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Thursday, March 21, 5 - 6 p.m. CT

With the Round Three application deadline approaching on April 4, the Admissions team will be available to answer any of your questions related to the application or the admissions process.

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Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 20 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 10 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Eddie -> Everyone Good evening. I'm Eddie Pulliam with Admissions. Thanks for joining us.
Emily -> Everyone Hi everyone! Looking forward to chatting with you today!
Carrie -> Everyone Welcome! Looking forward to chatting!
Meghan -> Everyone Hello! Thanks for joining us today.
jaycee -> Carrie Thanks for hosting this chat! I am a Round 2 applicant who has recently had a signficant update to my work experience (new position). Do you accept updates to applications post-submission? And if so, how should I communicate this update?
Carrie -> jaycee Hi, Jaycee. You are welcome to submit updates to your application if you feel they are relevant. You can email us directly at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Rick -> Meghan After college, I served in the military for nearly eight years. I am looking to make the transition to business and would like to get an MBA to help make that transition. Am I stronger applicant if I worked for a year in business before I applied?
Meghan -> Rick Hi Rick, wanting to get an MBA after finishing your service makes a lot of sense. We receive many applications from military candidates and their leadership skills are highly regarded. In terms of working a year versus applying right away, I would say the choice is up to you. You should apply when you are the *most* ready to do so; that means when you feel that you have a clear idea of what your goals are and what you hope to accomplish with the degree and also at a point in time when you're ready for this experience.
Sam -> Eddie Hi, thanks for hosting this chat. I want to know the perspective of admissions team about students applying to booth for their second MBA. Are they at any advantage or disadvantage? How much post MBA experience you think is minimum for them to apply before their second MBA?
Eddie -> Sam Hi Sam. It doesn't matter. We do have students in the program with an MBA. In your essay describing the value of another one we want to really understand what it's going to add to your professional profile. We don't have any cut-offs for work experience to apply to our program.
Rick -> Emily If I apply in round 3 and do not get accepted, will that affect my chances to be accepted in the future?
Emily -> Rick Hi Rick. We always suggest that you apply when your application is the best it can be, so you should apply in the round that you feel most ready. If you do apply for Round 3 this year, the outcome of the decision will not impact future decisions. If you should not be accepted and you re-apply, you will be given the same consideration as all reapplicants.
nelsonwcf -> Carrie It would be nice to understand the differences in the selection process between the 1st and 2nd rounds with the third.
Carrie -> nelsonwcf Hi, Nelson. The selection process is the same in all rounds, and we use the same evaluation criteria for all applications. However, the volume is different from round to round, and we do make offers of admission in each round.
ordheavy -> Eddie Hello, I'm interested in enrolling in the part time executive mba program. Is the curriculum schedule flexible around a students work schedule, or is it fairly regimented?
Eddie -> ordheavy It might be best if you direct your question directly to them. Here's their website - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba .
ben2 -> Meghan Hi, I would like to know if there is a real chance in admissions in the last round? I read on many WL applicants, maybe more this year than last years
Meghan -> ben2 Hi Ben, yes there is still a chance in Round 3. Our Associate Dean Kurt Ahlm just wrote a great blog post about this that you might want to check out: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=94
Joeyy -> Meghan Hi, i have a question as i am planning on applying for the full time MBA this coming summer. I was wondering if I apply this year and don't get admitted. Will that hurt my chance next year when I re-apply?
Meghan -> Joeyy Hi Joey, we won't be accepting applications after April 4 for this year but next year's application should be up by mid-summer. Hope that helps!
TatianaY -> Joanna Thanks for hosting this chat. I am a round 3 applicant who is from Israel. My question is whether this reduces my chances of admission when compared with domestic applicants.
