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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth? Chat with the Admissions team about the 2012 - 13 application, essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and more.

Wednesday, August 8, 11 a.m. - Noon CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello. Our chat will begin in 15 minutes. Feel free to submit your questions at any time. Thanks!
Moderator -> Everyone Hello. Our chat will begin in a few minutes. Feel free to submit your questions at any time. Thanks!
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to our chat. The admissions team is ready to answer your questions! Feel free to submit any questions you may have at this time.
Carrie -> Everyone Thanks for joining us today! We look forward to answering your questions!
Donna -> Everyone hi everyone- looking forward to answering your questions
Bryce -> Everyone Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us today; I look forward to answering your questions.
Eddie -> Everyone Good morning. I'm Eddie Pulliam in the admissions office. Thanks for joining us. I hope you've got some good questions!
lecan2010 -> Carrie Hello. I would like to known your scholarship policy for MBA program. Thank you.
Carrie -> lecan2010 Chicago Booth offers merit-based scholarships and fellowships to admitted students at the time of admission. There is not a separate application process for scholarships. When making award decisions, the Office of Admissions reviews the initial application materials and assesses each candidate's overall qualities, including his or her academic profile, intended concentration, strength of overall admissions application, evaluations provided by application readers, quality of interview, and competitiveness.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. As a reminder, please refrain from providing a list of personal details that you may not want posted in this public chat.
ScottManwaring -> Eddie Hello, I will be applying to Booth this fall and while I currently live in New Mexico, I am from the Chicago area and plan to visit campus. Regarding the Daily Campus Visit Program and the Chicago Booth Live events, is one recommended over the other? Does attending one of them make the other redundant? Also, will the Daily Campus Visit Program be available the week of Thanksgiving, particularly the first half of the week (11/19 - 11/21)? Thanks, Scott
Eddie -> ScottManwaring Hi Scott. Going to either will be a benefit for you. We are currently changing the schedule for the daily visits. Please check our website for these new changes. During the Thanksgiving week we won't have a visitor's program the day before the holiday. Again, the dates should be available on our website.
Gowri -> Donna I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Mgmt, considered an equivalent of MBA in India. I would like to know if I still could apply for Booth full time MBA. Also please clarify about the financial assistance options available to int'l students.
Donna -> Gowri You can definitely apply. Make sure you are clear as to why you need an MBA in your essays. You may also use the optional essay to address your prior degree. for financial aid, we currently have various loans available to incoming students. Information is provided to students once they are admitted.
Punit -> Eddie How are interviews for international students conducted. Do I need to travel to Chicago?
Eddie -> Punit Hey Punit. If you are invited for an interview you can choose to do it here or in your country if we have alumni available. They both hold the same weight.
Punit -> Donna For the first round--- Do I need to submit my GMAT score before the deadline, or, is there some leeway if everything else is submitted.
Donna -> Punit You will need to provide your self-reported score to us in order to review your application. We do not require official scores from MBA.com until someone is admitted.
Christina -> Donna I'd like to ask about recommendation letters. Some schools require recommendation letters to answer specific prompts, while Booth does not have any specific questions for the recommender to answer. Is it looked upon negatively an applicant submits a recommendation letter for Booth that is also formatted to answer these questions?
Donna -> Christina We do have prompts for recommenders to follow. Here is a link to the information about the letters.
SeanNicholl -> Eddie I am senior in college now, do I have a chance to be accepted in a top graduate school or do I have to have some work experience first?
Eddie -> SeanNicholl Good question Sean. Having work experience is not a requirement but it does help when discussing management styles,leadership experience and when having group work on a case.
Alden -> Bryce What programs does Booth have geared toward students interested in entrepreneurship?
Bryce -> Alden There is certainly an entrepreneurial spirit that lives at Booth. From our Entrepreneurship concentration, to our New Venture Challenge, even to the flexibility of the program. We provide opportunities to create and refine ideas. I'd also suggest that you research the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, which is one of our 10 research centers. Here's a link:
Joy -> Carrie Hi team, Booth's evaluation criteria page lists many qualities that the admission committee seeks in an MBA candidate. Among them: - evidence of being well-read - interest in current affairs - interest in areas outside of one’s immediate environment - a level of willingness to engage in debate or to ask questions As a candidate, my question is how does one best demonstrate these qualities (when present)? Should we make a conscious effort to try to include nuggets of information in our essays/presentation demonstrating these qualities or do we take that the information you are seeking comes from a broader reading of a candidate that includes interviews, engagement with adcom, etc. I fear that in trying to demonstrate most of these intangible traits through the essays/presentation, I may, in fact, lose the core message I am trying to convey about myself.
