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Chat Session Transcript Join us for a live chat with current Booth students who are studying Marketing at Chicago Booth. Students, Career Services staff, and Admissions will answer your questions about the Marketing concentration at Chicago Booth and the Kilts Center for Marketing. Learn about curriculum choices, concentrations, student groups, recruiting, and more!

Tuesday, March 5, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 15 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
LB -> David L. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. What would you recommend we do before classes start in the fall to prepare for a career in marketing?
David L. -> LB I wouldn't stress too much about getting ready before classes start. If you do want to get a head-start, I would look into which industries you might be interested in going into marketing for. Do a little research on the industries to understand which companies you might be interested in recruiting for. You can also reference the employment report to see which marketing companies come to Booth to recruit.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Sana -> Everyone Hi Everyone! My name is Sana and I am a first-year full-time student. Before school, I worked at an economic consulting firm in NYC. I am concentrating in Marketing and General Management at Booth and will be working at JPMorgan this summer in their general management rotational program.
Emily T. -> Everyone Welcome Everybody! I am Emily Theis from the Career Services team. I work with a variety of firms interested in marketing talent, as I manage Employer Relationships within the consumer goods, marketing/advertising, health care, hospitality, and retail sectors.
David L. -> Everyone Hi, I'm David - I am a 1st year from NYC looking to go into marketing/product management in the tech industry.
Bryce -> Everyone Hello everyone, thanks so much for joining us today! We look forward to answering your questions.
Joanna -> Everyone Welcome to our chat. Look forward to answering your questions.
Amy I. -> Everyone Hi everyone! I'm Amy. I'm a first year student, concentrating in marketing.This summer I'll be doing a brand management internship at Hillshire Brands.
Benjamin -> Everyone Hey everyone. Thanks for joining. My name is Ben, and I'm a second year. Fire away!
Brady S. -> Everyone Hey everyone! My name is Brady and I'm a first-year focusing on Marketing. I was working in D.C. in finance before Booth, and this summer I will be doing a marketing internship at Pizza Hut.
Carolyn -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Carolyn and I am a second-year concentrating in Marketing. I will be going to work for Gatorade as an Associate Brand Manager after graduation, and worked as a sports journalist before coming to Booth.
LB -> Carolyn How would you compare working in marketing for a large CPG vs a smaller company? Is a traditional large company a better place to start a marketing career? Thanks!
Carolyn -> LB Hi LB! I think the two experiences are very different, but I'm not sure one is better than the other. I worked for a CPG over the summer (Gatorade, a division of PepsiCo), and it was great to have the structure and resources of a big company in place as I learned "traditional" marketing for the first time. However, I also learned a ton by thinking on my feet while working for a start-up where I was responsible for marketing in practice, if not by my job title. I think the recruiting process will allow you to try both options on for size before you commit to one!
JeffK -> Amy I. How much of the Marketing coursework is outside the classroom- how much practical field work vs.theoretical discussion?
Amy I. -> JeffK There are a couple of classes that provide the opportunity to do work with real companies outside the classroom, including Marketing Research and New Products with Middlebrooks. In other classes, there is a good mix of theoretical discussion combined with cases that really bring the concepts to life.
SALISELL -> Brady S. Good Morning Everyone, as you know there had been a lot of talk about how the value of an MBA in this day and age has no significance. As MBA students what do you say to that?
Brady S. -> SALISELL I can't speak for everyone, but I know that in my case it has added a lot of value. I was in finance before, but I wanted to switch to more of a general management/brand management role. Without an MBA, I would have lacked the necessary skills and knowledge to make a transition like that. Also, I don't think companies would have taken me as seriously if I was not pursuing an MBA. Additionally, the network that I have built during my first year is one of the most valuable things. I have gotten to know fellow students (first-years and second-years) who will no doubt go on to successful careers, and I am sure many of our paths will cross again at some point.
Tracy -> Emily T. Hey, thanks for holding such a nice chat. This question is from my friend who is not able to make it to join the live chat. How hard is it for international students to start a career in product marketing in U.S. after graduation? Many thanks
Emily T. -> Tracy Hi Tracy, we work with many companies here in the US who seek International talent. In marketing in particular, we work with companies including (but not limited to) Reckitt Benckiser, Mondelez (snacks business that is a spin-off of Kraft), and Nike who are open to sponsoring international marketing talent for their US offices. In addition to the relationships we have with firms, we have specific career management programming throughout the year targeted at helping international students in particular with their job search strategies (ie, international student networking nights, sessions with a lawyer specializing in work permits). This programming starts during orientation and continues throughout the year.
Yvonne -> Sana Hello, thank you for hosting this chat event. My question is specifically for Sana. How does the Marketing Group collaborate with RAL or MESG to provide development programs for career switchers who want to go into marketing in those industries?
Sana -> Yvonne Hi Yvonne! Members wise, there is a lot of overlap between the Marketing group and the RAL and MESG groups. In fact, the groups shared a few co-chairs as well, which helped with planning events. RAL and MESG both hold events early in the year that focus on careers in those industries. These events include chats with second-years who just completed an internship in the industry or alumni who work in field. In both groups, there are members who have prior industry experience and those who are career switchers. Both groups also lead treks to NYC and LA.
Julie -> Carolyn What are the must-take marketing classes?
Carolyn -> Julie Hi Julie, there are lots of them! I'd say Pricing Strategies and Data-Driven Marketing are two of the flagship classes here that highlight our love of data and analytics. I have also loved the lab classes that allow you to do real work for a company that needs the marketing help, such as Marketing Research and Developing New Products and Services. Consumer Behavior is also a great class to incorporate some of the organizational behavior learnings into the marketing curriculum. There are lots of great classes to choose from!
ElliotG -> Amy I. I am interested in the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries. What companies in these industries tend to recruit for marketing positions at Booth?
Amy I. -> ElliotG I did some recruiting in that space and there were a ton of companies that came to campus across the country, including Abbott, Baxter, Amgen and Biogen. In addition to the recruiting opportunities on campus, the healthcare group provides great opportunities to network with companies at Lunch and Learns and during the healthcare conference.
plkt -> Bryce I wanted to understand the criterion for getting a scholarship @ booth
Bryce -> plkt We evaluate applicants for all merit-based awards off of their original Booth application. In some cases, some fellowships are associated with a certain criteria (military, women in business, etc.) For more information, I encourage you to check out our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships
ask27 -> Carolyn Hi, thanks for taking the time out for this chat. I want to know if Booth takes a quantitative, analytic approach to teaching marketing?
