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Art Middlebrooks, clinical professor of marketing and executive director of the Kilts Center for Marketing, along with current students and Admissions staff, will chat with prospective students about the marketing program at Chicago Booth. We’ll also be able to answer your admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, October 16, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

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Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 10 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions at any time.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome everyone. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering any questions you may have at this time.
Katie -> EveryoneHi - I'm the associate director of the Kilts Center for Marketing - a center focused, in part, on supporting students with events and programming that is complementary to the marketing curriculum. We connect you with our phenomenal alumni in numerous ways, offer scholarships, and provide resources that provide you for a successful career.
Joanne -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thanks for joining the chat today. I'm Joanne Legler, Associate Director of Admissions for the Full-Time MBA program. I look forward to answering any admissions questions you might have!
Swati -> EveryoneHi. This is Swati. Looking forward to the chat!
Bryce -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thanks so much for joining us today, and I look forward to answering your questions.
Amanda -> EveryoneWelcome everyone! I'm Amanda Ganske, a first year marketing student at Booth and a Marketing Fellow. Looking forward to chatting with you today.
Brady -> EveryoneWelcome! I'm Brady Noon, a second-year student. This summer I was an Assistant Brand Manager Intern on the Kroger Customer Team at Procter & Gamble. I'm excited to answer your questions!
Joey -> EveryoneHi everybody, I'm Joey Schultz! I'm a second-year student and a Marketing Group Co-Chair. Thanks so much for joining us today! We're looking forward to answering your questions.
Art -> EveryoneWelcome! This is Art Middlebrooks - I'm on the marketing faculty and Executive Director for the Kilts Center for Marketing. Look forward to your questions.
JorgeStegmann -> KatieI am applying for a full-time MBA at Chicago. I am very excited about the Kilts Center since developing Marketing skills is my priority. It is just not quite clear to me how can I get involved with the Kilts Center during my MBA?
Katie -> JorgeStegmannWe have a lot of ways to get involved at the Kilts Center. As a first year student, you can start by joining Marketing Group (we partner with them) and attend our Fall Premiere events in the early weeks of the first quarter. More info is available on the students section of our Kilts website. www.ChicagoBooth.edu/kilts
Anna -> EveryoneHi everyone! Looking forward to our chat!
Ibrar -> BryceIs prior professional experience is a necessity before applying to booth?
Bryce -> IbrarWe don't require prior professional experience to apply; however, on average our students enter the program with about 5 years of work experience. With that said, we evaluate holistically, so we're looking at every component of your application...not just professional experience.
Ibrar -> JoanneWhat kind of questions should we expect during an interview?
Joanne -> IbrarThe questions themselves are up to each interviewer; however, you can expect to be asked about your work experience to date, your goals, your interest in/need for the MBA and a bit about your interest in Chicago Booth. Also, I always advise interviewees to come along with some good questions themselves. It's meant to be a conversation to get to know you better, but also answer your questions too.
Rajwade -> ArtI would like to know which courses would be of great help in learning pricing strategies and their linkage to product introduction in a new strategic markets? (Background: I have about 4 years of work experience in management consulting for manufacturing industry and would like to expand my knowledge to learn more about global marketing strategies for engineering companies)
Art -> RajwadeThe Pricing Strategies class at Booth is fantastic, taught by professor Jean-Pierre Dube. He covers pricing strategies associate with a wide variety of products and services.
DoraChai -> KatieHi there, I have a few questions about the marketing fellowship offered at Booth. Does an applicant have to have a marketing background to be considered for this fellowship? How many fellowships are offered each year? What are the specific criteria for this fellowship? Thank you!
Katie -> DoraChaiAll applicants to the FT program are considered. We look for students interested in marketing and general management. You are not required to have a background in marketing. Many fellows do not. We typically give about 5 a year, but it varies. More details about the program are at http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/fellowships/
Abena -> BradyWhat tools have you found at Booth (Career Services, Kilt Center or Marketing Group) to aid in prepping career switchers for internship and full-time employment recruiting? What advice would you give to career switchers now to help better prepare them for a career in Marketing?
Brady -> AbenaHi Abena - Great question! I am a career switcher myself, and have received incredible support to prepare for my transition. Career Services, the Kilts Center, and the Marketing Group all organize many events to help facilitate the transition from day 1. For instance, this week the Kilts Center has organized a panel of distinguished alumni speaking on the topic "Why Marketing Matters." Additionally, the Marketing Group and Career Services organize many events to prepare students for networking and interviews.
Nene -> Brycei have written the GMAT and had a score of 510, is there a minimum GMAT score for the program
Bryce -> NeneWe don't have a minimum GMAT score requirement, but our average is 715. And 80% of our class fall within the 660-760 range. We do evaluate holistically though, and take into consideration all components of your application.
Alohaj -> JoanneCould you please share some info about the job placement for the international students who want to seek opportunities in the banking industry in the US? Thanks a lot!
Joanne -> AlohajOur international students place very well in the US, though I don't have specific information on the banking industry. I do however encourage you to check out our Employment Reports, which are available online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/.
kayla2014 -> JoeyHello and thanks for offering this chat! I am very interested in Marketing. Can you tell me more about what the Kilts Center does, and what it offers students?
Joey -> kayla2014Hi Kayla - Thanks for your question! The Kilts Center is a fantastic resource for students interested in Marketing. Its primary efforts are geared towards attracting, training, supporting, and placing marketing students. The Center does this through Marketing "Lab" courses, which offer real-world marketing experience; networking opportunities (Kilts Mentoring Program, student marketing group events); events featuring CMO's, CEO's, and other alumni; and scholarships (for FT students). They are even developing some opportunities for students interested in getting experience with the Nielsen Company marketing data.
Kendra -> SwatiSwati, How are you using your accounting experience to propel your career in marketing?
Swati -> KendraThere were a lot of skills that were transferable from my experience at PwC. Obviously being analytical is a huge one. For me, the biggest thing that I leveraged was my cross-functional team experience. I lead projects with multiple lines of service (tax, IT auditors, etc.) and that's a skill that's important in marketing. A brand manager is a lot like a general manager and works closely with different departments in the company.
Peddy -> AmandaAlso, I'm interested in your mentoring program. Could you please provide more information about this program?
Amanda -> PeddyHi Peddy - We have a variety of options for mentoring through the Kilts Center. As a student, the Kilts Center will help match you to an alumnus in a field of your interest, who you can work with on networking, resume review or really any topic related to marketing or your career. There are also second-year student mentors for incoming first-years, and mentorship opportunities specific for Marketing Fellows. I've gotten a lot out of my mentor relationship even in the first few months.
Natalie_B -> KatieHow many people in the Chicago MBA program end up working in the marketing field? Do you have a specific program for branding or retail marketing?
Katie -> Natalie_BHi Natalie - marketing is the third most popular career choice at Booth. A large portion of students go into brand management, but we have some definitely in retail as well. There is a Booth employment report (to be released soon) that can give you even more specifics that might be helpful.
jts320 -> JoanneHow has this years applicant pool in round 1 look compared to last years in terms of size and profile?