Carrie -> Joy Great question! Intellectual curiosity is something that is very important at Booth, and as a result, is something we consider in the application process. Our evaluation process is very holistic, and each piece of the application tells us something different. Overall, we are trying to get a sense of who you are as an applicant, and what you will bring to the community at Booth. While we do seek out the criteria listed in our website, it is in a very holistic way to help us understand who you are. I would focus first and foremost on creating an application that is representative of you!
DF8 -> Eddie How does Booth ensure a strong student community and collaboration when most students live downtown?
Eddie -> DF8 Most of the students spend a lot of time on campus. Many of them also live in the same buildings in the south loop. In the morning many of them are also on the same commuter train. It's very easy to build strong relationships and really doesn't pose a problem for our students at all.
Changwon -> Donna I have dual citizenships, Korean and US since I was born in US and have lived in Korea for more than 20 years. But I have never studied in an institution where its primay language is English. Should I take TOFLE exam as an international student?
Donna -> Changwon Technically you do not need to TOEFL since you are a US citizen.
MikeBrunet -> Carrie Do you have a formula on how you rank applicants for admission? (used at least in most of the cases) If so, what is the weight the GMAT score? and weights of other admission criteria. Are there any GMAT scores you would not accept?
Carrie -> MikeBrunet Hi Mike. We do not have a formula for ranking applicants, as we evaluate each candidate holistically. As a result, we do not have a minimum GMAT/GRE scores, GPAs, etc. Each piece of the application is certainly important, but is viewed in context of all other pieces. The end goal is to get to know each applicant, their story, and how a Booth MBA fits into that.
Alden -> Bryce Typically, what fraction of Booth’s graduates go on to start their own ventures?
Bryce -> Alden Just to build off of the New Venture Challenge, within the past two years, ventures that have come out of that competition that received close to $80 million in funding.
Jay -> Carrie Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to know whether there is a preferred length for the recommendation letters.
Carrie -> Jay Hi Jay. We do not have a preferred length, but most recommendation letters tend to be between 1-3 pages.
BGreathouse -> Eddie Are there any programs connected with Booth to meet MBA students?
Eddie -> BGreathouse if you visit campus you'll be able to meet students at our information session during the week. We do have students join us at some of of presentations on the road if they happen to be around! Some chats include students and our website we give you several opportunities to connect with students.
lecan2010 -> Carrie Hello! I am from Vietnam, and i really like your school, but a big trouble to me is the fee (include tuition fee and life cost). Could you advice me some financial sources and scholarships to support my plan at Chicago Boot. Thank you!
Carrie -> lecan2010 Thanks for your interest in Chicago Booth. We do award merit-based scholarships and fellowships to a limited number of admitted students each year, and have an international loan program for our international students that does not require a US co-signer. Additionally, many students seek out external scholarships and fellowships as well.
BGreathouse -> Eddie How could a student who wants to apply learn about the atmosphere and culture at Booth?
Eddie -> BGreathouse We provide a lot of content on our website that gives you a pretty good perspective. Curriculum, student insight, faculty information. There's a lot there BGreathouse!
Anna -> Carrie How much weight is placed on a prospective student's work experience during the evaluation process?
Carrie -> Anna Hi, Anna. While professional experience is certainly important, it is one of many factors considered in the evaluation process. We evaluate each candidate holistically to determine their fit with Chicago Booth. That said, when looking at professional experience, we looking to see what your path has been, what contribution you have made to that company/organization, and what you have learned from that experience.
NonYankee -> Eddie Hello! I'm interested in student housing. Where do most students live? Do they often live together as roommates?
Eddie -> NonYankee Roommates? Yes, many of our students meet each other before school starts and develop good relationships and become roommates. Students choose to live in Hyde Park, the south loop (downtown Chicago) or in Lincoln Park.