Joanna -> TatianaY Hello Tatiana, the simple answer is, no! We recently posted a blog on the subject of Round Three that might find interesting. You can read it here: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=94
Joeyy -> Eddie I am currently in public accounting and am debating on if i should apply this coming summer or the next summer. I will have 3 years of work experience if i apply this summer. I don't know if one more year of work experience in audit would help me in admission and in my future career
Eddie -> Joeyy Applying in the summer leads me to believe that you want the Evening MBA. The full time program has no deadlines for the summer. Here's their link - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening .
kaizenyang -> Emily I am on the waitlist, and if I continue to be left on after March 28th decision, will I have another chance to submit additional info, like the first time?
Emily -> kaizenyang Hi Kaizen. Yes, if you remain on the waitlist after March 28th, you will have the cahnce to submit additional material if you would like to.
Owens -> Joanna What can I do if I receive waitlist from previous round?
Joanna -> Owens Hello Owens, If we ask you to again remina on the waitlist after Round Two, you will receive detailed instructions on next steps or opportunities to update your file if you so wish. Best of luck,
vic.muni -> Emily Hello, I am a Round 1 waitlisted applicant. On my application status page, it says that the deadline to submit additional materials is Friday, April 26th. Initially, this date was Friday, February 22nd. Could you please explain the change? Are waitlisted candidates from Round 1 able to provide additional information? Thank you.
Emily -> vic.muni Hi Vic. There was a technical glitch on our end, so there is actually no update to the deadline. Sorry for the confusion! After March 28, any Round 1 candidates that remain on the waitlist may provide additional material.
Seth -> Carrie Hello. I am going to be applying for the class beginning fall of 2014. When is the earliest our recommenders can submit their recommendations and we can submit our applications?
Carrie -> Seth Hi, Seth. We will open our 2013-14 application this summer (typically July/August). As soon as the application is open, you can send information to your recommenders and submit!
GK -> Meghan I am planning to apply in round 3, but I have read in lot of forums that one should not apply in R3. Is the competetion really that high in R3? If I apply in the last round and do not get admitted, how does it impact my application for the next year?
Meghan -> GK Hi GK, while it's true that the competition in Round 3 can be a little higher since we have fewer available seats we still admit applicants in that phase every year. Applying during the last round won't affect your reapplication process, but I would encourage you to put forward the very best application that you can if you are going to do it now. Here's what our Associate Dean has to say on the subject: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=94
jmartinez -> Eddie I would like to visit campus. When is the best time to visit if I am considering applying for Fall 2014?
Eddie -> jmartinez Hi. It's best to have a look at our website - www.chicagobooth.edu . There we will give you information on the opportunities available through the Campus Visit Program. It's really up to you when you want to visit. We'd love to have you join us here in Hyde Park!
Rajab -> Carrie Hi there. I am a Round 2 applicant who recently had a London based interview. Is it just a question of waiting for a decision?
Carrie -> Rajab Hi, Rajab. We are finalizing our decisions right now and will be releasing on March 28th. So while you are waiting, rest assured that we are busy at work!
Edward_McD -> Carrie Roughly how many candidates are invited for interviews each year?
Carrie -> Edward_McD Hi, Edward. The number of applicants we interview varies from round to round, but is generally between 40-50% of applicants.
Faiz -> Emily Does age have any bearing in the application process? I am aware that many US schools are skewing younger these days and I am a little concerned since I am over 30 years old.
Emily -> Faiz Hi Faiz. We seek candidates that bring a wide variety of experiences to the table and this includes work experience. While our average number of years of work experience is 5, we have students that come in with less than 5 years of work experience as well as students that have more than 5 years of work experience. Highlighting what you bring to the table as a prospective student is the most important part.
TatianaY -> Carrie I have additional question, I am planning on retaking the GMAT exam in order to enhance my chance of admission in this round. However, I can only retake the exam on April 8th, which is after the deadline. Would it be possible to update my score after the deadline?
Carrie -> TatianaY Hi, Tatiana. As long as you have a current GMAT score, you can submit your application by the deadline and then provide us with an updated score immediately following your exam on the 8th. Email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu with your unofficial score and we will update your file. Best of luck!