Carolyn -> ask27 Absolutely! Booth is the only academic institution to house Nielsen Data (the data that gets recorded every time something you buy is scanned at the supermarket checkout, for example), and we are able to use that data in classes like Data Mining, Pricing, and Data-Driven Marketing to replicate the type of work marketers do every day when taking an analytical approach to strategy and marketing.
Cami -> Sana Also I want to know from you: Why marketing at Booth?
Sana -> Cami Hi Cami. I have an undergraduate degree in computer science so I have always liked to have numbers/analytics behind what I study. At Booth, there is a great mix of both quantitative and non-quant Marketing classes. That really sets Booth out from other business schools. We also have great professors who go out of their way to help out students since Booth isn't known as well for Marketing as it is other subjects, say Finance.
Pretty_Khare -> Emily T. Hi. Thanks for hosting this chat. My name is Pretty and I am from New Delhi. Post MBA, I am interested in consulting for CPG/Retail industry. I would like to know what firms recruit students at Booth who are interested in CPG consulting? Do companies like P&G or Kraft recruit for their corporate strategy division at Booth?
Emily T. -> Pretty_Khare Hi Pretty_Kare! We work with consulting firms who specifically focus on the Retail/CPG sectors, including Prophet and Kurt Salmon. We have several current students heading to these firms next year and also have alumni at the Partner level. In addition, we are partners in helping students navigate their way in to a particular practice within larger consulting firms. For example, we work with McKinsey to help them source talent for their New Jersey office (where we have a recent alumna), which is very heavy in CPG/Retail work.
Bhargavi -> David L. Thank you all for hosting this. Such awesome backgrounds. Looks like some of you have made a switch to marketing from other fields. Could you throw some light on what courses and activities outside class contributed to your success?
David L. -> Bhargavi Hi Bhargavi, there are definitely a lot of resources to help switch into marketing. For courses, I would suggest starting with Marketing Strategy and Data-driven marketing (spring term). As far as activities, there are various lunch-and-learns hosted by the Marketing Group and by corporate firms that provide good insights into the basics of marketing. Also, second years are a great resource for any questions that are industry focused.
Cami -> Brady S. Hi everyone and thank you for your time! I am applying for a full-time MBA. I am very excited about the Kilts Center since developing Marketing skills is my priority. How can I get involved with the Kilts Center during my MBA?
Brady S. -> Cami The Kilts Center is a great resource for Marketing that we have at Booth. They organize a mentorship program, where you will be paired with a Booth alum as a mentor. The Kilts center also brings in well-known speakers to speak on Marketing topics (e.g. J. Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino's). The last thing I would mention is that the Kilts Center also has a "fellowship" program. They select some applicants for a first-year scholarship and they select additional students for a scholarship in their second year.
AnirudhSyal -> Benjamin Hi, first of all, many thanks to Booth for such an immense initiative in taking out time to answer queries. I am an Engineer with Procter and Gamble and have decided to purse my MBA this year since I intend to move to consulting - strategy. My work experience has been focused towards technical challenges, globally. In this context, what marketing courses should i select which would allow me to answer questions pertaining to a firm's strategy in terms of which products to be launched, at what price and through what modes of marketing channels. To be more precise, which courses in marketing would enable me to make such decisions, and would these courses be more data oriented or theory oriented, and where would i be provided an opportunity to apply such frameworks while still at school. Thanks again
Benjamin -> AnirudhSyal My experience has been that most Booth classes combine both theory and data. For example, Pricing Strategies (Dube) teaches you both the theory behind pricing decisions and gives you data sets to understand what different pricing approaches look like in the real world. Another highly relevant class for your question would be New Products (Middlebrooks), which is more lab-based.
Luciana_Oliveira -> Carolyn Carolyn, you said you're a former journalist. So am I. How did you prepare to start the MBA. What pre-MBA courses do you recommend?
Carolyn -> Luciana_Oliveira Hi Luciana, welcome to Booth! I took advantage of MBAMath.com, which Booth promotes over the summer, to get a jump on statistics and economics coursework. I also took pre-MBA accounting, which was HUGELY helpful! I highly recommend that class -- it will make real accounting much more manageable. I also made friends with people who have very different backgrounds from my own so that I could lean on them for help in study groups, and that has served me very well! They appreciate my help in editing papers; I appreciate their help in Excel shortcuts!
CJ -> Amy I. Can you speak to how career shifters gain skills/experience during the 1st year MBA program that will provide preparation for a marketing internship?
Amy I. -> CJ First year provides a lot of opportunities to help prepare for a marketing internship. One of the great things about the flexible curriculum at Booth is that you can take a lot of marketing classes in your first year so you can build the core skills you really need for internship (for example, I'm taking data-driven marketing next quarter to help me prepare). Beyond that, the marketing group provides a ton of resources and advice from second years can not be underestimated!
AmyLo -> Bryce I would also want to know about the marketing fellowship. how can we maximize our chance to get the fellowship. thanks for answering the question!
Bryce -> AmyLo Good question. There really isn't anything extra you need to do to increase your chances in getting the marketing fellowship. Since we evaluate off of your original application, I'd focus on making that piece as competitive as you can. Here's a bit more information on other merit-based awards that we offer:

Justin_L -> David L. Thank you all for taking the time to chat with us! Can you talk about how the Kilts Center provides resources that makes Marketing at Booth different than other schools?
David L. -> Justin_L Hi Justin, the Kilts Center provides a strong mentor program with second-years who have proved to be my most valuable resource while at Booth. Second-years are always willing to go above and beyond to help first years through recruiting, and with general marketing help. Also, given our central Chicago location, the marketing program has strong relationships with many of the marketing firms in the Chicago and Midwest area.
Derek_Wang -> Brady S. Hi, thanks for hosting this. Can you speak to how Booth combines quantitative aspects to the qualitative parts of marketing?
Brady S. -> Derek_Wang I believe this is a great differentiator for Booth's marketing curriculum. As I was coming from a finance background, I really wanted to leverage my analytical skills as I transitioned into marketing. I am now taking marketing strategy from Sanjay Dhar, and he approaches the topic from a very analytical angle. We also have data-driven marketing, marketing research, pricing strategies, and other courses that deal a lot with data and analysis related to marketing. At the same time, through the marketing group and other classes such as Consumer Behavior, you are exposed a lot to the qualitative side of marketing.
ash2013 -> Emily T. Hi, thanks for setting up this session. Is recruiting in Marketing mostly in the Consumer Goods Sector ? Has there been recruiting for Marketing roles in Healthcare or Hi-Tech?
