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With the Round One deadline approaching on October 2, we want to provide you with an opportunity to have any of your lingering questions about the application process answered. Here's your chance to chat with the Admissions team about the application, essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation and more.

Wednesday, September 19, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 20 minutes. Feel free to submit any questions you may have for our Full-Time Admissions team.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat will begin in 10 minutes. Feel free to submit any questions you may have for our Full-Time Admissions team.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat. The chat has now begun. We look forward to answering your questions.
Joanne -> Everyone Hi everyone, and thanks for joining us today! My name is Joanne Legler from the Full-Time Admissions Office. Looking forward to your questions!
Eddie -> Everyone Good morning. This Eddie Pulliam with the admissions team! The deadline is just around the corner and we're ready to help!
Meghan -> Everyone Hi everyone, thanks for joining us this morning. I'm Meghan Keedy from the Admissions team.
Emily -> Everyone Hi everyone, I am Emily Salans from Admissions. Looking forward to chatting with you.
Carrie -> Everyone Welcome! My name is Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to chatting with you!
KyleDent -> Carrie In the Academic Record section, there is an area for Academic Details. If we transferred undergraduate universities, how should the question be marked?
Carrie -> KyleDent You should enter all institutions in the Academic record section. When adding your first institution (from which you transferred), you can mark it as "non-degree", and mark your final institution as the one where you received your degree.
Donna -> Everyone I look forward to chatting today.
Yuan -> Donna If there are 3 points gap to the minimum line of TOEFL 104, what else you will consider to compensate this weak point or there is no chance at all as this is a hard line?
Donna -> Yuan Since we interview all of the people we admit, we can accept those with TOEFLs lower than 104.
Nicolas -> Joanne Hello. How do you feel about applicants that come from non-traditional undergraduate fields? I studied agriculture engineering and then I specialized in economics.
Joanne -> Nicolas Hi Nicolas. We welcome students from all professional backgrounds to apply to Chicago Booth. We are eager to hear your story, and why the MBA is the next step in your career. It's this kind of diversity that creates the unique community that is Chicago Booth.
Espeee -> Meghan Good morning. I am from India. I have pursued my under-grad and graduate studies in English medium. Do I still need TOEFL score to apply?
Meghan -> Espeee Hi Espee, No you do not need to provide a TOEFL score if you received a degree from an institution where English is the official language of instruction.
Lydia -> Emily So how many years of work experience is required as average?
Emily -> Lydia Hi Lydia. We do not have a minimum requirement in terms of work experience. We invite both early-career candidates as well as candidates with several years of work experience to apply to Chicago Booth. Above all, we seek candidates who can demonstrate a strong record of success and possess a clear vision for the future. When referencing work experience, applicants should highlight skills developed, contributions they have made to organizations, and leadership roles.
Zeal1407 -> Eddie Hi, I have little more than an year of work experience and have worked under two supervisors. Would it be a problem if my recommenders mention the same Project?
Eddie -> Zeal1407 writing about the same project doesn't always give us diversity when explaining your skill set. It's best to get them to write about different aspects of your projects/skills so we can see how broad your skill set really is.
Yuqing -> Donna Hi Booth Admissions, My recommender requested to send the recommenders link to his personal email instead. Is that Ok? Do I have to explain this in the optional essay ?
Donna -> Yuqing This is okay. We would prefer a work email address but realize that this is not always possible. You can put this in the optional essay.
Carolyn -> Joanne How important is it for an applicant to have an explicitly clear idea of what it is they want to do with/after earning their MBA? Do any students enter the MBA program knowing they'd like to further their career in business without having an exact idea of what they'd like to accomplish after graduating from the program? Does not having an explicit game plan laid out prior to applying to Booth affect a student's chances of being admitted?
Joanne -> Carolyn Hi Carolyn. It's important to have a good sense of what your goals are post MBA, both in the short and long term. It is great to be open minded to all the possibilities that the MBA can offer, but it's also important to have a good sense of what's next so that you can make the best use of your time while you're at Chicago Booth. That'll also help the Career Services team in guiding you along.
Rohit -> Carrie 1. Do I need to worry about that "Awaiting" message that appears next to a few of the application requirements after submission?
Carrie -> Rohit It depends upon what requirement is "awaiting". For your verified GMAT and TOEFL scores, it takes some time for our office to process those and get them uploaded in the system, so you need not worry. If you are missing a letter of recommendation or other piece of the application, we will not be able to process your application as complete without those pieces. If you have a specific question, please email us directly at the admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
rustam -> Eddie hello, i have a question about the gmat score, how do you evaluate multiple gmat scores? do you look at the number of attempts ? if there is a steady progress in scores, does it matter if someone took the test 4 or 5 times before reaching his/her desired score?
Eddie -> rustam When reviewing multiple scores we only take the highest one.
AMBAtious -> Emily Hi, I am a candidate for promotion in my firm and don't want to hurt my chances by asking my direct supervisor for a recommendation. If I get it from a senior colleague, what are the cons of it? Will it be viewed negatively?
Emily -> AMBAtious Hi. We understand the concerns about using a current supervisor. Clients or other supervisors or other professional references can be used as references if you are uncomfortable requesting one from your current supervisor. Your reference should know you and your work well enough to tell us about your abilities and address the areas indicated on the reference form.
cb13 -> Donna Hi Admissions Team, I have a question related to the Essay 3 - the presentation essay. Could it be hand drawn and then scanned to pdf ?
Donna -> cb13 You can do whatever you want to do. This question is open to your interpretation as to how you answer.
Appu -> Joanne am i illegible to take admidsion i your ful time MBA program right after my graduation or some work experience is needed ?
Joanne -> Appu Hi Appu. Chicago Booth does not have a minimum number of years of work experience for those that are considering applying to the MBA program. We leave it up to you to decide when the timing is best to start the program. Our average for incoming students is 5 years of work experience, but the choice is yours.
jeminpark81 -> Carrie Hello!! My name is Jemin Park, I have a question related to letter of recommendation. If my recommender is not fluent in English what option do I have to ease the burden. It's turning into a nightmare for him
Carrie -> jeminpark81 Hi Jemin. We understand if your recommender's native language is not English it can pose some difficulty. He is welcome to use a translation service and submit that to us, in addition to the recommendation in his native language. We do have to have a version in English, and unfortunately, it cannot come from you as the applicant. Hope this helps!
dean -> Joanne It is possible for prospective students to access the employment report? (I see that it is password protected). If not, can you share which consulting firms have been active in recruiting at Booth? Thanks!