Moderator -> Everyone Hi everyone. Please feel free to submit any questions you may have for our panelists.
dogarro -> Meghan Good evening and thanks for the opportunity to chat with you all. I hear and read a lot about Booth's relentless curiosity and focus on ideas. How does that manifest itself throughout the day-to-day life of a Booth MBA student and in admissions selection of candidates?
Meghan -> dogarro Hi dogarro, you're welcome! It's true that relentless curiosity and idea generation are two things Booth is known for. In terms of the student experience, I'd say you can find evidence of this in how our curriculum is structured - with no lock step courses, students are encouraged to take classes that will challenge and interest them the most. This means that they have to really think for themselves and design their own MBA experience on a daily basis. We certainly will look for people who will do well in that type of environment during the admissions process.
jmartinez -> Meghan Thank you for hosting the chat. When will decisions be released for those that applied in Round 2?
Meghan -> jmartinez Hi jmartinez, Round 2 applicants will hear from us on March 28th. Good luck!
ateet -> Carrie Hi guys, I am a round 3 applicant and was wondering what % of the overall students are admitted in round 3?
Carrie -> ateet Hi, ateet. As we haven't yet finalized our Round 2 class or passed our Round 3 deadline, it's impossible to say what the percentage will be for this year, and it varies from year to year!
Joeyy -> Emily If i get admitted this year, I will have 3 years of work experience in auditing when i start this coming fall. I was debating if I should apply next fall for the full-time MBA starting 2014 with one additional year of work experience. Would one more year of public accounting experience be relevant in your admission decision (3 years vs 4 years) ?
Emily -> Joeyy Hi Joey. You should apply when you feel it is the right time for you to get your MBA. On average, our students have about 5 years of work experience, but this means we have students that have more than that and less than that. Applying at the time that is best for you and highlighting why it is the best time in your application is what is most important.
Juan_Carlos_-BOG -> Eddie Hello,Thanks for hosting this chat! I live in Colombia, and wiling to travel to Chicago for an on campu visit to Booth, when will be a good time for visit in the second semenster of this year?
Eddie -> Juan_Carlos_-BOG Juan - We are currently moving into the spring quarter which will be the final quarter for the full time MBA program this year. If you come over the summer you can speak with an admissions officer on one of our visit days but there will be no classes available for your to visit and the students will also be gone on their internships.
lp -> Carrie Hello! I understand that the 2013-2014 application will be released this summer. Do you anticipate releasing the essay questions earlier?
Carrie -> lp Hi, Ip. We typically do release our essay questions a bit earlier, and you can expect an announcement for those on our website and blog sometime in July.
Arjun -> Joanna Good evening. I am looking to pursue an MBA with a goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Is there a way to connect with other current former booth students who have had similar goals?
Joanna -> Arjun Hello Arjun, there are several ways to connect. First you can contact students form our student groups (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups), as well as via our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/initiatives/. We also encourage you to reach out to students via our Facebook pages as well: https://www.facebook.com/consideringbooth
jmartinez -> Eddie What are the different ways to get involved at Chicago Booth?
Eddie -> jmartinez That's a good question my friend. We have over 70 groups that you can get involved with. Social, cultural and career oriented. I'm sure there's one you would be interested in. Check out this site for a list of those groups: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/leadership-opportunities .
Rick -> Meghan If i do get an intereview, what is the best way to prepare?
Meghan -> Rick Hi Rick, great question! I'd say that you will want to prepare as you would for any job interview; do some research and come prepared with good questions. Make sure you rehearse your responses and go in knowing what you want to accomplish. Lastly, relax! It's supposed to be a pleasant experience. Here are some great tips from our blog: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=90
ben2 -> Emily Hi, First thank you for taking the time to answer. I would like to know more about the social atmosphere at Booth. When comparing to other schools. I got the feeling that since Booth don't have Study groups (beside Lead) and no required courses, the social interaction is very limited - and you will meet so many different people - you wont really connected. I wish i am wrong because I really love everything at Booth - but social interaction is important and can be a key factor.