Joanne -> jts320We're excited about the Round 1 pool! While we don't release specific information, we are thrilled to see such an interesting and diverse group of applicants who are interested in the Chicago Booth MBA.
vruash -> Brycewhat would be the minimum GMAT score that you accept?Clubbed with the experience?
Bryce -> vruashWe actually don't have a minimum GMAT score requirement, but our average is 715. And 80% of our class fall within the 660-760 range. As a team, we do evaluate holistically and take into consideration all components of your application.
Peddy -> KatieHi, I'm Pei-Yin Chen from Taiwan. You may just call me Peddy. I'm now working in OgilvyOne as an associate account director. Because of my career, I have many opportunities to learn about marketing and communication campaigns. Hence, I would like to learn more about branding, digital marketing, social media, and CRM related things. Please introduce whether you have related classes?
Katie -> PeddyHi Peddy - we have some info about curriculum available on the Kilts website: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/curriculum.aspx We don't currently have courses specifically about digital marketing or social media, but events and programming at Booth can also be a way to expand on knowledge in this area.
rguzman -> Artwhat makes the marketing program at Booth unique, considering Booth is heavily regarded as a "quant heavy" program?
Art -> rguzmanOur focus is on equipping students to think critically, and create real value in the marketplace, not just create Marketing programs.

We do this in several ways:
(1) We teach state-of-the-art marketing tools and concepts through a full-service Marketing curriculum. So our students learn the core concepts, tools and terminology that they will encounter immediately on the job.

(2) Students get a chance to “practice” these concepts and tools in what we call Marketing “Lab” classes. Companies sponsor real projects which students tackle as part of a class. So students learn Marketing tools/concepts, and then get an opportunity to apply what they learned to an important, real-world project from a sponsor company. Last year, we had over 50 company-sponsored projects in our Marketing classes, and approximately 200 students worked on those projects. In several of the classes, students can also request to work on a project for their own entrepreneurial ventures.

(3) In Marketing and other courses, we teach fundamental underlying principles that don’t change – principles of Economics, Consumer Psychology, Statistics and Finance for example. So although the business world and the tools/techniques of Marketing change rapidly, these underlying principles do not. As a result, we believe the Chicago Booth education “wears well” over time and helps our alumni become successful Marketers and General Managers as they progress in their careers. Specifically, because our graduates understand these underlying principles, they are better able to understand, align and motive people from all different functional areas within a company (e.g. R&D, manufacturing, operations, sales, human resources, finance) … this is something that successful Marketers must be able to do.

(4) We offer education in leadership and opportunities to “practice” leadership skills … for example, in the LEAD course, Power and Influence in Organizations course, and “Lab” classes in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

We believe this unique combination equips our students to be very, very successful in their Marketing and General Management careers.
Ibrar -> JoanneDoes booth except individuals into its marketing program, w/o any prior marketing experience (i.e. professionals looking to transition into the marketing industry)?
Joanne -> IbrarStudents to not apply to specific programs within Booth, so prior experience in any industry is not required to pursue any of our 14 concentrations or apply/be admitted to Booth. Many use the MBA as a transition point to switch careers.
Grant-Williams-DC -> AmandaHi, Grant here. I'm curious about healthcare opportunities at Booth. Do students who pursue healthcare end up in marketing, strategy, or other roles? Any important Booth healthcare information I should know, or is healthcare a limited option at this school? Thanks.
Amanda -> Grant-Williams-DCHi Grant - Students interested in healthcare at Booth do often end up in marketing and strategy roles, and we have an active healthcare presence within the Marketing Group as well as within the Chicago Booth Healthcare Group. It's a common career path here, and I'd definitely encourage you to learn more about the Marketing Group and Booth Healthcare Group if this is your area of interest.
Vishu -> BryceI will be applying for Round 2 in Jan 2013 for Full time MBA. I would like to get in touch with current students with similar back ground, to learn more about the program as well as life at Booth. How do i get in touch with them?
Bryce -> VishuVishu, you came to the right place! There are several current marketing students on this chat (both 1st and 2nd years). So, this would be a great place to get your questions answered.
Juan_D -> Joannehello you all, good morning, the school transcript and the university transcript should be translated or apostille?
Joanne -> Juan_DGood morning! When applying, please submit both an original, unofficial copy of your transcript and a translation.
lruan -> ArtHow does Booth approach marketing differently than other graduate schools?
Art -> lruanHi Iruan,
See my earlier response about the focus of Marketing at Booth. Let me know if you have other specific questions about this. Thanks!
Becca -> BradyJoey, Amanda, and Brady- Can you talk a little about why Booth is compelling from a marketing standpoint? You don't traditionally think about Booth as a marketing school.
Brady -> BeccaBecca, I think that the rigor of our curriculum sets us apart. Modern marketing is more and more an exercise in data based judgement. The marketing curriculum here at Booth grounds you in strategy and teaches you how to think in a manner that will allow you to solve complex problems in an analytical and data driven way.
Molly -> AnnaHi! I would love to hear about marketing classes that current students/recent alums found particularly interesting.
Anna -> MollyHi Molly! I would definitely recommend Data-Driven Marketing (Prof. Hitsch) as well as Pricing Strategies (Prof. Dube). Right now I'm taking Developing New Products and Services (Prof. Middlebrooks) and it's also a phenomenal class to take in your Marketing curriculum.
Changwon -> JoanneHi, l'm preparing to complete essay questions. I would like to ask about essay 1 question, should I describe a biggest challenge I overcame?
Joanne -> ChangwonActually, our essay question about your biggest challenge is essay #2. Please answer the question in a way that both describes the challenge and what lessons you might have gleaned from the situation.
NYTechGuy -> KatieHello everyone. I'm curious to learn what percentage of graduates from Booth end up working in marketing roles at startups.
Katie -> NYTechGuyHi - I don't have specific stats to that level, but there are definitely opportunities to connect to students working on start-ups with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship. I know several alumni who have definitely used their marketing experience to work with start-ups as well. They can be a great resource and one to which we can connect you through the Kilts Center.
kayla2014 -> SwatiHow easy is it to head up a group, like the Marketing Group? I'd like to be a co-chair one day.
Swati -> kayla2014It's definitely a time commitment, but I think it's well worth it. Events that we host, like interview prep workshops and resume reviews, allow you to get to know fellow marketers and also allows you revisit your own approach to recruiting. As a co-chair, you're also getting access to big players in the marketing world - Kraft, P&G, and much more.
vruash -> Brycewhat else are the prerequisites for admission to full time MBA course?I have an experience of 2years ,is that sufficient?What are you looking for in an application?
Bryce -> vruashFor the components of the application, I would reference the link below: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply
Vinai -> AmandaWhy marketing at Booth?
