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Tuesday, April 9 2013, 11 a.m. - noon CT

Chat live with Booth Career Services staff and current students pursuing careers in industries such as health care, media and entertainment, retail, family business, agribusiness and hospitality. This is your opportunity to ask students about recruiting for these careers at Booth, their curriculum choices, concentrations, student groups, and more!

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Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in about 10 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Shuang -> Everyone Hi everybody, this is Shuang (Sarah) Wu representing the Healthcare Group!
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Catherine -> Everyone Hi there, I'm Catherine Clement, a career coach from the Career Services office, and I look forward to answering your questions today!
Janice -> Everyone Hi Everyone, I'm Janice Farrar from Career Services. I work on the employer relations side of the house managing established relationships within consulting, consumer, retail, hospitality, healthcare and pharma. I'm here to answer any questions I can.
Chris H. -> Everyone Hi everyone, my name's Chris Howland. I'm a first year at Booth representing the media, entertainment, and sports group (MESG). This summer, I'll be conducting a directed study on film finance and interning with a noted media and entertainment company (the interview process is still ongoing). I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about pursuing a career in media and entertainment.
Brennan -> Everyone Hello all - my name is Brennan Veys, and I'm a second year student with a background in strategy consulting for IBM. I'm an industry switcher and am headed to Hilton Hotels to take a corporate strategy role when I graduate. I co-chair several groups on campus, including Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, the Soccer Club and the Dean's Student Admissions Committee.
Elspeth -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Elspeth Wilde and I am a first year student at Booth. My background is in buying and merchandise planning. If you have any questions about careers in retail, please feel free to ask!
Shilpa -> Everyone Hi guys! My name is Shilpa Gadhok and I'm a second year here at Booth :) I'm concentrating in marketing management, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. I'm also representing the Media, Entertainment and Sports Group (MESG), Adam Smith Society, and Deans Marketing Advisory Committee in terms of student groups. I'll be joining Procter & Gamble after graduation in brand management on the Pampers brand! I'm happy to answer any of your questions- so ask away!
Joanna -> Everyone Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining our live chat. I can answer any questions you have about admissions today.
Shuang -> Everyone Hi, this is Sarah Wu. I am currently a second-year student at Booth. I spent my summer with McKinsey & Co.'s New York office focusing in the Healthcare sector and will return full-time after graduation. Prior to Booth, I was a Ph.D. student in Immunology at UConn Health Center and graduated in 2011. I am actively involved in the Booth community as a Healthcare Group co-chair and Career Advisor.
Andres -> Everyone Hello everyone. My name is Andres Imaz, I am from Uruguay and I am representing the FEAD (Food, Environment, Agribusiness and Development) Group. Happy to be here and help you all clear out some questions.
Roberto -> Everyone Hello! I'm Roberto Servitje, a second year student and co-chair of the Family Enterprise Group. I worked in my family's food and agribusiness company in Mexico for 8 years, did my summer internship in Brand Management at Bimbo Bakeries USA and I'll be joining Farggi Barcelona full-time as Director of Marketing. Feel free to ask me about family business at Booth as well as the food and agribusiness industries.
Matthew N. -> Everyone Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a second year student concentrating in Statistics, Operations and Strategic Management. Before school I worked as a data analyst for a money management company and am interested in transitioning to do data analysis in the field of sports with a particular focus on companies related to Major League Baseball. I am a member of the Media, Entertainment and Sports group as well as the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital group.
Rohit -> Everyone Hi everyone, my name is Rohit. I'm a second year student focused on healthcare. I'll be returning to management consulting after graduation and interned at Amgen this past summer. Look forward to answering your questions.
lea -> Joanna Hello , I just wanted to know what is the average GPA and act required, and what classes I should take to prepare for MBA.
Joanna -> lea Hello Iea, We do not have a required GMAT score or GPA one must attain to be admitted. However, I can tell you that the average GMAT for our students is 720 and the average GPA is 3.52. You can learn more on our class profile here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/students/
swap -> Catherine Let me ask you about your MBA prog focus at Booth. It seems from the employment data ; consulting and financial services are majors. Do your MBA prog has more focus to train the students in thase area / major electives belong to these groups?
Catherine -> swap Consulting and financial services are certainly two of the larger areas where our students find employment, but we have a large number of students who seek employment in many other functions and industries, and we in career services work with a wide variety of employers. We don't have "majors" but students are able to choose up to three concentrations.
Ali -> Joanna Hi I want to know about the Chicago Booth's MBA program entry requiremnets?I have got a 3 years Bachelors degree of B.Sc (Hons) in Applied Accounting and Finance.Does the University admits students with 3 years Bachelors? Is it mandatory to have some work experience to get admission in MBA?
Joanna -> Ali Hello Ali, Thanks for joining us. All international applicants are required to hold a college or university degree equivalent to a four-year American baccalaureate degree. In light of the Bologna Accord, Chicago Booth will also accept all three-year international degrees to fulfill the undergraduate prerequisite for application to Chicago Booth. You will be asked to either submit official academic records or provide a scanned transcript. It is not mandatory to have professional work experience, though the average years work exp is 5 years for our students. You can learn more about early career application here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/early-career-candidates
BThacker -> Shilpa What are a few examples of courses you've taken outside of the Booth School of Business (but within the University of Chicago) to complement you're MBA?
Shilpa -> BThacker BThacker- great question! Students are able to take a variety of courses from the Law School, the Harris School of Public Policy, the Divinity School of Religious Studies, and The College. I have personally taken a course at The College this past term in South Asian Civilization History because I really have a passion for history and I wanted to expand my skill-sets beyond just business. I absolutely LOVED that course! It integrated the discussion of politics, society, economics, and historic influences on such an in depth level and the discussions were so enriching. I found that to be one of the best classes I have taken (which is a tall order to fill since many classes at Booth are amazing), but I would heavily recommend taking a course outside of Booth if you are interested.
Taiwo -> Janice Hi Janice,thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.Does Booth have a strong relationship with health care consulting firms like Navigant or ECG? These firms are not listed on the Employment Report. Do these firms recruit at Booth?What firms consult to early-stage or SME healthcare providers? Do these firms recruit at Booth?
Janice -> Taiwo Hi Taiwo, yes, we do have relationships with these firms. The companies listed in the employment report are those that hire a minimum of 4 students. If some companies aren't listed it's just because they haven't hired that number of students in a given year.
thaispxavier -> Joanna Hi everyone, I am applying in the 2nd round and am currently on the waitlist. I would like to know if I can make questions related to the waitlist process
Joanna -> thaispxavier Hello Thaispxavier, Yes, I can try to answer waitlist questions.
swap -> Shuang Hw ur looking at booth the healthcare industry for the future MBA grads desirous to make career choices in Healthcare Management?
Shuang -> swap Hi swap, there are many resources available in Booth for students interested in Healthcare related careers. The healthcare student group, which I'm a co-chair of, is the go-to resource for first years. We host a range of career related activities from industry immersion, resume review to mock interviews etc. In addition, we partner with Booth's career service office and our corporate sponsors to connect students with future employers.

Curriculum wise, GPHAP program provides a good way for students to get familiar with healthcare related topics.
konrad.marti -> Roberto Roberto: What is, in your view, the value proposition of Chicago Booth for prospective students that plan to pursue a career in their family's business after their MBA education?
Roberto -> konrad.marti Hello Konrad. I chose Chicago Booth for a few different reasons. First, I wanted a program that was flexible enough so that I could begin to specialize in the areas that I wanted, which were mainly general management, finance and marketing, and as far as I know Booth has the most flexible curriculum among the top programs. I was also attracted to the strong alumni network and the excellent alumni office that connects their family businesses with current students.
HP -> Catherine Hi, I'm looking to make a career transition into entrepreneurship. I was wondering if students who are interested in this participate in the recruiting process by trying to work for start-ups, VC firms, etc. or if they opt out of the standard recruiting process.