Joanne -> dean Hi dean. Yes, you can access the employment report at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/. It does not yet include statistics for the Class of 2012, but should be updated soon. In addition, you can find a full list of employers at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career/employers.aspx.
Shankey -> Meghan Hi. Thanks in advance for this informative session. I plan to put in my application for R1. I was wondering if we need to have our scores officially reported to Booth before the deadline. Or will you ask for it only to verify at the time of interview or admission?
Meghan -> Shankey Hi Shankey, You can self-report your test scores on your application, that's fine. We will require official scores upon admittance to the program.
Mohammad -> Eddie Are there healthcare courses given at the Booth MBA that a candidate can take as part of his specialization? Also, how do you compare your MBA program to other schools' MBA programs in the context of Healthcare management specialization?
Eddie -> Mohammad You can go after our GPHAP certificate. It's quite different from a concentration in healthcare but really gives you a good foundation to enter the field - https://ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap .
Lucas_Soares -> Emily Hello, I am applying in the 1st round for 2013. I would like to know when is the interview and will I know the final result?
Emily -> Lucas_Soares Hi Lucas. The mid-decision date will be October 31st at which time applicants will be notified if they have been invited to interview. Final decisions will be released December 19th.
Reepekg -> Donna What level of formality is expected for the presentation/essay, and can you talk a bit about what you prefer in terms of creativity vs. professionalism for that exercise?
Donna -> Reepekg It does not matter how professional or creative your PPT ends up being. Instead are reviewing it for what it adds to your overall application.
Shankey -> Emily A very good morning to you. I was wondering if you start reading the applications as they are submitted before the deadline or does the process begin only post 2nd Oct? In the sense, is there any advantage of submitting my app on 22nd Sept as compared to maybe 1st Oct?Thanks
Emily -> Shankey Hi Shankey. We do not read any applications until after the deadline, so there is no advantage to submitting an application early from our end.
Andre -> Donna It's often said that the only chance for re-applicants to be seriously considered by school is to apply in round1. I was just offered a new position that will strengthen my profile. Does the fact that I'll submit my application in round2 to reflect the new experience will hurt my chances to be admitted?
Donna -> Andre We have successful re-applicants apply in all rounds. We suggest people to apply when they are ready.
Nick -> Meghan How involved is Career Services post-MBA? I know there's an online job board, but could we still leverage Career Services to help with other aspects of changing or looking for a job in the future? Thanks!
Meghan -> Nick Hi Nick, as a Booth student you will have access to our Career Services resources and staff for life! Here is some more information on what they have to offer: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career/
Sharm -> Donna How does the scholarship works ,is it evaluated after getting admitted to the course or before ?
Donna -> Sharm We award scholarships/fellowships after admissions.
Shiranc -> Carrie Hello, I have a question regarding the application form - is there any limitation on the amount of words/characters that I write in the ‘Description of Involvement’ in the activities section? Thank you
Carrie -> Shiranc You have room for approximately 5 lines of space in each of those sections. I would advise you to write in narrative form as bullet points (on independent lines) take up a lot of space!
Nate -> Donna I have a quick question surrounding the two Short Essay questions. The online application format allows for the upload of just one document, but there are two separate word limits.Are you looking for the two questions to be answered with two separate 200-word entries? Or should there be one entry that covers both questions, but stays within a total 400 word limit?
Donna -> Nate Each question has a separate word limit of 200.
jrvelarde -> Eddie Does Chicago Booth have any type of on-campus diversity event? And if so, when is it? Thank you
Eddie -> jrvelarde We haven't scheduled a specific diversity event yet. We are putting the final touches on our visitor's program and one of the days we are looking at will be about diversity. Please check back with us soon! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/
Jason -> Emily HI. I am an older applicant. As such I have been out of school for a while. My test scores were not great, so I am wondering how much weight is placed on this versus real world experience and undergraduate grades? Thanks.
Emily -> Jason Hi Jason. We look at the application holistically so while test scores and grades certainly are something we look at, we also look at an applicants work history, leadership, and life experiences etc.
Sungwoo -> Donna Is the third round available to international applicants?
Donna -> Sungwoo The third round is open to all people regardless of international status. We will sometimes suggest international applicants apply in the first two rounds to ensure that there will be enough time for visa processing if admitted.
ChrisPanj -> Joanne Hi, I am interested in the student culture and environment, how are collaboration and competition balanced at Booth? Also, how much access do full time students have to interact with other classes like the executive students.
Joanne -> ChrisPanj Good question! A motto at Booth is "ideas compete, but people collaborate". The culture is overwhelmingly collaborative, with second years helping first year students though the internship recruiting process, offering access to alumni and corporate contacts through student groups and acting as both formal and informal mentors. Full-Time students do not interact with Executive Program students much as students, though there are Booth-wide events that may find them interacting (like Worldwide Booth Nights, Chicago Conversations, etc.). But because of the flexibility of the Booth curriculum, FT students will occasionally enroll in Evening or Weekend classes. That allows students in both programs to expand their networks and exposure to students throughout Booth's different programs.
Shiara -> Joanne What is the average GMAT score of admitted students?
Joanne -> Shiara The average GMAT is 720.
Soumen -> Eddie Hello. I attended the info session of Chicago Booth. Based on the interaction with the alumni I felt that Booth is currently stressing more on fields other than finance. So will there any preference towards the candidates who want to don't want to pursue finance core subjects in their MBA curriculum?
Eddie -> Soumen Not at all. Chicago will always been known for our finance program! We like to showcase success in other fields and have our other concentrations get recognition. All of our concentrations are solid!
RyanSeoul -> Joanne I have taken post bac classes but did not pursue or earn a masters degree, do you still want me to self report those grades?
Joanne -> RyanSeoul You can let us know about them if you wish, but you do not have to report your grades if you did not receive a degree.
R.Bartram -> Carrie Can you give an advice on how we should be thinking about the presentation essay? The prompt and format allow for a lot of flexibility.
Carrie -> R.Bartram The third question is designed to be flexible, and to give you the opportunity to determine what is most important to you. As you have limited space in the application, the third question offers space to tell us what is missing from your application that is crucial to understanding who you are. In terms of the format and content - that is entirely up to you. Take a strategic look at your application overall, and focus then on what other components would add value to your application. In terms of the format, you can choose whichever format is best for you to communicate that information (presentation vs. essay).
Qazissaif -> Donna Thank you for taking my question. Have the admission rates during round 1 historically been significantly different to admission rates in subsequent rounds ? If so, can you provide those admission rates ?
Donna -> Qazissaif The admissions rates are similar across rounds.