Amanda -> VinaiHi Vinai - This is my favorite question! I was really drawn to the quantitative approach to marketing at Booth because my previous job focused heavily on analytical data and optimizing marketing programs in the digital space. Beyond that, the school and the Kilts Center are working together to provide a variety of world-class resources to marketing students here at Booth, and the opportunities for marketing employment coming out of Booth are excellent. All those things together made my choice very easy!
Abena -> JoeyWhat resources are available for career switchers through the center, as we prepare for interviews and explaining to recruiters how our experiences in our pre- B school fields will translate into Marekting fields (brand management, etc)?
Joey -> AbenaHi Abena – I was a career switcher myself coming into Booth and quite honestly was overwhelmed by the multitude of resources available to help us prepare for a successful transition. From day one of orientation, you will work with Career Services in workshops, learning how to “shape your story” and “deliver your elevator pitch.” The Marketing Group also supports Career Service’s efforts by offering resume review workshops, a Marketing Resource Guide, and marketing interview workshops
amina -> JoanneHello, and thanks for taking my question. How will a career change affect how you view my work experience?
Joanne -> aminaHi amina. Assuming you are talking about a career change pre-application, we do not view that in any special way; everything you offer us is taken within the context of the larger application, We encourage you to use the essays to explain your career path and any changes that came along the way.
Erik -> JoanneThe questions and answers are coming very fast, will the contents of this chat be available after its conclusion?
Joanne -> ErikHi Erik, yes! We will provide a transcript of the chat on our website in about 2 days. You can find it at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/online-chats?source=modules_engage_ft (along with transcripts from our previous chats).
Nikhil_Gupta -> AmandaHi everyone, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. I'm Nikhil Gupta and I am an applicant for the class of 2015. I'm very intersted in Booth's marketing program for its more quantitative approach and emphasis on marketing ROI. What do you believe are some other key differentiators of Booth's marketing program?
Amanda -> Nikhil_GuptaHi Nikhil - While the data-driven focus is definitely a major factor setting apart Booth's marketing, we also have a wonderful, tight-knit community of marketing students here. So far, I've really valued the input I've gotten from second years and the community factor is really important. The Kilts Center works hard to bring great alumni to campus, as well, which provides great networking and learning opportunities.
Juan_D -> Brycethe Recommendation letters should be from the actual bosses of the company in which i´m working, could i get recommendation letters from example a sales vicepresident or encharged of some products lines from USA or Germany that we distribute here at our country
Bryce -> Juan_DFor letters of recommendation, I would focus on selecting individuals who really know you well and can articulate your strengths and what you could contribute to the Booth community. And one of your two letters need to be professional.
Liz -> SwatiWhat do you think are the characteristics/DNA that typical Booth students share?
Swati -> LizWhile I think it's hard to put all Booth students into one category. You'll find that we are a diverse group. But, that being said, I think the big thing that drew me to Booth is this sense of camaraderie. Booth students (and alums, for that matter) are always willing to help out. While students are some of the best and brightest out there, we really don't have a competitive or cutthroat air around us.
Rahulsinha -> KatieHello everyone. I wanted to ask what career and skill development opportunities does the Kilts centre provide for students , particularly international, for transitioning into the marketing industry in the US. Is it also true that it is relatively difficult for international students to land in marketing jobs in the US? Thanks.
Katie -> RahulsinhaHi - we offer a variety of programs (mentoring) and events (alumni speakers, etc.) that complement the curriculum. We have info on our Kilts website. http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/index.aspx To your second question about international students transitioning - our great career services team provides a great deal of support for int'l students. As for marketing roles - you're right that it's a challenge for int'l students looking for marketing roles in the US.
Gines -> BradyHi Brady! How was your search for the internship and what are you expecting from Procter & Gamble after you complete your MBA?
Brady -> GinesHello Gines! My internship search was relatively smooth, I must say. This was due in large part to the resources available to me here at Booth. Specifically, the supportive nature of second-year students. Classmates who had worked at P&G in the past were very open to speaking with me about the company and their recruiting process. After graduation I'm expecting an environment where I am empowered to make decisions that will help guide the strategy of one of P&G's brands.
AndrewThomas -> ArtDoes the marketing program interact with the entrepreneurship program? Can entrepreneurship students engage in marketing organizations, learn about start-up market research, etc?
Art -> AndrewThomasHi Andrew,
Thanks for your message. There are a wide range of outstanding entrepreneurship classes including New Venture Strategy, Building the New Venture, and New Venture Lab. Marketing is a critical component for any new venture (you have to be able to attract customers!), so these classes are great for learning about start-ups and how to do market research without a big budget.
rguzman -> Bryceare interviews "blind"?
Bryce -> rguzmanYes, all the interviewer has to reference going into the interview is your resume.
vruash -> BryceI would like to know if you do accept GRE score as well?
Bryce -> vruashYes, this year we'll also be accepting the GRE, in addition to the GMAT.
David.Hasebroock -> JoanneWhich Booth events do you recommend that prospective students attend in the application process to get a better feel for the MBA offerings?
Joanne -> David.HasebroockHi David. We encourage you to attend our Admissions Information Sessions, though those have mostly come to an end now; if you're in NYC, Vancouver or Chicago, we'll host sessions there in November. You can see a list of all of our events online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events?source=modules_engage_ft.
Arv -> AmandaAre there various disciplines within the marketing program on which individuals can choose to focus, or is each student in charge of structuring his/her own program based on his/her interests and career objectives?
Amanda -> ArvHi Arv - One of the great things setting Booth apart is our flexible curriculum, so you're really able to choose where to focus within the marketing program as well as within Booth or the University overall. Say you had a strong interest in Consumer Behavior, you'd be able to take additional Psychology courses in the college. It's really up to you to find where your interest is and pursue that, but rest assured that our marketing courses will give you a great foundation from which to start.
AndrewThomas -> JoanneIn the middle of my undergrad study, I took two years and did volunteer service in South Korea full-time. It was un-pdaid, but it was extremely educational and it has shaped my educational and professional career since then. Does Booth Admissions consider this work experience?
Joanne -> AndrewThomasYou can add that into your work experience section when you apply.
Ibrar -> KatieDoes booth except individuals into its marketing program, w/o any prior marketing experience (i.e. professionals looking to transition into the marketing industry)?
Katie -> IbrarHi Ibrar - absolutely we have a large number of students who concentrate in marketing with no prior experience. Likewise, many concentrate in marketing even if they don't into a marketing function at graduation. Our approach to marketing is such that the curriculum provides competencies and fundamentals that critical to success in any career.
pc -> SwatiHello. I am a fashion designer with 4.5 years of experience. I just submitted my application to the Full-Time MBA. I would like to pursue a career in brand management in the apparel retail industry. Do many Booth MBA graduates take up careers in the apparel / lifestyle retail industry?