Emily T. -> ash2013 Hi ash2013! There are absolutely opportunities for Booth students and alumni in marketing outside of the CPG sector! To give you a few quick examples, last year Amazon, Amgen, Mead Johnson, Dish Network, Microsoft, American Express, Baxter, Biogen Idec, and Zayo Group all visited campus for marketing talent.
plkt -> Joanna I came to know that earlier i apply for the college say much before round 1. there are more chances to get a scholarship ? is that correct that your chances to get a scholarship increases if you apply early ?
Joanna -> plkt Hello plkt, the date on which your submit your application doesn't have any implications for your chances of receiving a scholarship. The majority of scholarships are in fact awarded in Rounds 1 and 2, but since scholarships are all merit-based, we always suggest that you apply when your application is strongest.
Justin_L -> Carolyn I was able to attend the MESG sports symposium a few weeks back, great event! Can you speak to the career services network that exists to help provide opportunities for students to volunteer, intern, or work full time in the sports industry?
Carolyn -> Justin_L Hi Justin, glad you were able to join us for the Sports Symposium! Career Services certainly has inroads in the sports world, but I think MESG's connections are sometimes even better (as they are personal contacts from the MESG co-chairs). MESG does a great job of sending out job listings on a weekly basis, as well as making sure students are aware of opportunities to meet with folks in the sports world (like the MIT conference we sent a big group to last week). Booth's brand in the sports world is certainly growing, and I have made plenty of successful cold calls just by dropping the Booth name.
Seth -> Benjamin Currently I'm trying to decide between focusing on finance and marketing, so I am curious as to what drove you to focus on marketing
Benjamin -> Seth Hi Seth. Both finance and marketing are invaluable. I was fortunate to have professional experience with finance, so I felt that studying marketing would provide a highly complementary view into understanding businesses.
Haddy -> Brady S. Which are the clubs for students intending to major in Marketing
Brady S. -> Haddy The Marketing Group (MG) is the main group for people interested in marketing. I will be a co-chair for next year, and we would love to have you in it! Also, depending on your interests, you may join the Healthcare Group, Booth Tech Group, or Corporate Management and Strategy Group (CMSG). These groups also have lots of people interested in marketing, but maybe outside of the traditional CPG brand management roles.
Kendra -> Carolyn What is one class you wish you would have taken your first quarter (as opposed to later on in your studies)?
Carolyn -> Kendra Hi Kendra! I actually did take Competitive Strategy in my first quarter, which no one recommended to me, but I think was hugely helpful for setting me up for success in later courses (a lot of what I learned in that class has been widely applicable elsewhere). Perhaps one other class I wish I would have taken early would have been Entrepreneurial Selling, which was my first entrepreneurship course and opened my eyes to how much I liked entrepreneurship!
ileana -> David L. It seems like Booth has some pretty amazing marketing courses available. How difficult is it for students to get into the classes they want?
David L. -> ileana Hi Ileana, Booth definitely has amazing marketing courses. Some courses are very high in demand, but I have found it quite easy to get into the classes that you want, particularly if you are flexible with the dates/times that you take them.
Jo -> Emily T. Hi Emily, are there opportunities for US students to work in marketing abroad (emerging markets, developing countries, etc.)?
Emily T. -> Jo Hi Jo! We work with firms across the globe to source opportunities across all functions, including marketing. We actually have employer relations team members who are based out of London and Hong Kong. They are constantly on the road doing outreach to employers across EMEA and Asia. In fact, in this last week alone, we have updates on our Career Services blog about marketing related opportunities they have uncovered in Dubai, Russia, and Singapore.
Courtney -> Carolyn What opportunities should I take advantage of as someone who is interested in entertainment marketing?
Carolyn -> Courtney Hi Courtney, for entertainment marketing, your best bets will be to join MESG and then to take lab classes where professors are okay with you bringing in your own companies on which to do projects. I did just that with Marketing Research; I knew I wanted to work in sports after school so i talked to the professor before the class, found a sports related company that wanted a research project done, and did my research on them! The contacts I made from that project were invaluable, and I highly suggest doing something similar.
Mary87 -> Bryce Hi, one of your biggest competitors in the area is Kellogg, which has always been known for being the top mba school in marketing. How does Booth differentiates from Kellog?
Bryce -> Mary87 Hi Mary, thanks for the question. I encourage you to engage with both schools early and often throughout the research process (visit campus, sit in on classes, meet with students/alumni, etc). And from there, I believe you'll begin to see values and distinct attributes that will resonate with you. At Booth, we're certainly passionate about the flexible nature of our culture, the fact that ideas matter and are a part of everything we do, and how a disciplined-based approach can provide you with a framework that will make you a better decision-maker in any area that you pursue. Hopefully this is helpful, but again, I would encourage you to dig deeper and find a school that's best fit for you.
Cami -> Emily T. How difficult is for international students to take a marketing career? Are there certain steps that a student can take to better prepare for such a career path?
Emily T. -> Cami Hi Cami! we work with many companies here in the US who seek International talent. In marketing in particular, we work with companies including (but not limited to) Reckitt Benckiser, Mondelez (snacks business that is a spin-off of Kraft), and Nike who are open to sponsoring international marketing talent for their US offices. In addition to the relationships we have with firms, we have specific career management programming throughout the year targeted at helping international students in particular with their job search strategies (ie, international student networking nights, sessions with a lawyer specializing in work permits). This programming starts during orientation and continues throughout the year.
Mary87 -> Brady S. Hi, what do you think is the biggest difference between pursuing an MBA with concentration in Marketing and pursuing a Master in Marketing
Brady S. -> Mary87 I have limited information on what you would learn in a Master of Marketing, but I can speak more to why I think an MBA is helpful. Many marketing jobs are actually general management jobs -- managing a P&L, leading cross-functional teams, working with your operations team, etc. The traditional marketing communications (advertising) aspect is just one part of the job description. The broad base of knowledge and experience that you gain from an MBA will help you to understand every side of the business.
Dave -> David L. Can someone talk about the balance between team-oriented projects in the marketing program vs. individualized study?
David L. -> Dave Hi Dave, there is a good balance between both team projects and individualized study. Different classes have varying ratios of group vs class work, and even within a class different professors have different styles as well. Students can view all of the syllabi for classes to understand what the different mix is. My personal experience is that you can find whatever mix that works best for you.
Sean_Mansfield -> Amy I. The mentoring program seems to be a differentiator for marketing at Booth. Can someone provide some examples of how they've leveraged it?