Emily -> ben2 Hi Ben. We have a very vibrant social community here at Booth. Having the initial cohorts of LEAD is a great way to have a close knit group of people as soon as school starts. However, having the ability to choose their own networks and groups, allows our students to make deep connections with people that are long-lasting. They are able to interact with a variety of people with different interests and backgrounds throughout their career here which is really what enables our community to be so dynamic! I encourage you to check out our student run page on Facebook called the Booth Experience to see a little more what the community here at Booth is really like firsthand from students. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Booth-Experience/152849301450475?fref=ts
Jake -> Joanna How much interaction is there between Booth students and the city of Chicago and its inhabiting businesses? Do most graduates take jobs around the area?
Joanna -> Jake Hello Jake, for roles after graduation and cities where students take jobs, it's best to view our annual employment report which can provide details on companies, cities and positions accepted by Booth grads:: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/
Joy -> Emily Hi - When evaluating the amount of work experience a candidate has, do you consider the years of work experience up until the applicant applies to the MBA program or until matriculation?
Emily -> Joy Hi Joy. We consider the amount of work experience up until matriculation.
Faiz -> Joanna What is the most important thing you look for in a candidate?
Joanna -> Faiz Hello Faiz, sadly there is no simple answer. The evaluation process is a very holistic one. But you can read a bit about the traits we like to see here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/criteria
Seth -> Joanna Are the essay questions very similar from year to year or do they vary greatly?
Joanna -> Seth Hello Seth, It depends on the year. This year we have made some changes that may seem subtle but aren't. Our advice is to really try to understand the questions and that which is being asked when sitting down to write your essays.
ben2 -> Carrie Hi, I am an Israeli applicant considering last round application. I know on several applicant already awarded full scholarship - Is that the Carlton fellowship? If I think I have a shot to get this fellowship should I want to next year?
Carrie -> ben2 Hi Ben. We award merit-based scholarships in each round, as well as fellowships. As the Carlton Fellowship has very specific criteria and a limited number of awards, it is difficult to say if the Carlton will be awarded in Round 3 this year. In some years, we have awarded the fellowships in Rounds 1 and 2, and in others, in all rounds. The best advice would be to apply when you think your application is the strongest, and when you feel most ready!
misunyoo -> Carrie Hello. I applied Round 2 and have moved to Round 3 due to GMAT score update. Is there no additional action for me to take at Round3?
Carrie -> misunyoo Hi Misunyoo. That is correct - you should be all set! However, if you'd like to verify, email us directly at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
NMandozai -> Carrie With regards to the application process, I've uploaded my ppt and resume to the application converter and some of the formatting is lost/looks off, however once I open the files in their native format all is well....What format does the admissions staff view the applications?
Carrie -> NMandozai Hi NMandozai. That's a great question! The system we use to evaluate your application automatically converts all files to a PDF when you upload them. To preserve your intended formatting, save the file as a PDF before uploading it and it should upload correctly.
TatianaY -> Emily Thank you for your responses. I would also like to know when will decisions be released for Round 3 applicants? How does the admission committee decides who should be invited for an interview?
Emily -> TatianaY Hi Tatiana. The round 3 release date is May 23rd. The admissions committee makes interview decisions the same way we do all of our decisions, which is through a holistic evaluation of each candidate's application.
Moderator -> Everyone We've reached the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit any questions you may have for our panelists.
GK -> Eddie I have experience in delivery management roles and want to make a move to strategy management. That is one of the primary reasons for my wanting to pursue a full time MBA program. My long term objective is to start my own venture but I do not have a specific business idea planned out. In view of this backgrund, can you tell me whether Booth is the right place for me?
Eddie -> GK Thanks GK. So you want to be an entrepreneur? You have a lot of opportunities to work on a business plan while you're here. You can choose our entrepreneur concentration and work with the Polsky Center: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/. It's the 2nd largest concentration at Chicago Booth. If you are interested in working with start-ups you'll really be interested in the New Venture Challenge: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/nvc/index.aspx . These are two great ways to get started as an entrepreneur.