Swati -> pcGood luck! There are definitely a lot of students that work in the retail space. We have alum at companies like Gap and Gucci. While these companies don't necessarily come on campus, you can definitely find ways to network and recruit within the industry. We also have a retail group (the Retail, Apparel and Luxury Group. Shameless plug, since I'm a co-chair for that group too) that can help you in your pursuit to find a career in that industry.
stevenqs -> JoanneHello everyone, thank you for joining us here today. Out of Booth's 14 concentrations, for which are Booth most well known?
Joanne -> stevenqsBooth is well known for many fields! Some of the most popular concentrations among students are Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management and General Management.
Tracy -> JoanneI am looking forward to your latest job placement report. When shall we expect it?
Joanne -> TracyHi Tracy; the new Employment Report should be ready in mid-November.
rguzman -> BradyBrady: how did the Booth curriculum help you for your summer internship at P&G?
Brady -> rguzmanI took Marketing Strategy with Professor Dhar and Data Driven Marketing with Professor Hitsch in my first year. Both courses proved to be integral this past summer. This course work not only taught me about marketing, but more importantly it also taught me how to think about and address a strategic problem.
Paulo_Landim -> ArtProf. Art: Could you please give us more detail son the "Power and Influence in Organizations" course. Or a link to where I can find more information about that.
Art -> Paulo_LandimHi Paulo,
Sorry, but I'm not aware of any publicly available online information about that course. Booth has a curriculum guide, which is what you would want to consult.
Paulo_Landim -> JoeyGood morning, and thank your for this opportunity. My work experience has been focused on operations and finance, mostly through consulting projects at BCG and PIP. What opportunities would you recommend for someone wanting to learn about marketing, both in academics (what courses) and through extra-curricular activities.
Joey -> Paulo_LandimPaulo – Prior to coming to Booth and seeking a career in Brand Management, my background was in Operations and Finance as well. Career Services, the Kilts Center, and the Marketing Group all organize many events to help incoming students learn about marketing as a function and marketing careers in general. From a curriculum standpoint, “Marketing Strategy” builds a strong foundation and “Data Driven Marketing” provides deep insight into how data an analytics are gaining prominence as a fundamental skill set in the field. Finally, there are marketing lab courses such as “Developing New Products and Services” and “Marketing Research” offerings that give students a chance to gain perspective through an applied and experiential learning environment.
Erik -> JoanneMy post-undergrad work experience for the past four years has been in the non profit sector. Would I be at a disadvantage when applying to Booth since I do not have a traditional business background?
Joanne -> ErikNo one is at any disadvantage from their work experience background; we see a great variety of backgrounds when students apply to Booth, and the diversity here among our students is one of the key, distinctive features of the Chicago Booth community.
Sim -> AmandaIs there any emphasis given to qualitative research and developing strategies through qualitative data as well?
Amanda -> SimHi Sim - We do cover both qualitative and quantitative methods in our marketing courses. Our Marketing Research course will cover both, and many of the cases you'll study will include qualitative data. I've even talked to a number of second years who were exposed to focus groups and other qualitative methods in their internships, and all felt prepared for that aspect based on coursework.
Changwon -> BryceI would like to ask for the essay 4 question.. What areas / characteristics do you want to know about applicant through this question? Please let me have your personal thought.
Bryce -> ChangwonThis is really on the applicant to navigate the white space of this question and share something that they think would be valuable for the admissions committee to hear. Again, it's important have this essay fit well into the strategy of your overall application.
Julie_A -> JoanneOn the presentation portion of the application, are you looking for more professional information, personal, or a combination of both?
Joanne -> Julie_AHi Julie. Essay #3 is up to you! We see a variety of formats and the choice is yours about how you want to present that information.
Ahsan_Shah -> KatieHi All, Thank you for having this open forum. Thank you for the insight Brady. Following up on Abena's question...Which corporations have you seen to have the highest demand for graduates from the Kitts Center MBA program?
Katie -> Ahsan_ShahWe have listed on http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/recruiters/list.aspx - an online version of our annual publication called Marketing at Chicago Booth -- a list of our strongest recruiters who hired 2011 grads. Does that help?
Arjun -> JoanneOne quick question on scholarships. What % of international student received scholarships. Can we get information like what was the average % of scholarship awarded?
Joanne -> ArjunHi Arjun. Sorry, but we don't release specific information about scholarships. All students are eligible for scholarships and fellowships, regardless of citizenship.
Pranay -> JoeyHi All, thank you for this opportunity. Could you elaborate on the activities of the Marketing Group, this year for example?
Joey -> PranayHi Pranay - The Marketing Group's mission is to educate students on the world of marketing, to help them secure jobs that they love, and to create a network for colleagues, faculty, and alumni. We have events all year long that allow us to satisfy this mission including a Marketing Conference with impressive alumni, interview workshops, resume reviews, and fantastic socials each quarter!
Rahulsinha -> SwatiDo advertising agencies such as Ogilvy recruit at Chicago Booth?
Swati -> RahulsinhaWhile agencies don't come to campus, there are alumni that work in the space. They are more than willing to speak with and helping connect current students to people in the industry. If that's something that interests you, there is definitely a way to network and find out the best ways to enter an agency. We are really lucky to be in Chicago, because there are a whole host of agencies.
Ina -> BryceHello everyone. Thank you for taking time to answer questions. What does Booth mean but mid-decision October 31 for Round 1 applicants? Does this mean the applicants will be told whether they are invited for an interview or not? Thank you for the answer in advance.
Bryce -> InaNo worries at all, hopefully it's helpful. As for our mid-decision dates, this is the date that you would find out whether or not you've been extended an invitation to interview.
Dora -> ArtHi, I am wondering if Booth has any special programs for people interested inmarketing in the high tech industry?
Art -> DoraHi Dora,
Nice to hear from you. Most of our marketing classes include cases and content on high tech industries. The Kilts Center offers a seminar series that includes topics for high tech marketers. This year we are featuring speakers from LinkedIn and Oracle. We have had speakers from other high-tech companies in the past, for example Google.
Gergs -> BryceWill there be a recap of the topics discussed in the Chat or a Chat history available. It's hard to keep up with all of the responses and I would like to save them for future reference.
Bryce -> GergsYes, there will be transcripts available on our website after this chat. You can also review historical chats for additional information.
jnrhoads -> AmandaFor the marketing students- how important is a marketing background for entrepreneurs? Or for professionals in other fields (e.g. finance)? Do you have many of these people in your classes? Thanks!
Amanda -> jnrhoadsHi jnrhoads - Marketing is a key skill for any number of disciplines, and at Booth about 20% of students end up getting a marketing concentration, including many for whom it's not their intended field. I'd say that's especially true for entrepreneurship, where people need to be familiar with the entire process from financing to sales. My current marketing strategy class has a variety of first and second years interested in a number of different career paths, which adds great dimension to our discussions.
RebeccaG -> AnnaFrom the information session I had attended a couple of months ago, I got the impression that Booth was more focused on individual work than most traditional MBA programs that have a collaborative/group focus. Is this true?