Rafiq -> Meghan For the biggest challenge essay question, do you have to write about a recent challenge?
Meghan -> Rafiq Hi Rafiq, we like to see an example of a challenge that provides insight into your character and how you've evolved as a person. It doesn't matter when it occurred, but it should provide relevant information with regards to your entire application. Hope that helps.
Jack -> Carrie I uploaded my resume to the application website. Upon previewing the document, all of my by bullets have been changed to clocks. I have tried re-loading the document several times with the same result. Is this normal/expected?
Carrie -> Jack Because the application converts things to a PDF, it does at times change the formatting in the process. For any essay section or resume, I would advise uploading a PDF document as it will preserve the formatting as you intended. If it is in a text box - we understand that sometimes copy-paste doesn't always work as well as it should, and you don't have to worry about that.
Ankit -> Eddie Hi everyone. My name is Ankit and I'm a current third year medical student at UChicago interested in applying for the MD/MBA dual. I was wondering if there is any coursework/opportunities in the full time MBA program tailored specifically to healthcare?
Eddie -> Ankit Ankit, please take a look at our GPHAP course - https://ssa.uchicago.edu/gphap . This should help you understand what we offer in the healthcare field.
citynorman -> Donna Do you offer a dual-degree in MBA and financial mathematics? If not, can I apply for both or can I only apply for one program (even if one is with the business school and the other with the maths department)
Donna -> citynorman This is not a dual-degree program we offer at Booth. There are opportunities to take higher level classes at the PHD level at Booth and you will be able to take up to six classes anywhere on campus that will count towards your MBA.
ChrisPanj -> Joanne I am deciding between a full-time program and the executive. I have 4-5 years of experience, of which 1-2 years are management experience. Is it acceptable to apply for the executive program or do you typically see this level of experience in the full-time program?
Joanne -> ChrisPanj Ultimately, the choice of which program to apply to is yours. However, for the Executive Program, the average for students is 12 years of work experience while the average for Full-Time students is 5 years.
spp -> Eddie I attended an information session, but didn't get a chance to talk to any students. Will there be any info session wth student chat / Booth live before the R1 deadline?
Eddie -> spp No. This is the only chat we'll have before round 1.
Ina -> Donna Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to ask questions. In case an applicant submitted his/her application for round 1 and some certain reasons a recommender did not complete recommendation in timely fashion, is the submitted application cancelled and the application has to re-submit his/her application for round 2?
Donna -> Ina We will give recommenders an additional week to submit the recommendation. If we do not receive it on time we will move your application to round two. There will be no need to cancel or resubmit your application.
Joe -> Carrie For the third essay, is there any preference given to the presentation format? As long as the essay/presentation presents new information about the applicant, will any extra points be given to a presentation versus an essay?
Carrie -> Joe Hi, Joe. We will not be giving preference to one option over the other. In either case, we are most concerned with the content and how that fits into your overall application. We offered the choice knowing that applicants have different preferences in how they communicate best.
pchristian -> Emily Hello and good morning. I am from Indonesia and one of my recommender is not comfortable for writing the letter in English. Is it okay if he wrote it Indonesian and have it translated?
Emily -> pchristian Hi. Yes, as long as your reference has it translated himself/herself that is fine.
Sharm -> Eddie Hi iam from Malaysia and did my undergraduate from the UK ,do I need to do any of the following TOEFL and GMAT?
Eddie -> Sharm No but you will have to take the GMAT or the GRE. You won't have to take the TOEFL if your degree is from the UK and the language of instruction was English.
Tracy -> Donna Hi, it is great to meet you all here. Thanks for your time. one quick question, GMAC just sent our my GMAT official score today and I am targeting R1.Is it compulsory that the official score should arrive at school before 2nd Oct?
Donna -> Tracy No, we only require the scores if admitted. We will review your application with the unofficial scores you submit in the application.
TeresaL -> Joanne How would you characterize the alumni network? I've heard the community is strong in Chicago and people don't typically treat it as a "commuter" school even though it is in the city. Do you think that is true?
Joanne -> TeresaL The alumni network is strong, worldwide and engaged. I do not believe the characterization of Booth as a "commuter school" is accurate; while many of our students do live in downtown Chicago and make their way to the Hyde Park campus each day, the Harper Center itself offers great ways for students to connect and create a close sense of community every day. Additionally, many students live close together within the neighborhoods of Chicago and get together frequently for study groups, social time and enjoying the city and all it has to offer.
Kendra -> Donna Hello, I requested that the GMAT send my scores to the part-time program but I am actually applying full-time. Do I need to re-send my scores to full-time?
Donna -> Kendra No, we have access to all scores sent to Booth.
Seung_Choi -> Emily My name is Seung Choi. I am a business owner at Cielo Jeans USA in Los Angeles. As a self employeed person, I want to send in supplementary documents such as the corporate financial statements and personal tax return to show that my business is real and I am not making anything up. However, I do not find a section where I can upload the documents in the application. Do I send separately straight to the admissions in Chicago? If not, do you have any suggestions as to what to do?
Emily -> Seung_Choi Hi Seung. In your optional essay feel free to mention that you have this additional information should we want to see it, however, this is not something that you need to send us.
Priya -> Eddie Can I know the acceptable GMAT score?
Eddie -> Priya We don't have a minimum requirement for the GMAT.
spp -> Meghan Hi, at busines school I would like to contribute to the local community through small consulting projects. Are there any student organizations / clubs that do impactful work in this area?
Meghan -> spp Hi spp, great question. There are currently over 70 student groups at the school, and I'm sure some are involved with community action; here's a list for more info: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups/. In terms of course-work, you can also engage with the Social Enterprise Initiative at the School - they offer programming and lab courses: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/.
KatieH -> Carrie Hi, I'm planning on submitting my application for Round I, and I'm wondering how long the reading period is before the admissions office sends out interview invitations
Carrie -> KatieH Hi Katie. We will not start reading applications until the deadline, and you will be notified by/on October 31st if you are invited to interview.
Daniel_Espinosa -> Eddie Hi Eddie! I'm almost done with all of the essays. However, I have a question on the presentation. Do you only look for NEW information or maybe an elaboration/expansion of something that was presented somewhere else in the application?
Eddie -> Daniel_Espinosa Hey Daniel. It's really up to you. We would like to find out something unique or different about you that might not be discussed anywhere in the application. It gives us another data point about you and your potential at Chicago Booth. Good to hear from you!
Tracy -> Meghan Would you please share us information regarding scholarship?