Amy I. -> Sean_Mansfield Hi Sean! I've had a great experience with my Kilts Center mentor. She helped me to edit my resume, talk through my recruiting strategy and work on cover letters. I think her input made a huge difference in helping me to secure interviews. Beyond that, she was always open to just chatting, and it's great to have a connection at a Chicago CPG company!
KCHO -> Benjamin For career switchers into marketing - how did you prepare for internships? Is there a relatively sizable pool of students successfully transitioned from non-marketing career to marketing career?
Benjamin -> KCHO Hi KCHO. Booth (and business school in general) is full of career switchers so there are plenty of resources, both circular and extra-circular. In particular, the Marketing Group did a fantastic job in preparing me for internship interviews with events (i.e., a store walk with second years) and mock interviews. Of course, you have to do the prep, but all the resources are there for you to succeed and many of my peers successfully made their desired transition.
zivanalewis -> Sana Hi, thanks for doing this. Can anybody elaborate on how you made use of Booth's resources to work on your communication and other soft skills? Particularly if your pre MBA background is in engineering and you intend to do product management or brand management? Thanks a lot!
Sana -> zivanalewis Hi zivanalewis. My undergraduate degree was in Computer Science. Booth has a great LEAD program that you take your first quarter. It focuses entirely on soft skills, managing, and teamwork and also gives you the chance to present in front of your peers. Additionally, there is a great concentration called Managerial and Organizational Behavior which can help you continue to practice soft skills and managing skills throughout your two years here. Also the Marketing group offers mock interviews with second-years. By taking part in these, you can practice marketing/brand management interviews which are different that engineering interviews.
Luciana_Oliveira -> Carolyn For you guys, what would be an ideal set of classes (basics ones and also marketing) to increase our capabilities before the marathon for summer job applications begins?
Carolyn -> Luciana_Oliveira Hi Luciana, I am not sure that there is any ideal set of classes to get you ready for internships. I think your class set should be highly dependent on what you came to Booth to get. I knew that I wanted some formal marketing training, so I took one marketing class each quarter to get me ready, but I am also very interested in working with people, so I took a lot of Organizational Behavior classes to enhance my people skills. Marketing companies are looking for five main things in terms of intern capabilities: analytics, leadership, creativity, teamwork, and strategic thinking. You'll start to see after your first quarter which of those skills you are strong on, and which need more work, and you can round out your class choices accordingly.
K -> Joanna Hello. Thank your for taking our questions! I have taken the GRE and not the GMAT. Since the GMAT is the traditional test accepted by MBA programs, does only having a GRE score put me at a disadvantage? Is the GMAT preferred?
Joanna -> K Hello K, As of this year, Booth now accepts the GMAT or GRE. There is no preference, nor advantage to submitting either. Best of luck.
Bimohit -> Bryce Hi, Thanks for organizing this wonderful chat. I am interested in a Part Time MBA and I would like to switch careers (i.e From Engineering to Consulting/PE). What would you advise? How many in the part time class have switched successfully? Thanks for the answer.
Bryce -> Bimohit We actually don't have representatives from the part-time program on this chat, but I do encourage you to connect with their team to answer your question about approximate career switcher numbers. I wouldn't want to give you inaccurate date. Here's a link:

Jeremy_Kross -> David L. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am looking to make a career switch from consulting to marketing. I am wondering what opportunities Booth provides for people who are interested in a specific industry (i.e. Food and Beverage) with regards to marketing. What opportunities are there to connect with a specific industry?
David L. -> Jeremy_Kross Hi Jeremy, there are definitely a lot of opportunities for career switchers to switch into industry-specific marketing positions. I myself switched from consulting and know plenty of other students who have as well. There are opportunities in an array of different industries Food & Beverage, CPG, Tech, Healthcare, etc. If you are interested in Food and beverage in particular, there are certainly a lot of companies that recruit here: Kraft, PepsiCo, Del Monte, Wrigley, YUM Brands, Hillshire, Campbells, etc.
YD -> Carolyn Thank you all for setting up this! Hi Carolyn, I am interested in marketings especially in sports area. 1) What are the signature Booth classes or who are the key Booth professors in sports marketing area? 2) Have Booth alumni successfully captured job opportunities in Chicago-based sports franchises or other US sports clubs? Thanks!
Carolyn -> YD Hi YD, welcome! There is a new class this year called Sports Analytics, team-taught by John Huizinga (Yao Ming's former agent and adviser), Tobias Moskowitz (author of the book Scorecasting), and Kevin Murphy (lead economic adviser to the NBA during their labor negotiation). Those are definitely the three key professors in the sports arena! Booth alums are definitely scattered throughout the sports world -- I have spoken to Booth alums at Nike and Under Armour, and we have contacts at the NBA, MLB, NFL, Cubs, White Sox, and Big Ten Network, among other places. There are certainly not as many Booth alums working in Chicago-based franchises as in areas like consulting, but the network is very strong (they always take my calls!).
TCmba -> Joanna Are there any study abroad opportunities other than internships?
Joanna -> TCmba Hello TCmba: Booth offers international study abroad opportunities via our IBEP program - including options that range from a few weeks to one term. Visit our website to learn more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/ibep
Dave -> Amy I. For anyone on the panel, what were your biggest reservations or concerns about focusing on studying marketing? How have they been addressed?
Amy I. -> Dave Hi Dave! I think sometimes there are concerns that focusing on marketing might have some limits in terms of geographic location or in terms of opening doors to other professions. I quickly learned both through my course work and interacting with companies that going into brand management would also really bolster my general management skills. That certainly alleviated concerns!
Dave -> Benjamin Ben, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on making the transition in your career from banking to marketing. I am an associate in private equity right now and would like to make the shift to consumer products, specifically brand management.
Benjamin -> Dave Hi Dave. I think a background in finance is extremely helpful for any career, especially marketing. The wonder of business school is you can make the transition, but you need to (a) have a strong story on why and (b) demonstrate brand-management specific knowledge (so that you're not pigeonholed as a finance person). Fortunately, Booth has resources and programming that prove extremely helpful in your switch.
CJ -> Sana I am hopeful that a more technical marketing concentration may create near-term opportunities that will ultimately lead to more of a general management role - is this a strategy that is often used?
Sana -> CJ Hi CJ! That is definitely a strategy that students at Booth pursue. Given market and data trends, a lot of companies are dealing with large amounts of data. To that end, Booth offers great classes like Data-Driven Marketing and Data Mining. As people move up in their respective firms, their marketing roles tend to move more towards general management and less towards technical/analytical roles. Also a lot of marketing roles are Brand Management/Product Management which are very similar to general management roles.