Anna -> RebeccaGHi RebeccaG, I can't say with absolute certainty what is the team work look like in other MBA programs but we definitely have a lot of collaborative/group work at Booth. A lot of Professors put pretty heavy emphasis on team work and team preparation for the class.
Bob -> JoanneI currently have a job at an energy pe firm in omaha and would like to come back to work as part of a management team. I am planning on coming to visit Booth in the upcoming weeks. Do you have a recommmendation for a class that I should sit in on?
Joanne -> BobHi Bob. We offer our campus visit program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this quarter (please visit our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit?source=modules_engage_ft). Be sure you are coming on a day when we offer class visits; then, you can check to see what classes are offered on the day you can attend. You can see the available classes at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/class.
Chris_K -> ArtWhat unique programs do you have at Booth for students interested in entertainment marketing?
Art -> Chris_KHi Chris,
There's a student group focused on media & entertainment. They have some terrific programs, as well as connections with companies who recruit from the Entertainment industry.
kopobka -> KatieHi, my name is Yuliya and I applied in Round 1. I noticed that there are a few marketing fellowships and grants available at Booth. How are those opportunities
Katie -> kopobkaHi Yuliya - we review student applications to identify marketing fellowships. Students who express and interest in marketing and/or general management are considered. There are not additional steps -- other than your application -- required to apply. The Kilts Scholarships are chosen from first year students. More details about both scholarship programs are included on our website http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/students/
Arjun -> BryceHi, Thanks for hosting this session. I have a question on Multiple GMATs. If we take the GMAT multiple times does it impacts the application negatively?
Bryce -> ArjunNo worries, hopefully you find it helpful. As for taking the GMAT multiple times, I think it's actually relatively common to take the exam a few times prior to applying. So no, it doesn't affect you negatively.
kgp203 -> SwatiWhat are the various ways students can get exposure to marketing/brand management on an international/global scale at Booth?
Swati -> kgp203Most of those type of opportunities are found off-campus. Students can connect to alums that have international and global experience. While most brand management internships don't involve a lot of travel, some full-time brand management positions may allow you to take on an international rotation.
Nikhil_Gupta -> BradyBrady, can you talk about your experience working as an ABM for a customer team and how it differs from working specifically on a brand/product?
Brady -> Nikhil_GuptaNikhil - great question! A customer team works very closely with a retailer to drive sales of the manufacturer's products within that retailer's specific environment. As a result, it is slightly more tactical focusing on activating brand strategies for that specific retailer. That said, this is not a traditional ABM role. I will return as an ABM assigned to one of P&G's brands.
AstVij -> ArtHi, I am looking to venture into Product Management. What kind of courses that Booth offers would be ideally suited for this role?
Art -> AstVijHi AstVij,
The Booth curriculum is well-suited for careers in Product Management. After the core "Marketing Strategy" course, there are electives on New Product Development, Pricing, Integrated Brand Communications, and Channel Strategy. Product Managers should also have strong Finance and Accounting skills.
Hank -> KatieI heard about the Domino's presentation for this year's first year orientation and it sounded incredible. How many activities like that are offered to Booth students?
Katie -> HankHi Hank - The Kilts Center, host of the Domino's event, offers a number of programs and events throughout the year. We offer events that are a complement to the curriculum. You can see some of our events - future and past - on our website http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/news/index.aspx
Steven_H -> AmandaIs there any interaction between 1st years and 2nd years in terms of mentorship and guidance?
Amanda -> Steven_HHi Steven - This is a great question! There are many opportunities for mentorship between the classes. As an incoming student, you can sign up for a mentor to help guide you through class selection, getting to know Booth, etc. You'll also meet second years at Marketing Group events who are happy to share their internship experiences, review your resume, or just talk about life. The tight-knit nature of the marketing community here definitely facilitates strong relationships between first and second year students, but even beyond marketing there are great resources at Booth for mentorship between the classes.
rguzman -> BryceAre interviews held off campus or strictly on campus?
Bryce -> rguzmanOnly Illinois residents are required to come to campus for their interview. All other applicants have the choice to come to campus or interview with an alum in your area.
Changwon -> JoanneI have a dual citizenship, US and Korea, but never lived in the country native language is English over 1 year. Can I be exempted to submit English exam score for the application?
Joanne -> ChangwonHi Changwon. Please visit our website to learn more about English language requirements (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/international/english-exams). If you are a US Citizen, you are exempt from the TOEFL.
Paulo_Landim -> JoeyJoey and Brady: How did you use the knowledge you acquired during 1st year at Booth during your internship. Could you give practical examples.
Joey -> Paulo_LandimPaulo: I think Brady would agree that knowledge we acquired picked up in our 1st year were instrumental in allowing us to be successful at our summer jobs. A typical marketing internship experience will include at least one data heavy analytics project. For instance, I had to use Nielsen data from Wal-Mart to conduct an assessment of our primary competitor in that channel. The tools I developed in Data Driven Marketing made this task far easier for me than many of my peers. The fact that we have access to Nielsen data through the Kilt’s Center gave me the opportunity to develop a level of comfort with these types of broad analytical based questions.
Evan_F -> KatieCan you tell us a bit more about Kitts Center resources and the types of events that are held throughout the year? Also, what does the relationship look like between Booth Alums and the Kitts Center? Is there any support offered to Alums after they graduate?
Katie -> Evan_FHi Evan - our Kilts Center website lists a variety of opportunities for both students and alumni. http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx -- our programs and events (future and past listed on our website as well) bring alumni to campus and provide students an number of ways to connect to them. We have a great marketing community at Booth - including students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
Vishu -> JoanneI am from an engineering background and currently working in India. With a large number of people from India applying to Booth every year, and with similar Engineering back ground, how do you guys differentiate between them to pick the right kind of students?
Joanne -> VishuHi Vishu. We read applications holistically, so it's really more about the total package an applicant brings to the process. We're looking for a great Booth fit, and not about how certain students stack up or are different from one another.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe've reached the halfway point of our chat. Please continue to submit any questions you may have for our panelists. As a reminder, please refrain from providing a list of personal details that you may not want posted in this public chat.
JHuh210 -> AmandaIs there an opportunity during the first semester to explore the different concentrations at Booth, or is it recommended that a prospective student already decide his/her concentration before enrolling?
Amanda -> JHuh210Hi JHuh210 - This is another case where our flexible curriculum is really helpful. You definitely don't need to know what your final concentration will be when coming in, and Booth gives you plenty of opportunity to explore different classes before making a decision. Technically, you don't even have to declare any concentration(s), but most students find that they end up with them based on their interests while at Booth.
Erik -> JoanneSince Booth is so heavily quantitatively focused, is more weight given to that section of an applicants GMAT score?
Joanne -> ErikBooth is analytical, but not necessarily quantitative! We look at both the total GMAT score and the subsections, but one does not hold more weight than another.
Sue -> ArtHi I'm considering an application for full-time MBA. Due to the quant-heavy programs, how do students without expertise in economics or data-analysis adapt to Booth?