Catherine -> HP Hi HP...the majority of our students who land internship or full-time roles in entrepreneurship/start-ups/VC do so through what we call "off campus" recruiting -- they utilize the Booth alumni network, their personal network, attend conferences land/or programs like our Start-up Networking Night, and so on to meet potential employers. Very few start-ups/VC firms come to campus to recruit, so we work with students on networking, informational interviewing and utilizing contacts to find job opportunities.
Megan -> Joanna I know it varies yearly, but what percentage (or range of percentages) of applicants are generally accepted off the waitlist for the full-time MBA program?
Joanna -> Megan Hello Megan, It varies by year and round. It really all depends on spots that become available in the class.
Jasmine -> Janice Hi, this is Jasmine, class 2015, currently work for pharmaceutical company. Want to know which MNC pharmas actually recruit on-campus
Janice -> Jasmine Hi Jasmine, Abbott, AbbVIe, Lily, Pfizer and Baxter. However, there are others that don't necessarily come to campus but do recruit Booth talent.
DhawanGayash -> Brennan Can you compare the difference between your expectation before joining and actual experience with the Chicago booth program?
Brennan -> DhawanGayash I'd say that my expectations were exceeded in my time at Booth. A great way to establish realistic expectations is to visit campus, either through the Campus Visit program or, once admitted, over Admit Weekend. The things I came to expect through these programs were people that are way more fun than you might think, an academic experience that focuses on "the idea," and more help than you could possibly need in your career search. Then, when I got here, it was even better: I've made some of my best friends in my student groups outside of class, I've been challenged in class and gone on to develop relationships with professors, and I had the CEO of Hyatt Hotels (an alum) reach out TO ME to ask if I wanted to talk about my career. In a word, amazing, and better than I could have expected!
Jon -> Janice Hi all. Maybe my question is best targeted at Janice. I'm hoping to go into consulting, though I plan to recruit for placement in São Paulo. Can you tell me anything about how the recruiting strategy is different for students looking to work abroad? Thanks!
Janice -> Jon Hi Jon, there isn't any real difference. Most of the firms have school recruiters who can/will put you in contact with people in international offices. But the application and networking process is the same.
Fernando -> Andres How does Chicago Booth prepare for agribusiness? Are there any specific courses aimed and better for this area? Thank you
Andres -> Fernando Hi Fernando, there is no specific course completely dedicated to Agribusiness yet... having said that, many Strategic Management, Finance and Operations courses I have taken, do have specific case studies in the agribusiness field. Some example of that would be the Cargill, Noble and Bunge cases. Also, many references in other courses to winery, fruits and other classic production systems. I would say, all in all, that Booth will help you out in being prepared to excel at diverse businesses and that's is the great thing, because agribusiness has its own characteristics; the key here is to know them and dominate them at max
konrad.marti -> Roberto Roberto: What combination of concentrations would you suggest is most appropriate for those who want to work in their family's business afterwards and why?
Roberto -> konrad.marti I eventually ended up having concentrations in Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship but I didn't really intend on getting those specific concentrations. I just took the classes that I thought would be helpful for my specific plans after graduation and the future in general. I guess it depends on what role you want to take within your family business and what your areas of opportunity are as far as your development.
HVF -> Catherine Hello and thank you for hosting this chat.My name is Hugo, I´m a pharmacy resident at a hospital in Madrid and considering an MBA as my next step, being my main (after-MBA) goals getting to work in Healthcare management for a Pharmaceutical or in strategy consulting. I´m wondering if having a so different background can hurt my chances, particularly in the case of consulting. Thank you very much.
Catherine -> HVF Hi Hugo. We see students come to Booth with a wide variety of pre-MBA experiences, and certainly if you have a background as a pharmacist you would bring a lot of knowledge of the healthcare industry with you. Consulting recruiters tend also to value diversity of prior experience, so to me, your background would lend itself quite nicely to your post-MBA career goals, and we in Career Services would be happy to work with you to help develop your story. Best of luck!
pallavie -> Shuang Hi, This is Dr. Pallavi Yadav. I am a physician who is interested in the healthcare management. My question is about the job market after earning an MBA in healthcare. what companies tend to look for and what sort of growth can be expected by a professional degree holder who has had no corporate experience.
Shuang -> pallavie Hi, Pallavi, I'm excited to meet another fellow advanced degree holder. I myself have a Ph.D in Immunology and had the same questions 2 years ago. Healthcare is one of most exciting job markets for fresh MBA grads. Employers coming on campus to Booth range from large pharma and biotech, medical device companies, to healthcare service payors and provides (insurance companies, hospitals etc). In addition, many consulting firms are actively looking for talents in the healthcare space, both in products and service areas. I myself focused in the healthcare sector during my summer with McKinsey.
Moderator -> Joanna Beatrice___Wanhong_Li: Dear Admission Officer: will mastering French and Spanish count in evaluating my application?
Joanna -> Moderator Hello Beatrice, second languages are not required, but can certainly help us understand a bit more about you.
Moderator -> Everyone Please feel free to continue submitting any questions you might have at this time.
SG -> Matthew N. Hi Matt, I have a background similar to yours. Did you intern with any data-analytics companies during the summer? What other analytics-focused resources are available at Booth
Matthew N. -> SG I actually tried something completely different this past summer and realized that I really wanted to get back to data analysis and try it out in a new field. The Statistics and Econometrics department here is very strong with in depth classes on Regressions, Data Mining, Sports Analytics, etc.
swap -> Catherine hi catherine; do u help students to get the work visa for business in isa.
Catherine -> swap Swap, we at Booth do not help students secure visas of any kind for work in the U.S. The University of Chicago's Office of International Affairs (OIA) would be able to help you with any visa-related questions.
Megan -> Chris H. Hello all! I have a question for Chris Howland. I ultimately want to work in content development/production for talk shows, particularly shows related to economic policy analysis. I’m extremely interested in joining the Media, Entertainment, and Sports Group at Booth. One thing I’ve been wondering about is which classes would be particularly useful to someone interested in learning more about the media industry. Do you have any thoughts on that? I know Professor Shapiro and Professor Gentzkow have done extensive research in the media economics area, but I’m not sure if any of the courses they teach reflect that. Also, what would you say the best networking opportunities at Booth are for students interested in a job in media?
Chris H. -> Megan Hi Megan. In terms of specific courses, Prof Austan Goolsbee's course "Economics and Policy in the Telecom, Media and Technology Industries" comes to mind. Also, as you may have found, negotiations is an important skill set in the industry. Prof George Wu's strategies and processes of negotiation is another to consider. In regards to networking, MESG organizes a NYC and LA Trek where students visit an assortment of companies and high-level executives(including Booth alum). The NY Trek met with Hearst, Bloomberg, the Food Network, ESPN, MLB, etc... And, the LA Trek met with Hulu, Media Rights Capital, Fox TV Networks, Warner Bros TV, Davie Brown Entertainment, Sony Pictures, and Comerica's Entertainment Group. In addition, a number of Booth alum have visited campus for various events/speaker series. They include Disney CFO Jay Rasulo, Sony Pictures Finance Director Dhiren Patel, and BET's VP of original programming Michael Armstrong. Finally, policy is another strong suit of the university. David Axelrod's new Institute of Politics has hosted a range of esteemed guests including the Obama and McCain political campaigns, Madeline Albright, Jon Huntsman, etc... Hope this helps.
kevink -> Janice I am focusing more on the international development route. Are there Booth students who are successful in obtaining internships at the UN or World Bank? Also what other internships related to international development have you all seen?
Janice -> kevink Hi Kevin, yes, we have had students who were successful with that type of job search. We also have relationships with the IFC as well as IMF.
Ben_Woodman -> Shilpa This is a rather specific question- Do Booth courses emphasize the use of a particular statistical software? I know some schools use Stata, while others use SPSS, SAS, R, etc. Thanks!