Manny -> Bryce Does Booth have job placement information
Bryce -> Manny Yes, I'd recommend that you review our Employment Report. Below is a link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/hire/employmentreports/
BenF -> Donna Hello all. Thanks for holding this Q&A. What is the application deadline for the winter semester?
Donna -> BenF The full time program only allows for students to start the program during the fall. Our deadlines for all of our rounds can be found here. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/index.aspx
Miriam -> Bryce I noticed that students would be able to do a concentration in the second year. May I know how many courses a student has to take in order to concentrate in Finance?
Bryce -> Miriam It's actually different for each concentration, but typically around 3-4 classes. Finance requires 4 classes, while Analytic Finance requires 6 in that related area.
Gowri -> Carrie Are the waitlisted candidates of R1 are considered automatically for R2. Can I include my internship as a part of my total experience months. Also plz inform if there is a India travel plan.
Carrie -> Gowri Hi Gowri. We do consider all waitlist candidates for admission in the following round. At that time we will render a decision of Admitted, Denied, or Waitlisted. To answer your second question, we ask that you include only your full-time work experience when inputting the total months of work experience. You are welcome to add your internship as part of the work experience section and resume, though. As for India, we are hosting several events there at the end of August. You can find these here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/asia-australia.aspx.
ekang1026 -> Eddie Hello, thanks for putting this event together. I was curious as to what percent of students take part in the international MBA and if there is a general consensus on how that effects their experience at booth as well future career opportunities. Thank you.
Eddie -> ekang1026 About 20-25 students may take part in the IMBA program. It gives you great exposure to globalization and how the Booth MBA can help you with your career dealing with other cultures and business development. The perspective our students add is quite robust and welcomed by their colleagues here on campus.
LK -> Carrie In the Short Answer Essays, is the biggest challenge question aimed at personal or professional?
Carrie -> LK It's entirely up to you! We leave it purposefully open so that you can select the challenge that has most affected you. Personal or professional examples are both appropriate.
Igor -> Bryce Hello, team. How strongly will Booth prepare me to my career shift to Strategic Consulting? Thank you!
Bryce -> Igor Both Academic Services and Career Services provide assistance and resources to make a seamless transition to a different career path. Whether it be overall class selection to feel out an area of potential interest or Industry Immersion put on by the Career Services team. These are two of several different ways our team assist you in a career shift.
ChinmayA -> Carrie Thank you for answering our questions today. I visited Booth and absolutely loved it. Students were really helpful and most of them offered to help me. Great experience. Probably the best school visit so far. For the essay questions: How old the examples should be? Is 5 year example ok to demonstrate the value or should try to stick with 3 years?
Carrie -> ChinmayA Thanks for visiting Booth - I'm glad to hear that you had such a positive experience! As for the essay questions - it's entirely up to you. While more recent examples do show us how you are currently handling situations, an older example may be a more powerful/relevant choice. I would advise choosing examples that have had the biggest impact on you, as you will more naturally be able to talk about that impact.
Yoni -> Bryce Could you please address the study and recruiting possibilities for someone who's aiming to enter the cleantech industry after their MBA at Booth?
Bryce -> Yoni We actually offer a CleanTech lab, which provides you with experiential learning opportunities in that industry. Also, below is our employment report to see overall placement: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/hire/employmentreports/
BGreathouse -> Eddie I am a rising junior, what can students (not at the university currently) do now to better position themselves for when they apply later on in their career?
Eddie -> BGreathouse I advise you to take the GMAT or GRE now. The scores are good for about 5 years. Any leadership roles on campus? This would be a good jump on developing your skills before you start working. Take a few quantitative classes. It helps you prepare for many classes you'll take that will rely on your academic strength. I'd also encourage to develop good writing skills. Your essays are important to us and we want to be sure to understand your goals and career path with clarity.
BGreathouse -> Carrie When can a student apply for scholarships/fellowships and are they scarce?
