questions about the class.
hockeyaw19 -> Matt R. What's the best way to connect with current students/alumni of Booth who may have a similar background as myself to inquire about their experiences?
Matt R. -> hockeyaw19 with specific questions.deanssac@chicagobooth.edu) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Booth-Experience/152849301450475) to get a great perspective on student life and culture here. You can also contact us directly at http://boothstudents.blogspot.comPlease check out The Booth Experience blog (
KNMerchan -> Rushan My question is for Rushan. Hello! I am really fascinated in your background and am interested in following a similar path. Did you start your internship before or after you were admitted to Booth? What are your suggestions, regarding internships, if I am trying to follow a similar route? Thank you for your help!
Rushan -> KNMerchan Something else to consider is whether you want time extra time during the fall to get acclimated to being back in school again, some people find that helpful.

Hi KNMerchan, it's always great to hear others who are interested in pursuing a career in fashion/retail! I started my internship in February. Looking back, I wished I had started the internship earlier, since I was only taking 3 classes in the fall and retail/fashion recruiting starts later than other industries. I had some extra time on my hands.
Mo -> Ninny There are a breadth of courses available online (MBAmath.com, Harvard online course, ....) that a prospective student can take before applying to an MBA program in order to supplement a low GPA or a moderate GMAT, do any of you have a particular suggestion for courses that can be taken, have any of you taken any of these courses?
Ninny -> Mo Hey Mo-- So admissions will definitely help you decide after you get all of your acceptance/admissions materials, but I personally did MBAMath.com and it was really great. I would definitely recommend it. I didn't have a finance background coming in, and I thought MBAmath was a good way to refresh before coming to school.
MK -> Farhan Farhan, can you touch upon your experiences in the Graduate Business Council? It sounds like a wonderful way to serve and enrich the Booth community.
Farhan -> MK ) under the auspices of the GBC. It was a great way for me to give back to the community and gave me an opportunity to get to know quite a few staff members here at Booth.http://igniteshow.com/search/apachesolr_search/boothMK: It certainly was very rewarding. I served on the Technology, Facilities, Cohort and Partner sub-committees and worked closely with the administration in bringing about changes that benefited the entire Booth student community. Outside of my sub-committee responsibilities, I initiated the Ignite Booth series (
Nicholas -> Matt R. Is there often colloboration between Booth students and others enrolled at UC? Specifically in regards to entrepreneurial endeavors.
Matt R. -> Nicholas Hi Nicholas, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the broader UChicago community. Personally, I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and have trained on campus with folks from other programs. I've also attended a number of lectures hosted by other schools. Ninny, who is on this chat, is involved with the Campus Catalyst mentoring program.
Prasun_Jain -> Joanna Is it true that the Booth placement services are for life?
Joanna -> Prasun_Jain http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career/advancementHello, Prasun, Yes, this is true! Learn how here:
Prasun_Jain -> Farhan Who are your top 3 Professors in Chicago Booth?
Farhan -> Prasun_Jain Tough one! If I had to pick - Hurst (Macroeconomics), Ginzel (Negotiations) and Gentzkow (Competitive Strategy).
BD -> Andrew Hi - this is a question mostly for Andrew on Private Equity - how have you thought about what "space" within PE would be best for you (particular industry focus, mature or younger-stage companies, etc.), and how have different resources at Booth helped you along the way?
Andrew -> BD It is all particular preference. I think that I am leaning toward middle-market PE though I still do have an interest in start-ups. I am in the process of starting a business and will be growing that through the summer as well. If you have no idea what area you want to focus in, then you will benefit from speaking to your classmates that have worked in the different stages to get their perspective to help you decide. I would say your classmates are the best resource in addition to the Polsky Center. It is all about building your network and attending as many PE related events as possible.
EricO -> Matt R. Thanks for hosting the chat today. Will you provide your experiences with the course bid process at Chicago Booth?
Matt R. -> EricO Hi EricO--the bidding system has been a great way to ensure that I have gotten the classes that are most important to me. It's also kind of fun in a weird way!
mb12 -> Beth Have any of you, upon starting your MBA, changed your career goals/interests? If so, could you speak as to how your experience at Booth lead you to do so?
Beth -> mb12 Hi mb12: I changed my career goals part way through the MBA. For my internship, I recruited for consulting and did that for the summer. Now I am going into a Corporate Strategy role. I think that working with career services and taking classes at Booth helped me realize I really enjoyed the customer-focused aspects of strategy, which ultimately made working for a consumer-facing company an ideal choice for me.
Rahim786 -> Matt R. What would be the best way for someone looking to get into the 2014 program be to break into Investment Banking. Is there certain financial modeling courses required to get in? I'm currently a Business Analyst and have been trading stocks & options on the side & would like investment banking experience to eventually get into Hedge Funds?
Matt R. -> Rahim786 Hi Rahim, Career Services here provides many opportunities to get ready for the recruiting process for banking. Booth has amazing relationships with a huge variety of firms.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you again for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Farhan -> Everyone It's been a pleasure answering your questions! Good luck with your applications/interviews and hope to see you become a part of the Booth community!
Ninny -> Everyone Thanks for chatting with us today! Hope we helped a bit to dispel any open questions. Glad to "meet" all of you. Bye everyone!
Joanna -> Everyone Thank you for joining us. You can always submit questions via Twitter to @Booth_insider as well!
Rushan -> Everyone Thanks everyone for your great questions! I hope you learned a bit more about Booth today. Come visit us on campus!
Matt R. -> Everyone Thank you for your questions. I hope to see you on campus soon!
Beth -> Everyone Thanks all for participating. It's been great chatting with you!
Andrew -> Everyone Thank you for joining the chat today! I hope that my answers were helpful to those of you with similar thoughts. Best of luck and hope to see you in the fall!