Shilpa -> Ben_Woodman Hi Ben_Woodman! Thanks for the question :) You will find here at Booth we use quite a mix of statistical software in our courses. Each professor has their own preferences, and I enjoy that because I really have been able to learn to work with quite a few different kinds of software rather than just getting to know one. For example, in our regressions and statistics courses most professors like to use R. In Data Driven Marketing, we used Stata. We also learn to dissect Nielsen Data, which is important for those interested in Marketing or Brand management. Basically, there is no specific preference for statistical software- the professors each provide their students access to whatever they feel will best teach the concepts related to the course! Hope that helps :)
Yvena -> Brennan Hi Brennan, I'm interested in switching to the Hospitality & Leisure industry, specifically on the hotel side. I wanted to know what curriculum choices would best prepare a student to be successful in that industry?
Brennan -> Yvena Hi Yvena - In part, the best choices for you will depend on what your functional preference is when you graduate (e.g., following the Finance curriculum to pursue a corporate finance role). In general, though, I would say the Operations curriculum is a must, especially including Professor Eisenstein's Services Operations Management. In addition, Professor Birge teaches a course in Revenue Management that may be useful. Next, the Marketing curriculum will definitely be useful to you (as it is such a brand driven industry), particularly Professor Middlebrooks' Marketing of Services. Finally, you may find Professor Pagliari's Real Estate Investments courses interesting, if you want to pursue the development side of the business. I hope this helps!
hernan -> Roberto Hello everyone. Thanks for the invitation.I have a question for Roberto. Do you plan to stay at Farggi in Barcelona for a long time, or a part of your plan is to return to your family business. If so, how has your stay at Booth prepared you for greater responsibility in your family business?
Roberto -> hernan Hello Hernan. Farggi Barcelona is actually my family's business as well, but my plan is to return to Mexico in the medium to long term. As far as how Booth has helped me for greater responsibility, I think the answer to that could be very long! The most important points, in my opinion, are acquiring the technical and managerial skills needed to take on more responsibility, the leadership skills obtained through experience outside the class like in the family enterprise group, and also the confidence to take on more challenges. I hope this answers your question.
Alain -> Janice Hi Joanna, does the University of Chicago Booth have networking opportunities with the United Nations?
Janice -> Alain Hi Alain, we do have connections with the UN. You will have to do quite a bit of networking though but totally feasible.
mkurt -> Chris H. Thank you all for your time! My question is for Chris. I currently work in corporate finance for a large media and entertainment company, and I am very interested in transitioning into strategy/business development. Why did you decide to participate in a directed study on film finance strategy, and how did you initiate that process/determine the topic of study? Is the directed study intertwined with your internship?
Chris H. -> mkurt Hi mkurt. My goal after graduation is to transition to a finance role at a film company, so a directed study offered an opportunity to learn more about that function and to expand my network of contacts. Since I'm doing the study with another student (who is in the weekend program and is a senior financial analyst at Fox), we were able to consolidate our contacts to reach out to a number of firms. The topic evolved as we reached out to the various firms. the internship is a separate endeavor. It's going to be a busy summer.
Makeda -> Matthew N. Can you talk about what leadership development programs are available at Booth ?
Matthew N. -> Makeda Leadership development is actually a big focus here at Booth. The first course you take (and the only required course here) is called LEAD, which focuses specifically on ways to develop your leadership skills. The course is taught by 40 second year students, so you have the opportunity to lead the class in your second year. There are also dozens of very active student groups that are completely student run, so you have the opportunity to lead those groups as well.
Zubin -> Joanna To All/Any - I have been waitlisted for 2013 admission. Has anyone been waitlisted and/or what was that process like? How can I bring some attention to my candidacy
Joanna -> Zubin Hello Zubin, I am part of the admissions committee but can try to answer your question. It's best to follow any directions you are receiving in your waitlist email updates. You can feel free to submit additional info, but know it is not required. It really is up to you.
KevinKwok -> Andres In the long term, I would like to start my own non-profit in West Africa where I had worked before. Agribusiness was the major income for the people I worked with. What resources does Booth offer in this industry that will benefit me in the future if I focus primarily on developing countries?
Andres -> KevinKwok Hi Kevin. For a start, the African Group just arrived precisely from West Africa where they organized a Spring Break trip with 20 Booth students. The trip was 50% tourism and 50% business. Other groups went to Latam and Asia. The student base is so diverse that you will get a chance to connect where ever you aim. Regarding the agribusiness industry, we have the FEAD Group (I am one of the co-chairs), one of the largest at campus, and basically we cover every link of the food chain, from farm to fork. We have many resources and events to help you out prepare for the field.
thaispxavier -> Joanna Thank you Joanna. I would like to know if there is a specific order in which waitlisted candidates are evaluated or if you constantly assess them all based on what type of candidates accept their offer?
Joanna -> thaispxavier thaispxavier, waitlisted applications are all reviewed together each round. There is no specific order or preference.
Yvena -> Brennan Hi there again Brennan, I've been researching the Travel, Transportation and Hospitality group and have reached out to some of the members to gain more insight on their experiences within the industry. What were your most valuable takeaways from your involvement in this group?
Brennan -> Yvena Hello again Yvena - Most valuable to me were the industry contacts I made on behalf of the group, but which turned into great personal contacts, as well. For example, InterContinental Hotels reached out asking if we would like to run a hotel back of house tour with them (which we did!), and this led to me attending a multi-school MBA hospitality trek to Las Vegas that was sponsored in part by IHG.
Leo -> Catherine Hi, I am interested in a career managing an endowment or a portfolio within a non-for-profit sector. I have a public policy and a military background, would you say that Booth would make an appropriate fit, given my plans and background?
Catherine -> Leo Hi Leo, we have seen a growing number of Booth students take an interest in the non-profit space, so you would definitely find students with similar interests. Not being able to see your resume it's difficult to be able to speak to specifics, but having a military background certainly lends itself well to a variety of career paths and experience in public policy seems valuable as well. We have a variety of resources to support students interested in not-for-profit, including the Net Impact student group, and the Community Catalyst Fund, which provides supplementary summer income for students who secure non-profit/government internships.
Alain -> Janice Hi Janice, does the University of Chicago have networking opportunities with organizations such as the United Nations or the IMF? Or did the successful students you mentioned actively search for those internships independently?
Janice -> Alain Hi Alain, it's actually a combination of both. They post their positions with us, but don't necessarily come to campus.
Kshitij -> Joanna What are the chances of getting in for somebody who already has an MBA but is looking to join Chicago Booth for a 2nd one because (a) International exposure (b) Enhanced learning (c) better alumni base?
Joanna -> Kshitij Hello Kshitij, it really depends on whether or not the 2nd MBA makes sense for you or your career at the time and how you tell your story. We have had students in the past for which they were applying for their 2nd MBA.
Taiwo -> Shuang Hi Sarah, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. What courses, clubs, and activities have you taking to prepare you for consulting in the healthcare sector at McKinsey?
Shuang -> Taiwo Hi Taiwo, this is a great question! Curriculum wise, I focused on the foundation courses in my first quarter and started to taking courses such as competitive strategy, operations etc. leading to my consulting internship interviews in the winter quarter. During my two years at Booth, I took a range of classes in different function areas, including finance and marketing etc.
Management consulting club provides excellent resources for students interested in consulting careers. There are activities from networking, resume review to mock interviews etc.

Career service office also provides programing specifically tailors to consulting. As a Second year career advisor, I spent lots of time in the fall and winter helping first years to get ready. Other second years also generously offer up their time for first years.
pallavie -> Joanna can you specify on the demographics of the class based on their undergrad/grad field of study?
Joanna -> pallavie pallavie, You can check out our class profile here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/students/
Al -> Brennan Hello, does Booth offer any courses on Project Finance?
Brennan -> Al Hi Al - I'm not aware of any classes dedicated to Project Finance alone, but I do know that it is covered within the Corporate Finance curriculum here at Booth, in classes such as Corporate Finance (I took Professor Sufi, who was great), Cases in Financial Management and Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance (both with Professor Rock, who is also great!).