Carrie -> BGreathouse While it varies from year to year, we offer merit-based scholarships to approximately 25% of incoming students. We consider all applicants for these awards, and there is not a separate application process.
shreyash -> Donna @Donna: you mentioned to use the optional essay to address prior degree. Can you please highlight what aspects is Booth interested to know in case a candidate has a prior master's degree? also, do you think having worked as a Teaching Assistant during the Master's would hold any value to you?
Donna -> shreyash The optional essay should be used to address gaps in your application, or other items in which you feel we should be made aware of about your candidacy. For the person who asked the earlier question about a prior masters, she/he is applying having already earned the equivalent of an MBA. If you already have an MBA, you may want to address why you need another one. For all other master level degrees there is no need to address. Close to 20% of the incoming class has a master/advanced degree.

For teaching assistants, we do not look at this separately. We look at your entire application holistically.
Anna -> Donna Would you please elaborate on the pros and cons of submitting an application during the 1st wave, 2nd, etc?
Donna -> Anna We advise candidates to apply when their application is ready. If you are finished by the round one deadline, go ahead and submit. You will know the outcome earlier.
ChinmayA -> Bryce In evaluating the application, how much emphasis do you put on the applicant’s post MBA area of interest and it’s alignment with Booth’s resources?
Bryce -> ChinmayA We definitely would like to hear about your areas of interest, overall goals, and how that connects to Booth. However, it's certainly not weighed more than other areas of the application though.
BoothHopeful13 -> Carrie If someone has a low gpa (with an upward trend), what are some of the other things adcom look for to get a sense of his acadmic potential? (Does CPA helps?)
Carrie -> BoothHopeful13 Great question! Your GPA is one of the few things in the application that you cannot change/affect, and we recognize that! While we do want to make sure that you will succeed academically at Booth, we look for that in several places beyond the GPA section. We will look closely at your GMAT, work experience, any additional certifications (CPA, CFA, etc), and any additional coursework you have completed.
Zach -> Donna If I have taken classes at the Booth School of Business through the GSAL program, is the most appropriate place to discuss this in Essay #1?
Donna -> Zach If you feel the GSAL experience was relevant and makes sense in your goal essay then go ahead.
Tanuj -> Donna If one has taken the GMAT multiple times, which score do you look at for evaluation? All the scores, the highest or the last score?
Donna -> Tanuj We look at the score you enter in the application. You can select any of the valid reports to use.
ToddB -> Eddie I've heard that Booth graduates are some of the happiest and reflect better on their time at Booth than others do on their MBA programs. What do you think sets Booth apart?
Eddie -> ToddB Fundamental skills that provide our students with a much stronger perspective on problem solving. Confidence in the work force and certainly strong leadership skills that are valued by all the top firms!
Dorothy -> Donna Some programs offer admissions fee waivers for former Peace Corps Volunteers. Does Booth do that?
Donna -> Dorothy For all application fee waiver requests please send an email to admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
MS -> Donna I am from India and though the native language here is Hindi, the language of instruction in my graduation was English. Do I need to submit my toefl scores?
Donna -> MS If you meet the requirements for a TOEFL waiver you do not need to submit a score. The requirements can be found at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/international/english-exams.aspx
apinedo -> Bryce Hello! I was wondering about the minimum entry requirements. I have reviewed your webpage and see that the considerations for entry are pretty open to reviewing each specific profile... however I am curious about work experience requirements
Bryce -> apinedo We don't have work experience requirements, but typically our average is around 5 years. I think it really comes down to how that applicant articulates to us why they are pursuing an MBA at this point in their life. The perspective that you bring to the classroom and group work is certainly valued at Booth, and really helps the overall make-up of the class.
VL -> Carrie Hello, My question is for Carrie. While I understand that each application is viewed holistically, how does the adcom view younger applicatants?
Carrie -> VL For the most part, we look at early career candidates in much of the same light as those with more professional experience. However, the Admissions Committee will bear in mind an early career applicant's proximity to the college experience when considering factors such as leadership, supervision experience and academic success. Overall, we are looking for applicants who know why an MBA is an important step in their career path, and why now is the right time for the MBA. For more information and strategies about applying as an early career candidate, please visit: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/early-enrollment/index.aspx.
Moderator -> Everyone We are halfway through the chat. Thanks for your questions. We look forward to answering more of your questions in the remaining time.