Meghan -> Tracy Hi Tracy, Sure - we offer a number of full and partial tuition awards to FT students. The main thing to know is that all applicants are automatically considered; there is nothing further that you need to do beyond applying. Here's more specific info: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships.aspx
Ryan86 -> Carrie Hello, thank you for having this chat. If you are selected for an interview and you opt to have your interview locally with an alumnus, is the interviewer generally someone from your industry or is it random?
Carrie -> Ryan86 Hi, Ryan. It largely depends, as we first match on location, and then industry focus. Depending on the region and number of alumni and applicants in that area, it is hard to say with any certainty.
Jillian -> Donna I know Booth just started accepting the GRE. Do you evaluate GRE scores differently than the GMAT? Do you prefer one or the other?
Donna -> Jillian We will be using the guidelines from ETS to evaluate the GRE scores. We accept both scores at this time but If you have not taken either yet, I suggest taking the GMAT. We know the GMAT score is a great indication of success in business school and depending what industry you are looking to enter, there are some recruiters who may ask you for your scores.
mmr786 -> Joanne For a reapplicant, is it necessary to get two completely new recommendations? If one recommender is a previous supervisor from a former employer, they will not have any new stories to incorporate, is this a problem?
Joanne -> mmr786 Yes, we do recommend that you get new letters of recommendation and overall, treat the application as a completely new one. It is ok to get a previous employer to write you a letter, and we'll realize that the stories relate back to that time in your career path.
Rafiq -> Meghan Does Booth have a maximum number of people it accepts from different regions such as the Middle East, India, Pakistan?
Meghan -> Rafiq Hi Rafiq, we have no quotas in terms of who we accept to the program. We just want the most qualified people!
RoyS -> Carrie I have got a masters degree from an Indian university where the marks are given out of 100. How would you convert that into GPA?
Carrie -> RoyS Hi Roy. Please enter your GPA as it is given from your institution, and the admissions committee will assess your performance using that grading scale.
ksmayur -> Emily For re-applicant's is it okay if the essay's are not very different from the last year. Given that less than 9 months have passed since the last decision, it is unlikely for a re-applicant's career/life to change drastically.
Emily -> ksmayur Hi. We understand that your goals may have not changed drastically and therefore we do not want you to change them just for the sake of a new essay, but we do ask that you re-evaluate your application and send in new materials reflecting this self-evaluation.
Tyler_Nesper -> Joanne When completing a resume and work experience on the application, is Booth interested in work experience prior to the completion of an undergraduate degree?
Joanne -> Tyler_Nesper It's up to you what information to include in your resume; typically we are most interested in post-college work experience, but if you feel that some of your experience prior to college or while in college is relevant, you can choose to include that.
Kinni -> Carrie So I am currently in my final year of my undergraduate degree in India. Like all Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in India, mine too is a 3 year year program. So is my degree equivalent to a 4 year US undergraduate degree?
Carrie -> Kinni Hi, Kinni. In light of the Bologna Accord, Chicago Booth does accept all three-year international degrees to fulfill the undergraduate prerequisite for application to Chicago Booth.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for all of your great questions! We are halfway through the chat. We look forward to answering more of your questions.
rebeccapryor -> Donna Good morning. I attended a summer study abroad program for which I received transfer credits to my undergraduate university, but not grades. The transfer credits are reflected on my undergrad transcript but the grades did not go towards the completing of my degree. Should I still list this as an institution that I attended, and should I upload a separate transcript?
Donna -> rebeccapryor We will only require the Undergraduate transcript. I would suggest uploading the undergraduate transcript for both education entries to indicate the information can be found on the UG transcript.
AvinashJ -> Donna Good morning. I am from India. Will I need to submit proof that my language of instruction was english to get exemption from toefel?
Donna -> AvinashJ We do not require proof at the time of admissions. If admitted and you apply for a visa we will verify this information at that time.
Jay -> Emily What is your view about candidates with low GPA's but with high GMAT scores?
Emily -> Jay Hi Jay. We evaluate candidates in a holistic manner so we use the entire application to determine a fit within the community. If you feel there is something lacking that you need to explain, feel free to use the optional essay to do so.
Sasanka -> Eddie Hello, traditionally, booth is considered to be a great school for someone interested in finance. Can you please talk over the opportunities booth can provide for someone interested in strategic management? Thanks.
Eddie -> Sasanka That is one of our concentrations. There are many classes you can take in that discipline. Those students who don't choose that as a concentration still will take classes in that area to to strengthen their MBA experience.
Yati -> Donna Hi Admission team, Whats the total tuition fee for the entire 2 years including all miscallaneous stuffs ??
Donna -> Yati Please refer to the Tuition and Financial Aid website for this information. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.aspx
Beans2 -> Eddie This question is for Eddie, I started MLT in 2010 and decided not to apply to schools, but remember there was an app waiver offered to participants, would I still be eligible for this waiver as an underrepresented minority applicant?
Eddie -> Beans2 Sure. Just send an email to me that verifies your participation in that program!
Alex -> Donna Hi Booth Admissions! I eagerly anticipated the Booth Information Session in Seoul in late August to share my interest and passion in Booth, but unfortunately, it was cancelled due to severe weather problem caused by a typhoon. Are you planning to reschedule the session in the foreseeable future? Also, I was wondering if this “Online chat” can count as one of the Chicago Booth admissions events as appeared in online application.
Donna -> Alex Sure! We will be coming to Seoul in November. We are looking at the dates now and will announce the event soon.
J._Roland -> Carrie For those of us who did not take extensive coursework in Calculus and Statistics as an undergraduate, how does Booth look at additional coursework taken after graduation as "refresher"?
Carrie -> J._Roland Great question! While we look at your application holistically, additional coursework can certainly be a value add in this situation. While it will not make or break you, it certainly doesn't hurt and helps us understand your performance in quantitative classes. And, more importantly, it may better prepare you for the MBA coursework ahead of you!
Yuqing -> Joanne As a small business entrepreneur, I would like to highlight in my essay, a business venture(desserts store) that I invested in but did not turned out as well as it should have. However, how should I actually prove to admissions that my story is real and not a make-up story? All I have available are pictures and facebook page. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
Joanne -> Yuqing It's not necessary to provide this level of detail; you will electronically sign the application that indicates that all of the information you've provided in the application is true and factual.
Ying -> Emily Hi Admissions, I graduated from a non-business degree and haven't taken any business courses such as calculus, economics and statistics. Does it matter when you evaluate? Or should I take these courses before application? Thank you.