KAI -> Joanna Hello all, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. How do admissions view a candidate who attended a community college, then a second tier state university with a GPA of 3.8 vs. a candidate graduated from a top school with a 3.0 GPA? both candiates achieved 700+ on the GMAT, similar work experiences. thanks
Joanna -> KAI Kai, our admissions process is a holistic one and it is impossible to say anything about a candidate based only on GPA and school information. But I can say that the school itself is not as important as what a student does or achieves.
Yvena -> Janice Hi Janice, what companies in the hospitality & leisure industry recruit Booth students? How does Career Services assist students with this industry interest get placed with these companies?
Janice -> Yvena Hi Yvena, we do have great relationships with companies like Hyatt, Starwoods, Gucci, Coach LVMH just to name a few. Some of these companies recruit on-campus but there is an off campus approach that you would have to couple with that.
Yama -> Catherine Regarding international applicants, how flexible is to find jobs in US or abroad?
Catherine -> Yama Hi Yama, roughly one-third of our student body is international, so we do a lot of work with international students looking for employment in either the U.S. or abroad. Flexibility for international students who wish to work abroad varies depending on the country. For international students who wish to work in the U.S., it is important to understand the stance companies of interest take on work authorization. For positions listed on our internal job database, employers indicate their work authorization needs, and students can apply accordingly. However, we have seen a number of international students apply for jobs where work authorization was a requirement, and still get hired because the company determined that they were the best person for the job.
sansb -> Matthew N. Hello Matt, what are your expectations to land a job in sport analytics? What help are you receiving from Booth?
Matthew N. -> sansb Jobs in sports are complicated because they don't typically have standard recruiting processes. However, several sporting teams have posted job openings on our career site and the Career Services department here is very active in helping students get in touch with alumni and other related contacts in the industry. Additionally, the Media, Entertainment and Sports Group has hosted several conferences bringing in big names in sports and offering great networking opportunities.
BD -> Roberto Roberto - can you describe some of the main activities of the Family Business club? What opportunities are there for students to explore whether they want to join (or start their own) family business?
Roberto -> BD Hello BD. We have done a lot of different activities in the FEG these past 2 years. We have brought family business alumni to speak about their experience (father and son, siblings, cousins, etc) which have been very successful and enlightening. We also have more informal quarterly socials where we discuss our own experience and plans. I think that being part of the FEG is helpful since it exposes you to the issues that are common in these businesses and many different perspectives behind them, so it will probably be helpful in your decision on whether to join or not.
Samantha -> Shilpa Hi Silva! I am interested in the variety of your concentrations at Booth. Could you talk about how your interest in organizational behavior has helped prepare you for reaching your future goals?
Shilpa -> Samantha Hi Samantha- thanks for the question. The organizational behavior concentration has been one of my favorites to pursue here at Booth. I know a lot of people tend to associate Booth as a quant school- which is definitely a strong suit of Booth, but you'll be interested to know we have just as strong of a curriculum in Social, Leadership, Environment, and Behavior-based courses. I have found that the Practice of Leadership in Business (taught by Professor Linda Ginzel) was eye-opening to me to learn more about myself and my values when I am inspiring others in a team and organizational setting. Managing and Organizations is also a very helpful course in understanding the nuances that arise as a leader in a corporate setting (personnel evaluations, politics, etc...), and also the Strategic Leadership course taught by Ron Burt was amazing to better understand how network structures can really propel a career or hinder one. It was an eye opening experience to understand how statistically significant advances in your career can be based on your network surrounding and how to recognize when you need to get out of a situation that you may find yourself in as a leader of an organization. Great class!
Zubin -> Chris H. @Chris H - can you tell me about Booth's program placement with media opportunities? I'm interested in joining a media fund after getting more financial training at Booth. What resources would be available to me
Chris H. -> Zubin Hi Zubin. Booth has two main resources for placement in media and entertainment: Career Services and the NYC and LA Treks. A number of our members have strong rolodexes in the industry, so the Treks have been especially helpful. The NYC Trek met with high-level executives (including alum) at Bloomberg, MLB, the Food Network, Hearst, and a number of other firms. The LA Trek met with Fox TV Networks, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros TV, Hulu, Media Rights Capital (MRC), Davie Brown Entertainment, Comerica's Entertainment Group, and FilmDistrict. Finally, since Booth has a pretty solid representation in the industry, Career Services has also helped facilitate introductions. Ex. Disney's CFO Jay Rasulo, BET's Michael Armstrong, Sony Pictures' Dhiren Patel, Netflix's CFO.
HugoMoline -> Andres I'm planning go to Study with my Family, do you have a Housing Office (Living on Campus ) or a Family support program.
Andres -> HugoMoline Hi Hugo, I am married myself and have a baby on the way. Many of my friends are married and a great bunch of them have kids. The University is very caring in helping you out with everything related to family: health care, support, getting settled down, having fun, everything! Every Friday, the School encourages families to come to campus and enjoy a cocktail at LPF. Lots of people come and it is a great way to gather the whole family together. For those families that have kids going to school, Hyde Park is generally the choice. Happy to answer any other more specific questions about family!
Dino -> Brennan Hello, I'm hoping someone (maybe Brennan as he mentioned Hyatt Hotels) could speak to the opportunities available, or which organizations hire, coming out of Booth specifically in the hospitality / hotel industry, and preferably at the luxury / international level.
Brennan -> Dino Hi Dino - I've had contact with most of the major U.S.-based hotel chains during my time here at Booth, and all of them are willing to hire Booth students. I had offers from both Hilton and Hyatt, Starwood comes to campus to recruit, and I have made great contacts at IHG (which is ramping up its internship programs) and Marriott (which doesn't hire interns, but which will hire full-time). Hilton, in particular, I know has MBA interns in their Luxury brands department.
sameer -> Catherine Hi, i want to know the limitations foreign students face with work visa in US specifically. I heard besides management consulting companies, its a issue and specially with CPG industry.
Catherine -> sameer Sameer -- check out the response I just sent to Yama regarding international students. We do find corporate employers tend to want students with U.S. work authorization, but we also know they will make exceptions based on who is the best candidate for the job. Consulting is certainly not the only option!
Prasun -> Joanna I have just applied to Booth School in Round 3. The reason was that I was quite involved with my company until as recent as Mar'13 because of a strategic buyout of my start-up in India. My question is what is probability of an international student being admitted especially if he has an H4 Visa (as my wife works in Booz & Co. in Chicago)?
Joanna -> Prasun Hello Prasun, While we advise international students to apply in Rounds 1 or 2 to allow plenty of time to obtain a visa, it is still very doable for Round 3 admits to also get their visas in order as well. Some countries may be tougher, but overall we see very few issues each year. Good luck.
mkurt -> Chris H. Do many media & entertainment companies recruit at Booth for full-time opportunities and internships, or do students interested in the industry primarily take the lead in finding opportunities with the help of the Booth network?
Chris H. -> mkurt Hi mkurt. Given the nature of the media and entertainment business (highly desirable industry, hiring just-in-time, and not traditionally MBA-centric) they don't do much recruiting on campus. It's really up to students via Career Services, student groups, and their own initiative to reach our for opportunities. Certainly having the Booth reputation behind you when you reach out has proven to be a big help.
Jasmine -> Rohit About the GPHAP program, where could we find the details of curriculum? The website seems to provide limited information
Rohit -> Jasmine Hi Jasmine, the GPHAP program is coordinated through the SSA school. Here's the general website (https://ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap) and program requirements (https://ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap-program-requirements). There are two required classes, one in Spring quarter of your first and second years, two healthcare elective classes which can be taken across the university as well as brief writeup of co-curricular events. If you have further questions after looking through the website, feel free to email the director Laura Botwinick -- she's fairly responsive and always willing to help (lbotwinick@uchicago.edu).
snachu -> Janice I'm a Product Manager for an electronics manufacturing company in a B2B setting. I'm looking to make a switch to B2C companies in a similar role immediately after graduation. What type of relationship does Booth Career Services have with innovative companies in the tech space like Amazon, Intuit, Apple, etc.? In your experience what type of characteristics should a candidate posses to be attractive to these types of recruiters?