Luis -> Joanna Hello. I am Luis. I will be graduating from medical school in May and would like to pursue more training in the business field. What do I need to do in order enter your program?
Joanna -> Luis Hello Luis, Please visit the admissions section of our website for details on on how to apply and requirements. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions
jmartinez -> Carrie How do you weigh the GMAT subscores versus the total score?
Carrie -> jmartinez Hi Jmartinez. When evaluating the GMAT we primarily look at your overall score to assess performance, and then look to your subscores to see how you performed in each section. As always, this information is paired with your academic background, work experience, essays and letters of recommendation to identify fit with the program.
juangaravito -> Emily Hello, and thanks for hosting this chat. I would like to know when are the "welcome days" taking place for R1&R2 and for R3. Thank you.
Emily -> juangaravito Hi Juan! Our Round 1 Admit Weekend already occurred back in February and the Round 2 Admit Weekend will be at the end of April. Unfortunately, we do not have a formal admit weekend for Round 3, but students admitted in that round are welcome to schedule a campus visit to better get to know the school!
Faiz -> Eddie Is there a quota for the number of people you take from each region of the world to ensure diversity or do you seek to assemble the best class irrespective of geographic region?
Eddie -> Faiz Hey Faiz. No we don't try to fill quotas. We are interested in finding the best students for our program wherever we can find them!
Seth -> Carrie Thank you for your responses. Typically, what percentage of those interviewed are selected for admission?
Carrie -> Seth While it varies from round to round and year to year, we typically admit 35-50% of those interviewed.
Joeyy -> Joanna If a candidate will have 4 years experience before applying, would 4 years with the same company be stronger than 4 years of experience from 2 companies in slightly different fields? What's the preference from a admission officer's standpoint? Thanks.
Joanna -> Joeyy Hello Joey, there is no preference on number of companies or roles versus time at one company etc. What we look at is your progress, what you have learned and contributed, how you made the most of opportunities, as well as how you react to setbacks.
Guillermo -> Eddie Hello I am from Chile and would like to visit the campus in June. I know that it will be summer break for you. But I would like to know if it is possible to visit the campus and some classes?
Eddie -> Guillermo Sorry Guillermo. You can visit the campus but we don't have classes in the summer for the full time program.
TatianaY -> Emily How much emphasis does the admission committee put on the GMAT score compared with the other admission parameters?
Emily -> TatianaY Hi Tatiana. While the GMAT is important for the admissions committee to evaluate a candidate's potential success in the program, it is only one of the many things that we look at when evaluating an application. We take a holistic approach and thus, the GMAT is considered along with a candidate's work experience, extracurricular experience, academics, community involvement, letters of rec etc., in order to get a full picture of the applicant.
Joeyy -> Meghan What do most student do when they graduate from Booth MBA? What's the percentage of consulting vs investment banking
Meghan -> Joeyy Hi Joeyy, I'm going to take you directly to the numbers: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/. That link goes to our employment report, where you can see where our students head after graduation.
GK -> Eddie If an international applicant applies in round 3, does his visa requirements play a role in decision on his application?
Eddie -> GK Thanks for your question GK. Round 3 can be tricky for some international students because of the visa process. We work hard to get your I-20 back to you in a timely manner but some international students have trouble working with their embassies in securing an interview and getting the visa issued in time to start school.
Maxi-Arg -> Emily Hello! I am from Argentina. Thank you for this opportunity. I am at the begining of my application and I am planning to take my first GMAT exam on May. I was wondering....if I do not reach my target score and retake the exam, will the score of the first exam be considered in the application? or is the last score the one that matters?
Emily -> Maxi-Arg Hi Maxi. Good question! We consider the highest GMAT score when evaluating a candidate's application.
ben2 -> Carrie Do you consider the IR section of the GMAT?
Carrie -> ben2 Hi Ben. We do consider the Integrated Reasoning score within the GMAT. That said, it is new this year and like all schools, we are still assessing the value of this part of the exam in the overall application process.
