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With the Round 2 application deadline approaching on January 8, the Admissions team will be available to answer any of your questions related to the application or the admissions process.

Tuesday, December 4, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello and thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 10 minutes. Feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Feel free to submit your questions now to any of the panelists.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Emily -> Everyone Hi Everyone! Looking forward to chatting with you today!
Bryce -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us, and hopefully you find today's chat helpful.
Carrie -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Carrie Lydon, and I look forward to answering your questions!
Eddie -> Everyone Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us today.
Danielle -> Everyone Hi! Thanks for joining our chat today. We look forward to answering your questions!
Meghan -> Everyone Hi, I'm Meghan Keedy from the Admissions team. Thanks for chatting with us today!
Gayatri -> Carrie Good Morning! What percentage of applicants apply in Round-2?
Carrie -> Gayatri Hi Gayatri! It's hard to say, given that numbers change from year to year. Generally, we do receive more applications in Round 2 than any other round.
ejeng -> Emily Hi, when do you expect to release decisions regarding Rd 1 acceptances? Thank you.
Emily -> ejeng Hi ejeng. Round 1 decisions will be released on Wednesday, December 19th.
tulika -> Meghan Hello! I am a final year student of a 3 year UG program and i want to apply for the 2nd round but my last semester marks will not be out by then. In that case, is it okay to submit just till the second year marks? Or shall i get my tentative marks from the course teachers and then submit it?
Meghan -> tulika Hi tulika, great question. Yes, you can apply during Round 2 with your current transcript. However, we will eventually need to see your official, and complete, transcript.
TOM -> Danielle I am wondering if BOOTH has strength in terms of the healthcare sector ?Thank you!
Danielle -> TOM Hi TOM, thanks for your question. We do have many students who have a passion and focus on healthcare. Since our students can take 11 elective, and up to 6 courses outside of Chicago Booth, there are a plethora of opportunities to focus on the healthcare sector. For more information, check out our Healthcare Group: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/healthcare-group
LeharChugh -> Bryce Greetings! I am an Engineering graduate having acquired the degree in September 2012. I wanted to know if I too am eligible to apply for a full time MBA in your institution? I have given GRE and have prepared my SOP. Also, have two LOR ready from my college teachers. Thankyou and Regards
Bryce -> LeharChugh Yes, you're absolutely eligible to apply. It sounds like your application is well on its way, so good luck with the process. Remember that our Round 2 deadline is January 8th.
VMW -> Eddie First, thank you for your time. I am interested in applying for the Evening MBA program and eventually pursue a MBA/MPP dual degree. On the page describing this dual degree it states that students may apply during their first quarter for admission to the other program. Is it possible to apply to the MPP program after the first quarter? Ideally I would like to apply to this round for the Evening MBA, submit my application for the MPP later next year, therefore starting those courses in Fall 2014, and finish the dual degree within the required 3 years come 2016.
Eddie -> VMW Timing may be a bit different than it is for the full time MBA program.. You may want to contact the Evening Program and discuss this with them.
sandeepg1983 -> Danielle Is having 6 or 7 years of experience and a MS in engineering.. too old for traditional MBA ?
Danielle -> sandeepg1983 Sandeep: Our students have a variety of experiences, as we value a diverse perspective at Booth. The average age is 28, and we do not use a person's age to assess their application.
Emme_Yang -> Emily Well, I'm also setting up my own on-line business now. Would you consider this experience?
Emily -> Emme_Yang Hi Emme. Yes, we consider entrepreneurial experience as work experience. You will have the opportunity to tell us about this experience in your essays and throughout the rest of the application.
thestartupguy -> Carrie What are the opportunities in Booth if I want to focus my MBA in Healthcare concentration?
Carrie -> thestartupguy There are many opportunities for those interested in healthcare at Booth. From classes related to healthcare, to the Graduate Program in Healthcare Administration and Policy certification, to the Healthcare Student Group - you can take advantage of the resources at Chicago Booth, as well as with the larger University of Chicago Community.

For more information about the Healthcare student group: http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/healthcare/
GPHAP: https://ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap
Hari -> Bryce Hello thanks for having this chat session .I'm planning on applying this year. For some reason if i do not get an admission in 2nd round. Do you consider me for round 3 automatically?
Bryce -> Hari Good question. If you were to be denied in any round, you would have to wait until the following year to apply again. However, if wait listed you would be considered in the following round or potentially throughout the summer.
Koushik -> Danielle Hello. I'm Koushik from India. I've been exploring various B-schools and I've come across some really good reviews about Chicago Booth. I just wanted to know - While there are other B-schools with a strong finance grounding, what is the one thing which gives Booth that edge over other B-Schools to push it up to the no. 1 B-school in the US?
Danielle -> Koushik Hi Koushik: Thanks for your question! There are many different aspects that differentiate Booth from our peer schools. Our discipline based approach, flexibility, diverse perspective, and world-class support are key areas that make separate us from other MBA program. Also, our students posses a unique sense of humility, and they truly value collaboration. At Booth, ideas are paramount, and the ideas compete, and the individuals collaborate. This unique community is also very special to Booth.
shahriarkabir -> Emily Hi there! I was scheduled to visit Booth, but had to cancel because of Sandy. Is it too late to visit this month?