Janice -> snachu Hi Snachu, we do indeed have great relationships with companies like those as well as google and some others. I think being passionate about a particular company and their opportunity. Being able to tell your story in a compelling way as well as making a case for why you're the best candidate for the role speaks volumes.
Jay_Ajit_Dash -> Shilpa Hi Shilpa, this is Jayajit. How important would you say is it for one to be well conversant with statistical software like R and Stata? Would you recommend learning these beforehand or would Excel skills suffice for the MBA class?
Shilpa -> Jay_Ajit_Dash Hi Jayajit! Great question! Absolutely NOT a requirement to know Stata or R (or any specific software) before coming to Booth. I did not know the software myself, and did well in the courses. The professors will provide you with the information you need to know on how to run the software in class, but I will be honest and say I did a fair amount of work outside of class to ensure I understood exactly how to use the software. Your peers are also a great resource and the professors generally hold out-of-class sessions with the TA's to help tutor any student that needs additional practice. You will be well taken care of!
Taiwo -> Shuang My goal is to join a consulting firm where I can help clients grow through business process reengineering (BPR). I feel my goal may require more granularity to be effective? Did you have to specify an industry-of-focus or did you have prior experience in that industry prior to Booth? I am considering the healthcare industry.
Shuang -> Taiwo Hi Taiwo, a nice follow-up to your prior healthcare consulting question! In my case, I have a healthcare background (Ph.D in Immunology) prior to Booth. But many fellow classmates successfully recruited for healthcare jobs without prior background. Most consulting firms employ one of two recruiting models: generalist vs specialist. The generalist model hires fresh MBA grads with no or minimal industry background. New hires will be staffed on various industries before starting to specialize in one area. The specialist model hire according to needs in specific industries and generally require more prior experience. Students at Booth successfully recruited for both models.
Piyush -> Roberto Hi! Roberto. In context of agribusiness, how relevant is Chicago Booth's MBA program?
Roberto -> Piyush Hi Piyush. Although there is not a lot of (if any) agribusiness specific programming in the curriculum, there are a number of classes that I have found helpful from my own experience, ranging from risk management to behavioral classes. There are also excellent student groups out there like FEAD that have a much more specific focus on the industry. So, in conclusion, I think Booth's flexibility is very helpful in tailoring your MBA to your specific needs and interests and the student groups are an excellent addition in filling in any gaps.
asinha7 -> Joanna Hi Joanna, what is the timeline for 3rd round interview and do you have flexibility for work scehdule conflicts?
Joanna -> asinha7 asinha7: interview decisions will be released next week and interviews will occur the last week of April. You can schedule interviews when convenient for you within the defined interviewing period.
Leo -> Joanna Are there any finaid resources such as fellowships or scholarships that are available to MBA students?
Joanna -> Leo Hello leo, you can read about scholarships and fellowships here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships
Chapin -> Brennan Would anyone be able to speak about course offerings in Real Estate (beyond student groups and the alumni association)? I've applied to other MBA programs with established RE departments/concentrations but I'm a little less clear on the structure at Booth. Thanks.
Brennan -> Chapin Hi Chapin - The Real Estate track at Booth is primarily taught by Professor Pagliari. The track includes Real Estate I, Real Estate II, and Real Estate Lab: Real Estate Challenge, in which selected students compete in the Zell | Booth-Kellogg Real Estate Challenge. In addition, there is a new course in Housing and the Economy (taught by Professor Stroebel) which I would add to that track.
amrish -> Catherine Hi. Do VC firms prefer students of particular age and background for internship and full time jobs ? How can one prepare for a career in VC financing pre-mba ? what courses at booth are aligned to VC financing career path ?
Catherine -> amrish Hi Amrish, it's hard to make a generalization because VC firms vary so much by industry, stage, etc., but we have seen students be successful landing VC jobs who have backgrounds in investing, consulting, operations, or entrepreneurship. I don't see age being a factor as much as prior years of work experience. There is plenty of time and opportunity to prepare for a career in VC once you start at Booth! if you're interested in doing something this summer, you can read up on industries of interest, reach out to people in the VC space within your personal/professional network, and further reflect on your career interests and goals.
hernan2 -> Matthew N. For Matthew N. Between your Statistics, Operations and Strategic Management concentrations, which one has surprised you more in terms of "state of the art" discussions, the quality of the lectures and the impact in your career decisions and management capabilities?
Matthew N. -> hernan2 I have been pleasantly surprised with the high quality discussions of almost all of my courses here at Booth. The professors are excellent at leveraging the diverse backgrounds and wealth of knowledge of the students and building a great educational environment. I'm currently enrolled in a very interesting Data Mining class that uses regressions on very large data sets to help predict future behavior, which has really fueled my interest to continue to pursue data analysis after school.
Vijay -> Janice Hi everyone. Thanks for hosting this chat. My name is Vijay and my question is directed at Janice. One of the concerns that my non-MBA colleagues have been raising is that career services often find it difficult to place experienced candidates. I didnt think it would be an issue and would like to hear from you.
Janice -> Vijay Hi Vijay, it's not difficult. We have great relationships with firms across industries on various levels. For the most part, companies are recruiting out students into entry level MBA careers, but if you have a compelling background with tons and tons of relevant experience, then our company contacts can direct you accordingly.
Megan -> Chris H. Thank you for answering that, Joanna. I thought there might be a general trend in the waitlist, but it seems it is pretty volatile then. Chris, that information is a huge help! I actually contacted Professor Goolsbee, and with your and his tips, I think I have a good idea of the classes I would take. If you have time for one last question on the topic, I wondered if you’ve noticed many first-year students acquiring summer internships at these networking events, and if so, what sort of jobs/projects have they been given?
Chris H. -> Megan That's great to hear Megan. I'm planning on taking Prof. Goolsbee's course next spring. From what my friends in his current section have said, he's an incredible resource. Yes, our trek was really helpful. A number of our members are currently interviewing for a variety of positions. Ex. Corporate development at Media Rights Capital, CAA (analyst with their boutique investment bank Evolution Media Capital, agency business development, and agency business affairs), brand development at Mattell, Stats, LLC, brand management at Gatorade, and analytics at Intersport. In addition, alum have been great with sending us opportunities. I know Hulu sent us something on content acquisition a while back.
mmelloy -> Rohit I heard something from a current student at an admissions event that I wanted to follow up with: Is it true that U of C does not release grades after the program ends? If so, why is that?
Rohit -> mmelloy Hi mmelloy. You will get grades at the end of each academic quarter for every class.

I think your question is referencing the Booth Grade Non-Disclosure policy. This is a Booth-only policy and is not applicable across the rest of the university. In general terms, the Booth GND policy basically says that as students, we agree not to share our grades or GPA with employers for either internship or full-time recruiting. The primary goal of this is to encourage students to challenge themselves with coursework, take interesting classes and also partake in all aspects of the MBA experience.
Moderator -> Everyone We've reached the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit any questions you may have for our panelists.
Jo -> Catherine What can first-year students do in the pre-MBA summer to prepare for the recruiting process?
Catherine -> Jo Hi Jo -- you'll get information about taking the CareerLeader test this summer, which is an assessment that will help you better understand your strengths and areas of interest. Stay tuned to the Admitted Students website for more information on that. As for anything else, it's really up to you! You can spend time reflecting on your career goals, reading up on industries/functions of interest or network with any personal/professional contacts. Or you can just take a break and relax! We provide a lot of career-related programming beginning during orientation and extending throughout your time at Booth, so you'll certainly have the opportunity to prepare for your job search.