Emily -> Ying Hi Ying. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences which is something we value at Chicago. Therefore, not all of our students will have taken these courses. Our flexible curriculum allows for students to take introductory courses should they be needing to learn more in subject areas. You do not need to take these courses before applying.
Pete -> Donna Hi, I had a question regarding test scores. On the application I submitted scores for both the GMAT and GRE. Are both scores weighed equally?
Donna -> Pete We will look at both. We review these scores to determine if you can handle the coursework here at Booth.
Dustin -> Donna Good morning everyone, Thanks again. I was planning on retaking the Gmat in December for the Round 2 cycle. If the official score has not been returned is it acceptable to use the preliminary one that is given to us at the end of the test for application purposes?
Donna -> Dustin Sure! As soon as you have the official score you can email admissions@chicagobooth.edu
pchristian -> Emily How will the interview process conducted for applicants outside the US? Will it via phone/skype or something else?
Emily -> pchristian Hi. All of our international interviews will be conducted in person by an alum.
Caroline -> Joanne Hello, I have been out of college for 4 years but some of my most significant volunteer leadership experience was at college. How do you view discussion of college leadership in any essays given the time that has passed?
Joanne -> Caroline It's fine to discuss your leadership experience in college; we know that these opportunities may be limited while you're a working professional and we like to see involvement in college; that can indicate a propensity for involvement, which we hope you'll do as a Booth student.
Jillian -> Meghan Can you also discuss social enterprise at Chicago Booth? I know that you have the Social Venture Fund and some other extracurricular offerings. Do social enterprises recruit at Booth?
Meghan -> Jillian Hi Jillian, Certainly - in the interest of space, I am going to direct you to our Social Enterprise Initiatives website: http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/. In terms of recruiting and networking, our career services team can work with you directly at targeting social enterprise organizations. I also want to mention the Social Enterprise lab course, in which you have an opportunity to work with social enterprise organizations directly, and thus expand your network.
MM -> Eddie How is career services different from the full-time program and the part-time MBA program?
Eddie -> MM The full time MBA Career Services only services full time students and is located here in the Harper Center. Part time students also have a career services office to help them with their recruiting activities.
MM -> Donna I'm a Booth part-time student applying to the full-time program. Is there anything I should be aware of in my application?
Donna -> MM Make sure to talk to the evening/weekend program staff to make sure you are doing everything correctly.
arturoggg -> Emily Hello, I have a question regarding my transcripts. I had a copy translated to English from my university. Is that enough? or do I have to include the original in my native language?
Emily -> arturoggg Hi. We need the transcripts in the native language as well as the certified translation.
Kwun_Yin_Choy -> Carrie How will admissions evaluate the new Integrated Reasoning score on the GMAT?
Carrie -> Kwun_Yin_Choy Great question! As this is a new section, we are still learning what it reveals about a candidate in this first year. Overall, I would say that it will not impact your application positively or negatively this year.
ismail -> Joanne I am from Uganda and eagerly waiting to join booth, whats level of diversity at booth, whats the percentage of students from Africa or from third world countries?
Joanne -> ismail Chicago Booth is a diverse place in all ways and forms! 33% of our students are from countries outside the US. The percentage varies from year to year. You can check out our class profile to see the distribution of students geographically. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/#class.
niksworth -> Carrie What is the time of submission deadline on Oct 2?
Carrie -> niksworth The deadline is at 5pm CST on October 2nd.
Xiang -> Eddie Hi Booth Admissions, this is Zheng. Regarding the second letter of recommendation, does it have to be from non-professional context, e.g. voluntary service?
Eddie -> Xiang The 2nd letter is up to you but shouldn't be a personal one like a family member, spouse, etc.
kristenb -> Joanne I am currently living in NY and because of financial and work-related reasons I am not able to travel to Chicago to visit the campus. I have been to Chicago multiple times, though, and know that I like the culture of the city and the school. Does it look poorly that I will have done an official school visit at the time of applying?
Joanne -> kristenb We do not expect applicants to make a visit to campus prior to applying; if you can come, that's great, and I think it helps our applicants to get a sense of the Booth culture and the city. But it's not a requirement, nor does it reflect negatively on your application if you can't make it.
Pablo_Ruiz -> Donna Hello! I had a question regarding the joint degree, MBA/Master in Area Studies (LATAM). Besides the elements you take into account for the MBA application process, what other requirements do you have for this joint degree application, and what are the things that you value in the applicant in order to become part of this joint degree? Thank you!
Donna -> Pablo_Ruiz For the Area of Studies, Booth and Area Studies will each evaluate your application separately. We will review your application just like all other MBA applicants. The Area of Studies will review your written sample in addition to the application.
moblack4 -> Carrie Hello My name is Morian. Am I correct in understanding that we only need the self reported GMAT score and only upon acceptance would we need to have the official score sent to you by mba.com?
Carrie -> moblack4 Hi Morian. Go ahead and send your official score report, but we only need your self-reported score during the application review process.
Anthony -> Meghan Hi, Carrie, may i ask if all other factors are equall, does the admission committee prefer business background applicant or non-business applicant. I mean, my major is not business and i work as a business reporter. Thanks.
Meghan -> Anthony Hi Anthony, there's no preference in terms of whether you're coming from a business background or not; some of our most successful graduates come from non-traditional backgrounds. We look for a demonstration of success and leadership in whatever field you have been working in.
spp -> Emily In terms of recommendation guidelines, I understood from the website that its better to have atleast one recommendation from a non-work supervisor. Is that correct?
Emily -> spp Hi. All of your recommendations should be professional in nature. You may choose to have one from an organization, or activity if you feel that is more appropriate, however both may be from work.
Nsuki -> Carrie Hello. I am Nsuki. Is a GMAT score a compulsory part of the admissions process or does Chicago offer a separate admissions exam for the MBA?
Carrie -> Nsuki Hi, Nsuki. We require either the GMAT exam or the GRE exam as part of the admissions process.
MM -> Joanne How does Booth prioritize having an equal number of females and males? It seems to have less females than other schools.
Joanne -> MM Chicago Booth is committed to creating a culture of diversity and equality; we are actively involved in many organizations and initiatives to increase the number of women in positions of leadership in business and at business schools; for instance, we are a founding sponsor of the Forte Foundation. Right now, 35% of the incoming class is female, which is similar to other top-tier business schools.
ANKUR -> Eddie For the transformation essay - what type of transformation are you most interested in - mental, professional, personality, emotional?
Eddie -> ANKUR That's really up to you Ankur. We want you to describe the transformation that you feel most comfortable with and helps us understand who you are and its effect.