Amit -> Eddie Congrats on the new look of the website. I have a question regarding class visits. Daily campus visit program starts October 9. I plan to apply in round 1 and would like to visit campus well before the round 1 deadline, which is October 2. What are my options? I think i can come see campus anytime but i would really like to talk to students and attend a class. Should i go for 'visit a class' program?
Eddie -> Amit When you are selecting a day to visit you'll be able visit a class and meet with students. This gives you the best perception of what it's like to be a Booth student and understand the "fit" and our culture. We've moved our deadline up a bit this year so you might not be able to visit before the 1st deadline. Our website really gives you a deep look at the program.
Ethan -> Donna Are any additional documents allowed with the application? Or must all candidate information be included in the defined sections (essay, resume, slides...)?
Donna -> Ethan All of the information you should provide will be included in the online application. There are no additional materials necessary.
Udai -> Carrie Hello. Could you tell me if the chance of getting a scholarship is less in round 2 than in round 1?
Carrie -> Udai Hi Udai. While we award scholarships in all three rounds, we award the majority of scholarships in Rounds 1 and 2. As long as you apply in Round 1 or 2 - you would have equal consideration.
skv -> Eddie Aside from finance, what are Booth's biggest strengths? Booth is a phenomenal school, but I've had people suggest it isn't the right fit for me because I'm not interested in a quant heavy degree.
Eddie -> skv You don't have to study finance at Chicago. We have 14 concentrations. The foundation of the program will make you a strong professional in any area you choose to study. Our entrepreneurship concentration is really popular!!
tanmay.agg -> Carrie Hi Adcom team - Do applicants get an opportunity to select a specific off-campus interview location (subject to getting invited, of course) post submission of application in case it may be different from the provided contact address?
Carrie -> tanmay.agg Yes! When selecting an off-campus interview, you will be able to enter the city you'd like to interview in.
Steve -> Carrie Thank you Carrie. Are the scholarships and fellowships only awarded to full-time MBA students?
Carrie -> Steve Yes - all scholarships and fellowships are for full-time students.
yusiddi -> Donna I find that all of my 3 gmat scores have been pre populated in my application form but there is no option for me to choose which one adcom should use. How do I go around that?
Donna -> yusiddi Our system looks at the highest score and uses that information.
Katelyn -> Bryce I am interested in the retail side of marketing and brand. Can you discuss any specific programs or activities Booth offers in retail? Thanks!
Bryce -> Katelyn A few areas that come to mind is the Marketing Research lab and the our Retail Group. Here are a few links that could be helpful:

MS -> Donna How do you evaluate an applicant's GPA? My college has a GPA scale of 10. How shall I view it on a scale of 4?
Donna -> MS We do not want anyone to convert their GPA to a 4.0 scale. Our admissions team is aware of different grading scores and how to interpret.
sconneighton -> Carrie Could you please talk about the slide presentation portion of the application and what you are looking for from applicants?
Carrie -> sconneighton We ask for very specific information throughout the application, and the third essay question gives you the opportunity to tell us what else is important to know about you. While that can certainly be daunting, our hope is that it allows you to complete the picture of who you are, and what you will bring to the community at Booth.
glaze -> Carrie Hi! I would like to know if Booth accepts an optional essay? I dont see anything written about that on the Essay questions page on the website.
Carrie -> glaze We do have an optional essay in the application, which is generally reserved for information you feel we need to know that cannot be captured elsewhere in the application.
Steve_Lapitka -> Eddie I am currently working / living in the New York City area -- are there any alumni events or information sessions I could attend in the next few months in New York?
Eddie -> Steve_Lapitka Absolutely! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/north-america.aspx . Check out our website for the dates we are in New York!
SP -> Carrie Are interviews essential part of the process and how many applicants(%) are typically interviewed?
Carrie -> SP Interviews are required of all admitted students, and are an important part of the process. The interview allows us to learn about who you are in person vs on paper. Our interviews are blind, meaning that the interviewer does not have access to your application, only your resume. While it varies from year to year and round to round, we generally interview between 40-50% of the applicant pool.
ChinmayA -> Bryce If a candidate is looking in to career switch, how realistic it should be ? For example we all know that breaking in to VC or PE, an Engineer will need lot more work than someone who already has some work experience. And how does this kind of career switch chances of admission?