Jasmine -> Janice For those pharmaceutical companies not recruiting on-site, how will the career services in Booth help students out thru job hunting? (Are Novartis, Genetech/Roche in your pool?)
Janice -> Jasmine Hi Jasmine, we do have relationships with those companies from an off-campus perspective, however, we do facilitiate networking opportunities for students and the companies.
Zubin -> Joanna To Any/All - as I mentioned I am currently waitlisted. Supposing I am not admitted but am living in Chicago, how difficult is it to "audit" classes and/or take coursework for enrichment purposes without necessarily getting a degree. Is there a program for this or is it limited to the Executive MBA?
Joanna -> Zubin Hello Zubin, you can study through our Graham School. Learn more here: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/
Peter.Pang -> Andres Hi everyone. I have a question for Andres and Roberto. I am currently working in the agri-business as a trader and would like to continue to work in the same industry. Do you think Booth offers an advantage in agri-business over other top-tier MBA programs due to its location?
Andres -> Peter.Pang Hi Peter, for a start, we are the only MBA that has a Group dedicated to Food & Ag. The group is FEAD (Food, Environment, Agribusiness and Development). We are focused on every link of the food chain, everything from farm to fork. As you know, the finance link of the chain is very important. We have a group visit to the CBOT (CME) and we do that every quarter. We visit the trading floor and have sessions with management at the house. Being located at the heart of the Mid West is a competitive advantage since most of the agribusiness market leaders are near by (ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Dreyfus). Booth is one of the very few Schools where these companies (A&C) recruit ON-campus. Also, the FEAD group keeps close contact with ABCD and the synergies have been excelling since last year.
Ewerson -> Roberto Hi everyone! Could you comment about Booth experience for international students?
Roberto -> Ewerson Hi Ewerson. Thats a pretty general question but I will do my best! For me as an international student, my experience here has surpassed my expectations in every aspect. I have met and made friends with highly successful and amazing people from all over, I've been exposed to different cultures, travelling abroad, etc. I think you will find that there are a lot of people in the same situation as you and everybody is very open and willing to make friends, which has made the experience that much better. From a professional standpoint, has been amazing to hear about people's experience working and building enterprises around the world and it has been very enriching. I hope this helps!
Kendra -> Elspeth Elspeth, I am interested in brand management - likely in the CPG industry. I do, however, want to explore the Retail, Apparel & Luxury group while in school. What kinds of brand management opportunities are available in this area? Do companies come to campus to recruit or would I have to rely more on the Booth network to discover opportunities in this area?
Elspeth -> Kendra Hi Kendra,
There are many recruiting opportunities at Booth within the retail and consumer space. While a variety of CPG firms recruit on campus for brand management roles there are also many companies in the retail industry that source Booth talent. When conducting my internship search I participated in on-campus recruiting and also reached out to the Booth network across a variety of companies in the retail space. I found there were substantial opportunities both on campus and off campus through the Booth network. Hope this helps! :)
Beatrice_Li -> Shuang Dear Admission Officer: is it possible to travel internationally with fellow students? Will business and political leaders present themselves at these travels to broaden our network?
Shuang -> Beatrice_Li Hi Beatrice, Booth has many international treks available for students! From the very beginning of first years, admits go on "Random Walks" that are led by second years to many exciting locations around the world. There are usually a few student group organized treks during winter and spring breaks. These range from purely recreational trips (Ski trip, Cabo trip) to hybrid trips that combine company visits and sight seeing.

I myself have recently gone to Ghana during spring break with fellow students. We visited a variety of companies from Cargill's cocoa plant, SABMiller to local boutique banks and major international organizations such as IFC. We even met with the Vice President of Ghana! Check this out: http://business.peacefmonline.com/news/201303/159762.php. We also had a blast visiting local tourists attractions (Elmina castle etc.).

At Booth, you will never have to travel alone!
dlbowman -> Shilpa How has the flexibility of Booth affected how you have made friends and established workgroups?
Shilpa -> dlbowman Hi Dlbowman! Great question! The flexibility of Booth has only helped my peers and I make friends and study or project groups! From the get go, as a first year you are in your cohort which helps you to make a close-knit bond with a few first years, but you are also taking classes with 2nd years, which helps expand your network and get a broader sense of community at Booth. Because we are always interacting with both our own class peers and the class below/above us, the students here make a diverse set of friends and everyone is very supportive. I have loved having the flexibility to learn from second years when I was a first year and now as a second year, I really value the fresh perspectives that our first years bring to the table in both a classroom and social setting.
nick -> Janice Does Booth have alumini's at PE firms like Bain Capital? I ask this as the mega funds do not have any mention on the employment report.
Janice -> nick Hi Nick, yes, we do have a relationship with a lot of PE Firms including Bain Capital. The firms in the employment report are firms that hire 4 or more of our students in that particular year. So it could be the case that firms like Bain Capital hire a Booth student or two, just not four to make it onto the list.
mba2014 -> Matthew N. Hi, I am ash. I am from a consulting background in health care and would like to switch to social entrepreneur ship post my MBA. How will Booth help me in the transition? Can you please let me know what kind of classes, courses would help me at Booth?
Matthew N. -> mba2014 Hey Ash, I concentrated in entrepreneurship at Booth and they have some amazing resources here. The entrepreneurship professors are some of the best at the school. In particular to your case, there is a program called the Social New Venture Challenge which helps students start new social venture and can even potentially offer them funding. There is also an Entrepreneurial Internship Program to help you get started over the summer between your first and second year.
Al -> Brennan Thanks Brennan. Glad to know Project Finance topics were covered. Did you guys go through any case studies involving infrastructure projects? I would love to know given by background in public infrastructure projects.
Brennan -> Al Hi Al - I'm thinking back to previous quarters and trying to remember specific cases - in Cases in Financial Management, we did a case on the development of MCI Communications' network, as well as a case on Gulf Oil's exploration group. In International Corporate Finance we did a case on Petrozuata's use of project financing. Just this past week in Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance, we did a case on Diamond Chemicals' plant refurbishment that used project finance techniques. And finally, I see another case on the syllabus in Advanced Topics entitled, "Euro Disneyland S.C.A.: The Project Financing" !
nick -> Catherine Hi. How many internships can a student complete during his tenure at Booth?
Catherine -> nick Hi Nick -- the quick answer is, it depends. Full-time students can participate in one cycle of on-campus interviewing for summer internships, which happens during the winter quarter of your first year. That said, we also see a handful of students who -- presuming it works with their primary internship's schedule -- do a shorter 2nd internship in the summer, usually during the end of August/into September before classes begin. Some students may also line up their own part-time internships during the school year. These types of internships would most likely be arranged through the student's own networking/connections.
jaycee -> Chris H. This question is more for Chris, though I welcome any insights for the career services folks- I am interested in marketing in the media/entertainment sector, which I know generally doesn't go through the "traditional" types of campus recruiting. Beyond the MESG treks, how has Booth's career services helped to facilitate those opps for you?
Chris H. -> jaycee Hi Jaycee. The key is to specify the industry and the function with career services. Once you've do so, then they can put you in touch with a number of alumni in that particular area or people who might know people in that area. For instance, I've received a couple of requests since I have a personal connection with one of the marketing directors at Warner Bros and the CEO of Davie Brown Entertainment (entertainment marketing firm).
konrad.marti -> Roberto Roberto: Thanks a lot for answering my questions. Are there any specific courses at Booth for family businesses, e.g. addressing succession planning or corporate governance topics?
Roberto -> konrad.marti Konrad, unfortunately no, there is no specific family business programming. However, that's where the FEG comes in! We have brought in numerous alumni, and also faculty from other schools that do offer these courses, to speak about that. For instance, we recently had an FEG co-chair, 2 of his cousins and a professor from Kellogg come to speak about their family's business case in family organization and corporate governance. We also had a father-son team come in and talk about succession. In general, you can have some very good and in-depth exposure to these topics if you are interested in them.