SofiaM -> Donna Hi! My name is Sofia. My question is regarding support letters. Is it ok to send them later after the application deadline?
Donna -> SofiaM We give recommenders an additional week to submit. We do prefer that all of the recommendations are received by the deadline but know that this is not always possible.
Daniel_Espinosa -> Joanne For the resume, do you suggest including graduate school experience? (I have an MS in civil engineering and did research in a very interesting project but it doesn't really contribute to my business school mission.) On the same note, I was an RA (resident assistant) during undergraduate school and although it was a great leadership experience, do you want to see it in the resume???
Joanne -> Daniel_Espinosa It's up to you how to structure your resume; you should include the things that you feel are most relevant and could be good talking points for a possible interview (your interviewer will have a copy of your resume during the interview).
boothaspirant13 -> Meghan Hi, is there any disadvantage of applying to R2 instead of R1 for International students?
Meghan -> boothaspirant13 Hi boothaspirant13, we do recommend that international candidates apply by Round 2 since it can take some time to get your visa documents in order.
jraizin -> Donna Hi, I have three majors from my undergraduate degree (Economics, Political Science, & Film) but there are only boxes on the application for two majors and film is not in the list of majors provided. How should I go about filling in this section?
Donna -> jraizin Add two. you can add this information in the optional essay section to highlight the three majors.
Careyfromchina -> Eddie Hi admissions team! Regarding the well-represented i-banking applicants, is there anything attached to the banking stereotype that you hope to be addressed through essays & ppt?
Eddie -> Careyfromchina Hi Carey. Just be truthful about you and your profile. We see diversity in most applications and hope that you can convey what makes you unique in your profession no matter what.
TeresaL -> Emily I've asked recommendations from two directors, even though I work very closely with the VP. However, he has only been at the company for 4 months, whereas I have worked with the two directors for 2 years. Would two directors be equally favorable to 1 director and 1 VP? My colleague suggested I ask the VP since it will show I have high visibility into the company but I disagree. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks!
Emily -> TeresaL Hi Teresa. We ask that your recommenders are people who know you and your skills the best and are able to comment to them. This is much more important than their title within the company. It is your discretion what this means for you, but we use it as a tool to learn more about you, so you should pick people that know you best.
PeterG -> Carrie Do you have loan programs for international students without US co-signers? Thank you
Carrie -> PeterG For this year, we have a loan program for international students that does not require a US co-signer. Each year we reassess our loan programs and terms, so it is subject to change from year to year.
Sodjine -> Carrie Hi. Is it possible for a senior student with a F1 visa to get the application fee waived?
Carrie -> Sodjine For all fee waiver requests, please send them to admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Rafiq -> Emily Where do the interviews take place? I live in Dubai.
Emily -> Rafiq Rafiq. We do interviews on campus, but we also do in person interviews all over the world via our alumni.
RyanSeoul -> Donna Are the essay word limits strictly enforced, or is it acceptable write up to 10% over the limit?
Donna -> RyanSeoul We would prefer for applicants to stay within the word limits. If you are a little over we will not notice.
JerryZheng -> Emily Thank you very much for making this event happen! Since my career aspiration is real estate finance, I'm eager to find out the related resources I can leverage at Booth. I've check the school website, haven't found the full list of courses. Where can I get more information about the courses?
Emily -> JerryZheng You can find course selections here: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/course_search/205
Mike -> Joanne The Random Walk program sounds like a great way to get to know your fellow students. Roughly what percentage of the incoming class takes part in a trip?
Joanne -> Mike Random Walks are terrific opportunities to get to know your classmates! About half of all incoming students will complete a Random Walk. Check out The Booth Experience blog to read stories from our new incoming students who just completed Random Walks in Alaska and Colombia; the next one will discuss our "Mystery Trip"!
cb13 -> Carrie Hi Team, I would like to know, once the application is submitted, how much time do the recommenders have to fill in their recommendations ? How many days or weeks ? Also, if recommender has moved to a different company than the one in which I worked with him, will that be OK ?
Carrie -> cb13 We strongly prefer that the recommendations are turned in on time, although we will give recommenders up to one week following the deadline to submit. As for your second question, that is fine! You can provide the context within the section where you explain why you chose your recommenders.
PhilipJames -> Emily Morning All - excuse the simplicity of the questions, but can you outline the three application round deadlines please? Thank you much!
Emily -> PhilipJames Hi Philip. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/
Ejay -> Joanne Does the Chicago Booth MBA encourage specialisation in specific areas, for example i'm looking for a HR-related MBA?
Joanne -> Ejay Students can choose concentrations (we offer 14 total). Typically students have 2 or 3 concentrations, which is how they gain specific information and a deeper dive into the areas of most interest to them. More info on concentrations can be found on our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/academics/curriculum/#concentrations.
spp -> Eddie My long term goal is to work in international development in emerging markets. What courses, research centers or student organizations could be useful for me to learn from and contribute to?
Eddie -> spp Our international programs would be very helpful. Our curriculum also covers many areas dealing with emerging markets. We also have several student organizations that are focusing on international development and emerging markets.
AV -> Meghan Hello, How many concentrations can I major in for a 2 year MBA program? Are these concentrations mentioned on the transcripts?
Meghan -> AV Hi AV, there is no limit to how many concentrations you can complete, but most students graduate with 2-3. They are not listed on your diploma, but are included on your official transcript.
MG -> Emily Do you look at the best gmat score or do you take an average
Emily -> MG Hi. We take the highest of the scores.
sandy -> Joanne Hi, I have participated in community services infrequently but am not a member of any club/NGO. Would this severly affect my chances of getting into Booth?
Joanne -> sandy We take all factors into consideration when evaluating applications. There is no one factor that will impact your chances of being admitted to Booth.
altyni -> Carrie How interviews are held in the area where there is no any alumni?
Carrie -> altyni Generally speaking, we try to provide an alumni interview when possible. However, for applicants in areas where we do not have alumni we will set up a phone or skype interview with staff.
LuisG -> Eddie Is it possible to be accepted being currently unemployed?
Eddie -> LuisG If the strength of your application and its components help us understand your potential it is a possibility.
Neerav -> Meghan Hi, my name is Neerav Bagaria and I am looking to apply in the first round. I had a question on the course flexibility at Booth. Is it possible to skip some of the basic courses if I have some prior experience in a certain field?
Meghan -> Neerav Hi Neerav, absolutely - at Booth it's completely possible to skip basic courses if you have extensive knowledge in that subject. For degree requirements, there are a number of higher level substitutes that you can choose from.
Jack -> Donna How many military veterans are at Booth? How familiar is the admissions panel with the military rank and organizational structure?