Bryce -> ChinmayA It's actually fairly common to utilize the MBA to transition into another career. And with our flexibility, it makes it relatively easy to feel out areas of interest to see if it might be a fit. When looking at your application, we'll be reviewing how much thought you've put into why you'll be making this change and how you'll achieve this goal. We certainly don't evaluate any differently though.
Erin -> Eddie This ties in somewhat to the question about ensuring a strong student community - how would you describe the Booth culture?
Eddie -> Erin In a word - collaborative. You'll have the best time at Chicago Booth if you have good communications skills, are inquisitive and enjoying working with very talented individuals.
Jay -> Carrie If my campus visit is before Round 1 submission deadline, will I have an interview when visiting the Admissions office?
Carrie -> Jay Unfortunately, no. We do not interview all applicants, and as a result, have a set time frame for interviews, which happen after the application deadline.
mal87 -> Donna Hi team! Who would you consider an eligible recommender in a family-business set up wherein the only non-family members are those who report to me?
Donna -> mal87 You can use a client, bank or someone you have worked with. Here is a link with information about recommendations. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/apply/rec-letters.aspx
Monalisa -> Eddie Hello , Is ther a plan to conduct information session in India, bangalore ?
Eddie -> Monalisa Yes we will be there - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/asia-australia.aspx . I hope you can join us!
Punit -> Donna I have lived and worked in the US for 8 years. I took my TOEFL eight yrs ago and completed a Masters Degree from the US in 2007. Do I need to re-take my TOEFL?
Donna -> Punit If you have earned a degree for a school where English was the language of instruction, you are exempt from the Toefl.
shreyash -> Carrie In your essay on biggest challenge, how do you define a challenge in superlative terms? What I mean is that while majority of people (including me) have had challenges in life, but one can always question whether that particular challenge was the “biggest” of not. Can you please throw some light on how to select a challenge to talk about? Thanks.
Carrie -> shreyash Good question. We leave the interpretation up to you. We are most concerned about what you have learned from that particular challenge, and how it has impacted you. Only you can identify what has been the most significant challenge that you have overcome. In terms of professional vs personal - it makes no difference to us!
A.P.Patel -> Bryce Hi All - very excited to apply to the MBA Program. Was wondering if you could tell me a little about Booth's required classes and if placing out of any is an option?
Bryce -> A.P.Patel The hope with the flexibility of the curriculum is to allow you to self select into the next level of that course, so you're constantly pushing yourself. Below is a break-down of course structure:
Alden -> Donna What is the average age of a matriculating student at Booth? Similarly, in your own opinion(s), about how many years of work experience is ideal for an applicant?
Donna -> Alden The average age of the entering class is 28. For work experience, there is no idea number of years.
Sharad -> Eddie Do students from the 3 programs (full time, part time, executive MBA) get to interact with each other ? Also do students move between these programs if they chose to ?
Eddie -> Sharad You will be able to take classes with students from other programs but changing programs isn't encouraged. Please look at each program and select the one that is right for you.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. We have 15 minutes left in the chat and will continue to answer as many questions as we can.
calvin -> Donna For the full-time MBA program, how do you view applicants with advanced degrees? I have a master's degree (not an MBA though).
Donna -> calvin Close to 20% of the incoming class has advanced degrees. We don't specifically look at any one part of the application but instead look at you holistically. What are all the things that make up your candidacy.
andrewm -> Carrie Could you please talk about how the Ad Com views reapplicants?
Carrie -> andrewm Hi Andrew. We view reapplicants much the same as a first-time applicant, with a few caveats. We will use the application for the current year as the primary source of information on you, but will have access to your previous application. Additionally, we will look to see what (if anything) has changed, and how you have grown as an applicant. I would focus on creating the best possible new application for us.
Sarab -> Donna Hi I'm Sarab from Mumbai, India. Application process page on the website says that we are expected to submit transcripts of our Undergrad, will scanned copies suffice ?
Donna -> Sarab We only want scanned transcripts from applicants. Only if admitted will be require original transcripts.