Moderator -> Everyone Keep your questions coming! We have 35 minutes left in the chat.
TCmba -> Bryce I am in the application process, and I do a moderate amount of community service. I wanted to know how important this is seen in the applications? I am quite involved in leadership with my company and other activities.
Bryce -> TCmba Thanks for the question. We certainly value community involvement and overall intellectual curiosity, and our hope is that those admitted to Booth stay engaged with the Booth community. Although, we do evaluate holistically, it's great to hear more about your interests, how you've pursued them, leadership growth, and how those experiences have shaped you.
Bhargavi -> Emily T. I am interested in Technology marketing and have had the opportunity to talk to several current students at Booth. It would be great to hear career services' perspective on how easy it is to recruit for positions in technology.
Emily T. -> Bhargavi Hi Bhargavi! I am glad to hear that you have been able to connect with current students about careers in Tech Marketing, as they are an incredible resource and also work closely with our office. Technology has become an incredibly popular career destination at Booth, and we see it as our role to continually communicate that to firms. Last year alone, we had people enter the marketing function at Tech firms including Apple, Amazon, salesforce.com, and multiple tech startups. We also host industry networking and panel events across the US focused on technology, which helps us continue to build the Chicago Booth brand in the field and to uncover new employer opportunities. For example, we are hosting a Tech panel out at Amazon in Seattle in April and have held similar events in the last year in Chicago and Seoul! We also have 40 second year Career Advisors who work through our office, some of whom were in the Tech field.
Yoavk -> David L. Hello All and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am an Engineer looking to advance into marketing in the Tech industry, How would you say the Kilts center and Booth in general help students interested in this field?
David L. -> Yoavk Hi Yoavk, there is definitely a wealth of resources at Booth for students looking to go into the Tech industry. The Booth Tech Group has many students interested in marketing and in addition to many on campus events, the group organizes a trek out to the west coast during winter break to visit many tech companies in Seattle and San Francisco/Bay Area. The Marketing Group also has relationships with several tech companies (e.g. Amazon, Microsoft) and host helpful recruiting events with these firms.
Brian_B. -> Brady S. Brady and Ben, I also have an M&A background and am looking at transitioning into marketing. Do you feel having this background either enhanced or hampered your ability to obtain a marketing role? What have you done at Booth to demonstrate your passion for the field and learn the "art" side (as opposed to the analytical side) of marketing?
Brady S. -> Brian_B. I feel like it was a mixed bag. Some companies were definitely more interested in me because of my finance background, but I found some others wondered if I had that "art" side down well enough. Having said that, I think the "art" side isn't necessarily something that can be learned in class. I started reading industry news daily, paying more attention to advertising, doing store walks at grocery stores, and also going to every Marketing Group event that I could. If you are naturally a creative person and passionate about marketing, then you won't have a hard time!
dorothy -> Benjamin I don't have a marketing background--are there any classes I should take in the fall to prepare me for interviews and internships. Is taking Marketing in the fall vs later in the year important?
Benjamin -> dorothy Hi Dorothy. We students at Booth are fortunate to have the flexible curriculum, so with my finance background, I deferred taking any course in accounting and took Marketing Strategy as my third class. That said, taking Marketing in the fall quarter is not a requirement for internships -- there are plenty of helpful classes that give you relevant knowledge for interviews plus all of the great extracurricular options. Once you have the internship, you can again use the flexible curriculum to build specific skills and knowledge to succeed over the summer.
jcho -> Emily T. Hi there. Adding onto the question of job placements beyond CPG... I was wondering if Booth students frequently pursue careers with agencies, particularly those in brand strategy, e.g., Futurebrand, Landor, IDEO?
Emily T. -> jcho Hi jcho: While smaller numbers of Booth students seek agency opportunities right out of their MBA, we have an incredible network of alumni on that side of marketing who are quick to help out those students who do. For example, we have strong relationships with Digitas and Razorfish, and in fact, we had a handful of students in IDEO's interview process this year.
AmyLo -> Emily T. Thanks for answering questions. i would like to ask what extra resources Booth can provide for international students trying to find marketing-related positions in the US?
Emily T. -> AmyLo Hi AmyLo! we work with many companies here in the US who seek International talent. In marketing in particular, we work with companies including (but not limited to) Reckitt Benckiser, Mondelez (snacks business that is a spin-off of Kraft), and Nike who are open to sponsoring international marketing talent for their US offices. In addition to the relationships we have with firms, we have specific career management programming throughout the year targeted at helping international students in particular with their job search strategies (ie, international student networking nights, sessions with a lawyer specializing in work permits). This programming starts during orientation and continues throughout the year.
Wilson -> Amy I. Anyone have recommendations on classes for pairing marketing with general strategy (or, a strategy class with a marketing focus)?
Amy I. -> Wilson Hi Wilson, I think competitive strategy, marketing strategy and pricing strategy are all great options!
Emily_S. -> Bryce Thank you for your time, everyone. I work a full time job 8-5 some weekends. I plan on continuing to work. Can anyone speak to part time or evening classes at the Kilts center or any other locations? Also, is there a mandatory Internship, and might that be done within the organization with which I work?
Bryce -> Emily_S. Hi Emily, thanks for the note. If you plan on working while pursuing your MBA, I encourage you to engage with the evening or weekend program. That program is housed in our downtown location, the Gleacher Center. They will be a great resource for opportunities to focus on while you stay in your current role. Here's a link with a bit more information:

Jess -> David L. Hi, thanks so much for hosting. Do students often participate in marketing internships during the school year? Could you please provide a couple examples?
David L. -> Jess Hi Jess, I do know some students who participate in marketing internships during the school year, though it is not overly common. Those that do, are often in marketing roles for start-up companies. As an example, I am working in an unpaid marketing internship for a mobile application development start-up that reached out to me through the Booth Career Services network.
YD -> Emily T. Thanks for answering! How do you see the realistic possibility of non-US citizen's getting job/internship opportunity in sports marketing field? How will Booth experience increase the possibility? Many thanks.
Emily T. -> YD Hi YD! we work with many companies here in the US who seek International talent. In marketing in particular, we work with companies including (but not limited to) Reckitt Benckiser, Mondelez (snacks business that is a spin-off of Kraft), and Nike who are open to sponsoring international marketing talent for their US offices. For sports marketing in particular, we have worked with companies ranging from Octagon to the Cubs to Nike on marketing related opportunities, both domestic and international. In addition to the relationships we have with firms, we have specific career management programming throughout the year targeted at helping international students in particular with their job search strategies (ie, international student networking nights, sessions with a lawyer specializing in work permits). This programming starts during orientation and continues throughout the year.