Emily -> shahriarkabir Shahriarkabir, we have our full campus visit program through the end of this week and then our abbreviated schedule begins. Please check out our website for more detailed information and schedules http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program
Nam_Nguyen -> Eddie Hello. I know that Booth's minimum TOEFL score requirement is 104. I will take the TOEFL in the next few days but I am afraid that there is a possibility that I may not score high on the test. If the score is not satisfactory, can I just submit it to meet the application deadline, then retake the test later? I am so afraid of not getting into Booth (assume that my other areas other application package are ok) just because of TOEFL. FYI, my Verbal score on GMAT is 41, 93 percentile. Thanks.
Eddie -> Nam_Nguyen You are taking a chance that we might not see the new score. We will have to review your file with the score we receive when you submit your file. If you want us to wait you may get pushed to the final deadline.
Hari -> Meghan f my admission is denied, can i ask for an explanation for denial, so i can work on improving the same next year before i apply again.
Meghan -> Hari Hi Hari, due to the number of applications we receive, I'm afraid we are not able to provide feedback to applicants.
Amar -> Carrie What percentage of seats are reserved for the round 2 applicants ? Or there is no such criteria ?
Carrie -> Amar Hi, Amar. We do not have a predetermined number of seats that are reserved for Round 2 applicants. While we generally receive more applications, it's hard to say from year to year what the application distribution (and then ultimately the admissions offers) will be.
Sabrina -> Danielle Hi, this is Sabrina from Toronto, Canada. I am determined to pursue but still have some time to explore. Which stream is the strongest at Booth MBA program (accounting, finance, marketing, etc)? Thanks!
Danielle -> Sabrina Hi Sabrina: Thank for your question. Booth is strong in many different areas. Entrepreneurship is thriving at Booth, and finance will always be something that Booth is extremely good at. The Kilts Center for Marketing is an incredible asset to our students, as are our labs in areas such as private equity and marketing research. Our students also find themselves exploring consulting, social enterprise, green tech, and healthcare. Since there is so much flexibility at Booth, you are able to self-select into the experience that is best for you.
Denise -> Carrie What percentage of the Full Time MBA students recieve scholarships from Booth and what is the average scholarship amount?
Carrie -> Denise Hi Denise. Typically, between 25-30% of students receive scholarships, and the typical scholarship amount is between $10,000-$30,000.
JuanD -> Meghan 1. For external students it would be ok to apply for the third round?
Meghan -> JuanD Hi Juan, Anyone is welcome to apply during the third round. If you are inquiring as an international candidate, we do recommend that you try to apply earlier. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/international
Horacio -> Eddie Hi. Can you tell us a bit about the timelines in the admissions process? e.g. time between application submission and interview notification, time between interview and admission decision
Eddie -> Horacio It's about 2-3 weeks depending on the number of applications that we receive per deadline.
JesseChang -> Bryce Hello from Los Angeles! Could you please speak to what resources are available to students interested in pursuing careers in cleantech?
Bryce -> JesseChang A few resources that come to mind are the career advisors related to that space, student-led groups, and the clean tech lab. Below are some links that could be helpful:
Nick -> Eddie Hi all, do Round Two applications receive the same consideration for scholarships as R1?
Eddie -> Nick Yes they do.
JuanD -> Emily 3. For the recommendation letter as they should be professional would be ok to get them from colleagues? Or should be like your direct boss?
Emily -> JuanD Juan, we strongly recommend that your letters of recommendation come from a supervisor versus a colleague. The supervisor should know you well and be able to speak to your accomplishments and strengths in a professional capacity.
victor.azevedo -> Carrie Good Morning! Are all the decisions of Round 1 released on December 19th?
Carrie -> victor.azevedo Hi, Victor. You are correct. We will be releasing our final decisions on December 19th!
Michael_Narinsky -> Danielle Hello, I really would like to visit the school, however I was not able to do it this fall. Do you still recommend to visit the school during the Abbreviated winter campus visit period? Will I be able to talk to the current students if I visit the school in, let's say, 2 weeks from now?
Danielle -> Michael_Narinsky Hi Michael. Great to hear that you are interested in visiting campus. If you are hoping to connect with current students, we would recommend visiting during the times where we have a full visit programming schedule. During those times, you will be able to visit a class, as well as chat with current students . This is the best way to get the most transparent view of the culture and fit of Chicago Booth.
Aditya -> Meghan Hi, I have taken GMAT twice, however I believe I reported my score officially only the first time, as that is what shows on my online application. Is it necessary to officially report the second test or I can self-report it ?
Meghan -> Aditya Hi Aditya, you are welcome to send us an updated GMAT score - just email it to us at Admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu
Shanmukh -> Eddie Hello All,Thanks for scheduling this chat event.I have a question about presentation essay. can I include pictures, which are not taken by me but are very essential to tell my story.for example, pictures depicting some events or ideas that can not be put into words.