Joy -> Joanna Hi - When assessing whether a candidate is well-rounded, do you look for atypical qualities or experiences to be highlighted based on the candidate’s background? For example, if a candidate comes from a finance background, do you like to see ways in which they demonstrate high EQ (as opposed to IQ)? Is it assumed that such a candidate possess the technical skills and therefore should not focus on providing evidence of quantitative skills.
Joanna -> Joy Hi Joy, your question is interesting. Our evaluation process is meant to help us evaluate the qualities we find important in our holistic approach as they naturally come through in the essay questions we've created, your letters of rec for example. How you choose to tell your story , or traits you choose to highlight is up to you. Our advice has always been to try to be an authentic as possible. We try to evaluate the candidate and their potential and fit with Booth, and we don't expect candidates to be perfect. best of luck!
Bo -> Meghan What percentage of the incoming class typically receive merit-based scholarships? I understand it might fluctuate from year to year but a general range would be helpful as well.
Meghan -> Bo Hi Bo, while it does vary year to year, historically we have awarded 25-30% of incoming students with scholarship awards.
aman87 -> Eddie Hello Everyone, I am planning to apply to Booth in round one this year and was planning to visit the school before i do so. What really is the ideal time to make a visit so that i take back the best
Eddie -> aman87 Hi Aman87. You can come over the summer and speak with an admissions office on our visit days. Sorry but students are away on their internships and we don't have a summer quarter for the full time MBA program.
Joy -> Joanna During the admission process, do you factor the number of times an applicant takes the GMAT?
Joanna -> Joy Joy, we don't pay special attention tot he numnber of times it has been taken per se. Though it is important to show an exercise in judgement on taking a standardized test. If you have taken it several times, we will most likey as ourselves about your preparation, or reasons for it for example.
vinke29 -> Eddie Hello!, Thanks for having this chat. Could you tell me how you evaluate work experience? I think it can be a very subjective area to evaluate.
Eddie -> vinke29 Hi Vinke29! We look at the quality of work not just the quantity. We want to understand what your responsibilities are, your progression and your leadership roles. We also value what you offer to your peers in the way of support.
Nancy -> Joanna Thank you so much for hosting! I spent 4 years in Sales & Trading in an investment bank, and got a senior position. Then I devoted 2 years in volunteering. Since the volunteer work is not within the financial service field, will that weaken my application package?Thanks!
Joanna -> Nancy Hi Nancy, thanks for joining us. Having experience outside of S&T will not hurt your application. In fact, it can show some diversity in your experience. Good luck.
DSA -> Eddie Hello, again. I am interested in understanding Booth's view on applicants who have two career paths of interest. Would you prefer that applicants nail down their interest prior to applying?
Eddie -> DSA That's best DSA. It helps anchor your response in the essay and helps show us your confidence and focus on a particular role you are seeking.
Edward_McD -> Carrie How big is the military veteran population in each class?
Carrie -> Edward_McD Hi Edward. We have a very strong military community at Booth. Both US veterans, as well as veterans from other countries, are part of each class. The Armed Forces Group at Booth is incredibly active in the community here, and also acts as a resource for prospective students. You can read more about and connect with AFG here: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/afa/.
Aaron -> Meghan Hi there admissions team! I've given a lot of thought to studying abroad if I am granted admission. I've read up on the IBEP program for second year. What are some interesting approaches students have taken in their international studies? Can students can how much time they spend internationally? Can students form their own curriculum while abroad?
Meghan -> Aaron Hi Aaron, yes the IBEP program is a great opportunity for our students to study abroad. Their experiences really run the gamut, since we partner with over 30 schools from around the globe. Students will typically go for a quarter - usually in the winter time - and they choose classes based on the course offerings at their exchange school.
Juan_Carlos_-BOG -> Eddie When does teh Full time Classes end before summer for a campus visit?
Eddie -> Juan_Carlos_-BOG The last week of classes is June 3, 2013 Juan. Also please keep in mind that Memorial Day is May 27th and that is a holiday..