Booth13_Boston -> Janice Hi - I am hoping to work in Boston following Booth, ideally within tech (Google, Yahoo, or similar). Regarding on-campus recruiting, do many companies recruit directly for Boston, or provide an option for prospective employees who wish to work in Boston?
Janice -> Booth13_Boston Hi Booth13, when applying to jobs the location of that job will be visible. If Boston isn't one of the locations you are absolutely able to network and work with the recruiter to find out if being in Boston is an option.
Mahesha -> Joanna I understand that there is no minimum GMAT score requirement. But what has been the lowest score accepted? How much weight does it carry in the application process?
Joanna -> Mahesha Mahesha, the process overall is very holistic, so there is no one piece of the application to keep you from being admitted, or denied. However, the GMAT can be a strong indication of how prepared you are here for a rigorous curriculum, so we always urge people to put forth their best effort.
Yvena -> Brennan Hi Brennan, thanks for your previous responses! Especially as an industry switcher, what resources and professional organizations do you find most useful to keep up with the Hospitality & Leisure industry?
Brennan -> Yvena Hi Yvena - as a Hilton employee (both last summer and soon full time), I have access to something called the Daily Lodging Report published by HVS and Gaming USA Corp., which is great. There is also a SmartBrief on Travel & Lodging published by the AH&LA which you can subscribe to for free, which was helpful during my job search. As to professional organizations, I haven't joined any yet, but I'm sure I will soon!
Ritwik -> Chris H. Chris - I come from a data warehousing background and interested in analytics. I am also interested in MESG industry. What kind of jobs are available in analytics in sports and media and who are the preferred employers?
Chris H. -> Ritwik Hi Ritwit. A number of our members have accepted positions in sports analytics at firms such as STATs, LLC, Octogon, Intersport, and SpotHero to name a few. The jobs vary in terms of function.
Taiwo -> Janice Thanks Janice! Are you familiar with firms that consult to early-stage or small healthcare providers? Do these firms recruit at Booth?
Janice -> Taiwo Hi Taiwo, off the top of my head, I am not. However, I'm sure we have some relationships in that area.
nick -> Joanna On an average, how much does the overall cost come up to? Including living, travel, international visits, treks, etc?
Joanna -> nick Hello Nick, it is different for each person depending on how many extracurriculars they pursue, how much they want to travel, or their social life for example. But you can get a general idea here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Vijay- -> Andres Is anyone on the panel planning on transitioning to General Managemebt and Strategy roles? I am a research specialist and focused on pivoting to a GM internship in the short-term.
Andres -> Vijay- Hi Vijay. There are many roles in the GM space and certainly a lot of opportunities within the job search field. To obtain the GM concentration in your MBA diploma, you just have to cover every function and foundation but one (finance, marketing, operations, decisions, people, strategy, business environment, etc.) Hold on, this is pretty easy to do! Specially if you are looking forward to GM, then you will for sure try and keep broader in your course picking. The Strategic Management concentration is gained with some extra courses which you would certainly enjoy.
pallavie -> Elspeth how active is the alumni in job recruiting. do they come visit campus often. is it true that Booth alumni are largely based in the midwest?
Elspeth -> pallavie Hi pallavie, from my experience in both on campus and off campus recruiting, Booth alumni were extremely active in the process. Alumni were on campus extensively during the fall recruiting season and continue to be present throughout the year. Off campus, alumni are very accessible, willing to speak with current students and help out in any way! To answer your question about where Booth alumni are based, I have spoken with alumni from Seattle, LA and NYC to Paris and London. I found the alumni network to be very global. Hope this answers your question!
Samuel -> Catherine I currently work in the entertainment industry (corp. finance), but want to transition to banking following my MBA. What programs and services does Booth provide to prepare students for a possible career change into banking?
Catherine -> Samuel Hi Samuel -- we see a large number, close to two-thirds of the first year class -- making a career change, so you'd definitely be in good company. In terms of your question, I'd definitely join the Investment Banking Group when you arrive, and participate in their programming, meetings and conferences. Career Services offers many programs in the fall quarter to help students with things like developing their resume & cover letter, conducting informational interviews, and networking, and many of these programs have function-specific components to them, so you'd be able to work with 2nd year Career Advisors who have themselves worked in banking.
nick -> Joanna Hi. Could a candidate know the Recommender's questions before hand so that he could prep the Recommender before hand?
Joanna -> nick Hello Nick, you can read about what we ask your recommenders here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/letters-of-recommendation
nick -> Brennan Hi. Is it possible for the school to provide me with contact information of a student? I read his article on the student blog and would like some insight from him as he has a similar background to me.
Brennan -> nick Hi Nick - We can likely make that happen! Just send us a note at dsac@ChicagoBooth.edu and the Dean's Student Admissions Committee will try to make the connection. And for those who don't know what blog Nick is referring to, check out the Booth Experience at http://boothstudents.blogspot.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Booth-Experience/152849301450475. We have great content straight from current students going up all the time!
tkhan -> Janice Hello Janice, On my recent campus visit, I learnt from the current students that there has been a significant increase in number of students recruiting for Management Consulting. Is this an industry-wide trend and has there been a similar increase in the recruiting opportunities available?
Janice -> tkhan Hi Tkhan, I wouldn't say the increase has beeen significant. We've seen a smaill uptick, but nothing too dramatic.
adheer -> Shilpa Hi Megan, How do classmates interact with each other for the purpose of job search?
Shilpa -> adheer Hi Adheer- I'm so glad you asked! The culture of Booth here is a very supportive and collaborative environment- in fact it is why I chose to come here! As a first year, second year students support you in a variety of ways: as a career advisor for a specific career path, as a co-chair of student groups (they hold resume reviews, mock interviews, do case prep, etc... with first years), and you also get a second year mentor to help you navigate through your first year at Booth. For example, the consulting group has a spreadsheet where each second year member volunteers 8-10 hours a week sometimes to help first year students with consulting case prep for interviews. As a second year, we definitely have a pay-it-forward mentality at Booth, because our second years helped us so much. The community here is why I chose to come here- we take care of each other, and in my experience, we don't believe in negative competition to exclude our peers. I can't tell you how many of my peers have helped connect me to people that they know in companies I wanted to work for- they have introduced me to their own network and have vouched for me which has allowed me to have lasting relationships with professionals I would have not gotten the chance to know if it were not for my peers. I have a lot to thank them for! I can't believe I'm graduating in 9 weeks- ahh :( #bittersweet
Prasun -> Joanna Joanna, I will be in Chicago soon till end of April (& I applied in Round 3) Is there a way to send a request to the interview team so that I may be interviewed before April end when I am here. Of course only if is required to be done.
Joanna -> Prasun Hello Prasun, unfortunately you will have to wait for the next steps in the interview invitation process. Interviews are set to be conducted during the last week of April so it sounds like you will have plenty of time to schedule your interview if need be.
Melissa41085 -> Elspeth what percent of the classes are case method?
Elspeth -> Melissa41085 Hi Melissa41085, I have found that my coursework at Booth has been split about 50-50 between lecture material and case work. It varies by professor but for the most part I think this is the breakdown that most students would agree with.
tkhan -> Rohit Hello Rohit, as you had experience in Management consulting prior to joining Booth, what has been the most beneficial part of your MBA experience?
Rohit -> tkhan Hi tkhan, great question and it's one that I was struggling with a couple years ago.

The MBA has allowed me to broaden my experiences beyond the typical strategy consulting role. As a consultant, I often felt you go into a company to address a very specific question in a high-intensity, short project -- you don't often get to see how the rest of the company operates or how other functions all interact. Coming to Booth and taking the broad functional curriculum has really allowed me to expand my knowledge and awareness of other areas through classes in Finance, Marketing or more general Managerial & Organizational topics. I think this also prepares me well for any post-consulting role. Booth has also allowed me to explore interests in other areas such as entrepreneurship... for example, Commercializing Innovation was one of my favorite classes.