Eddie -> Shanmukh Sure. You can send in photos that are not taken by you.
Jake -> Danielle Hi all - thanks very much for doing this chat. It is much appreciated. How are international off-campus interviews conducted? Are they all conducted by alums, and if so, are the alums matched based on common work experience?
Danielle -> Jake Hi Jake. If a student is selected for an admissions interview, we certainly encourage you to visit campus, or one of our hub locations for the interview. If this isn't possible, we will match you with an alumni in your area. As all of our interviews are blind, the alumni will not have any information on a candidate besides their resume.
Sahil -> Eddie Hi everyone! Do I stand a disadvantage if I do not submit a letter of recommendation from my current employer? I have chosen my former manager and a former senior colleague as my recommenders as I would not like to disclose my MBA plans currently to my employers.
Eddie -> Sahil You can use the "Optional" essay to explain the reason for not using your current supervisor.
Anggie_Ramirez -> Meghan Hello. My name is Anggie Ramirez and I am from Bogota, Colombia. I came to the states in Fall 2009 to get my undergraduate in an institution here in the U.S. Do I need to submit TOEFL scores?
Meghan -> Anggie_Ramirez Hi Anngie, If you earned an undergraduate degree from an institution where the primary language of instruction is English then you are exempt from submitting a TOEFL score.
vgarridof -> Danielle What would you consider distinguishes Booth from other programs?
Danielle -> vgarridof vgarridof: Thanks for your question! There are many different aspects that differentiate Booth from our peer schools. Our discipline based approach, flexibility, diverse perspective, and world-class support are key areas that make separate us from other MBA program. Also, our students posses a unique sense of humility, and they truly value collaboration. At Booth, ideas are paramount, and the ideas compete, and the individuals collaborate. This unique community is also very special to Booth.
Jeremy26 -> Emily Hi, everyone. Does Booth interview all applicants it is considering admitting?
Emily -> Jeremy26 Hi Jeremy, All of our admitted students will have received an interview during their candidacy, however our interviews are invite-only so not all candidates that apply will receive an interview.
Anic -> Carrie How are Integrated Reasoning scores being looked at this application season? Are they experimental or are they a part of the evaluation process?
Carrie -> Anic Hi Anic. The new integrated reasoning scores are new for everyone, including the Admissions Office. So while we will certainly be looking at those scores, we are primarily factoring the overall GMAT score and the quantitative and verbal sections in the evaluation.
MatteoR -> Danielle Hi all from a R1 applicant. I've heard that some b-schools accept and consider additional "on-top" supporting letters from Alumni also at this advanced point of the application process. Is this the case of Chicago Booth as well or you do prefer to base your evaluation on the material currently in your hands? Thanks a lot
Danielle -> MatteoR MatteoR: Thanks for your question! At his point, we will assess your application based on the materials we currently have. If an member of the Booth alumni or student community would like to offer an additional letter of support, they may do so via shapetheclass.com.
Anggie_Ramirez -> Eddie Are applicants expected to have any work experience? I am a senior and would be graduating in May 2012
Eddie -> Anggie_Ramirez Work experience is not a requirement to apply but most of our applicants do have a few years under their belt.
JesseChang -> Meghan What percentage of Booth students pursue the International MBA? Thanks!
Meghan -> JesseChang Hi Jesse, the number of MBA students completing the IMBA Program has ranged from 10-17%. Hope that helps!
Nam_Ng -> Bryce Hi Booth Admissions Team. I am from Vietnam. I'm applying to Booth in Round 2 this year. I have an auditing & commercial banking background (PricewaterhouseCoopers, HSBC). I have not worked outside Vietnam. I want to pursue a career in private equity in the US after graduating from MBA. As far as I know, connection is the key to get into a private equity firm in the US. However, through the internet, I only know a few big private equity firms such as KKR, Blackstone and TPG, all of which are very difficult to get into. I would like you to name a few private equity firms (both big and smaller ones) that frequently recruit Booth gradudates. Thank you.
Bryce -> Nam_Ng You're right, breaking into PE can sometimes be challenging and the recruiting efforts are a bit different than typical on-campus recruiting programs. The Booth PE network does a good job in facilitating conversations with alumni in the space and also growing participation in our PE lab. Here are a few links:
Juan_Pablo -> Eddie Hello!!! I was wondering why is it better to apply in Round-2 instead of Round-3?
Eddie -> Juan_Pablo We say it's best to apply when you feel you are ready. Although we do have fewer seats and scholarships available in round 3.
Chad -> Meghan For my last essay question, I am considering a hybrid of an essay and a Power Point presentation using Word but including Power Point elements such as a chart. Is that an acceptable format?
Meghan -> Chad Hi Chad, it's up to you to determine what your strategy is for the essays and the best way to deliver your story to us. However, I would suggest sticking to the guidelines that have been given to you with regards to the format.
Jose_M -> Carrie Hi and thanks for the chat. Do you realease decisions before the deadline, or are all the decisions released on the deadline date?