Art -> SueHi Sue,
Thanks for your message. You'll want to get perspectives from students as well. From my perspective as a professor, I find that most students get good exposure in the intro economics and statistics classes to be able to then handle elective courses that might be more quantitative.
Hoss_Nasseri -> SwatiSwati and Brady, how do you feel about picking your own schedule and not having a required curriculum? I got a little worried about this when I visit Booth in May. How do you ensure that you are taking a balance of classes that you need to succeed while gaining exposure to various fields?
Swati -> Hoss_NasseriI think that the flexible curriculum offers the best way to learn about different fields. If you aren't 100% sure about what career path you're going to take, the flexible curriculum allows you to dabble in different courses and gain exposure to different fields. You are mapping out your schedule, so you can pick and chose from a whole host of courses. In addition, if you want to learn about the different career choices, there are a multitude of events thrown by different student groups and Career Services that will shed light on the job options for an MBA student.
Bimpsy -> JoanneHi, please I would like to know if certifications and other professional qualifications would help compensate for an average undergraduate CGPA when evaluating an applicants educational background and performance.
Joanne -> BimpsyWe are always glad to see when students take the time and initiative to pursue a professional certification. We read applications holistically, and it will certainly be factored in when we consider your academic aptitude and ability to be successful in an MBA program.
London -> AnnaIs it possible to major in both marketing and finance? Do many students do a double concentration?
Anna -> LondonWhile it's not prohibited to have double concentration in Marketing and Finance it's a rare case due to different nature of these two fields of study. However, one can always do so if he/she chooses to.
Larry -> BryceHi, this is Larry from China. I heard that for applicant from China, it is very hard to gain an opportunity in 3rd round admission. Is that true? The reason why I raise this is because it is very close to the end of 2nd round admission and I haven't got everything ready for application.
Bryce -> LarryHi Larry, thanks for participating. We get the majority of our applications in R1 and R2, so R3 is definitely competitive because some seats have already been filled by the first two rounds. I believe you still have sufficient time to make the R2 deadline though, that's a few months away. It's completely your choice though.
Manit -> JoanneHi Joanne, how much importance does Booth pay to international exposure while evaluating an MBA application? Would working with International clients be considered as international exposure?
Joanne -> ManitWhile we think it's great when applicants have had exposure (through work or travel) to other countries and cultures, it's not a must for applicants. Great to see it in whatever form it takes.
Rajwade -> KatieAre there any focus areas or groups regarding the marketing strategies for not-for-profit organizations/ NGOs?
Katie -> RajwadeHi Rajwade - there are a number of student groups and clubs listed on the Booth website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups you might want to check those out. Although we don't have a specific focus on nonprofit marketing, our approach to marketing is that the skills and fundamentals taught in marketing are critical to any successful career and can be applied to a broad set of functions.
Shiran -> AmandaHi, what kind of practical marketing experience can I acquire during my MBA at Booth? thank you
Amanda -> ShiranHi Shiran - There are a variety of opportunities for lab classes where you'll be working on a real client project. Beyond coursework, there are several case competitions and club events that give you an opportunity to work on a real business/marketing challenge and propose solutions, allowing you to hone your marketing skills on a real-world scenario.
vruash -> Joanneis the chance of getting scholarship any different for a student applying in the subsequent rounds?
Joanne -> vruashFor Rounds 1 and 2, scholarship availability is very similar. During Round 3, it's possible that funds may become more limited as we get close to filling the class with students who accept their offer of admission and scholarship.
TomF -> AnnaCan you describe the most common concentrations combined with a study of marketing (e.g., General Management) and how are students able to leverage their marketing curriculum across disciplines?
Anna -> TomFFrom my experience I would say the most common concentrations combined with Marketing are General Management or Strategic Management.
Sim -> BradyHi my name is Prabhsimran, and my question is addressed to Brady. What were the highlights of your internship at P&G? If you could briefly describe what your assignments were and how did your first semester learnings help. Thank you.
Brady -> SimHi Prabhsimran. I think the highlight of my internship was having the realization that my Booth education had prepared me to succeed. Despite having no prior marketing experience I was prepared to tackle each project I was given: creating a marketing mix model to project expected returns from given marketing tactics, launching a holistic creative campaign for a new P&G product in Kroger stores, and strategically re-thinking the future of health care retail in the food channel. I believe wholeheartedly that this was because my coursework at Booth is grounded in fundamentals that can be applied to any marketing problem.
Nimer -> BryceHi, I´m from Spain and I have already finished a three years bachelor degree in Madrid ( old system ). I would like to know what studies do I need to apply for MBA program and if it is enought with my studies. Thanks !
Bryce -> NimerRegarding what our incoming students studied at university, there is quite the range. There aren't certain majors that we require prior to applying...it really comes down to the overall perspective that you bring and what you'd like to learn from the Chicago Booth experience.
Molly -> SwatiHi! I would love to hear about marketing classes that current students/recent alums found particularly interesting.
Swati -> MollyEveryone will take you to take Data Driven Marketing! While I haven't pursued a career in brand management, this is a great course to learn how to analyze marketing data. Developing New Products and Services is another great course. It gives you real life exposure because you're working with a specific client.
gautam -> JoanneDoes Booth admit college seniors, something similar to 2+2 program? If yes, what type of work experience does Booth look for ?
Joanne -> gautamRight now, we do not have a special program for college seniors. You are welcome to apply, since we do not have a minimum threshold for post-college work experience. On average, students at Booth have 5 years of work experience.
Bill_Y -> AmandaHi everyone. Do students take classes with other schools fairly often, or do they mostly stick with B-school classes?
Amanda -> Bill_YHi Bill - I think the majority of people stick to Booth classes, but it's certainly not out of the norm to try a class from another branch of the University. I know students right now who are in law school classes and undergrad computer science classes because they think those will be helpful for their future career, so it's definitely something people do take advantage of.
EUA -> BryceHi - quick question on the application essays: For the essay about broadening your perspective about who we are, is there a preference of the presentation format over the written essay format? Thank you
Bryce -> EUANo, we just wanted to provide the applicant the format option. We don't prefer one over the other. I would focus on what format you're more comfortable using to articulate your story.
Julie_A -> KatieCould you please explain the lab courses in more detail? Which marketing specific courses are offered and can you take more than one?
Katie -> Julie_AHi Julie - these are project based courses with projects sponsored by real companies. It's a great way to get experience in marketing. There is more info in a few places online, including some stories about example projects http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/teaching/marketing-research-lab.aspx -- our Kilts website tells a bit more about them as well http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/alumni/sponsorship/index.aspx
Paulo_Landim -> JoanneHi Joanne and Bryce, I have applied during R1. Is there a specific date for interview invites to be sent?