Leela -> Joanna Hi, I have a work experience around 6+years in Software Field. I'm interested in Pursuing a MBA full time in Software sales and Marketing. How would my experience taken into consideration in the application process?
Joanna -> Leela Hello Leela, When evaluating the career of applicants, we look for qualities that contribute to the success of our graduates. Some examples include: a track record of success, resourcefulness, sense of personal direction, time-management skills, and realistic expectations for the MBA. Best of luck.
Dave -> Benjamin How much exposure do students get to real-world, live projects for companies during the academic calendar year?
Benjamin -> Dave Hi Dave. Booth has a variety of lab courses where you get to work with real-world companies. This quarter, I'm taking Marketing Research, where we learn about the theory in the classroom while my study group is also conducting a research study for a large client. It's a busy mix, but a great way to augment my knowledge in a more hands-on setting.
JD -> Bryce in the application how would be seen if i request a recommendation letter to a provider which the company i work for has relations with?
Bryce -> JD We'd like to see at least one letter of recommendation written by a current supervision, but the other letter is a bit more open-ended. So, if you feel as though it would be beneficial to share the perspective of a client relationship, I encourage it. Regardless, I would make sure that both writers know you well, and can speak to your strengths, with examples.
vinke17 -> Amy I. Hello!, thank you for taking time to answer our questions. I wanted to know if first year students can take part in competitions such as the Marketing Summit at Wake Forest or other competitions. They seem like a fun way to practice what you are learning in classes.
Amy I. -> vinke17 Hi vinke17! I participated in the Wake Forest Marketing Summit this year and our team was made up of entirely first year students. I think most case competitions are open to anyone who is interested, with some differences in the application process. I definitely found it to be a great way to apply what I was learning in the classroom and also to make great connections with my first-year marketing peers!
Reema -> David L. Hi, am interested in starting my own venture in food marketing, should i consider a entrepreneurship courses or a full time marketing program with internships in Food based companies? What do you suggest being a part of the course?
David L. -> Reema Hi Reema, there is certainly time and opportunity to take courses in both entrepreneurship and marketing, and in fact many entrepreneurs at Booth find themselves taking marketing courses to help with their start-ups. Taking courses in both will help you in either industry, and as the year starts you can make your decision as to whether a marketing internship or pursuing your own venture through courses like Building the New Venture and the New Venture Challenge
Vijay -> Sana Hi, has anyone on the panel transitiobed from a heavy quant-oriented background to roles that need soft skills like marketing/general management?? How has Booth helped you in that transition?
Sana -> Vijay Hi Vijay! I had an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and then worked at an economic consulting firm where I did a lot of quantitative analyses. This summer I will be in a general management role at JPMorgan. Booth has a great LEAD program that focuses on soft skills, managing skills, and teamwork. Additionally there are great courses in the Managerial and Organizational Behavior concentration. Additionally, by getting involved in student groups and participating in mock interviews, I really got a chance to work on my soft skills within teams and in an interview setting. Booth also brings in great distinguished speakers who talk about their work experiences and what soft skills have helped them succeed.
RUYEE -> Bryce Hi Booth. Thanks for holding this chat session. I took the old version of GMAT. So does submitting a score from the old test puts me into a less competitive position? Thank you!
Bryce -> RUYEE No, not at all, now we just have a new portion of the GMAT to evaluate off of. We realize that we will now see GMAT (old and new versions), and GRE scores, but no group has an advantage over another. Hopefully this is helpful, and good luck!
Vijay -> Benjamin What are the options/resources available at Booth for someone with Science/Engineeribg background looking to pivot into strategy consulting careers?
Benjamin -> Vijay Hi Vijay. Booth has a variety of resources available to any career switchers, both classes and student groups. Specific to you, classes that may be helpful include Marketing Strategy, Competitive Strategy and Pricing Strategies. The Management Consulting Group does a great job of facilitating networking and case interview practice so that you can make the most out of strategy consulting opportunities. Many of my classmates have science/engineering backgrounds, and were successfully able to transition to consulting.
Jake_G -> Emily T. Hi All - thanks very much for taking the time to host this chat. I have a 2 parter, if that is ok. First, I understand all of the big CPG players recruit heavily at Booth, but I was curious if any niche food and beverage companiesin the organic / sustainable space have a presence at Booth (companies such as Hain Celestial, Annies, or even a subsidiary of a larger company such as Honestea)? Also, are there many recruiting opportunities for international brand management / strategy positions in food & bev directly out of the MBA program, or is that something folks typically transition to a few years after graduating?
Emily T. -> Jake_G Hi Jake_G! You should absolutely check out the student group FEAD here on campus. The Food, Environment, Agribusiness, and Development student group has over 150 members and works specifically to provide the types of opportunities you mentioned. We work closely with them, and they provide incredible opportunities to connect with companies ranging from ConAgra to the Head of Green City Market here in Chicago.
TCmba -> Bryce I'm very interested in attending Chicago, however, I'm concerned with the fact that I have an "F" on my record from one of my classes from undergraduate. Although I have a strong GPA from a top 5 undergrad program and a strong GMAT score, I'm concerned that the Incomplete will hamper my chances. What is your view?
Bryce -> TCmba We certainly take your GPA and GMAT/GRE score into consideration when evaluating off of overall academic ability. And we do reference transcripts to get a better idea of the classes you took and overall performance. You could address your "F" in the optional essay. However, you can't change your GPA, so I'd focus on other elements of the application and making them as competitive as you can.
Moderator -> Everyone We have about 20 minutes left in the chat. Please continue to submit your questions.
Sebastian -> David L. Hi, I'm interested in a customer analytics type of position, for a company such as Amazon. The rigorous classes at Booth seem great for that, but can someone comment on opportunities outside of the class room to get engaged with quantitative marketing.
David L. -> Sebastian Hi Sebastian, classes at Booth are definitely great for that quantitative piece of marketing. Outside of classes, there are many corporate conversations with firms focused on quantitative marketing. You will find that during recruiting, many firms value the quantitative approach that Booth takes to its learning and there are numerous internship opportunities. In addition, there are a few learning opportunities through lunch and learns and case competitions focused on quantitative marketing.