Carrie -> Jose_M Great question, Jose. Our official release is on December 19th, which is when your status will be updated through our online application system. That said, we do our best to call every admit the day before to share the good news over the phone. Given time zone and geographic differences, as well as a host of other possible factors, it is sometimes not possible to reach everyone the day before. So, if you don't hear from us via phone the day before, do not worry as the official release will be at 9am on the 19th!
DanielG -> Danielle Hi, thanks for this chat. I appreciate your time.I wanted to ask about the short essays - 2 and 3:Should the focus be more professional or personal?If personal is fine, how personal? :)
Danielle -> DanielG DanielG: The strategy you choose to take for your application is entirely up to you. Just remember to answer the question being asked, and offer new information about yourself throughout the application. Best of luck!
Shashank -> Eddie Hi, I have a question on Letters of Recommendation. Is it possible to submit letters of recommendation as a scan of the hard copy or is it mandatory that they be submitted online?
Eddie -> Shashank A scanned copy will onl be accepted from the person who writes the letter He/she must notify us that they will be sending it to us in that format.
JM -> Carrie What is your policy on accepting updated GMAT score after the 2nd round deadline? I am re-taking the the test end of Dec, but depending on the score I might need to take again in Mid-January.
Carrie -> JM Hi JM. You can send an updated score should you take it again, but depending upon when that is, we can't guarantee that it will be considered in your evaluation, as we begin evaluating applications immediately following the deadline. You can make a note of it in your optional essay, and send in your new GMAT score to admissions@chicagobooth.edu. Best of luck!
sgodiwal -> Bryce Hi! With regards to GMAT official scores and official transcripts, do these both need to be in by the application deadline?
Bryce -> sgodiwal When you apply, we'll need your GMAT score and unofficial transcripts. And, if you were to be admitted, we would then require official transcripts. Here's more detail on the application process:
Benjamin -> Danielle Hi. Is there an undergraduate degree that especially suits your curriculum? Engineering or or hard science degrees for example.
Danielle -> Benjamin Benjamin: We have students at Booth from all academic backgrounds. Having folks from a liberal arts background in the classroom with engineers, or artists, or lawyers all adds to the dynamic discussion that occurs at Booth.
Luke -> Eddie Good morning and thank you for answering our questions. Although I know they are accepted, what are your general thought on re-applicants and do you consider them to have similar chances to first time applicants?
Eddie -> Luke Sure they do. We have a lot of success with re-applicants because they have had a chance to review their files and really focus on what might have been missing from the first attempt.
shahriarkabir -> Danielle Hi. I was wondering if you could give us a sense of the culture at Booth, beyond the classroom.
Danielle -> shahriarkabir Shahriarkabir: Experiencing the Booth culture happens best when you visit campus. In the interim, I would encourage you to check out what students have to say about it here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/?source=modules_viewbookmicro_ft
Powen -> Danielle Hi I'm Powen and thank you in advance for answering our questions. I would like to know that how interviews are conducted for international applicants? Are interview made by alumni or by skype calls mostly?
Danielle -> Powen Powen: We encourage all applicants who are invited to interview to come to campus in Chicago. If this is not possible, we will match you with an alumni in your region for a face-to-face interview.
sidjaya -> Emily Hi I'm Sid, I'm applying to Chicago Booth in round 2, I wanted to know whether the international exchange programs available to IMBA students are also available to full time MBA students?
Emily -> sidjaya Hi Sidjaya, We do have study abroad opportunities through our IBEP program. Please check out the website for more detailed information http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/ibep
Mu_He -> Meghan Thanks for hosting this chat. Could you please talk a little bit about international recruiting opportunities at Booth? I'm a Chinese citizen and have been working in the US for 4 years. I'd like to return to China after MBA. So I'm wondering what kind of recruiting opportunities exist at Booth. Thanks!
Meghan -> Mu_He You're welcome, Mu! I'm sure you'll find there are ample opportunities to engage with international companies while at Booth. Our career services team is distinct in that they actually have a global presence throughout the world - that means that representatives from Chicago Booth are working to gather market intelligence from international locations as well as build relationships with international companies for our students every day.
Koushik -> Bryce Would you have something akin to the NYU Stern Graduate Ambassadors, where I could talk to a current student/alum who has made similar career decisions like me?
Bryce -> Koushik There are a wealth of resources and mentoring opportunities for those admitted to the program. For prospective applicants, I would recommend reaching out to a few of the student-led groups of interest or becoming more active on the student blog. Here are a few links:
Anggie_Ramirez -> Eddie Is there a minimum GMAT score required?
Eddie -> Anggie_Ramirez No there are no cut-offs for the GMAT. You may want to check out our website and look at the section that talks about scoring for all of our tests.
Sabrina -> Danielle Hi, its Sabrina from Canada, can you tell me a little bit about the Alumni network, is it very strong internationally? Thanks!
Danielle -> Sabrina Sabrina: We have a very strong alumni network, that spans over 46,000 people, and over 116 different countries. Our alumni are very active with Booth after their campus experience, and are consistently highlighted for their contributions to the global business community. Feel free to read more about our alumni here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/
Megan -> Carrie Do you consider experience as an AmeriCorps volunteer and work for non-profits as relevant work experience in the admissions process? I'm passionate about the work I am doing now and I would rather not have to change sectors in order to be competitive.