Brad -> Eddie Hi. I live and work in New York, and plan on applying in Round 1. I would love to come to visit campus, but I realize I would only have the abbreviated schedule. Without the full schedule, how do you recommend I maximize my visit? Thanks for taking time to answer our questions.
Eddie -> Brad Our visitor's program that includes a class visit won't start until after the first deadline has passed. If you come before then you'll have an opportunity to speak with one of our admissions officers during the session, tour the facility and get a sense of what Hyde Park and the city of Chicago are all about.
Hunter -> Bryce Hello, and thank you for answering our questions! I am in the cleantech / renewable energy sector where I work and one startup and have another of my own. How can I connect with any student-led entrepreneurship groups to help me determine how well I will fit in to the Booth program?
Bryce -> Hunter Here are links to our Energy Group and CleanTech lab, which should be a good starting point:
Mirela -> Donna Hello all. Thank you for hosting the Booth Chat. I am in the process of applying for round 1, and am planning on taking a class at NYU through their continued education program this fall/winter. Since the class will conclude after I submit my application, am I able to send my NYU transcripts to AdCom after I submit the application. Thank you!
Donna -> Mirela If there are changes to your education or work, you can send an application update to the admissions@chicagobooth.edu email address.
Curry -> Carrie Is it frowned upon not to include one’s present manager for recommendations? My intention is to ask my previous manager and another senior colleague I’ve worked closely with, although I have never directly reported to him.
Carrie -> Curry While we do prefer a recommendation from a direct supervisor, we understand that it isn't always possible. If that is the case, feel free to use recommendations from senior colleagues or previous supervisors, and explain why you didn't choose your immediate supervisor.
scott_poole -> Eddie Does Booth Partners offer any activities/functions designed to give them perspective of the MBA program their partner is engaged in?
Eddie -> scott_poole Yes. The Partners do a good job of letting the "other half" understand what goes on as a student, get involved in many social activities and provide a lot of support that is needed during the MBA program.
Achille -> Donna Is there any admission event in Paris before 1st round ?
Donna -> Achille It is actually the day after round 1 on October 3rd. I will be there and am excited to meet everyone! Here is the calendar of events. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/europe.aspx
SP -> Eddie I have worked with several Booth Alumni as a peer but none of them were my supervisors. Is there a way they can recommend me to the ad com?
Eddie -> SP Sure. They can send a letter of support to: admissions@chicagobooth.edu . We will get it to your file for review along with the rest of your application package.
Yazmin -> Donna The mininum score for TOEFL is 104, however if I got a below score, do you strongly recommend me to take it again?
Donna -> Yazmin Ask yourself if there is anything within your control to improve your candidacy. If taking the toefl again is something you can do then why would you not take it.
mwilde -> Carrie Hi all -- for the presentation portion of the application essays, can the presentation take any form -- something a little more creative and out of the box? Or are you looking for a presentation that's more structured like a bulleted powerpoint presentation that, say, I'd present in a meeting to clients?
Carrie -> mwilde It's entirely up to you! We are hoping to learn more about who you are in that section, but the content and structure is entirely up to you. We have no expectations about how that physically looks.
cynisright -> Bryce How do you feel about applicants that come from non-traditional backgrounds? I currently work in non-profit but before, I worked for a small company (I was one of 3 full-time employees) for 4 years.
Bryce -> cynisright Having a non-traditional background is certainly welcomed through the application process. It really comes down to articulating why you'd like to pursue an MBA and how you'll leverage an MBA from Booth to achieve these goals. It's our hope to create a dynamic class each year, so you'll consistently be learning from your peers and contributing your unique perspective.
elayat -> Donna How closely do you monitor the word limits for the essays? Is it ok to go over by roughly 5-10%?
Donna -> elayat We do not monitor that closely. We will notice those who are way over the limits.
Argus -> Carrie What would be the ideal recommenders for an entrepreneur who does not have a superior ? Is a advisory board member a good choice?
Carrie -> Argus Great question! For entrepreneurs, we often see letters of recommendation from advisory board members, clients, customers, etc.
Gavin -> Donna When submitting the transcripts of my undergraduate classes do I need to submit my degree diploma also? Or just the transcripts?
Donna -> Gavin You can scan an upload them together. If the transcript states the degree awarded we do not need the diploma.