Donna -> Jack We are familiar with military veterans, both US and international. I recommend reaching out to our Armed Forces Group to ask about the community. Here is their link:

mannu -> Joanne Will the admissions committee help in connecting with a Booth alumnus?
Joanne -> mannu Depending on the nature of your question, you may find you are better served to speak with a student or an admissions director. You can email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we'll help determine who the best person is to help you out. More information about our amazing alumni is online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/student-experience/alumni-network.aspx.
Rohan -> Emily Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what Booth looks for in terms of fit with the applicant when the admissions committee makes its decisions?
Emily -> Rohan Hi Rohan. Chicago Booth is a unique environment and understanding what we value and what makes us unique will help you understand what we are looking for in terms of fit. Exploring our website, talking to students and alums, and visiting campus are all really good ways to learn more about our culture.
Elisabeth -> Joanne Hi there, I'm applying in round 1 but there's a chance my job will change in November (same company, different role). Is this something the admissions team would like to hear about? If so, what's the best way to send you my role update?
Joanne -> Elisabeth Yes, please update us with any changes that occur after your application is submitted. Just email us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we'll add this to your file.
gogobooth -> Eddie This is my third application. In my first trial, I was on waitlist until mid-June. And in my second trial, I was rejected without interview invitation. This time, I increased my GMAT score more than 50 point and have made huge achievement in my career as well. Even though I have done so, I still worry about disadvantage that I will face due to the fact that I am re-applicant. IS there any disadvantage for re-applicant?
Eddie -> gogobooth No there isn't a disadvantage for being a reapplicant. We do hope that you have been able to assess your professional skills and how the MBA will help you with clarity and passion.
moblack4 -> Donna I am having trouble with the formatting when I upload my resume to the application and my one page resume is taking up two pages. Is that how it will be viewed by you or will it be printed out or something and viewed according to my original formatting?
Donna -> moblack4 Two pages for the resume is fine with us. If you have your resume, can you save as a PDF and then upload? Does that help? If you have other questions contact us at admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Amit_T -> Emily Good morning. What is the weight of the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score in the application evaluation process? Do you have a minimum score for it?
Emily -> Amit_T Amit, as with the rest of the GMAT, we do not have any minimums requirements as we evaluate each candidate in a holistic manner.
Jerry -> Meghan Hi, Meghan, I do not quite get your point about self reported GMAT score... Does it mean I can report a score estimated by myself, and produce it if I got a place with Booth?
Meghan -> Jerry Hi Jerry, You should self-report your actual GMAT score via our online application. When admitted you'll be asked to provide the official scores.
Rafael -> Carrie Is zero to minimal extracurricular involvement post-MBA a major detriment for applicants?
Carrie -> Rafael Hi Rafael. We look at the application holistically, so there is no one section more or less important than any other. We understand that within certain industries and cultures, post-undergrad involvement is not as prevalent as others. This information generally gives us an indication of what your involvement will be at Booth - so there be other ways to highlight your areas of interest or how you may be involved in the community at Booth.
Xiang -> Eddie Does Booth offer any Energy industry related courses or career services?
Eddie -> Xiang There are a variety of courses as well as a student organization that focus on energy.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for all of your questions! We are continuing to answer as many as we can. Thanks for your patience.
Cal -> Donna Are there any instances when you would wave the application fee? Students with non traditional backgrounds might have lower scores and perceive their chances to get into Booth very small, so they will be hindered from applying because of the application fee.(for a development of the idea of background performance: Jared Diamond - Gun, s, Germs and Steel, Malcom Gladwell- Outliers)
Donna -> Cal To inquire about fee waivers, email admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Maris -> Meghan I am only writing GMAT on 5 October. Can I still apply in round one?
Meghan -> Maris Hi Maris, the round 1 deadline is October 2 so I would advise you to wait until round 2 (January 8).
Liinzyy -> Emily Regarding to the resume part, does internship experience counts as work experience?
Emily -> Liinzyy Hi Linzyy. For purposes of statistical reporting we only report full-time work experience, however in the evaluation, we truly take a holistic approach and therefore, look at all of your experience, including internship experience.
Careyfromchina -> Joanne Hi! I hear Booth does not disclose class scores so as to encourage students challenge themselves with more difficult courses, then I wonder how the transcript would look like - can you see the score there? Or anywhere?
Joanne -> Careyfromchina The Grade Non-Disclosure Policy is a student policy that prevents students from disclosing their grades to recruiters and employers during the interview process. You can always see your own grades. You can read more about this policy on the Graduate Business Council website at http://student.chicagobooth.edu/group/gbc/gnd.htm.
Jonathan -> Donna When looking at GMAT scores, does the group look at the highest of each GMAT section or each GMAT as a whole?
Donna -> Jonathan Initially we will look at the highest score and the components if that test instance. We will have access to all scores if you have submitted them to us via MBA.com.
Ash -> Eddie Hello. Would my entrepreneurial background diminish my chances at Chicago Booth? I have my own company. How should I proceed with recommendation letters?
Eddie -> Ash You can submit LORs from clients or from the bank you do business with. You can also consider a past employer.
Appu -> Carrie on what bases do you provide scholarships ?
Carrie -> Appu We provide merit-based scholarships to applicants who are the strongest across dimension within the pool. We also offer merit-based fellowships based on the criteria of that fellowship. For more information, please consult: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships.aspx
Diego -> Joanne Will a letter of recommendation that is poorly written albeit good in substance negatively impact the applicant?
Joanne -> Diego No, we realize that you may choose a recommender who might not be the best writer! However, it helps us as a committee when the letter is well written and easy to understand. If language is an issue, you might want to consider a translator service.
Lindsey -> Joanne HI Folks! Thank you for holding this Q/A. In the same theme of student culture - what is the ratio of women to men at Booth?
Joanne -> Lindsey The Full-Time program has 35% women.
Jonathan -> Emily How would you advise a candidate who has recently lost his job on how to best complete a competitive application?
Emily -> Jonathan Hi Jonathan, in this economy we certainly understand this occurrence. We evaluate all applications holistically, but if you feel you need more space to talk about what you have been doing during this period, please feel free to use the optional essay.
Grant -> Carrie I want to enter into a hedge fund post-MBA. In the proposed industry and job function section of the application is it appropriate to select Investment Management in both fields?
Carrie -> Grant Hi, Grant. That would be fine. As we ask more about your goals in the first essay, we will have your more clearly defined industry area covered there.
mannu -> Donna Does Booth offer some kind of an accelerated program if a candidate wants to fast track his MBA - like an option to do more than 3-4 courses per quarter?