Carrie -> Megan Hi, Megan. We absolutely consider AmeriCorps and non-profit work as relevant work experience. Many of our students come from or wish to pursue careers in the social impact space, so we consider that perspective to be equally valuable as any other career background. And, if you are interested in social impact related topics, consider checking out our new Social Enterprise Initiative: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/.
Sahiba -> Meghan Hi! I am an international applicant but graduated from a college here in the United States and have been working here since. Do I need to provide further proof that the language of instruction was English or just check that option in the drop down menu and move on?
Meghan -> Sahiba Hi Sahiba, If you received an undergraduate degree from an institution where English was the primary language of instruction then you're all set - no need to submit TOEFL scores.
desaiaakash -> Emily For entrepreneurs - recommendation letters can be clients and/or suppliers?
Emily -> desaiaakash We understand the unique situation entrepreneurs face when getting recommendation letters. Thus, your recommenders can be clients or the like. As for all recommendation letters, the person should know you well and be able to speak to your professional achievements and strengths.
Nico -> Danielle Hi, adding to Jake's previous question. As an international applicant out of Italy, in case of interview, would I be most likely invited to London or rather have the interview with an alumn from my homecountry?
Danielle -> Nico Nico: We always encourage our students to interview in Chicago, or via one of our hub locations. If this is not possible for an applicant, we will match that individual with a member of the Booth alumni community in your area.
Gavin -> Eddie Hi! Thank you for organizing the chat. I am looking forward to my Booth visit this Friday. I have taken the GRE twice. When i elect to send my scores to my schools through ETS online, I have the choice of sending individual tests. For Booth, is it recommended to send all scores or just the top score. Thank You.
Eddie -> Gavin You can send in all of the results but we will only use the highest score.
FL -> Carrie Does applying in a later round negatively affect our chance of getting a scholarship or fellowship?
Carrie -> FL We award scholarships and fellowships in every round, though the majority of those are awarded in Rounds 1 and 2.
kristenb -> Bryce How soon after the decisions are sent will we need to submit a deposit, if accepted
Bryce -> kristenb It depends on when you apply. For Round 1, typically towards the end of February and then again in early June.
Angie -> Eddie What are your thoughts on applying third round?
Eddie -> Angie We really feel that you should apply when you are ready. There are fewer seats and scholarships available at that time.
Preeti -> Carrie Good morning and thank you for your time. In the application process it says that once we add the recommenders, they will be sent a message with instructions. May we know what message is sent? Also, do the recommenders have a time-frame within which to respond/ upload?
Carrie -> Preeti Hi, Preeti. As soon as you enter their information in the system, you will be prompted to send the information to your recommends. Once that is completed they will immediately receive an email with further instructions. They have until the application deadline to complete their letters of recommendation.
Nick -> Emily if we are unable to visit before the R2 deadline, what is a good way to connect with current students to learn more about the school prior to applying?
Emily -> Nick Nick, There are a couple of different ways you can connect with current students. If you have a specific club interest or question, all of the student group co-chairs are listed on the website and you can feel free to reach out to them directly. Otherwise, we have student-hosted events coming up in a few weeks, which are hosted all over the world in various cities. These offer great opportunities to meet and talk with current students in informal settings. Check our website in the coming weeks for more information on these events!
Benh -> Bryce Hi All, I'm interested in RE. Could you tell me about Booth's strengths in RE?
Bryce -> Benh It's certainly an area of interest in our student body. For employment information, I would encourage you to review the most recent employment report that our career services team publishes. Another good resource would be to reference the Real Estate group:
juanpablogaravito -> Carrie Hello and thanks for hosting this event. Is it possible to submit the application even if one of the recommenders doesn't make it to the deadline? Can he submit the letter a couple of days later?
Carrie -> juanpablogaravito We prefer that the letters of recommendation are submitted by the application deadline, and your application will not be processed until they are received. If you anticipate your recommender submitting their recommendation letter late, please contact us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Usman -> Danielle Hi, I am from London. I'm applying to Booth round 2 as well. i understand 'fit' is an important element in admissions process. How would you describe 'fit'?
Danielle -> Usman Hi Usman. My colleague and I were just in London hosting admissions interviews - always great to be there! Fit is definitely very important at Booth. We seek individuals who thrive in collaborative environments, understand the value of team work, have a keen sense of intellectual curiosity, and have drive and passion to contribute to the global business community. Our students have a unique sense of humility, in that they appreciate the fact that ideas are paramount, and individuals must collaborate to get to those great ideas. See what our students have to say about Booth online: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/booth-culture
Abhishek -> Eddie Hi! - I wanted to know the modes of financing the MBA for an International Student. One way is ofcourse scholarship, but if a student is not able to get that, are there other avenues to take loan?
Eddie -> Abhishek If you aren't selected for one of our scholarships you can still apply for a loan to attend Chicago Booth. Here's a look at the information on our website:
Moderator -> Everyone We've reached the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit any questions you may have for our panelists.