CJ -> Brady S. I've read about the formal mentorship program with a Booth alum through the Kilts Center - is there also a formal program with a 2nd year MBA? Can you speak to the value of the the different mentorship opportunities?
Brady S. -> CJ Yes there is a formal mentorship program with 2nd years. This is organized through the Marketing Group instead of the Kilts Center. My 2nd year mentor was very helpful to me, as I was able to ask him some of the "stupid" questions very early during fall quarter before I really knew what I wanted to do. He prepped me for some of my first interactions with CPG companies. So earlier on, I think the 2nd year mentor was more beneficial, but now I am starting to use my Kilts Center mentor a lot more.
ask27 -> Benjamin Hi, I have another question for any of the current students in the chat. How do students register for popular courses where demand for the course exceeds class size? Is there a points or bidding system? If so, how does it work? Thanks for your response in advance!
Benjamin -> ask27 There is a point and bidding system. You enter Booth with a set amount of points (8,000) and then earn 2,000 points for each class you take. Classes can be free, or cost over 12,000 points so you need to be strategic in bidding. That said, I have not had a problem getting the classes that I really want.
Alan -> Joanna Hi, Can u let know the avg student profile for the program such as gmat score, age & work ex?
Joanna -> Alan Hello Alan, You can see our student profiles here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/students/.
Luciana_Oliveira -> Amy I. With so many great MKT classes, how to you make room to take classes from other concentrations? How to you balance between MKT and other courses before starting a quarter?
Amy I. -> Luciana_Oliveira Hi Luciana! The marketing classes are spread out throughout every quarter, so you'll always have the opportunity to have a good mix of marketing classes with classes that meet other concentrations. It's also a nice way to get some balance in your course work! I always like to meet with my academic adviser to have a good gut check on whether my class mix is good, and I always talk with second years about their experiences.
ChrisF -> Bryce Thanks for offering this opportunity to ask questions. Provided that your GMAT is within the designated 5 year perior, does Booth hold any weighting on whether you wrote the exam this year or 4 years ago?
Bryce -> ChrisF No, if your GMAT is still valid, we evaluate it just like we would if you took the exam last month. It really comes down to how comfortable you are with your score.
Luciana_Oliveira -> Emily T. I am Brazilian and as I talk to people around me saying in which schools I was accepted and saying "no doubt, Booth it is", they keep saying "I don't know this school" specially because they are so used to listening about how great certain schools are for Mkt. What is Booth doing to spread its word in emerging countries?
Emily T. -> Luciana_Oliveira Hi Luciana! We work with firms across the globe to source opportunities across all functions, including marketing. We actually have employer relations team members who are based out of London and Hong Kong, as well as a colleague who covers Latin American specifically. They are constantly on the road doing outreach to employers across EMEA, Asia, and Latin America. In fact, in this last week alone, we have updates on our Career Services blog about marketing related opportunities they have uncovered in Brazil, Dubai, Russia, and Singapore. We also host industry panel and networking events across the globe to help continue to build the Chicago Booth brand and uncover potential employer opportunities. This year we will visit 13 cities with our Chicago Conversations series (www.chicagobooth.edu/conversations). As part of this series, we recently held a panel focused on Latin America in Miami that included our alum who is the Vice President of Marketing and R&D, Latin America and Caribbean at Burger King.
Sean_Mansfield -> Carolyn Hello. I attended the Big Data in Marketing event last week and it was great! What are some ideal classes to attend as a prospective student interested in CPG-focused Marketing?
Carolyn -> Sean_Mansfield Hi Sean, for a CPG-focused marketer, I think that Data-Driven marketing is a great class for you to attend. That is a heavily CPG-focused class that I think showcases Booth's analytic-based approach to marketing. Another good one might be Developing New Products and Services, as that class showcases how companies bring new products to life (and uses plenty of data, as well!).
ds999 -> David L. Hi, I would like to know if tech/internet comapnies (Google,Microsoft,Ebay etc) recruit @ Booth for marketing positions, Thanks!
David L. -> ds999 Hi ds999, Yes! Many tech companies including Google, Microsoft, Ebay, Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Zynga, Orbitz, VMWare, etc. recruit for marketing positions at Booth, and many students in Tech take that route. In addition, the Booth Tech Group does a trek during winter break to see many firms out in Seattle and in San Francisco/Bay Area. They also do local treks to tech companies in the Chicago Area to learn more about various opportunities.
Moderator -> Everyone We have about 15 minutes left in our chat. Please submit any remaining questions for our panelists.
JeffK -> Brady S. I have a pretty set idea of the industry and the position I want post-MBA. Should I tailor my coursework exclusively to that industry, or take a broader approach?
Brady S. -> JeffK I think that depends on if you feel like you are pretty well prepared for that specific position in that specific industry. If you are a career switcher, then I think it is important to build knowledge and skills related to the position you are targeting. If you are simply trying to advance in your current career, then a broader approach might be better. I loaded up on marketing courses in my first year because I was coming from finance, and wanted to be sure I was up to speed on marketing topics for recruiting season and for my internship.
Yoavk -> Carolyn This is addressed to the second years. In your internships, did you feel a difference between you and the other interns from other schools. If so, at what level and how did Booth differentiate you from others?
Carolyn -> Yoavk Hi Yoavk! Yes, I definitely felt a difference between myself and the other interns this summer (and my company felt that difference too -- only two of us got offers, myself and an MBA student from NYU). What set us apart was our ability so navigate the organization (people skills -- knowing who to talk to and how to get approvals) and strategic thinking. It seemed like the other two interns were sort of lost in the weeds on their projects, and failed to see the big picture surrounding their recommendations, while the two of us that were successful in securing offers were not only analytical about our specific projects, but strategic in terms of what our recommendations meant for the company as a whole. That big-picture thinking is something that Booth does really well.
Vijay -> David L. Thanks again for hosting the session. How are Booth's strengths aligned with the skills necessary to lead Technology Firms?
David L. -> Vijay Hi Vijay, technology firms are increasingly valuing quantitative and data analysis skills to deal with all of the 'Big Data' now available to them. I have found that many technology firms are happy to recruit at Booth specifically because of their appreciation of Booth's quantitative approach to marketing and strategy.
MBA2014 -> Bryce Thank you all for sharing your time and knowledge with us. Regarding the GMAT score, I understand that most schools evaluate the IR section differently. This said, how does Chicago Booth evaluate the IR section? Thanks!
Bryce -> MBA2014 To be honest, the IR portion is new for us as well, so we're incorporating it into our overall GMAT score evaluation. That being said, those who have taken the new version don't necessary have an advantage over those who took the old version.