Luis -> Emily Are there any exams or requires that are different for some one that is coming from a medical background. I will be graduating in May of this year from Medical College of Wisconsin.
Emily -> Luis Hi Luis. We do require the GMAT or the GRE for admission so you will have to take one of these exams if you have not already.
GK -> Eddie Thanks Eddie for your response on my question. I understand that visa process can put a stress on international students applying in round 3, but my specific question was: does this situation play a role in decision by admission committee on the application?
Eddie -> GK No GK. As an international student that is not taken into consideration. Please feel free to apply!
Moderator -> Everyone We have about 10 minutes left in our chat. Please continue to submit your questions for our panelists.
RafaT -> Carrie Hey, how's it going? SO, I'm waiting on a decision this coming March 28 (fingers crossed), but should the decision be negative, how is that regarded in a future (re-) application?
Carrie -> RafaT Hi Rafa. While we wish you the best next week, should you find yourself applying next year - not to worry! We admit re-applicants every round, and look for those who have reflected upon the last year and share what changes they may have.
DSA -> Meghan How active of a role does the career center play throughout a student's matriculation?
Meghan -> DSA The career services team contributes hugely to your MBA experience. From the start of the program, you will begin meeting with their staff and 2nd year students who serve as career advisers to begin preparations for internship recruiting. And - even better - career services offers their services for life, so even as an alumni you have access to career coaches and employment resources.
Joy -> Eddie Hello - Are there any benefits in the admissions process to MLT fellows, given that Booth is Core business school partner?
Eddie -> Joy Hi Joy. We have a lot of success with students who have been a part of MLT. I am the school representative! Prep programs help students in so many ways and entering the MBA application process becomes a bit less stressful. Just a bit...!
Min -> Meghan Hi. Thank you for organizing this chat today. If an international R2 applicant gets a greencard before the decision date, should this be communicated to the admissions office?
Meghan -> Min Hi Min, Sure - any supplemental information that you want to share with us can be sent via email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Alvaro -> Carrie Thank you for your time to answer. I would like to know if you consider the internships experience as work experience. Thanks
Carrie -> Alvaro Hi Alvaro. We do consider all internship experience when reviewing your application, although if you have full-time work experience we will review that primarily.
ytn2000 -> Emily Thanks for organizing this session. I have heard Round 3 is very competitive to get into. How many candidates does Booth expect to admit in Round 3. I am just trying to evaluate if I should wait another year and apply in Round 1 next year. Although I have my application ready with just recommendations pending at this point.
Emily -> ytn2000 Hi. While it's true that the competition in Round 3 can be a little higher since we have fewer available seats we still admit applicants in that phase every year. Here's a great blog from our Associate Dean on the subject that may be helpful: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=94
Edward_McD -> Eddie Hi Eddie, as the member of the admissions team that spearheads recruitment initiatives for underrepresented minorities, what can you say about the diversity at Booth.
Eddie -> Edward_McD Hi Edward. We value diversity at Chicago Booth. We are looking for candidates that will offer valuable perspectives, unique work experience and cultural differences that in many cases help with the learning experience here at Booth.
DSA -> Meghan How accessible are the faculty members at Booth?
Meghan -> DSA The faculty make a great effort to make themselves available to students. In addition, they often give lunchtime talks to discuss their research outside of class. Some students are able to cultivate close relationships with faculty while they're here, typically through serving as a TA.
ordheavy -> Carrie How is work experience unrelated to business/finance evaluated? Are there specific trends or progress an applicant should emphasize?
Carrie -> ordheavy We see applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we welcome applicants with non-business backgrounds. Regardless of background we are looking to see what you've done in your career thus far, and how that ties into your reason for pursuing an MBA.
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Meghan -> Everyone Thanks for the great questions everyone! Best of luck to you in your MBA process.
Eddie -> Everyone Thanks for joining us for this chat. Good luck with your applications and if you visit campus feel free to stop in and say "Hello"!
Carrie -> Everyone Thanks for your questions. We look forward to releasing next week and reading Round 3 applications shortly!
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