Usman -> Meghan Can you please describe a bit about the LEAD programme?
Meghan -> Usman Hi Usman, Certainly - LEAD is the one required course at Chicago Booth. It's an experiential course designed to enhance students' level of self awareness and interpersonal skills. Through the class, students participate in teams, explore conflict management and work on communication/presentation skills among other things. LEAD is really where the bond between incoming students starts!
koteho -> Bryce What activities/courses does Booth offer research scientists who want to get into the venture capital arms of their respective industries?
Bryce -> koteho One that definitely comes to mind would be our Private Equity/Venture Capital Lab, which provides a great opportunity to work on actual projects for firms in this space.
Sherzod -> Emily Hello. Greetings from Tajikistan. I have prior professional experience outside my country, although had a chance to travel a bit to different regions. I am planning on focusing on investments and international trade/business. So far I have two questions: 1) is Chicago booth interested in students from young democracies and emerging markets othern than Asian tigers and bigger states such as BRICS states? 2) Are there interviews for interntional candidates? if yes, are they administered via skype?
Emily -> Sherzod Sherzod, We welcome diversity here at Booth and have students from all over the world and from very differing backgrounds. Feel free to check out our current class profile here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time#simple2
We do conduct interviews for international students. These interviews are done by our alumni in the applicant's city or in one of our international hubs.
Alvarobarrosp -> Carrie hello, I made some numbers and the total cost for 2 years is around 270.000 USD. If you consider pay all for yourself the loan quote for 10 years is around 3200 usd per month. How you can afford that?
Carrie -> Alvarobarrosp Hi Alvaro. Our estimated tuition and student budget for this year was $88,683 - so your numbers seem a bit high! You can see the full estimated tuition and living expenses here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid Most of our students do finance the program through loans, though we do have a limited number of scholarships and fellowships available.
achowans -> Eddie I noticed on the website on that it is encouraged to send in a letter of recommendation from someone outside of work. Are two professional recommendations discouraged?
Eddie -> achowans No they aren't discouraged. We ask you to make the choice and send in LORs that give us the best information about your professional skills, values and contributions to the organization that you work for.
Shikhir -> Meghan Can you tell me about what kind of financial assistance is on offer for international students?
Meghan -> Shikhir Hi Shikhir, Chicago Booth offers a loan program to international students with no US cosigners. International students who have US cosigners have multiple private loan options. More detailed information regarding these programs will be made available via the admitted students website upon admission to the program.
Anggie_Ramirez -> Emily I would be in Chicago from January 8 to 15 for personal purposes. Do I need to schedule a visit or can I just show up to Booth?
Emily -> Anggie_Ramirez Hi Anggie, Please check out our website for our daily campus visit programming and schedule for those days http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program
Usman -> Eddie how many clubs do booth students typically join? and how many majors do they normally take? Thanks
Eddie -> Usman We have over 70 student organizations Many students join 3 or more. As far as majors (concentrations) students will sometimes leave with more than 2.
Ryan_J -> Meghan I visited UChicago in October. Beautiful campus and business school!... If invited to interview, could I request an off-campus interview as to not travel to Chicago again. What are the chances my request would be granted?
Meghan -> Ryan_J Hi Ryan, We like to encourage all candidates invited to interview to come to campus, but if that's not possible for you then we can set you up with an alumni interviewer closer to your location. If invited to interview, you'll receive instructions on how to set this up.
MeezanQ -> Bryce I am interested in Real Estate and Finance, and I was hoping that you could tell me a little bit about Booth's placement in Real Estate Development and Real Estate Private Equity.
Bryce -> MeezanQ When you say placement, I assume you're referring to how many students pursue these areas for internships and full-time employment. I would reference our employment report for recent statistics, and the Real Estate group for further student interaction.
Hari -> Carrie Do you care how many times a student took his GMAT or Do you only value his high score?
Carrie -> Hari Hi, Hari. We consider the highest GMAT score as your overall score. We do look to see how many times an applicant has taken the GMAT, and what the progression has been over time. This, along with the other components in the application, are considered in the evaluation process.
Megan -> Meghan Do the GRE and the GMAT carry the same weight during the application process? Is there any drawback to using GRE scores?
Meghan -> Megan Hi Megan, yes, the GRE and GMAT scores are weighted equally with regards to the application process. There is no drawback to reporting a GRE score.
Dan_W -> Carrie Hi, I'm trying to decide on full time versus part time. Would you recommend applying for full and changing after? Is this possible?
Carrie -> Dan_W Hi, Dan. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer programs once you are enrolled, so we do recommend that you apply for the program you are most interested in attending. That said, because the classes and curriculum are the same in both programs, you can take classes in the evenings and weekends as a full-time student.
Chris_Smith -> Bryce Hi to everyone. My question is regarding the Powerpoint deck required for all MBA applicants. Can anyone provide any anecdotal evidence for what NOT to do... ie things that are truly forehead smackers. I am sure you all have seen everything under the sun...