Joanne -> Paulo_LandimYes! All Round 1 applicants will be notified about the decision to interview on Oct. 31. Read our recent blog post from The Booth Insider to learn more! http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/n/blogs/blog.aspx?nav=main&webtag=boothinsider&entry=71
Leah -> SwatiWhen applying for internships at the typical CPG manufacturers do you apply to a specific ABM role or do you apply more generally and they assign you to a position? So for example Brady did you proactively go for the customer team position with P&G or did P&G slot you in there. I'm curious because the type of projects AMBs do can vary quite dramatically.
Swati -> LeahYou apply to a brand management position. When you sign with a specific company, the company will assign you to a specific brand or project. You're right. Your role and responsibilities will definitely vary depending on what project or brand to which you're assigned.
Nene -> BryceDo you have an plans to hold an Admissions informations session in Africa?
Bryce -> NeneWe actually traveled to Africa in July and held admissions events in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria.
gautam -> BradyHow many clubs related to marketing does CHicao Booth have???
Brady -> gautamHi Gautam. The Marketing Group is the only group entirely focused on marketing. However, there are many other career focused groups in which marketing plays a key role. For example, Booth has: a Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality Group; a Media, Entertainment, and Sports Group; and a Corporate Management and Strategy group that will all touch on elements of marketing.
Dennis -> JoanneGood Morning! I´m planning to travel to Chicago on the latest of november, will be there someone to show me the university?
Joanne -> DennisPlease visit our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/visit/daily-campus-visit-program to learn more about our campus visit program. We offer tours, information sessions and class visits.
Julio -> BryceI can't tell my current boss I am planning to leave for an MBA next year. Would a former supervisor from my current company be a suitable recommender?
Bryce -> JulioYes, that would suffice if you think that person could provide specific examples of your strengths. We understand that applicants can't always ask their current supervisor.
stevenqs -> AnnaFor current students and alumni, what was the most challenging aspect of your application process and how did you address that challenge?
Anna -> stevenqsI woulds say that for me the most challenging part of the application was the PowerPoint presentation essay. It provides you with an opportunity to express yourself and show your creativity, however, it's also the most difficult to find your own voice and include only the information that will add relevant information to your candidacy.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe have about 15 minutes left in our chat. Please continue submit your questions for our panelists.
JTravis -> JoanneI'm just curious. How do you view candidates that are in they're mid 30s? I was taking a look at the typical candidates age range and I fall just outside of it. I believe a full time program would work best for me because I would like to change industries. Also, are there more career opportunities (more exposure to companies as a full-time student versus the part-time?
Joanne -> JTravisWe are less concerned with a candidate's age than the quality of their work experience and the reasons why now is the right time to pursue the MBA. Career Services is very strong for both the Full-Time and Part-Time communities.
Rahulsinha -> BryceBryce, I have a follow up question to Arjun's question about GMAT. What if the score has shown a declining trend (though not significantly) on retake attempts at the GMAT exam?
Bryce -> RahulsinhaWe only evaluate off of your highest GMAT score, but will be able to see all previous exam results.
Dennis -> ArtAre there an specific focus in sustainability? how can I combine it with another focuses?
Art -> DennisHi Dennis,
Thanks for your message. You'll want to check out the Social New Venture lab class for sure.
ChrisK -> BradyBrady and Joey, if you don't mind me asking, what were your careers before you went to Booth (you both mentioned you were career-switchers)? Thanks.
Brady -> ChrisKChris, I worked in the public sector. Specifically, I was working for the Department of Defense in systems acquisition. I came to Booth to transition to marketing because I wanted a consumer facing role that would prepare me to be a strong general manager.
Peddy -> AnnaHi. I would like to know for summer internship, is there any opportunities for students to have summer internship overseas? Or all students will experience the internship in US?
Anna -> PeddyHi Peddy, definitely - you can apply for summer internship positions outside the US. However, usually the majority of such applications take place off-campus. It's just a different process in terms of how you apply, but nobody puts any limits to where geographically you will have your summer internship experience.
Juan_D -> Joannedo you offer special scholarships for Latin american applicants?, if not, which financial aids do you offer to the students?
Joanne -> Juan_DWe have a fellowship that is specific to students from Brazil, per the donor's request. Beyond that, though, all students are considered for all of our merit-based scholarships, regardless of citizenship. After that, the loan process is how most students will finance their MBA. More information is available after admission to the program.
vruash -> BryceMy Undergrad univ did not follow a GPA system and a direct conversion from percentage to GPA does not justify my score.what should be done in this case?
Bryce -> vruashStill submit unofficial transcripts and then we'll evaluate your performance on our end. We see applicants from all over the world, so it shouldn't be an issue.
Jenny -> JoanneHello everyone, thank you for answering our questions. I'd like to know if there is any standard to evaluate the presentation essay?
Joanne -> JennyHi Jenny. No, there is no standard. Everyone's Essay #3 is individual to them and their experiences. We're looking for good content that helps in total to tell your story from start to finish.
Luciana_Oliveira -> ArtHello everyone. I've just joined the chat and I don't know if this question has already been made. I'm Brazilian, working for Google and applied in Round 1. My question is: from a foreign student perspective, how hard is it to be accepted for a internship in Marketing in relatively young American companies? Does this kind of companies use to hire MBA students or even foreign ones?
Art -> Luciana_OliveiraHi Luciana,
You'll want to ask this question of other international students and Career Services. I believe that many of the Management Consulting companies offer internships to international students. I believe that in the large U.S.-based Consumer Packaged Goods companies, this is generally not the case -- offering internships to international students is more rare. The high tech companies seem to be more open to hiring Marketers who are non-U.S. citizens.
gautam -> BryceWhen are the candidates offered scholarships? During admission process or after admission?
Bryce -> gautamWe try our best to notify those who have been awarded a merit-based award when they are admitted, but in some cases you find out later in the process.
Scott -> JoanneWhat type of ROI or salary lift can students expect from investing in Booth?
Joanne -> ScottHi Scott. While we feel strongly that the ROI is valuable for any Booth student and grad, the numbers themselves will of course depend on each individual student's choices and industries both pre- and post-MBA. You may want to have a look at the most recent Employment Report for more information on starting salaries at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/.
BrownBunny -> JoeyFor career switchers into marketing--did you have to take marketing courses up front during your first year, to prove that you gained enough skills to land that summer internship? If so, what are some courses you found helpful to take before summer?
Joey -> BrownBunnyHi BrownBunny - I would say that it was a huge help to have taken Marketing Strategy before heading into internship recruiting. Specifically, Marketing Strategy gave me a strong foundation in marketing principles and provided me with the confidence to speak intelligently on the subject during corporate conversations and recruiting events. Truthfully, company's expect to see a lot of career switchers and you'd be surprised at just how many transferable skills you've already acquired. The coursework helped to strengthen those muscles and and gave me perspective on how I could leverage those skills in a marketing environment.
Paulo_Landim -> JoanneBooth has several scholarship grants in many areas. Is there something applicants can do to strengthen their chances towards one of these grants?
Joanne -> Paulo_LandimScholarship decisions are based on the strength of the application in relation to the rest of the pool. The best thing you can do is to submit the most complete and representative application possible.