Nicole -> Benjamin I'm a current management consultant considering returning back to school. Were there any sort of "aha" moments that motivated you to pursue an MBA or make a career change?
Benjamin -> Nicole Hi Nicole. I studied History in college, which I loved, but did not give me a background in business. After a few years in finance, my "aha" moment was making a financial model and realizing that I had no way to think through a gross margin beyond the obvious. As I was interested in making a career in business, I decided to apply for an MBA to build my knowledge in areas outside of finance, which is what led me to study marketing.
Dave -> Emily T. Did any of you do, or consider, a "pre-MBA" internship? Because my background is in private equity and I would like to get into brand management, I am considering pursuing such an avenue in order to broaden my experience pre-business school. Thoughts?
Emily T. -> Dave Hi Dave! We work closely with our admitted students to help them navigate their decision about whether to pursue something pre-MBA. We like to stress with students that by no means are you at a disadvantage if you do not have a pre-MBA internship, and in fact, it is important that you carefully weigh whether this is the best option as you have yet to actually enter your MBA experience. There will be multiple opportunities after you arrive on campus to engage in marketing competitions, student group activities, and projects that will help you position yourself for marketing.
Trip -> Joanna Hello! I am currently enrolled in a specialized master's program with an expected graduation date in December 2013, and am planning to apply to Booth for Fall 2014. Do I need to complete my master's program before applying or should I wait and apply in round 2 or 3?
Joanna -> Trip Hello Trip, since a masters is not a requirement for the program, you do not have to wait to apply. Good luck, Joanna
Vijay -> Sana A number of business svhools talk about the transformational experience the program offers. Can anyone on the panel give me an example where Booth experience transformed you professionally?
Sana -> Vijay Hi Vijay. I'm a strong supported of the LEAD program. I honestly don't think there is anything else like it. It really gives you the chance to look at the way your personality plays into how you work in teams and manage others. You get a chance to review feedback from past coworkers and managers (anonymously). It's amazing to see that some things you thought you did well... you could actually improve upon! And then the course gives you mechanism by which to work on those skills. The class really made me think about how I work in teams and manage others and I have employed those teachings in student groups and class study groups. I'm looking forward to also using these skills in a more professional manner this summer.
Joe_Pride -> Bryce I had an application ready to go for round 1. But getting my recommenders to put aside the time to recommend, walking that fine line between nagging and letting it go too far, I slipped from round 1 to round 2, then round 3. I finally got them in. What are my chances in round 3?
Bryce -> Joe_Pride Thanks for the question Joe. Round 3 is certainly not a lost cause round, but keep in mind that it does get competitive because seats are being filled from the two previous rounds. At the end of the day though, you have to apply when you're ready and feel most comfortable with your application.
Gui -> Brady S. Hello, do you offer have a consumer behavior course? How do you like it? I come from retail and improving in this field would be very helpful.
Brady S. -> Gui I am currently taking Consumer Behavior and have found it to be an interesting class. The professor has a lot of experience in the psychological aspects of marketing. I think it is very helpful in understanding how consumers make decisions, how they form perceptions of your company or product, and what you can do to improve attitudes towards your brand.
snehitn -> Amy I. Do projects and lab courses during the fall semester count as work experience in the marketing recruitment interviews? if not, does a person have to obtain some full time work experience in marketing before applying for marketing positions? I ask this question because I am an applicant with a technology background and my marketing experience has been out of workplace with Alumni Clubs and Non- Profit Organizations. I am looking to transition into product management/marketing positions.
Amy I. -> snehitn Hi snehitn! Booth is full of career switchers looking to get into marketing, so I definitely wouldn't worry. Career services and second year career advisers do a great of helping you identify which skills you have that will transfer into a role in marketing. The most important thing you can do is show your interest by taking marketing classes, being active in the marketing group and doing lots of networking!
Moderator -> Everyone We have less than 10 minutes left in the chat. Please submit your final questions.
Andy -> Emily T. HI there-could you throw some light on whether a marketing concentration will fit well with a career goal of leading corporate strategy? Do consumer good companies offer corporate strategy profiles?
Emily T. -> Andy Hi Andy! We have many students who will pursue concentrations in both strategy and marketing, which is absolutely something they have leveraged in their recruiting efforts. In terms of career opportunities, last year alone, we had 40+ students enter roles in corporate in the general management or strategy functions. They went to firms including PepsiCo, Dow, and Boston Scientific.
SH -> Emily T. Hi, I want to know if global oil & gas comapnies such as shell, BP recruit at Chicago Booth for marketing & sales / business development position.! Thank you.
Emily T. -> SH Hi SH! To hit on just a a few of our relationships within that particular industry, firms including Exxon and Chevron recruited on campus last year for their marketing and general management functions.
Seth -> Benjamin Benjamin, first of all thank you for your response. I have two follow ups - do you enjoyed the change of pacea and why did you select Booth specifically?
Benjamin -> Seth Hi Seth. While it sounds trite, when I visited Booth, it felt right. It was the combination of the students I met, the class I sat in on (Marketing Strategy) and the opportunities afforded by the flexible curriculum. While the rhythms of student life are different, they are still quite full -- I'm enjoying the opportunity to try new experiences (whether volunteering with non-profits or teaching myself how to cook).
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you all for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you all for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Brady S. -> Everyone Thanks everyone for chatting! Good luck with the process, and I hope to see you at Booth next year!
Amy I. -> Everyone Thanks everyone for participating and good luck on your applications!
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you again for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
S.Balogun -> Sana Hi! I'm interested in marketing for luxury apparel and retail brands. Can someone speak to what curriculum exists to that pertains to this industry? And also in what ways the Marketing Group and Luxury Group leverage each other at Booth? Thanks!
Sana -> S.Balogun Hi S.Balogun. Curriculum wise, there are no exact courses that focus on the retail industry however a few of the cases that you will see in Marketing classes focus on these industries. Between the two groups, there are many members that overlap and also co-chairs that overlap. This winter break, the RAL group held a trek at the same time as the Marketing group's Brand Week and the two groups worked together to manage overlap. It was a great week and students were allowed to move between the treks and visit companies they liked.
Benjamin -> Everyone Thanks for the great questions. Good luck!
Carolyn -> Everyone It's been great chatting with you today! Good luck with your decision and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions!
Sana -> Everyone Thanks everyone! Great questions and best of luck through the application process!
Bryce -> Everyone Thanks so much for participating today, and hopefully you found the session helpful!