Bryce -> Chris_Smith Some advice on the presentation essay question, be sure it adds value to your overall application. Not everything at Booth is laid out in front of you, and this is your first taste of that culture. Tell us someone more about yourself, something that you'd really like the admissions committee to know. Good luck!
Sabrina -> Meghan Are there exchange opportunities at Booth?
Meghan -> Sabrina Hi Sabrina, yes we offer students the opportunity to study at one of our 33 partner schools through the International Business Exchange Program or IBEP. Read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/international-studies/ibep
Thea -> Emily What is the average GMAT score of students who are accepted into BOOTH?
Emily -> Thea Hi Thea. Our students' average GMAT score is 720. The 80th percentile range of our students is 660-760.
bccarr -> Carrie Good morning. I am working on my essays now. Can the short answer essays be combined into one 400 word essay if the answers are related?
Carrie -> bccarr Since there is such limited space in the application, we advise that you use each section strategically to tell us more about you. While you can address the same situation in both questions, we prefer that you adhere to the two question format.
hdabral -> Eddie How much importance the admission committee give to the extra curricular activities? If I do not have to emphase a lot on extracurricular activities, will it reduce my chances to get into the school?
Eddie -> hdabral It helps understand what else you do when you're not at work. It provides another data point to understand how you might get involved on campus if admitted.
Nitesh_Khera -> Danielle What percentage of students got into Finance (Banking/Hedge funds) jobs this year post their MBA? Has the percentage fallen from last year given the tough market? What has been the recent trend across other industries? Have you seen Booth Graduates increasingly preferring one industry over the other recently?
Danielle -> Nitesh_Khera Nitesh_Khera: You are welcome to view those statistics on our employment report, located here:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career/advancement.
KC_Consultant -> Bryce Thank you for your time. Long term, I am interested in launching a firm that provides consulting services to non-profit organizations. What resources does Booth offer that would help me gain experience or knowledge in the non-profit sector?
Bryce -> KC_Consultant I would recommend looking into our Social Entrepreneurship lab and Social New Venture Challenge...both great resources to pursue interests in that space. Another opportunity would be more involvement in our range of student-led groups that focus on social ventures or non-profit. Here are a few links:
http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/ http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups-time/academics/labs
Moderator -> Everyone We have about 15 minutes left in our chat. Please continue to submit your questions for our panelists.
FL -> Carrie Good morning! Post-MBA, I'm interested in consulting in social, public, and non-profit sectors. Does Booth have any special resources to help prepare their students for careers in these sectors?
Carrie -> FL We definitely have resources for those interested in careers in the social impact space. Our Career Services office is definitely a strong resource, but our student groups like Net Impact, Business Solutions Group, and the Management Consulting Group, as well as the Social Enterprise Initiative (http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/). To access the student groups: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups.
Rehan -> Eddie Hi - could you please speak more to any cohorts or groupings that Booth facilitates during your first year/first semester? If so, How large are these groupings and what are any main activities performed within the peer group?
Eddie -> Rehan The LEAD program will place you in a cohort group of about 60 members. This gives you an opportunity to build a community of good friends almost immediately! There are a variety of activities that you'll be involved in through this program.
chadpoulter -> Bryce Hi this is Chad Poulter from Salt Lake City. Thank you for the info on the Health Care Group. Do you have any data on the recruitment from large medical device companies (such as Medtronic, Stryker, ZImmer, etc.)?
Bryce -> chadpoulter Sure thing, I encourage you to reference our most recent employment report:
EU -> Danielle Hi - could you please elaborate on who conducts interviews (alumni, admissions staff, both) and where are they conducted? If alumni conduct interviews, do they have access to our entire application? Thank you!
Danielle -> EU EU: We encourage all applicants who have been selected for an interview to visit campus, or one of our hub locations for their admissions interview. If that is not possible, we will match an applicant with a member of the Booth alumni community in the applicant's area for a face-to-face interview. All interviews are blind, and the interviewer only has the resume of the applicant.
Will -> Carrie Thank you for your time this morning. I am wondering how scholarship and fellowship awards are determined? Is there anything special that needs to be done to apply for these or are all admitted students automatically considered for the scholarships and fellowships? Are students notified of scholarships awarded when they are notified of admission or do the scholarship decisions come later? Thanks!
Carrie -> Will Hi, Will. Scholarship and fellowship awards are awarded at the time of admission, and the committee uses the application itself to make decisions.
ChrisF -> Danielle How valuable are shapetheclass recommendations? Are applicants at any disadvantage without one?
Danielle -> ChrisF ChrisF: The recommendations submitted via Shape the Class allow us to learn more about an applicant. As it is definitely not a required component of the application process, those recommendations are not used to make final admissions decisions.
Jinhyoup -> Meghan I will take GMAT on Dec 26. However, the deadline of 2nd round is Jan 8. That means my official score report will be sent around Jan 16. With an unofficial GMAT score, can I be considered in 2nd round?
Meghan -> Jinhyoup Hi Jinhyoup, an unofficial GMAT score is fine to submit at this point in the process.