Donna -> mannu We do not have a format accelerated program. If you want to accelerate your time here, you can work with Academic Services and provide a compelling reason why you wish to accelerate through the experience.
AV -> Meghan Hello, how many concentrations can I focus on? Are these concentrations mentioned on the transcript after graduation?
Meghan -> AV Hi AV, there is no limit to the number of concentrations you can do, but most students graduate with 2-3. They are included on your transcript.
Erik_Hausmann -> Eddie Hi Joanne, Eddie, Meghan, Emily, Carrie, and Donna. Eddie, we met again at the Booth informational at McKensie in Houston (with my wife and brother), and last year as well downtown. I've just recently taken my GMAT for the second time, and am not thrilled with the score. Would you suggest taking a third time and applying in a later round, or applying earlier? Alternatively, since you now take the GRE, would it be more appropriate to take the GRE instead?
Eddie -> Erik_Hausmann You'll need to make the decision which test you'd prefer to take. We will review one or the other. Remember that we are reviewing the entire application and not just the GMAT score. Other parts of your application, especially LORs help us understand your quantitative/analytical strengths.
kldunn85 -> Carrie This might be a silly question, but are you able to submit an application with a test date (GRE/GMAT) pending, but prior to the notification of acceptance/notification? For ex: applying for R1 by 10/2, taking the exam 10/10?
Carrie -> kldunn85 Not a silly question at all! We do need an unofficial score at the time of submission as we will begin the evaluation process immediately. In the scenario you presented, we would recommend applying in Round 2.
Rafael_OBANDO -> Emily I have some experience working with an NGO as a extra-curricular activity, but I am still executing a project that has not yet provided results. Should I use this experience to convey my skills anyway?
Emily -> Rafael_OBANDO Hi Rafael. I would say that you should use your best judgment and include all experience that you feel is relevant and that you would like the committee to know about you.
MichaelGuo -> Joanne Hi, what do you suggest on the 2b. essay about 'transform' 'the way you think'? What do you expect to see of a candidate? Thanks~!
Joanne -> MichaelGuo This question is new to us so we're excited to see what you come up with! We're looking here for evidence of self-reflection and self-awareness as well as the willingness to be open minded to transformative experiences.
Curtis -> Eddie What is Booth's current policy regarding grade disclosure?
Eddie -> Curtis That is voted on by the students each year by the Graduate Business Council. This is a decision that the students really make.
Dhruv -> Emily Hi Adcom, How much weight is given to external qualifications such as CFA and FRM? Also, how much impact does a good undergraduate college have?
Emily -> Dhruv Hi Dhruv, all portions of the application are considered holistically and on an individual basis.
Shankey -> Donna Hi again. Just to confirm, interviews are possible on Skype, if I am not too mistaken. The reason I ask is I have a terribly crazy traveling job and it maybe difficult for me to meet an alum face to face even if there was one in my city.
Donna -> Shankey We will work with our applicants to ensure that they can participate in an interview. Either in person or via Skype/phone.
ebayasaa -> Meghan What kind of courses are available on emerging economies and [financial] markets in developing countries? I have searched the course listing and could not find any specific ones.
Meghan -> ebayasaa Hi ebayasaa, I am going to direct you to the course portal page, where you should be able to look at the course descriptions for each listing: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/course_search/205. We have a number of classes that examine emerging economies; I would recommend looking at some of the macroeconomic offerings in particular.
Jonathan -> Joanne Hello! Are there opportunities to study a foreign language while in the full-time MBA program? Ideally Spanish or Japanese?
Joanne -> Jonathan Yes, you can use your elective courses to take classes at the College; the city of Chicago also offers many language academies for further study.
Dave_T -> Carrie Greetings. This is David Toronto again. What is the format of the application interview? What can I do to prepare?
Carrie -> Dave_T The interview is either on campus with an Admissions Fellow (second year student) or alumnus/a of the program, or off campus with an alumnus/a. If invited to interview, you will get more information about the structure. In general, though, it is an opportunity for us to learn more about you in person, outside of your application. Our interviewers will only have access to your resume, but not your application.
aamer -> Emily Hi. I was wondering if you could provide more information on how our resumes are used in relation to the rest of the application. The website says professional resume, but professional resumes tend to have industry specific jargon. Just trying to get a sense how much I should modify it for the application process. Thanks
Emily -> aamer Hi. I would please use your best judgement on this one. We do have much experience across industries, however, if you know something is very industry specific or company specific it would be helpful to modify for a more general reader.
neokurian -> Donna hi good morning.. For international students is it mandatory to have a TOEFL score if the person has had substantial Work Experience in the US?
Donna -> neokurian We will only waive the toefl for those who have a degree from a school with instruction in english or a resident of an country where english is the native language. You can send a waiver request for another reason to Admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Kenny -> Carrie Hi. Is there a quant score threshold that the admission committee looks at? Also, is a completed calculus course required for consideration for admission?
Carrie -> Kenny Hi Kenny. We do not have a quant threshold that we use in the admissions process, and do not require a completed calculus course.
PeterG -> Meghan I'm interested in cross-registering for classes at other schools of the university. I understand that the flexible curriculum allows this, but - generally speaking - how feasible is this in terms of scheduling and logistics?
Meghan -> PeterG Hi PeterG, Booth students can take up to 6 classes outside of Booth during their program of study. Many students do take advantage of this option, especially at the other professional schools.
Maris -> Donna Hi I am from South Africa and interested in the Healthcare MBA. Is there a minimum undergraduate GPA?. Would you consider candidates with a good GMAT score even though there GPA was under 3?
Donna -> Maris We do not have minimum score requirements.
Maris -> Meghan On what basis is scholarships awarded to international students?
Meghan -> Maris Hi Maris, All applicants to the program are considered for the scholarships that we offer, regardless of whether they are international or not.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat has now ended. You can find a transcript of the chat within 48 hours at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/online-chats.aspx
Carrie -> Everyone Thank you so much for chatting today! We look forward to reading your application and/or seeing you on campus in the coming months!
Eddie -> Everyone This has been great. Good questions and a really good turnout for us. Good luck with your applications and if you visit campus stop by the admissions office and say "Hey"!
Donna -> Everyone Thanks everyone!
Joanne -> Everyone Thank you very much for joining us today! Best of luck to those that are applying for Fall 2013.
Meghan -> Everyone Thanks for all the great questions, and best of luck with your applications!
Emily -> Everyone Thank you all for chatting! Good luck to those applying!