The other real benefit has been the relationships and network I've built here. I've made some great friends and met many people who will be very successful in a broad set of careers. We've not only gotten to know each other through the classroom but also through social events or international trips (just came back from a 40-person trip to Israel organized by a couple friends). Going forward, I really think being part of this strong network will be very useful. Obviously, each person needs to make their own decision but those were some of the big reasons for me.
mhaberle -> Chris H. Hi Chris. I'm interested in MESG. Can you briefly explain how an organization like this works? How often do you meet, activities and things of that nature...
Chris H. -> mhaberle Hi mhaberle. MESG meets once a week. Here's a list of our greatest hits/events for the year. Lunch and learns with alumni, the Sports Symposium (similar to MIT's), the Media & Entertainment Symposium (that's something we're developing this year), group "field trips" to the Chicago International Film Festival (the oldest film festival in the U.S. The most recent festival included screenings of "Cloud Atlas" and "Flight"), program-wide social events (Second City comedy shows, NCAA viewing parties, Oscars viewing parties). And, of course our highlights are the NYC and LA Treks where we meet with alum and other high level executives in a variety of firms including Hulu, Media Rights Capital, WarnerBros TV, Bloomberh, MLB, Food Networks, Davie Brown Entertainment, Comerica's Entertainment Group, Sony Pictures, Fox TV Networks, Heart Publications, etc... Hope this helps!
adheer -> Janice Hi Janice, what initiatives are available to help students in the recruiting season. How often are on-campus sessions held by recruiters?
Janice -> adheer Hi Adheer, the on-campus recruiting process begins mid-October through early December and picks up again in early January after winter break with multiple events in various time slots throughout the day. We do have a very,very robust corporate event calendar that will keep you quite busy.
HVF -> Elspeth Hello, again. Is it a real possibility to pursue more than one concentration? Is there enought time?
Elspeth -> HVF Hi HVF, it is absolutely possible to pursue more than one concentration while at Booth. I am concentrating in Marketing, Strategic Management and Finance and have found that while it certainly keeps me busy, it is possible! Many of my friends have anywhere from 2-4 concentrations.
Ritwik -> Matthew N. Thanks for the amazing questions and the wonderful replies. I have a question on Polsky Center. How do students benefit from the center? Are students encouraged to innovate through short-term projects etc?
Matthew N. -> Ritwik I focused on entrepreneurship throughout my first year at Booth and the Polsky Center was extremely helpful in getting me on my way. The people in the center have vast knowledge and experience in the space and are very well connected within the entrepreneurial community. I would also add that the entrepreneurship courses are some of the best in the school. Further, the New Venture Challenge helps students start their own business and can even potentially offer them funding. Also, the Entrepreneurial Internship Program helps students work on their own businesses over the summer.
Leo -> Joanna When will Booth release 2014 Fall questions (essay and LOR)?
Joanna -> Leo Leo, we generally release the new essays and application in the summer - typically late July. And more importantly, our worldwide information sessions will be announced in summer as well. Hope to see you in your city!
mba2014 -> Roberto I did read on the website that evening/weekend classes are not different in curriculum. Can you please tell me the advantage of a full time program vs evening/weekend classes , in terms of courses/electives offered
Roberto -> mba2014 Hi mba2014. I'm actually a full-time student but I have taken a number of classes at the Gleacher campus with the evening/weekend program (maybe 25-30% of my classes). In my experience, all of the classes available for the full time program are available for the part time program, and many full time students chose to take classes at Gleacher center because of convenience and/or scheduling. Part time students can also take full time classes, although the home section has preference in the first few phases of bidding. I hope this answers your question.
RyanK -> Matthew N. Hello! Thanks in advance for fielding questions. For full-time MBA students that stay in the Chicago area during their summer internships, do they have access to summer courses offered through the Evening and Weekend program?
Matthew N. -> RyanK Yes, you can absolutely take classes over the summer (time permitting with your internship). Full-time students have the opportunity to take classes with the evening and weekend sections at any time, the same professors teach the same courses across all three programs. I personally have taken one evening class in addition to my full-time courses in each of the last four quarters.
Shikila -> Chris H. Chris - Currently I have IT industry experience for 8 years, however I look forward to pursue MBA in Media and Entertainment. Is this switch over possible and if so what kind of career can I seek?
Chris H. -> Shikila Hi Shikila. A switch is definitely possible. Booth has a strong presence in the media and entertainment industry. Ex. Disney's CFO Jay Rasulo, Sony Pictures' Finance Director Dhiren Patel, Netflix' CFO, and BET's Michael Armstrong to name a few. In addition, while the industry is not traditionally MBA-centric, it does respect smart people with good quantitative instincts. If M&E is what you're passionate about, Booth has the resources and the exposure (via the NYC and LA Treks) to make a successful transition.
jaycee -> Shuang Can anyone speak to the experiential opportunities/lab classes? How many different options are there? How far in advance do you know about the projects being offered in any quarter, and have you had trouble getting the ones that you want?
Shuang -> jaycee Hi Jaycee, there are many lab courses here in Booth. Just to name a few, there are strategy lab, management lab, operation lab, PE and VC lab etc. Projects are usually announced the quarter prior to the course. Due to a diversified interests and background, students usually get their preferred projects, but these are not guaranteed.
Lab courses provide excellent opportunity to broaden your horizon in a very low risk environment. I took strategy lab spring quarter of my first year and worked with one of world's largest retailers in their merchandising strategy. I had no prior retail background but absolutely loved my experience.
Kendra -> Elspeth The Retail, Apparel, and Luxury Group has a pretty bare bones webpage. https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/ralg . Could anyone elaborate on specific events that take place during the year? Thank you!
Elspeth -> Kendra Hi Kendra! The RAL Group has a variety of events throughout the year. These events include but are not limited to: organized lunches and presentations on campus to learn about different retail firms and an exciting Retail Trek to NYC in December to visit companies and meet with alumni. In addition there are social events to spend time with other members from the class interested in the retail industry! My mentor was in the RAL group and was especially helpful early on with advice prior to my internship search. Hope this helps!
Prasun -> Matthew N. Hey Matthew, Just to clarify I can work on my own business during the summer - That's terrific. Does the Entrepreneurial Internship Program give some kind of stipend etc?
Matthew N. -> Prasun Yes, the Entrepreneurial Internship Program offers a stipend that gives students enough financial stability to work on their own businesses over the summer.
Al -> Catherine How early can a student get involved with career services? Do the career services help incoming students early on with goal setting and profile evaluation so that the students can take appropriate coursework etc. so as to position themselves in a best possible way for recruiting season?
Catherine -> Al Hi Al, over the summer we'll ask all incoming students to take the CareerLeader assessment test, which you'll use in the fall quarter when you participate in the Career Services programming. Our Career Services programming kicks off during orientation week and extends throughout your time at Booth. I would recommend talking to the Academic Advising office about specific questions about coursework.
Mahesha -> Joanna How are the interviews conducted for international students? I am from Sri Lanka and applied in round 3
Joanna -> Mahesha Mahesha, Interviews can be conducted either on campus with students, or in a city near you with Booth alumni. At times, Booth staff will also travel to certain cities to conduct interview. You can learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply
Ritwik -> Chris H. Thanks Chris and Matt for answering my questions. What are the fun activities that Booth students organize during the year? Is there any specific social or cultural mega-event that students really wait for?
Chris H. -> Ritwik Hi Ritwik. In the past, groups have organized events at Second City, NCAA viewing parties, and Oscar viewing parties. And of course, every Thursday, students get together at a different bar for TNDC (not an official university event). In addition, one thing I'm helping organize is a trip to the Chicago International Film Festival. Last year's screenings included "Cloud Atlas," "Flight," and "Stand Up Guys." As an aside, Al Pacino, Chris Walken, Alan Arkin,Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, and Halle Berry were present for the screenings so that was pretty cool!
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