JuanD -> Carrie 5. In the work experience field in the professional certifications space this would be additional training/courses that you have taken?
Carrie -> JuanD Yes, you can include any certifications or courses you have taken.
Sabrina -> Emily How diverse are the students at Booth? What % are international students?
Emily -> Sabrina Hi Sabrina. Our students are incredibly diverse, not just because of their nationalities, but also in their experiences, backgrounds, and career goals. For more specifics you can check out our class profile http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time#simple2
David_A -> Bryce Hello, and thanks for hosting this chat session. Can you talk about the specialization process within Booth? Do applicants need to know what track they will pursue at the time of submitting an application?
Bryce -> David_A We have 14 concentrations in total and each student typically graduates with approximately 2-3. Each class counts towards different concentrations, so you it happens organically. Here's a link for a bit more information:
kristenb -> Danielle Can you explain what the "hub" interview locations are?
Danielle -> kristenb Kristen: In round one, we interviewed out of each of our University of Chicago (Harper Center, London Campus, and Beijing Center). For Round Two, these locations may change.
Anne -> Carrie Hi, thanks for taking my question. If an application is submitted before the deadline, would it possibly be reviewed earlier then as well? Correspondingly, would it have a better chance at scholarships?
Carrie -> Anne Hi, Anne. We only begin reviewing applications after the deadline, so you can apply as early or close to the deadline as you wish!
Usman -> Eddie Booth has excellent economics and finance faculty many of whom are Nobel laureates, Are they active in teaching as well?
Eddie -> Usman Yes. As a matter of fact Professor Fogel still teaches. Students are really excited to have an opportunity to work with him.
AmitT -> Bryce Hi, thank you very much for your time. Could you please elaborate on the experiential learning in Booth? I am interested in tech management and entrepreneurship.
Bryce -> AmitT That plays out in a variety of ways...a few that I'd recommend would be our lab courses, which provide you with an opportunity to work on actual projects for companies in a range of industries and business plan competitions. Here are a few links that could be helpful to reference:
SaurabhS -> Carrie I wanted to ask specifically about the interview: Are there any specific set of skills that you are looking for, while conducting the interview?
Carrie -> SaurabhS HI, Saurabh. The interview is our opportunity to meet you in person and learn more about you. The interviews are blind, meaning our interviewers only have access to your resume and have not read your application. This gives us the opportunity to have an unbiased assessment of how you present yourself in person.
SkY -> Emily I am planning to take TOEFL on Dec 22. That means my official score report will be sent around Jan 4 and before when I will not get any unofficial TOEFL score, can I still be considered in 2nd round?
Emily -> SkY Hi Sky. The Round 2 deadline is January 8th and all we need at that time is your self-reported score.
Nik -> Bryce Hi everyone and thanks for holding this session. Are there any upcoming plans for any online chats with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship or on any topics related to private equity at Booth?
Bryce -> Nik Starting in January, we'll release our industry chat schedule, which will include one on entrepreneurship. Stay tuned!
thehealthcareguy -> Emily What separates Booth from other top programs? Could you discuss from the perspective of teaching, students, student activities outside classroom, career development, location.
Emily -> thehealthcareguy Hi great question! There is so much that could be discussed in relation to what makes Booth unique. I invite you to learn more through our online viewbook located here and don't hesitate to reach out if you have more specific questions! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/transform/?source=modules_viewbookmicro_ft
sharmistha -> Eddie Hi, I would like to ask one of the panelists about the different resources, clubs and specific resources available for marketing students. I want to get some insight into whether booth would be a good college for me if i want to pursue a career in marketing. Thanks
Eddie -> sharmistha You should really check out the Kilts Center. You will have many resources available to you if you're really interested in marketing - http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx .
Ali -> Bryce when will we receive Interview invitation or refusal decision if we apply at the 2nd round.
Bryce -> Ali Our mid-decision for Round 2 is February 13th.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you again for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted withing 48 hours.
Emily -> Everyone Thank you for all your questions! It was a pleasure chatting with you today!
Carrie -> Everyone Thank you so much for your questions! Best of luck in these final weeks, and we look forward to reading your applications in Round 2!
JM -> Bryce How much emphasis, if any, do you put on previous GMAT scores? Do you really only look at the most recent (if the highest) or do you also look at prior test scores?
Bryce -> JM It's certainly a valuable piece, but we evaluate holistically. We see all GMAT scores, but only reference the highest score when reading your application.
Meghan -> Everyone Thanks so much for chatting with us today! Good luck to you, wherever you are in the application process!
Danielle -> Everyone Thanks so much for all of your great questions. Best of luck for those who are applying, and we hope to see you on campus soon. Happy Holidays!
Eddie -> Everyone Thanks so much for joining us. I hope we'll see you on campus!
kp2013 -> Bryce is there student housing at booth? on or off campus? if not, what are some popular locations?
Bryce -> kp2013 We actually don't have Booth-only housing, but typically about 25% of our students live in Hyde Park and then the rest in the city. It really depends on what you want out of the experience.
Bryce -> Everyone Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoyed today's chat.