Hank -> BryceFor the R1 interview, we hear end of this month and then how long will we have to schedule/conduct the interview on campus? I also assume "on-campus" refers to Hyde Park and not the Gleacher center, correct?
Bryce -> HankYes, our mid-decision date for R1 is Oct 31, so that is the date that you would find out if you've been extended an invitation to interview. On campus, refers to the Harper Center in Hyde Park where the Full-time program is housed.
Emrah -> ArtHello. Booth is known to be very strong in Finance. Talking to Alumni I heard that Booth is increasing focus on marketing. What can you tell about it? Is this a correct observation?
Art -> EmrahHi Emrah,
Booth does have an increasing focus on Marketing, as evidenced by investments in the Kilts Center for Marketing as well as growing relationship with the Nielsen company. 20% of Booth students getting a Marketing concentration, and Marketing is now the #3 job choice among Booth students (and General Management is #4). Entrepreneurship is another strength of Booth, which is supported by the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship.
Bill_Y -> JoanneHi everyone - how much weight does the prestige of the firm hold? Asked another way, what is more important to the committee, the brand name of the firm or the quality of the work done and responsibilities?
Joanne -> Bill_YNot much; while it's great to see when students are able to gain employment at successful companies and firms, it's not a crucial part of our evaluation. Many students work for small companies, are self-employed, or work for startups that are not well known. The important thing is the quality of the work experience itself.
Natalie_B -> BradyHi Brady, how did your experience at Booth enhance your skills for your branding internship?
Brady -> Natalie_BNatalie, Booth is a powerful experience. I was able to learn a great deal about the marketing field generally from classmates and extra-curricular events (such as the annual Marketing Conference), while also having a robust curriculum and classroom experience that taught me not how solve individual or one-off problems, but more importantly the fundamentals and frameworks to face any marketing challenge.
Jan -> BryceIs it possible, and what are the restrictions, to study one year at Chicago and another year at an international campus, like in China?
Bryce -> JanWe offer an International Business Exchange Program and also an International MBA...two opportunities where you can student at one of our 34 partner schools in 21 different countries. These typically don't last a full year though, just a quarter at length.
gautam -> BryceThank you Bryce sir for answering my question. I would also like to know, on what basis is the scholarship given?
Bryce -> gautamWe evaluate off of your original application to Booth.
Madhu -> JoanneHi, Sorry I've just only been able to join the chat. And hence I'm not sure if this has been answered before. But my question is regarding work experience. While evaluating an applicant based on work experience, does only full-time experience count, or are internships also factored in? And how important are these?
Joanne -> MadhuAll work experience is considered when evaluating applications.
Mannan -> BryceWhen does the chicago booth start taking the applications for the 2013 -2015 academic year.
Bryce -> MannanTypically our new application is up in July, that's an approximate date though.
Bernardo_MTV -> AmandaHello everyone, it is a pleasure to meet you. During the Info Session held here, in Rio de Janeiro, I heard about the "Random Walks" - Could you give me more details about it?
Amanda -> Bernardo_MTVHi Bernardo - Random Walks are one of Booth's great traditions! After the admitted students weekends, incoming students will have a chance to rank their top choices from a list of about 20 trips. I went to Argentina and Uruguay with a group of 14 first years and 4 second-year leaders. It was an amazing time, and I strongly recommend incoming first years look into the trips - it's a great way to meet people and see part of the world!
Madhu -> JoanneHello. Can I also check if Booth favors Round 1 applicants over round 2 applications. That is, for an international applicant, is it easier to get accepted in R1 as against R2?
Joanne -> MadhuThe opportunities are the same from Round 1 to Round 2. We encourage you to apply when your application is at its best!
Rafael -> ArtI would like to know more about the activities Booth and Nielsen company develop at Kilts Center.
Art -> RafaelHi Rafael,
The Kilts Center serves as a clearinghouse to academic researchers for several of Nielsen's most prominent datasets. Students have access to subsets of these data in 3 Booth classes right now: Data-driven Marketing, Pricing Strategies, and Data Mining. The Kilts Center holds seminars that give students opportunities to learn more about these data and how they are used on the job. We have plans next year to expand student access by offering self-guided tutorials.
gautam -> BryceHow does Booth evaluate students who do not have work experience? As a college senior, one can pursue only internships. So, what fraction of Booth admits are college seniors.
Bryce -> gautamWe'll certainly look at your internship experience and overall perspective that you've attained to date. I'll be honest though, it's pretty rare to enter our program directly out of undergrad. On average, our students enter the program with 5 years of work experience.
gautam -> BryceHow is the interview date fixed, in case one cannot be interviewed on campus due to personal reasons?
Bryce -> gautamWe don't fix the date for you. You either work with the alum that we set you up with or make plans to schedule an on-campus interview.
Hank -> AmandaFor the current students, what has been the single most exciting element of you time so far at Booth?
Amanda -> HankHi Hank - I think my Random Walk was one of the best and most exciting things I've done so far, but the entire orientation month is a great time and it's been very exciting to move to Chicago and get to know my class.
Shubhra2013 -> ArtArt, as the marketing faculty, what kind of real-world cases do you use for classroom teaching?
Art -> Shubhra2013Hi Shubhra2013:
Several of our Marketing courses have company-sponsored projects -- you can't get any more real-world than that! My New Product Development classes this Fall has 26 company-sponsored projects, which students work on in teams of 5. These range from big companies like McDonald's and Sprint, to high-tech companies, and even smaller entrepreneurial companies. The Marketing Research class and the Management Lab class also have company-sponsored marketing projects.
Beyond these "lab" classes, many marketing classes use Harvard-type cases in their classes. For example, in my new product development class this Fall we have a case on Progressive Insurance's "Snapshot" product (usage-based auto insurance), which will be taught by a Booth alum who runs that business for Progressive.
Peddy -> BryceHi, I would like to know if I cannot schedule an on-campus interview and have overseas interview, will the interview still be face-to-face or will it be a conference call through skype? Also, I would like to know whether it is better to have an on-campus interview.
Bryce -> PeddyWe don't prefer one over the other, it really comes down to your preference. For off-campus, we would just set you up with an alum in your area, so it would be face-to-face. In some rare cases, the admissions committee will help out and conduct a phone interview if need be.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you again for participating in our chat. We really enjoyed answering your questions. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Brady -> EveryoneThanks so much for joining us, everyone! Best of luck with the application process.
Joanne -> EveryoneThank you everyone! Hope you found this chat helpful, and we look forward to seeing you on campus.
Bryce -> EveryoneThanks so much for your questions today; hopefully you found the session helpful. Have a nice rest of the week, and good luck with the application process!
Amanda -> EveryoneThanks again, everyone. It was great chatting with you today, and best of luck with all of your applications!
Art -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today. It was great fielding your questions.
Katie -> EveryoneThanks for attending. If you have any other questions about the Kilts Center, check out our website. http://research.chicagobooth.edu/marketing/index.aspx