Georgiana -> Donna Do all 3 rounds (application until 4th of April) enter the program in Autumn 2013?
Donna -> Georgiana Yes, we only have one entry per year in September.
soren316 -> Bryce Does booth academic structure have 'majors', or its a general management degree with electives as concentrations?
Bryce -> soren316 We have 14 concentrations, which happen organically depending on your overall class selection. Typically students graduate with 2-3 concentrations. Here's a link with a bit more information:
ismail -> Eddie Is there and admission event in london in the coming few weeks?
Eddie -> ismail Yes! There are two events coming up very soon in London. We would love it if you could attend: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/europe.aspx .
Siddharth -> Donna Do additional professional certifications in finance such as CFA, FRM and others add value to the application?
Donna -> Siddharth We do not look at any one thing in your application. Instead we will look at your entire application. We do not value one section over another.
Shuo -> Carrie Is there somewhere where we can learn more about the Powerpoint essay? Is it just supposed to include text, or also pictures? Is writing the 600 word essay a better option than the presentation? Are there general guidelines that we should follow? Thank you.
Carrie -> Shuo This year, we expanded the presentation question to include the option of a 600 word essay. We do not have a preferred approach, but hope that you will choose the option that is best suited for you. We are most interested in learning something new about you in this question, as it is the only section where we do not provide specific guidelines.
guest2104 -> Carrie Are there any need-based financial aid?
Carrie -> guest2104 We do not offer any need-based scholarships or fellowships.
Yen -> Eddie I am a fresh graduate, do I need to have working experiences before applying for a MBA?
Eddie -> Yen Work experience is not a requirement but it really helps during a case review, discussion about leadership and your perspective on strategies you've faced as a manager.
Hunter -> Eddie For the daily campus visit, do we get to pick the topic of the class we would attend?
Eddie -> Hunter We do have a selection of courses that you can select when you arrive on campus.
Rohit_Vardhan -> Bryce Good Morning. I want to work in a Finance role with a multi-national post-MBA, with focus on cross-border investments. How does Chicago Booth prepare students for such a role? Are there any clubs, etc that focus on it?
Bryce -> Rohit_Vardhan Here are a few links that would be helpful:

SCA -> Bryce Is there any info session in Santiago, Chile coming?
Bryce -> SCA Yes, we'll actually be there next week! Here's a link to register:
capm -> Donna Thanks for hosting the session. In the application for the presentation can we add any video or powerpoint animations to the slides?
Donna -> capm No, the PPT will be converted to a PDF when you upload.
BGreathouse -> Carrie Carrie, from the answers that you are providing for the other participants you are stating that Booth likes well-rounded students: work experience, analytical skills, leadership, and such. There is not one requirement that stands out more than another?
Carrie -> BGreathouse We are looking for well-rounded students that will add to the community (academically, professionally, socially and otherwise), but there is no one area that stands out more. Each applicant brings a different set of experiences to the community, and we value that diversity.
Changwon -> Eddie Does booth provide in or near university housing such as dormitory? If so, can stay there with my family?
Eddie -> Changwon We do have a variety of housing options and some of them are in the Hyde Park community that welcome families. There isn't a formal dormitory for Chicago Booth students.
applicant -> Donna I applied to Booth 2 years ago and am planning to apply this fall during R1. Will my application be reviewed along with the application I sent 2 years ago?
Donna -> applicant We will have access to applications for 2011 and 2012. Prior years will not be available.
Mike86 -> Bryce How many people are admitted into the Full time MBA program each year? Do you stay with the same group of people in different classes? How many groups are there?
Bryce -> Mike86 Typically the size of our incoming class is right around 570 students. We aren't a cohorted program and we have over 70 student groups.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for participating in our chat. The chat transcript will be posted within 48 hours.
Donna -> Everyone Thanks everyone. Looking forward to seeing you on the road.
Carrie -> Everyone Thanks so much for your questions! We look forward to seeing you on the road or on campus, and reading your applications!
Eddie -> Everyone Thanks for joining us. I hope to see many of you on the road during my travels. If so, come up and say "Hello"!!
Bryce -> Everyone Thanks so much for joining us today, hopefully you found it helpful!